The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 11
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OUK BOARDING HQUSI — YOU IN A PUBLIC 6PEAK- IN© COURSE BLIiili,V!U,g CAM?.) COCTtTCT OUT OUR WAY MO, TH 1 SnTW \ WILL, 1 W1M OUT- CUZ. AFTER rTSRK 8V TH"T1M6 VCU WALK. \ HALF WA.V TO so PLAY V\)ITM YOUR , Vt>S/ ^••r^i^ .w »'^s^ '••-is/s/'Sc^Njiy t.~"JV ^^ KiWV^:-.; \! <2l A>.E WE UJCKy/ Y vj£LL ^"XTr-—^ ^T.wj'^o or^ere*?!^ ^Mij.f^w my — —- .^£-JF^r$k fH%^t? : ^54f; Q-'ZL &Jm^< ^sj^ THE PREPICTBRS ^ ,H,H«.^.^, FOR SALE Benefit by Reading ond Using Courier News Classified Ads Political Announcement's Subject to Preferential Election July 29. 1952 For County Judg« GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD ' 4 For Circuit Clerk GERAIDINE LISTON For Stale Senator SEN LEE BEARDEN HENRY K. HOYT WILLIAM H. (BtLW WYATT For State Rep. KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No. 2 When natural silk is produced In ! co!d counlries. hent must be ap-, , plied to the eggs to cause them to I hatch, usually In Incubators, but] sometimes In primitive areas! through contact with the human! body. Concrete culreru. u Inch la <! inch, plain « r reenrnrcrd AIM Concrete Building BJockj cheap. ir tlun Itnber (or fc»riu. chicken h.»s«, ump h.ust., i en . nl h..i«, t..) 5),,^, w , <(|irel ._ C»II u> r.r (r« «ti»,u. OSCEOLA TILE t CULVERT CO. FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. Phone 4422 L State Certified Blue Tog ^ LD&PL 15 COTTONSEED 4 ^ 80% Germination. Delin(erl A Treated ' A "LI Glen Cook , Dfcl.L, ARK. PHONE 2442 ^ ATTENTION GINNERS! refill, flle , nd lrain Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 'You ought to be a little more careful—I'm waiting to fall in love when real estate prices come down!" Get The Best 'F»c.l»r>-trained mechanic! nsin e genuine parts are your assurance of dependable service when you bring jour car to T. I. SCUT Mo<or Co. ... on Main Street. Try our friendly service next lime! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrrsler-riymoath Dealer 121 E. Main The ancient world made extensive use or a mixture of gold and sliver which was called electriim. EXPERT H-fl LT€RS fUSLITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. MflIN ST. THK STORY, plnrr he of Slr|ihr frnni !«rmir hit hrnil U dns)i*"I i-nrr. Whrn Itnsll nul «li\ Mlir ITU, rhor>il. 1> r r il I I n n a r li n- a r „, „ ll-n»ll 1.ITP- hrr I'lfa-"" 1 lrl "' 1< - ">" XXX ^ !K LI.OYD dropped into .. chair, ran one hand through his tangled locks. "Pcrtiila 1 could hardly believe il ivlien I go! thc Hash. Our radio car is Ju .,, like a cop's prowl car. V.'o lunc .,lin on their oa.'ls ,T;K| of course ^'we've puked up rnojl nt their codr by Ihis time. I gnl t h c accident signals- first. .Jus I routine, of enurFe I hardly listened. I was tryiri" to decide bef.vocn chops ami's club sandwich for dinner. Ami then mine thc identification. 'Perdita Laurence . . . Sciioiis injuries Possibly fatal . . . Car 66 Notify Stephen Lawrence. Harrow Street . . . She's at the Murrai- Hill H 0 s- pilal .. .' All in a co i ( | bored voice as if it couldn't m » ar anything to anybody who was listemne." "But it d;d?" Basil Willing Color cams into Lloyd's face "1 know what I want now. 1 want lo marry Perdita as soon as 1 can if she lives. Can't I see her? Just for a moment?" "Later. I must gel hack to her nnw. I'll let you both know when the recovers consciousness." The last taint radiance Of day lingered in the room on the sixteenth floor of the great hospital where Perdita lay motionless. Shadow filled the hollows in her cheeks with darkness. "H« face looks like • death Imask," whispered the nurse I "But b*r i«. i>. i.iii K m* w*« •«. vas holding th« thin wrist. " slay with her awhile." The nurse went out. Basil sat beside Ihe bed, listening to every breath, watching every change in color, every flutter of the eyelids. Finally they slirred and lifted. The eyes looked vaguely at Basil. This was the moment he'd been waiting lor— the moment of waking when she might he too relaxed lo be cautious. He leaned toward her and spoke with gentle insistence. "I want to help you. Why were . juit in Warwick Street this after|noon? H.-id you followed me Ihcre? Or were you on your way lo see someone else?" Her brows contracted iler mouth twisted. She cJojed he; eyes j again. It look her a full minute to compos* her face, an act of <v>:«r:«us will. Then the eyelids lifted and she looked intently into Basil's eyes Her voice came faintly, coolly, "f was looking for the hiRhtli street Playhouse. I didn't even know Warwick Street was 'he name of thai street." J j K coii'iln't press her. Thc in- •jurv protected her and she knew it. "Would you like lo see your fnthcr and Frank Uoyd for a moment?" "Oh. yes. Are they here?" There was wonder in her voice. She couldn't seem to understand that 35 minutes had passed while she was unconscious. Basil telephoned (he receptionist and asked her lo send up Stephen Lawrence and I.loyd. "Dacfghtcr ..." Lawrence cradled her cold hand against his cheek. "Perdita!" It was a breathless whisper, t.iuyd knelt beside the bed. His kiss brought light into her eyes. "Krank . . ." "That's enough," said Basil. She must r«sl now. But the worst is over." >n th« rwtilwte, Basfl *nd Lloyd said your car radio picked up « police accident signal about Perdita tonight?" "Yes." "Would you be surprised to learn lhat it was not an accident at all?" "You don't moan . . ." "She tried to kill herself." "How do you know?" "I was there." Basil met the hot young eyes steadily, "l saw her deliberately try to throw herself under the truck." "Oh." Lloyd was deflated "Dut —why?" Lloyd's voice trailed as he turned away from the door Sharply defined areas of sun and shadow coming through the glass made an cubist pallcrn on his angular face. 'Why?" he asked again. "Why did she try lo kill herself?" "She can't face thc future. She is in serious (rouble. More serious than 1 realized when 1 talked to you the other afiernoorj." "What kind of trouble?" fcKK knows the secret of DIIP- gan's murder and she i« caught in a trap lhat makes it impossible for her (o talk about it lo anyone—even you or her father But she's going to need you both when the case breaks." "And . . ." Lloyd swallowed the word and began again. "And when will the case break?" "Tonight. I've just been talking to Inspector Foylc on the telephone. Would you like to come along? If you see Ihe situation for yourself, as it acliwlly is. it will easier for you to understand low Perdita was trapped and I hope you arc going to und'cr- "itand. "I don't have lo understand her I love her. But I would like to K o with you. If 1 could just have five minutes alone with whoever did Ihtj to Perdita . " Basil laughed. "I can't promise hat or even advise it. And now we must start. My car's oulsirte. I U tell you something about the case on the way." Lloyd followed Basil through the wide glass doors. "Where are we going?" To^numbtr 104 Warwick I'HAT MOUSE IN THE M A V N ^' C ^KE^' NED STAND BACK HAZEL! HE MIGMT PUT UP A FI&HT' BUT YOU SAW HIM; AND YOU LET HIM GET rr -~' HOW DO I AWAY! rJf KNOW H£ WAS THE GUILTY A MS'PO PUL OP CEATH JUICP -OS OUS: vtCTIAv , VIC LAVEP IM PARKING WOIV/ I'M PLENTV LATE FOE AW PATE WITH AI5CHEZ POCUS/ TWO BLOCKS TO TIHE PUKPLE PAETKOT ONE AVSEV CLIENT/ MSKfvSi &fSj^ rn ™ 8BS . TW <EW \011TRASE! 1 KMOVJ/OUR TIME MR SOwftoJD -/$^ NOTH1UG * BCOT /*"™ HIM BETTER'TELL MS HOW TO FIDO HIM! Hf>Y, VOU GUYS ARF LME; WE fc MOVE OKI ANYONE TOW (WlOSMD>tMJ V\OULl> SNEAKVv.'AS A LW3V' UP BEI(INI) A, LADY AND BIJ5T HER WITH A SIlOVEt. 18 V/H AT<i A M ACT TEK? GETTiN- T' BE A «HOT? ~C HA.S-E PINNER Television- Ton if e, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis. Channel TUESDAY NIGHT, M-1V 2T 6100 Milton Bcrle 7:00 Fireside Theatre 7:30 Circle Theatre 8:00 Amateur Hour 8:45 This Week in Sports !):00 Studio One 10:00 Dangerous Assignment 10:30 Nev.s 10:40 My Friend Irma 11:10 Crime Photographer 11:40 News 11:45 Sje n Off WEDNESDAY, MAT It 6:45 Test Pattern 1:00 Today 7:35 News 1:30 Todiiy 1:55 News 8:0fl Prologue to Firtur» 8:30 Breakfast Party 8:00 Mrs. U.S.A. 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Storyland 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Morning MeditatloB 11:00 Fashion Insurnne* 11:15 Garry Moore 11:45 1st 100 Years 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12::)0 Homemukers Program 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Johnny Dngan 2:00 Knte Srnilh 3:00 Hawkins Palls 3:15 Gabby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 News 4:05 Berl Ol.swanger 4:30 Space Cadets 4:45 Hartoons 5:00 Kukla, Fran 5:15 News 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Those Two 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Kate Smith 1:00 Television Thentrn 8:00 Your Prize Slory 8:30 Electric Them re 9:00 Wednesday Theatre 0:30 Boston Blackle 10:00 Meet, the Champ 10:30 News 10:40 Rocky King .1:10 Mr. D. A. 11:40 News 1:45 Sign OH FARM You Can °ay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from form Income wiffiouf penalty Thit f'nm mi t FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE i* \rrillen info your note when vou /irjrr n loan from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gii»ranl«d I5e«t I>ricf« Kirby Drug Stores CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Skw up lo .U !». Corrqjriled Metal Culrerl* Bii«» op to 8t i n . A. H. WEBB Adlomatln Kino* Gate. Concrete * MeUI s ep t| c Tank , Sewer T1H SUU

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