Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
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eiRCVLATlONis the o^y Commodity \4i. ffewspaper Mas to Sell Its Advertisers. ' ^ • • /-••:-J^^f-J Il -^^^ :s•:-:/.--:^^C•',:^••%^ The^REGISTER'& Hon Records open to inspection at any ttBfep* VOLUME XXXI. No. 45; SiilM'-^'Hor to Thr J«J.i Dally UeKl»ter..Th<j- l.iUi IViily RK -tird hiid lula Dally Index. lOLA, KAN., THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 15, 1927. rtie 'Weekly Register. . Bstabl^htd 1867. The lola Dally Register. EstaUisbed 1897. FACE TRIAL FOR ARSON Justice vLamer Rules He I Must Face TriaKm District Court In lola BOND UP TO $2,000 Looney ¥iU Be Taken to Hutch nson to Begin Sentence for' Burning Five Million Is Needed for Missouri Work \ Wa.sliinKion. Di-i-. 1.'.. (.\1M — Ke«toration of •a,<MHi,iiiH) lo the rivets and harliors apjiropria- tions esfimafes whicli was lopped oft hy th^ budget bureau was reconimended to I'resident Coolldge today by a jyelejratlon of Missouri. Kansas and .Vcbraska c-itizens hoadcil by Senator Capper o( KausaF. They requested that the total amounts for rIvers: and harbor* work be fixed at $53.000,000 as n-foniniendecl byillie .irmy engineers, fearing that the $.'iO.000.O0O reronurtended by th<! budgK would . not ' be PliouBh. , ' Cold Weather, To Continue hv Kansas, Report OKLAHOMA IS STILL AFTER ITSGOVERNOR Topeka, Kanp., Dec. 15. :(AP) .\ stiff north wind disijelled the foggy weather of.'thej past two days and sent temperatures down to near zero Jn' K« this morning. Skies were reiwrted clear over the eiitlre state and the weather bureau predicted generally fair and continued cold weather, with temperatures slightly higher fonflorrow. Coodlaml reported a'low mark of t; above zero; Concordia. 6;'I>odg^ City, j; Topeka. 0; and Kansas City and Wichita, 10. . i John Hawley, 35 year-s old, \ who lives four miles ..soutJi of Tola, was bound ovfer to di.s- tHct court this afternoon on; a charge of second degree ar-; .son by J. Mi Lamer, ju.stice r. l• oif the Wce.'foUowihg a pre- pisregarding Rulings / ofj liminary hearing. Hi.s b6nd Supreme Court, Senate •viras r&ised from $1,000 to; Starts Action • K years old. „ud. r s. ^^^^.j Impeachment Is ^' * *V1J1W VI f<jnce in connection with the burn- . j <• mi_ »ig«f Dr 0 w. .shadwicks h.rn. Organizcd^r Three just of Ba.ssjctt on the night;. State Olftcers of November Hi, llimught Justice i ;'"' T; '_.„ , . . ' Oklahoma City. Hec 15. (Al'i laimer s de^isipn. • ; Disregarding a fin;il decision of the Oklahoma supreme court. Uie state senate today completed its Denials Entered in • " • JL e LaFolIette, Borah, Norris and Heflin Are Solons Involved in Mexican Secret Document Ixjoney, sentenced to four year!.In tlie state, reforniaiory Tuesday •ftcmoon, testifieii to the cffpi'l thWt Hawley employed him to burn • " •"•"•t "f ""I'each- th'e barn, lie .said that Ifawh^v "'"'^ • charges votol hy tlic house against rkjv. Ifenry S. .lohitston. clii»-r jus- t'ice Fred I'. Branson,.of the sii- FAIR GROUP ARE NAMED \Vashington, iDec. 15. (AP)—Four United [States Senator^—Borah, Heflin, LaFolIette {and Noi-ris -were named today as the myster- i ioifs quartette recently described anonymously in the Hearst newspapers as the intended recipients of a $1,215,000 Mexjcdn govern- I ment slush fund. Immediately their names* O'Reilly Says HeDidntTalk To OilJurors Washington, Dec. 15. (API- Denial that -he bad ever ap^ proached Edward J. Kidell. jr., a juror in the Fall-Sinclair conspiracy trial, was made on the stand in the criminal con-, tempt procee<lings today' by Frank .F. OReilly. one of the iiurns detectives who ghadow- ; . ed members of the jury. O'Reilly had admitted that he talked with Kidwell 's mother and father, the former at her home and the latter; at his barber shop. On croKs -examina- tio^n today be said t)ie reason, for hi .s' risit lo Kidwell's home was to ask if a 1>arber named Kidwell lived there. Lindy's Mother Will Stay Hom^ Christmas D4y Drtrolt, Dec. l.=>. (AP)4,Mrs. Evangeline L. L. Lindbergh today, declined the invitatiok of Ambassador Dwight W. Morrow to spend ithe Christmas holidays with her son, 'Colonel Charles.\. Lindbergh, in Mexico Cityw as a guest of the ambassador and President Calle.s of .Mexico. In a telegran) to her son r-tbday Mrs. Lindbergh sniA: "Pllease thank Ambassador Morrow. I regret it is impossible to accept .their invitation." -Mrs-. Lindbergh was back at! school today, teaching her [ chemistry classes as usual. ;i ' FIREDEATH President Calles anff Of Nation Are Wiiim' , In Wdcome to J Air Hero DEMONSTRATION.f|*^ Mexicans Cheer liiidjrfiii Gireat Welcome Capital of [ :/}••{ Nation ; ' ' Me cico City, Dec. 15. (AP^vi Cheeied by crowds that ered in the streets ey^iyi.- wher0 that he passed, Gqh, Charles A. Lindbergh morn again Seventeen Children Are upon Killed in Blaze at Orphanage FLAMES "SPREADING ajsreed to give hiin $.">" for liuiniiig" the barn. Hawley Ihis- ^Wlwusms. ^-fn:ah^f (iVt to win freedom froin r'>'-'^">'" 'f"T>' »• ('"'•.IMl. ^ the charge, Hawley produced sev- I'res'''»'"t <'f' the suite board of, All Present OflScials Are; , , *^ „ , „ Made Choice for .were disclosed, Borah, Heflin Next Year '^"^i LaFolIette appeared be' I fore the~special senate com- REPORTS LOOK GOOO'mittee investigating charges, and denied that they ever had the charge, Hawley produced sev- President .e su.te board <t ^gre PrCmiumS GiveU in| 'ived monev from SUch a c-ral witnesses. They te.stiiied in . agriculture. [ ' M 1097 Tinnin Tc Vnw T^®'^^" mone> irom SJICn a an effort lo show that Hawlej. was .Se .-iator .viic; (}. William.son was iAPP*" -"-^ • i SOUrce OF had been approach- not in the vicinity of the, ,,,^,unn,, officer of the ' DirCCtor ' ^. ),y anyone who might have berii interested in such the time it was iburned. Mawley , arso'testified to this eifect. j.court after all of tl,e suprem. Hawley and Lopney were arrest- ! '""''t justices refused to take the ed late .Monday toy Jim Frederick- position, , sou, marshal at Basset, after; he K. R. Lewis, a citizen, immedi- had. made an investigation of the ] gfely challenged the courU auth- bara baruing. It i? charged by the state that Kawley had hay in the barn and that It was insured. j I.«oney, held here until atter the prelimlnarj-, will be taken at once to Hutchinson to begin his sentence. Kenneth Foutet, county t... „,„ii.i . .1. „ holders in the Chamber of Com- onty by walking to the center ofj^^.^^..^ ^^^^^^ ^ Memorial hall. the chamber with his hat on. "This Isn't a court of Impeachment," he onicers were elected and the annual report of the liiiancial condi- offer. tiou of the .MIeh County Fair As- „• .... i • -i , i- i soclalion was given at yesterda> ' •^'"•'•''^ " afternoon-s . meUng of the stock-i"'"'""•'^ i'"' ^•'"nn>'"-« . L. E. HorVlie president, and other officers of the fair associatiou were re-elected. The officers are: L. E, Hofville. president; A. M Dunlap, vice-presdent; Paul Klein I treas'ui'er; Dr. F. S. Beattie. secre- sald. Senator Williamson placed Lewis under arrest and the "'court" be- prosecutor. said today that I.,oojey I B^n an argument to decide ..wheth- i tary; Doi'a^.M. TrowibridgeV asslst- w;iU be returned here for Hawl^y's ! er to declare the man in contempt. ' ant secretary and treasurer. district court trial, whi.h i/roba*)ly 1 Assuming the autjiority of The board of dlrectoits for next ••• be held during U.e January! ^^..^^ „,p ap„a,„ 1,,^^ f,ned I^wi.s ' >''^>- ««-e: I^ E. Horvllle. Paul •m. apd ordered him held underl^i^. X^M.^Dtttjlap. Fred^Sc|u.,i^ out if the senators were paid?" "Because that would reveal the nature of the documents," "You concluded the senators were- never paid'.'" "Yes." I . , n 'auted I InvesU ^tlon. "Ono of your objects then was to cause a congressional investigation to produce the names of the Senators which you were unwilling to take responsibility for?" "Yes." "Did .vou consider the liabilities for the libel you might be subject II).'" • "Yps, 1 so." denied the charge also on his be- lii-lfiliiy i" mind half and mov ^l lo secure, a state- >•"" n"'' ment from him. V • • ^^^l ""V"' Hoiali Big Onef •documents came to him ai )oitt .May Senator Borah, who is chairman -vear and some as late as a of the toielRu re .auons con .mit- "iontJ.befor.> their publication, tee. was nanVe.l in documents sub.- "erllnlng »> make public the mitted bv Wi .liam .Rando .pb Hearst "f/l"' P5'>-««'n who gave them CHINA mis SOVIET HEAD TO GO AWAY Passport Is Presented to Consul^ General by Nationalists Morgue Is Pitiful Sight as jAmeri* Frantic Mothei^ Seek Their Children an; EXPLANATION OUT Red Propaganda Given Out in China, Is Assertion as having bui-n desti will term. •FiriB Damag4 ?3,000 at Gas City $500,000. llefi.n was;.to l.avc- re- :,l"eaIthful l^or this man m Mexl- ceived |,150.U«i0. according to the:"-""- J ""e namj In ^cret documents, LaFolIette $1.5.000 an.l-commHtee on a slip ol pa- NorrLs, presumably the remainderi. „ . . I- 01 the $1.21:5.000 fund. ^ . f'hairman Reed, Republican, of i arrest until the. fine was paid. iHoiik, M "oran: E7 T. "xCason .^Bay-.ibeen actlleK-^ imere-stldT'Cr.Mexl^ the documents which j A re.solution. declaring thatjird; .Mort Pugli, Humboldt, am'ican affairs,and at one tim;* or an- ''s^'*''I'^f appearing in the Hearst [Oklahoma was not in a state of ~ .. _. .— _ , _ ...u,.,. ..— . Pennsylranla.; questioned Mr. A fire last night'in ii barn on!^"'^ •the .Mofris Oswald place at GUs i Governor .Johnston City caused damage oC approxi-IwUhdra^.ational -T-dsmen he I ^^'^i^^/'^ ^/^^j-- f :'5'^e^|;jJ,;V;?<^H;;;<\^|o;J^^.^^^J meeting, was in-; this amount was paid out to >x^ f George H. Tippin: Geneva. .Mr. Tip-j other each of them has disagreed ""^^"l"'!'?''''- ^"'1 ^'hlf*' have been . pn succeeds a. .M. Knox of Hum-! with the Mexican policies of the 'lecl«re<l to Iv forgeries'by .Mexl- Coolidge administration. f«n •''fi'^'als- They have dealt The American pay-off mau tor '"'"Rely vitli alleged propaganda the slush fund was .said in the »»• -Mexico against the Cn- do'cunients to have been Dudley states. Field .Malone. the .New York law-. "''arst .said the method taken to ^^ , boldt, who retired, fhn^^^mnIemen ;J "''w^'^^^^ i'"'' '"'fore adjiMirnment' iiiJiitp .-s IVon, • Alle^ ""co;;;uy:' the jyer. Malone also took the witne.^ farming Implement.s xwre lost. ^ . , ^ largest amount ever paid out by stand and denied connection with .KlghtKead^ol cattle wtrejmrned /•'""•^l^ , the association for premiums in; an ^.tuch project, death. The stock and grain be- „^ ,mi vm.r - I The dopunipnts wi.rn « MAGRUDERUP BEFORE HOUSE 'lunged to Mr. Oswald's son-ln-law,. •iivho Is llvilii,' on the place. • 'i The lola fire il.-parluieiit reicelv-l vd a report of the fire :iJ li <>'cIo<-k • Sast night and arrived- at!.'th(ii Scene two luitiiites lattT. Mowcvei-' . Jhe, barn ,W:is if )iiiple».Iy Imrnial [ ^ l>('fore the fire truck arrivtd. Tlie . frriuln of llie UftiTM was uuknown ^Joday. . >VEAT1BER and ROADS jh^ni -Fair tonliHif and Naval Admiral Gives His ;)inions Abo U. S. Navy one. year. Several improvements for the lft2R fair were discussed and there ; wore no doubts In the minds of directors but that the fair associa­ tiou will continue lo live up to Its j reputation of "Bigger and Better 1 Than Ever." ,1 The documents were sulimitted toLthe committee by .Mr. Hearst with the comment that although he had many reasona to think they had ^ome from the. official files of the Mexican government, were authentic,-he did not believe i any of the money bad been paid Opinions About Farm Bu^ Atd^ 'Il ^d^Se-fS S^^ia^S asked fui: prosecution of those responsible for the, cliarges. Sena- Group to Meet Here get the papers was unknown to him. After getting the San Antonio documents, Hearst said "the situation was increasingly serious." Wondered What to Do. "I was pondering what to do," he sal*. "I asked Clark to take g"^^ I them to the summer while house. He did. I understand he Was informed there that although the president believed the accusations serious, that the money never reached any of those nomed." Are you sure any senator ac- WasbiuKton, Dec. ; fAP)—i The advisory committee of the'tor Robinson of Arkansas, Deino- 'cepted the money?" Reed asked. Read .-\dmlral Thoma.ii P. .Magrn- • Women's Farm,Bureau will meet at irrow afternoon at the CommerC'b rooms In halrma'n and Vrjdaj": rising .lemperature Frldiiy der. who was removed from com- 2 o'clock tomorrow nftc 'itnd In .-ne *i( imrtl 'tn Inle.tonlghl. .jniand of tlie Philadelphia navy Chamber of Commerc ; FOB lOLA .WB ViriMTV^ yard as a result of his recent con- Memorial hall. \ v\\ r.'^hig I with the navy department; seiretary for next year will be sepcelved or would receive one dollar over the organization of that branch of the national defense, was given a hearing today before lected and plans will be made foj- next year's work. ^ 't'litr • tonight; »"•' Frldiij: , lemperaf lire Friday.,•"• Tpmperatur»»—rlliglicsJ yi'stenluy " .(;o", at ,•? p. lu.:; lowi-si last iiiEht : ,l2jja£ 7 a. m.; normal for today 34, the ,'e.xness yesterday 2: excess since he again pointed out numerous'l -January 1st; 303 degrees: this ilate^ faults which he reltl existed. | ; last year—highest 20; 2. > i First ;the (admiral thought there ; ' Precipitation for-ihe^ 24 hours ; could be great improvement in the i r M. Cisli. state j Inspector for ; ending at-7 a. m. todav. .oo: total j location of navy yards. He thought the poultry extension department" jToi; this year to date, 51.88; excess .there wei;e also too many admirals, * of Kansas State Agricultural col- ^ ^ince Januar>* 1 ST IH.H-'- Inches. land finally he resented any stig-|lege, Is hi'ie today <:ertifying flocks cratic floor leader, told the committee that In his judgment "there isn't any pn^ who would think jthat any one of these senators re-j given a neanng today Dcror^' —: naval committee, and. .PoulttT Flocks of the County Are Certified for any, action touching their service." Reed; Speak!« Up. Senator Reed of Pennsylvania, j chairman of the com.mittee, added that there was "no evidence" that any senator had received money from the Sources named. .Mr. Hearst did electrify tlie committee room, by saying that the documents not only had been Relative humidity at 12 noon yes-j gestloij that he did not like the i for .\llen county. The flocks of; submitted >to; the American em- • " bassy in Mexico City, but had been j lerday. 37 per cent: T a.j m. today i way In- was treated jin'the matter' .VIrs. J. K. Hutchinson and Mrs-i per cent: barometer ijeduced to 'of assignment to duty. 1 PZHa Beal are Jieiu.? certified. Wa level. 29.PG inches. • ' : ;i • —. ^ -'=^.— —=: 5 SMtfrises 7:31 a. m: sets .">:0l' ;]ip. mi" i Road Conditions. Hntchin^n,-clearing, roads good., i\ Saliha. Clear, road^ goo<l, ;C Manhattan, clear, roads goocL ^, ' Toneka. clear. road.s good. I ; -Arkansas pity, clear, roads good.; - . Coffeyvllle, clear, j-oad sfrozen • rfanld rotagh. \ ' Pittsburgh, fair, roads muddy. jV'Ichita, clear, roads good. ' ;: Emporia, clear, roads good. (Dodge City,-clear, roads good. ; Henry Wilson Improves , At St. John's Hospital • Henry 'Wilson, LaHarpe Tnan ';:vrh6 -w^a shot four times Tuesday ' .".sttirnooia by "Peg Leg" Kelly, near "Oirnclt, fs. Improving accorditig to 'Arithoritiea^t St John's hospital • ^today. Clifton was brought to the , KQspital Tuesday afternoon: Both 'tot his Inngs and his liver wer- ; '.'.'Ilinnc ^ured by Ijullets. Physicians B»y hfi has a chance of rectover- fng. Kelly.|i8. tcing held by Ander' f'iitjia oehiatr authorities. /i'hte\'i>;:.^'.::.' .• THE WONDERS OF THIS WORLD Charles A. Lin<lberi ^li landed in .Mexico City yesterday at 2:39. Just one minute' later, at 2:-10. there flashed Into the Register of- tlce over its special leased wire the message "}..indbergh Landed." .And then for an hour longer came the story in detail of his great fligbt, of his delirious reception. .Mupplemented-' by stories of the way the news Was received in Washington and Detroit and Paris. .\nd then the Ri?glxSter went to press at the usual time with what was mo .«t interesting news in the world for that da .v fully covered. Incidentally it was the only paper circulated in lola yesterday which did-^cover this news-.'' "Those who depended on other papers went to bed unlder ,'.he .impression that Lindbergh was lost and that some dire calaiuit>-^ probably had befallen .'him.—unless they called dp the Register and found out the truth'. However, there evidently were not many who did not get the Register, Xs early as noon yesterday t< lephone Inquiries began, cmning in to this office asking for newsi of "Llndy." and they kept doming until the paper went to press, showing how keen and widiespread was the anxiety and interest. But after the Register went to press and had been dlHtrlhu 'ed jr.ST O.VE jinquiry came by telephone asking if Lindbergh had landed' Everybody else had found it out from the Register. i i '• But wljat a wonderful world it is in which we live when an event whl<-h happened at 2-39 in Mexico City can be reported in a newspaper which is upon the! streets of lola at 4 o'clock, an hodr aifd twouty-one minutes later: called to the attentidn of Presii dent Coolidge before '^publication,' The president, said Hearst, thought the charges made were serious, but refused to believe that : the money ever had reached the, ..senators named. .Mr, Hearst said he had paid in all about $15,000 or $16,000 in securing the papers for publication. He-related at some length the. circumstances surrounding their procurement. AJsked whether he had any evidence that any senator­ ceived any of the "slush fund," he replied in the negative and then said his own opinion was that - no such payments were made. Mr. Hearst said his agents informed him careful attempts to make certain, of the authenticity of the documents had been made, and that statements of &Iex^aA officials that they were forgeries wet^e untrue. "Did you learn of grammatical errors In the documents?" "Yes. but I am informed that is not unusual. ; as government clerks are often not graduates of higlk schools in Mexico." "Why didn't you seek to fiod^ .Vo," .Mr., Hearst repile<l. "I have no evidence nor do I believe they did get the money." He .Maid in all he paid about $15,0i)0 or $16,000 for the documents. Replying to - Senator Robinson, Democrat, Arkan,sas, Hearst said he thought he owned .some .large interests in Mexico, mines and ranches; He did not recall the names or location 'of the mines. Only' one was good, he said. Explaining further how he got the documents, Hearst said: "This man I have named to you comipunicated information that these documents were available Indicating unwarranted interference,- He gave this word to Edward Clark, manager of my mother's estate. Finally he said that for expenditure of $1,000 or $2,000 he cpuld get copies of the documents relating'to the United States senate. This man never said he =had seen them. : "Later. I authorized expenditure ht: alraut $1,000. That was in April of this year." ' ; Prodnced Documentii:. This secret man and John Page, a Hearst reporter, produced about ten documents, Hearst 'said.. . "They were ' original documents and seemed of gr^at importance," he declared. "They said they had made every effort to determine their authenticity. "They - said they had submitted the • ilocuments to Ambassador Sheffield;and to the counsellor of the embassy and had been' unabl^ to fipd anything wrong. "They said the persons who delivered them from the archires bureau were leave Mexico and, probably would bring other docaments with them. I told Uiem I WQuld like any further docu- meiits these qlerks might get tend- (CMtfiMil ott Page 4, 1X9. 1) Shanghai. Dec. 1.5, (AP)—The .Nationalist government today hand ed the soviet consul general ,at Simnghai his passports. He was requested to leave the Xationalist territory within a week. Tlie passports were given the soviet envoy by Quo Tai-Chi. Nationalist vice-iniiiister of foreign affairs.' The action" was in line .with the recently announced policy of the Nationalists under Chaiang Kair Shek to remove alleged Russian influence Jn Chnese affairs. In addition to severing diplomatic relations the Nationalists aisc broke off commercial relation^, demanding the closure of Russian commercial agencies including tht Russian State Balbank and ^ the volunteer fleet. ' Quo Tai-Chi, in issuing the request to the Russians to leave Nationalist territory, was following instructions Issued by the Nanking Nationalist govfernment. Explaining its action, the Nan­ king government In its official mandate said: Red I^paganddl "The Nanking government; has been informed the'soviet consulates and commercial, agencies in Na- tionalikt territory long has been used as headquarters for Red propaganda and as asylums for communists. Exposure of these facts thus far has been withheld in view of the formal relations existing between China and Rlissla. "December 11, in; Canton, an lip- rising took place, culminating in the forcible occupation of -the city by comiiiunista^iwho cut off communications. burneA, plundered massacred and murdered throughout the city. This was the result of communists using the Canton- Russian consulate as'a base to direct operations. "It l-s fearted that similar occurrences will take place elsewhere Such things can no longer be tolerated and, therefore, the recogni-i tion afforded the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics s terminated." ' B Koblovsky. soviet consul ,gen.- eral. refused to comment on' the Natioalist order, merely stating that he was "axyaiting InstructlonF; from Moscow which will ''is.sue a statement." Quebec, Dec. 15.'; (AP)— Twenty-six young children^ all girls, are known to have lost th^ir lU-es In the fire which destroyed the Hospice ' St. Charles orphanage last-night. Elevei. had been- positively Identified. Thirty-one children remained uncounted for,; but it was believed many of these were being cared for hy relatives or friends who haiilnot / reported their safely. • j': field ti) St. Lou >-ll<;h W .\moii 'by iheart!^ Quetb^c^Dee. 15. (.\P»—Eighteen [way. bodies had been recpvereil'today ;'-• A. crcj from the fire-swpet ruins Qf liie'-'^ons h Hospice St. Charles orphauage, I "ate-s with the probaibility that the;death hen Lindbergh arid Ai list would mount .Morrow ipft it tor the foreign ofjl A check of; the missing afid In- h^'ce. '^ lured led firemen to helleve that at! "Vivaj;" the crowd shouted and 'mi tldfff ng paid an ofScial c^i President Calles; ^ if felicitated him up6b;)i brilliant flight from ington to Me.\ico City.^ Comr letely rested aftera 12 -1 asleep aid looking fit and flse.^ ' :|in air hero made a seH^ . visits with Americaa- r Dwight W. Morrow* •official bassadd then wfnt out to the Valhiiena mi see his beloved. ,Spirit:.;^b£;' is with which he has galnedi lorldwide'fame. the places which -:-tbe'i i foreign jand tli^ national I latter (.Aztec Kv>.•r.^l .\mericin aviator visited wci!e ^4l»5 office, Chapultepec paiiBc .e^/ national museum; Bt|tlifl5 .'ace inspecting the faiDonS; liiendar ,«tone. ^ •, ' ({reefed .loyfnlly. ^ , where~ that he ^went -' t^) hovish-looking smiling good ilirilf' ambassidor was greeted iayt^fi )Ie] Ivo's citizens: into ^iwhose;; le has completely won. hijj,r wd of sevexal hundred' j)e «;|i| id gathered outside^ ' f the -Americaa jured led firemen to helleve tftat at least fifty lost their liyes. : Firemen were unable to search^ the ruins which were still .smoul^eriug this forenoon. ' The bodies of seventeen children and one woman recovered indicated that they had died of suffo<iatIon rather than by fire. The walls of the ancient 'structure collapsed while the fire < was at its Ueight last night, stopping rescue -work. Police estimated that Irom 70 to 75 inmates were missing lat 7 o'clock this morning. So rapidly did the flames spread that despite every effort by.- the nuns, firemen, priests and citizens, little could he done to,rescue the youngsters, many of whom were BO overcome by sleep that they could hardly: have realized what wah going on. ' • Rescuers Are Brave. • Rescuers fearlessly entered the burning huildingand returned-with children, still half asleep.. Many children jtimped from windows and the older <^bitdre.n dragged yoiinger .children along with them. -M (Continued on Page S No. 2) GEORGE REHl^ ISJUDGEDSANE Alienists So Riile Today After Watching 5 His Actions on el l{ tion in kini Cincinnati. Dec. 15. (AP)-=-The' Then three alienists Who have observed the c< George Remus since tiie inception ;'",^^^1 of his murder trial nearly' ^'V-'^ I wrecks ago, today agreed upon a attont report lo Judge_Chester R. Shook and that the defendant was sane Octo- lier 6 last when he shot and killed hla estranged wife Imogene. • Only that part of tlie report was made public by Judge Shook. The laiVyers for both sides still ^ere grouped about the jiidiciat dais In close conference with the court an hour and a half laftei" time sjSt for resumption- of the ca^se. ^' the American flier responded wttli? his usual quick smile and wi|y||'bC^ his hand. .1 . ||,fV AnAaksador -Morrow beamedi.-i ' ' pleasure at the friendly tion, Along the route to the for office where the streeut werjs 'hcQagged with the Staf^ Stripes and Mexican colors: yesterday's triumphal pr the populace recognised the- and cheered him madly. .Streets Packed. , News of; Liadbergh's arrlv the foreign office spread tit the strtlets and within a few min^l^l utes th: corridors of the biiilfflDcl were packed with spectatoraj' " plaudihg the American flier.j Lindtjergh smiled and appreciation of the w-elcomei tarai; a'ccompjanied by Ambassador Hbr-^| row entered the foreign. otBcci|. where a formal reception was 'belAj in the salott. Foreign Ministers trada and prominent menihers' -ol:| the foreign office greeti^d, HfmF .r warml:[. • "}: AVhen champagne was : 8erT<|d:» j the forjeign office officials propn^' a toast to good relations between'^ the United States and Mediooli! Colonel Lindbergh, Just as he'di^^ In Paris, courteously .lifted 'jQiat' glass to-hls fips and went.throng^l the gesture of sipping wittioat;:: drinking any of the liquor. .'"T "-^g Acting Foreign Minister kst^ida-' formaljly expressed the deliiih^. the Mexican government that [.indbergh had paid the >n»?(V| visit. Lindbergh answered^;! 11- • .-i :v: thip party rushed ardaiid' rner to the national pal8icc |f| President Calle.*. -.sfl military guards at'tfae,:Bar ^r 7)a1ace entrance snapped to:| on as the party ^^OTe ;r,iiB |j ttol. Lindbergh • returned i tbbl.f Grade School Operetta, Boy Blue, ] To Be Presented Two Times Here salute ColJ about Col gram. This afternoon starting at 3 o'clock the grade schools of the cit.v presented "Boy Blue," their operetta for this year, under the dir^tioh of Miss Clara Brown, music Instructor for the grades and junior high school. : Tomorrow night the pupils will again give the operetta, starting at S o'clock In, the senior high .school auditorium. The practices which have been held in the senior high auditorium' have been going^ nicely and e.very- thing ' promises an exceptionally good program tomorrow night. The two lead parts of Boy Blue and Molly are held by Donald Praiitz and .Elizabeth Christy. The various choruses are chosen from different schools over the city, with the exception of the boys' and 'girl-s' in the hayfield chorus which is chosen frojnall the schools.' The large chorus, of: course, is chosen from all the schools.: The first grade rhythm band is composed of a pjcked'group of pupils from the primary grade throughout the entire series of grade schools. Between acts a chorus 6;. second and third grade pupils w^ill sing :Christmas,songs. "The .story of the operetta, which is in. tii'ree acts, centers entirely around Boy Blue who Is. a-very modern type. . . About 350 or 400 are io make appearances in either the operetta or tfat> other two parts of the pro-^ gram. - / :^^ii For those who^ [as yet bbught. their tickets an opportunity will be given at tlie door' Friday night. I Lindbergh, President iCalles^ .and A|mbassa<)or Morrow talljedjforil half an hour. Lindbergh's afternooa jprb- „ was still undecided ai dopd; appro iched but his eveitingl SKI^IUK'^ dule talletl for attendance ad g^t{i of honor at a fete to be glfetti" the foreign office at one dt [ theatres in Mexico: large."^ Gover^iment officials ,and inent invifett Thf young captiv; just beett^ 'foreign residents ha'ce to this fete. modest d^nieano". ota;,Ui'e' .\morican flier contfnucid:' t'c^ ite everj'ohe that sawsBm ill it, has done ever^^lu^i throng tout this morning's meetfn] with t e high <Mexican oKIcfalB::; Col. Lindbergh's plan's future are undecided.* He ceived invitations to fly to bei Central A'nierican/couritries ia^^. as to 11 nana, but has not'yei • — cided ei her the length of hl^ jftJay in Mexi(|o City or his next more: Soils Expert Is Here Qutlihing 1928 SOIL.S—E .-B. 'W'ells. soll» e^iU from Kansas State jVgrici]]tuiral,cbt| lege. Is n Allen conitty to lining uork in soils'i for 1928 Welts declared, len county has. made'reii advances - <,in this phase of I Bureau |work dnrlng the [Tiki years.

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