Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1927
Page 6
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IN BASEBALL Several Deals .Flash Up : .During Meetinjgrs at New York SISLER WILL MOVE 5 St. Louis Star Sought By Four Clubs; in Major Leagues; Xew York. Dec. 14. <.\P)—With Jlie David Harums of baseball F '.ighUy stoopetj from a day of al- tiicst fonstaiil huddling, moRuls of t!w major leagues Ijent' today to the .socond session of tlieir annual •wliilo tlio -Jiot' Kiove Tunnev Admirers [Raise $30,000 Doriiig Big Event ' GOES F6R~^CHARITY i-'niiik Phl|ii >K • Lexington. Ky... Dec. 14. (AP)— A brokeii neck in not enough to ^ conclaves .league sat liack and took aiiart ini- j keep Fi^iank I 'hippK. University of .tlaf trades li. .-ee what made ihem i Kentuci^y fullbatk. from planning iu iirofe.ssiDnal football go- National league club clearing Ibiir own slate be|ore going into joint meeting willi the : American leagut- ThurHuay. jivarned lliat-the cir<'Uit, Kmashed till previous attendanie records wjien the career. .,«M..r.; I K'""'' with Centre College i.VoyemlHM- 1!) I'hipps tackled Lit- Ireli, a halfback, and as the latter picked him.self up - he iremarked: "I'hlpiis. you hit harder than any man I ever saw." , Tlie next morning Phlpps' neck 'turnstiles clickeil .">.:!(K >,0"0 times in ; began swelling, and an X-ray re- 1927 and lliat baseballs tlial boiin<l- vealed a fracture .of the third and od aroinul iti tlie'ci-nierfield bleach- {liflli cervical vertibrae. Surgeons frs on ni'iiiy an afternoon were, told tlie player lie was fortunate ,-onJy part of .'il.'-iiHi pcllcis umpire's | in not having: had a frieml clap loosed out for biitt .Ts'lOfnuiui in ; him lieartily .upon" the back, as'a anotjher new rtc<)rd. Wsili i'resi\leiii .loiin .\, lie.viili-r's ]pai-alysis or death. slight jar would have resulted iu mesf^at'e (if jirospeiity iiut of the Since th i\;i.v, pilots oi tilt* senior circuit put ijfi.n jn i their lieads toi;iibi-r and out of ilie i(.ar.s'lo hi iM .keriug raiiiv -iiie of tlie foremosi |j, ho w t!a<le«i of tlie o'li-season to coiijilo ;i year's witli a similar genbral barter in ; tile Anietiiaii league! ' Hti J>ouis el.lbs led the way in( both deals, the Crowns trading^ Harry Rice, outfieiiier,. and Klani j Van CHIder. pitcher, to Detroit in I ' ' exchange for' lirst baseman l^v.x Jilire'and llany .Manusli. slugging " oii!fi<?,ldef. 'Tlie ("ai-diiials siiiiiiied ; pitclier .liniiiiy King })a>k to Pliila-• .-delphia alo;:g with a Oattei-y- mate, .[ohn Scliulte. in a swap for .short-, .stoji Jimmy I'ooncy, outfielder "Ji 'bnny .Mokiiii. and catcher Clarence Joniiard. '.Wither deal in-i voivei! «lsli ei .nsiijeration. j The biilli.-ih temlenC.V of the ivory | market biciirrlit runiors of bigger j anrl bettor • trades impending at.d ' forir clubs were reiiorled bidiling lor the servii es of (ix-orge S:sb r. first baseman of tile Browns and ^definitely lablied'lor exportation hy "tlu- «'xpert-! with Ulue now in tin' t=t. l..ouis fi 'ld. .\imost every Vlub "lias somethiiiu to offer the ("hica ;;ii • AVhite So.x for an.v one u{ lotir :-lf.r ! fm„i.„„t.nlals of jiitehers—Lyons. I'.lankeiishiii. Con-;.tiiey were ready en the football Hlar has : plaster cast from his ; waist, but surgeons be­ lli be fiill.v recovered in time.. As Seen lly C. A. CLIFT , .Vrt .>l .'J «ilf, crwltted ; being one of the men uho aided in turntnt; out ciianipioh- . •'Ml* cage squads ut loin liirli >clio«;, may return to the ritjr. tluring the Chrislinu 'i varutiuii. coariiing u team whicli may oppoM-' tlie ii.'gli j sehool ]iir- gregatlon.. | Metcair. AvHIle ph.Viiical director of the Y. .M. ('. .\. in lola. developed interest in the cage sport here and coached younger boys in the he game so .that to play <in the •nail.v. :ind Thomas. The Vank<'.'s 1 1, j ^r], s<.i,oo| squads when t|iey en- i^aiit iihclier Huffing of the l{ed!(,.red high .school. .S-.).v •but ini^t in excbange for either -: Cetirig. Lazzeri. Comb.s or .Meuselj | . After hall a century of baseballj; ii-t! Xatifinal league retjred I'mpiri >letralf nt. present is roarii- fng tiie high srhmtl team at :)lui>H>rry, Ark^ iinil in addition is reiVrw'intr pnicticnily nil «f the ruiversity; of .irkanKas games. Liienl aiithnritieK are in tonrh villi liim and olnn U» bring his tieam here dnrin" the holidays. \n derjiite innrreei iiient lins yet Iteeii rea<ihed. Incidentally The Champ Makes Some itemarks On Count i •. ^ "Chicago.fDec' 14. (AP)—-Inspired by the -prfiience of Gene Tunney, i'MO dhicagoana Joined in a Christmas fiind banquet last night which turned out to Ije one of the most remarkable .social affairs In the history of Chicago. j The Tunney iidinirers not only raised more -than $30,000 through the i)anq»«t, to provide Christmas baskets for Chicago's poor, but tossed ii shower of $100, $500 and $i,000 checks at theChristraas fund chairman for blocks of seats at a Christmas fund boxing program next Monday. Nearly $20,000 was raised iu a few minutes by this auction. The <hampion regarded tle gathering .with his personal >lew8 of the controversy over the famous "long count" of Soldier field last Septentber, lii a 15 minute jaddress. TbfK heavyweight champion expressed hls^pinlon of;anyone who w-ould impugn the honesty of the ring officials or the city and state officials back of tliem. f Tunney coined a *ord to describe isuch criticism, calling Jt "unsporting." .Most of;Tunney's talk was. de- %-oted to ithe ibattle ;0f the "long count," butj he led off by thaiiking the: Christmas fund cominitte^ for giving him the opportunity to help bring Christmas cheer to Chicago's potir. i ••The.«e poor people." Cone ,sald. '"are biirt of us, part of our.sociai fabric. I and we must realize I that iliey are our obligation." Incidentiil to his errand as an agent of ;Santa Clans, the champipu talked boxing busine-ss a little with Promoter .lim Mullen in regard to | TEX RICKARD STILL IS SMARTEST OF ALL BOXING PROMOTERS New York, Dec. 14. (AP)—The j6b;of out-smarting Tex Rickard. guide of the Madison Squaj-e Garden destinies, is still open to anyone who raa.v wish- tbj apply for the jobJ Two weeks ago Jimmy Jphnson^and Leo P. Flynn. managers of Phil Scott and Jack Deinpsey, respectively, as well as manyottter fighters, contracted with Tex to stage a heavy weight show in the Garden January ' 27. iigreeing to pay the promoter $20,000 for the privilege. *rex stipulated only that Dempisey. Gene Tunney. Paulino IJzcudun, Johnpy Risko. J^ck Sharkey and Tom Heiuiey should not appear oii the card: , It wasn't long before "whispers" said that Johnson and Flynn had er' They said he forgot to mention in his ^ list George Godfrey, newest^ "blac){ imehace," *id regarded- by many critics as the forepiost of the heavTwelght challengers' A match b<;tween Godfrey and Knute Hansen, the Wisconsin Dane, was brt-w- idg, they said; . : At ^ny rate. Kickard heard the rumors and the last .smile at leiist was on his face yesterday when tilt .New York boxing commission ruled out the show on the grounds that manijgers are ineligible to act as "slipped one over" on the promot- prom'oters in. this state. THURSDAYIS PLAY GAMES Home Season Opens for High School and J. C. Fives REGISTER TO PLAY SEKAi* FRAY BILLED HERE FORTONIGHT City Team to Battle Chanute Cage Squad TEAM IS Independent Team Will Play High; Humboldt, . Against College IMPROVED ~ Be Beker Showing To Expected of Local Aggregation FROM SQUAD Only Sixteen Men Are Retain^ by Him . For Quintet CHANCESTARE GOOD Opening Game Will Be At Garnett, Ni^ht Of Dec. 21 CONpmOiN; CRITICAL i In a fight to rise out of the cellar in the Sekan independent iias- ketball league the city team to- Opening the home basketball season in tlie schools will, be the privilege of the local junior college squad when it meets the. , , . ,_. , Humboldt town team on tlie high i night plays it.^i third game at the school court toinorrow nighi. Tues-• merchants buildjog at Riverside day night the Humboldt teani de-! park. The game is to be against feated lola junior college, at Hum- ' the Chanute town team and will boldt. - : be called'promptly at S o'clock. iwhen his team was defeated by the The college has ptiayed otilv the i «rhe local team- has been ! K's'nore team.. Neptune was on Coach Smith has reduced hi^ basketball squad from forty men to sixteen, r Fourteen of these are now out for practice for the only pre-Christmas game [scheduled, which is to be against; Garnett high school at Garnett. C^ach Smith after the inter-class gainef? had an opportunity to see what could be expected of the men out for basketball.^ and .soon reduced his squad to a place where he could be able to handle it. He is continuing the ork on lunda- menjals started Jast week, which includes passing, dribbling, and shooting. A little scrimmaging is being done to get the men in condition for the season. There will bo niore such work on the bill as the time for the Garnett game draw.s closer. The game is to be p a.ved Wednesday, December 21. Of the meil now left out for the fir^t .squad. O. .VcGuire, Round, T)r>BaIdson. and "Doc" Funk were 1 on tlio first team more or less last | season. Hujibard. Wagner. - Sev- Decatur. III.. Dec. 14. (API Physicians attending Loren Miirchisonwcre reluctant to promise a marked iniprove- , ment, in the- Olympic sprint star's condition -today, but they did hold out the hope tliat a slight turn for the better might occur beiore nighUall. -Murchison. w^ho has lieen Hi a week at a hospital suffering from cerebro spinal meiiijigitis, rested quitely last night.' His condition is still critical!. SISLER SOLD TOiNATOfei Sale Price Is Not Given Out—Thought To Be- Around $25,000 '4' V i-esident Phil Ball Authority for Statement AL CLOSES TODAY Is N'ow York. Dec. 14. (AP)—The sale of George Sisler. famous first sfcker of the St. Ixiuis Browns, to d:y. .by Phil RalT pre.sident of the B owns. The amount involved was n( t discio.sed. hut it was under- stbod to be $2.".,0 Cmi. Many Thousands On Football Teams Marinette, Wis.. Dec. 14. (AP)— Eight thousand iiigh school. boys were members of football ; teams last fall, a survey by Uie .Wiscon- Washingtou was announced to- GRENNAN'S MARKET Corner East Ifonroe and Elm Sts. lOLA, KAXSAS \\|e Want Your Poultry, Eggs and Hides. 4\D 01 n PllUNK Nl JIBER IS 87C 1 lia's Produce House Since 191 ('. 0. COGHILL, Manager, _^ sin interscbolastic .Athietic erns and AIsfonehJNe seen regular i ''a''"" f^hows, • service on the second team during'-'— ' =—' the last season. Wagner, was on the seconds the previous season, also. Tromlwld. .M. Funk, and Phillips were reserves on the sec- Howell have opportunities of making a record this sea.son. '• Howell and Phillii/s are not at present reporting for piactice. one game, which ' was against Humboldt, while the Humboldt squad's experience gained in having played .several years together previous to-tiie four or five games strengthened for tonight's game 1 the last year Chanute bigli school and .should begin to hit its giride. 'eam* and wits a guard. . The team wis weakened when it. I Manager Pigg, of the locals, is played-Savonburg and also tame! •''•''^ssing the fact that tonight all far from hitting its usual'stride. p heavyweight championship battle here next slimmer. However, hq referred most of the questions to played this season showsd up very; The battle tonight <will give .it an plainly Tuesday night, i opportunity to show' what povier it Coach Ira S;ockebrand of the j may develop this season. Manager onds last season. McCarty. .Mc-! Phillip.s is .still out with an ankle Clav. Elliot. Breckenridge. and 'ni«ry received during the interclass contest. Howell hurt his ankle'in practice .Monday, night .so was on the side lines last night. Coach Smith is w<xi:king itard to have his- men in good sha'pe for the Garnett contest and if •.everything goes well the lola; team should be in condition to put up a igood ganjp. . ? students are to be admitted lo the game at 15c. college has been ironing out many' Jimmy i'igg has seen that'his team ; of the shown in tjhe; was pnit through some hard work Humboldt game in the two prac- in preparation for tonight's %&mv. \ liis manager, Billy Gibson. Itices since that time and should E. Funk fo;-mer higb .schodi starJ (Jlbson-said Tunney was eager to j be able to have a much better team who lia.s been holding dolwn a , ^ when it again : meets HumboldL (guard berth and then sliifting to The Humboldt team is still unde- j forward part of the time will prob- feated in the Sekan feague and so; ably gt^irl in a forward position Make it a 3654)ay Christma 5 defend his title h«re next summer, if a suitable'' opponent could be. found. Negotiations must await the' February actiojis of Tex Kickard, j proves to be a power. liaiik ()'D;-,v, now approaching 7(i, :ind appoini -i >.d liim "goiHral player and umpire scoiil" witho.iit <lefiii- •li'>y defining bis duties, (ri)a.v. .Avlio hiaiiaged Cincinnati in • liH::. (^licago Cubs in' I!tl4. pitched Way j I(ack' in the .snv. and has been ijin-j! iiirlng • in ;ril a'limt' .'iO years, is |! sclieduled to pfowl almut in a geii-ij •oral search f <ir talent. , i; ^ Althoiigb tin; Nalional leaguo Tiiceting over^JlTll|owell tliat of tlie American lirciiit.'ihe Junior organj- akion was in s^e-sion i^everal lioiirs to welcome- Alva liradley. new ClevelaiKi presi<lei|t to ilu> fold, ap-I; (Bv tlie-.XssQciatcii I'ressI ivi;,,v^ his pun-base of tlie < lub. I: jc,. ,>,,„|. Mi„„.-_HiiiV flight. St. IVop/ised ani.'n.!ments to the major ; jy,,,, .ibv a terhr.icai ikriockou- and ma,ior-nunor agreement, up lor ,.;arl LIKieduhl. Minneapolis action at the joint session Thurs- ,1, ' da.v. were <li.«cus..ed. Indianapolisf Roy f/6HTS_ I.,os A\\\ •Prf'sidenl Me.vdler's report show- 1 ,, ' ed thiit tlW New York Giants 'l"'};;""^'^^^ played before nearly 2 .ft.(iO .0U(» fans | ;al home and a way. Chicago le<l in hbme-ganie attendance witli over J .0O0,0On. Chicago. New York, St. --^.bnisr:, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia : Y„";.y' j^,,^, on lebl eles Wallace. In- from .lac-lt (Chief) ). Colo.. (10). — Charley Long, of he .said, in carrying out the terms ftjf a contract Tiinuey now has with Ri'kard for next summer's battle of the century. First payments on such a matcii are supposed- to 'be de|)osited by Rickard then. Gibson said. As to Jack Dclaney iImj champion's manager'w°as not s6 enthusiastic about a propdsjjd match with him. because of Delandy's ">oor showing against Jlm\Maloney. Kansas iCity-Florida ' Special Is Wrecked .Memphis,^ Tenn.. Dec. 14. (AP) The Kansas City-Florida Special, crack St. iJouls and San Francisco railway tr^in. collided head-on with a freight train on the main line near Portia, Ark., early today, resulting irt serious injury to Guy Nichols, mail clerk of Spi^ingfield Mo... and the protmble death of He7, Thorne of Thayer, Mo.» engineer of the Special. His. body had not been found several hours after the accident. In the prelimniary the lola high schoo'i team will make its first appearance to local followers when It meets the lola Dally Register Independent team.! Thi.s will irrobably be the only game for the high school basketecra before they meet the Garnett high school team at Garnett next Wednesday night. The preliminary wjll be started at 7:30 and the admission will be 2.5c and. Ific. Coach Smith of the high school will referee th game. I tonight. Due to Symmes absence from center, either Green or Henderson may start there. Brock or ; Cutworth will probably fill Funk's guard position. Green and. Brock have not made their appearance on. the local court with the lola team but will probably get an opportunity to show >hat-they can do tonight. The Chanute team has been de- | feated on two previous occasions. Todd, center for phanute, has re- final.j vealed-himself tb be a scoring power, scoring 20 points last wfeek Omaha, defeated Bert Colima; Cali" •^'^Ifof-nia (101. Seattle Rahe Hernuin. of Ne.w .show.;d im-.reases^ in Iiome PO""-'- , Wasii.. lirow larity in that. aider Willie attenih ' ance 'droppiHl off .«liglit:y in Boston. Snei:, Tacpma. Doc (C). Winnipeg. Man.—Del Fontaine. " , r-, , -I 11.. ;„ miiidleweigbt cbampion of Canada, and Brooklyn and considerably m ^^^j^^^^ Langford, Ch Cincinnati . I • • I cagii (10). Pittsburgh Selis^ Bayers Ottawa U. Opens Cage ' Season With Ea^y Win Ottawa. Kas., Dec. 14. (APl-fOt- tawa university opened it^ basket- jball sea .'ion here last> night witli^an I overwhelming victor.v, 71 tc/S, over' Kansas City university. Three freshmen were in the Ottawa lineup. The contest -n-as not a confer'^, ence game.^ New. York. Dec. 14. (AP>—Tlie ! Pitlsburgli Pir<iies .today annoyn*}- j edtho dislpoyal of Emil Yde. snuil)-'. paw pitcher, anil "Roy Speii<ei-. ' catcher. 1 > the luJiaiiajtolis cliili of • the AnuT can .Associiiiiou for a "valuable .consideration.." • Dorsett Produce Co. East Street, lola Phone 701* Casta for Ponitry and Evgo • W* vrlil come after ponitry. j Call qg .any .Ume. • 1 •4 i i Buy His Gift From a Man's Store • They are useful gifts, too. A few sugg-'slioiis; ^ Gloves \ockwear 1 l.unilier ^•M•\.^i Sweaters (hercoals l"nderwear ries ' ' Sliirts lionsp .Silp |K >rs Caps Etc. tuEHUB How One Customer Coiiviiiced Another One 6i our ctistomers took two bottles of motor oil—one was Golden Texaco, ^and left them in a snow bank over night. ^ In the morning ; , Teawco Flowed Freely ir Note: Tbi»J« of yital impor- -rr tance. Easily 50^ of the wear I occurs when yotA- engine I cold—if your 'oil is .sluggish. I Texaco flows to all.bearing I at zero—and below. ' TEXACO eoi .pEN , MOTOR OIP. Remodeling Sale CONTINUES Until December 31st Then we will begin tearing do\vn^ our shelving to remodel the interior of our store. 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