Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 16, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1965
Page 12
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TWELVE IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBI i RONWOOD, MICHIGAN FRIDAY, JULY 16, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr Saturday. July 17 "Tne wist- man controls his' destiny. . . Astrology points the way." ARIES -.'Mar. 21-Apr. 19'.: Good time for i;i'<>'.ip. fluo acri- vity. Patiei a puna;-; qui foment . R;y pi ess ;. ci. : sc i ' in manner that esw.n s.i/(x now friends. You can meet interest • ing people throne'", ceisona; interests. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20); Prestige due to rise. Show you can be cooperative Overcome tendency to be obstinate. Money affair win work out in your favor. Know this . . and avoid unnecessary worry GEMINI (May 2.1-June 20 1: Gain indicated if vou are willing to tackle correspondence, details. Obtain hint from Taurus message. Highlignt humor, versatility. Stress relaxation, entertainment tonight. CANCER (June 21-July 221 : Vacation trip favored Be sure of directions, reservations. Keep communication lines open. Let one important to you know of plans. Common sense your greatest ally! LEO (July 23-Aug 22): The more you follow vour intuition now . . . the better Don't be fooled by outward appearances. Check, probe, ask questi o n s . Read and write. Then you have feeling of self-satiffaction. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Be aware of impression you make, on people. Means take extra 1 care in statements, actions. Avoid actions based on impulse. Think! LIBRA (Sept. ?3-Oct 22) : Time when you can show off. ability to be perceptive. Means i look beyond surface values. Display sense of humor. One close to you may reo.uire encouragement. Give it! ! SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov. 2n:i Favorable lunar aspect accents! romantic interests Your person- ] al -magnetism rating high. You! could sell yourself and product.; Be enthusiastic. Fxcude confi-j dence. Accept chansres. ! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. i 21): Day when projects should! be completed. Attend to matters! close to home base. Be sympathetic toward one who confides problem. Thorough approach! could pay unusual dividends. I CAPRICORN i Dec 22-Jan. 1 19): Much activity of a social 1 nature highlighted Fine for entertaining. . .behv* entertained. Be friendly toward associ a t e s. relatives. Gain indicated through wirtten word. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Collect facts. Utilize experience, knowledge. Day to listen and observe. Remain neutral in any family dispute. Money affairs due to be settled. No time to BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 16 482 V A J6 497654 + J 7 2 WEST (D) EAST 41064 4Q VKQ8 ¥109532 » J 10 • Q32 *AQ853 4K1064 SOUTH 4AKJ9753 V 74 » AK8 49 North and South vulnerable West North East South 1 4 Pass IV 14 Pass Pass 24 24 ^ 4. Pass Pass 3 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V K, BEN CASES By Ne«l Adam* Q_Thc bidding has been: Kast South West North [ 4 Dble. Pass 2 * Pass ? You, South, hold: 4kAQ76 VKJ76 »3 +K94! What do you do? A—Bid four spades. You have a sound double and excellent spade support. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to five clubs. What do you cio ! now? Answer Tomorrow Quick Quiz Q—What is the meaning ot the name Hagar? A—Hagar is a Hebrew name meaning "forsaken." Q—What is the name ot the fish that can "walk" and "shig"? A—The common sea rooms are sometimes reported to have! been seen walking on the sea i bottom. They do not have teet, i but there are rays on the t'insi which do look like feet; with PID you\ SAY TWO j !)> MUCH YEARS? J ( LONGER r-«J I CLEARED UP AS MUCH AS I COULP.yOU WOULDN'T HAVE SURVIVEP MORE ^ EXTENSIVE SURGERY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser THK AFGHAN STITCT Afghan crochet hook is make this colorfially .sweater for yongsters ! T white and blue, or three- i favorite colors! I Pattern No 5144-N i directions for sizes 4. ; inclusive. ; To order, send 35c in ! Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily 407 S. Wacker Drive. Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing for each pattern. address with zip code, and size. Send 50c now for yoi_zx- Spring-Summer Album I features; custom items to crochet, knit I The •=>« u to press issues. PISCES (Feb. You now appear to for getting right a are dynamic, this—act accordingly appearance. Be con fid ex- play special abilities. ft O If today is your you have special nance, investing. Not that you can be a c industry. O -ft -ft General tendencies? -. high for Pisces, Aries Special word to Sr-o ings with member o± i sex are emphasized By JACOBY & SON It isn't often that one bridge hand leaves all four players up- these"the"flshexamine7he ocean .set but this one did. South man- floor. aged to make all the tricks at Q_\vhat is a major eligibility : the three spade contract and requirement for the president of: wanted to know why N o r t h Argentina? j wouldn't raise him after he bid A—The president and "ice: three times. North wanted to president must be Roman Cath-j know why South couldn't have, olic and Argentine by birth pulled himself together and bid! game by himself. East wanted Flnnnnlp Sitter Akn to kno-.v what his partner was| na 9P 0ieO . rTer AIS 9 opening the bidding with ancl|BeCOmes Fire-Spotter West \v:. nted to know why his' NEWPORT Ore (API partner had discarded a d i a -' Do ^ ™™ n ™ ' a tavern owneT mond and chucked three tricks ; JJJ^ Jt00nesSet I ff^Vs JS The bidding was a trifle unus- record, has been a fire-spotter ual but there isn't scope in one i also. bridge article to discuss any-! Jones, who has a phone in-1 thing except the fact that North; stalled on his 60-foot perch, was! bid. perfectly. When it comes to i the first to call firemen when a the plr.y I have to sympathize j 32-foot charter fishing boat with West. i caughf fire while refueling. The; He opened the king of hearts., day before, Jones reported a Dummy's ace won the trick brush fire on a nearby hillside. and South started on his spades. I — East dropped a heart on the second spade and a club on the third spade. On the fourth spade lead West threw away the " PAST'T ANSTNr ~r API TUP eight of clubs and East let go EAST LANSING (AP) -The, his deuce of diamonds. . governor s house was in brief _. f . . . trouble with the law this week. Of ocurse, he had an excuse, j fTrH\!r£rE,fH^™ 5 - Kose ™°° d ' "*'**• 5 ™ ! s^s a s a s o ^S!^s, n ^Lr , n "3£5 r ! had not rebid clubs until after ^ P source; close! to Gov Geor?e : he was raised. The East wanted: Romnev said the srovprnnr nrnh to know why West hadn't dis-i ™, v wL not :U°l^L^' carded the eight of hearts. so I'LL JUST pur ir K coucc? EVAPORATE FROM I'RISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer ONE MORE PEEP AND I'LL BE UP THERE.' SOMETIMES 1 MISS THE <SOO& OLD IT USED TO TAKE A LULLABY TO PUT THEM TO SLEEP.. can T-tt • IMS b, HIA. Iw IX >.) US. f«l 0 MORTY MEEKLE By Dick CavalU Governor's House in Trouble With Law X-SEE WH4CT V(XS M6AM. • i ably was not aware of them. CAPTAIN EASY The Andes Mountain system stretches more than ^. 3>OO miles from the warm shore-=s of the Caribbean to the chlll-eci southern tip of South At this point West rushed out 5 Rising out of the dense iun- of the room. I can't blame him. ; gles 150 miles northwest of' 1 East's arguments were so illogi- Phnom Penh, the capital of ! cal that there was no point an- Cambodia, are the ruins of thei swcring them. | ancient Khmer capital, Angkor. I By Leslie Turner SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox~ BUGS BUNNY "NICKY! Oranges Answer to Previous Puzil* CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner 7HV "That Jimmy Thompson's idea of a Dutch treat pay my half and loan him the other half!" me to ACROSS 1 Orange — .-4 and yellow 7 Orange tea la Direct proceedings H Flat surfaces 15 Type of volcanic rock i pi. i IS Tinges of color IT Inhabitants 19 English writer 2^ Japanese weight 23 Doctrine •JtiOf the Doily 'Latin i 27 Newt ivar.i L'9To (he place .'HI Feminine name 32 Machinery bracket ,'14 Beer faucet .15 Click-beetle 36 Italian coins 37 Soup vegetable ivar.) M Kyg (comb. form i 40Japanese coin 41 Duet i music! 42 L'nits 4.'1 Lamentation 47 Mirnickers 49' OranRC Blossom State" 53 Oranqe tincture 'her.i 34 Agerl 55 Eat iromb. form i 56 Cereal grass j" Mariner's direction DOWN 1 Choose 2 Masi-uluif appellation 3 law lUilini 4 C'eremony 6 Covet 7 Communion plate fl Ireland 0 1-ondon borough 10 I iram 11 Sigmoid curve 13 Uiteral part IB Stringed instrument 19 Models 20 Feminine appellatmn 21 Administration 24 Slow, as cargo Miaul.) 25 Type of easy chair 27 Historical staRc 2fl (lasenus material 'van THEV'KE EITHER PRICE-\ HEY, I KWOW WHO LE&5,.,OR WORTHLESS! VOU CAKJ TKU5r~W I CAN'T BUV 'EM 5\G\\T J JUPGE 'EM, 5IMCE UNSEEW1 ^R^He CAN'T AFFORD TO Buy'EM HIMSELF: MARMADDKE KOOWTZ! VOUK EVt LOOK'S- GOOD, BUT USE IT MV 50UL 1 . I CAN SK T TELL <*U WOT I'LL TMEW I \ 5PAKINGLV! THE$E 61ACK C^M GO \ HAVE- PIN HOLES. IW THE CEMTEK, HOWE,DOC? 1 50 YOU CAW &EE TO GET AROUWDl ANP LEAVE ^____ OPFTHIS- / ^mi !/ PATCH? / «!^^l / THI& MUCH OP YOUR.. DO, MAC ....GIMME FW& GRAMP FOR ME COLLECTION, THROW IN A EYE POG: TILE BORN LOSER By Art Saosom WHAT IS IT, CHAR.LIE7 AU ^VE H'MCCK. PRACTICE FOE. A WHILE? ALLE? OOP 2U (lirl's name :il Follower 33 Winglike part 3B Bestow 41 Incubus ipl.) 42 Monster 44 Slream in France 45 Hadlv 46 Protuberance 47 Consumed 48 Footlike part 50 Choler 51 Library Science degree 'ab.i 52 Affirmative vote NEWSI'Al'ER ENTEKPK1SE ASSN. HECK OF A FDR CAVEMAN TO PASS TH' TIME AIN'T IT? A LITTLE OFFBEAT, ALL RISHr, BUT I LIKE IT OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams YE GODS.' HOW CAM YOU GET SO DIRTY THAT YOU SHINE ? LOOK AT ME-I DO TW'£>AME KIND OF WORK AM' LOOK AT ME.' YOU DOW T WORK.' EVERY TIME YOU STOP TO WIPE YOUR HAMDS I MAKE TH' COKAPAWY TWO DOLLARS- ONE FOR AAE AM' ONE FOR YOU.' THE OLD, OLD ACGUMEWT-- LIKE GITTIM' VOUR PICTURE TOOK WID A HOrAELV.' YOU GOT TO HAVE OME TO MAKE THE OTHER.' THE BLOTTER , By V. T. Hamlii WELL,I'M SURE/ ^ GONNA GIVE )TA , sr 7-16 fi IH5 t, NtA. l.c. T.M. I.| U.S. f.l. OH- OUR BOARDING HOUSE— with Major Hoople :~.N:G.-,' •s^j si'-l'T V.A'-.T VOL)TO i£T LONSEK.' .^'J6T LOOK AT 1»J\6 pc^"~r. Pjsj&l fc £'~ T 5D.^*CCO&.'-:T^ X viy'HAiK^ITH^CRC^E^E^AND^W I T Z '^ T THE °^ VAY '' i READ THAT KE(?OS£NE TnB IDEAL COMDI- FOK V^OMEM WITH •/ATJRALLV WAV/

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