The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 2, 1958 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
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Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 5
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Khrushchev Hampers Ike's Plan to Reduce Spending By 1 IAMBS MARLOW up again! talking about getting the WASHINGTON (AP) - That Allies out Of Berlin. old Nildtt Khrushchev. American He sounded so mean about It, taxpayers ought to be good and and so insistent, that the United mad at hint. If he'd Just act nice, states can't at this minute know « he'd just quiet down-. But no. what It's hi for, or how rough He keeps acting up and costing us things will get, but it does know money. It can't afford to take chances Here was President Elsenhower with defense, iayiflit Just about a month ago- Secretary of Defense Nell H. and very firmly too-that In his McElroy visited Eisenhower last last two years In office he'd fight week as hard as he could to keep down federal spending. That was Nov. 8, the day after the elections. Eisenhower wasn't happy about the election returns. But he said the Democrats the voters chose were spenders, and "that is what I say is going to be the real trouble." 'Everyone Mast Fight It* As for himself, he said this: "For the next two years, the Lord spare me, I am going to fight this (spending) as hard as I know how, and If we don't, I just say that, well, in the long run, everybody else that is responsible has got to fight it." Since this year government •pending is running around 80 billion dollars, and the Defense Department is spending just about half the 80 billion, what place •eemed more likely for real economy than that department? And maybe Eisenhower and his advisers thought some cuts could be made there. But then old Premier Khrushchev started cutting WCCA iu ucurgip, mujiiiruy IB a dutiful subordinate. He knows Eisenhower wants economy, and apparently McElroy had been looking every which way to save a penny. But when he got all through talking to Eisenhower, McElroy talked to newsmen and he said, first, it would be pretty rough try- Ing to keep defense spending down to this year's level of nearly 41 billion dollars. And then, second, he indicated that next year his department might have to increase, not decrease, its spending and wind up shoveling out a billion dollars more than this year. So where is Eisenhower going to practice the economy he pledged himself to? In foreign aid? Probably not. And no wonder. Billion More The Eisenhower administration itself has tentatively put together a foreign aid package calling for $4,200,000,000 to $4,300,000,000 for the fiscal year starting next July 1. That, too, would be a billion Boy, 75, Kills Girl With Borrowed Gun ST. LOUIS, Mich. (AP)-A 15- •**««*-S\1«l K*M* frj\1fl M/tllMA tf^MM Ik* charge and Gratiot County Pros- dollars more than the $3,300,000, 000 Congress' voted this year. It was the Democrats whom Eisenhower labeled the spenders. But even before those Democrats have a chance to take their seats in the new Congress, the Eisenhower administration is talking of spending more money than last year In the two vital areas of de fense and foreign aid. It looks as If not only McElroy Eisenhower too is going to and have a pretty rough time keeping down expenses, although Eisenhower has dedicated his remal ing years in office to economy. President Flies to Washington Well Rested AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — Prest- dent Eisenhower flies back to Washington late today, well rested after 13 days of golf mixed with work here. Returning with him are his youngest grandchild, 2-year-old Mary Jean, and her parents, Army Maj. and Mrs. John Eisenhower. The rest of the family - the President's wife and the three grandchildren of school age — went back to Washington Sun THE NEWS IS BAP — A grandmother, Mrs. Josephine Donowska, collapses in grief as she learns her grandson, Edward Pikinski, is among the dead in the Catholic grade school fire at Chicago Monday. At morgue she was among those making identification. (AP Photofax). New Sewage Treatment Plant in Ottumwa Nears Completion S: !!!li 0 ^. Eisenh ° wers and Place in dollar chot and killed a 12-year-oldneigh- bor girl with a gun he borrowed from her brother. Police Chief Herb Wolford identified the boy as Paul Leroy Rondeau, who lived two doors away from the victim, Carrol Ann Risk. The youngster explained the slaying merely by saying "I had an urge to kill her," Wolford said. The girl was slain as she did her homework in her living room. Her body was found by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Risk, about 6:30 p.m. Monday after they returned home from helping their son Michael, IS, with his newspaper delivery route. He Borrowed Pistol Chief Wolford said the Rondeau boy said he borrowed a .25-callber pistol from Michael Saturday on the pretext of using it for hunting. He had carried it around in a boot since then, he said, bothered all the time by an urge to kill. When be saw the girl's parents downtown Monday night, the boy related, he knew Carroll would be home alone and he rushed over to her house. She let him hi when he said he wanted to borrow Michael's bicycle and then returned to her homework. Becked ra Opea Chargt He shot her through the head, and when she screamed and tried to get up from her chair shot her • second tine in the head, accord ing to Wolford. She slumped back, her books In her lap. ha would ask Probate Court to waive jurisdiction so the .case could be handled in Circuit Court. Federal Judge to Decide Case of Attorney DES MOINES UP) — Federal Judge Edwin R. Hicklin has taken under advisement a motion to dismiss a perjury indictment against Charles Hvass, 36-year-old Minneapolis attorney. Hvass was accused of lying Oct. 12, 1955, in Federal Court at Mason City in replying to a question as to whether he solicited business in a damage suit. The indictment was returned in March, 1956. It was dismissed the following December by Federal Judge George Mickelson of South Dakota. Judge Mickelson held that the rule of federal procedure under which Hvass was accused it not a law of the United States such M would support a perjury indictment. On an appeal by F. E. Van Al- atine, U. S district attorney for northern Iowa, the U. S. Supreme Court held that Judge Mickelson ,„„ „„ „ had erred and ordered the indict- t hi* month. In advance of departure, the President planned a final round of golf. Up to today he had played 11 eighteen-hole rounds and made one nine-hole tour at the Augusta National Golf Club course. He hasn't missed a day so far. Eisenhower returns to a busy schedule in Washington the next few weeks. At the top of his work calendar are preparations for the convening of the new Congress Jan. 7. Still to be completed are the legislative program and the federal budget which will go to the lawmakers shortly after they open shop. Congressional leaders of both parties probably will be called to the White House for conferences on those matters later this month. Eisenhower has called National Security Council meetings for both Wednesday and Thursday for study of defense spending plans. Fine of $100 for Mrs. Dodge LOS ANGELES (AP)-Auto heir Horace Dodge's wife, former actress Gregg Sherwood Dodge, was ditlons in Eventually, aU of the city's sewage will flow into the plant, where the digester process of •lodge disposal will be employed. In addition to the plant itself, he system is composed of a main ift station, a series of gravity and pressure lines and pumping stations. The plant, desgined by the Howard R. Green Co., Cedar Rapids consulting engineers, is located on the north side of the river, at the east edge of the city. Some 80 fined $100 Monday on a drunk charge. She was convicted of that charge but acquitted of four counts of assaulting two policemen and two policewomen while they were booking her. She countered that officers manhandled and humiliated her. Rondeau waa booked on an open ment reinstated for further action. AUSTIN DRUG oreico S NAMED TO BOARD DES MOINES (A —Federal Judge Edwin R. Hicklin Monday appointed three southeast Iowa residents as commissioners in con- damnation of right-of-way for interstate highways 35-80 north of here. LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE 8hav«* with th« exclusive comfort of Rotary Blade* I Closest shm ytt! Contour skin-stretcher rim stands ^ whiskers erect to be shaved below skin level! m Easiest on the face! World-famous Rotary Blades T whirl in one continuous motion... stroke off every whisker! m Easiest to live with! New high-speed, cool-running ^ motor. Lubricated for life. Quietr of all leading shavers. Simplest to clean! Push button—and new flip-top head springs open. Whiskers empty in just seconds. Give your outdoorsman the Norelco S ?man- runs on flashlight batteries or car lighter *24 95 AUSTIN DRUG OPEN NIGHTLY TILL 10 O'CLOCK, 7 DAYS A WEEK St. Paul * Wartr S*i. Au«tl«, Mian. Hi. HE 3-210$ OTTUMWA, Iowa tfl — Within he next two weeks Ottumwa will service a new million- treatment facility, , con- Moines River." On North Side acres of land have been provided for the project, most of which was donated to the city by the Burlington Railroad. Before moving to the treatment plant, most north-side sewage is collected in a large box-type interceptor and river wall built two years ago on the north side of the river, in the downtown area. South Ottumwa waste materials are brought under the river through a new 30-inch interceptor. Special Assessments The disposal system is being financed primarily through special assessments against users of the municipal water supply, based on about 40 per cent of water bills. These assessments were begun about three years ago. In addi tion, the city is receiving a $250,' AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD uesday, ttee. 2, 1958 5 000 grant from the federal gov eminent,' under a river pollution started this fall improvement program. Construction of the treatment fa- St. Lawrence to Be Ready for Ships in April OTTAWA, Ont. (AP)-Canadlan seaway officials believe the St. Lawrence Seaway will be ready for deep-draft ships next April — as promised four years ago. Workers have been toiling tor four years to complete the 135- mile system of seven locks, four canals and other deep channels. Bennett J. Roberts, seaway president, emphasizes the seaway won't be fully finished by April. Remaining work includes dredging to widen channels along the new route and completion of a turning basin at the seaway entrance in Montreal Harbor. But Roberts said the unfinished work will not create any bottlenecks once the seaway is opened. 27-Foot Channel "Barring unforeseen events," ha added, "there will. be a 27-foot channel from Montreal to Lake Ontario." Three locks in the International Rapids section of the St. Lawrence 65 miles west of Montreal, have been operating since July 4 for 14-foot navigation. All three, Canada's Iroquois lock, and the two United States locks near Massena, N.Y., tre read for 27-foot draft ships. Four other locks, all within 30 miles of Montreal, have been completed and tests of mechanism Nationalist, 85, Top Figure MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — Luis Alberto de Herrera, a rabid 85-year-old nationalist, is the ew top political figure in outh American republic. The right-wing Herrerista on of the National party cllities was ordered several years rou « ar « * lm ™. ago by the Iowa Department of are to be aslted Iftalth. Other Improvements The system is a part of Ottumwa's long-range capital improvement program of a new flood control levees, river straightening and highway relocation. It Is estimated that in excess of 10 million dollars will have been spent for the work within the next six years. Also tied into the program is rebuilding of the waterworks and construction of new hydroelectric gates for power production. POLICIES STIR UP GENUINE FUSS Old Glory Comes Out on Top in Controversy at Richmond RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Old blue flutters atop all but one Glory comes out on top — literally stanchion on the capitals. Mary speaking — when it comes to dis playing the federal and state flags From the domes of state capital buildings across the nation. Flag-flying policies here stirred up a genuine fuss recently when Gov. J. Lindsay Almond Jr. announced Virginia's blue standard would replace the U.S. banner on the capitoUs lone center stanchion. Almond readily explained he wasn't hauling down the Stars and Stripes for keeps but that until a second pole of equal height could . . . ... _ . octuuu puic ui cuuai iieigm cuuiu Arrested with her was Chicago be erected the state b would columnist Irv Kupcinet, who faces wave a j one trial on a drunk driving charge Almond Alters Stand Last week Almond altered his stand somewhat. The high stanchion on the center roof was bare. Both state and federal flags were displayed at opposite ends of the capitol until the flagpole work is completed on the main roof. The state-by-state flag count showed that the red, white and [and hoists only the state flag. The U.S flag goes up on national holidays side by side with the state banner. Twenty-six states display the federal banner higher than their state flags. Fifteen give equal height, Kansas, Colorado Firm Kansas and Colorado fly only the U.S. flag, with the state banner displayed either on the interior or on the outside grounds. Dixie states, where the federal versus state power fight is centered, report a.preference for the American flag over their state banners. Mississippi displays both flags from separate poles of equal height but puts the U.S. banner on the right. Louisiana displays the national flag alone from the outside of the building and gives the state flag a subordinate position at the capitol's entrance hall. What Others Do South Carolina flies the U.S. flag above the state banner- from the same pole, Texas on separate stanchions but the U.S. flag slightly higher. Florida displays the national banner over its dome with the state flag having a less prominent place ever one wing Georgia gives preference to the national flag in its display. Arkansas displays its two flags from opposite sides of the capitol Ten new bridges for railway and •oad traffic crossing the seaway route are almost finished. Tenders next year for construction of a six-million-dollar high-level bridge at Cornwall Ont., to link with a new bridge already built from Cornwall Island to the U.S. mainland. Formal Agreement Talks are under way to write a formal agreement on toll sched ules, which need to be ratified by the Canadian Cabinet and approved by President Eisenhower before going into effect. Preliml nary toll levels announced this summer call for 6 cents a ton on the gross registered tonnage o ships, plus 42 cents a ton for bulk cargo and 95 cents a ton for gen eral cargo. This toll applies ships using the seaway and the Welland Canal; there are partia tolls for partial transit. The seaway, with its 800-foo locks, will be capable of handling almost 75 per cent of the world' present cargo ships. Most are barricaded from the Great Lakes by the old locks, 'only 260 fee long. But shipping experts say th most significant impact of the seaway will not be on ocean vessels but on lake carriers with t carrying capacity of 25,000 tons These ships have apace for eigh times as much cargo as presen canal users. They will expedit movement of ire* ore from Lab rador and Ungava to Great Lake steel mills, and shipment of West ern grain to upper St. Lawrenc elevators for ocean trans-ship ment. THEY'RE TROUBLE-FREE Trouble-free operation is featur of modern gas refrigerators, whic have no motors, compressor belts valves or other moving parts break down. TERRIFIC FABRIC ASSORTMENT! STARTS WEDNESDAY AT 9:00 A.M. Located in Our Downstairs Store ALL BETTER QUALITY! 3 YARDS 1 00 AMOrtment include* Ramona Cloth, Creole RwUtant Cottons, Wash 'N Wear*, Rondo Pvrcale*. Value loving women who sew make a bee-line to Penney's in Austin for this terrific value speciall Big assortment to choose froml Compare for quality, »tyle, valuel We know you'll be amazed at how much you savel ALL OUTBOARD MOTOR this fac- won ontrol of Uruguay's nine-man ational Council of Government y upsetting the Colorado (liberal) arty in voting Sunday. Mo change to ttraguiy't r .^ Western foreign policy Wig expected though Hen-en bit ajlshed with the Western democracies' frequently in th* part ind favored neutrality durittf World Wif H, Just outside the metropolis of Calcutta, India there it* two villages with interesting names, One it called Dum-dum and thf other ii ludge-budge. During the past summer you've enjoyed many pleasant hours on the lakes and rivers with your outboard motors. Now is the time to think of the coming season. Your motor should be given a check-up and repairs - if needed - made, during the winter. BRING YOUR MOTOR TO USEM'S Our Winterizing Service Covers The Following: Check and repair rewind tterter. Clean and check and reiet «park plugi end peintt. Check ignition lead*, coil end condenier. Check lower geari and water pump. Flush gat tank. Clean carburetor and adjust it. Flush and change oil or grease in lower assembly. Flush and drain fuel lines. Rustproof cylinder, rings, pistons, etc. Neutralise gat line* and tank. Tank test, tune and adjust motor. Prop, pitch checked. Electric starting equipment checked. WINTERIZING TUNE-UP CHARGES ARE: 1 to 5Vi h.p $5.85 15 to 20 h.p. $11.85 6to9h.p $7.85 «lo35h.p $'3.85 ,„ ,„ . A 25 to 35 h.p. Electric $14.85 10 to 12 h.p $9.85 50 h.p. and up $17.85 Storage in Proper Surroundings $1.00 With Tune-Up _ These rates apply to Johnson Motors. In the case of some models of other makes of motors, we reserve the right to make a separata quotation. Parts are extra. We will quote before working on motor* requiring major work. RALPH B. FELSHEIM. USEM TIRE a MARINE STORE BRIDGE <l> FRANKLIN - Acres* from Main Garagt Dial HE 3-7136 AT YOUR SHOPPING A B C D E F G H is for is for is for is for is for is. for Is for Apples Bank Service China Dry Cleaning End Tables Facials Gasoline i* ^ Hair Cnis i, for Insurance J »for Jackets K u ^ Kitchen Sets L i< for Loans H ufor Hotel Hew Homes Odd Gilts Prescriptions Quilts Real Estate Stamp Store Toys Unmentionables Vanities Wallpaper Xylophones Yuletide Zippers N 0 P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ii for I* for U for It for I* for la for I* for U for it for I* for la for I* for U for OPEN EVENINGS . - • Plenty of Free Parking STERLING SHOPPING CEHTEB "Your Complete Shopping Center"

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