Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 22, 1961 · Page 10
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 10

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1961
Page 10
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!0 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, February 28, 1961 • ^ttlUIIIMIllHIM !IIIIIUiniltllllll1MIIIIIIIIIIlltlHlT<^ \Jlb L See It I by j C. W. D. nftll,l»(»l,l>ll,lll»,l„»ll«>l,M,tlMllllllMltl Hint*' The reward for doing one good deed is often a request to do another. * * « « • There were several eyewitnesses to the railroad accident in Postville last Saturday afternoon. Among those who were looking out the window as the train derailed were Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Meyer and Mrs. Clyde Fordyce. The first thing that Gilbert saw was an unloading dock flying through the air. From that time on the action was too fast to comprehend. The unleashed power of the derailed cars was evidenced in many ways. Cars piled, onto others; two cars rammed together with such force that one pushed its way JO feet into the other; one car dug into the frozen ground cutting a trench well below the frost line. The picture will bo one these viewers will long remember. * • • • t Ez says that when his son begins to sow his wild oats, it's time to start the thrashing machine. * * * » * The most basketball interest we have seen in recent years is being generated by the "little ten" of the University of Iowa—the remnants from a team which lost four regulars by low grades. Moving up to replace the regulars is a band of fighting men who have been welded into a popular and winning combination. The team with the new look has won three of the four conference games participated in so far—the only loss being a one point squaker to Ohio State, rated No. 1 nationally. We have now decided that in addition to being a game bunch of kids, they are also quite a talented group. ***** Speaking from personal experience it would seem that square meals make for round figures. a measure changing the name o£ Iowa State Teachers College Jit Cedar Falls to State College of Iowa. The 1959 legislature renamed another state institution— Iowa State University of Science and Technology, formerly Iowa State College of Agriculture and •' Mechanical Arts. The state's first institution of higher learning is the State University of Iowa at Iowa City, The Class of 1961 . . . SENIOR PERSONALITIES Interviews from P. H. S. NEWS FROM . . . Those In THE SERVICE State News Letter- <Continued From Page One) ber college entrance requirements from an eighth-grade to a tenth- grsde education and extend the required period of study from six to nine months. An amendment, offered by Representative John Ely, Cedar Rapids Democrat, was adopted by the house which would require that an applicant know how to cut a Negro's hair. Ely said barbers in his city won't cut a Negro's hair because they say they . don't know how. School Age. A bill advancing the age minimum for children starting kindergarten and first grade has been approved by both houses of the legislature and is awaiting the signature of Governor Erbe. It provides that in the fall of 1962, a child will have to be five years old by October 15 to enroll in kindergarten and six years by that date to St Honored. Robert L. Meyer received the following letter of commendation on his son, Robert C. Meyer: 55TH FIELD MAINTENANCE SQUADRON 55TH STRATEGIC RECONNAISSANCE WING M (JET) United States Air Force Forbes Air Force Base, Kansas 8 February, 1961 Dear Mr. Meyer DAVID SMITH ALLYN WIRKLER DAVID SCHIERHOLZ David Smith Dave, better known as "Smitty," resides on a farm east of Postville, but you will seldom find him there—he says he prefers the city life! He is a firm believer in extra curricular activities. During his fresh- It was my recent pleasure to_con- j ma ri year, he participated in foot gratulate your son, Airman Third Class Robert C. Meyer on his promotion to' Airman Second Class. As his unit commander, I know that his devotion to duty as a Jet Engine Mechanic and his contributions to our organization both on and off duty earned his promotion for him. I also want to s congratulate you on your son's promotion, knowing the previous influence of his home life had much to do with his success today. We are a unit of the nation's long range atomic striking force, the Strategic Air Command, upon whose efficient fighting potential so much of our hope for world peace depends. Since this SAC mission depends on individual effort, it is gratifying to be able to write a letter of this type. We are glad your son is a member of our unit. Sincerely, RALPH E. ADAMS, Major, USAF Commander * * * • « fe Graduated San Diego (FHTNC) —Joseph R. Ball, apprentice petty Officer second class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Ball of Postville, was graduated February 10. from nine weeks of recruit training at the Naval Training Center, San Diego. California and is spending a 14 day leave with his parents. ball and track. For two years, he wrestled for PHS. He is a four- year letterman and is now president of the club. "Smitty" is also an active member of the student council. When I asked what his favorite subject was, he merely replied, "You mean somebody actually has one?" In case you are reading this, "Smitty," some people really do! Dave does have a favorite car, however. One that can get two wheels off the ground is a swell car in his opinion. Besides playing football, which is his favorite sport, he likes to spend some time with his hobby, hunting. This boy's ideal meal consists of friend chicken and French fries. If you happen to be sitting near him while he is eating this delicacy, and also happen to be chewing your food a litle louder than is necessary, he will more than likely ask you to move—for this happens to be his pet peeve. "S m i 11 y" has been known throughout his high school years as a regular clown, but he does have some very serious plans for the future. He has been accepted at Iowa State University in Ames, where he plans to study architecture. ^ "What then", I asked. Reply: ^'Someday I'll b.iild some ultramodern structure—what else?" We all wish you the best of luck Apprentice petty officers are| in the future, "Smitty"—aid, oh chosen from the ranks of the sea man recruits to assist company commanders. The selection is based on individual aptitude and leadership qualities; New Address The address of Alan W. Davis is as follows: Alan W, Davis, 540-4564, EM. F. A.. V. S. S. Tirante (SS-420), FPO 1 New York, New York. ***** ^ New Address The address of Jerry J. Davis is start first grade. In 1963, the cut-! as follows: Jerry J. Davis off date would be September 15. At present a child has to reach the starting age by November 15. Former Governor Herschel Loveless vetoed a similar measure two years ago on the basis it took away from local school boards the right to set their own starting dates. ISTC. Both houses have also approved NG7979404, Co. E, 3rd Bn„ Tng. Regt. — basic, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. ADVANCED DEGREES Thirty-six per cent of the 2.490 degrees awarded during 1959-60 at The State University of Iowa were advanced degrees — master's and doctoral degrees. yes. on your ultramodern structure, too! ***** Allyn Wirkler This week's subject for senior personalities is Allyn Wirkler, ••r Al as we call him. Al has participated in many extra curricular activities during his high school years. Such activities include football, basketball, track, baseball, marching and concert band, trumpet quartet, trumpet trio, brass quintet, and trumpet solo. He has also participated in mixed chorus and boys double quartet. Al's name is seldom excluded from the "B" honor roll. He maintains an A average in his favorite subject, which is mathematics. As you can see from Al's extra curricular activities, he has quite an active interest in sports. This interest ties over into his hobby and pastime which are not only participating in these sports, but also watching them on television or in person. The one sport which he must confess is his favorite, is basketball. If you should ask Al to dinner, I'll give you a hint on what to serve. His ideal meal consists of steak, mashed potatoes and corn. Al considers a person who is constantly finding fault with others a poor example of a friend. Upon graduation, Al plans on furthering his education at Iowa State University in Ames and hopes that someday he can become an outstanding aeronautical engineer. • * * * David Schierholz Let's take a drive four miles cast of Postville to the Schierholz farm. David Schierholz, a new member of the senior class lives here. We will probably find Dave outside working at one of those innumerable farm tasks. David went to Luana school from first to eleventh grade. He carried the usual academic load of four courses a year, including mathematics and science each year. He was a member of the mixed chorus. During his freshman year, he was vice president of the class. Junior year found Dave behind the scenes with the stage crew for the Junior Class Play. Dave played first or second and outfield on the Luana baseball team and forward on the basketball team. A new experience for Dnvc at Postville is wrestling on the 165 pound division of the team. By winning all of his first three matches, Dave has proved he has more than beginner's luck. Four-H is another of Dave's primary interests. Right now he is filling the position of assistant secretary. Last summer he was one of several exchange members to Canada. The group traveled by bus and spent 10 days in Canadian 4-H members' homes. On days off Dave says to his brother. Let's so hunting. They find plenty of game right on ..heir farm. David plans on following his Dad's footsteps and becoming a farmer. SUBSCRIBER A. L. Conwell formerly of Humboldt and now of Levittown, Pennsylvania recently renewed his subscription to the Humboldt papers for the 67th straight year. NEW DESIGNS IN YOUR FAVORITE COLORS AND TEXTURE EFFECTS FLOOR COVER INKS Louis Schutte and Sons Largest Stock of Furniture in Northeast Iowa PHONE 86 4-3911 POSTVILLE, IOWA THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE WOOD FLOORS If you loVe good wood floors you'll remember that water and wood are natural enemies in your house. The hardwood floors (or even well-c are d-for softwood floors) absorb water through thousands of tiny pores. Result: A white or grayish color, or even a darkened color if the water happens to contain traces of iron. Manufacturers of good flooring spend three to four months and more to take the moisture out of wood carefully and surely. So do furniture manufacturers. So what does a common-sense homemaker do, if she wishes to clean and re- t wax the floor? Water is forbidden. Emelda Kunau, extension home furnishings specialist at Iowa State! University, suggests that you look over the array of cleaners at your local stores until you find those which contain no water or require no combination with water to do the clean-up job. Use only a solvent-type cleaner recommended for wood floors. A good wax for your wood floor after you clean it is one containing carnauba gum. Apply several thin coats, buffing thoroughly between coats, Miss Kunau advises. This gives a more durable finish than a single heavy coat. Liquid or self-polishing waxes which contain water are not meant to be used on wood floors. Remember: Water scrubbing wears out many good wood floors, makes them warp or buckle long before they should show a sign of wear. In 1896, "Dorothy Dix" . . Mr s Elizabeth M. Gilmer . . . began her co umn of personal advicf in, daily newspaper. It was the firs? popular "advice to the lovelorn- feature in newspapers. Today most newspapers offer helpful and in formative features on problems. personal BIG-FOUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION Monday Night Ladies League ***** Won Lost Hoth-T-Birds 56 32 Tindell's Shoes 55 33 Tuck's 49 39 Luana Savings Bank 43* Groff Drug 43 45 Heidelberg Gardens 40Vi 47'* Home Oil Company 34 54 Darling's 30 58 High individual single game- Karen Mueller, 215: Mrs. Ronald Harris. 20-1; Mrs. Clarence Tindcll, 200. High individual three games- Mrs. Delbert Suckow. 559: Mrs. Clarence Tindcll, 558; Mrs. Ronald Harris. 552. —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary Friday Night Ladies League Funk's Construction (!5'i 30'i McGregor Electronics 57 39 Meadow Gold 57 39 Strikettes 55 41 Hi-Way Lanes 55 41 Cook's Rollettes 48'i 47 'i Watkius Pinettes 48 48 Ossian 47 49 Sal's Gals .... 41 55 Albright Oil Company . 38 58 Baade's Grocery . 33 63 Hygrade . .. " . . 31 65 High lines—Mrs. LcRoy Thompson 224: Mrs. LeRoy Thompson, 200; Mrs. Merle Miller. 1M. Highrseries—Mrs. LeRoy Thompson. 558; Mrs. Merle Miller. 552; Mrs. Helen Hanson, 551. Mrs. Eugene Doerring. secretary American League • * * • • Dinhn Implement 77 23 Meadow Gold ... 74 2fi Anderson's Clothing 71 29 Hi-Way Lanes 54 46 Olson's Diamonds 54 45 Groth Packing Co 53 47 Ky's Clothing 51 48 Hall Roberts' Son 50 50 Marianna Propane 50 50 Citizens State Bank :...,49V4 50V4 Walnut Grove 48 52 Willman Real Estate 40 60 Frankville 37V4 62>/j R. E. A 34 66 Hygrade Products 32 68 Postville Faculty 25 75- High scries—Loo Ball, 668: Eugene Collins, 653; Leo Boose, 636; Elden Lenth, 624. High line—Eugene Collins, 252; Leo Ball, 243-233: Leo Boose, 242; Elden Lenth, 236; Robert Fried- crich, 234. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Town and Country League * * » * * Gundcr D. X 65 35 Trojans Hy-Bred 60"j 39 '.4 Halvorson's Insurance 58% 41% Schave Garage 55% 44% G. & M. Transfer 54% 45% New York Life 54 46 Ossian 52% 47%. Postville State Bank 51% 48% Wirkler Bros 51% 48% Luana Coop» 49 51 Hi-Way Lanes 48 52 Frank's Recreation 46% 53% Riverside Garage 44 56 Farm Bureau Insurance .36% 63% Schroeder's Clothing 35% 64% Taylor's Sinclair 35 65 High series — Keith Brainard. fi28: Harley RndlofV. Sr.. 604: Ray Suckow, 599: William Szabo. 598. Hinh line—Dwainc Wolters, 233; Don Rose, 231; William Szabo, 227; Harley Radloff, Sr., 225; William Kozclka. 223. • —Leonard Thoma, secretary. National League Hv-Line 79 21 Don's Jewelry 87 33 Kneeskcrn Mink Farm 55 45 Ossian 43 57 Lnnee's Sports 42 58 Castalia 39 61 Heidelberg 38 62 Postville Lumber 37 63 High series — Darwin Ellis, 616; IJnck Hager, BN; fwl 1596; Harley Radloft Jfl I High line-Jack lloy Radloft. Jr., 245. <?• keberg, 236; L,aVern J- Darwin Ellis, 233. ,| • —Leonard Tno ^J Church U • t • 1 Monona E. U. B Church Bowlers .... Monona Lutheran i Postville Lutheran A _v| Luonn Lutheran 8 ..T Castalia Lutheran 3 Luana Lutheran A .^1 Guilder Lutheran FarmersburR Bowlers "3 Clermont Lutheran _ Postville LutheranB,^ High series—Robert^ John Palas. 616; Goi 605; Leo Friederich, 5) High line —Roberts— 223; Or Ian LanrisjatJJ man, 222; John Palss,j| —Leonard Tnoaffl STUDY STVJT The speech pattologjl at The State University"* spent some 30 years sty tering in m attempt toli stuttering begins audi ers overcome their \m number of studies HM| that stuttering is atas and that the child is p as much to blame fori are over-anxious, ova en is. The lou.i State Vjaivt garden is used to tests flowers for Iowa cotidifl swtrmmm ,,. •, AUTOUOUU "». OBM*II«CWMT Phi* I tO F> Chevalie r- Cashier presenting a check for $5,000 to Mrs. K. J. K *J Our First Payment Under The Blanket Credit Life Insurance Prosram. Through an arrangement with National Fidelity Insurance CorJ insure single payment loans at the low group rate of IMP P el J each $100 of indebtedness so protected. No application ^ .^1 examination is required! Coverage is available to bori^ j health up to age 65 and up to $5000. I Have you thought how much better it would be if, in tlie . eV ^pail death, your indebtedness to the Bank would be automatical y | This type of insurance, covering temporary indebtednesses*^ to take the place of permanent life insurance. Contact you your permanent insurant rm^i- This.service is another in the long list of progressive new services' otler ±or the convenience of our customers. TRY US FOR SERVICE CITIZENS STATE BAH "The Bank With The Clock On The Corner" Member P. D. I. c.

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