Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 2
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•rm lilA DAILY REGISTEfe. THURSDAY EVENING. DECEMBER.15. i927. < , IKECEMBEE i^Somc^D^ dies with each Dec :m- •^^^S ^m^ins more than juet a >car Ilea^ the ashes on the ember,: . Tli'creils something solemn hiirc. Do.notispeak above the .wailini; j • 1 -0£-die wlnd.amoni? "the trees;! ^liiej -;HUIe leaves are aiHnu;. ^ : .Kother -eacth is on her knc<!ii. rrDraw the curtains, liKht n candle, ^Let the night lie spent in prayer; {iXrbavei heard a Khostly ,sandal| I'ftpPPing, tapping on the tstiiir. •t.ii-•>•'•> SOmettiing dies with each Decum- - •.. , .'iHJr, - Something infinitely, dear. .1 can nbver quite r<^ieinber; ,. Bot it /s more-than just a year. Vivian Yeiser'Laraniore in the American 'Poetry Magazine. T. T^iHirii C'inistiiiasi Lnnrheoii - JMrs. RfH. Sherman -and Mrs. p. 1J.-C OX were hostesses at a Chrlst- |'xna8,Jun<iheon yesterday at 1 o'clock In the'-hbme of Mrs. Sherman, 824 North street; for the members of the = N. T. T. clab. :. ClpriSt^as dccbrations wore used 'iand there was an exchange of gifts tronfa decorated Christmas tree. I ', liSw'luncheon was served -at quar- 'tette'tabies trimmed in Chri .stiniiK coiote, «ach talilc being centered I j)a &'B.9Biita Ciaus. The hostess- .ji9»-._were-«sBi8ted by Mrs. C. 11. Ol- JrJBOli ^aiidrrMrs. Logan Hunsaker. ; i jMrK a.- LI. Thompson, Mr.s. PHMI Kieln.'Iklrsv j; b. Miindls. .Mr.s. B. 1 5eariorough and! Mrs. li. C.l JScarboroSbgh were 'guests, j ^TlLese^'members were present: | •llbcs.iT.i A. Joyce Mrs. C. M: iriiorapBOn, Mrs. Jl F. Aigh, Mrs. a. T?,; iioberlts, tofs. .1. F. Swongeh ,|r.;U;rB. L. G. fiowker,Mrs. Hich- irdEyrJiig. Mrs. C. H. Olson, Mr .s. A. JI.' Hecox, Mrs. f. f. Hdvic, lars; A P. Kohler, Mrs. Harry Griffin,, Mrs.. T. S. Breckenrldgc, Mrs. Ed Sutherland. Mrs. H.. G. itidge- '• yiay and Mrs. Ira U: Kcllcy. : v;';,: . • • * I'HdifetiSM to IVednrsday 'Mrs. P. S. Mitchell and Mrs. S. LIL JSixbV were hostesses to the {VTedne^day Bridge club yesterday ^tterhdon ^n the home of the for- tatri IBM North Jefferson avi-niie.- ^- .After' dards a two-course luncii- -jeon was .served. The club members present were:- lUrar'J. :Q. Stadler, Mrs. Fred Ucn- j Vm; Miss Jessie Fry. Mr.s. L. V. -^^rlua. i Mrs. J. J. Griffin and' jMisB Hjaiifel Bowlus. Sji • XnleHalns Bridire Club Mrs. S; I. SIfers entertained ht -r. I Il^ds;ie club and three gucs.ts yes' itardBy ailternoon in her home at jiiS Soiitji Wabhingtop avenue, 'j,Before.playing cards the mem-V jiiers.:«nd guests Went to the home of ,Mr8 .~R. p. Christian who is 'c <infiiied;:{o <her home on account «f illbe^i and opened their Christ­ inas.'bo'^. Mrs. George Holling- ,:iwry,-of! Chicago; Mrs. Clifton 'iCliaeli, oif Oklahoma City and Mrs. ; 1*,..0. Nqrthrup were guests; and pthe club members present were: 'Mrs.:E.'B: Cbok. Mrs. G. C. Da'I- 8ariio,.Jr, Mrs. sUsIey Kirk. Mrs. KG. Apt and Mrs. G. B. StodKhill. •7 • * tfeaehoc's Tralnlngr Clnb jJOiristaias Partir A :Chtit9(ma8 party was. given .%i«Bdt ^i Bight by the mdmbprs of the"Teacher's Training cltib in the i home: oti Mrs. E. W. Mylcr. th.:; devotional leader on, "Peace Eartlii Good Will to Men." "Joy to the World" was sung with -Mrs. J. O. Meyers at the piano. A Christmas reading was given by twelve members ^and Mrs. O. C. Taylor read the swipture. lesson ,'from Luke 10:l-7.' .Mrs. J. C. Lltlrell read a paper, "The City of David." .niid Mrs. J. W. Hudson' gave a reading, "To the Highest Bidder." Colored women sang a quartette and duet, and Mrs.. .M. T. Shlnn, .Mrs. C. 0. Peterson, C. A. Barber, Mrs. Harry Chancy. ."Mrs". George Chewnlng. .Mrs. ,0. C. Taylor and Mr.s. Cary Shafel' dramatized "the packing and, giving of a ChVlstmas box to the ,old people's . home at Jacksonville, 111. The box contained neArly a hundred gifts which the members Of the society made for the residents of the home. Eighteen dollars, in the forni of a love gift, was given for j\nna Ben­ der. missio.iraTy, to nse forfrans-. portatton expense to^ a jalasfoit ia' India. Mrs. A". A. Jiaier, Mr8..'W. P. Seneker. Mrs. M:. T.. Shlnn, Mrs; Smith, Mrs. W. S: Hurlocf and Mr.s M. C; Langley were guests, and forty-one members attended the - meeting. .rniiIor ..SPnlor ChriMfmsx Party About seventy-five Juniors -and !seniors wearing overalls land ap- jrons held a party last night in the gymnasium of the high school. Toys admitted \he guests i to I the party. The toys were placed about a large Christmas tree and distributed, and at the close of the party were collected and turned over to the Girl Reserves for gifts' to little children to whom they give a treat at Christmas time each year. The jitniorir and seniors tied In a contest game, and refreshments were served. rfnd f i4 !Mr.s'. .Marie Henderson Coach Smith sponsored the lors and! .Mr. If. L. Koenig and L. U. Thonip.son sponsored seniors."- Circle :*o. I CbrfHtjuiis Party The members of Circle So. 4 , the First Methodist Eplscoj lal Ladies' Aid society held a ChrlJjt North Washington i hppx' ot Mrs. r sponsor,: 710 t jav ^ue. i •• l_ . The-evening was speiit'in playing games and singing iCIiristmas . i |iarol8.~-jyit8. Loui .se Stamper gavn .ihe r.oadfngs, "The Cremation cif I Sain AcGlee" and "My Invi-ntor' ]{iti66and.f- Miss Margaret Stone '])Iayed 9^^eral piano iiumhnrs. SfiBsYoiii ^II and Miss Beatrice .Mc- ;-^6ii1re i;r«re guests of the «lub. 1 ! l! V.The'members at tl^••;pilrly WITO: . IBIisa AHene Walktr. 7ai-*s Virginiii ^filleir. Miss Hazel iluH. .Miss .Mar- Baret;Stonc, Miss .\;;ii:'s' SiHjtkt'V. MB8ll|a(leIili? Kidil. Cliarint- ta~_Kin :a^d.' Miss Arkiii- Caviii. RUss F oy; McDaris ancH.Mrs. Louise Sta npcr. •• , • • • Canuiiie <«rii.v Cirrlr .Merls , Thei' Christmas iiuH 'tiiiK of liii' JCamntIf Gray . (in held Ttiesda • tiiglit in jlie^lioiiir of .Mrs. Keith: tiiyianlsoit. .Miss Virgiiii ;i Sjnitii vit^ iii cliarsi' "f ilw Ic '^soii. MissJKaljicrhn' (io-^s and .Miss Lu- clnrfa''j(^IJoWcll rrailpiiiKTs and a ^feature ,oP the imrly Vvas a (riirist- nia*.; box wliicJi liicif Avas an exchange of gifts. Kffrt'siiments fivere Jservcd. ' The. member .s aitt-iiding wi-rc: Miss iHaziJl SuffPDii: Miss KiUlier- Ine tibss. .Mis*) lia .Mo^icr. '.Miss . BthclJMcQoy, Mis* Elizabeth Higgs,,; S Mrs^-Campbell. Misp Jessie Heller., ' Miss Ella Old. Miss Kiaijkie Lee j Griggs. Miss Virginia Smith. .Miss i Lncinda. McDowell. .Miss 01,i'ssner ' [1 Abbott.; Mrs. Ilalph Ross. Mrs.; \CHffofd Fnniton and Miss Vivian RIggs. V-"-: .1 : <•<'•:• Katff Orncif! Club Liiiirlinin -i A. Christ'mas lunclieoii was held ^t 1 p'-clbck yc '.sle .>-dKy afternoon' . foo tile member}) of the Past Ora-; L<il^ club .and tjiree guests with 1 i 'Mrs. ;Ji Si. "thonias as hostess in ; Iter home a"t 314 East Lincoln: TBtreet.: ; • • The;: tabic was decorated in the 1 JiChi;istitnas> colors and t/iere was an 11 exchange dt gifts. Mrs. W. G. Wi- J Tey. .MrSi jJ. C. Holenian'and Mrs. Osolia' b&f 8 were guests. - members present were: Mia.- Manr. ffutton.- Mrsr E. J. I Wflght, M'r^.' :W. .A.. Woodruff. Mrs. J::JI,!Burnside. Mrs. Laura. Hough, ^.itfrfl.-John. Lamoreau and Mrs. F. .~A .i "Wagner. %7'v -.rn ,^--:- • • • ' '^fBBtiiBV Missionary r'';^ii 'Vfpmafi'B Missionary boclc- l ^roli theMFirst Christian .church 'innE|t="~jesteirday raftemoon . In , tbh Ji6ineof .Mra ,-B«rt Fryer. :jrrs.C .-Bv-Williams, first vlce- .'pr^ldent.'|ire8{ded' over the!dieet- Ing. ;M^a 0. Peterson ^P»,t^e of mas : party and auction yesterday afternoon In the .home of the tircs- Ident. Mrs. H. W. Urich. * The home was decorafed- In • the Christmas colors and a minlature-j Christmas tree on the dining stable lieM gifts and treats for all present. An auttlOB .of the .left -K )ver bazaar .articles was held ami: netted the circle, ten dollars. .Mrs. L. H. WIshtird and" Mrs. Leming fwere guests. •The members present were; ^l^rs. Claude Barker. Mrs. John. Burns. Mrs. Anna Cota. Mrs. Wni. DIngman. Mrs. .Mantle Daigh, .Mrs. J. B. ^Chlldroiw. Miss Mable Taylor. MM. J. W.Lamay. .Mrs. Clarence Smith. Mrs." M. E. Harclcr- o«ie. Mrs; Agnes Gantt. .Mrs. S. S. S'helloy. Mr^. Homer Duggan. Mrs. B. R.-Thayer Mrs; Slack and .Mrs; K. L; LeChlen. Tenter-hooks oripially were the row4 of hooks on which lape.stry was hung to walls.; GIBSON'S FOR GIFTS You do not have to think any longfer if yc the utmost beauty, [usefulness and duFa last ongrest, and are a continual remiridei exhibit of gift furniture.' Folding Cjard Taibles Plain brown: finish, brown fibre-board tops^ verv substantial $1.J55 iPriscilla Sewing Cabinets u woiild mak^ gifts of bpit^ Furniture' gifts of the giver. .S^e our Spinet Desks FIniwii $5.85 , Smoking Cabinets llrowti Mahoj?aiiv linisli . iP4 .O0 With drop leaves, disappearing handle, solid walnut tops $28.00 Smoking Cabinets Cabinet parts constructed of solid mahogany. $33^75- Cedar Chests A gift for years. wik ere savines are greatest 'SOUTH SIDE SQUARE As showHi brown Mahogany finish $d.90 42-inch Chests walniit , exterior and cedai* interior $18.00 •1.5-itii'h .-^izc{) :}6-inch .Chests of cedar throughout __$11.25 •12-iiich .si-/c $M.«.'i •ir,-inch size $18.00 tke Beautiful tiisite Gifts for Hei* A gift that will be a pleasant reminder of the giver every day for years to come. The same style and comfort built into every chair.! Priced from td tOYS—FOR GIRLS Dolls .-_ 98c to .$a.90 Aluminum Dishes 98c to $1.98 Glasbake Sets _L .-_$1.49 Cedar Chests . 98c to ^.98 Sweeping Set.< _89c Baby Set.<l - 98c! Handkerchief Sets for Little Gfrls ..23c Hanky and Purse Sets 98c Lauhdry Sets 4. 89c Purse.s for the Little Ones 49c to eSc .__$4.98 ._-$7..90 FOR^OYS steel xdy Trucks .Steel Fire Engines iBussJs ._ 98c to $1.98 Dump Trucks _._ 98c to .$^4.98 jSteain Shovels __^.__89c to S1.98 iScooters 98c to $4.98 ITOOI Chests ^-98c to $3,49 Foot Balls .98c to $l'98 •Mechanical Autos .._.49f to $2.;59 Pool Tables i_: 98c Hustler Toy Builder Sets _.-$l.;?9 Rubber Balls _—._..__10c to 98c \BC Slates _39t; to 89c Horse Shore Games 49c to 89c "Ole" Milliop Face Blocks 89c Card Games "JSc to 98c Shooting Games 4pc to 98c Bowling Alleys ._-.-_----_i.89c Wooden Hustler Toys 89c A large .selectipn of Mechanical Toys .2:3c lo 98c Musical Toys __..-:23c lo 98c Sand Toys -.39c to 89c FOR HER Toilet Sets ._98c to $1.98 Perfume .9a (c Toilet Water. 98c Bath Salts, Fancy Container.-; _...._--39c to 79c Compacts 39c to 98c Powder Puffs -10c to 49c Boudoir Cap a|d Garter Sets .98c ITanky and Garter Sets 49c to 98c' Sho^ Tree and Garter Sets --._49c Fancy Garters ___.23c to 49c Handkerchiief Cases (Silk) .-_98c Fancy Handkerchiefs ^_10c to 49c Boxed Handkerchiefs _.25c to 89c Scarfs, silk ...,.-__$1.98 to $2.98 Towel Sets :..:^49c tcj 98c Luncheon Sets .—._.98c to $4.£f8 Baith Room Sets J _..___$2.98 Ff^ncy Bath Towels. 25c to 98c Card Table Covers __..i79c to 98c Hose and Garter Sets ' -_ ——::$1.49 to $1.98 Silk 98c Id $1.49 Stationery -.-.l23c to $1.49 Kit* Gloves $2.49 Silk .LSnbrellas _$2.98 to $4.98 Rubber Aprons ..-J... .49c to 98c , Hand Bags -.98c to $7^90 Silk Undies - —L_Jl_98c to $1.98 P'ancy Outing Gowns; $1.49 to $1.98 Blankets,, wool mixed -$3.98 to ,$5.?0, Bod Spreads -i$1.98 to $5.i90| Corduroy Ribes — $4.98 Bath Matis _J..1 L__ C-98C to $1.49 Linen Table Cloths 1 .^2.98 i r -.=1 Tonight is Men's Night. Often from 7 to 9. A.R.SLEEPER

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