The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JUNE IT, 1948 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE nvi Jon MosoryJc, Czech Anti-Red Premier, Was Murdered by Communists, Ex-Official Says t By Itonald J. GOUT,,!... Vnlted Press Staff Cwrespondenl WASHINGTON, June 17. (U.P.)—Jan Masaryk, Cjethoslovakia's pre- Commvmul foreign minister, "was killed and it i* probably tru« thai he wa* killed on orders Irom Moscow," former C&ech Ambassador -Una) Slavik said today. » — -— The United States government has no confirmation of the circumstances c[ Masarjk'j death as related by Slavik in air interview, ^'either docs it have pioor that Ma- L saryk committed suicide, ~ Mosarylt.died last March 11. The consensus thcti \vas that he had committed nuicicie by leaping from Blonde Takes Off For Dominica in Quest of 510,000 the fourth story ol the Czeriiin Palace in Prague. Sla\ik resigned as Czech ambassador on March 3 to protest the Communist power grab in his country. He said he finally lias abandoned his lirsl belief that Ma-sary^ took his own life. He based the murder theory on evidence reported lo him by Czechs who have fle>l MIAMI, Fla., June 17. (UP)— Dorothy Lawler look, off for the Dominican Republic early toda>> confident lhat she Is one 'her \vny at last lo a man willing to plank down $10,000 for her hand In inar- rlnRe. "I'm sure this Is It," Dolty said as she boarded R Pan American Airways plane for Cludrul Trujlllo, D. R.. at 3:00 a.m. EST. "I hear they like blondes In South Auer- Ilieir homeland, aud from informa- lca n lion fiom inside Prague Tlle New York hatc lieclc girl who -I am now convinces by witnesses put romftnce OT1 „ cash-and-carry that he was killed and it is prob- : )K15l ,. SHJ[j s , w was gojng (0 see abiy (rue that he was killed on or- j ,. a man with a Spilnlsh name -, who dors troin Moscow uiuier plans made by the NKVD (Soviet secret police-)." Slavik siud. -I am convinced he died defending himself." Slavik expressed the opinion tha". Masaryk prior to his death was making plans to escape the Com- ex|)ressL'd interest in her want-ad for a husband willing to make a S10.000 cash settlement. She wouldn't tell her suitor's name. "He doern't want any publicity," she said. Dotty wore a natty brown suit and munisis "and light for a free u-hjic platform shoes, and she look- Czechoslovakia." ted like a different person from the Evidence Indicates Murder ] girl v, r ho arrived here Tuesday "There is evidence that Masary't wa.s killed in a fight with a squad of police who attempted to arrest | Jiim," Slavik continued. "Even inedi- 'cal examination of his body showed that he must have been dead tails, "disguised" in no makeup, six-Inch pig- cotlon dress and sandals. A beauty parlor visit yesterday helped. She was to have flown to Clu- dad Trujillo early yesterday, but he was thrown from the window ol her departure was delayed when j stripe which gleams like a lustrous ^^'"^ ,,,";^ t \,^ Czernm palace. Some of his blood officials found she did not have ribbon from (lull-surged cottons , ill _'i?".-"»> <» P».«mb was found on the window sill. He ihe necessary papers. She got the. strip! ri chambray, for c.vample had a broken chest and his body proper visa .yesterday amid the ' inspired California's MargU showed signs ol a severe beating." popping of flash bulbs and the to design one * the season's snias'i Slavit said he has reason to be-1 questions of reporters. I hits. This is a one-piece playsuit lieve at least four men visited i Dotty had little to. say about with a ruffled waistline, flip Masaryk's apartment and accused [ Danny Wicker, Dnytona Beach tav- . lerina skirt a:ici shirred-lnstex bo- him of planning to leave Czechoslovakia. During an ensuing argument, Masaryk drew a gun and killed at lea-st, two o( the visilova before he was killed, Slavik be- lives. "Witne-ises saw the police remove two bodies shortly before dawn when Masaryk was found," Slav;k added. The former Czech ambassador related his ideas regarding Masaryk's death in the study of his suburban home. In his desk were pictures oi and former Czech Pre s : ernkccper who was her first choice with but who failed to come up the cash on the barrelhead. "He was a nice guy," Dotty said. 1 o f stripes to "but not what I was looking for." j style. i Not ci In WARNING ORDER the Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. James T. Stewart, Plaintiff vs. No. 10,458 Doris C. Stewart, Defendant The defendant. Doris C. Stewart watched, and will have no possibility of escaping." He thought Czechoslovakia would nol be able to overthrow the Communists "in the near Juiure." C. A. Cooper, atty. for Ptf. Ed B. Cook, atty. ad litcm. 5|2l 28-6,4:11 Atom Workers Approve New Wage Contract OAK RIDGE. Tenn,, June 17.— (UP)—Atomic workers at the national laboratories here today approved a new one-year contract . with Carbide and Carbon Chemicals' Corp., the operating company, by a vote of more than four to one. ' Members of the AFL Atomic Trades and Labor Council voted last night on the proposed contract %which resulted from long negotia- ] Aliens directed by the Federal Mediation Service. j Kenneth L. Scott, co-ordinalor of the union, announced that the vote was 271 to 60 in favor of ratification of the contract. The contract covers sume 815 workers and the light vole was said to indicate that H lr»rge majority believed the pact would be approved. ; Scott said the contract expires.! next June and provides wage in- ! creases retroactive to last Dec. 18, ranging from six and one-hall to 40 and one-half cents per hour fi>r various types of work. Details of the agreement were worked out early this week. The settlement removed the threat of a crippling strike which has hung over (lie negotiations for lour months. vrr stymie of salin-Miiiicil tort easts I1u> Mimmrr fa-ilium success of a> clothes. K:is|ibm\v stripes on 3 blue background .ur skillfully winked iulo a shield- shaped plastron on the sliirml bodice uT (he nlaysiiit. left. C'enlec, luivivtintal snipes «ccenl thr imnsiuil ilesij;n <il Ihe wired sliuiilevv mi) bucklcss hrx unil the (lowing ikirl. Hrnwn yellow sli'lpe* arc luilrril to aihl iialtrrn in lerest tu the two piece dress, vitlil, i with n solid color trim which picks up the dominant note of background stripes- The Mouse nncl .skill which mutch the -sunsuit demonstrate the designer's ingenious tricks of initcrini; By NK.\ . NEW YORK, (N'EA^ —Some of this summer's snuppicst play-clothes fashions pay tribute to tin? .s hem! me peek-a-boo color effects. n v so' o ,[ lht thcCln .siieedomelcr ."((KiUJa receiV'.- .lUciuion once n year to keep it functioning reliably, but, due to its delicate construction, this work FALSE TEETH Sfofe Steel Workers May Join Walkout Ll'lTl.K ROCK, Ark., June IT. Ul>>—An estimated 336 to 4» Ar- ;ansas workers will be unong the -•0,000 li'nployos at the Aluminum Company of America to go on strike lit midnight Uunday If wnge nego- tlntinm bog down. If nothing gives or bends, we will go out." said Charley Clreon of Bauxite, secretary ol Local J23 of !hc ClO-Uniled Steel Workers. QiTcn said the local had culled a merlliiK lonliilit In Ucnton to dls- CHSS Hie company'! prnixunbs. Ho explained, however, thnt the members can only endorse or refuse to endorse Ihe policies of (heir Inter- Oieen returned lo Arkansas yes- tenlay frutn 1'IU.sburgh. lie snl< (he workers are tufting a raLs« of i IJ cents an hour wlille the firm hit offered nine cents nn hour or elgh eenl, whichever 1» tho greater. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H*l|> IS MiU« of KldiwyTubw Flu*h Out PoUonou* WuU Wn dl»or<tcr of kHn*y fwaetiaa penoMt poEtonoui matUr to remain ht your bloed, tt may c*ute nmaying bvkacbe, rfecum*U« F»tM, UK y*lni, ton of pep and eaervr, i*t. tEnK up nlehU, Bweltlnt, puffincss zr.dtr th* eyei, n**iinchr* and dltxlciwa. Frequent off •cirity iiuBAitr* with imartinv and bunifnc •omeunieB tliowi tli«ru it foawihiaf wroaf with your kldneyaor Mmlder. Don't wall I Ask your drucrtdafc for Do*a'« Pllli, a •tlmulanLiHureUe. uied vucceMfuUy Ly mlllloni for over GO yetri. Dc*n'* glv* h«rr>> r*li*f anil will talp th* 1& mllfi of kMiity tuWifluih out polwonouAWMtAivoM your blood, Qtt Uc*u'» fill*. causei by tunctloiul mlddlt-att'l vvBoimiir ^,<>niiM)iinti m rcnnvi? niicn hyinpuirntii it ™IMI IIRS wlml L>octorw c«Ll * atnmnctiic lonJc oltt'ctl KIRBY DRUG STORES *••••• • . MAIN. AT SECOND— BROADWAY.D1VISION BLYTHEVILLE . dice with a plastron front shaped like a shieia. The merit of this dc- ! ii lies In the masterful handling crcale a distinctive dressing V'iVsint, 'M^U, ^^'^ a^xpcrl. Pellegl also turns striped chnmbrnv ' into a three-piece outfit which in- ! n on '* KJpalcrt troduccs the season's mast spccta-I nc«jie».i cular bra. This one is both strap- j less and blackless. It • is wired to I cling close to the body just below ' the shoulder blades. The bra's fashionable companions are shorts TIDY ARCTIC CREAM Twin Package off to show off an eyeful of sun.sult, ' gooey, pasty The halter-hung bra and sleep i PASTEETH shorts are banded and bow-tied .storo. taste today If Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Robs You of Sleep Here's How You May Help» "Whether You Eat 500 Pounds or 2000 Pounds of Food In a Year *ou can't feet cheerful, ts h»ppy *nd •leep well, If your •tomRCli Is »lw»ya up' *et. At »ge advene R* the "old Btorrmch" : ceeda more htlp. The re*son ts this: Ivcrytlm* rood *nt«r» the •totnuch a vital ga»tric juice must flow norm»Uy to break-up certain food particle*; *!M> th« food may ferment, Sour food, acid Indi- j*»Uorx and ga* frequentlf cause a morbid, touchy, fretful, peevish. neivou» condition, lovaof app*tlt«, uiiderwelthl^ rentlew ale«p, we«knma. To Ret rcftl r el lei you muit In ere*** the flow of this vital pwtrlc Juice. Mextl- cal authorlttcs, la Independent laboratory te«U on human stomachs, have by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic 1» amazingly elTectlve In lncrem*ing thts flow when It Is too llltlo or acunty due to a non-orgaillc stomach dtsturbkncd. Tlils 1» rtue to tho SS3 Tonic formula which contain* very *pccl»I »nd potent actuating Jngrerflentj. Also, SS3 Tonic helps build-up/ non- DTKiinlc. weak, watery blood. In nutritional anemlA<~-eo with a good flow of this gastric digestive Juice, plus rich retl- hlood you should eat beUer,sle«p better, reel better, work better, play bclUr. Avoid punbhing yourself with over- <!osci of aoda tiid other alknllrera to counteract gaa and bloating when what you so dearly need Is SSS Tonic to help you digest food for body utrength and repair. Don't waltl Join, the ho*t of hdppy people ESS Tontc haa helped. MLlllona or bottles sold. Get a bottle erf SSS Tonic from your, drug store today. SSSTooic belMtiuUaauuu: , , . is prcttfly pave<l >'i such Johnny* Junior enhancers te this h c»<i- turn i n g t moo t hi c It's • blessed liltle basque of crisp waffle pi<ju*: V'ilh rcniiiii*ccnt sleeves, • vietorian littt« waist . . . and the nicrrr-go-round skirt i* Lynypnn^ « Fuller fabric, rained with roses. In pulsating conitnnaUons of grern and black, pink and black or blue and black. Sires 9 lo 100 WALGREEN ASPIRIN TABLETS ttr*" *• " •»• ' ^ Cnetfr^ ALCOHOL ^g* 70% ETHYL COMPOUND—PINT ARKANSAS ELECTRIC Fans $475 $18.50 29< Cold Fudge Choc'la1e45 < FLETCHERS CASTORIA 390 *- jyRUP PEPSIN : :: S 50^ IPANA TOOTK PASTE Sundae , £ ^ f? Re K . 20c V" 11 ",.^''^^^ - : !OT*' x 35<VICKS SALVE 25* 60c BLACK DRAUGHT r. H<>9 Cmp. '1' For Klies — Mo»iuitots — Molhs DDT UOMKS S2.!)8 $-175 Viilne I . EVERSHARP Schlck R..o. (r IO BI«J«> ai ir, .Plu> COLGATE f,V SHAVE! nq c Compel* Lin* s~~\\~~~\ Sun Glasses rj/'W In All Styles /?&&*<$ iru'. 089 %V^-"* 8 Foot DOANS PILLS 63< 75< BAYER " p ' filN 59(f 75e PHILLIPS«t::63d ExtCotds 59c 50* PHILLIPS J£i«f I IRON CORDS - &l ";;r Other Cool Cottons From $5.95 up FEINBERG'S FOR FATHER'S DAY... Hallmark Cc ri ds Sc up After Shave Lotion P!s;ti< & Lvcitt HlnJtei EVER-READY Shave Brushes 79* to 2^0 KOGfffJ Mf-TlfC TOBACCO POUCH 50 ?«iK) ALARM CLOCKS 60 HAIR TONIC 53 TVITALIS 89 49 Athlete's Foot v;ilhFUNGICIDAL tfintmenl. powdei ond special liquid $4 II • I A O& DORKLOF 3.« T I HALU O9 IREkTMERT . . . *1 Glycerine Suppositories 29 C FORMULA 20 SHAMPOO 49 C Double Silt LISTERINE TOOTH PASTE Store

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