The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 23, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1939
Page 5
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n SATURDAY, SEPT. 23,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. PACE FIVE ,tr'1 NEWS OF THE MOTOR WORLD "IN MY MERRY OLDSMOBILE" Sung by BING CROSBY Many Accidents Would Be Prevented if Speedometer Was Watched If certain motorists could bej prevailed upon to take more speed guidance from their' speedometers and less from snapshot judgment, traffic; safety would be materially ad-1 vanced. That at least is the 1 opinion of George B. Allen, chief engineer of the Dodge Division of Chrysler corporation, who, after investigating the matter, comes to interesting conclusions. "The modern speedometer is a reliable instrument," asserts Mr. Allen. "Some drivers seem to regard the speedometer asi something enabling car makers to prove that their cars can travel as fast as the operator may wish to go. Once curiosity on that point is satisfiled, the speedometer Is in many cases consulted less regularly, due probably to a belief that an ex- operienced driver can make fairly accurate speed estimates | without recourse to the instru-1 ment panel. In reality it Is the failure of many drivers toj judge their own speed and that of.other cars that causes them to lose their heads in tight situations such as present-day traffic can and does create. Three Senses "In studying speed impressions, you find that they are governed by three senses—sight, hearing, feeling.. When the; driver is in his seat, the wind- I shield, steering wheel and engine! CUSTER.—The first regular meeting of the Custer Parent- Teacher association was held at the high school Tuesday evening with Mrs. B. T. Hackmuth Monroe and .RayuwHWUHuddle-I Sugar Ridge Church of v the I the, Corner" club will begin its stun favored with two musical I Brethren in South Custer Siin-| meetings after the summer va- selections, "Shine On Harvest day morning, Sept. 24. | cation on Thursday, Oct. 5, at Moon" and "I'm Happy on the An impressive service has been 'which time they will meet with Prairie All Day." Mrs. Hedrick (planned and all members are i Mrs Homer Morrell at her home played Beethoven's ' "Moonlight | urged to attend. I i n 'south Custer for an all-day 6onata" and gave a history of it. | A cabinet meeting wa,s held at \ meeting Jfe S^^riSS ^^u^evSJ »™» \ h J ffi n '«?$& O f &i 0 d the C ° ming ^^ Wei ' e i & ""Sll ?^r? r t e o£? l S Sffi- a.scussea. mazoo to r^aume his studies at The aouth Custer "Brighten ' Western State Teachers' college which were present and gave a short talk on the need of working together between parents and teachers. He also introduced (he teachers, Miss Dorothy Zerillo, Miss Olga Trucks, Mr. and presiding. The regular routine Mrs. R, Hedrick and H. Bennett, of business was'Carried out with the'Hew members of the teach- the secretary report of the last ing staff, as well' as" Mrs. Stanley meeting being given by Mrs. Mel- I Rosplock and Mrs. Melbourne bourne Johnson. i Johnson, who were returning. A cabinet meeting of officers Everyone was then invited to was held at the Hackmuth home I the dining room, which was Monday evening, at which meet- ! beautifully decorated with fall ing Mrs. B. T. Hackmuth ten- ; J1 dered her resignation as president of the organization because of ill health, and at the meeting Tuesday evening Mrs. Charles Reader was elected to take her place. It was also voted at this meeting that the executive board decide where the PT-A money shall be used and bring a report Just Received A MOST During the filming of "The Star Maker," Paramount'* new picture in which Bing Crosby sings "In My Merry Oldsmobile," "Sunbonnet Sue," "School Days" and others of Gus Edwards' famous melodies, Bing, Linda Ware and some of his kid •tars were photographed in an early model Oldsmobile similar to the gigantic replica of an Oldsmobile used in the picture. Then they all climbed into Bing's own Oldsmobile Convertible for a picture in • modern setting. Both photos are shown as a study in contract* The 1940 Oldsmobile of their decision to the organization. The meeting opened with community singing of two songs with B. T. Hackmuth leading and Mrs. R. Hedrick at the piano. flowers, where a luncheon of oainty cakes and coffee wa.s ' served by Mesdames B. T. Hack- muth, Joe Sanders, George Mai- ; lison, Frank Damkoehler and Mabel McKensie. A social hour was enjoyed during! Which tiiiiti-'all patrons and teachers endeavored to become acquainted. The next meeting will be the second Tuesday in October. To Install Officers Installation of officers for the coining year will be held at the is the hood form prominent parts in; latest car to make its formal his field of view; with relation• debut in Ludington, having been to the driver, these parts are placed on display at the H. N. stationary. Because of this, and j Willoughby garage during the also because the driver's seat - is i past week. flanked by the solid sides of The Olds, bigger, more beauti- the body, he does not see much! ful and safer this year, is one of of the road as it unrolls beside, the most attractive autos on the the car. This explains why] under such conditions the car's speed is olten under estimated. The person seated beside the road, being streamlined to a de- | larger and more luxurious and gree which places it among the elite of motordum. All of the Olilsmobile features have been refined during the past year, making all three series one of the finest autos on the market It is marketed in | Willoughby Chevrolet Series 60, 70 and 90, the 70 being ; South James street. the 90, in turn being the leading car of the three. Oldsmobile is a product of General Motors and, together with Chevrolet, is sold by the Sales on SPEEDY SAYS: "My Car Was Awarded 4 STARES For Performance" "I got at least 4 stares in every block . . . sometimes more! BUT SINCE THE LUDINGTON AUTO SALES' SERVICE DEPT. GAVE MY CAR A TUNE-UP JOB, I GLIDE ALONG AS NOISELESSLY AS THE NEW 1940 BUICKS!" Ludington Auto Sales Phone 600 We Call for and Deliver Your Car COMPLETE STOCK OF LOW PRICED CRYSTAL GLASS It is inexpensive and can be used in any type of installation. You can get at any garage a Model A Windshield For Only We also carry a complete slock of Safety Glass to fit any car or truck on the road. NOTICE HOUSEWIVES We can make any type of glass shell' you might need- beveled or roll edge—cut to the size you want. The Reliable Tire Accessories Co. driver usually sits more nearly upright; in his view the forward Mrs. Hemmer. Frank Jankoviak of Marion called at the Peter Jankoviak circumstances to elect three officers at the meeting. and Mrs. Fay LaGuire. Mrs. Nora Black was a supper .Mrs. Monroe Stanley, who was ; guest Wednesday evening of sides Is well ind clearlv poles and other marks flit by rapid succession. All this causes the observer to see quick The Bachelor Extension club hold its first meeting at the of Mrs. Vera Matthews on Sept. 27. All mem- bring notebooks and i pencils. Frank Gorzewski and daugh- elected president, is unable to fill the "position. George Rayle, who was elected vice president, was a is now a rural carrier and therefore cannot hold an elective office. Miss Ruth Enge; in arm, who was teacher last year, Mr. and Mrs. Voigt Haufstatter. Felix Mienevich of Fountain ' business visitor here Thursday evening. ' Miss Evelyn Rasmussen, who | is teaching the Bennett school, i commercial visited Thursday evening at the ; was elected home of her brother, Harry Ras- , motion greater speeds ' ,.*UQ. -"it™,*°''iV>HX-. f \l • .. - and Mrs. Peter Jankoviak. suggest greater speeds than. __ _ actually obtain. On the other EV^^o^Jl "PT* A hand, travel through prairie FI CCMJll L L m A pression of slowness. i "The sense of hearing plays a Meet Oil FREESOIL. — The first Free- part in the judging ot speed," soil Parent-Teacher association Mr. Allen has found. "When the I meeting of the (present school car smoothly proceeds in 'high,' i year will be held Monday eve- and there is little or no road | ning, Oct. 2. A reception for noise, the car appears to run, the Freesoil teachers will be held and a short program given. It will be necessary. be- retary vacant. Mrs. Ira Granger is treasurer. Mrs. George Rayle has kindly consented to act as chairman for the first meeting and arrange the program. The membership committee will be appointed Oct. 2, and possibly a ways and means committee for car slowly," he says. "The sound of an open engine exhaust, tailing on the ear, creates an opposite impression. Different Feelings "The sense of feeling also becomes an element in speed judging. A poorly sprung car, ori one with hard tires, joits the| passenger and thereby blurs hlsj vision. A small car is likely to transmit road shocks not noticed in a heavier car. For that reason a speed of 30 miles in the small car is apt to appear like 45 miles, whereas 00 miles in a large car is likely to give the impression of slower speed. "Habit is still another factor in speed estimates unsupported by the speedometer. When, after a drive through open country at a speed of lorty-five miles an hour, you enter a town and slow down to twenty miles, youj often imagine that you are traveling at a walk. Your senses had become so accustomed to, the 45-mile speed that the sudden reduction surprises and misleads them. ... "Fortunately we have a re^liable speed check in an accurate speedometer whose ..readings, consulted with regularity, keep us out of mischief into which we might get were we to rely on our own fallible ability to tell one speed from another.'' Reek School Special Meeting field At the special meeting called at the Re.ek schoolhouse Thursday evening, Sept. 14, the county school commissioner, Miss'Ger- trude Eastman, explained very clearly the plans of transporting high school students. It was voted that the Eighth grade would not be discontinued. A plan, decided at-a previous meeting, which says that the patrons desiring bus. .service will pay the expense ,qf, the same to the Reek school board who will contract witl) the school attended by the'iilgh'school students, was kept. . Mrs. John Hemmer and son, Walter, attended the Western Michigan fair Wednesday, Sept. 13. with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hasselbring. Miss Eleanor Lewis and friend of South Bend, Ind.,, were supper guests at the John Hemmer home Friday evening, Sept. 15. The visitors were making a four- day trip through Michigan and called as they were on their way , iiorth,_ v .Miss. - • • cause of resignations and nther Mr. and Mrs. Con Young and son, Duward, and Mrs. Emmaline LaCuire of Fountain were supper guests Thursday of Mr. Thursday evening j Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gurnsey. ; l Paul Zeikert of Northwest ' Meade visited h;s family in : Freesoil Wednesday. \ | I. J. Eddy of Scottville was a j i Freesoil caller Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Fay LaGuire i made a recent trip to Bendon i to spend the day with relatives. ! Mrs. McCuage of Bendon re- j turned with them and remained I two days as their guest.' I Mr. and Mrs. Hasen Howard i returned Wednesday evening M - om a trip to Sand Lake. 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