The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 9, 1933 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, January 9, 1933
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)" W** ;',,{>.! \> i It,'' 1 *' 1 " THE BAKERSFIELD CALlFOBKlAN. MONDAY, JANUARY 9/1933 LI. MATKON'S WIFEJS KILLED Son of Once Famous Pitcher Is Injured in Plane 'Crash in China (Atioeiatc.t Press Lamed 11'Jre; SHANGHAI, Jan. 0. — Christopher (Christy) Mathewson, Jr., son of tho famous baseball player, was Improving today from serious Injuries received In a plane accident which took tho life of his) bride of two weeks. His wife, the former Margaret Phillips,- of Philadelphia, was taking off for her first flight xvlth her flying instructor-husband yesterday whim the giant two-motored pluno suddenly noso-dlvcd In tho river bank on tho outskirts of Shanghai, She died a half hour later .In n, hospital, where young Mnthewson was lying today with two broken ribs, n broken leg and otlu-r injuries. Tho couple were married |ast Christmas eve in a double \veddlng hero, which was to hav« olimaxod a holiday celebration In (he American community, cut short that s-umn clay by tho sudden death of Colonel Richard S. Hooker, tho marine commandant. Tho other couple married that day, Ellis Shannon, who like Mathewson was an instructor In (ho Chinese aviation school at Hnnchow, and tho former Elizabeth Reid, of Richmond, Va., were spending the week-end In Shanghai with tho Mathcwson». They had planned to return to Tlnn- chow In tho piano with the Muthew- sons, but just before thf> departure, decided to go by train. Mrs. Mathewson, St., widow of former NeW York Giants pitcher and the "Big Six" of baseball fame, was In Hnnchow. Sho left for Shanghai when Informed of the accident. The plane Mathewson was piloting belonged to Dr. T. V. Soong. tho minister of finance of the Chinese Nationalist government. DAVIS TRIAL POSTPONED NEW YORK, Jan. 0. <L'. P.)— The trial of Senator .Tames J. Davis of Pennsylvania and three other defendants charged with violating the federal lottery laws, scheduled to begin today, was postponed for n. •week lie- imUse of the Illness of Federal Judge John C. Kuox. TROTZKY ILL ISTANBUL, Turkey, Jan. 8. fA. P.) Leon Trotzky, exiled Russian Bolshevik, was reported seriously ill today at his resldonre on Prinklpo Inlandp. Proposes to Protect U.S.Industry Against Loss if Resume Work (United I'reiti T.caicd Wire) W ASHINGTON, Jan, 0.—A nation- Wide relief program under which ho government would guarantee In- Itidtry against Ions on condition that t start normal production machinery again was suggested to Congress today by President Miller of the Reconstruction finance Corporation. Mller, Utlcn, N. Y., banker, proposed tho program at a Senate manufacturers' subcommittee hearing at which ho and other officials (if tho corporation de- 'onded the corporation's policy In disbursing relief act loans. Tho program, ho Bald, had been evolved by Pred C. Kent, a prominent economist. ' Work Only Solution Miller said he did not wish to orltl- clae tho corporation's activities In the administration of relief, or to commit his associates to any plan, but that did feel work relief .was the only practical solution of tho unemployment, problem. Miller Mild his own unemployment aid autlvltlos In Utlca prior to his association with the corporation had oonvlnced him of the desirability of work relief. "I found tho people wanted and demanded work as a right," he said, "and 1 think they are entitled to it. "The reason this Is Important here is that ns this thing grows, thcro are people formerly willing to work-who refuse work relief when they find they can get as much relief without work." Calls It Best Plan Senator Wheeler, Democrat, Montana, said ho agreed, but objected that work relief was "expensive." Miller considered work relief was cheapest In the long run." Ho said ho did not believe accelerated public work construction would bo sufficient. Senator Smith, Democrat, South Carolina, asked: "Can you conceive of any greater Socialism than the dole?" "t think it Is the worst," Miller replied. Pomerene on Stand Another witness before the subcommittee was Chairman Atlee Pomerene, president of tho R. F. C. Relief loans to 36 states and two territories through January 7 totaled |M:t,flti3,2GG, Pomereno testified. This Included »120,446,984 directly to states and $14,207,281 to political aub" divisions, ho said. "Do you Htlll adhere to your pro- Ki'iitn of spreading tho funds over n -<*> Japanese Bomb Chinese Forces on Jehol Front REPEAL 15 (MN SANCTION Senate Judiciary -Committee Votes Favorably ori^ Resolution . (Continued From Pafe One) ., (United front Leaned Wire) PKIPINQ, China, Jan. t.—J*p- a nets bombed Chinese Irreoulart Juat north of the great wnll today In a skirmish on the Jehol frontier. Inside the wall—that la, In China proper—no'fighting occurred. Attention wai centered on the Impending arrival at Tientsin of Qen. eral Unetsu, chief of the general affair* department of the Japanese general.staff, who was believed to be bringing Important Instruction* to Lleutenant-Qeneral Kotare Naamura, Japanese commander there. reneral In the ^VUsbn JadrnjntfetftUtan, hat Congress calf,' rSgutllte^ttnd;' pay or state conyentlons toVdqnslder the epeal Issue. •'' ' .-.'"• .' ••• "Tho contention that Congress-;can sail or 'in any { "wW oontrbPfiUtte Contentions Is untenable,"., 'BpVnli'/j.told lurfstloners. "I'm for the lifelsln^uYos, I'hey would be much :wo-year period?" asked Senator Cos- tlgun, Democrat, Colorado, conponsor of tho $500,000,000 direct relief bill be- toro tho committee, Fomercno snkl the corporation had never hnd tlmt policy. Questioned by Senatdr Senator La Follette, Republican, Wisconsin, Costlgan's associate In relief IcRlslatlon, asked why the cor.- poratlon had adopted a policy of loan- funds to states on a month-to- month bnsls. "Wo adopted that course because .we felt more relief could be granted' jtor each dollar as It was given out," Pom- qrcnc Raid. La Fbllette asked if thin short term loan policy had not handicapped mnnj states In granting relief. Pomerene said he believed -this had been true In only one case. Commltteemeri recalled testimony last week that Illinois had thus suffered. "There were virtually two states ,ln Illinois," Pomerene answered.. "Cook county and the balance." Ho said In view of the Illinois condition, the corporation's appropriation there had been "substantial." . . RED BLUFF FLYER KILLED RED BL.UFF, Jan. 0. (U. P.)— Gus Johnson, 27, manager of Bldwcll airport here, died early today from Injuries received when his plane ,wen Into a tallspln late yesterday' nrtf iirnohcd from a height of '800 feet.. Text of Resolution,'.-.^ ./ The'text ofj.thq resolutlp'n approved loday was as follows: . . , t" "Resolved, tho Senate and ffouse of/ Representatives i of' 'the United of Amerlcfc.,.;In Congress, assembled (two-thirds of each : House concurring therein), that the .following amendment Is hereby proposed to. the Constitution of the'.United States, which shall be valid to all Intents and purbolTos as",p>rt ol* the'.Constitution when:.ratified'by the.Legislatures of, three-fourths of: tho several state's: 'The Eighteenth article of i amend mdnt of, the Constitution of. the United States.'Is hereby .amended to read 'as follow*: ••; "Sept'on 1. The transportation or Importation Into any state, territory pr possession of tho United States for delivery or use'therein of Intoxicating ll.quors, In violation of tho laws thereof, Is hereby prohibited. "'" ; ."Section:-'Si* Congress shall have .Concurrent- pdwer to regulate .(pr prohibit the,pale of Intoxicating.liquors to bo drunk on tho premises whore Sold. ...... , "Section 4. Thjs Rrtlcjo .shall lie inoperative .unless 'It , shall have, 'been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by tho Legislatures; of tho several states within seven y.ears of the submission hereof to the." states by the Congress." .;• . . -.1. . The resolution 'will go on the Senate calendar ,for. consideration at a time -to bo 'decided upo'n 'by Senate leaders. \ • . ..... ' ,. Saloons Banned . The committee defeated, 9-to" 5; an amendment to strike from the resolution section . 3, - which |s to prohtbl •saloons. Those voting .against I Were Senators Robinson, Rep., Tnd. Hastings, Rep., Del., Austin, Rep; Vt., Schuyler, Rep., Colo., .Ashurst Dem, Ariz., .Walsh, Dem;, Mont., Dill Dem., wash.,-.Neely,. Dem., .W. Vo. and Norrl8V,,Ron.. Neb. L A. 4 O'CLOCK Scientist Ready to Announce 'Revolutionary Ste|t in Relativity '. '; (Vnited Pren Leaned Wife} •'•• PASADENA, Jan. 9.—As an" emissary Of bdth science and amity, Dr. Albert Mlrtsteln, noted Gorman physicist, returns to Pasadena today for .ho- third time, prepared to announce a revolutionary stop In the science of relativity'. Doctor Einstein, according to United Press dispatches froni Bor- ln", has accepted and Improved upon the .fundamental equation of relattv- ty through, tho Lorentz transformation. . ' 'Tho most .Important discovery in years," said associates of Doctor Einstein, when informed he had submitted to the Prussian Academy of Science a now paper revising and amplifying Ills theory of-relativity to include the Lorentz' transformation. Lorentz' Formula Tho Lorentz formula or transformation 'tolls how to , correct measurements made by an observer In. a moving system, In oth6r words, tho equations necessary to solve tho problem of relativity—how fast does an object travel through space? Is the observer standing still or moving with or ngalnnt the moving object? The •Lorentz transformation places all of this In a mathematical equation.' Scientists for years have puxsled over'the quantum theory and relativity, theory, Seemingly they are alike, but they did not connect.. If Doctor Einstein has accepted the fundamental connecting formula of the Lorentz transformation,. physicists a California Institute of Technology believe, It will connect the two theories and greatly strengthen the latter. . Doctor Einstein and his wife are scheduled to arrive at- Los Angeles harbor at 4 p. m. today. Doctor Einstein's visit this year is possible through the Overlaon der trust of the Carl Schurz Founda tion of Philadelphia, As an emissary of good will, Docto Einstein will give a public address 01 German-American relations before thi Association of Student Body PresI dents'of California in tho civic uudl torlum on January 23. *-»-• ' NEVADAN-APPOINTED WASHINGTON, Jan. 9. (A. P.)President Hoover,today appointed Rep resentiitlve Samuel 8. ArentK, . (Re publican, Nevada), who was defeated In tho last election, to be a membe of the federal power commission. Install New Equipment at., Tropico Gold Mining Camp . * , . *••' . i *• (Sptetal to The Californian) Itf piAyib, Jan. 9.—TrdpIo gold mine ••'is; ft busy place these days, A crow of 20 men IB engaged in the .Installation ' ofv' new- Operating equip- moht, Approximately* 600 tons of gold ore is being Hent through tho mill each month,, of. which 100 tons conies from tho •Tropico mine, and the" balance from other gold properties nearby, Nearly fifty miners are busy on leased claims nettr. tho Tropico plant and around Mojave, but' minors' as far away as Daggett send truoklOads; of gold Ore-to the- Tropico mill for the recovery/process., The-maximum distance of haul to'tbo Tropico mina is approximately .100 miles, \ Tho plant which Burton brothers have been operating rtt Tropico for many years 18 on 'the edgft of the Antelopo valley an* IB well known for Its efficiency, and the renewed Interest in gold -mining Is '-making It* services In .greater demand than at any time In its htstqry. . Tho amount of .-ore being put through' the plant has ihcreased'to the- extent that the normal output' of the- Tropico mine, fro which tho cyanide plant was originally Intended, cannot be cared for until all of the extensions now under way are completed. • Burton states that the gold mining Industry is at its best In times like the present, Inasmuch ns the price o'f gold has not declined, while the commodities have reached low levels, thus making t the gold worth half again Its normal'Value. The work necessary In making the- required changes at Tropico IB conveniently arranged by securing the services of the men who are operating leased claims. Burton says he has no difficulty In finding men of almost any desired trade' from the group. While tho men experienced at mining are naturally having the greatest success In their operations, almost without 'exception all of them are making a fair living. And the fact the Industry Is 'providing work for more than one hundred people Is a-source, of satisfaction for all. The oro brought to Tropico plant averages In valuo from $16 per ton to $DOO, with most of It averaging around $20 per top,. .'..•••'•>' <$> Polish Engineer "Gpjdihalcejtf >ts Given Jail Term •'(Associated frets Leased Wire) i; x PARIS,: Jan. 9.—Z. J. DunlkoW- ski, a Polish engineer who»e."goid- ^ making" machine has b«en-under Investigation fora year, h*t been sentenced te two year*' Imprli- onment for. fraud, Restitution of fund* te 'various companies amounting to $100,000 wai ordered." leoDie -r^ taste better W E HAVE been telling the public for a good many years that Chesterfields taste better. They satisfy! That wouldn't mean a thing if smokers found out that it wasn't so. Nobody can fool Jhe people very long. But a great many smokers have smoked Chesterfields for a long time, and they know that they taste right. And so they say to their friends, "If you want a cigarette that really tastes better, try Chesterfields!" Chesterfields taste oetter because they are made of mild tobaccos, that have been aged for two years. And there is just enough Turkish in them . . . but not too much. We are sure that you, too, will enjoy their Mildness and Better Taste. THEY'RE MILDER- THEY TASTE 1 BETTER Belridge Speeding ' Toward Completion Belridge oil Company will aOon be in a position to complete another deep well la.t Balrldfce. , Its, No. 20-35, on , section 38, 2^-20, Is -drilling through brown shade near 6009 feet. About GOO more foot separate the present depth from the field's Intermediate deep producing zone. Shallow wells there produce near 1600 feet. The deepest flow from a depth of 8000 feet. The company's No, 40-3G, on the same section, tins been rigged for a liner-pulling job, The project was ready for completion when mechanlca' difficulties beset the crew and tho finishing -work was halted. *« e> Plugs Mascot Well at 8859-Foot Mark Standard Oil Company's Mascot No. 1, section 26, 32-23 at Midway, Is standing, plugged at Sft$9 feet, and will be given a test at that point. The \vell has a depth, of 0760 feet. Several tests, -have .been made between the present plugged depth and the actual depth of the well but, according to company reports, all of them have'Proved fruitless. OIL MAN READY ipiii p; Thomas A. Piper, pioneer Kern- county oil operator, has returned to Ms. first love—gold mining, It was rep6rted today from: Sonera In Tubiumne county, where he h»a equipped, the Shanghai mine near, Columbia, and Is prepared, to boost his working force to 26 men and develop tho property on 'an extensive soale^, Piper has operated . gold properties here before. About, a year ago ho returned to start'.work again and took over the Shanghai property. The mine has .been opened down to 150 feet, revealing large bodies of mill ore of excellent quality, which will • keep the, new crushing plant In operation while further development Is prosecuted. By reason of the softnoMS . of tho ore, the values of which are mostly in free gold, the plant, It la asserted, will handle tons in hours. It is .planned to operate the property through the shaft, and two drift trun- nets on different levels whlqh will open up a second largo vein almost paralleling the Shanghai ledge. *• Pac-Western Starts Deepening of Well Pacific Western Oil Company has started deepening of the Avenal No. 1 well on section 86, 23-17, in Kings county, a project whlqh It took over from 'Knudaen & Schmidt 'several weeks ago. The well has progressed to the 6000-foot mark and hard brown shalo la n* bottom. 1 * In the Tulare lake dlutrlct of Kings county,' the Dudley Dome Oil Company is drilling near 3100 feet in Its No. 1 on section 9, 23-20, and gray shale, formation remains tho predominating formation at bottom. Kettleman Pacific Croporation has made location to drill a test well on section 11, 23-16. It will-bo No. 2 for the Baby Kings OH Company lease. Tears ago tho Baby Kings concern drilled a well to about 1100 feet, and although oil and gas in noncommercial quantities wero encountered, ' testing of 'the district ceased. «~»> Hannah Halts Work After Bailing Test Oil Agreements, 193), LlGCBTT & MVEM TOBACCO Co. Agreement between J. H. Jordan et ux, W. T. Wells et ux, first parties, and Pyramid Hills Oil Company, second party, to amend oil and gas lease so that in the event that it becomes necessary to dehydrate oil produced from lease in order to make a marketable product, lessors shall boar their proportion of the cost, property covers west half of northeast 'quarter and north half of northeast quar- *ter of northeast quarter of section 24, 26-18. ' United Kern- to -Thelma Moody*—Assignment of Interest In lease Insofar as It affects north half of southwest quarter of southeast quarter of southeast quarter of southwest quarter of section 20. 10-14. Casamera Oil Company to . R. A. Huber—Assignment of G per cent Interest in oil and eras produced from southwest quarter of southeast quarter of section 20, noHhwest quarter of northeast quarter of section 2D, 2820; this percentage is subject to terms of oil and gas lease'by C. C. Halgler et al and assigned to C. B. Shlfflot et al and assigned'to first party. \Elslo Rauchfus to Pyramid Hills Oil Company—Assignment of 15 per cent royalty interest In proceeds realised from sale of oil and gas, otc, -from west half of northeast quarter and north half of northeast quarter of northeast quarter of section 24, 25-18. Seahawk Petroleum Company, Ltd., to C. M. Showalter, flOOO—Assignment of 1 per cent proceeds derived from saje ; of oil and gas, etc., from portion of 'property beginning at southwest corner or northwest quarter of section 23, 29-27. . Sofihawk Petroleum Company, Ltd. to Carrie D. Cha'pple, $1000 —Assignment of 1 per cent, proceeds derived from sale of oil and .gas,'etc.,, fron- portion of property beginning at southwest corner of northwest • quarter o section 23, 29-27. '. . k ••' SeatmwK Petroleum Company, Ltd. to C.' M. Showalter,, JtOOO—'Assignment of' 1 per cent of proceeds derived from sale of. oil arid gas, etc'.', from portion of property beginning at southw'es corner of northwest quarter,of section 23V 29-27. '•.'•.- Burnsdull Oil Company of California to H. E. Graham et ux, Emilia K Fos ter and P. P. Foster —> Quitclaim to east half of west half of section. 16 11-20.. - ' -i. Western Gulf Oil Company to R. A Hood et ux—Quitclaim to north't of southeast quarter of. section. 30 30-29.' Ca W. and \i. S. Robinson et -\ix t Highland Building Company — Quit •claim to one-quarter Interest In o! and gas .under north 100 feet of. lot 3 nil lot 2 of Fuller Acres; half .Interes in oil and gns under lot 3, west 73 feet of lot 5 and west 140 feet of lot 9 Fuller Acres. Frank J. Heyd et ux and Ray J Criindell et ux to Harry T. porel— Assignment of 1.1-0-per cent overr.ld ing royalty In oil and gas produ'cei from portion of'property beginning n poli)t on west lino of lot 2-^, sectlo 21, 29-27; 056,66 ' feet south from northwest corner of said lot; subject to terms of oil and gus lease made 1 favor ot Kerri Petroleum Corporation L. L. "White to Oil Tool Exchange cent interest In lot 4 of Falrhaven, 1m proved -with a well, which 5' per cent is understood Is part of 10 per cent authorized to be issued to the first party by Cascade Oil Company under permit of the state corporation department. The Ohio Oil Company to George W. Helm et ux itnd Julia and Mllo Sed- lacek—Cahaelution of loaso, covering northwest quarter of southwest quarter section 28, 80-28. Cities Service Petroleum Company, Ltd., to J. Sheldon Potter—Quitclaim to north 80 aqres of southwest quarter of section 18, 27-23, south line of said 80 acres parcel being parallel with north line of Bald quarter section. , Same to same—Quitclaim to- south half of northeast quarter of section 11, 39-28. • . . Hannah has .suspended opcra- i tlons-at his. fJo. 1 well 'on section 2D, 5-18 in tho Pyramid Hills district. f ter .a. production tost. which showe/J small amount of oil and gas. The ell has a depth of 3455 feet. The test as conducted through balling and 10 well was bailed to 8000 feet. After running the three-Inch tubing • 1856 feet, with packer, a swabbing est was made of the Ciauthler No. 1 n section 24, 25-18, a 2298-fodt well perated by the Pyramid Hills Oil ompany. .Traces' of oil 'and gas were ound. Deepening work will be In- ugurated. -'A former test near 17QO eet brought almost Identical results. ' ' ' ' Encounters Temblor at Kettleman Hills Top of the Temblor has been cored n the No. 68-29J well operated by the Itandard OH Company, on section 2ft, 1-17, at Kettleman Hills. The weU las a depth- of about 7300 ' feet now .nd the Temblor was encountered 16 eet above the 7100-foot mark. Top of the hard brown shale formo- lo/n was encountered at 6674 feet Iji he No.. 65-1P, on section 1, 22-17, «nd he bit Is going through that formation now near 6810 feet.. . , The 9 H-inch casing; is standing cemented at 7288 feet In the 7278-foi't. No. 41-29J on section 29, 21-17. China Receives Big Shipment of Silver (United Prett Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9.—Th« largest Individual consignment of sll' ver shipped from San Francisco li. 12 years was en route to China today, sent by the Crocker First National Bank. In 2221 bars totaling 2,532,430 ounces, the silver has a current value of about $640,000. Total shipments from, .here in tho month of December amounted, to $360,000. ' .' . ... •• <»»• MINING LOCATIONS . . ] i- . V .' -,. ; ' 'i ; • • • • <s> B. F. Barhes and A. R. Crafton— Jennie B, unknown "mining, district. Irving'W. Craftorrat al—Irene group, CUC No. 2, unknown district. Charles Larbig and J. W. Hitch— Alta No. 3, unknown district. ' JSngelbert, L. Wcgmann—intention lode', Reymert lode, Silver Girl, Silver qirl. No. 8, Mojave district. '.. . , ... ... • .»»» , i . '«>': SEA LION KILLS ITSELF NEW YORK, Jan. 9. (U. P.)—. Bouncer, a sea lion, was found dead at the bottom of his Central Park pool. His-keeper said' he drowned himself- because of a broken heart. His mate, Trouncer, died last Ootber. AT THE FIRST SNEEZE GOLFER DIES CJUaAQO, Jan. 9. (A. P.)—John N. Welter, &9, holder of numerous golf troiihlox from.tournaments In nil sec-, I lout* of the country, will bo burled tomorrow. IIu diud uuddenly Hutur- day night, ON YOUR HANDKERCHIEF Night Coughs Nothing stops a night cough UB quickly as Pluo's. For Piuo'u does the needed things. Swallowed slowly It • clings to the throat, soothea Inflamed tissues, and loosens the mucus. -Working Internally Plso's destroyu the cold' germs and breaks' up Infection. Contains no -.opiates, Sufp for children. 8(ic and OOa tlzOH, ull druggist*. 'C ForCou « hi J and Coldi

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