Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 3
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L l"^ ' : ' ' / -—j-i—.-^, .-'^ ifeE lOLA DAILY REGISTER ..iinreSDAY EVEmNG, -. . "^mam --.-ji :•• Vitrr • * j "^''^^'^'^''^TT*" "^^^^^"^m^' M ^^^^ ' i MnN r 5iglit TonfKfcf* / TOlnrY.JiA>h"LET DEUP -* tfr attend, to so^e .busTt ~ 0 :r I^^B-!^. a ^^^n ^mj^l^l; ^ ^itf 'f^ Vincent that .she, U'wltfa ber. son, The J. r P«nnry Co. will be ? Thomas I^nslev djcrt in a taxi i taxi driver reported later PAGE .THREE, r i - Mr.jaadMrs. W. E. A>»!ip,1if-504 B6ittta;iSycamore street, vriU hare :«8 th ^F we$k-end gjiesti. Mrs. P. £. 1. Vaitgfaa^ aiid daughters, Alna, Let- WT ^ChxdBtine and Cleo. and their d8a{Bfat«>. I Miss. Lois Aylingv and !X«wreiiee Life, James Nakis,-and Harold Booth, a^tl* of Wichita. Miss lAIi^A Vanghan and Mr. Lawrence, ^ife ^II! be married Sundaj^inom- jijisiat.the United Brethren church jat the morning i^'orship hour. ^ —Mfidred Curtis, M. D. iGeneral Medicine.: Oflice over Cookie Drug 6tore. Phone 554 d^jy or nigBt. - ! - ^Mrs. C.! J. Carlson and son. Rns- be'n Hurd. of Burdick, Kans,. are gUasts Jnthe home of the fortaer's J niece, MraL C. A. Swigggtt and family, of Wheeler Heights. : —i -You can /have a .new Hat for Christmas at these: reduced prices. See Edwards Millinery. -Mj;8;:George Hoillngbery. of Chl- cago, is. here-for the hollday.s wi h ler • iiarents, Mr. and Mrp. S. M. Bifers and famlJy, of U North Buckeye street. • I f—Grade:school operetta at senior high school Friday ai S o'clock. . <^ Mis^ iDelore" Oanimon. a .studont at Emporia•Collfgp, Mrs. Kditli .Cuddebkt-k and Mis.s Faye (Jam- 1 mon, Btitflehts at Kj I', and Mi«.^l Helen C&mmon.* who is ationdirigl BChooi at :thc Kmporia i^nsincjsj , -^College, will be hoiiie Sunday "^o | ~'depend the holidays ivith tht-ir par-I * cnts, ,Mr. and .Mr.«. C. .S. Cnmraon.' of 5W South Riu-kcye stroot .\ffer - a wiek here. .MrK. rndileliack will jjolio Pich<^r, Okla.. to sri»-iid a ivef-k . with her hin!b:iiid. who is <iiiplovyil there." . : - 1 •J :We know Bakery Products are good, i But • Have You Tried Ours? VAN'flOOZERS. • Word was received in lola" this -jinorning of t-h? death of E. J. . Bendy at the Research" hospital. Kansas City. Death was due to blood- poisoning foUbwing quinsy. He had been ill ten da,ys. .No fnn- -erai arrangemf nt.s had' been made! today. Mr. B^ndy was son-in- law, of the late M. P. Sickly and Mrs; "Sickly., jlie is a brother-in- law of OumonI Sickly of Morau. -I -Your shop )ing is not complete -nntil you visi^ the Palace Barber fliipp on Kellev, street. •TohniMtHehry, who'has been visiting his sister, Mrs. Paradine Mitchell and family, iif 1U7 Nc^rth Sy^camord street, has gone to Inde- pendencej Kans., to visit relatives a few da^-s.' ; —Silk Hose for Christmas gifts, 89c, $1.50,.J1.75. Edwards MiiUnery. W. D. Arthur, of Elsmore, was a business caller in the Register office yesterday. . —Be .sure to see Jess Howard's display of bicycles, tricycles, scooters,; coaster wagons and Kiddie- Kars. The ideal gift for the kiddies. Miss Esther Coghill will arrive hftme tomoi-row night' from Lawrence to spend th«J Christmas Holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Coghill and family, of 62.3 East Lincoln street She is a student at-the University of Kansas. —Dr. J. T. Rcid, Surgery and X-ray. Phone 337. Mrs. 1. E. Stout went to Humboldt today to visit her daughter, .Mrs. Claude Williams aiid family. —Give her a Permanent Wave for ChrlHtmas. Special price. $5.00. •Vorth Side. Barber .Shop. ; Pho. 637. itrs. -Ksther Downer, of .302 .Vorth Cottonwood street, wao ha;* been ill of appendicitis, is reported, improving; —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, loia Laundry Bld(t. Phone 138. ] Mr. and Mrs. .1. 1). Oregg. of Carlylo, left today for: Detroit, iMich.. to visit their daughter. Mrs. i.eona (J'.Sertl. I —See "Roy Blue" at Senior high j ^-chool Friday.. :ii S o'clock. ' .1. H. Rees. traveling freight and pa.<senger agent for the Burlington railroad, of Kansas City, wds in iolaj today on business. —Very jbest Permanent Waves for t."..00 until CJiristmas. North Side Barber-Shop. Phone 637;. Mr. • and Mrs. A. H. Schwardt! went'.to Sayonburg. Kans., on. the noon, train to attend the funeral of the former'ii sister, Mrs. W. O. Taylor, which was held this afternoon. Wd" conies from Mrs. C H. Vincent that .she, U 'with her. son, Qny Vincent and family, in Wash- iiigton. ij. C. Ouy Vincent Is doing sonic special woilc with the interstate cpminerce commission there. The home bf Mr. Vincent and family is in Omahi, Neh .^and Mr. Vin- |.ccnt's mother lives with them. . J— "Van's Bread." good as ever. ; Mrs. A. M. Backes. of Independence, Kans.. -ia here visiting her sister. Mrs. E. M. Everhart. of 20 South Ohio street, and with her mother, Mrs. D; Day, on North i StaU^ street. ' I -:-Dr. Lucy E. Poison. Chiropractor!. JS'orthrup Bldg. Phone 326. Gerald Goes, who is a student at the Kansas City Art School, catne home last jnlght- to spend tliej Christmas holidays with his par-j ents, Mr.^and Mrs. Tom Goes and i family, of 11 N'orth Walnut street: J —Dr. A. B.lTwadeil. Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Miss Jessie' ^lay Dalgarno will j be home Saturday noon from Lawj-i rence to visit over the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Goo. Dalgarno. Sr., and family of 202 North Elm street., . A note to the Register from Walter P. lifiU, former'.y and for many years connected with t^'e Northrup Ltimbcr Yard but now' a, resident of' Neosho, Mo., in" commenting up<in the irecent death of -Dr. 1-on Benton.. J>rlefly ineutionod a few- days ago'ill the cohunn.-< :of tliis paper, rt-ports Dr. Buritoti as a young man lived in Allen •county, in the;Onion creek neighborliood west of the river. He moved to Neosho,'Mo., howc\'cr, more tl'an a half centur>' ago ' and practiced medicine there until a short time before his death. He is survived by one'son. Welsby, who was employed by the Wells Fargo Express loni- pany in lola for seterai years, and married a Miss Thayer. They now- live in Helena, Arkabsas.' iMnNr^r^ ToBfKfct. The J. C. Penney Co.. will be open to men' only this e^-enlng from 7 p. in. until 9 p. m. to enable them to purchase Chri.utmas gifts in leisure and wiUiout "her" along. I By luistaki an adverti.Koment in yesterday's^ Register g.iv*; last iiighr as th*' n'ght hul A^j-ii'ii .ViKht is toiiijihr. 'Thursday. l>eCember 15. —O. L. Cox, .M D. Specialist: E:ye. Kar. .N'ose and Tljroat. <"•. W. I'akiT. wild <>wi!s a large farm south of \\:s vity^ was in the Re.cister offii^e this Afternoon to h.-:ve his Register seui; lo Anadia. Fla.. for a few nioutli.s! while lie is there looking after thi? harvest .of his orange crop, fie .will >eave Sund.iy morning for Florida. -Mr. Baker owns a twelve acre grOve there and h" say.s he grows: some mighty fine oranges on his place. . • TOJniY.JiAXhLFT ©Ei^P." J Thomas I^ngley died in a taxi riab'at aiiout five o.'ciotk yesterday af(<!rn<wn from an'.tttark of heart tailuio folluwih:.; nearly .a month's illlH'SS. •• ' - DuriuE tlie period ;<>f his illness .Mr. Laii:.;le .v was caicd for in the hon|e of his sister. .\Irj-?-W, I. I^s: lie. Ht \\» South Fourth street. A'lout a week HKO feeling some- ,whal ^f-tter he' in-isted ox-er Iiis .sister's protest upon goiug back' to li!.'» <iw-ii home. -51;! North Sycamore. His hrothei-iii-hiV. who works on the Hurtllle ranch but «oiuc.s home evi ry nielli has made it a point ea« It I'iiy •to stojt and see that ilr. Lunglcy was .ill richl. Yesterday afternofrti be came ai the usual lime ami "Toinniy" as nil bis friends knew hint .admitted that he w-as' nor fefling w-e'il. i .Mr. Leslie insisted then that he return home with him and be a.irreed to do it. He cbauKed his cloihes and_M^. l,eslio called a taxi and placed him in it while he stopped <lown town , to- attend, to soiife. busindsa.* The I taxi drirer reported later that >rhen j he .had .got aboiit two blocks frohi j .Mi7. Langley's hoWie he jtpoke to him and not geuing nn answer turned back to look at him and : lOiind that he bad slumped on the is ^at-ai^ obviousl.v had lost.con- Iscioqsness. The taxi drivtr. hur- !ried to Mr. Leslie's home aa rapidly '.ns possible and a rby.siciah was at I once called, but life was extinct, 'and nndoujbtedly had resulted from > heart failure. , • : Thbmas Langley was born in nurpn County. Ohio, .March 21, jlSnd. and came, with his parents ^and their family to lola more".than j fifty years ago. He was an ihdus- itrious worker aU his life, working i.^ftell when he really was not able ; to do' Fo, and had the respect of the [on:ire community. For the past [several years he has been in poor I health and his death therefore; ex- I cept in its suddenness, was not unexpected. He is survived by two • sisters. Mrs. Emina I .*slie-, 310 South Fourth street, lola, and Mrs. Mary-'Lasater T »ho! lives 2>*. miles north otGas Ctty. Milfprd C. Langley is his heph'ew. ^ - - A' ^he.-fnnerar.seinrices will be hfeld at the Adaina & HeSser Chapel at 2 :30 tomorrow afternoon with Rev. I. C. Wilson of Triiiily Metho<list church officiating., RoId;LettprInir. —The Register does all kinds ,of gold lettering at moderate prices. In buying leather goods for Christmas gifts, kee}^ us in mind. Hnjxley RItter. a :stTnde 'bt atfKtJI. will be home toraorifow night to~V 8pen(! the holidays with his cnta. .Mr. and Mrs.C. iS. Ritjer famillr. of 6^0 East stree i t FRAMED PIC GIBsdlNrS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ •i.'. ar. and Mrs.-C. O. Coghill and 1 famil/ w H drive to Cherryvale. i Kabs., tomorrow- to attend the fun- i of Mr. Coghills uncle. WiUiam-i McCollum. ^1 ; i - ; Notice. ' i - -^^ealed bids will .bo receivijd nn . ; to. and incftiding December 21) for -! ? the sale of ,the old Prairie ' Dell . school house. The same to be ref moved from grounds by March 1, 1928. Board reserves right to re- Jcctahy oi; all bids." Address C. F. Ba^rth, lola, District Clerk. • ^liss Ruth Ewlng will J)c home this evening from Park College to ^ spend the holidays with her par-7 enis, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ewlng. —^Colored Lighis decorations. K. iPlamhing Co. Mrs. J. D..Cota| Trpwiridge" spent for Christmas Electric and and Mrs. -A. D. the afternoon wfth Mr. and Mrp. George Trow- .btldge of HunAoIdt. • . . . • ' • : F. L. B. LEATELL, M. ». • 1, ' I • • Special attention given Dis- •' • "eases of Colon and Rectum. • | • Electro-Physiotherapy • Office lola State Bank Bldg. • ' • Phones—147 and 705 • • - • ..*«.*.*«^. ...... —For Real' Estate Loans, see the Security Bldg. & Lunn AssuriatlAu. lola, K «i. Office in First .N'atl. :Bank. The liriard of the lola Public Library has graced tjhe front yard of the building with' a large Christmas tree, w-hlch when lighted'l .s' Hcon for many blocks. This is the first tlihe a Christmas tree has decorated the library, grounds and it; is gijeatly aapreclated^'by the patronsjand those Mvtng in the -.eighborhood of the Imildinp. —If you Want to iiuy or build, city or subiir >ran property. The lola Buildiuf^ I.<ian .\s«niiaiion will uiaVe vol: a loan, low intere .st rate, no commission. See G. K Pees. Secntarv. at old Register building, southwest corner of square. —We pay (R^c- on Full Paid and In.atallment Stock. The best investment, the best method to save, j Security Bldir. & Loan Association,' !oI<i, Kansas. The Empire Company, whlt-h has ieen supplying the Lehigh Portland with natural gas, was obliged to w-irhdraw supply yesterday in onier to take care of its domes- i\ tic consumers, and the big plant would have been shut down had it not. been for the Southern Kansas Gas compiiny iformerly the Kirk Ga.s and Smelting company i which came, to the rescue. In addition to taking care of Ihe Lehigh the Southern Kinsas company is keeping ui) the. supply of gas for domestic use in. lola.—thanks in large measure to the efficiency of the pipe line force under tlie direction of J. J. Griffin. On several occasions, on account of bijeaks due to expansion and contraction of the line resulting from abrupt changes in temperature, the force has had to %vork aB- nightlong; but it never has quit the_ job until the brSak was mended.] It is a fortunate thing for a town to have a local company so well man<?gcd as is the Southern Kansas upon which to depend for it>? fuel supply- Stops Coughs InFlve Miantes nrar. f.«t imoonf ol brinei i- relief. Break, op Ch««t Colli*, rrlicvoi Ho«rjcneM. Umckintf and Sore Throali. Creo-Lyptus P«I»tJibIe combination of CT*)»ote and Eooi!yptu». .rcciineniird for children '^in .i adult, by phyKian. everj-whcre. ForS.USy SCARBOROl-'GH BROS. r' - - i S 1 ' Gifts That Are KERCHIEFS Wonderful ailray of dainty materials, designs and color.*?, LINGERIE Our Art bept. You willfind fin- i.^hed embroidery gift.s cf\-ery feminine heart yearns ' for. . CORSAGES /Rayoii, Crepe and Georgette in Practical Models or Novelties. All shades, .size.s and NeW color.s in Crepe iind Georgette \ for strtM.-t or sifternoon wear. ! Evening of ; (Jeorgclte oi- Crepe.; OUR FIRST SHOWING New Beaded Silk Hats Lovely flowers to enhance the beauty of eveiy gown or coat. llOSlERY 1 - All the new shades and weights. Qlu StJul^Sfiop MltU ><ERY- LADIES Q W RNISHINGS (I Star CIcK & Shoe Co. Lit win Chain Stores lOL.V'Side Square Low Pric6s-4Quality Goods Guai^anteed Satisfaction No one can expect more at any .store I We buy for Ivss of our chain store buying power—we selj for lesjs because of our policy or one low price and icash only. Meet your neighbors at the star. STORE OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 9:00 O'CLOCK The Star is brimful of XMAS GIFTS For .Men and Boys MEN'S SHIRTS Guaranteed fast colors $1.25, $1.95 $2,98 No,gift is more appreciated—or needed—than a ^hirt. The Star presents an immensely big selecr Lion at popular prices. A, new shirt free if on0 fades. BOXED GIFTS i For Men or Boys. Tie Sets, Muffler Sets, Garter Sets, Etc. A big table, loaded with nothing but gifts in pretty Xmas boxes—all ready; to give —easy for you/ to select. 59c ™ $1.19 SLIPOVER SWEATERS For Boys or GirLs $1.98. Many Pretty Fancy Dg; signs to pick from. FANCYSOX For Men or Boys 49c MEN'S TIES Most Pretty Des/gn.s— Made of heavy silks with genuine wool linings that don't wrinkle. Real SI.30 values—Star price. 98c BOOT SOX Fancy red or green tops AU Wool 49c Save $.5.00 on Your OVERCOAT Save on ~ WORK CLOTHING Newest Style Overeats ; $16.50 1 Pretty design^ and new-• est styles. They leally look like $25 Overco^ts-j- ; and worth that much.' Star $16.50 Overcoats will-jsurprise you. None Higher er Overcoats , $14.50, $22.50 Sajve $5.00 on Your sun QUALITY SUilTS latest Styles. Newest Colors $19.50 $2k:50 Cho «ise from many fine .suitt at these 'prices! Styi?. Weave.s. and Colors Ijhat are^n favor. All wool materials, splendid lilting and fine tailoring nbt iisually found in suits a^ edual prices. MEN'S OXFOIU)S New Styles in Black of: Tan $3198, $4.95 CE LINED Heavy Weight Fleeced .Men's Unipnsuits. $1.25 qiialitv 98c , PART WOOL FLEECE UNIONSUITS Best Fleece Lined Silver Color with small part wool. A real S2.50 value $L69 BOYS UNIONSUITS Heavy Fleeced or heavy ribbed. Sizes 6 lo 8 75c Sizes 10'to 12 .89c Sizes 14 to 16 98c 2.THUMB GLOVES OR MITTENS F'or Corn Husking. Boss make, well made, at the Star 15c S1.75 for a dozen pairs. JERSEY GLOVES Brown fleeced inside, (Jlovcs for men or Iwy.s. Star price is 15c WORK SWEATERS Grey Coat Sweaters for >fen or Boys 98c WORK PANTS Heavy weigitt ^Moleskin Work Pants, for warmth- and long wear. Prices are low at the Star $1.98, $2.98 3 Mat. 10c-20c Admid^ion Today and Toniorrow Fred' Thonipson arid Silver King in Night 10c-25c "DON MIKE . A racing western romance of fornia belonged to the Spanish, ened hills—murderers creeping moonlight.: De.sperate struggle jfor arf ancient estate and a girl. the days when Gali- Wild rides over dark- , fn with ^he ' California 1 (oniPdy— ".Smith's Moflht Shop" Cominif .Holiday— Norma iShe.nrer In -The DeJiif-BWde" 1 £)Ayffooch Conymnff DRYCCK )D,$-WOMEN'S WEAR-MILLrNER'' lOLA - KAN !AS lOLA'S POPULAR STORE PRE-HOLIDAYSALE Wbmen's Coats arid : • • - i Dresses A MOST, WELCO.ME CHRISTMAS GIFT We are not .waiting until after jChristmas or Mid-Jan- i uary to give you the advantjige of our sensationally low prices, but iire giving them to ydu NOW—when they're most welcome to you. i Hundred^ of the season's most stylish anrf, desirable tontii and Dresses — every one new! : .$15.00 Dresses—sale price §10.75 . $19.75 Dresses—sale' price • $15.75: ,*.25.00 Dresses—sjile price $19.75' $29.75 Dresses—sale price : $21-75 $35.00 Dresses^sale price ;/ S25-00 $.39.75 Dresses—sale price .$29-75 Compare these >"aiues—every on sale at reduced pric- e.s'. None reserved. Our lower prices will save you money. $19.75 Coats at. ...$15.75 $25.00 Coats at. ... $19.75 $29.75 Coats at. ...$21.75 .S.35.00 Coats at. .. $25.00 $39.75 Coats ft. ...$29.75 .SI5.00 Coats V.' ...$32.50 $49.75 Coats at. ,. $37.5^0 $.59.75 Coats at. . .$45.00 $69.75 Coats at: $52.50 .S75.00 Coats at. ..$59.75 $85.00 Coats af. ..$65.00 . $89.75 Coats at. ...$69.75 1. ^^^^^^^

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