Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 21, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES. CUMIJKULAND. MI)., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21,' 1»55 Dial PA-2-4600 for » \VANT AD Taker A MOTHER'S GREETING—A mother whose face is twisted with tmotion pushes back for a belter view of her son, one of a group of .Germans arriving at Friedland Repatriation Camp from a Soviet POW camp. The repatrijtes were released under agreement reached in September at Bonn-Soviet meeting in Moscow. (AP Photofox) 'Assignineiit: America Noel Coward Faces Neiv Test: Parlor TV Critics In V. S. [R*g. U. i. Pal. Off.) : By PHYLLIS BATTRLE , NEW YORK — (INS) — Mr. Noel Coward, the blithe Britisher who wrote "I'll See You Again," turns to America every now and again to prove that he was honest On this trip, he faces the greatest audience of his life: the parlor TV critics. "I'm not concerned about that, reahlly," said Mr. Coward, in his delightful clipped basso. "The American public has always been BO tolerant of me, and as long as 1 don't gallop •— I've Basked the technicians to remind me not to gallop—it will come off all right "Anyway, 1 think it was time I ' had a bash at it!" Mr. Coward's debut on TV (he's never attempted it anywhere, "even 't home") takes place this Saturday night in an hour and a half spectacular with Mary Martin. It will feature, he says, "all sorts and kinds of carrying-ons," and will be titled "Together With Music." The debonair, if sparse-haired Party-Pretty! legend of British show business has been rehearsing . Martin for the past six weeks in his Plane Crash Cause Is Not Determined Netherlands Tcsl 1'ilol Killed In Wreck Ai Hagcrslown HAGERSTOWN W — Investigators said today they bad no idea what caused the crash of a Dutch training jet which killed LI. Col. erben Sonderman, World War II ace and personal pilot of Prince Oernhard of the Netherlands. The 47-year-old lest pilot for the Royal Netherlands Aircraft Factory Kokker, (lied when his Fokker S14 failed to pull out of a spin while he was putting it through a demonstration yesterday. The plane crashed and exploded on a farm adjoining Hagerstown's Municipal Airporl and the Fairchild Aircraft Division's Hagerstown plant. Ground observers for Fail-child estimated Col. Sonderman was at 8,000 feet when he went into the laneuver which ended in the crash. He deliberately put the plane into a spin as part of the demonstration of its flight characteristics. Joseph IIj Baylis, Fairchild di rector of personnel, said those watching the demonstration had no idea why the plane did not come out of the spin. It was equipped with a pilo ejection system for use in case o emergency and Baylis said it was logical to assume Col. Sondermai would have ejected himself if h' could not bring the plane out. ,.. | Baylis said it could not-be do 'terrained immediately whether tin isolated, Jamaica, estate for this performance, which he wrote and is producing himself. They worked so hard, he grinned, because the show is "spontaneous." The best kind of spontaneity comes "after many many weeks of rehearsal." Which reminded him that he has appeared in the LI. S. only twice since the mid-1930's when he was (lie matinee idol.of Broadway and the hoitier-toitier supper clubs. The most recent, was this year in Las Vegas, where the gamblers thought Coward the greatest thing since, possibly, the straight flush. gear had failed or wheth Sonderman had been un able to use it. There was speculation he migh have had a heart attack and beer unable to trigger the ejection ap Frederick Ignores Huge i Debt To State Retireiiient •'FREDERICK,'.Oct. 20 w-city i(flcl»ls-volcd toniglil to ignore a John'A.'.Dcrr after he and the.; "" board of •'aldermen unanimously j voted lo refuse to pay the bill. .. ' ; Of lire ?I2,903 lolal. $0,180 was' itemized .for payment • into Mini-; shower's fund;, into Mc-i Cain's, . :, ; 512,903 bill. from the State Em- ployes ' Retirement System. The bill'covers'payments the retirement' system officials say the i-ily owes toward pension funds for Former' Mayor Elmer F. Munsliow- sr, who is now stale police superintendent, . and former Alderman Russell If. McCain, who is now chairman of (he State Itoads Commission. Under a 1955 act of the General Assembly, stale officials who once held county or cily public office are enlitled to credit for such service under the stale retirement system. The county or city they served is required lo make a corresponding contribution lo the .ate retirement fund. "Unconstitutional," said' Mayor; Bel lod Governor . : SANTA FIC. N. M. _tn —tiov.'L John F. Simms has joined IheH movement lo place safely belts in. automobiles., lie lias installed' belts in his official limousine and. will require persons riding in Ihe! car use the belts on all occasions. : General Stonewall Jackson, .of: the Confederate army, was'killed: accidentally by his own meji in • (he Bailie of Chancellorsville.' ' ;. IT IS A KNOWN FACT r mousy Rockingham Old WEATHER BUREAU" FORECAST—The cooler air is expected to continue eastward and southward approaching New England, northern parts of the Middle Atlantic States, lower great lakes and the southern plains. It will be wanner from the Potomac and Ohio rivers southward. A few showers will accompany the advance of the change to cooler weather, but most of the country will have fair weather tonight. (AP Photolax) Lawrence. Both "enchanting crea lures," he says, ''with whom to work is pure pleasure." Toward the conclusion of their Saturday night show, Alary Martin will sing a Noel Coward number called "London Pride." • which I," says he, "as a reciprocal gesture, will do my ver- Thc other occasion was in 1»« Texas.'.It .is rather anti-melodic, when he dropped in friend and beloved on his late performing. partner Gertrude Lawrence, who was appearing in San Francisco in and just a 'bit off the beat, the way 1 do it, but don't let that fool you. "It will have been rehearsed." Church Schedules Program Sunday First Church of the Brethren, Fourth and Seymour Streets, willi have its annual harvest homecom ng Sunday. ; Rev. D. C. White, of Hagerstown, will be the guest speaker at the morning service. His subject, according to Hev. L. 0. McCartney- Church of Berlin, Pa. will be guest speaker at the afternoon service which will begin at 2:30 o'clock and will be assisted by Rev. Horace Huse of the Meycrsdale, Pa., church. The Berlin, Pa., church members will also present musical sclec-j (ions. , Tenderized HAMS 38c SHANK END Before painting stucco, make sure the surface Is wire-brushed llior-1 of.''Deep .in the Heart.'of sniith, pastor, will be "Are All Men Sons of God?" A covered dish dinner will precede the afternoon service. Tiev. Ly)e Lichtenbcrgcr of the Brethren his play, "Tonight at 11:30." He picked a night when Gertie's j eariing man fell iU. "So 1 popped ; in and played the part," lie says, J "trying lo remember vaguely \vhatjjl the show was about." This, he-jjj claims, is spontaneity the tough ^ way. .? .Mr. Coward began his life withjj music i nearly a half-century ago when, a child, lie went to church. "1 was unimpressed by everything except the music, to which I danced immediately in Ihe aisle." Upnn' being hoisted into a pew, he "fell into such an ungovernable rage that I had to be taken home." Since that momentous day. both for Coward and the church, he has starred in numberless musicals and dramas, written six books, authored 4n dramas including "Private Lives." "Blilhe Spirit" and "Cavalcade," and composed 80 songs. Among them, "I'll Follow My Secret Heart," "Mad About the Boy," "Some Day I'll Find You" and Winslon Churchill's favorite, "Mad Dogs and englishmen." A heaping selection of these nos- lalgias will be performed by himself and Miss Martin, whom he compares favorably with Gertie YOU CAN GET A LOAN FROM us TODAY! YOU GET CASH $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $100.00 $200.00 PAY MONTHLY ONLY $ 1.48 $ 2.95 $ 5.90 $11.81 LiRGEK AMOUNTS ON 5IMIUR TERMS. AMOUNT OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS INCIUDE INTEREST AND PRINCIPAL OH TWENTY-FOUR MONTH CONTRACT. In FROSTBURG Phone. 1594 89 E. Main St. In CUMBERLAND Phone PArkvicw 4-4200 18 S. Liberty St. (2nd Floor) LOAN SERVICE INCORPORATED i:: K K •:!•'•:•;K K •::••: •.»"»'•:'-•- - KK« -*'*•* Music will be furnished by theioughly to remove any salt forma- 1 Fort Hill High School Boys Chorus lion. The paint should be applied- with Harold Hanson as director, promptly. Whole Ham ... it. 45c Butt End 49c at both of the Stores 16-18 Wineow St. 425 Va. Ave Lovely cover-up when company j comes—this apron puts you right! in the party mood! Graceful curv-i ing lines, accented by dainty ruf-j flcs—flower embroidery for thcj gay pocket! Make one for yourself;; others for gifts, bazaars! ! Pattern 4624: Misses' Sizes Small (14, 161: Medium '18,20); Large (40. 42). Small size li« yards 35-inch. Transfer included. This pattern easy lo use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions. Send Thirty-five cents in coins for this pattern—arid 5 cents for each paltern for Ist-class mailing. | Send to AN'NK ADAMS, care of The Evening Times. 42 Pattern Depl., 243 West I7lh St.. New York 11 N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. MIGHTY NICE SAVINGS! COMBAT BOOTS iti . il . • A , IAL Children s School Shoes For Little Fsllas Sizes 8/2 to 3 .98 Heavier Grades 3.98 Sol.ft elk leather uppers with two-strap buckle lop. Long wearing composition soles and heels. Sizes 8/2 to 3. Outstanding Opportunity Her*'t your chance lo own your own profitable butlneu at o WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE DEALER! You'll retail nationally •copied, popular linct of auto lup- plifti, horn* appliances, bicycln, racflot, TV,' iparllng goodi, tools, •tc. M*rchondit» deiivertJ by our awn company opirattd delivery ttrvlc* from our newly located, luller, Pennvylvonia, Wholetale HoUie. N« rttail experience necet- lary , . . we from you Minimum caih (opilal of $8,500 needed. Set, write, or phont: D. w. BROWN WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY tUTlEII, PENNSYLVANIA PHONEi 72711 Don Clolli 470 W. BOWERY ST. AKKON, OHIO TEENAGER'S BALLERINAS NOW . . . 20 STYLES FOR YOUR SELECTION $ 1 O C SIZES I • O M) 4»/ 2 to9 Outstanding flatic and licel patterns In a smart array of twenty styles. Itcgular or crepe soles. Faberlitc or suede in black, red or avocado green. STYLES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS! $1.69 $J.98 $2^8 STYLES FOR BOYS ... STYLES FOR GIRLS ... smart new patterns, as- oxfords, loafers and san- sorte.d styles and colors dal styles, red, brown .. . sizes 8'n to 3. and black, sizes 8'/2 to 3. j Frtih Drift Local Killtd Roasting Chickens ,b..29c MH •Rockingham Cooltid Picnics Juicy Rump B«tf Roast Juicy Round Steaks Skinl... Franks •Wihon'i Slicfd Bacon Meaty Spar* Ribs Wilion'i Pork . Sausage Viol Ltg Roast Uan Plat* Boil 2 it. Ib. 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