Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1933
Page 7
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TOLA KANSAS THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER; THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 19,1933 s HDMBOLDT NEWS ! • • Presbyterian Missionary Society Holds W onthly Meeting at Home of airs. Hbltschneider. HUMBOLDT, Jan. 18.-^1118 regular montlily meeting of tiie Woman's MissiDnary society of the Presbyterian eiiurcii was held Wednesday afternoon at the home' of Mrs. LI . Holtschneider of Bridge Street. Mrs. W. B. Glover, president J presided and introduced Mrs. G. W. Horfi who! conducted the devotional exercises.' [ Mrs. W. A. Byerly- read a most interesting letter from an^ • - Armenian; girl which • her daughter Miss Corlnne had received at Christmas time. Mrs. S. S. Harmon read > a brief article covering the work /among the American Indians, and Mrs. Wise discussed missionary work -in the field of the Alaskans. Following the meeting pl^s were made for mission- study classes to be held later. This was voted one of the best meetings held by the society, ' refreshments^Jgring served by the hostess to^^^ following members present: fKis. W. B. Glover, Mrs. i ' W. A. -Bycrley, Mrs. G. W. Horn, THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'ni Pop) [ X .CHICK, YOU'D BETTIEP \ IJ TODDLE ALONG AND » f CLEAN UP-HANK AND AGUStA WILL BE: HERE ANV MIUUTE - ANO/BE ^CAREFUL OF MV CLD BATHROOM PAGE SEVEN Mrs.. J. J. Amos, Mrs.- G. G. Amos, Mrs. L. T. Bunnell, Mi-s; Lucy Cal- lantinc. Mrs. W. B. Wise, Mrs. S. S. Harmon. Mrs. L. P. Ressner. Mrs. W. L. Clay, Mrs. L. T. bahnon, Mrs. HOW MODERN WOMEN LOSE FAT SAFELY Gain Physical Viijor — Youlhfulness ^ ^th Clear Skin and Vivacious : Eyes That Sp:irkI6 With Glorious Health . Horc'.s ilu'recipe that banishes fat and briii;^s into blossom all the . natural atiracii\\-n::;.s tliat every woman 's .soK. Every morniny t;ikr one-linlf teaspoonful of Kru.'-clipn Salts in a glares Ava 'cr before breakfast . -^-cut down on iinstry and fatty meats— go liiihl on potatoes, butter, cream and .sur'.ar—iii 4 wcfks get on the scale.'; nntl note how many pounds of fat, liavo vjml.slied. ' Get a bnltlc of Ivi-u.sclipn Salts— .the cost is, tr:f!in!r- find' it, lasts 4 vicokR. If even tliis lir'f boftlo docjs not convince you tlii.s is tlie', saftst and r;u!'c.-.i v,':iy to fat-J- if• you don't fi'cl ;i .'•iipfrb improvty ment,in h?!i!th—so g.lorioii.s!y ener­ getic—vigorou,sly alive—your money gladly relurnrti. Eut be .sui'e lor your lie.-^!-h's sake that you jv-r r.^-.ri m't Kru.schen | "Salts. Get tlirra at any drugstore in the worid. Barfoot, Mrs. J. VanNice,. Mrs. Marion Manion and little son. Miss Mary Chamberlain, Mrs. H. D.- Smith, and the hostesses, Mrs.: L. Holtschneider and niece, who is visiting ihere. Wilbur C. Fisk of South Eighth street who sustained a badly broken foot recently is reported to be well nigh recovered. MrsfF. B. Bailey of Bridge street, who has been ill for almost a year now, is still in an enfeebled state of health. Funeral services for John E. Russell., farmer southwest'of Humboldt whose death occurred Tuesday morning, will be held in Chanute at the First United Brethren church Thursday afternoon, •#ith the Rev. D.' W. Smith, pastor, in charge. Surviving him besides his! wife are six children, Kenneth Russell of Humboldt: Lester, Marjbrie, Mildred, Clyde and Edgar Russell of the home address; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Russell of Chanute; four brothers, Homer. Lonnle, Charles •and Ralph, of near Altoona; one sister, Mrs. H. A. Trichler of Altoona, also one grandchild. Mrs. Esther Barfoot and Mr. Ed Lander of Humboldt spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. Erickson of Swede Center district. The.Big Creek Ladies' Aid society west of Humboldt held an nil day meeting Tuesday at the church, the day being spent in quilting for Mrs. 666 LIQUID-TABLETS-SALVE If you will take GGG Liquid or Tablets and place 666 Salve in nostrils every momins until March 1, 1933, •\nd you get sick daring the time, vour Druggist will return your mon- Send us your Testimonial. HORIZONTAL 1 Light steel helmet. 7 Crown colony of Great Brit- in the mid- Atlantic. 13 To elude. 14 One who raids. 16 AlIeKed force. 17 Austrian coins. 18 I-ishted by the sun. 19 Since. 20 To wander. 21 Miter (dress- maklne). 22 Mast. 23 Within. 24 Inscribes. Answer to Prerlons Pozzle , flii[5i[in raS'TiESB DH ^ ;aiia ;v go iisi[i]g][g[ig]. [Sis ^siDiss Boncoui- premier? 5.2S0. feet ipl.). 3,S Small wig. 25 Political divi-.:!!) Fourth note. sion, U.S.A. 26 Radiator. 27 K.v.tra lire. 2S Mother. 30 Imltalod. 31 Lower ex- trt-niity of tlie face. 32 Street. 34 Adored. 36 Of what conn irv is Paulw 40 Sheaf. 41 Analyzes. 42 Male. 43 BevevaRo. 44 Writers' mark.s. 4,') Soft soapy mineral. 46 Half an em. 47 PIlKhted faith. 45 To pry ^ (variant). 49 Lashes on the sWn. 50 Scoffs at. VER-nCAL 1 Most densely . populate country In Europe. • 2 Pertalnin.t; to birds. 3 Variety of I chalcedony. 4 Fish.- 5 Northeast. 6 Relied. 7 Fluids in livers. 8 To redact. 91 *0 rot flax; 10 Mister. 11 Offices of dbgea. 12 To love: 15 Genus of geese. 18 Was fitted. 19 Armadillo. 21 One of California's chief industries- 22 Position In kolf. 24 One who makes fabrics. .25 Backbories. 27 Figures. 29 Kutrlment. 31 Covei-ed with a crust. 33 Abnormal sleeps. oBTriie olive. 36 Kind of parchment. 37 Specks. 38 Rootstocks. 39 Not true. 41 To peel. 42 Girl, 44 Tui)e cover 45 Three. 47 3.1416. 4SPair. 3, nom. ilVi-52; No. 2, red, 42ai; No. 3, riom. 41>i-47Vi. Close: May 41'.i; July 41%; Sept. 42%. Com: 18 cars; up M to U; No. 2, New York, Jan. 19 (AP The ' yeUoi*, 22Vj; No. 3, 22U ; No. 2, mix- stock market was a little sturdier I ed, 22 Vi; No. 3, nom. 21V4-21%. SAVE ONE-THIRD:ON SUPPLIES GENEUATORS We crxlinny.;. you factory fpneralars lor yovu- old burnt out c;!!? lis loiluws; Ford T S2.75 For;: .\ Ion- (VUR S3.98 Chcvrort, 4 or R ....... .§3.98 .IKMATIRLS iE:ichan£;c Prices Ford T-.. S1.45 Ford A S3.98 Chevrolet •.. ...§2.98 HOI S.'. LIGHT BULBS l.->, 40, fJfl Watt Inside frost no VoU, each .10c • 15. 40. i;o :V,att Inside frost : ?.?. v. no Wii Farm Light, ca. .. .23c l|ivie('hani<s"r)rop ...lOc Cord, nu!!)S, eacii ' .VITO UULB.S . Save Or .i --IIuir. tail Linip 2! c. p. Hflicilamp .6c .13c .11 t. p. licadlanip IGc V ^v. Dnilgc- .24c F.'ash 'Li?ht Bulbs 9c BLUE SEAL MOTOR OIL P.-^rntTm bn-c. choice of light, medium cr hi,'a\y. S. A. E. 20, 30 nr.d 40 Bring container. 40c ..S1.79 ....1.5c ....48c 1 Gallon 5 Gallons ...... \ GRSASE 1-lb. Cup Grease . . .5-11). C'np Grease ... 1 !h. I'rrssuri' r.un Grease .18c '5-lb. Frossurc Gun Grease 67c 1-lh. Gear (;roasc I8c 5-lb. Gear Grease ; 69c BLUE i^E.U, BATTERIES 100 Per Cent New Materials. Guaranteed one year. Exchange prices. 13 Plate S3.89 15 Plate S4.89 17 Plate .. .: S6.79 12 v. Dodge . . ,. S7.85 1 Onlv Good Used Bat. S2.00 DRY BATTERIES Flash Lifht Cells .... Telephone I'i volt, ea. 45. v. Radio B, regular 4.5 V. Radio B heavy duty S1.39 4'. V. "C'" Batteries, ea. ..19c ST.^NXO CORD TlRES ...5c . .25c .,89c 30 X 3"; ... .r .; S2.88 29 X 4.40-21 . . . . ..5.-5.17 30 X 4.50^21 .. S3..53 28 X 4.75-19 . .84.20 29 X 4..50-20 ; . .83.49 29 X 4.75-20 . .S4.35 ^- 29 X 5.00-19 . .S4.49 30 X 5.00-20 . ..S4.G5 31 X 5.23-21 . .S4.93 33 X 6.0*1-21 . .87.49 TIRES—CLE.AN'-OUT PRICES 28 x'4.75-19 Retread . . . .81.95 29 X 4.50-20 Retread .. .81.95 18 X 4-20 Retread'..... . .81.00 52 X, 5.00-23 Retread .. . .82.95 i 28 X 5.2ni!8 Retread .'. ..52.48 30 X 6.00il8 Retread . .52.93 • HIGH PRESSURE AND TRUCK TIRES •J 2 X 4 . . 54.6!) 33 X 4'::i ..S6.75 i 30 X 5 8-ply ..S9.95 •c • 32 X tj 10-ply ......... .S22.G0 TUBES Rich JRed—Pure Gum in X S'i I 59c 19 X 4.40 1 64c ?0 X 4.50 i 74c 28 X 4.75! ...84c 5.00 Baloons ..98c 5.50 Balloons 51.29 5.00 Balloons S1.42 4-in. High Pressure 98c 4K-->n. High Pressure ...$1.19 30 x5 Heavy Truck SL89 32 X 6 Hea\T Truck 52:98 •n«E PUMPS AND ACCESSORIES. 51.00 Single Barrel Pump .59c Si.50 I'i-ln. Single Barrel Red Pumps 98c S2.00 Large Green Single Barrel Balloon Pump .$1.48 Pump Leathers 5c-7c Pump Hose Assembly 17c ELECTRIC HORNS 51.50 Black Enamelled "Micro" Vibrator Horn .98c 52.50 Chromium Plated "Micro" Vibrator Horn $1.48 BOOTS AND PATCH 25c Red Stick-in Boot (large size) 10c 35c Wing and Outside Lace-in Boots, choice ... 10c 20c Round Stick-fast Boot .8c 15c Round Nail Hole Boot .5c 23c Cans Tire Patcli 9c 45 Sq: In. Patch Rubber (First Qual.) 10c :'iX4 Tube Patch Cement ..5c Half Pint Patch and Re- liner Cement 19c ACCESSORIES Big Saving 75c Rear Vision Mirrors. ..39c 51.50 Seat Covers' 98c 51.00 Truck .Wrrors .69c 60c Electric DeFrost Shields 24c 75c Gas Tank or Radiator Cap : ..42c 90c Rubber Pedal Pad, Pr. 68c 51.25 Foot Rests .79c 51.25 Glare Shields 89c WINDSHIELD WIPER PARTS 1-Ply Blades 10c Wiper Arms nith Clips ...12c : Wiper Arms Spring and Clip Wiper Hose. 7-ft. length ANTI FREEZE .\lcohol 188 proof, gal. .. Glycerine, Radiator, gal. S1.39 MISCELLANEOUS 10c Tire Tape ... Cc .50c Rubber Rim Flap 29c 20c Car Wash Sponges ...14c S1.95 Brake Lining Sets, Chevrolet 4, 1926-28, set 89c 51.00 Ford T Rubber front mats ..39c SI.OD Ford T Hood and Radiator Covers, felt lined, each .2.5c 45c Starter Springs, each 28c Battery Cables (ground) .'.18c 39-in. Pos. Battery Cable .39c . .17c ..10c ..59c ANDREWS €i SON lOLA 14,^S. Washington CHANUTE 215 E. Main PARSONS 204 N. Central today, deriving some strength from I the action of wheat. Several issues rose a point or two, but there was some recession from the best in the late trading. The final tone was steady. Transfers were only about 650,000 shares. After a steady opening, stocks pushed up rather strongly for a time soon after the opening of the Chicago wheat market, where prices rose about a cent a bushel .The share market was highly professional, with short covering appearing to accbunt tot most of the buying sonie of the indvistrtals utilities sagged in the last few minutes, but r»ils held up fairly well. American Tobacco B rose more than 2 points, then lost about half its gaih. Advances of a point or so in such Issues as Allied Chemical, United Aircraft and U. S, Steel common, were virtually lost, and Consolidated Gas slid off a point undfir the previous close. High Cities Serv 2'„ BO of Ind 21% Amn Can 59 *» Amn T&T .....105 Amn Tob B 63 "K Anaconda 7% Atchison , 42"« Auburn 48 Beth Steel 15 Case. J I 46's Chrysler 14% Con Gas ... 61 !i Close: May 23%; July 25',;. Oats: 3 cars; unchanged. No. 2, white, nom., 17-17VJ; No. 3, nom. 16-16',i. Mllo maize, nom., 48-53. Kafir/ nom., 38-44. Rye, nom., 34-34»-i. Barley, nom., 21Vj-24. EbenClaus. It was decided to hold a foQd sale in Chanute Saturday, January 28. About 22 members were I present, an enjoyable day being re- WAS ALMOST INDISPAIR stomach Bloated, Rheumatism Nearly Crippled Her; Gly-Cas Gives Surprising Results. "Gly-Cas meant everything to me." said Mrs. Mabel PoweLson, 401 May . street, Marshalltown, Iowa. "Muscular rheumatism in my shoul-' j ders and arms had nearly crippled j me for the past two years, i pain MRS. MABEL POWELSON. was so intense, could hardly dress or ! undress myself. My stomach was I terribly disordered too. bloated bad- I ly. gas pains nearly killed me at i times, was badly constipated. I was ! almost in despair, tried many rem- I edics but'got no/relief. But now, in I less than a month Gly-Cas has giv- ; en me results that are actualy sur- j prising. My stomach and bowels j are regulated, no more gas pains, I rheumatism practically left me en; tirely. and I ~ am enjojnng good ' health again. After what Gly-Cas has done ifor me I feel sure it will help all like sufferers." j ,, Gly-Cas is sold by Scarbopugh Bro.s. Drug Store. lola. and by all leading drug stores in surrounding towns. ' \ THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO; C. O. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS ; Egg Case.s and Supplies Old and Reliable— Established 1911 Corner Monroe and Eba (Jjust. West of the Water Tower) ported. The next meeting is to be held on February 14. Mi:, and Mrs. Elmer Harclerode of Humboldt were Sunday guests of Miss Mabel Ford of Morairi. WiU keUey, north of Humboldt, who sustained an injury to his knee some two weeks ftgo, is much improved at this time. Mrs. John Hoppers and Miss Cecilia Koppers of Humboldt were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs, John Koppers Jr.. of Moran. Miss Dorothy Atkinson of Gas City spent the week-end in Humboldt with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Atkinson. Con Oil ........ 5'.. Drug Inc 36 DuPont SOU Geri Elec 15', Gen Motors .... 13'-i Inl Harv 23':= Mont Ward .... Packard 2'.:: Penney J C .... 26-'i Phillips Petr ... S'-.Radio 5% Sears Roe .20's Socony Vac .... 7'i Std Brands .... 15'i SO of NJ 30% Tex Corp 13% U S Steel 29 Westingh E .... 29% Low 2».r 21Vi 58 103 61% 41% 45li: 14'-i 44'4 14 59'i, , 5\U' 35 38% 14% 13'i 22'-i 13 '.i 2%" 26 5'4 5'; 19':> 7'i 14-'l 30 13 27'i 28 Kansas City Livestock. Kansas-City, Jan. 19. MAP)— (U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs 6,000 ; 840 direct; active, 5-15 higher than 'Wiednesday's average; top $3.15 on and'170-210 lbs.; good and choice, 140350 lbs., $2.70-3.15; packing sows, 275-550 lbs., $1.90-2.45; stock pigs, good anjl choice, 70-130 lbs., $2.5075. • • . Cattle: 1,400; calves: 300; market generally steady; weighty steers and fat cows in narrow demand; choice 1,001 lb. yearling steers $6.60; steers, good and choice, 550-1500 lbs., $4.006.75; common and medium, 650 lbs. up, $3.00-5.00; heifers, good and choice, 550-900 lbs., $4.25-8.25; 550900 lbs., $2 .50 -4.50; cows, good, $2.3575; vealers, (milkfed), medium to choice, $2.50-6.00; stocker and feeder steers, good and rtioice $4.00-5.78. Sheep: 4.000; lambs fully steady; sheep strong to 25 higher; top fed lambs $5.75; top ewes $2.50; lambs, good and choice (X) 90 lbs. down. $5.35-85; good and choice, (X), 9098 Itis., $5.25-75; ewes, good and choice, (X), 90-150 lbs.. $1.50-2.50. (X)—Quotations based on ewes end wethers. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 500; hogs 3,500; sheep 1,000. Close 21V4 68% 104 V. 62'-:- .7V'. 42 46',i 15 44^;^ 14 : 59'i 35% 39 14^i 13'-i 22'4 13'i 2% 26% . 5'-j 5% 19% T» 15 30 13% 28 28;i to attached claimed to be the last will of said decedent, has been filed in said Court, and the said Court has ordered the witnesses to suclri will and such other witnesses as any person interested for or against hav^ ing same admitted to probate ma.y desire, to come before said Court a^ the Probate Cdurt Room, at th^ Coiul; House in Tola, Allen Counts^ Kansas on the 1st day of March, A. D., 1933, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. so that Petition may be acted upon. Dated the 5th day of January, 1933; (SEAL) . : TRAVIS MORSE. Probate Judge of Allen County; Kansas. i (l)-19-26 Lansing, Mich.—Up In Grand Ma- rals, Mich., they're going to hold the November 8 election over again. As Attorney General . Patrick H. O'Brien understands it, there is no dispute about 'the election of Mr. Roosevelt, but a proposal to bar cwws from the streets is causing all kinds of trouble. The proposal carried at the election, but opponents contend visitors were permitted to vote. LOCAL PRODUCE. Eggs, firsts 13c Eggs, seconds 10c Eggs, thirds 8c Eggs, ungraded 11c Hens, No. 1 8c Hens, No. 2 ; .5c No. 1 Springs, l',4 lbs., up 6c No. 2 Springs , 4c Capons, over 9 lbs. ..11c Capons, over 8 lbs. 9c Capons, over 7 lbs. 7c Capons, under i lbs. 6c Slips 4c Butterfat, lb. ; 15c Stags, lb w ;.4c Cocks — " ...3c aecse", lb So Guineas, each 10c vVhite .Jucijs, lb 40 Colored Ducks, :b Sc mdes, per lb Ic Mixed Drrn btk 15o 'i-ellow Com, bu ..16? Wheat, bu. 28c Kafir Com ..14c Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Jan. Produce unchanged. 19. (AP)— Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Jan. 19. (AP)— Hay: 12 cars, unchanged. L Kansas City Grain, as Olty, Jan. 19. (AP)— Wheat: 105 cars;:up % to m. No. 2, dark hard, 44'i-46: No. 3, nom.. KANSAS BRIEFS <By the Associated Press) Wichita—Mrs. C. W." Fisher, wife of a Congregational minister, died here yesterday, on her fiftieth wed- din? anniversary. The.Rev..R. Fisher had held pastorates at Pittsburg, Arkansas ^Clty, Kiowa, and Mount Hope. Kansas City—The body of Daniel T. Hurley, 57, a machinist for the Frisco railroad, was found late yesterday In Jersey creek underneath a bridge. He had been missing since late Tuesday when he left the county courthouse after serving on a jury. Meinbers of his family expressed belief he had been robbed and slain, while authorities were of the opiri- fon he had sUpped and fallen while crossing the bridge. Pittsburg—A resolution, asking abolishment of the city coiul., was ordered prepared and forwarded to the state legislature yesterday by the city commissioners. The officials, who said they were seeking to eliminate the court as an economy measure, have expressed, themselves as opposed to a bill introduced in the senate, to place the-tribunal on a fee baisis. LEGAL First Published iri The lola Daily Reglister, January 19, 1933.) PROBATION OF WILL In the Pibbatfe Court of Allen Coimty, Kansas." ; In the Matter of the Probation of the Will of H. W. North, deceased. The heirs of said decedent and all other persons interested in the probation of the will of said decedent, are hereby notlljied that a verified u^^rft^ ^/yglJf - ' t^^Cr^o^:^- ^^7= NO !-petitipn asking that a writing there- OUT OUR WAY ~~ ByWiUiams 111 liiiKsn - - A, BORM THiRTW SEARS ToO SOOM . (First Published in The lola Daily Register January 19. 1933.) PUBLICATION NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ALLEN- (JOUNTY, KANSAS. The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation. Plaintiff, vs. Walter A. Cllne, Hazel Cline, The Peoples State Bank, a corporation, and W. H. Shultz, Defendants No. 17255 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO DEFENDANT, W. H. SHULTZ, GREETING: You are hereby notified that you have been sued In the District 'Courts of Allen County. Kansas, in an ac-.' tion wherem The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, ; is plaintiff, and Walter A. Cline, et al. are defendants, being cause No. 17255 on the docket of said court, and that you must ant swer the petition filed in said caus^ on or before the 4th day of March' 1933, or the allegations thereof •will: be taken as true and a judgment- rendered against you to the effect, that there is due, said plaintiff on certain promissory notes and mortgage, as set out in said petition, the .sum of $1569.32 with interest thereon at the rate of 10% per annum from March 1, 1930. until paid; the sum of $1,569.32 with interest thereon at the rate of 10% per annum from March 1, 1931, until paid; the sum;- of $li569,32 with taterest thereon at the rate of 10% per annum from March 1, 1932, until paid; the sum of $307.82 with, interest thereon at thie rate of 10% per annum from October 10, 1931, until paid: the sum of $296.12 with interest thereon at the rate of 10% per annum from November 16, 1932, until paid; the stun of $10.75 with Interest thereon at the rate of. 10% per annum from November 17, 1932, until paid; and the further sum of $9,745.30 with Interest thereon at the rate of 6% per annum from March 1, 1932, to the date of filing plaintiff's petition and 10% per annum thereon thereafter until paid, and that saiid mortgage will be adjudged and declared to be the first Hen on the certain real estate situated in Allen County, Kansas, described as follows, to-wit: The East Half (;'{•) of Section One (1) except Right of 'Way of M. K. & T. Railroad over and across said land, in Township T*renty-flve (25) Soiith, of Range Twenty (20) East of the Sixth P. M., containing in all less said exception, 311.71 acres, more or less, and said real estate will be sold ac-' cording to law to satisfy said judgment, interest, taxes then unpaid, and costs, and judgment rendered forever barring you or.any persons claimhig thru or under you of all right, title and Interest therehi, and" in the equity of redemption of said premises. In Witness 'Whereof, I have 'hereunto signed my name and affixed the seal of said Court, this 19th day of January, 1933. Attest: (Seal) N. C. KERR, f Clerk of District Court. C. J. Sloop, Attorney for Plaintiff. (1) 19-26 (2). 2. Mr. Clirysjer Says The 1933 lings of Chrysler Cars to" be} announce(i soon, will; be the FINEST CARS EVER to bear his name. See: us before you buy a, new car. ROSS ARBUCEE GARAgE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—^Parts AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For ^ale SALES 1 Dependable Used Cars and Trucks Dodge ELLIS MOTOR CO., Phone 301 I Cash—Trade—Terms PONTIAC - BUICK ^ GOOD 'WnLL USED CARS .'. SHELLY MOTOR: CO. Authorized Buick-Pontiac 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 80 Repairing—Garages BATTERY Garage. Recharging, 50c. Idisal EMPLOYMENT 15 Situations Wa:nted—Female ^ HOUSEKEEPING wanted by woih- an 39. Mrs. Nellie Reed, Genefal Delivery, Moran, Kas. WANTED—Work of any: kind, hour, day or week; ; washiifljs wanted._Inquire 420 N.]Chestruit. LIVESTOCK r 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehlolef COWS — Just fresh, and cows "-to freshen soon. J. C. Butcher, West Street road. • FOR SALE—Jersey cow. fresh about February 1.. R.; E. Rogers, I^a- Harpe, Kas. ' : MERCHANDISE Articles For Salie BATTERIES — Guaranieed, Ideal Garage. SWAPPER'S COLUMN COW, CALF, and wood saw outfit to tra'de for pigs Or sheep. C. A. ' Houk, 1 mile west and M north of Moran. Phone Moran 17F12. FOR SALE OR TRADE—100 ,baies hay for hedge posts; good P. & O. gang plow for Stover mill. W. H. Morrison, LaHarpe. , " , MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gal., $249 ' Ideal Garaee. Plionen4. 26 Farm and Dairy Frodnots FLOUR—Fully guaranteed, 48 Iba.. 65c. Brownie's, Cream, Poultrj and Eggs. I >_ 27 Feed, Fuel, FertUizen PRAIRIE HAY—Baled, $3 per tdh; '26 Dodge 4-door. lola Auto Wredfc-, ing. Phone 782. WOOD—$1.50 per rank, green *or dry, delivered any time. Phone 88. Brownie's. is Household Goods USED SEWING MACHINES—$2,50 up. Henninger's Furniture Store. NEW SHIPMENT of all cotton mit- tresses, $2.75 up; 200 to choose from. W. H. Wood Phie PurnltuTe. FURNITURE. Rugs and Stoves; for less. Curtis Furniture, 10 N. Wash. USED STO'VES and Furniture. Store packed._Hennljiger's Furn. Store. 29 Machinerr and Tools 1 GOOD USED No. 3 McCormlck- Deering Primrose cream separator, $25; 1 No. 3 McCormlclf-Deering separator, like new, $50.00. Allen County Implement Co. v 30 Musical, Radio NEW AND USED RADIOS—$13.'50 up._jIej}ningerj_j\irnltij:re_Stqre ROOMS FOR RENT 33 Rooms ATTRACTIVE sleeping room, hoiiie privileges, close in, reasonable. 215 South Sycamore. • 34 Apartments'and Flats APARTMENT—Nicely furnished,, 3 rooms, pantry, closets, porches, convenient, close in, modern. Phone 1234. Real Estate For Rent UNTIL FEBRUARY 1 we will oil one set of harness (using Eureka Harness Oil) in exchange for either 2i bu. wheat, 4 bu. corn, bu. kafir. or 6 bu. oats. Grange Produce. 2C8 N. Wash. Phone U37. 36 Farms and Land For Bent 240 ACRES—Well improved, for rent or exchange for smaller far&. E. S. Stratton, Geneva, Kas. ' 1926 BUXCK SEDAN—Good condition, good th-es; also 1925 Dodge roadster parts, to trade for livestock, grain or implements.-Stony Point Farm, 1 mile east, mile _north_of Carlyle. ; ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions ' PUBLIC SALE—Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1 p. m., 7 mi. north LaHarpe, 7 ml. ;S. E. Colony. Cattle, horses, hogs, chickens, feed, implements, furnl- turc. Ray Snider. PenKmals OLD MAOAZIiNES and books wanted. 'When piovlng or cleaning nouse give them to the lola Public Library, Phone 1405 or. 382 and' we vin get them AUTOMOTiyE Antomobllea For Sale HUDSON -ESSEX— Parts and Service. Bud 1 White Motor Qo., 209 South street.' Ph6ne 60. 200 ACRE fai-m. house, bam, cljicft- en house, cement silo, sheds, arid water. Prank Ellis, Brown's Dn^g Store. . 37 Honses For Bent FOR RENT-*Houses, good location. See Gi E. Pees. . , Real Estate For Sale 41 Honses For Sale SUBURBAN— Five acres, Improved, near Country Club. lola Land Co. TWO SUBURBAN Tracts; one 5 acres; one (3 acres; exceptionally good values. 'V. C. Archer <Ss Co. Phone 304. » 6-ROOM HOUSE for sale, modem except furnace; located at 302 w. Jackson; wlll.,seil on tdrms like rent. ^Bankers Mortgage Company, 40 Farms and Land Foi' Sale 80 ACRES for sale, the N'i SW IS, 24, 20. Located 4% mi. northwest of Moran. About aU in cultivation. Lays smooth. Good land. §2°** set of Improvements on It. Price $30 an acre. Terms Jon $1900. ^n^ere Mortgage Company, Tc !i

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