Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 19, 1983. lOLA. KANSAS WHERE TO MARKET (Recipies Selected By Bnth Lynn.) EAST lOLA AND OTHER NEWS ITEMS - ; (By J. P. BPLL) The ladles of the Trinity church will serve a six o'clock. penny dinner at the church Wednesday evening. The proceeds will go to tl^e Boy Scouts of Trinity, of which Kenneth Mark is Scoutmaster assisted by Albert Alley. The coijnmit- te(j in charge Is E. H. Finley, L. A. McMillan and Glen Anderson.' The supper will be followed by the annual fourth quarterly conference conducted by Supt. R. E. Gordon,' Emporia, at which time reports will be made for tho past year and plans will' 'or- unuoiinctd for the new year. Jyiiici Kvelyi! L <.slie called on her sister, Mrs. Frank Mapes and daughter, Caroline, 715! East Spruce, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Summers of Welda visited Saturday with Mrs. Anna Cameron, 428 South Second. Mr^. Summers is the daughter of Mrs. Cameron. The Rev. Noah W- A. Gilbert, Kansas City, Kas., was a business visitor in lola Wednesday. Mr. Gilbert will be remembered here as the pastor of the Trinity church sometime ago. At present he is the field secretary for the Bethany Methodist hospital, Kansas City, Kas. R. W. East -was -a dinner guest Friday evening of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker and family, 502. South Third. Richard Brown, Quincy, is visiting his father, Orlie Brown, and sister, Mrs. 'Earnest Foster, 509 South Second. The Rev. and Mrs. M. R. Bishop, Mrs.. John Nelson, Miss Dorotha Baker and Lorraine Slack motored to Cedarhead school near Mont Ida Sunday afternoon. Mr. Bishop conducted ser^-ices and Miss Baker and Lorraine furnished the special music. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hardesty, 501 South Third, were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. George Critchfield, north of town. Mrs. J. C. Baker spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Nora Johnson, 201 North Second. ,i | Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Cooper arid Mrs. William Faucett and son, Bil-'] ly, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Lester, 617 North Colbom, and Mr. and Mrs. Wad White, 211 South Fourth, have returned, to their homes in Neode^ha. Mrs. Cooper. Mrs. Faucett, and Mrs. White are daughters of Mrs. Lester. Mr. and Mrs. Bert' Japhet j and sons, south of town, were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and iMts. Ben Lampns and daughter, Guynlth and son Jack, 604 South Third. Miss Evelyn Chilcote spent Monday with , Mr. and Mrs. V Charles Chilcote, 311 North street. Miss Chilcote is the niece of Mr. Chil" cote. Mrs. Walter Thdrnton visited all day Monday with her son, Harold West and Mrs. West and son Ronald Gene, 435 South Fourth. Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Blohm and family, 119 North Third, motored to Colony Sunday afternoon and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. John Culver.- Donald Rogers, Colony, spent Saturday afternoon and evening in town "with friends; Miss Leona cBaker, Chanute, was Self-Service We Deliver $1 Orders Save on Your Groceries! SUGAR, Fine Granulated, 20 lbs.... 89c OATS, Large Quail ,2 Pkgs...... 25c Macaroni, Fresh Bulk, S lbs..... 19c RICE^ Whole Grain, y lbs. ; . . . 12c Potatoes, No. 1 Russetts, Cloth Bag, Peck. 25c ONIOJNS, White or Yellow, 10 lbs... 19c SWeet Potatoes, 10 lbs..... 15c MEAL, 24 lb. Bag . . . . .25c BEANS, 6 lbs.. Small Navies,..... 19c Apricots, Bright Clear Fruit, 2 lbs... 25e Peaches, Good Quality, 3 lbs...... 25c Prunes, Sweet Variety, % lbs...... 15c Salmon, 2 Tall QQ Brand ...... 19c Peanut Butter, 2 lb. Jar ... 21c MUSTARD, 2 Ouart Jars ...... 27c Poplar Floulr, 4S lbs 65c Excelsior Flour, 4S lbs.... 85c Expansion Flour, 4S lbs.... 98c Peaches, 3 No. IV2 Cans, Heavy Syrup... 39c Aprieot$, No. IVi Can, Heavy Syrup... 15e Florida Oranges, 7 lbs..... 25c Vm BUY EGGS AND CREAM! .SEE US^ FOR ANY KIND OF FE^S- ±BBSBBBilSasBBB WllA.riS THE COST OF A MODERN BATTLESHIP? 'Tliesesrethe times that try menssculs." VvHEnE 13 iTKE , OLDEST LIGHtHC 'JSc . IN THE uiilTEO STATES ? WHO VVCOTE THIS? (AnsWers will be fonnd on Pasre S) a dinner ^est Sunday evening of Mr. and Mrs'. Claude Roe and family, 705 East jSpryce. Miss Pranicie Letsinger and Miss Hazel Sutton spent Sunday after- iV)on,wlth Miss Beulah ScoviUe, 16 South Ohio. \ . ^ Kenneth j Baker was an all night guest Saturday of R. W. East, 515 South strec^t. The Rev.i apd Mrs. M. R. Bishop, 401 • South Fii'St, received word Sunday that the Rev. and Mrs. N. B. Ilerrell, Coffeyvllle, Dr. H. F. Reynolds, Kar^si^s Cityr~Mo., and the Roy. arid Mrft." C. P. Jenkins, foreign mifwlonariei from Africa, will be in lola Tuesday, January 24, to attend the all da .v inisiionary rally to be held at theiChurbh of the Nazarenc; Mr. Herrell is the district superintendent of 'the Kansas City district and Dr. Reynoltks is the senior bishop.; The pubhc is cordially invited t6 attend these services. Mrs. Lou Willingham. Kansas City, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Ijoon^y and son, 405; South Second, and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Holt and son, 623 North Cottonwood. Mrs. Willingham is a sister of Mr. Looney and Mrs. Holt. Mrs. Jay Sinclair! is quite ill at her home 19 South Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Hattie KunWeman and family, 230 South Tennessee. Mrs. Morton Moore who is quite ill at her home is a little better. Floyd Kunkieman, 230 South Tennessee,' motored' to Kansas City Monday evening on business. Misses Preiikle Letsinger and Beulah Scoville spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker and daughter, Dorotha, 502 South Thh-d. Mrs. Mariah Graham who is quite ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Eva Thompson, 602 North Tennessee, remains about the same. Miss Vema Snavely, west of town, was a dinner guest Monday of Miss Lorene Little, 611 South Third. Mrs. Ola Harrington who has been visiting relatives near Prescott has returned to her home, 201 North State.. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thouvenal and children were dinner guests Saturday evening of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. East and children, 515 Sfiuth street. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snyder, northwest of LaHarpe, were business visi-i tors in lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilson. Chanute, spent Sunday with Mrs. Ora Wilson and family, 426 South Third. Mrs. Wilson Is Mr. W. T. Wilson's mother. Miss Evelyn Chilcote spent Sunday afternoon With Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lear ahd family, 429 South Second. Mrs. B. E. Heldebrant spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jeffers, 1 East Irwin. Arlle Looney, baby son. of Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Looney. 405 South Second, who is quite ill at his home is slowly improving. r Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blxler, Ston- Ingtoni Colo., are visiting Mr. and I.0wman Market IN.GREENE'S GROCERY PHONE 233 Round, Loin, T-Bone Steak, pound 12c Beef Roast, pound 7c and 8c Pork Roast, pound 7c Ham Pork Roast, pound 8c Fresh Side, pound Home Made Sausage, poiind ... .5c Peanut Butter, 10c lb. 3 lbs... ...... 25<i Dressed Hens, pound y .\ , 14c Armoiir's|Smoked Hams, half or whole, lb.. lOc Lard, pound 5c Mrs. Lawrence Hardesty, 501 South Third. Mrs. Bixler was called here by the death of her mother, the late Mrs. John Bowling. Earnest Little, Omaha, Neb., who has been vlsithig his brother, J. P. Little laiid family, 611 South Third, left Monday for New prleMS; Ralphl Johnson, is-mbnths-old baby of Mrs. P. H. John^n, 201 North Second, who has been seriously ill of pneumonia, is much improved. i H. R. Croucher, the East lola barber who has been seriously ill for the past five weeks with flu and double pneumonia which settled in his head causing him a great deal bf trouble, is now able to be back at work in the old stand at 106 South Kentucky ready to greet his bid friends and is inighty glad he was able to avoid the floral offerings. You probably have something you want to sell and the best way to let the people know about it Is through Rf>irist.«>r Classified Ads LOOK OUT FOR THESE SYMPTOMS OF CONSTIPATION Get Relief With Kellogg'si ALL-BRAN Headaches, los.s of appetite and energy, Sallow coniplexion.s, and sleeplessness are often warning sigfns of common, constipation. • Unless checked, constipation may Impair health. Today, you can get rid of com- mo:i constipation by simply eating a delicious cereal. Laboratory tests show that Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides ''bulk" to exercise the intestines, and vitamin B to further aid regularity. 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Dried, Fancy OC^ 3 Pounds for ..£dfj\/ BLACKBERRIES— Q/r^ No. 10 Cans 0«jL SWEET POTATOES A^o 10 Ponnds for XOv STARCH, Corn or Gloss , "I 2 Packages JLtIV PEACHES-r QKy, ,No. 10 Cans 0«JI^ TOMATOES— OK^ 4 No..2 Cans ^« JC iCOFFEE, Peaberry P r ^ 3 Pounds for ....tiftl'L PLNEAPPLE, Broken Slice OQ^ 2 No. ZVi Cans ^dXlX, BUTTER, Creamery Per Pound iwUV CORN- 2 No. 2 Cans .L. GREEN BEANS— 1 PC/. 2 No. 2 Cans LOKy RAISIN&-. 1 9r 4 Pounds for i,. ^ O C OLD DUTCH CLEANSER 1 2 Cans for Xvl/ CARROTS Bwnch 6c Graj^efifttit 7 tor Igci BEETS Wis. Red 3 No. Cans 25c EVERYTHING FOtl LESS Friday, Saturday and Monday, Jan. 20, 21 and 22 in lola. Bananas nS'^. .....J .i. Lb. 5c Grape Fruit^e 7 for 25c Lettuce Hot House 2 Lbs. 15c Onions S^Lepers I. 5 Lbs. 9c COFFEE Airway, Pounrf 19c 5 Lb.Bag 55e The pleasing taste and flavor of Airway•Cofl'ee ^re always the same. Because the quality of the Coffees Blended to make .Airway is ncvrr changred. Cocoa lH .r"'"^"'^ 2 Lbs. 19c Oats S%k. Each 12c Sugar ^ant 10 Lb. Bag 47c Crackers Sr^..... 2 Lb. Box 21c GeorgiePorgie ^„7a'''^^ Pkg. 19c Vanilla{SL 8 Oz. Bot. 19c Soap White Id Bars 21c Prunes .4 Lbs. 2Sc Popcorn, Yellow 4 Lb. 12c Pumpltin ^'r'rutrs 3 No. 21/2 Cans Flour . . 24L6. Bag Corn Meal Butter Fresh Ground Fairmont's Made in lola 10 Lb. Bagldc Lb. 19c MEATS LARD— Fi-esh rendered pure hog lard. PORK HAM SAUSAGE— Our Ham Sausage is truly delicioii.s: for Sunday morning - • PORK ROAST— . Fresh picnic, average weight 3'- to 4 '2 pounds; fine for baking or boiling. YOUR CHOICE. LB.— BEEF ROAST— Choice chuck cuts, from quality corn- fed beef. HAMS— r Armour's Star, fixed flavor, sugtr cured hams. Whole or half. SLICED BACON— Armour Climax. « . • YOUR CHOICE, LB.— WISE:: - Buv WISE -/MNjp CCOM O r>i I ZE AT I BETTER FOOD STOREl PHONES 4d]-402-40.3 WE DELIVER Mince Meat, bulk, per pound.... • .... 10c Marshmallows, 2 pounds .... .\ . 25c Gum Drops, per pound , • 10c Cracke(5 Hominy, 5 pounds 13c Flake Hominy, 3 pounds ... ) .13c Pillsbury Flour, 24 pounds .1 ... .53c Pillsbury Flour, 48 pounds . ., 95c Star Flour, 48 pounds .^63c Macaroni, 5 boxes .24c Bulk Oats, 5 pounds 11c Graham or Whole Wheat Flour, 5 lbs .13c White Beans, 10 pounds .24c Seedless Raisins,, 4 pounds . , 25c Dried Apples, 2 pounds .....!.... ., 15c Beechnut Coffee, pound , 31c Jonathan Apples, per basket . — $1.19 Salad Dressing or Sandwich Spread, qt. jar. .24c Dried Apricots, 3 pounds ... 25c Sweet Potatoes, 10 pounds — 12c Turnips, 10 pounds .12c HEAVY BEEF—Choice Cows- Boil, per lb. 5c; Roast, per lb.. .|, .8c Loin Steak, per pound 12c Short Cuts, per pound 9c BABY BE]EF- Stew, per lb. 6c; Loin Steak, per lb. 18c; Chops, per lb. -Or Milk Veal- Roast, per lb. .. 12c, 10c ....16c CUTS FROM CHOICE YOUNG HOGS- Lard, per lb. 5c; 10 pounds — '.. .47c Shoulder Roast or Steak, per lb... \...6'/^c Chops, small, per lb. 10c; large, lb.:....... 8c Fresh Side in chunk, pound .............. ,.ec Sausage; per lb. 5c; Shank, per lb, 2'/^c Cream Cheese, lb. 13c; 2 lbs. ;25c

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