Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1927
Page 4
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iCntered at thai Second Clan Hfttter. Tdepliene .... .J^..........11 ^. ' SUBBCRIirriON RATB8 Py, Carrier In HdUu ' "' " One Week One IKOntb One Tear .. BY, •One Tear nix Months .Tbree Months . One Tear ; Six acontha .... .'SlirM Months .. Jgi»»«'Mwith ..... 1 Kari«iM'|»M»>UkOelatien. loU FostotflM.' . oasClfir; LmSaxpt IBautett. T IB Cents i 70 CenU .....v; MAIL. Outild* Hllen County. .- $6.00 .....}2.50 tl.50 lit Atten County W .00 ^ itUK .........;.;.....'..seo Tto **5l^t ^^^a !rrlM \be As^cUUe Press rep<9t b; Audit Bureau or Clroulatlon. V Press Cenoress of 'the World, k intahd -fMHt Pi — Asaortitlan. Med leased wire. , The Associated Piiess is exclusively entitled to the use for republfcatlon of all news dlspatct es credited to 'it or hot otherwise cnflfted in 'this paper, and also the local news published ihere- Ih. All rtaitts or Wpnmicatlon ot^-Bpo- cial dispatches herein are also re- sierved. Bible Thought for Today In whom we have redemption through hlfl blood, the forRivcncRS dt sins, accordings to the riches ot hia grace.— Bph. 1:7. IS ;»VISQ07fSIN IX KKVOLTJ | li Has been a long lime since thPi-icwwau a political purty In Wis- thorc has cbjiHln. In Its place been a dynasty. 'since ISOj, when Itobcrt M.JLa- Kollctte, Jhc Klrst. was ek-cled _ Oovernor, until (bis year of Grace, (here has been no political lif^ for any Wisconsin man who would not Tollow the LaKollette flag. The i T)eniocratic parly, even in name, passed wholly offc the map, not casting enough votes in any recent election to entitlti it to place a tlcicej on the official ballot. 'The Kcpnblican parly has continued to .ojMst in name, but that name was] I)Ut a LaFollette convenience; ' it j difl not, .signify anything in the ilN^HE DArS XKWS. The BX. JRev. Pu'raasoni-Biondl, who today co^iipletes his filth y<E|ar as JVpostoIlc < Delegate at Washington, Is'known as a d|s- ilnguished executire and one bf the brjlliaht diplonijats of the Cathi pile chur?h. For fnany years he yras commissioned jby the Vatican to conduct church; affairs r^quic^ ing the greatest sicill and diplomacy.. JKTien, Cardinal'(then Bishop) O'tionneil of Boston, following the close of the Russo-Japanese ^ar, established diplomaUc relations between the Vatican and the Japanese goveroment, ,Mgr. Biondi Was named as the first delegate to Japan. When the Pope, In 1921, reicorga,iUzed the. Society of the Propagation of Ith'e Faith he called Mgr. Biondlfrom Japan and placed blm in charge. After being Engaged for a \year in this work lip was sent to Washington to succeed Monsigiior Bonsano who was elevated to the cardinalate. THE TOLA DAILY REGI3T-:R, WEDNESDAY EVENIKPP-, DECEMBER 14. 1927. ^^TS QIIT THE JMQWiNG EDITION. Kalph Harris of the Ottawa Herald holds the enviable position of being the o^ly Kansas newspaper liubllsher to have a-'desk like' the big -^xecuttves <pictnred in story books. In the midst of a spacious, well lighted room facing on] Ottawa's main street stands Mr. Harris's desk^a gleaming creation of highly polifihed wood, with a gldss top—and not a thing In. the world dn It except a telephone with \ one of those new- fangled reccivcr- triansmitter combinations like the Henglitth haffect An editor's desk that Is free from litter, of hooks, papers, et cotehi belongs In the first rank of nttVeltics, if not niir- acIcH, and we respectfully recommend Mr. Harris's eKsmplo to the bldfashioned School 6f Stack 'cm and Hunt :'cm'scribes.—nolla Clymor in' Bl Dorado Tiroes. Many times we have stood In awe before that;immaculate desk. And the only- thing that stood between us and despair was the reflection that a man "Who can keep a <dcsk like that 'either doesn't do any Work or has. somebody to belp him! , Probably liot even an investiga- , • , , , , - . King committee of the Kansas leg- way of poljiiical principles or pro- K j^^^^u-..^ ^„„,d discover how many gram. When the first LaFollette! tens of thousands of dollars a year di^d tl>e dynastic tradition was so | the various state schools combined are paying in salaries .lo football coaches. 'Those, figures are carefully iscreened because of a consciousness that such lavish expenditure would not be tolerated. .strong that it sent LaFoUett* the^j Sccpnd to the Senate, an office which came to him by heredity! as clearly as any tkrone ever came to the son of the Mood royal when!—Fort Scott Tribune, the king passed on. I The Tribune seetas to be under - 'But now something seems to ""P^esaipn that the salaries hdve happened in the kingdom of,"^ ^'^""'^ °' 7" Wisconsin. The Republican gute ' n™P^'»"°»« comipittee met th^re the other day j That is not the case. Salaries of and for the first time in twenty^h"'"'''^'' ""^ ^" ^'^P*"^^" six years repudiated the LaFollette leadership, jlie committee • t\fo real and regular (Repiiblicans from the remnant tliaT lias been hidden away in the caves and ftjrests until the stoi-m should blow paid out of the gate receipts I of the games. At; K. U. not only have the gate; receipts taken care of these expenses, but out jOf them nearly if not quite half ihe cost b^^ the heads of two caudi- |f ^ great Stadium has been met. dates offered by ette. the LaFol -high priests to be members of National committee. And hav ^g wo nthis victory the State coniniit- ^toe-pjiicked lip some more courage and actually , adopted a resolution indorsing tiic administration and policies of Prcsicrent'Coolidgo. Evidently u revolt Is nn aguinst the liOijbc of LttFoJIeltc. It will bo _ interCKting to HCC if^ It liocomes a ri!V<tlulian and Wisconsin once more returns to the Unian, clulliud uiid, ill her right mind. thef The Sherman anti-trust act. as nearly everybody knows, forbids "conspiracies in restraint of trade" Depariment of •Commerce, officials est/niute that Santa Cluus •will distribute at least $250,00U,- 000 -worth; of Christmas gifts iti the United; States this year. When Santa turns himself loose he doesn't" worry about the cost. It is Father who does that when the bills come In! ^ Near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a- 4- wheel buggy In good going condition 8old=tbe other day for a dime. These changing times! LETTERS TO Jolu, Kansas, Doc. 13. 1927. Dear Sanli Claus: I am writitag you a letter to let you^know what 1 want for Christmas. I want some .skates, a sled, some rubbers, some cand.v. nuts and oranges. I am a girl 9 years old. 1 j'm in tlJ€ .^th grade. Your little friend. HARRIETT ANN ODOlt. lola. Kansas, ! . : Dec. 18. 1927. Dear Santa CJiiu.": I am writing what I want for HOPPING DAve TILLJ bettcf lale than ne%'er, and You may get by somehow By wailing, bit the best tip u - fh a9 yout shopping now. THE SMKMARKET DO^ AKD JiP Early ^ Collapse Slows 4lp TEading Early In Day .New York, Dec. 14.: (A>P)—A sudden collapse of more? -than 10 points in Porto Rican B, due to a swift r'bear" attack which. touched off a number of orders. tsmpOr- artly unsettled'today's stock market. Calm was quickly restored and the market was headed| for new high ground by early afternoon under the leadership of U. S. Ste«rcommon. More than a jcore issues attained record high levels, but trading slowed up -somewhat as the session progressed. Com .Varches I'p. Chicago, Dec. 14. (API—Despite, lively profit taking .sales com showbd a decided upward tendency today. Under leadership of a noted speculator the com market developed power to rally fron^ yesterday's sliarp break in prices, 4u(i 'there Was a good class of .general commission house • buying. Export corn bids at the Gulf of Mexico advanced and country, offerings to arrive here were; small, whereas wheat values were inclined to lag Corn close lirm, % to 1>4 ccnt.s not higher, wheat at %c off to-%c iip,'aats showing %c to Ic gain and provisions varying from ir> cents setback to a rise of 20 cents. City I'roduce Kansas City, Dec. 14. (AIM Eggs: firsts^ 38c; seconds. 25c; candied current receipts, 36c. Poaliry: Cecse, 17c; roosters, llc#15c. Butter: packing, SSc. Other produce unchanged. and is generally supposed to have (Christmas. I want n d.oll, a doll 'buggy, candy, nuts and oranges. Just HH another illiiKtralinii of - iivhtttii lucky country this is: The uvcfago salary of an American w6rk<!V cqiiats In'twomonths the lirlto of the ciiPupcHt aiitomnbilns. .(^onspnuenliy there i^f an almpst uniin^itcd market ifor these ma- thtne.s, and bocaiisc there is an mtlmited market ^hey can he pro- duired in'.quantity and sold cheap, —a-beneficent circle, as it wore, ini^tead of the usual vloioos circle. In Frante. on the other hand. It .would tokej twenty months of the average -worker's salary to buy one of tlie t-heap iiiiotor cars. And -that means that • the average uorker in France cannot afford a Vaf at all. So there is no mark^et ; fof quantity production cars in vFronoe.^—or in any other country in tlH! world for the matter - thiit except in our own gorgeous •jjaiiii. ^ . W. S. Kretsinger,. noV a 4>roni- Inent and; prosperous lawyer, of .Einporia/ "got his start" serving a paper route on the .old Emporia ^^eimblican. It was a morning pa- .Her 4aA from the .lime he -was '9 "until he was 16 "Billy" Kretsinger ' ne'ver.once mi.ssed being on hand to'.get hfa papers at 2:30 in the -JUOTning. His route was 14 miles' lon^ aiid it took him from 2:30 to " Ti-H^ to cover, it. And be -Roa paid ^the,; munificent salary of $2i.00 a , .week'. There isn't «ny law of Cod or jiiuin that conlfJ have prevented ,a l )6y with that sort.of grit from niakiiig a success of;,))iii« life. been. enacted' in order to prevent merchants or manufacturers from agreeing on prices and thereby robbing the public of the supposed tiunofitH of cotnpttltlon. Ilut that knotiaT Inlcriiretatifin may Iw put upon that "restraint of trade" Hliraso Is now having an intcrcst- Ihg niurilrallon In Th leu go whore .45. canily-Jobbers «ro under Indictment fOr violation ,ot the . act. Those men are charged with rn- Htralnt of irado Ifirougb asHaultH, iMtjcihiKH, the throwinl; of bombs and other nctfi of violence.. The defendants tn these cases duuhir less were deoply Kurprisod to discover that trade may be restrained, in the eyes of the law. In other ways than by fixing prices. dm a little giil 6 years old. iu the Ist grade. I am lola. Kansas, Dec. 10, 1927. Dear- Siinlii Cluus: Will you please hrlng tnc a foiil hall, hasHct Imll, a Iring xled, <tn>!^ed with Mrs. that will be long enough for Bobby iind I, a good warm HWeniur aii<i :i electric train. Will you pleaHe hring Bobby a wagon, a kicking donkey and a puller. We have tried to .1 )0 good WMo 'boys. Charles is In the Mcona grade and is jieven yrs. old. Bobby Is throe yrs. old. Wh will leave the door iiiiloiked for you and wt: will thank you vory. much. ChorIcK and BrWrhy Roehl, Wr^ South St. —Wanted to Buy: rags at the Resistor. Clean white N. E. OF HUMBOLDT (Mrs. .f. W. Brothers.) Ooc. l."?.—Fred Huber was in lola .Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry, Kelley were Humboldt slioppers Satuiulay. .Mrs. Belie Adams spent Thursday with Mrs. Ed Ronsiclt. .VliKK Sara HoiAins is visiting her two sisters in Noble, Okia., at this writing. Mrs. Belle Adams spent .Monday with .Mrs. Robert Uamm. Mrs. ,r. S.-Brothers visited with .Mrs. .Man Liiwo Sunday aftdriiooii. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Owens V I H I I- Ih-llo .\ila.n).s uijil Lonnio Wednesday. Mrs. Will Brothers liud a hen steal tier' nest and hutuli twelve little chl?k«. eleven are doing .Mr. Elmer .MiiiioH visited .Mrs. J. S. Brothers and Mrs. J. E. .M<('lilliin Tuesday afternoan. .Mr. .-Mid .Mrs. ,llni Adams spent Sunduy with .Mr.H. Uejic Adams and Lonple. .lack Wriglit is Grateful. iola. Kansas, ; necenAer 11.. 1927. l' want to thank the Hlks ami the Salvation .4.rmy of lola for the kindness they showed me after losjn'g all of my ulothiug nearly losing my Hie by fire. TJiey gav; mei clothing and shoes, for which I um' thankful. I; also thank Neai .Anderson of the^ Bassett grocery for hi.s kindness, and I want especially to tbnnk Mr.-. .Mary Crowder who opened her doors, to welcome me in as I had no place to stay. 1 Itave no mother or fatiier. I hopq thel Big Brothers will-kindly re roeiiiber lier Christmas, she being' mv'best frii-'ud. JACK WRltiHT. KanKiiK (Jty Hay by I'. -S ^irndi -N- Kansas City. Dec. 14. (API—(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture)—Hay unchanged. \ Kansas .<ltj- Hay. Kansas Cit.v. Dec. 14. (.AP)i—Hay unchanged: receipts SO cars. M J *.?. Chas. Nisoiy went to Ottawa this, afternoon to look tor a house pr^^urator>- to moving there the first of the week. Mr. .Msoly. who lias 'heen a sale!«man at the Kcou- omy Shoe store for some tUne, lias accopted a position with the Cohen Diipartmont store nt Ottawa as window decorator and salesman. iMfs. A. .M. Shurtr returned today to Oxford: Kansas after a short buHlnesK visit here. Tlw' Eastern Unit, of tin- Woni< i -n 's Kurni Bureau Clirti, met Thurs- •iay *ilh Miss Lena Sommer. The limsoti study was on color aiul do- HigniUH tti ^plii'd to.dress accessories Diid was given liy Mrs. Florence .Kyvorud. At nfioii. a dinner woH Iservcd by the hostess. Four ni4!inl)eis were prcsPHt .-fCl 'itb Re- .portor. Mr^. Kayo Rice had lii.T toimilu Mr. and Mrs. ftiddip speni 1 .''""'.T'':' Johns <\»y aTlcTiicm with Mrs. J. E. . M ,,-I """P""'- : Kansas <;itT Grain. Kansa.s City. Dep 14. <AP)— Wheat: Receipts SI cars, uniihaug- ed to higher; .\o. 2 dirkj hard. 41 .S0(ii l.BS'i : No. ?,. $1.3GtfilL43Vi: No. 2 hard. $1.2.>(?i 1.37: No. ?,\ (fi 142; No 2 red. $1.40; .No. 3 aomi- nally $l.:!4ffi 1.38. Cinse:. December |1.20V-j; i Mav, 11.24%. . • Corn: Rechipls/ 229 cars; un-: chan.?e< 1 cent nigiier: No. 2 white. 7<;(fi78'ic; .\o. 3. 72Vi(ft74<-; No. 2 yellow, .S2(fi'S2i/Ac; No. 3. 79^: (f(S2c; .No. 2 mixed 79(ri80c: No. 3. 76'(i7.SVje. ' Clo-se: December 7!IV2C| May 86 'ic; July. 8}^T.sC. j Oat.«: .Vo receipt-s; unclia'uged to •ic higher; No. 2 while, njominally .')4'(i.i6H:c; .\o; n. .-.4%c. .Milo maize: $1.31@1.33. Kafir: $1.25ffil.2S. Rve: 9Gff?9Sp. Barley: SOtftSlV-jC Clellan. Fred Saving and Will .Brotllers helped Fred Huber head kafir cohn Fj-idii.v iind Saturday. it uiay be true that Fohl spent _ Bmil ||iaa) dollars In advertising his ^n6it.tia. ^ut look at the ten JXaXiiibn dollars worth of free ad- '^eriteing he got akmg -irith Jtt Ci'bji: c!an't beat that mnnJ Rvery- iUil^g in griHt that comvf to bis 11 ijiljfi J4.,,n... . Thi' Allen County Investment company put a little ad Iu the Register" yesterday olTering an 80-acre farm; for sale. In less than 24 liour-s tile farm was sold. This proves two things: First, that real estate is beginning to move; sec- onll, that it paysito advertise! .Vcgotiations for the disposal of Sislen have been In progress ever since, the baseball men gathered here for the annual major league meetings. The .Athletics and White Sox ^Iso were understood lo have liid fdr him. ' \ Kansas City Live.otock Kansas City. Dec. (AP)—(U. S. Dept. of Agriciilturei—Hogs: 9.OUO: mostly steady to strong with Thnrsday's average; light'lights 10 f?15c hij ?hpr: stock pig.s steady: top 8:15 on choice 230^ 250 lb.".; bulk 190|-il)s. up. 7.90 (fAS .I.7: .140«t l.SO-lbs.. 7.40(ff7.85; packing ; HOWI!, C.!JO(fi;7.r,0; stock pigs 7.60f«i8.26. ("Httle: 7.5ii»; ciilves. 1.000; best steers slow, goQqrally steady with TiK'sday's.close, r>Uc<?t7r>c lower for the week; she stock slow, we .ik: liiiils steady to easier; veaN ers iiiiil calv<>s steady to S'lc low- 1 er; stockers and feeders dull. 15c' (ft 2nc lower; good heavy steorH.; 14.2,'!; iMilk light and medium weight short i feds, 10„'-,(>if, l;{,00; veal top 11.00. , r Sheep: 4.000: killing classes steady: top fori lamlis, 13.10; others 12.60<f/i;!.flO; Iiesl ewos, 6.35: feeding lambs. 12.00(^/42.60. Nij^iit 10c and 35c ilake Life iVortli Living. —Don't go around feeling tired, lackiirg in energy and strength, he- cause;your kidney action is irregular or below normal. -Use Foley Pills, a diuretic stimulant to the kidney/, and feel again the urge of an active aehe-free Iwdy, the return of health, and vitality. "Your Foley. Pills dinreiic are the only thing ;1 ever got to do me , any good.": writes Samuel Brenner. Alexaiidria. Ind. Men and j women everyvyhfira use and recommifnd them.-;-Brown Drug Store. Many Take Examinations For Army Air Noir j. Junction City. Kan.. Dec. 14. rTAP»>-sXinety-five young men. can- dtdatesi for appointment as army air corps cadets, tMigan taking theriit preliminary exajninatliin at Foit Hiley this morning. Those who ' pgss the severe physical examination will be given further te-stsr Jater. Those . successful in the final examinations ylll be sent to Brooiks' Field. San Antonio, Texas, for air training. Gold Letlntaer. —The Register does all ktods of gohl lettering nti motlerato pricc.i. 19 buying leather goods for Christmas gifts, keep us in mind. John Gllb^ in *Twdy€ Miles Out" V :Oig- last cliance to see the screeiv's foremost lover in a tale; of the high sea.s. See. what happens when two rum-runners , and hijackers fall in love with the saine girl. ina «4 !)dy->''Foii^ Faces West^' Aesop^s Fables arid Topics of the Day Tiwrsdar and Fridaf Frcd Thamvaaa and Silver King in 'Don M'ke*' .Matinee Ilk- and 20c; .Mght 10c and A tale of old Callfom'la with Thoinpi^on playing the part of B Spanish Don. who saves, his- sweet- .lonrt from the desert only to have h«r istolcn by his best • friend. - • tjomedr, '^Smitl^'s Modist Shop." V. 1 arc the boKt icmrinl mean it, (Did you know il'hcrc to find u.f. More mvn wear them than mnj oth<:r socks. All the kcif pattcni.'i and colors: You caii'4 beat 'em. Buy Him'Some For Christmas SiHc 50c to $1.50 Silk and Wool 75c to $1.00 Lisle 35c, 3 pair for $1.00 G L G B CLOTHING COMPANY =1 est Side of Square 10c. sad TODAY. AND TOMORROW Beauty incompariiljie: Roiiiiiiice irresislible: A.wiid flower ihi a bouyjuet of love! She bluffed her way thniugli tlie game c' : arts until true love came iier way—arid;;tli(.'ii sli"-foinid thai one admiring swi-ctic could provide 'more •flirill'-- lhali :i ilozeii desiring daddies! From tlie Saturday Kveniiig' I'osi /iWry by Wiilluce Jrwlu. i.lo)d lliigheH Playing llpiMiNite 3liss.3>inre. KNti-a Added—tlie Third of •IHE COlJyKGIANS" DAZZLING SPEED res: Ijis. in giaht frillege life: its joys- its w"' -pleiiHiircH. Jlig Jilhlefic / onleKls I wild-cliefiripg sturieiiis. K,raternllies: dances. Tiie veil torh from the lives oil revelation that will at onci.- stiinulnte a ifs.Iilgli spexd sports and stadiums jammed with .Moonlight unto rides4- inodern collegians. A iid iiinuse you. This One Entliled "The FithtinK Spirit" Slarrhig O'eorge iL^wIs niiU 'Hnyilru .Slevonsun .and : » ' 'J>orolh} f;ullfvpi| , • Also >ovelt} Ree 1 -Uis widely,. difFerent from business or frir (iu .stiy: As a result ihe farmer, with hi.s own prob- lera.s a,nd .special conditions to cope with, is in a-position where a bank/ of understanding .service can be truly helpful. This BanJc inerits farmers- business on its record of »ei'\'ice to farmers.

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