Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1927
Page 5
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I- . .. TJie Story «riiii8 Far TONY HARRISON, in «r- phaneU when JKFK HARRISON. his father, h ^htii in a jioker Kanic-111 Calilv;cll. Kaa. He Is i bpli-icwlod liy ' - CORDON W. lAUAK, a ns- tiiiirant waitor, Ity JOE CltAIC;.. fon-iiuin of the liar K raiKh, who Uikei* Tduy tp ihi- H;ir K to liv,'. and liy .CDI^ONKI. TITirs MOORKt <ittui>r of ilri> rii'iieli, which' in 111 ilif <'InT<>k4;o Strip. •• TliiTi- \\H< fliy Iltdu hoy iiinciH Itl TA, Kiiuliiiy (iHiiKliltr ol 'i'iliiH 'I'jii- yclir is issn. ;in'l Conlon l.ili'j.; Is tiiiiikiafr of Joliilim^ _H.\Vlr) I'AV.NK. who is imItaliiiK ~ 'for (In- opciiiru; of (he IlKliall' tcrriloiy laiiUs. wlicn lit- K*'<, S an .mSi-.- of ;'i icuchini; rK )sl ili- tlic Indian M' I IOO I in i I' M wnt-c. 'I'licri' lie IclK his liair «row lonn and hi'ioiiics known as I'AH-.M:K HIIJI.. - with the siliocd he is ( li;n Ked niiird'T ;ind flonj •• lie and Ciaip siini" lirni.' laU'i lidi -s to Ko 'aftci' _n,in!((l WMAKKR. of CaldwiJI. who trnokt'd . and p- knowi.d-c ol tlii- Aftor a fipht MipS^inlondiMit. »iih alt<'mi>ud' ^ thv territory, ire in Caldwell Kvbi-n ^VaiK <lo- There was more of it—a whole column of It—Jhut illis wa.s the morsel over which Caldwell chuckled and winked, .inajiiniieh us Sliafer was the only ex-marshiU iu the Haldon Imninegs, the Interynce was <>bvioUH enunxh for the most dull-fitted. ^ .lot> Craig - brought it .topy to I'iiwiux' lilll and then lay back Tii his chair with an amused expression III his ,ey<'« uti the other read. They were eatliiK- dliiiu'r in tin- flame- leHtaiiroijl where the yoiiiiK er idaii had oiii'i- been a waiter; l*itwnee Hill whistled solt.l> and pii' the pajii^r down. 'Areil't you !a llt'.le liil afraid of what Sliafer jniiKht d(^ to him?" I Trai^: .•'.'d \h\i- :i nuinient. I "You mean ShaCei iiiir;lit Kei vio- ilentr- I I'awiipc Jhll nodded 1 I'tiiii; laiiphed. •Don'l gel :i inln iyonr iiead ttiat 1 picked Ulalve ;•> kiKht my quarrel for n;e. 1 went ]to him ami explained ttnw tSt my reasons for distnri)liii; Sliafer. and I j'.ist naturally had i <i ,iul a cliecif irein <>h him, he w;is iliai anxiou.s! [to start VallfngiShafer nanus. •'Bc:ides." hej added. '•Blake's WEPNBI^Ar EVENING. DECEMB'ER 14. 1927. - r. Craip thinks is t)^scssor of a wherea|)outs of TOM r .i ;.\TSi.\. nlurdtirer 'of .l.-ff a .•^aloon owner iju.^i the sort of )i'uss tliat wculil b..- former iiiarsh:U jhopin? Shafer-would he n)ad»'iionpa !tn fi^lu. lleM take him On in a minute. I sort of insisted I'd slay i in Calihvell a while iii- i .nse of hrfinhle. tlioii;;!!. I'm liojiin^' lo see .«o!tic devidopmeiil.-:." rawnce Mill finished his meal in war-isileiuc. •I'll have lo admit." he : HJiiil ;il (he end oi- ii. ;'(liat my nai- ' * * lii.-il curiosity sorl fif impels iiii' lo (•HAI'TKK IV. • a Iciok-in al tl :e Oasis. Com' Th "-;(".il(!wel! Irihune •.lurrid j he ^ in;,' alonpV" prititecl \w.rd in a day wh -h liliid ! "I w;.s iv.iiliim for yon to sim- laws ha .l no! eilibed ll ;c editor's Ke:t it."' sa'd ('^ai^•.. • Sh :ifi >r -••em H;ii risoii. .101 i.\ |![..^ Caldwell p./ on •-•^liafei- 11 K K. per. in an •onspii es edisor oi Jio ilerlarc (•dioi'ial. Willi the reikoniii;:. 'I'lii;: wm, jwal .i.--- well lor .lidiii Ulaiu-. foi; lie had :i iiaiilt of 'ii-iMkin;; vi;ry jdaijily ami jl ii'akiiii: his ty;>( burn ln'iieatlf liery rli;il f,": . whiiil. Ahile IJiey; - wer--. jii.-Hf!al)li-.^ eiioi;};ii. ofien lacked; -Ihi-yTool> tii ii)ii\iiu;e a| 1 oart or hiw. TJi" lie\l is'-iie 01 ili<- Triiiii! e. a wi'ek'y 111 wspaiiii. ' on;iiii:<>ii I'li wliiili er<;ilei| f,oinetiiini; td'a i .^eii-;i(ii*n. uln^il lij C;iltiw(dl ciiiicitir-d as it read; men : walkedi (III streets iiial atleuiooir- an wjnij'd e\|.ie -lively ai One anotli-! IT, tiiell liail>e(l lo di>eii»s tjli-j .pi-ohahle etr .M I ol UliiI.e'sJ ulii'-r-i Hiu'i-'i oa Sliaf.T, the piopneidi; ; d'; Ihe '••illooil. in llle 'Cd IllH'y^ ri\ rval an.xio;is to .In've 10. dro.i la. U liiiu-e we soil .)l- ;)\\e if. .<• niii!." . ; Tlf<-y foiiiid the tiasis doin? a riishiiVt; business. The bar was lined scdidly. ilic K.aniKiK lablisi Were crowiled. and men Were calli- j •'•r.fl here aiir! Ilie:i- in littl<^Broiips.. all <liKcii."sli:;,' (lie topie up!>ermi)S( | ill ilidir minds .fohii Itlake'.i odi'-, rorial.' .\s lhe> lalked they seemed liy I'oninioii eoii'tenl to turn now, ;I!M I ;heii to look al the objoet of; ali th's eoininotioii. I ••Can't .see that Hlake hurl liis i Uli'lnc'-s any." Ciain it-iiiarki .1 in j a low videe to his c oinpaiiiii!'. Mis. eye^ swept ihe bar and fame lo reii(~in SI'.ater. who al the inomeii' w:is eiiKajjeil in_ eaiii"-i loiivi'rsa- (ion with a «riiii|i al ili. larllu end. The 1IKM1 C nd-t.ii ed an.I ' ai^ eaiii;li( some of .iiiiU . . liai . . ilisiii- , ;ii'.:iM.ild.v di it 'll d low:ir.l lite OiiMs 1 li ;it Ihey liiitrli! !ie • eveu if iiivs In Hhafe!'" iiiiaariassiiieiil. or ulial- ev.T- oilier re;i,iion the <ditoilal-?'"'""""''!'- n.iMlll evoke. hir wolds: ,, • • , . . , itatloiis ... 1 lle|.|uro:e lilak" • I ii ade>. iii;ajn.>*l ; |<;,,vm... ijjn ,d 'uow ..d a Ihe y ,.|iio1 inieresi.s of Caldwell liad ,(„„„^,,, ,,,„ ,.,.„vd. .Shal .-r. lo ,er .•li,-,ll.i,;;e,| (I K. nersonal hoii-, ,„„,., f„,. nioijieiil. saw tlieiii; iindiniiiiedlalidy'raised iii-^ <\ !•! .inv ol the saloon owiier.^. lli: •:;i:npaimi had li<'en sweepiiiK: .illhoHjjh li' liiin^eir li.i 1 jiekiiowl- •-li;e(1 he w;i e.ol ii proh.'idtioirsi. llA neveiiiieliiss had lanie'liled 111..' lad thai' the \v.i.-i_ ,so r.iliir- f.M'd willi. whi-iliy as lo "•wake UP eyur.v mprnini; ' wiih a han.nover."- When lie had siimled out ill.. Oa.--is Voice. ••I'll let him haiiK hiiiiselt with; !!!!•; own roj"'," lie i.:o!-l;,iiii( d loudly. '•WhaCs Ihe' |;ood of ^tiyillK to: aiBue will: ;i man who's iloint; his' ;L'cst lo 111.ike iiiif liidr' The moii-, ho say); al>oui the .more irad-- I , ,1 r-''t. I lilies:' thai shows Imw ilie ' fr.>K .ninmcm. It wns.Nmly lo I'e- ,„...p',o <,f Caiuwell.sland in re.naid to me." , ' i CraiK mi 'd ;;ed I'awnce Hill, •'lle'.i;' blowing oif Utcam for <iiir!beue-' lit." he whispered. ••He's"changing ^ his tack; 'l wondf-r why'.'": ; Sliafer. ;;lancing up oUcc niore,.; met Craig's eye, and ejaculated in ' surprise. ••Yoii liere. Vvnip.': Clad; to.i 'je .vou. .Slep up and have that i drink I've been promi.'jin's you." i .'•Some other time."'. Crajs said easijlv. "I w„rt of riguie yoiji're cii-: titled |() .^c! eveiylhinir ll-ai^s <iini- ' ; ii.i; your wav after that -ililoriai Ifiday. . . . Nice crowd \<iirvu .got." ' . he a 'Med [ ; Sliafer ga\(; him ;i loir.- lofik, a little frown of jiiiecit.:i- I;, nriow- ing hi:; hioiv. .\.::air.' hi- seeme-i' to -iie (.-.vini; to f.itliom a .liiildeii'i ni^aiiins in (l;c words .if tlie easy-i sp:dien Craip. Finally he iaiii ;ii"d . The AMoclated 'Prea»i -rtitffrkmt In Ctntral.St'anilord time, time l!> I'. M. unl»«» otliPrwIs* iri- dlc .iUHl. WiiVH lenRtlin on left of call li-it<>r». kilocycles on rieht. 272.6—V/PO Atlai tie City—1100 S:i )0— Dual Trio- •J.2U—.Musical (Srab-Bai;: Oriran recital (I'.S hm.) 285.}—WBAL Baltimore—10SO .-,nn— Siindnian CIrrlo . Orgnn Ili-r4t ,-i| , T;.-!!!—Staff Concert. S:'.w>—.Maxwell (Jour y :U3— Itnlkhc Hour: Chlraco Opera 365.6—WEEI Boston—820 —Coward Comfort Hour 7 :.lii—Hoover Srniincln •• f «:nii— Cllciiuot Uxklinos ' •.i:i)U— .'Jtiiltli Ilrotlicm 4C1 .3— WNA'C Bofton—tfSb 7:"ii .MeiroiHilltnn Thonirc I'rogram ii.l'i —l.iaricc C)rchortra» 302.8—WGR Buffalo—990- .li.lO—Van's OrcheMra 8;ni>— ciicquot'Club Ksklmos -" • !>:no—Sndtli llrothprs y:30-:^SlalUCs TcnnKylvanlans , • 545.1—WMAK Buffalo—550 R:no~I»(?puIar Pianist ' ! .•• • !i:00 —(,','irl |K >riindum Band 11:03-^ trance OrcticBtra 535 .4— WTIC Hartford—660 K:On—Stid-WVfk Uellglous Sinn •'•in —t'oward Comfort llour 7:^u—&npito\ Theater -Trogram 422.3—WO R Newaric—710 .'•.:r.n—?;ll.•!^nlld.>; Dinner Dance 7ttD— ;}Ccw .York Philharmonic Or- 7 4911 ,5— WEAF New York—610 .-,:ftft„\\-aIdorf-AstoriaV>rehcatra ii:iin—Mid-iveok ll.vinn Sinp r.:.10— (••rtw.-lrd Comfort Hour 7;iiO —|>e)M -iidablc .Hour S:no—cHcMiiot <;lub Ki^klmos ft:""—Smith 'Brother.-! 0;.10 • SliUU r'.x Pcnnsy vanlana 10 ;oO-C .if4 .s IlaRan's Oi )che8tra * : 454.3— WJZ New York—660 r.:nft;— .VI. Krleilman'n Orchestra C. S. Arii)y Band i;:;!n— .Muted Violin ,S ;00— Miijcwoll Hour !>;nn— ItjilUltc ITBiir: Chlcaco Opera ' licon—SUiinber^usle 403.2—WFI-Vjjfyr Philadelphia—740 ."i':.';0 —A<lel|>hl:r WTllrperlnR. Orchestra 7 ;-(i—Hoover ijoniiO'l." X.'lO—Clk-iiuot Club '^.^klmoii !i ;;'0 —Statiers IVnnsyivanlati.f 348.6-^WOO Phitaaelphia—«60 Orjjnn and Car^lsf U:ao—Cliii<lron'a;Hal? Hour 315.6—KOKA Mttsburgh-950 .'••:n"-l.itile .SyiitplieAy Orchestra 7;ii<i— \VJ/, Concert s:"<) -.M :ixwoll Hour !):ow -Ualklte' Hour: C4ilc«Ro Opera 483.6—WJAR Providence—620 CtS 'o—Coward Comfort Hour S ;ii0 -^;ilciiuot K .Hklinus 27^.6—WHAM Rochester—1080 7"0—.MJxi -d, Quartet 7 .lO-Creat PlanlKtH SiMi JInxwell Hour •j .MO— lialki'e Hour : 333.1— WB2 Springfield—900 7 •Ml — \V JiiilerliiK .M imitrcl K:<.<.|— Maxw. II 'J :i»ii ~I !iilkiie Hour 379.5—WGY sihencctady— 79a ":iin—iMIxeil Quarti-t T :"(i —llonvi-r Sen?lrte|« S :ilO— (.•llrnuot Club iKKklmo^ 356.9—CKCL Toronto—840 2 :.".0 ~brche !Hra 4P8.5—WRC W.i8hlnoton-*40 c,:?,0-''\]. S Aruiy pand Orche.tlra 7..!0 —Hoovej' .'^.•ntinels ' S:i>0 -Cliequot l -Nklmos •y:OJ—Sndth P.rothers 516 .9— WTAG .Worcester-580 i::.'!0 —Coward Comfort Hour S:«n—ciii-qunT Club Ksklmos 9:00 -Smith Itrothcrs er'Beach OrchMtc* 8:00—Smith Brothers 9:30—CblcaEo Opera : 416.4—WQN.WLIB Chleaa>^720 7:00—Old-Fashloned Almanak T:30—Proirrom from New York tcno-M^llquot Ekimoa 9:OO^ChIeaj5o Opera If i 344.6—WLS Crileago—870 *< ' 0:00— Supperbell ?roKram 7:30—Supertone Hour 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicago—670 6:(io-M}rRan Recital ii:30—IJaiiee Music 10:00—Hainlltonlan»:Orcbejilra <» hrs.) ' 428.3—WLW Cincinnati—700 , 7:30—Croslcy Cossacks !i;0O^Maxwcll Hour lv:UO—Chicago Oiiera 3(1.2—WSAI Cincinnati—830 6 :30—Orchestra , • 7-(iO—Oreat Componers / Jfil 7:30—Hoover Sentinels ' 9:00— Smith Bfothcrs f 'I 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 ' / 6:00— Musical Procram ' 7:30—Uoover Sentinels r'i 8:00— Willard Cavaliers i 282.8—-WAIU Columbus—1060 . 6 :00 —Orchestras M5.1—WFAA Dallas—650 7 :00 —Great Composers 7:.30—Hoover Sentinels 9 :00 —'Banjos and Songs 374.8— woe Davenport—800 7:30—rioovcr Sentinels ff }' 8:00— Maxwell Hour W *i 9:00— Smith Brothers ' ' 9 :30—Balkitc Hour 535.4—WHO Oes Moines—660 7:30—Hoover Sentinels "> S:no—Maxwell Hour » 9 :30—lialklte Hour fk 440.9—WCX,WJJ< Detroit—680 6:3<>— Ftaniblers 7 :00— Vaunhn DeT .eRth' »:00- Maxwell Hour ' Jf' 9 :00— Balklte Hour 352.7—WWJ Detroit—850 7:30—Hoover Sentinels / SrOO—Clicquot ERkimos, ' f 9:00— Smith B |T >tlicra ; T 499.7—WBAp Fort Worth-600 23 6:00—Music Maxters fi: )i :00— .Maxwell Hour 'w 10 :00— Captain Appleblosxdm • f ]' 384.4—KTHS Hot Springs—780 S.OO—.<?nlo Hour »:30—OrRan I0:T3—Specialties : 370.2—WDAF City—8t0 7t00—Great Coinpo.'iers ; 7 :.10— Hoover Sentinels / S-,00—Maxwell Hour f •9 :00—Smith Brothers 9 :30—Balklte Hour '293.9—WTMJ Mllwaukse—1020 6:.10—Orcbe.ilra < «:00—Maxwell Hour > 3:(H)_oirt Favorites 10:00-Orchestras (2 hrs.) 405.2—WCCO Mlnnsapolls-St. Paul—740 r.:00—Dinner Concert 10:00—P.alklte Hour: Cblcnuo Opera 608.2—WOW Omahli—MO (i:30—Orchestra 7 :".0 -^Hoover Sentinels 8:00— Maxwell Hour 9:30— ChleaRo Opera 499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 8:30—Kelvlnntor Hour MS.1—KSO 8t. Loul»-550 7:30—Hoover .«?entlnels S:iio—Maxwell Hour 9 :00-Smith Brothers f 348.6—KVOQ Tulsa—860—Hoover Sentinels s;nn— .Maxwell Itour 9 :00—Male Chorus (l',4 hrs.) 344,8— WCBD Zion—870 -ItmM Quartet, Mixed Quartet, liollf (2 hrs.) 680 r LAHARPEAND iTSanZENS Mrs. JlaHie Slout I,eaves ftir Visit Jn •J!o|ielia — Mrs. Uullelt • Kefdve*! Awaril In Contest. (Mrs. Opal Mitchell) 1.AHARPK. Dee. H.—Mrs. Maltie Stout left today for Topeka to visit htr sister. .Later she will go to another place to visit h^r daughter. U. \V. ;ilicks came here Saturday froiii W^i'siT. Idaho, and visited' ov«r Suiiday with hlK 'Drothcr, W. A. THcks .nnd family, air. an.l Mrs. Kar.l Hicks anfl'>£on. Kenneth, .west of lola, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H.icks aiid tiertrude of Hnm'bolili, and Mr. and -Mrs. filin iJurch and fanitl.v tSjC lola visited at the (lar- cnt;<i hojne i.lsn. •.Mr>-. fiattie Ciillctt is the proiid posseBsor of a cook took she received fvom the Seattle SaVnion J'ac'x'ng aoinpany as a reward In a coiitesi. News Is very »<carcc today. Nliiirl ri 'nik.s By Tliouklinul Mallirrs -A qallfornia (l>onB Beach) mother speaks: "Only ' a mother who hn.s passed through anxious hours of fear of cronp can appreciate our feeling of gratitude toward Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, it stoppeil Junior's dreadful hoarse .croupy cpugh the very first night he look It and It was a great relief to see him drop Into a ,^lule^ sleep., Since then, we liave inuny titties I'lroveii It.s rellahilliy for cougHs and colds." Cuoi 'i for whooi/liig cough.—Hiowii Drug Stored . ' • AUTOMOTIVE Anbaiobaes Por Sale 11 FORD- T 2 door sedan. 1926 mo<lQ?, excellent condition., run only ::90a miles. JIrs>. Chaa. .Tlarsh, 304 >Vest street , O. K. USED CARS—1924 .Ford roadster; 1924 F-ord touring: 192.'? Ford roatlster; 1522 Ford coupe; 1921 Dpdge touring; 1921 Dfidge roadster; 192.5 Chevrolet-touring; 1921 Chevrolet touring; 1924 Cbet^rolet ton truck with grain Ijody: T!i21 Overland touring; nearly new International grain body for truck. MERCH 1836) Articles For Sale fil COASTER WAGONS— Kifbber tires, l^ed 16x3U Inchest. Only st.tew left, special closing oiit price. $5.;2.=). Allen Coithty Itiiplemetit Co., 207 Soiith Jefferson.: -" ,'l : NATIVE LU.MBEft—Mpsjly Oak. nny-diiiienslons.; See Patjl Atkiasl at Owl Creek Stock Fa^ni* 5 mlle« west Hnmboldt or.caiVBiid ^Vhlte Motor Co.,^ phone .18fr,^to4a, Kans. R A L TEbEPHONfS f— Cold watches, guitars; ukuleles, .banjos, . - . accordions, smokiiig attmtls, Silver- Shelly Motor Co., 118 W. Jackson. | ware, victrolas and riaiba, from Phone 60. I !t25 to 5100. AH make iiic« Christ- Chlmniiy- Sweep. OAKLAND Dealers — PONTiAC '28 Oakland coach, like new; '.24 Oakland sport touring, like new; "26 Oakland coupe; '20 Pontlac coacli: '25 Buick light six' tour-! ing, fine shape: '25 Ford coupe; '26 Fprd * I oadster; Ford: roadster, box on rear: '2,"> Chevrolet touring: '2 r Dodge touring, gootl. Sev^ eral other cheaper used cars. Cash, terms or trade. Hobart .Motor Co. • 1{>26 FORD ItOADSTEK—In Al shape.-?200 .i )0. i Will sell on time or trade for au.Vthiug. Boyer Motor Co., 212 S. iJeff. Phone 2;?; 1926 FORD ROADSTER—Priced for quick sale, only $195.00. Wc buy, sell oi" i trade. Alexander Auto Sales & Supply Co., 203 S. Washington. Phone 08S. 1926 STIIDKBAKER SEDAN— Chrv.vler "60" coupe; Fronty Ford tudor'sedan; Chrysler "6(1"' sedan: 1926 Ford roadster: 1925 Ford sedan. All are iu good shape. We trade. Ross Arlmcklc's Carage; ('hrysler dealers. Phone 36. Antb Accessories, Tires," Parts 13 USEfJ PARTS—Rig stock for most any make car. Itda Auto Wre'ck- inp Co. Phoni! 782. BUSINESS SERVICE Moving, TniekliiK, Storage £J CALL DEAN TRANSFER — Phono 885. will move you by hour or contract, with experienced men. ; WHEN you MOVE-^Or, store yoar goods call Corr's Traiisfer. 0ffl.":e 14«. residence 140. ____ EMPLOYMENT Help Wiinted-Female S2 ELDBRLV LADV -To stay with elderly widow .lady, good lioni.\ .some waf .es. I 'houe 6S6 or write Box 51*. Colony. Kas., at once. Help Wanted—Male S:00- Seiirg.iiubia was .'•;o cause it ' lay hetweiiii Senegal :!ud (iaiiihia.' .^lled he- lllie rivers ANNOUNCEMENTS WESTERN 10 lUJrk' lluil the - plac^j "di.ew ilc.r 'Oiigliissl element of tlti! froiitii-i ,11 K its b:w-. -.. . - Ill lus latest'editorn,! \\- •:re'v -r ;ilher poii.ted. y'Yh:' .s I'ou iiasi- lle.JS,"' ilc .<aid. .'M. cei.t -ir !o lie ;i riiviil road m ivi-'il;).. Ji deiils ifi :i coiiiliiollify vh:.;. >> in meat i''Uidii' deiiKiild -.cs: 1 ' •lily--n ("uld- welj. .Speciiii'aliv. v- l;:iv( bei-ii _ ni;l#':- ciivioilK lo '.:i !ii.'- '.anv one iT'i.'S iilioii.l selliiijr ill 111! .~;ili>(;ii tra'le. We Luivt ii! liiiii'i :;!i iiidi- viil!i;il_ who j;!iii-iil I; - ;ild" lo (ii-! v;ir".;e I lie i're.-i.iM iii!i.r:'::i -i ^u: so; -UllIU' of lis le ; I 'iivn lieeii :;erl<p: :. . ;:e |il leiiKill of .lit: .'iHS he'll .iible lo ) :;e into :i 1'1 ' iviiji:; li(|lior liiisi- iie.-s. ij'd it liKiv 'le tliat'i lie pos- svs.'it s.'si^ rei ; of iilcheUiy that are dejiicd to Ihe I oiuir.oii run of inor- • la's." Ii)-!ai:i:< ones lie iiie oill.e Mliiililai'ce who an :i iii .-.r.'^hars and piHjiluced a htdtle. He glapccd ' .j iiic:iainsfiilly ^il 011.' of the mei? di- , "ireeilv in fr.mi of him, whoiiniine- :fli:itely said r.oiiiethiiig in a low vf.ii'o lo lii.s iiiext-thjor iKighbor.' jTl^e two of Iheiii I OSSIM I 'd'f their. |d:-iiiK'-. and with farewell gestures' .„ , . 1 , , j , iof Ihe h;i(i(/s. :<tppiied hack Irom ' MuStcrolcisteiry to apply and works..,,„ room-for rrai;;i r taller of the p;iir. 1 cd f( How, tav<iriiig ' look of apprais-^ eii You Catch Cold Rub Ofi Musterole light away. It cwy prevent a cold from :.,„^ ,|„ 'lihi" or inicumonKi. It lanlern-jaw, docs all thcpo>,)!lv .-ork of grandmother 8 ^^j^j, ^ ,,„,^,j jnastardpla^iof. • • jal'as hedeparteu. Mustcmlc IS aclean. white ointment, ! ....^ m,.,r„ SOUTHERN 296 .9— WWr4cAsheville—1010 0:00— Dliin .T Music S:.!.'.—Kotiiry Club I'rogram ' lO.OU— Theater Frolic 475 .9— WSB Atlanta—630 6:00— Radio Sotrviclng Talk; Orchestra ' 7 :no—Hoover Sentinels S :«e—Maxwell-Hour 3J6.9— WJA-X Jacksonville—890 7:00— .studio Procram S:«0—Ala.vwell Hour S 322.4-^WHAS Loui»vill^930 7:"0— JIoQver Sentinels S:no— ('hPtk -Ncal Hour D:00— Hand 516.9^WIVIC Meinphi9^580 7:30 —Hoover Sentinels .S:00— M;ixweJI Hour 336.9—WSM Nashville—890 7*00 — f>epend;rble Hoi»r 7:"0 -Hoover Sentinels X:iin -Maxwen Hour 9;.'!0 -.Studio IVoRram 322.4—WSMB New Orleans—930 S:nO—Varietl. Stusicnl ProBrnm (2 hra.) 254.1—WRVA Richmond-1180,»-lic.>itr.V S 111) .-M:i\»ell Hour S .OO —Varied frograni (2 hrs.) CENTRAL 526—KVW Chicaoo—570 Sno—.Matwell Hour fl :IMP -^(:hi ..MBo Civic Otiern I0:.'!n-^Orch «'.Hlra for Dnnrlne 365.6-rWEBH.WJJD Chicago-820 6 :00- Palmer Orcheiitra' 325.9—KOA Denver—920 f/tNNIVERSARY PROGRAM) 0:00—Instrumental Prograw ;c.;n_-The Mlk.aUo" 0:43—Song Cycle 468.5—KFI. Los Angele*—640 S:30—Popular Pianist 3:00—U. of Southern Calif. 11:00—>;BC ProjOTUn ;' l!:00—Modern Clasaical Music \ 336.9—KNX Los Angeles—890 !1(:00—Or<?an i 1 (1 ^:00—Violinist: Pianist lioo— Dance Orchestras (2 hrs.) 384!4—KGO Oakland-ITaO lOtflO— The Plterlms I llf(M)—NBCSIuslcal Program I ll'pO —Da'nco Orchestra -1 508.2-|KLX Oakland-:590 > St.".fl—Pinner Concert 2l ilUtOO^Dancc Music t2 hra.) 'i^ 491.5—KGW Portland—«10 'infflo—.Maxwell House Concert 11:00—Pacific Network Program 454.3—KFRC San Francisco—€00 S:50~Ceclllans 10:00—Musical ProRram IU:00~Dance Orchestras ,12 hrs.) 422.3—KF»0 San Fraiiciseo—710 10:00—Kttjdio Program" 11:00-Pacific Network Program 447.5—KFOA Seattle—€70 R:30—Concert Orchestr.i 10:01)— Pacific Network Procram 11;00-Majcwell Orchestra: Soloista 34<.6^KJR. Seattle -raw S:"0—nirine'r Concert • io;-n—ABC •Broadcast 12:00—:?:nce Mu.«lc t2 hra.) 370.2—KHQ Spokane—S10 K:On—Hotel Orchestra !>:00—Varied Program (2 hrs.) 11:00—NBC Program I Strayed. Lost, Fonnd • LOST- Kfoni- runniuf; hoard of i car: tao leatlur giip coulaiiiiim m.idcof (lii of finiiiard and other home Hmpios.- U is reoimm'-ndcd by many dbctor.sidndnurses: Iry Mustcrolc for sore tlirpat, cold on tlic chest, rlwunu- tism, liunhnRO, pleurisy. St ill neck, bron • chilis, asthma, ncuralKia. conRcstion, i>ains and aciicsof the back and ioipts, spra i 111;. snrc tn 11 sclcs, bruises, citilblains, lrost(;d iect—colds of all sorts. To Mo(Aers;.Miitterole is •!(» ^ade in milder form fo^ babiea and amall children A*k for : Children'* Miuterolc. Jan«:Tttbto T •;tlkii:i.' now direcilv to ,Ioe f'raii;. !"I fi ;4ure to sit back for a while lai'd ilo iKdhiiiK. Of course, llie 'sk'iiii'c oi'i'ilil lo 'ir' run out of (own tor iii:il:jiiK iiiHliiUiitioiis about hoii I'.^i men: 'mi in lone ;is Uuisiiiess kelps euiiilii({ ill like lliis I cail'l see. where he's llai'lued llle." "No." .sjiiii fraiu'. "I iloii'l .believe ! he's harmed yon ;i lilt. ..\ lol of jii'iiple I know , would liy off Ihe ;ltaiidle a:id RO ::i:niiti)^ lor the man !llial said a tlliiiK like Ihat. Voii, continued, iiow, you're actlni; real Hcnsible." "What would b <i the UBC of Run- niiiu' for him'.'" Shafer inquired. "If I sh 'd him H ! lot of people would say 1 couldn't auHWer his aecusaLUiiis." • WliWeas." ("raiK iiur.«ued."you can sliiii him up forever by ex- hildliiic the docut lentary evidence Ihat you KiMrliid tl e O UH I S on nion- Sure Way to Stop Better than a mtatartl planter To Cure CoM in Onp Day, tonic «nd laxativb effect of Laxativb SROMO QPIN(NB TablcU will forti6> the Bjistem against Grip. Inflaenza and other serious ills resisting fimm a Cold. Frica 30c. ' The box bears this sigtiatjue ^Pfoven Merit since I'rescrlpliun Thai \.wU Mijlil (''.•tijilis in Miniile.s ey bori Kwijd from hank or Inher- iled from a decejiseil relallvi>--or wlialecer If was." lie j-poke Rllbly and favored ijhafer with an inno- lelil stare. .\Kaln the little trown of hewil- dermeiit wrinkled tlie 'other man's ffjfehead. "It would lie a Rood laiish on. Blake," Craig continued, "if you sliowi.'d him up as a liap." ~ ff tihafer laughed. "Yes. it w^uld. I've Rot :i Rood mind to do it.". He (hatted pleasantly for another inini- inte or two and then turned away fiDiii th'.?m. to lake'up his'post at •I'lie bar's oliier end.' ' C'iais and Pawnee Bill left soon aftecwan'.. .\s they emerged into - -Persisicnt • lugiii couphins is usually due to;c:tuses which cough v „ „.„ svrupi. and patent medicines,do not '''«• -"''"?• Pa";uee Bill noticed two touch.^ A romarkablou)rcscripfV)u fipuKcs straighten npjrom a lean"~—' —" of. the the .!Oasis, lie called Craig's attention toed to Slop the stubhornest cough , _ . within 1.-. minutes. j<w:illow ! who made room for us at the bar,, nil that's ueedeo. ' If ir tails, .suet !k>c.' known 'as Thoxine.. wtirking on an .^r^^^"'""!;;;^";""* entirely different prjnciple. goes: Ix'-l.-l'-ei- ''"-^"^ oPl'os'te direct to the cause, a1id is puaiai'.-.,_,,.„„ , _ to them.' Those two are the men your niouey back. Niv chloroform • or other lufmful di ui:s. Safe for j Ohiiiiren. Kiiuf.lly good for sor'^ iXhroat. f'>r which purpose it i • .'„. superio- lo p :ir»iles. .Wk i.irThpXr'"' "''aw ine. :{.'ic., r.'K-. and $t.tJO. XbUI by , iiKiossMhe.siieet . . .What do you figure S.hajer's up to?" • "He'fi goiug for Blake—that's Tin not exactly surprised," Craig re|>lied I w.nH ioing to pay a calUon .lohn Blaise, to report a' little gossip. Now I lljgure I've got herring i\cros8 my trail till I lose that pair of bloodhounds ;T:I:' KviiTis Store. iny way to try and make Shafer's friends across the struct think I'm heading "back to the. Har K. I'm going to start out in that direction. .l)Ut I'm going to change iny mind t'lid conic hack. .Maybe you'd better hang aruitnd Caldwoll kind of innocent like. I'll be hack at the cabin at Hundown." He went for his horse and rode off, humming a few burs of a song. "Sergeant," he said to the big bay gelding that carried him. "we're not goliig far. I'm not aiming to fool you. loo." T»vo miles out of town he swung' out of the saddle beneath some trees and permitted Sergeant to tirink from a little sprtug. For fully ten minutes he watched the hack ti;ail for a glimpse of his Shadowers, hut he saw no one. "Guess they took it for granted .1 was leaving," he said, and stretfhed out on the ground to - rest. "I'd i-'ive my shirt," he murmured, ail- .<lressin»r Mie leafy branches above him. "to know what'Shafer's got up his sleeve." a«d gave himself up to thoughtful conSideiation of the problem. Half an hour later, having come to one (onciiision oniy—namely, lo .see John Blake and talk to him— he rost' lazily and cluoketl to Sergeant, the horse having wandered off a few ya,rds in its ainiless llib- blinp of .glass. . i Bnt Sergeant-was too far away for the slight sound to carry, and Crajg I pursed his lips In a low whittle. The horse pricked up his .Mo. Pac. rt!coj-ds. asmit and rci'eiv Keturu ;o local reward. AUCTIONS ; Auctions lOA PUBf..IC AUCTlOy -Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at Bishop's. Sales Pavilion.,. POUTKR— Waiiteil lil once. IH-rsoii. ' Kelley llotid. :t3 Callli. FINANCIAL Money lo Loan--.MorlgMCes til FAK.M A.N'U CITY Lf)A.NS—IJa.scj rate on farms. .">'.. city 0',;. i.«ng or short time. K. M. Cunningham. FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. A. D. Haw- tl^ornc. l.">Vi AVest .Madison. FARM A.\'l) CITY LOA.N'S—At current rates. Liberal terms.- Prompt "service. Your business appreciated. Call on" Tlie Allen County Invoslmcnl Co.. Kelley Hotel Bldg., Ir 'Iola, Kansas. MO.VEY TO LOA.V—On farms or cltv property. Lowest rate. Stewart & Funk. PUBLIC AfCTIO.V -I will sell at public auction, at Bishop's Sales Pavilion, Saturday. Dec: 17. at 1 p. ni.. horses, tattle, calves; hogs,! chickens, farm machinery, wagons, harness, automobiles and a world, of up-to-date household fnrniliirc. t'. S. 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WELL J.MfROVED 80 ACRB^ And well establlalftd filling station on iialn trail north an(l south. Price 861600 for both.\M. A. Schltck. USGAJLS Legral Notices 91 .\0T1 (!"E ,0F APPUJSTMJENili Administrator. State Of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate ot John Cloplne. late of Allen Gotiitty. Kansas. \ • •- . •Notice fs hereby given,"'tlfat oa the 6th day of December, A. -D., 1927. the undersigned was by ibo Probate Court of Allan County, Kansas^ d ily appointed and qOali)- fied as atlinlnlstrator of the estate of .lohn C loplne. late of Alien, county, (fc ceased. All ^parties Interested I > said:, estate will take notice anij govci'ii thcraselves. accordingly. LL. \E7JIE, Exeontor. (12:)-7-14-2ll. Musical: MerchiindlKe- (12 RADIO BATTERY rHA«GI?R—In­ quire Smith's Garage. 421 .North street. Phone .076. ^ 'NOTit'E i>^' riyXL SETTLtM£«T . The Statj; of, Allen Coiiu-: ,ty. ss. ^lu the Probate Court in aiid tor said count}. In the natter of the estate*of. Mary D. R >blnson. deceased. Credltorsj and ajll other pQrson» a foresaid /estate ~. 1 1 Wante(l -To Bur PORTABLE VICTROLA—Must he ill goodeimdltitin. Call at Register. WA.VTED TO entile nnd hog.s. All > kinds of; .L C. Butcher. REAL ESTATE FOR KENT Aiindmentfl and FlaU^ KE.XT CHEAP—-Nicely furnished five room modern home. Convenient, close in. Phone .'V.54: ,. Farms and Land For Kent 76 SO ACRES—Improved, jfor sale or trade. 4 west. IVi. north Idja. W^ F. Kenned.v.. lola R. 1. ' j Houses For Btnt 77 HOUSE nished: -Nice' 3 room -to'ttage l"ur- or will sell oh, small monthly payments. Call. ^.268J. C'LASHIFJKD P18P3LAY interested !in the | are herelxj notified that'I shall i apply, lo the Probate Court Jn amd . for said coi.niy, slttlnjir at the court house in I ila. County of Allen,.' , Slate of Ksnsas. On the 3rd day of M: January. A C. 1928 for a full and fiu^l setileiueitt of said estate, and! for an order finding and'-adJudKln.g . who are tie heirs, devisees and 1 legatees of said iteceaaed. MtiRTON ROBINSON, . Admlnlst atpr of the Estate of .Mary D. Rubinsoh, deceased. Decembe- 2. A. D.. 1927. | (12).-7-14-2l-28. [ ' . (First Pub ished,in The lola Daily "Regiatet • December 14. 1927.) NQTH 'K UJ' W\AL SKTTLEMRiT State of K tnsas, Allen Cotinty.'sg. In the P-obatp Court In and for said Count Estate- of ceased: .• • Creditors^ interested are hereby In the matter of the Webster Johnson, <le- and all other persons in the aforesaid Estate notified that I- jshall BARGAINS! iDuofold $22.50 Davenjiprt _.S15.00 Gas Range —- $20.00 Used Peninsular $^2.50 Bccember 13, A. D. 1927. ^ , „ , ^orn tl2}-U-21-28 (1) 4. Coal Ueater ^— $3.50 Coal Range, 6-iiolc _-_$20.00 Cda! Range ______ i _ $27.50 Wood Heater $4.50 Wood Healer^ $6.50 Wood Heater ___--- $10.00 apply to t^e Prcibate Court itl apd,' for. said (i^ounty. sitting at | " Coiirt in • lola. County Allen. State of Kansas, on th^ day of January, A. D. 1928. : full and finar settlement of Kstatc. arid for aq order fln< and adjudging who are the jielrB: devisees and legatees of said deceased. TRAVIS MOilSI Executor if the Estate of J."VVebit,er Johnson!, deceased. HENNINGER'S Furniture Store West Madison MOM 'N POP. BY TAYLOR ARE THESE ^013R SHOES, POP - •RiGHT HERE ^N^ViE DINING. ROOrA? NOVvJ OOM'T SAV THEY ARE. JOST ro PROTECT QlLL- BECAUSE rHBX'RB Not-THEV'RE HIS! THAT'S . SAV THAT.O'COORSE CHANCES ARE HE TCOX '£M OFF BEFORE GOING LiPSTAlRS TO D SO AS NOT TOWAXE « AMY. THE WAY HE DOES -VMITM ALU HIS THINGS TH(3OWS 'ENV AROUND Top METO.Plck UP THAT'S RifiHT/ STICK UPiT^OR ' •Hl^Al DPNT TRY TO HANPMfe TWATSORTOFASrORY WHEN HE'S BEEN SLAMMING DOORS AND NVAWNQ ENooQrt MOISE to NA/AViE 1>PTHE faElQHBORHpOD' EVER SINCE HE \MEMT • •^•^^^'^^ ^^.-^^l^ AS A MATTER FACT HE D6E^«'T MAKE AS MUCrt , NOISE As CHICK; DOES-FACT IS,;i, HAVENT HEARD wlieeied an.l came ears, htm. A sound came to ('raiR's toward ears .•'ure. Wliy else ,would 4iej;o out of; then, a/rustlinfi. scraping sound '^.•••lAMBkUGCUtSI his way to sive'us'the .ImpKSsion that he's.going to do nothlngr' "Voit-und I sure do thinic alike, Bill. Shaftr went nine miles out I of his waj' to impress us y/Hh f,ha fact that he was goluR to sit tight. •Vow I'm going a few miles outo.f that froze Rim in momentary horror. (TO BE CONTINUED) In;ilie imi cluui .ter; .;Sii^.fer. strikes, but his eiiemles are' pre-' iMired.' ..i,-,!? .8.*, < (First Published in The lotelDtlly Register December 14, 192?:) SOm'jp «F ROAI) HE*«SSC. In Re: Ndrth Kentuck/ Street |Roi4 Notice Is her^y given thkt on . the 6lh d?y of January, 1928,. ariten. .M., a joint mectlijg of of o'clodt ii the Board of Commissioners Allen Co mty, Kansas,' and of the: Board of Commissioners of fhcJ3lty of IplaV Kansasl will be held at ihe County c |)mmis8ioners' fpom in .tbe court house in lola.. Allen County, Kansas, to hear complaints, if aniy. h against the proposed improvemtat on North Kentuclty —Street and North Kentuckjf Street Road, from Lincoln Street | to the northeast limits pf the City of Jola, and .tbe ro^d reading north for'"« distance of ajiproxlraat^ly 2490 feet to a point iuU feet Sjouth of the corners of Sections 2!t,: 2t, 2.1 and 26, in Tfrwnii'hip 24, Range 18," Allen County, Kanras, at which time vrd- tesls may alMi be tiled against said improvements. 1 " Dated this 13th day of December, 19^7. ^ ' H. 'HOBART. "[SealI Mayor. _ Attest; B. L. Mc.Vlel.: ; City Clerk. , (12) H-21. : ' : CFlrat P^tbUshed In The lola JDaUy Register December 14, 1927.) SilEKIFF'S ,SALK OK I'OPWi tATKD AUTOMOBILE., ' State of Kansas. Allen Country, tss-.; State of Kanass. piaint^f, vs. No. 15/716 pTV. W.'njammock. Defendant. • By virtue of an order, in the above entitled case, to me directed^ and deBvered, issued out" of ttte • District ICourt of the 37th Judicffil - . District of the State of Kansai^, sitting-in and for Allen County, in said Stable, I will on December i9. 1927, at the hour of 2:30 P. M. of said day at the North door of tfie Court House at lola, in the ^County and State aforesaid, offer at puibttc-^ sale and sell to the highest bidden for.casli in band, all the rig)it, title ankf interest of the afbore named (lefendabt, W. W. HanimocS', . and ani and'all persons claiming ' any interest injand to the following describui property, to-wit: One Buick Toiirink Car. Motor No. 1152849 said Property to be sold on order of Gqiiirt. DWIOHT S.MOCK, Sheriff. By Ed J. Dunfee, irhdersheriff. aherlrrs Office, loin, Kunans, Decern! er 9. 1927. (12) 14-21-28.

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