Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 4
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• \ • 1 "•I X • 1 r T r TOBrlOLA PAILY gEGIgTKB. e Ending^ in Quarter CfiANUTEToOKS OjK. Reason for Hjalt In Contest When the loIa-Chanute 8^au> leag^ue guvai yra,a brought to a •close ia th^ i third quar^r last Jilght with the score 39 to. 10 in . favor of the vi8it<irs, after they , iiad outpassed. outshotj and out- pl9i)^d:lhe lola team. M injury to . SlaytOBu lola guard, whicii neces; .sltated']iis removal from the game and left lola only four eligible men wiui ihe reason foi* the early "ler- ii jiBinatk)n of the game. * 'i' .-The Chanute team was playiog good basket'ball last night while : thir'ld|a squad seemed unable''to I get i together. Miller of Chaudte IdJd more than any other man to ^ oonlfJfautc to ilhc victory of the For Wichitatif Wichita. Ka».. Dec. 13. (AP)— The (wo mep who <;Ia|ip,,t'«fi«5.- tltelr. the wrcatlltig d^^miijQ&IMlP'* of Europe arid Anierlcii, .^ez >nder CSarkawienk'o and ^ "Slradgler" J >,wfa, will meet itt the Forma h«r« tomorrow night to decide tl{e Grae- co-Jfomu .vrentlltic: 2 >«fti>i{ii<m»iit^ of the wprld. "QarK*," 240-i>ound Ukrania^i. who won his title alter tbtowing Europe's ^em grapplers in MQBCP>>-, BiiqiiareDt, Belgrade and Warsaw, helflngs .to a different "scMooI" of wrestlers than the American ays" tem in w'hich • Lewis was trained. rOarky." wrestling in tpurnaments rather;' tbRn matches, witli holds below j the waist barred—the rules observed by ancient. Roman and Greek I wresUers—believes Jie can defeat; Lewis at the Ehropean gam<^< ialthiough Lewis recently conquered iiiii with a tbe-hqld. They will wrestle tomorrow, under European TUle^. i 1 gVBHlNG. HECBMBEB IS, 1927. (Co^linued from A^e .Oa«) J Irisitiiui;'sauail scoring a total of -.-0vUma durltig the first Half bc- , :'ifote'«belng taken ouU - ' T|« CtaaBUte team took the ball liiiidei' Jlhe lol% basket in tiie first ^.Aifiuite or so^of play and aftcr< being "iMild ^rom scoring by some j^^d''guarding llie Chunuto team finally talHed. Qu the first play I Aflorwdrds they drop|(ed iu auotti- L" or'lwaket. The score kcprt in: ' oreattiDlf' for Ui« viBltors until they had 12 Jpolnts to tola's u. i.>e6 of iola jriOBlly tossed a iMskct mak- ; ing thff fIrM points f4>ri lota. At - ^ilie end ,o( the ouartdr the score .stood iii to 4 iu favor'.uf the Ciia- nut*' team. ..Ip :th0 Mt'ond quarter tin* Ch»- niiiir ie^m ,r|llMe<t its score to 3il , Mints whilo the local squad addnd Jdtir miijre. In the third period the .{Ibanut^ team was being held k little better, scoring only. 6 points ' wUllft lola scored 2. '^fcanwhlle the locals were keepingi the ball under tlieir own basket more than ., In the first half. Funk wa.s taken but on p^sbnals and Cutwortli S«Ot into hls'place. When the third mfriQd'ftras well along, as th6 Cha- niH^ ^m had the ball and lola > was Itirntlng for defense. Cntworth and ._8Iaytdn ran i together. Cut. wrorth received a i cut aiiove hi.s ^Ight eye. H9wevei; Slayton was laid out. Since Slajrion could not go back, and lolaliiihd^o reserves . left the! game was^'discontiBued. . The Ixjx scqre: .('iMnnte (JW) KG. FT; l'. TP. Lockyiear, rf. 5 0 o Allller, If. 11 0 2 * Haines, if. 1— — 1 o 2 T^oddiic. (C) 1 :! 0 . fjeptune; rg. 0 ti- 1 , MartlnMg. — 0 . n » dlllesple. Ig. 0 0 1 -qeorge,. c. _ 0 o o " Totals 18 .T 6 tolf^.Uti) FG. FT. V. ^'--^Trt. —:—I 0 4 If. 2? 1 0 fta'n c. (C)..l 0 1 Grc^ii; .rg. 0 0 o OutWorib. rg. — 0 ,(i SlaytqUi Ig. .0 1 2 team^ openlnsl 'qiiadslnto Action Soon Three of tht- four nortfiern Missouri Valley conference basketball today were ready for the games of the seasou tomorrow and Saturday iu the s^outheru end of the circuit. , ' Iowa j'Stato wa.>i the only on4 uf the conference squads which will not test its 1927 material in ths initial sierles. After the games this week, (be team?' will resume prac- the heavy schedule start- flrSt.week in January. ' (tUHieK Kridiijr. Nebraska v?. Wa.shIngtou. at St. Louis:,-Kansas Aggies'vs. Kausa.s, at I..awrenc »i;. Griiinel! vs. Ckla- boma .\|ggics, at Stillwater; Drake vs. Oklahoma, at Norman. Saturday. > Nebraska vs. Missouri; atColum- bia; Grinnoll vs. Oklahoma, at Norr man; Xtrake vs. Oklahoma Aggies, at Stillwater. (ice forj ing the' . TJoMils J4 2 Smterec— Kem.p. I. J. C. in .Seen By C. A. ing to corroboritc those we already had. Page and the other man ntet Uicsc clerks at San Antonio and got more documents." -Notified that his name was included la the iist. Senator Heflin immediately came before the Cnm- mittce. "It was not delivered to mc," said the Alabiunan, referring to a statement In the documents that he wasuupposicd to hate Joaca paid 1350/100. "I have not received a cent except >Kime ejtinfSMs Irheu I was on a; lecture tonr about Mexican |«ff«lrM." he said. j (bejckN frvui K. K. K. "Those checks *erc from I 'roti CHtunt mlnistcrM, K. K. K. men and others interested In my lectures." continued Maflla. ".So official or rcprcscutativc uf j avf i i the Mexican government ever ap-i"*"*^ proached me. I "I first heard of this from a newspaper man seveijal days ago. This man said he got it from the Hearst men." At this point Senator Reed. Rc- Ujibllcan. Pennsylvania, chairman or the ' investigating committee, disclosed that the documents named Dudley Field Malone of New York' as financial agent for the Mexican government in thejalleged transaction. Heflin declared that he had not met Mailone for a number of years. "Tills is the work of so^e enemy."; he said. "1 will have a.good deal to say aljout this on the floor of':tlie seni ^tp. ' Things!'have come to ^a pitiful pass .when we cannot avoifi blackmailers getting at us. ^ "If hope the committee will ,pros- JQ i centre'these crooks and scoundrels." ; . Senator LaFoIlette. oamed in one pf the documents as the senator for Tfibam a fund of tlS.OOO was provided^followed H^fjln on the stand. He asked to be sworn. Chairman Reed told liim (hat only the: inidals ."^l. M. L." were used in tbdjdocuments. "Inbsmuch as these initials cor- 2 ' respond to my own and no other , senator has such initials, I would 2 appreciate the opportunity to ' speak. "Cliiirge InfamoaK.**' "The attempt to link my niinie with these charges Is an infamous intolerable fr&ud..I have never been approached either directly or indirectly by a Mr. Haberman or any one purporting to represent him. .Norjiavc 1 been approached by any one else in connection with rolutlons ibctweou Iho United SIHIOS and Mexico. "It Hoems to mu that ihc'com- nilltcu is under obligation' to pros- cciiie this InvcstlRHtion to (lie lim- Unless .\cd Green, star California tackle, pays a delinquent $10 stud- itint activity fee, he will not be allowed to play In the coming Pcnn-Cal- jtfornia game on December, 31. Green's letter, earned thjs sca.son. has lieen held up. The sludenti assoch^ton. which is liandling Green's case. Jiopcs to arrange it so that he Will get to play.! SPEAORIS BILLEDFOR BENCHSOON impression of the Public, ^However, Not Held By Harris COME BACK? 23 0 0 0 0 3ft TI 10 i loin nfihUHd eonrhps lonlghl iwUI ire(-« cIlMicn tn find out ami lior.goiMi tlwlr mn rtmilr •re. like Ncnlfir high hqujiil jfneeft lis Clrst test of the spa<<' kin ifainst UM .Keglxtrr qnln.: ieb Hnillh Nhonld g «t a UM\ hl» Mqnnd from thU game. YMtittft Hnmho ?|lt for the Ner. fikl time thtsi year. Conch itvokcbrsndS. men - should 4toir0P ! >UUi'ts In the iejUsftl %enps fu»i .<»c:exi»cct. 5«r *t1!q*»nUyjlon^lit [The Register basketball crew has a stiff week-end jaliead. After lotaJish('«' battle with the tola high sphqpl ,squad, the Printers journey toj Geneva tomorrow night' for a gffflife tjrl^h. the town tpam. Ge- njfva Is^is^Id to have a fairly strong quintet and hie Devils are expecting a stef .baUle. Only Stumbling Block Is . Salary, ^ucky Declares CAGE GAMES ARE BILLED FORTONIGHT Junior College Crew Is to Play Humboldt in Final Game Real Instate Bowlers , . Humble. Painter'Squad The jRcal Estates defeated t^e Painterbon the Recreation alleys In thcii? fifth .game of the City League series last night, sonic excellent, scores (being rolled. Chas. Robinsdh's t^n-framc score ol 221 was thq.jfeature of the gainc. The jjcores arc as follows: ' PAi.N'TICR.S- imibo j j.-nri un n;t ^442 Robinson 12 !f 111 22<—167 H. Donning --.i :!8< IKS 180—4«J6 Kemp 1:; G 121! 203--465 Dcnnliig! - 200 191 192— 58C Totals! . - . 71S 727' 918 2123 HEAL, EaTATES FOR BATTLE Pl^ersiWill Start for the Coast Tonight to Play Dec. 26 MANY STARS GOING Selection of Team Frcun Twelve Schools in East Area VISITORS ARE GOOD BY ALAS J. (;«l'l.l). AMM«rIal«d n *ss Uporti* Kdllor. -; •Vew York Dec m. (AP)- The supposition of ba.seball men .siom.s to be thjt the Washington Senators, now tliat they have obtained the once peerless first sucker. •George Sisler.. ivill cume to u parting of the way$ with Trls Speaker, in order to avoiu huviug too many higlt-^alarieil veterans on the iiay- roll. In fact it has been somewhat generally predicted that Speaker would be handed his release' anyway, pu the theory that his usefulness and draving powt-r.s luul waned. / Bucky Harris, however, not only fails to share thi.s iwint of view but expect^ Speaker to roam the High School Squad Is to Meet Register Quintet WHIi :i stiff game to lie played the lola junior coUeee tiasketball team will open its home seas<ii^tonight in the senior liigh school gvninusluni. playing the track Huniimldt town of the .Sekan leagiK-. The li)l:i te.;iiii has been doing its best in the short time siiue the game atiainst Hunrimldt. there last )lon(l ;iy night to get ready tor tlie I game tonight in hcM>es of squarin.? thinp.s up." The college men could Jiot get together against the Humboldt team. Tho men niio prove the most troublesome for Humboldt opponent.* are the Woods (wins, forwards, .lunkin at guard gives his opponents plent.v of trouble when Goca -. Lliwin Cauulecy . L. Reiithcr J. Reuthi-r 137-486 197-^404 182-^529 17H--:441 174-;.';45 838 2406 ternary skill for the Senators next year. Since the youthfbl pilot <.r the Senators has a first -ilianil interest In the matter, his attitude happens to l)o more imporjant than The Ifi'a men should play a stiff-' er same tonigiit and have a tighter det'ecse, They are not used to ! playing together as yet as Coach that Of the .second-hand'&se7.;1f.'-'r''1^^^ T '° The salary Issued mav be a 'i'"'" coitiT) ina Ion " ^s. and so will do a good deal of shifting of men again tonight. stumtfllpg block. Harri..< this. »The Seiuitors uiImitK likely I LnrOh .Hnrrhisun ;<> iju|»ro«. km *t>w.7 ajul alfbsck tel. Jowenr: a^ irlad. .Vnrchlson Is a Uae, example uf a eieaa j4i >iM <Hiuui, aiil IMW ramed kis ^IKC««« as'a'runner. It woald •.ft ;a.>liame to see Um die he- hroBsriit on hy hl«' oierexer- •mtt o» the rinder trarfc. = At Pittsburg .Monday night. I>e»nard Fox of Ponca CIt.v. Okla.. dfe rlsljrely outpointed Johnny Wagne: of Foxt Scott. Either Fox has ! Innitroved pe ;Wagner is slipplpg. Al ovi '» .veiir and a half ago the winter saw For fight at Tonkawa. Okla., and he didn't look very gold." ^jgeitMi and St. Imis Cards in Player Deal ttew JTorlr. Dee; 15. (AP)—The Louis bardinals today announc- . _ "the pnrcblise' of Frank Gibson, |<^£lieriolr (Je Boston Braves for lan .nnnamed consitftratldn. Bllll . Jtf«K«chni^. nmnairer oi tt« ^Svil" .., Tit fl^fwld the ideal) was n «goCia(MI OS a atralgtat cMh .baala and that , nti^St; Lo'Mic pU7«cs .we^e involved. ill to the ond that tho autt^entluHy uf (boHc documdnls may M cHtaU- llshud or thnir falsity proved." "1 «m not unmindful that these cliiirgcH appear In nowspapcrs pub- llsltrd by Mr, lloarst" continued LaKollottc, "I am not uunitn.dful of the fact that thoso papers arc (he most ardent suuportors of the present Hdmlnistration. I am .not unmindful ,4bat I have resisted to the utmost the policy pursued! by this admlnlstrutiuh In. regard to Mexico., i ' "The dastardly, attempt to link niy name will.not cause mc to de-. vlatc from the course I marked out for myself | in. regard to the .Mexican poUcy. Bon* on Stand. After Ilef^n and LaFoIlette had taken the tttand in turn and bad denied invoIjre<neut in aay sltisb fund and detnandod prosecution of those who had made the "disclosure." Senator Borah ' took the I witness' joath and sras informed by ; Chairman Re«d.Uiat be was sup• posed according to Ihie documents I to have been destined to receive {J .iilO.OOO. As Reed read the ainQuot. the : crowded beariag room tang with ' Ittiichter. and BoraJi amiled. ''.My first ioformatioo readied ni* about the ' (locumet^ts were first published, said tlie Idaiio senator. "Mr. R. i E. Mi-Cariaod. a newspaper man I from :M»?xlco referred to it. I "He said lie had heard of those documents vbl|« he was in;Mexico. He said' he understood one' of the docunients purported that • four senatoirs. including myself, were supposeil to have received money. ".\o'oa« ever approat^'hed me in a matter of this kind. I had no communication from any in connection with,this either by malt, wire. word, oir any otlier mannei^." $;enau>r : Korris of Nebraska, from his sick room, today denlM any knowledge of a Mexican sliiidi fund which was described In doc«- rhents-presented to a *enate \pye»- I gating committee i today by William Bandolpb Hearst. K Cpfclantz editor of the New Toiie Aaerieaa an afternoon wft- nesR .told of being directed by Sfr HMMt to Mipenme preparations i>f the articles, ^Additional docdmentr will ask the "grey eagle ' to take some reduction . in his pay-eheck, Ui view of the clrcuuist'auce's iu- rolvcd, but even so it woulil still be financially worth while for Speaker lo remain iu tlu- capital. paVtlciilarly since' then; appears 00 iUicr opening for him Just now. The Hulirboldt team is said to be probably the best that Humboldt ever produced, while If the local 'junior college team comes, up to what some expect It to it will bo jone of the best in tho college < OM- if<'r'iiie. The lliimboljlt fans have ' rc:ili/.<:il what a team they have this I year and are following It closely. A laruf iHiwd is to hi' i-xpciicd ling Paris.. France—MoJse Bougillon won Fr^ench light bear}-weight citamploijship f r o nr - Francois Charles 2). Meadvl le. »P8.—Joey .N'ovack, PIttsbnreb. wltp from Johnny Kid Blsir. ft ca. N. Y.. <1(K .lohnny Han, Oil City, knocked out Billy Batey. I* lea. (4.1 Des Mqines. la.—Johmiy Martia. Sloiix Fa Is. & D.. won from Eddie Dwyer. Bl Pasp. Tex.. (10). Tony Legouri. Des i.^Ioiues lightweight, knocked iout Morrie Brown, Sioux City, (3). Ken Williams Sold Tb Boston Red Hose .Xew York. Dec. -1.''... (APt—Ken WllliamsJ heavy-hitting outfielder Mt the 8tJ Louis was sold outriglit to the Boston Red Sox. Chicajgo, Dec. la (API—Stars of the gridiron firmameit of the eastern part of the United States pooled their talents with those of two coaches^whom many of them' had never se'en before and prepared for their western invasion today. y The players, 18 in all, will leave tonight for gan Francisco where they will meet tfJe cream of (he AVesfs football talent in a charity game, December 26 Two Nebraska L'. men. Presnell. half back, and ,Ray Randells. tackle, will Join the invaders at Omaha. Tlie to. coaches. Richard Haulcy of Northwestern and Andy Kerr of Washington and Jefferson, plan to use the Warner stylo of football in the game inasmuch as both arc pupils of "Pop" Warner. They expect the eastern squad to assimil- atc the style readily. ^ , The all-Eastern squad reiirescnts ; 12 teams. .Minnesota, Yale and! Washington and Jefferson each placed three. Notre Dame anil Nebraska placed two each and the rest are from other school.s In the east, mlddlcwest. ^orth ami south. The squad Is composed of the following: ' ndcks: JocHtlng ami Almquist, .Minnesota; W.viiiie, .S'otro Dame.: Presnell, .N'cbri^skn; Lane. Dartmouth;; Caldwell, Vitle; Connors. .New, Yifjrk I'niverslty. and Amos, Washington and Jefferson. ! Ends: Siofi and Flshwlik, Yale,! and Walsh. .N'^jire Dame. ' , j .Tackles: Adklnson. Lafayette; > Welnstock. Wei-tern .Maryland: ; Douds. Washington and Jefferson; Hunsen, .Minnesota, and Randells. | Nebraska. , Guards: Pawley. Washington and .Jefferson, and Baer. .Michigan. Centers: fteitsch, Illinois, and Hawley. Hask«ll. . The team will travel in a special I car, rduted through Omaha. It is due to arrive in San Francisco Sunday morning. Beauty incomparable: a bonqiiet of .love| She bluffed her way through the game of hearts until true kwe, came her way—and then she found that one admiring • sweett^ could provide more thrills than a dozen desiring daddiesT ' • ; t . From the Satunlay Evening I'ost stoiy by Wallace Irwin. " "> Lltryd iiliglies Plajing OpiKisite .Hhis Vore. Extra Added—the Third of ^ "THE COLLEGIANS" DAZZLING SPEED Collrge life! lis joysi-its woes! Its high speed sports and pleasures. Itig athletic contests in gjant stadinnm Jammed with wlld-clieering students. Fraternities! .Moonlight auto rldcs^ (lances. The veiltOrh from the lives of modern : collcgia'iis, A revelation that will at onctr stimulate and amuse you. \ This One Entitled "The Fijfhlintr Spirit" StarriuK t!e«rg«" I/ewls wHhlfu)dcii ISIencusou an<i Vorolhy (iulllver. Also .\o»>lly Keel. FKiDAV O.XLY Chet Wynne to Remain As Creighton MentiM* Onuihu. .\eb.. Dec. If,. (.\Pi — Creighton university i:-- not to lose its , bead football coach. Chet Wynne, after all. Upon Wynne's return last night from a ronfer- ence with director.s of the Kansas .Agricultural college it was announced here that Wynne, who has coached Creigtitou since 1923. will remain iu Omaha iudefiuitel.v. .•V.meri->- uii.xt»i-e of circus life, the race track ami radfo-uiaa^ iii.—a milliou laughs ami thrills—the most original comedy ever screened. . .; If V»u Can't Coii'tnil Vuur Lau|ch'Hot«r-Don't See This.^ liellgiftiHl I'Ictute ( wiiedj. . .llsoShiirl Comedy and i^iews Keel. "Our chances of making a strong-i^ ""f;' , . , Wd for tho pennant nex( vear wlir^"",", |'« """«'"• bt mucli belter will, S.leaker a , r'„.V""''*V '"'"'"V,. . . SlHler l.oth adding their p„„c|, to ^„ I''•.."'"^^/^i'.r;.''' IT'' IIM- tbc llnc-up." H..rrh< "declared",;," ill' "'>""<»:;»« •"• >«»7 <""lKh» wWle day, "Holh have a lot of good ' .".'•""?''""''?'. ^r'*^""", "'^ l^ll i|.f| " i Register buskeiliall sqUHd and ih«! . It Is u coincidence that the uh-i-'!!'' "'"'"^ f'"'"^ offlclHl American Lcag,,e IPr<'IHnluary Hiould |1 .e average show Slsler and Speaker finishing (bn 1927 season with idenllcal lial- Ung msrKH~.327 -coiisid«>ral)ly below thdr best years but still good ciluiigh to put tlK'Ui inside ihe first 12 regulars. Harris, as enthusiastlL- over the Jul) of building up his club next year as ho. was wheij he first pil-! oted Washington to a pennant In 1924, feels confident he will do his part toward checking another headlong rush to the top by the Yankee liatlcriug-rum. "We stopped 'em before. Wliy can't we do It •, agitin?" steins to Eumniarize his attitude. a good guiue. Croach Smith of t!tie high Hch«ml was not ready to un- nouiice, I his mornlog. just what his starting llaeup would be. In the main game (^oach Ktocko- biaiid will pick .Ills Htartcrtf from iiie ffdlowlng men: Iba. Hub- baril. centers; Leo Burger. Isaac, K (iMp. forwards; (^lopihe. Woolery, guards. If either Iba or Hc'ihard start at center the other one will probably ><tart at a guard position. Mildred Quintet Wins Over Ft. Scott, 50-46 Loren Murchison Is Improving Slowly Decalur. III.. Dec. 15. ,AP) -The same -slumlna and endurance! which pMlled l>oren .Vlurclii.son to, many victories on the cinder path ill staving off death. lie is ill .Mildred. Sabs.. De<-. l.">.—The :Mildrcd Red Devils come from be- ^ hind-Saturday night and -surprised' Fort .Scott by winning 5(1-46. Fort .Scor.t led by 10 lo 14 points [ throughout'the game until the last I fivejminiue!; of play. ' Th»> game, was played on the Ft. S'i>l:t court. Tlie .\!i!drod "Red Devils" mcctJ; Hiimlioldt 81 .Mildred for the next ; jgite struggle. The Humboldt girls will also «r ' T'"' "•'•ebro-splnarmeningiiis. To- j , time the'""'' his tem^' ' time tn«,p^rature the It has been! , „ since he was token to a ho-plial " I"'*!''"' and ,hls physician exin-esseil hope i ^'""'*he would recover. McDermott to Take Office Very Soon? ; Topeka. Dec. 14. (AP) -The Topeka State; Journa- says today that chambers of the I'nited States district court for Kansas will return to Topeka from Kansas-CIt.v, Kan. with the ap^lntment of George T McOarmott. Topeka lawyer, as judge along 'with Judge John C i>ailack. For the benefit of the majority of iieople admissioB of 25c baa j been arranged for the remainder of the seafon on league games held i at Mildred. vhlch he said Were obtained from (be ofllce of the .'Uexicaii consul Elian at .Vew r<brk.; seemed to sub- aiaBtlat« the original documents be testifieid. Th«--N'fW York ioformation war rMflvad from tli«> (lies of the ollico there Cobl (pntx aaid, A clerk in the office rifled-the fllc ^i he said. .UildrH (rfU), Fc,. Caldwell, rf. 2 F. Mann, rg 1 Brouehton :t T^iylor. If. 1 Hutton. c. .1 s H. Slann. rg. ...l ..B .Vorfon. IR.' • Totals Forth Scott C4«) B. Stanley/ rf. C. SUnley. If. dtJields. c, Ptnkston. rg. -i—. Oberi Ig. ^...a Frary 0 -23 FC. — 4 —8 —2 -.2 FT; 1 0 1 .0 u 1 1 4 FT. 0 3 . 0 0 , 1 " 0 11 3i ..1'! 0 1 1> 0 9 P. 3 0 0 4 3 2 Totals- .Jil e4-Warren Llttreel, Ui lyomptResnfe Ose the Cla^sifip^ •Ml i. '• BUY TYPEWRITERS mn CHRISTMAS I typewriter is ;i fjhrist- maAi.Gift which will; be enjoyed each day throuifhoiit the year. Every schcwl iiirl and boy Jiifows that neatly type^ home work i.s bound to win ^igher grades. .More and more up to date men and women typewriters ini the home for per.sonal colTMpondence. One of our pprt^ble.s will make a most aj)- proprjaie gift for either the bu «yj ^an or woman. From our large stock you can tind a machine nuitablo for ei'e'ry requirement and at •priced' the ut-|in value for penditure. C OR ON A $S1 The ideal Personal Typewriter Never before has it been possible to buy high gradis typewriters at such low prices. your ex- All Adding Machines Reduced 25 Per Cent Sale Ends Saturdayr Dee. 24 na Wrat Mfldimn Co 11

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