Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 22, 1961 · Page 6
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 6

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1961
Page 6
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Postville Herald POSTVILLE. IOWA PUBLISHED WEEKLY Official N«w»p»ptr for Allamakee Count! and Town of Postville CNffard W. DeGarmo and Fred L. Martin Publishers btered at the Postofflcc. Postville, Iowa as Second Class Matter. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $3 .00 Per Year — $5.50 for 2 Years in Allamakee. Clayton, Fayette and Winneshiek Counties «8JCI Per Year — SG.50 for 2 Years Outside of Four County area. N ATI O N A L EDITORIAL .S^cgTKJJN Wednesday, February 22, 1961 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Anderson spent from Saturday to Tuesday in -Chicago attending the National Clothing convention. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Martins and Janice and Mrs. Milo Jacobia .and Judy visited in Oelwein Thursday. Mrs. Vera Brouillet attended funeral services in Waukon Thursday afternoon for her cousin, Vertun Grnber. -Charles Schroeder, student at Northwestern Theological Seminary At Minneapolis, is spending the week in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Schroeder. Florence Hoth spent the weekend In Racine, Wisconsin as a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Behrens and Kathryn. Mrs. Ralph Slaymaker of Maren-| Mrs. Carl Voelz returned home go came Monday to visit several | February 8 after having been a days in the home of the Rev. and (.surgical patient in Methodist hos- Mrs. W. T. Martin. |pital in Rochester, Minnesota. Gary Bowles of Rock Island, Illinois spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Bowles and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Kittleson left Sunday for Tampa, Florida to visit with Mr. Kittleson's brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Kittleson. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Looney, Jr. and family were weekend guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Looney and family in DeKalb, Illinois. Loren Lee Eberling, in company with Don Eberling of Nashua, returned Sunday evening from a three weeks vacation trip to Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frembgen moved Friday from Dayton into the Gordon Kregel house on East Tilden St. Mr. Frembgen is the local manager for Peoples Natural Gas. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nelson, Steven and Philip of Minneapolis, Minnesota were weeeknd guests in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Ewald Brandt and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nelson. Funeral services for August Nagel, 82, were held at the Bethlehem Church, Ludlow, on Monday afternoon. Mr. Nagel passed away on Friday. February 17. The Schutte Funeral Service was in charge of the rites. The 110 acre Johnson farm South •of Castalia has been sold to Lawrence Meyer of Ossian with .March 10 possession. The sale was transacted by Willman Real Estate. When you have CLEANING Remember GORDANIER CLEANERS Phone 86 4 -3813 Postville, la. Mrs. A. C. Meyer returned Sat urday from a weeks visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Meyer and Brad in Davenport. She help ed the Meyer's prepare to move to Cleveland, Ohio where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. John Falb returned Tuesday after attending the 1961 auto show in Chicago and visiting over the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Field at Naperville, II linois and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Morris at Maywood, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Polhemus and children of Wayne, Nebraska were Sunday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd B. Turner and family. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Radloff of Clear Lake came last Friday to spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ver Dean Radloff and other relatives and friends. Robert Blocklineer is serving his apprentice barbering under George Robert of Manchester. Blocklinger graduated January 7 from the Davenport Barber college. Mr. and Mrs. Garry Carman of Berwyn, Illinois and Mr. and Mrs. William Minoughan of Worth, Illinois were weekend visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burr Cook and Kaye. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kresel have sold their home on East Til den Street to Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Casten who will take possession on April 1. according to an announcement by Willman Real Estate. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit James returned last Friday from a three week trip to Sedona and Chandler, Arizona and Dallas, Texas. Robert James, student at the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, was a weekend guest in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kermit James. Funeral services were held at 9:00 a. m. at St. Peter's Church in Clermont for Mrs. Julia O'Brien, who died February 15 at St. Paul. The Schutte Funeral Service was in charge. SLEEP — YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT HOUSES CAN BE "INDIVinUAL" BUT COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER the Mary, Linda and Danny Theise. Everett, James and David Rowland and Alice Hackman, members of the Clermont Comet 4-H Club, attended a special mastitis control meeting at Vallev high school last Wednesday evening. Funeral services are being held today (Wednesdayl at the Methodist Church in West Union for Robert A. Smith, who passed away last Saturday at the Palmer Memorial Hospital. Mr. Smith was the father of Mrs. E. L. Dean. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Wildman of Pella and Dr. A. E. Sterling of Newton came today (Wednesday) to visit in the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Sterling and to get acquainted with their new grandson, Brett. Scott and Eric Sterling returned home with them after visiting with their grandparents for a week. Dinner guests Sundav in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hangartner in honor of the birthday of Mrs. LaVila Schmidt on February 20 and Renee Schmidt on February 26 were: Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Meyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Orville V. Meyer and family. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kugel and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Kuhse, Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. Willman, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz M. Willman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burshtan, Milo F. Meyer, Mrs. Mary Krogman, Miss Ruth Iliff, Mrs. Gene Medberry of Cedar Rapids and Mrs. LaVila Schmidt Kathy and Renee. gottkoedetit MARKET BOY OUR STORE'S" A PARADISE FOR COOKS' WHO GET THEIR SKILL FROM COOKING^ BOOKS" MM1 •COUPON- CUT OUT THIS COUPON AND SAVE C and H PURE — Cane Sugar 5 lb. bag . •COUPON- * QUALITY MEATS... HEAT and EAT — BEEF STEAKS pkg. of 8 - 89c OSCAR MAYER — SM0KIE LINKS 12 oz. pkg. 59c FRESH RING — LIVER SAUSAGE lb. 49c FRESH BULK SAUERKRAUT qt. jar 29c MINUTE RICE Ige. box 45c BETTY CROCKER Cake Mix Angel Food 39c Per Pkg. C and H LIGHT — Brown Sugar b 39c DOLLY MADISON — Ice Cream - '/ 2 Gal. For 79c FANCY WINESAP ORANGES APPLES 51b. bag 59c 41b. bag 59c ^c^u>ed^ GROCERY @ -WHERE MA^W PA'S POUGH "J ^^^^ ^€ 86 4 3814 • POSTVILLE. IOWA Insomnia apparently was no problem during the middle Ages. Then the popular medical cure was to have your head shaved, be bled to an anemic white, and gorge yourself on a mixture of wild carrot, parsley and peony seeds. The treatment must have worked—at least there are no records that anyone came back for seconds. Just how imDortant is sleep to your body? You can't survive without it, says the Iowa State Department of Health. In fact, tests indicate it's even more important to your body than food. A group of laboratory animals lived twenty days without food or water. Another group died after only five days without sleep. About eight hours of sleep a night is recommended, although you may need more or less. Tests have given us pretty conclusive evidence that we sleep to rest our brain, not our body. So if you're involved in strenuous mental activity you may need to sleep longer. However the fact that you can stay dead to the world for ten hours at a stretch doesn't mean you have to. Vary the length of your sleep for several days at a time and see how efficiently you operate. By eliminating just one hour of needless sleep every night, you'll add about three years of conscious activity over the average life span. There are hundreds of tips and gimmicks and gadgets that are supposed to bring sleep. You'll have to find what works best for you. The key to sound sleep is the ability to relax—both mind and muscles. A comfortable bed with enough fresh bedding to keep you warm, a dark, quiet room and good ventilation are important. A warm bath may relax you after a hard day; drinking some warm milk may help. Sleeping pills aren't the answer. Only a physician can help you find the cause of sleeplessness. See him if you're bothered by persistent insomnia. ONE-HUNDRED-FIVE Mrs. Mamie Chase of Belmond recently celebrated her 105th birthday. Mrs. Chase still crochets as a pastime and helps around the house all she is permitted to help. AMBULANCE SERVICE The unique ambulance service at State University of Iowa Hospitals transported 22,403 patients during the 1959-60 academic year. They included patients from "all 99 counties. Iowa City - " y« ™ market for a house, you 11 be wise to look for one in a neighborhood that is generally attractive in appearance. Such a house will give you more pleasure while you live in it and will "sell better." What should a good residential area look like? Each house in a residential community can be "individual" and vet harmoniously complement surrounding homes, says Frank Sm- berling, professor and head of the art department at The State University of Iowa. Adjacent houses along one street ...ay vary greatly in age, but still have sim'ilarities which can produce an agreeable community effect. For example, they may all be made of the same materials and be two stories high, with irregularities in design appearing in the form of porch projections, gables or wings. Dwellings do not have to be closely similar to achieve harmony in appearance—they need only certain common resemblances and some individual character, Dr. Sei bcrling points out. Planned relatedness of houses in the same community is not always appealing, says the SUI professor. Suburban developments with a modernized version of the Cape Cod cottage, for example, are trim and orderly, but generally lack distinction. Lots arc usually too narrow to provide any restful interval between architectural masses. The modernized Cape Cod house, lacking the simple craftsmanship of its prototype, often shows no dynamic ability in its design, no expressiveness. Dr. Seiberling explains. It is too likely to be n stamped-out adaptation of a commercial package without distinction of shape, trim or use of materials. Many of the current "split-level" and "rambler" designs also produce "routine" results. Dr. Seiberling notes. Fashionable suburbs of some Iowa cities have gone to the opposite extreme in an effort to achieve individuality, resulting in neighborhoods where nearly every house is from a different' period style. Sometimes two of a kind are neighbors, but not often. The results can be very disjointed, cor rupting any pleasant community of architecture. Dr. Seiberling points out. All to seldom is any provision made for developing an area's potential by planned landscaping, the SUI professor says. A house should be oriented to any topographical advantages of its particular lot and should be located to minimize the presence of neighboring houses. Town landscaping, planning and zoning arc essential in developing pleasantly designed subdivisions. Dr. Seiberling explains. Street landscaping makes a contribution through the presence of stately trees in some communities. Without residential zoning, a filling station or store at the corner may someday spoil the charm of your home area. So check zoning regulations before you buy. Prefabricated and mass-produced houses have made very slow gains says Dr. Seiberling. Yet they un­ doubtedly hold the potential for very substantial savings, he says. In prefabrication, the manufacturer makes all or sections of a house at a central point of production. Door and window frames, kitchen cabinets, fireplace units, and even walls, are examples of prefabricated items. The numerous manufacturers of prefabricated houses offer a variety] of styles to the potential home' owner. Consequently prefabricated houses in one community need not lack individuality if owners choose their house designs carefully. Seiberling predicts that in the not-too-distant future a person may no more think of buying an individually designed house than he would think of looking for an automobile with a specially designed body. Already there are mass- produced subdivisions which offer more square footage for the dollar than a person could obtain by building a house himself. Don't put the plants fed light or cold drafts, ^ Mildew is often | plants arc In excess! conditions ami lack v«, is a disease chnractetQl white, powdery patoi« j young shoots and fi W( ^| •Wash the leaves mik by setting the plants l» and ventilation. Tht s lation plus a slight), will eliminate ft es tor nous HOUSE PLANTS HAVE "TOUGH TIME;" CAKE FOR THEM DAY-BY-DAY Indoor environment is the cause of most house-plant ill\ says Malcolm Shurtleff, extension plant pathologist at Iowa State University, For this reason, the day-by-dav care you give your plants will largely determine whether you have a "run-down" or "bursting- with-energy" indoor garden. Water your plants with moderately warm water and keep them out of cold drafts. Shurtleff says. Shoot blight and bud rot appear when plants are chilled or wet frequently and not properly ventila ted. The cure: Expose the plants to moderately warm temperature with better light and ventilation. Dont splash water over the foliage when you water your plants Shurtleff says this can lead to Jeaf spots caused by fungi, bacteria or nematodes. After you water the plants, set them in a well-lighted and ventilated place. This insures prompt drying of any wet leaves. BCeOOQCOPJOCCOCr WASHERS - DRYERS SALES and SERVICE Kittleson - Petersen ©COOOOO rise See your county ,J or local n or ? -ouse-plant prob « • quite sure how to j ' advises. RUG Mrs. Levi Lehman til recently completed j )3 foot braided wool rti(,l ing worked on it "mostsl ter." The woolen \ trom coats purchased A sales or given to M Mrs. Lehman has may rugs and this is by 1 Buy! Sell! Hire! ti Lost! Found! Emptojt find it in the Heralds At the El« WATCH FOR OUR..., SPRING SEED! CATALC which is mailed thbl week, Hall Roberts' POSTVILLE, H now over IRIS THEATRE POSTVILLE, IOWA THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23, 24 and 25 DOUBLE FEATURE p! GOLD Starring THE THREE STOOGES and GEORGE O'BRIEN Saturday, Feb. 25 Midnight Show YOU'LL BE HYPNOTIZED! PARALYZED! TERRORIZED! COLUMBIA PICTURE Starts 11:00 p. m. ^RICHARD DENNING »"> ANGELA STEVENS All Seats 50c to choose froi SUPERMINI PAINTS I 'si *Uak. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday FEBRUARY 26, 27, 28 and MARCH 1 " ALAN LADD and SIDNEY POITIER star in the Hall Bartlett Production ail the _ — Co-starring — James Darren, Glen Corbett, Mort Sahl, and Ana St. Clair .~ ^ 'uiiijiij, star in the Hall Bartlett Production Young Men Cartoon Carnival Every Sundav MATINEE ONLY ' SUNDAY MATINEE AT 2:30 UNLIMITED DECORATOR SELtCTIO .Oil and loW WALL PAP • Satin Finish WOODWORK PAINT . 4-HOUR ENAMEL .Oil andWJ HOUSE PA* , STUCCO of. MASONRY .SHAKE-SH" PAINT 9 O O DECORATOR COLORS fOun OUN HARDWARE li 4Uw [rami Hs* Sl< > Mi ivy felt U ^taraMami n i^^ M=B ^-»V Want to match a favorite fabric or carpet colon see our new "900" decorator book of. bigger, visualize color chips. Another reason why we « you better. KITTLESON - PETER! HARDWARE

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