The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 4, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1894
Page 9
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OP CARROLL, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. », $5,OOO.OO. Opened /justness Fell. 4, 1SS8. a AI*J> DIBEOTOHB: C. A. MAST, - President. (J. W. WATTLES, - - Vice 0. I. WATTJ.ES, - J. E. Griffith, V. HlnrtchB, N. F. Sturges, Cling. Wulteraoholtl, Bumner Wallace, Interest pnlrt on tlmn deposits. Moimy to loan on good security. DruCtu (or aale on nil pnrtH of the world. Steamship tickets to and from nil paits of Europe. Insurance written In tuo best companies. CALIFORNIA And all Pacific, Const and Puget Sound points are renohed comfortably and quickly via Palace Drawing Boom Sleepiog Oars and Tourist Sleepers leave ObtOHge duily and ruu through to San Frnuoieco without change, 'Personally Concerted Excursions In Touriak Bleeping Oars leave Chicago every Thursday. Bate tor a completely equipped berth from Chicago to Snn Francisco, Los Angeles or Portland only 84.00. PiiesengeVs from points west and northwest of Ohiongo onn join tbese excursions en route. Variable route excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates. FOR DETAILED INFORMATION APPLY TO AGENTS CHICAGO & NORTH-WERTERN R'Y OR ADDRESS, W. A. Thrall, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Ag CHICAGO. Is as safe and harmless as a flax seed poultice. It acts like a poultice, drawing out fever and p":n ; -and curing all diseases pecu'lJa?. to ladies. "Orange Blossom" is a pas- tile, easily used at any time; it is applied right to tiie parts. Every lady can treat herself with it. . Mailed to any address upon re- ceiptof $i. Dr. J .A. McGill & Co. > Panorama Place, Chicago, 111. Sold by J. \V. HATTON. SAMS JRADE Ms COPYRIGHTS. CAN I OBTAIN A •ronint answer and an bononi. opinion, wruo ia MIJNN & CO., who havo bud nearly llfty years' ™ -01100 In the patent business. A™™ m «i™. itrlotly confidential. A Uuni PATENT » For • lonost opinion, wrlto to • •'-' v tyyears' imuntcu* striotly'coiiflaentlul. A Uuiiilbouk of In. Mon coneornlnK I'atenlii and how to ob, v«om sent free. Also a catalogue of median- and BClantlllo books sent free. ita taken throuRli Muun 4 Co. receive »uotloolntbo Mciuiillllo Aitiorlimn, and are brouuht widely before the public with, 'oast to tlio Inventor. This splendid paper, - My. olouaiillylllMBtrttteil.liasliy /artht . eoMy.oloKan!lyillMBtrttte,i,basl>ylartIie circulation of any soloutlllo work In tbe I, »3ayoar. Bpocfjnonooiilen sent free, Idlng Bdltlon. monthly, f3.Wu yenr. Bliinle vory iminbor oontulus beuu- . , , fevory iminb les, Iu colors, and BhntogrupuB of now •Ith plans, eiiubllutf buikters to show the ' us anJ secure oontraels. Address CO., MBW YOliK, 3UI HESTOREO, 1'lw Qulokiut Nyrvlnu Ujiuwn. lo citruul) lIUI'VttllH lllHUAKl<Ii KUch u.i IVi-rvous rntrtti'ii' linn, WukurulliiKd, uf ]U'Ultl l'U\Vl>r, liui>»lt'lr:r, l.DHl Uun- „ --- , . . . , , .. oret«kllH[. Aflfrtu!:!iw. vuleluioBK, Kvll nn, t,tck otCumlilt nn-, LumUinluuiid ull Prttliw »ed h . . r'vounouf tuuitceo. uplutn t»r hiliiiuluiiiri, \vhluli Hunu Iviul to luwntt) »>• n.HMi".>|iu<>H. I'm up t» c-uiry ill thu vovt pookct. tit-ill hy iimi) In plain imt-knK" lo anya'tdroiurui'll, m nl« fm 1 W. \\Vulvu nu-iliu-u vuttruntou to euro 01- I'l'funtl UK. moiu-y. rlrt-uhtiii irve. Mires' NATIONAL MKIHOIMS *!<»., 1IO Jlluillsiui M., Chluujfo, -U 1 ,Kor Biile Iu Carroll by J. W. llntton, IProf Soluble &!(id,'cuto.| If; " r ^'H <»i'bUiiUi \Vt>uiiii>-», Dvriir llK ' x '"' "ii'Mviiiuii (ihtfcuru Oiir '^? wiMi.lmuiinx lliu FiiiiM iiliy. (^^".^ "U-lr.iiii.ji.sull /r..iu ) iiDtljlullntlli'iTtmtni, t.'u In.-u halul|fi"H !tt , t>f ovxr Uiiiiii w.ti'k, A yoltl tlio inipii^UUm al' pi'ituuiiliMis I'uitie- tin u anil laM tli. uiiti (hut lui.i u V H I'lll VtlUllHlllUlH, ItDUlUlUvl tin tti'iontlilu ^iLMllcdl l'ilui-l|il»ii. lly dlro.l i.pplk'nlluiito thotiuiit t>t'U!<u UH KpeeUlu lllllllrnc.i In IVH ullll. iiiil.k'luy. The mini- MI) funeiluii^ tit thu hllllHIM Ol'UIIIlt 1 ' ' I UI'O re.sti<i.'>l. 'riiuuiihiint- Inu iileimtiitu ot lile, \ liuvo lioun •ml i.iitUiuls rupldly iiml Kiu'.Ml \ l.'"r. AHUVUlrllCunl 1 i.ur Illllll 111 I'l'ilf. ^M'fllf.Miil, wo i.iuyn'uiul AIIKIU.I'TKI.V " ..... " All, i'.nniv or uld, viil; lu;iiM»ni(l l>'i')|:>ii>l'i|iieiitl'>iis otuiuwoivii, MI wo may know thulr cdudliluu urupiuw uu'ilk U>u tt> vlln-i 11 ivruuipt etnu. i t:«.\t«OLU9, t«wao»thi }3. thru) month! J7 ., Mff(.CIiemlat« HTRSi NEW YO TARIFF BILL CHANGES. Democratic Leaders Agree On a Compromise Measure. BEIOE SAYS THE BILL WILL PASS, Not Orlaln Where Hill Stnmls—Hender- son Submits to Another Operation—lilll to Kcllove Unemployed—Senator Wnluli on Slnto llnnlcs—Heavy Shipments ol Gold—Cnpllnl Uomlp. WASIHNUTON. Mny 3.—While the reports oarly in the day. Wednesday. i cated thore might be some difficulty in agreeing upon a tariff bill, the confer enccs, which were held by the leaders on tho Democratic side of the senate during the afternoon, scorn to have been in tlio interest of harmony, and what lack of confidence there was among those who hoped to secure a compromise disnp peared. Among those engaged in thn conference were Senators Jones, Brice. Gorman and Cockrill, while Senator Hill was present a portion of the time. It is tho position of tho New York senior sen ator that has caused some trouble and there a number of senators who believe, even now, that Mr. Hill will not vote foi the bill with the income tax provision, and it is almost certain they understood the income tax will remain. The senators arranging tho compromise are counting on 43 Democratic votes, and they will be able to control that number beyond any doubt. This indicates they hope to pass the bill in snitu of tho opposition of Mr. Hill, and it also indicates that the bill has probably been made satisfactory in other respects to Senators Murphy and Smith (N. J.). Senator Brice is more outspoken than any other one who participated in tho conference. He said: "In an interview a few days ago, I said the tariff bill had been agreed upon and would pass and 1 now reiterate that statement. I will Bay nothing as to details, but a bill hag been agreed upon. The statement 1 made at that time that the Democrats had agreed upon and would pass the bill was a good help in carrying the Third Ohio district by the Democrats and I now assert that which I said then was true and the bill will pass." Bill May Do Materially Altered. Senator Brice was asked if there was any doubt about any Democratic senator not voting for the bill. He replied ho could not say. Three publications Wednesday asserted they knew positively of some of the changes and that tho bill will bo materially altered. Tho fact that when Senator Squire finished his speech no effort was made to press tho consideration of the tariff bill and that other matters were considered and that an executive session was held is taken to mean the promise is about completed and that it may be ready to be reported in a short time. Late in tho afternoon it was stated the vigorous pressing of the tariff bill would be postponed until new amendments wore reported as it was understood that bettor arrangements can bo made for the consideration of the bill when the amendments are announced. It is then believed the Republicans will agree to some arrangements by which the con sidoration of the bill may proceed without resorting to harsh methods, as tho Republicans, it is thought, will concede the passage of the bill if 43 Democratic votes are guaranteed for it. The assertion was mado on good authority that by unanimous consent a day would be fixed for a final vote upon the bill. A lending Democratic senator, while nqt committing himself as to tho day, predicted tho bill would bo disposed of before June 1. BROOKSHIRE'S_FINANCIAL PLAN. I'rovldea For Coniproliciulve Clinn|fu» In Our Present Kliiiiuvlal Syitmu. WASHINGTON, May rf.—Congressman Brookshire (Ind.) introduced in tho house a bill providing for comprehensive changes in our present financial system. The bill provides that no greenbacks shall bo issued of a snmllor denomination than f 10, that not ovor one-fourth in vuluo of the amount of circulation issued to national bunks shall bo of a loss denomination than $10. Tho coin certificates shall bo isHiu'd instead of silver certificates, gold cortiftontcs and treasury notes iasuod nndur tho act of January, 18»U. Tho bill provides for tho issuo of coin certificates on nil tho gold and silver coin and gold bullion in tho treasury 'in excess of $100,000,01)0 of gold, which is held us a resorvo for tho redemption of greenbacks, Tho bill also provides for tho issue of coin certificates on all of tho silver seign- iorago bullion not oxeooiltng $1 for 4715.4 grains of punt silver, and that it uhull bo tho duty of tho secretary of the treasury to pay out thwH) coin certificated in discharge of all of tho obligations of tho United Status, uxcopt such us aro mitdo expressly payable in coin. Moreover, tho bill provides that tho owner of coin, gold and silver, may dopouit tho BUIIIU with tho trmtiiimir or any biibtrousururof the United Status, in tho Bum of $10 or utiy multiple thereof, and rocoivo coin curlilkwtiw in liou of tho mtino. 8AU>ONt4EEPEnS_BARRED OUT. rosimuvtur Uuiiui-ul Illuult llulluvvt Their lliwluumi Unlit* TUum fur Vottiuiutors, WAKHINUTON, May U.— Post muster General Ulasoll law funuulutud a policy of barring siilooiikoi)[M>ni and bui'tuuduid from appolutmout its poatmiistuni, In acconluncu with thin pliui, wlioro thuro ni'u auvunil candidate's, Ihu fuct that any of thuni has Imswioss doulingH with sit- IOOIIB will .bo givuu wuight, and tho othor caiulidatuH will bu glvtm proforonoo in making upnoiutmuiiU. Postmaster Uon- oral Uiiwoll mud hu had rouuhod tho cuu- clusiuu that a saloon in not u good plaoo to txlnutttu a jwrsou fur thu trtiuauuUuu o( postal Imsiiu'tw, though thuro is no mm- oltul rulu prohibiting tho apjioiutmont of tluwo who iimy havo boon coimix'tuil with tli" lii|um- Imsiut'ds. KIMr. Hi»Hi-ll «iilil: "\Vohavu appointed men as i>i>4iu'i»U>rH who nt-nniltoil bars iu lluiir link-Is, though not Jnton«ted tiwuwulws, but wu jivuiui 1 wot to. It u DON ALONZO. LAMPLlQOTERi. THE BROOKLYN HANDICAP., Four horses which havo been well backed to win tho Brooklyn Handicap, May 15. arc Don Alonzo and Lamplighter, the famous Eastern horses, and Clifford and Yo Tnmnlen, tho Western cracks. Yo Tambien is a maro, but a mare has never yet won the Brookly . not a temperance question nor a moral question; it is a business question purely, and the postofflco department is a business institution. From my observation and experience, I am convinced any man directly or indirectly interested iu the liquor business is, in a measure, unfitted by his occupation and that his interest in that business necessarily interferes •with a full discharge of his official duties fi any branch of the postal service." _,. Heavy Shipments of Gold. WASHINGTON, May 3.—The indications are tho usual spring outflow has at last set in. Advices at the treasury department show about $1,500,1100 in gold was shipped by the Teutonic and $1,000,UOG has already been engaged for shipment next Saturday. Of course tho amount ol exportation will depend entirely upon the rate of foreign exchange, but if the present high figure is maintained, it is almost certain heavy shipments will be made Saturday, The treasury statement of Wednesday shows net gold on hand to the amount of §100,aSta,Ot!t>, Shipments on tho Teutonic did not ay- pear in this statement and when the engagements for Friday and Saturday are added the balance will only be about f87,bOO,000. Coxcy'a Camping Ground Condemned* WASHINGTON, May )i. —Health Officer Hammil has made a report to the dis triet commissioners condemning the lot on which Coxey's army is encamped as a place likely to breed disease. He says that with so large a body of men assembled in such an inclosure, with tho probability of increased numbers, fear that they may breed typhus fever, also that isolation will bo impossible in case of contagious diseases. He recommends that tho army should be removed to a place provided for shelter, and suggests tho Ivy City raco grounds as a suitable place. Bending OITTarifr legislation, WASHINGTON, May 8.—United States Ambassador Runyan, at Berlin, is making an effort to head off announced tariff on cottonseed oil. The Bundosrath recommended that the tariff be increased from 4 to 10 marks per 100 kilograms. As nearly all of the imported oil conies from this country, Mr. Runyon addressed himself to the foreign office, and was informed that it was improbable that tho measures would bo adopted by the reich- etag boforo tho adjournment of tho session now at hand. Senator Walnh'u Stnte Hank Hill. WASHINGTON, May a. — Senator Walsh introduced a bill for tho repeal of tho tax of 10 per cent on tho circulation of state banks. Senator Walsh said in reply to a question that tho bill was intended to provide for unconditional repeal. "That is what wo want," ho said, "Wo claim tho federal government has nothing to do with tho regulations of our state bunking institutions and ask to havo tho Ktnto bunk tux stricken from tho hooka." t Will Ui> to Frodprletisuuru;, WASIIINOTON, May 8,— Unless something iinfoivsocn pruvunts, tho pruoiduut will participate in tho coromonios nt, tvl- ing the unveiling uf tho Martha Washington monument nt Froilorloksbwg, Vu., on tho 10th iiiHt. Ho will mako tho trip in a Hpocial train, and will not l» iiblo to devote, more than ono day to tho occasion. Btivornl mombors of tho oub- iuot will accompany tho prosidont, and Mrs. Clovuluud will probably not go. II iimUinuiu SiilimlU Iu Another OnuriiUon WASHINGTON, May 8.— Gui.ural David 13. Henderson, uingiu-itiiuun from tho third lowu district, wiw Hubjoutod to another surgiral operation, llo lost a log in tho Into war, and tho wound has troubled him ovor sinus not/eiwituting frequent operations. Dr. J. Kord Thompson nurfoniUHl tho operation, and is hopoful that (ieuernl Henderson will recover and bo ahlo to resume, his place iu tho huusu in another week. Hill lo Ktillt'VU Uiii'mplciyod. WASHINGTON, Mny !).— UoprcaontnUvu Boll (Colo.) i ut roil need a joint resolution to provide for tho appointment of a joint ml committee "to devise mount) for tho employment of tho idlo ujou of tho country, restrict tuuulgnUlou, start up our mines, tho our- ronoy and prohibit tho issuing of interest bonring tiumlu without authority of congress and fur othor purpoaoa." ItllS U tlllU. i.N, Muy ti.--ljuito « largo athered at tho i'uni|iing ground of tho rummomvL'iil Wednesday evening to listen toCoxey on tho nation's flmmdns. Coxoy intends to continue to speuk unch evening until his bills are passed. The camp has been thoroughly cleaned, and a large portion of the ground covered with clean straw. A large tent has been loaned for the use of the men. Money Will Be Tried Again. WASHINGTON, May ». — Lieutenant James F. Maney of the Fifth infantry, who was recently acquitted at Chicago of the murder of Captain Hedberg, will be tried for the offense again, this time by military law. A court martial has been ordered for the purpose, assembling at Fort Snelling May 23. Senate Froceeinngs. WASHINGTON, May a.—Senate proceedings were rather dull Wednesday, most of the afternoon being consumed by Senator Squire (Wash.), who made a carefully prepared speech in general opposition to the tariff bill. Jacob Gould Adjudged Insane. WILKESDAKUE, Pa., May 3.—Jacob Gould, a relative of the late Jay Gould, has been adjudged insane. He was one of the wealthiest residents in Salem township, but developed the insane idea that his property was depreciating in value, and sold valuable tracts for very email prices. THE NEWS FROM FOREIGN LANDS. Ro§obery Advocated Revolution* LONDON, May 8.—Lord Rosebery, speaking at Manchester, expressed the opinion that the Liberal party would Boon carry tho conviction of the English people in favor of home rule. He was not sanguine the various measures which had already been presented would pass parliament at the present session. This was because of the abuse of procedure in tho house of commons, in the form of obstruction. He believed tho time was not far distant when the people would protest against this abuse and demand a strict account of all the time spent by parliament. Ho advocated revolution as a remedy for parliamentary congestion. Loan of Ovor a Million. TOULON, May 3.—A fire on the grounds of the arsenal at Mourillou destroyed the great sawmills connected with tho arsenal, causing a loss of $1,300,000. Nino Villages Were Destroyed. ATHENS, May 3.—-It is learned that during tho earthquake shocks of Friday last, nine villages in tho island of Eulosa were destroyed. Kiiimim City Itlntorx Indicted. KANSAS CITY, May H.—Tho grand jury returned indictments against tho chief participants in tho Catholic and American Protective association election day riot. Jerry M. Puto, D. A. Pike, E. L. Coloman and another participant who is not yot iu custody, wore indicted for murder in tho first degree, and'O. M. Bingham and C. C. Ott wore indicted for assault with intent to kill. Father U'Orudy Arraigned. CINCINNATI, May a.—Father O'Grndy was arraigned for tho murder, April 35, on account of jealousy, of Mary Gilmartin, the girl whom ho followed from Ireland. On account of O'Gnuly's depressed condition u postponement was asked. Judge Kuinler continued tho oiiso till next Monday. Triut Iu t-'ovor Ilio Wliulii World, AKUON, O., May 11.— President O. 0. Burbor of tho Diamond Match company ID on his way to Liverpool, England, when. 1 thu largest mated factory in tho world will bo orecti'd. A combination will also bo attempted that will bo u trust covering the cntiro world. I'Uliur Muliiiiu l)i>|io*vd. Di'.Nvr.u, Muy •$.-•-An n result of tho trouble Ixitwoon tlw Kov. Father Malouo of St. Joseph's church and Bishop Mats, tho latter has deposed Father Mulonu and has appointed Father Sullivan an assistant at St. Putrluk'a ohuvuh, Douvur, to preside in hl« placo. Illrtlt ofn MUljjut III luillMin*. WAIISAW, 1ml., May )i.--Tlio tmmlUut baby yet reported has boon born of Norwegian |mrents at Lowoll, jittt north ol horo, Tho ohilil is a male, as purl.''My formed its a bubo can lx>, and at its birth weighod only nine ounce*. M.»ul)» Kuiitfu Mliiurn Out. Duu'Tii, May H.—Telegrams woro ro- celved by Sheriff Shurvuy from ovory mining renter of tho Mosulm ruiujo, stilling that tho strikershudstuppud work at every mine, and that thu situation vviis critical. ItU'lmrd Ovukur iiui'iii'Uixi IVoplOt Nuw VIIUK, May U.- Uichunl Cwkot has gone to Washington. Mr. Crokor'n departure won something of it surprise, and the object of Uis visit is not kuowu. Kong and tho Kong Moatttalntt Six years ago Captain Binger, the Intrepid French explorer, entered the semi- mythical city of Kong, the Mohammedan metropolis of the Akba river country of Africa. Captain Binger was tho first white man ever seen on the streets of Kong, which he describes as being a city irregularly laid out on the great Guinean plains, an unwalled collection of oriental fashioned houses, with broad, flat roofa, containing a population of from 15,000 to 20,000. The Kong mountains, like that other mythical African chain, the "Mountains of the Moon," exist, says Captain Binger, only in the imagination of misinformed travelers and popular map makers. The city of Kong, although scarcely known to the world at large, is a veritable kingdom of itself, being ruled by a king and a suit of gray bearded sages or "patriarchs." The citizens are pure blood Africans, but this notwithstanding, they are well educated and intelligent, there being scarcely an adult among the entire population who is unable to both read and writo in the Arabic language. Their religion is Mohammedan and their chief dependence their flocks.—St. Louis Republic. Unique Fountain of Glass. Every one has heard of the beautiful Portland vase in the British museum and knows that it is composed of two layers of glass of different tints. A French sculptor of talent attached to the national manufactory of Sevres—M. Henry Cros—has produced a work in the shape of a mural fountain, which bids fair to rival the fatuous vase. The sole components of the fountain are glass and metallic oxides, M. Gros has chosen for the subject of his ornament the "History of Water," .told with much imagination. On the upper part of the monument is the Sun driving his chariot, drawn by white horses, amid the paling luster of the stars of early morning. Below the Sun. the Snow is personified by a graceful female figure, while under her the Torrent is represented by a handsome youth pouring water from an urn on his shoulder. The water is collected in the Brook in the shape of a vigorous young child. The water descends through a green prairie to the River, a mask surrounded byfislaea of various kinds. Through the. mouth of this mask the water fulls into the Sea, the drinking place below.—Paris Magaline. More Diamonds Mudo by Moissan. M. Moissan, the distinguished French chemist, has made some more crystals of diamond by plunging tho electric crucible containing the carbon at a temperature of 2,000 degrees centigrade into cold water. The diamonds thus obtained scratch rubies and burn with the production of carbonic acid gas, but the largest only weighs six milligrams. M. Moissau has, however, sought a more euddeu cooling, free from the phenomenon known as the spheroidal state, by which the water does not really touch the hot crucible. He has employed molten lead instead of water and obtained triangular diamonds some half a millimeter in • diameter. Some are striated, others rounded, as in the case of certain natural diamonds, and they sometimes break up after a time. M. Moissau has also made a few which are to all appearances the same as the "crapauds" of tho jeweler.—London Globe. /(,lVF f , If Of q M ES CONSTIPATION INDIGE STION.DIZ ZINC S S RUPTIONS ON THE SKIN An agreeable taxaMve and NBBVB ToHia BoW byDruggrists or sent by mall. 88c., No, •nd |1,00 per package. Samples free. VA lift, Tho Favorite TOOTH FOWCn A.V H W for the Teeth and BreaUi,85o. CnptnfnSwceney, U.S.A., San Dlciro. CM.. Bays: "Shiloh'B Catarrh Remedy ia the flrg£ teedlolnel have evorfound that would dome ." Price 60 eta. Sold by Drugglata. CURE; Tma OUTSAT Cowan Cura promptly eu«» VhoreaU others fall. For Consumption it hag no rival; hag cured thousand*, and will dtJBB TOO, if taken in time, tries 85 eti., G0cti.,|tgo. Hold by C, H. Westbrook. DR. DOWNING This well known and successful flooclallat ID Ohioiilcniivl Nervous diseases and dleoaBOS of tho Eye and liar, by rorjaost of many friends And patients, will visit CARROLL, IOWA, Saturday, Ray 5 Burke's Hotel Ono day only every month. Consultation free. A Hermlt'n Ambition. Bernard Cresslor, a hermit living alone at the head of Cheat river, expects to realize before his death the dreaui of Bui. wer in "The Coming Race" and produca a flying apparatus that can be put on and off the human body in the way iu which Bulwer's men and women donned and doffed their wings. For years this solitary old man has been shooting and studying hawks. He has dissected every muscle in the body of this king of fliers ami made drawings of each in all positions. Ho has carefully calculated the strength necessary to sustain and propel a given weight of tho body. Theu he works ut wings, endeavoring to briny iuto reality tho hawk wiug idea. Ho believes he can construct u machine that will enable the human flier to calmly support himsulf in midair and soar this way niul that by a movement of thu body, as pt-oplo do iu drearna.—liocky Mountain News. Mr, ClludnUmo uiul Ilia Uyunlght. Tho late prumiur drovo to thu housu one afternoon, and hu noticed as hu wuut through London that a fog was gathering. This was nul unusual at tho timii of tho year, ami it made uo impression on the mind of Mr. Gladstone. When he entered the bouse and sat down beside Sir William liiircourt, Uo said to that gentleman: "Tho fog outsido appears to be gottiug thicker." Sir William looked at him iu surpritiu and replied: "Thuro was no fog ouUido when 1 cuuui iu." "Sue how it lias penetrated into thu tkouaot" Mr. Gliulstimo replied. bir'SYil- Ham looked aruund him. Tim houso \vaa ao clear of fog as it over is, and hu told thu old man as gently as possible that Bitch \vus tlio ciibu. This was tho first intiuuuum that Mr. UhuUUmo luul that his oyi'bight svus failing him.—Detroit Freu 1'roas. A Cluvolmul Simp Hliut, Mrs, Clove-land lives iu terror of thu kodak tiend. Hint is very much averse to having tump pictures of her children made while they aro at pluy in tho Whito House i-roundf, anil bidet orders tiro given that DU one with a camera bo allowed within aliMoiini; dtotauw whiU-thu Miss** Cleveland aro taking tho air. lint it Uu hard striiKb'l" to keep the children out of tho way of men and women with small cameras, and lant week uu oiiturprlaing ami i>or»i.ilcnl yvinng muu auoc.veUed in getting several good piuUuvH of tho Whito HOUM> group ul play. Thero was gruat oxt iirmrnl iu Uui Whito House when it wu.i Kerned that this had boon doiui, ami extravagant ollVnt were ujude to the young man to give up his hurd earned negatives, but ho refused all offer a timl kept tUe negative!).-.-Washington Lot tor iu Boston Advertiser. DR. DOWNING luthor of "Nervous •Debility." "Generatlr Exaustion. Its Cause and Care." oto. Tills Skillful and llellfiblo SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout LUi» _ northwest for tba many wonderful euros of all tormi of CHRONIC AND NERVOUS DISEASES hioli no tins effected that had battled the sktl of otlior physicians aud specialists. Me Cures When Others Fail. Diseases of Eyes and Bars, Granulated lildi. Catnract, Cross Kyes straightened without pain or danger, UlnoharginK Kiira, Deafneai, etc., DtaettBos of Note and thront, Catarrh, Bronchitis. Aithnm, uto. Diseases of stomach and Liver, Dyupopsla, Indigestion, Heartburn, BIlllousnoHB, Jaundice, etc. Kidney and Hl»d- Aur Trouble.-,, DIooJ iiucl Skin Olseiisos, Scrof urn, 1'lmples, lllotchos, Kczonia, Ulcers, eta. Nervous Ulsoiises. Headache, llyetorls, Insom* nla, Lack of Vliiillty, Latigor, Norvousnesi, Hhoainiitlsm, Neurntglu, ate. Diseases of Women, Deformities Surgical operations of all kinds successfully performed. Vouny: and Mi«ldle Aycd Moil SulferiiiK frouiLost Manhood, Nervous or i'hy- steal Uubiltty, Somtuul Weuknesi, Lost VlRor. Docllno of Munly 1'owers, Drains, DIsolmrgM or Losses, Vtirluocele, uni) all tho train of evlla rosultluK from Kxoessos, Krrurs In Vouth, oto. itrotluctni; nonio of tho fallowing ollocts, M Nvrvousiuiss, Kinisiloiis. I'luiploe, lilulohot. IX'blllty. Dlulni'ss, Dufeotlre Memory, Abseno* of Will Power, Ondfnslon of lilous, Aversion to vncloty, Sexual Exhaustion, Falu In tbo llaok, uto., bhglilliiK Ilio inost riidlant hojios, reudor- ilerluK iniirrliigo unuupny ami biiulnt'sa a fall* lire; sweoplng Ibousands loan uiitlmoJy grava >'o matter who has failed, consult the uaotor. lie bus curiul iliousnudH who have given up in despair. A imrfeutrestonitlon. OousultntroD* taurodlv vonililunllal. Unlays are itiingocuus. MARRIAGE. Tliosooontemplitllnguiajr. rmj,"> uluj nro uwaro of physical dofeoU or weakness which would render nmrrlago a (ill- «l>puiiitmeiit would do well to call on us. FREE examination ofttio Urine. ohomlOAl and mlorusuo|>lcal In nil eases of KUlnoj l)i»- eitse, llrlglil'o Oistvisv, tilnlwted, ahd Spnriu»- lorilioua. llrliig Hueolmeii. HEM AHKABLE Cures imrfectad m old cants which rmvo ueon ui-nluotutl or unskilfully treated. No experiments or failure. 1'artlo* irtMml Ivy iimU or e\)>rvs«; bu) wlioro possible pvrsiuml coiisuliatUin preferred. Cases and corivspouueuce strictly (Xinlldea- tlal uiul medicine teut to any part of Ilia V'nluiil Stutos. 1,1st of iinestlona troo. Ad- r««s will) iioslKKO, lilt UOVVMNli. Madison si ru ,)i,i;hlcaKO, 1IU. $10 io $UM> Invfstrd with the Amork'iui SjrnilUmtu m- rtjusi'ii wlili niHrvi<lousrikpldi)'by tlii'lr tilun ot SYNDICATE SPECULATION. CONSKIUTIVK-SAKK- Kel.lAUl.K deiHUiiliHiiMl ivipitnl proidoio nil trniUi.H ei ri.tti<st I'liiii lor iniKleriiio liivi>alurs. Kuowlthlico uf Huvoulallon imiiooti«sur)'. Kniabiuiu'd l&O; Inrm' urulltH anoh >vur. Hank ri'fmoitcfH. htiml fur Uiloriuutlou, A, O IUUII.TON A Oo., Miiuuiiurs, 8 A iu I'uoiiio AV« . rbi.-HKo, ill. 6 -a

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