The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 4, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1894
Page 7
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DAtlY AMI) WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE 8BNTINHL Is the only newspaper In Carroll county tbat la printed all at home and It conning mote local and count; news than any other two papers to this county. POWERS & COLOLO, Props. FKIDAT, MAY 4, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Hlippers at Moore's. . Pine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. * Hear of the White city by a boy, Tho best $1.00 work shoes at Moore's. Winter wheat flour at Kcmpker & Cjolidge's. Store room to ront. Inquire of Wm. Trowbridge. Window screens aud screen doors nl Martin & Clovis'. Paints, Oils and Brushes nt J. \V. nation's. Do not buy Oxfords this spring until you see Moore's line. Neither elm nor ash but SOLID OAK refrigerators at Woodring's. For Sale—1.40 acre farm, $28 pe.r acre. C. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa. W. A. Arts has moved to the northern part of the city on Adams street/ Straw berry plun ts for sale in any quantity, of the best varieties. J. W. English &Soii. For good bargains in groceries nnd fruits aud decorated ware, go to Kcmp- ker & Coolidge's. "Spring chickens" are not always tender; but Ayer's Pills enable the stomach to digest the toughest meat. Mayor Pnraons is building an addition to his oilicu and will have more commodious quirter for holding police court. The severest cases of rheumatism are cured by Hood's barsKimrilla, the great Wood purifier. Now Is the tiros to take It. Hood's uu es. West Virginia Splint is the best coa Try it and you will use no other, we keep it in stock. D. Joyce. Do not spoil your shoes with inferio dressings, but if you would like something good and nice, you will find it a Moore's. A new refrigerator has been placed in the billiard hall of Frank.Goecke's and ice cold temperance drinks are on sale Give him a call. Miss N. M. Camp is now prepared to do all kinds of sewing at her home, two blocks south of the college. Children's clothes a specialty. Two car loads of Indians passed cas last evening on their way to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West show in New YOK There were 85 of the lied men from Fine Ridge agency. The trustees of Carroll township are starting out today to try a new grader It will probably be purchased and the township roads will then be more easily kept in good shape. "A wolf In sheep's clothing 1 '—the sub stitute offered by the "cutter" as being just as good as .dyer's Sarsupanlla. 1 you don't want to be bitten, insist upon having Ayer's Sarsaparilla, even if it is little dearer. Depend on it, it will be cheaper for you iu tho end. At the Baptist church Friday night by Muster Geo. S. Winlerbourne. Prof jjcurocdor, says " The entertainment is phenomenal iu its chancier and entertaining fr«m beginning to end." World's Columbian JSjtposition will bo of value to the world by Illustrating the Improvements In the mechanical arts me eminent physicans will toll you that the progress in medicinal agents has been of equal importance, and as a strengthening laxative that Syrup of Figs is far Iu advance of all others. Mrs. F. M. Robbing and children, accompanied by her brother, Mr. 11. J. Kdeae, ot Sioux GHv, Iowa, who has boon visiting in tho city for several days, loft tbil morning for Davonport, Iowa to Tint tueir mother aud family. A lady at Tooleys,La., was very sick with bilious colic when M. 0. Tisler, a prominent merchant of the town,guvo liur • bottle ut Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera •ud Diarrhoea Ueiuody. lie says she was well In forty minutes after taking the .first dose. For sale \\y J. W. llattou, druggist. Tlie Northwestern lino will again run their popular homo seekers' excursions, the first one being next Tuesday, May 8, to Nebraska, South Dakota (Black Uiiln district) and Wyoming, at one faro for Ihe round (rip, tickets (good for thirty dave. Read their advertisement in another column aud write J, li. Gable, traveling passenger agent, Deulson, Iowa, fur further particulars. Wednesday evening some of the musician! of Ihe oily uiut ut Ihe band room and completed the or«uiz»lion of a bruss band. TUure was no trouble experienced la securing tho required number. Everything is uow ready for practice, which Will begin uuxt week. All thosu belong ing to thu baud ure old musicians, und h Will be but a short time until Carroll will liavo a first class bruss bund. The secml of our immense business tub season is our popular suits ut bottom prices. Wo havo roulinud (ho fuct (hut Ihe earnings of thepuoplo huvu ducrousud, We huvu oouie to the resuuu, uud liuvu beou aud ure uow soiling clothing, otu. nt prices from 10 to UO pur cent loss than tltey over wull sold boforo, busidos giving better uiutle uud bollor titling garments. Our great $10 suits enigma thoy aru lit for any goulloiiiou lo wear us u busl- f oss suit, uud tho puoplo uru not slow (o . find it out. Over twenty left out table Saturday, We have more them. Every body should see them, don't buy them but just take a look at them, at th famous of Moses Sitnon. The'petition has been filed in the audl tor's office, asking for consent to sc liquor. It contains over 2,700 names and is the Urgest instrument of its kin ever filed in this county. There are ove 100 more names than required, so tha there will be no question about th legality of the petition. Deafness Onnnot be Cured by local applications, us they cannot reach th diseased portion of the ear. There Is onl one wny to euro Deafness, and that Is by con Htltutloiml remedies. Deafness Is caused by n Inflamed condition of the mncous lining of th Knstachlnn Tube. When this lube gets Inflame you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect lienr Ing, and when It is entirely closed Deafness 1 the result, and unless the Inflammation can b tnken out and this tube restored tolls nouna condition, hearing will be destroyed forever nine oases out of ten are caused by eatatrl which is nothing but an inflamed condition o the mncous surfaces. Wo will give one hundred dollars for any ens of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot b cured by Hall's Catarrh Cuie. Send for circulars free. V, J. CHENEY & CO,, Toledo, 0 «JS~Sold by Druggists, 76 o. WB WILL Today we publish B communiontio from P. J. Olberlz in reply to the attso the Herald made upon his character i last week's ieeue. Mr. Olbertz IB one o the lead ing farmers of Carroll county having located in Washington townsbi about twenty years ago, where he has eve since resided. He is eornpulouely bones aud ia known far and wide through tb western part of the county for the bol manner in which he champions his con viotiona. Daring all these years be he never aspired to a county office and say be never will. What could have been tb motive wbiob inspired Mr. Hongerford t assail the oharaoter of a man of this kiuc is beyond our comprehension, but w understand that be baa agreed to ex plain the matter fully next week an until we bear from him we will refrain from passing judgment upon bis opinion Her Objections, 0 maiden, thou art passing fair; No eli nuns with thine arc worth comparln 1 love thce, yes, I vow, I sweat:— Bald she, "i much object to swell ring." O, from my suit, love, do not shrink, f feel thjr bright eyes' fascination; Intoxicating love-draughts drink— Said she, "1 hate Intoxication." • If thou reject, my race shall end Beneath the turf the earth embracing, The last remains of thy fond friend- Said she, "I hate the turf and racing." But it he had taken with him as a present, i bottle of Dr. flerce's Favorite Prescription, he would 'have been more successful la his suit She doubtless owed many of the charms which captivated him to Iti virtues. For brlgbtenlni womuri's eyes, anil giving her that healthy tool •o much admired by the opposite sex. It has no equal, (iuariuitcecl to cure or benefit Inull cnsos or "Female Weaknesss," IrrcgularltF, palnfu periods and kindred ailments, or nfoney paid foi It returned, MSMMKRS OF PRKSUYTEIUAN Y. P. 8 C. E. ATTENTION. The business and "experience" meeting to have been hold at the church this evening, is postponed until tomorrow evening at 7:i!0 p. ui. at the church. THE MIDWAY. THE COMBINED LODGES, KNIGHTS OF FTTH IAS, OF DBS MOINES, TO BEPKODUCE TUK FAMOUS MIDWAY AT OALVABY TABEHNA OLE, COMMENCING MAY 14. The great Midway Plaisane* of the World's fair will be produced at Calvary Tabernacle at Des Moinee for on* week commencing May 14, under the auspices of the Knights of Pythae lodgea of Des Moines. This entertainment will eclipse anything tbat boa appeared at tbe capital. Five thousand dollars bos been expended on the loading features of the actual Midway, as teen in Chicago, including tbe Streets of Cairo, Bmuty Show, Vabomaoy Village, Old Vienna, German Village, India Show, Javanese Village, Japanese Village, Esquimtux Libby Glass Works, tbe Ferris Wheel, and tbe different nations in costume, just as Been on Midway. The scenery was painted by Bosnian & Land is, one of the most noted firms ol soeuio artists in tb« world. The Columbian Guards will be T litre in full and complete uniform*. The lowu baud will ourM its swe«test music, nuking in IU entirety and historical and artistic efforts, the best entertainment aud metropolitan exposition ever given in tbs state of Iowa. ____________ urn's often lout from mile Illi Wiileli might uu Biivud lit llltla . That IB to nay, If you suffer from bllllouiiiKHi, constipation, <l>ari'i>»lttor torpid llvsr unu Ur. l'lei-eo'» i'lemunt I'ulloU. James Ouin bos hit paint shop located >vur Hilly Smith's wholesale liquor aiurct on Main street, whew orders can be left for all kinds of bans* and sign pointing and interior decorations, Triow moderated to suit class ot work dNired Pigeons Wauted. I wiint 500 good live pigeons during lu> mouth of May at ten ceuls each, I M. 1'arsoui, y 41 leu. Ulc'h & Toilil uru uow ready to deliver eo. They desire the puironaifo of (heir ild customers und all others who uro iu i«ed of first class ice and prompt lulivory, We guuruutuo satisfaction, orders at Todd & McAllister's room. n ini & Torn). IOBJ. U:o suusoii hus uow buguu uud tho wag- n Is now out. huuvo your orders ut tho of A. U. (Juint or M. Bimou'e store. ,: ' JIM'S LITTLE PART. " Jim, I'll tell you how you'll have to fix it. Tackle do ole woman fust, eeef 'cause she's got do plunks in dnt bug wot she's cavryin'. Don't mind de flog at all; he's a bull dog an' he'll just take a hold lii one place au' den haiig on; he won't chew you like an or'nary dog." " Well, whore do YOU come in ?" " Oh, I'll gir, de plunks while you'se amoosin' de dog."—Life. CORRESPONDENCE. 1 Correspondents, to Insure the publication cif their letters In the weekly, must mall thnm so they will reach our ofllce Wednesday.] EAST LIBERTY AND BUCK ItCN. Corn planting. Light frosttliis morning. The showen of Sunday and Monday ha,ve brightened the face of nature. Hail is reported north of here. We have no particulars. There is a prospect of an abundant fruit harvest if the full bloom prophesies truly. Chris. Smith bought a buggy of W. E. Potter last week. Quarterly meeting services at East .Liberty M. E. church Sabbath evening, May 18th, Kev. Mr. Wood, of liooiie, officiating. Herman Barber, of Gliddon, has clmrjje of Christian Best's horse Tambour this season. Improvements are being made. The Anson house has a cellar wall and stonu foundation, William Sebum, of GlicUlen, doing the work. Young Moore and Fred Kurth are to have cisterms. Thoseafllictcd with measles are reported better. Jennings has not gained as rapidly as her friends could wish, jlfiss Smock is better. She will commence teaching as soon as able. As she will be absent she resigned superintendent of the East Liberty S. S., and Mlos Jennie Bull was elected to/ill tlio vacancy with G. A. i Wetter as assistant. ] The pertinent question now is "Did yoi get a sock?" An enterprising firm o Carroll sent out envelopes containing out suck and a nice circular letter in which i intorms the recipients that they can have the mate if they will bring thu"lonu one,' aud promises the best of bargains In their lini'. Some how wo were omitted. If tbej will send us one, the Hrst day we have nothing to do we will go to Carroll, clain the mate, and spend the last cent, am call on THE SENTINEL. May 2. JIM. ONION TOWNSHIP. John Coppock took his cattle to pasture last Monday. Mr. and Mrs liippy have a new boy al their house. Mr. and flfrs. J. Thomas visited will: friends at Coon Rapids Sunday. Mr. Arbingast had a new woven wire fence put up for his garden. jlfiss Dona Parker wi'l begin her schno in Pleasant Valley next Monday. Messrs, Heater, Arbingast and Morris commenced to plant their corn the Qrst ot the week. Miss Addle Griinan is now working at Mr. Ripple's. I/r.Hiid Mrs. Updike visited with Mr. J. Lomugwell Sunday. J. Thomas and J.Churchill bought iiov\ coru planters lust week. Several of the men went to North Coon to fish last Saturday; they didn't xt-'t an> fish. Mr. U. L. Downing and family spent Saturday with Mr. Arbingast. Mr. Jas. McQuiuu und Miss Katie Christy were man led at Coon liapids on Vodiu'sday of last week. We extend congratulations. The teachers of Union township and some of their friends have organized u reading circle to meet at the Harris school house. ^ Hid Four. Piles I Piles) I ton I OK Plies. Symptoms uiuUture;',lntense Itching and stint;[UK, muvt ut night; worau by m.TaU-tiint;. If til- owed to continue tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Sway- iie'n ointment mops the Itching und bleeding-, ieal« ulcuratlou uud In mont cimoa removes the minor!. At druKKUU, or by mull, for 60 cents Dr. Swajrue & Bon, I'lilludeliihla. &•! u& TlCJlI'l.KTO.N, F. M. Ifilsou and wife were Carroll visitors last Thursday. Mr. Spoo sold his residence to Grand- >t»l>» 3te(fos of the eastern part of theslaiu. John lleldur bought 13 acres of laud adjoining the town uud opposite his farm at §100 per acre. John Sflliaepiiner and wife unit V. Uul- uiomi and wife were visitors at Jit. Carme ast Sunday. '!lio newspapers of this county are ticking ut each oilier as ure some of the correspondents, G»o. Walz and his slater Sophia, of Mt. Ourimil,g»vo us a pleasant call fore part ol' the wvuk. Coni planting Is now Iu order and sonic >f the farmers are at U. Goo. ttophlfd and Dlna Sicilies wore united Iu the holy bonds of matrimony at bedaurud Heart church, Tuesday, April I. May joy aud happHietis follow iliitt worthy young couple, U the best wish ol r our correspondent. Miss Cuwiiegiuitlii ll'al/, of Carroll, viu visiting limit lust Sunday unit was a welcomed uuvst. Tho orciiiuery will begin business May 7. Spring Is hern and the fruit trues are In 'loom which 111! the ulr with their sweet 'OflUIIIO, I'lilCAHANT HILL, Tlu< orders for rain seem to liiivn nut ucu delivered as yet. The muiill giHlu prospect Is very good 11 this vicinity. John On 1 , ofDcilhum, was ut I ho 11111 ast week on business, Mlns K. Hurdle, of Dedliam, is giving lutilo lessons ut Currolltou. S. 1). Kill/,, of Manning, was Iu our ouimiuilty drumming up the organ rude lust week. M. Byrely has exchanged his mule team for n large pair of horses and will be among us with a thresher this fall. The genial county surveyor was on tlie 11 111 this week fixing coiner stones In place for some of the neighbors. The "Corr'n" will hardly recognize us since the wild onions and mustard greens have came up. Wo have fattened up considerable. Mr. J. C. llanford, of Eden township, was a very pleasant caller at the Hill last week, and while visiting tbe boys fished. Messrs. Hoffman and Flie shipped several car load of stocks to Chicago this week. Mr. Ifronk Balk's uew house is raise d and nearly inclosed; he has fouruicu work ing on ami about it this week. The family of John Hodman, south of the Hill, is n filleted with measles which are prevalent iu a mild form iu the community. We note that the cemetery,southwest of Carroliton, is in a deplorable shape and should bo fixed up by those interested there. "Dear Jim," please accept our heartfelt sympathy in case your spiing chickens arc stolen as soon as large enoucli to fry bemuse the thought of your eating thoiii does us good. "How to Cure All Skin Diseases." Simply apply Swajrue's o'ntment. Nomtornal medicine required. Cures letler, eczema, Itch, ull eruptions on the fare, hands, HOBO, etc. I.oavini; the skin clear, white and lieiilthy. Its great healing and curative powers are possessed by no other remedy. Ask your druggist for Swayne's ointment. 6-1-05 Carroll Market Report WHEAT-4-tato 46c CO11N-25C OATS-250 HOGS—84 50 POTATOES—10 IJUTTEK—15c EGGS-Sc CATTLE—82.36 to2.on Pasture*. Good tame pasture wilu artesian well on the premises, snlt furnished. Cattle $2.50 for season, horses $1.00 per month. I will not be responsible for accidents should any occur. Inquire of J. W. KKNNEIIECK. Foil SALE. A now two seated canopy top buggy for sale cheap. W. P. UOMUACH. CHEAP EXCURSIONS. On 3fny 8th and 2Uth tin North-IKesturn Line will soil Home-Seekers' .Excursion tickets to points in northwestern Iowa, western Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho aud Montana at exceedingly low rates icr the round trip. These tickets will he good for return passage within thirty days from date of Rate and will allow stop-over privileges on going trip Iu territory to which tickets ate sold. Kor tickets and full information apply to agerts Chicago & Northwestern liailway. THE VALE OFMINNEKABTA Is the title of a beautifully illustrated book letf recently issued, descriptive of the Hot .Springs, South Dakota, and the efficacy of their waters for the cure of rheu- iimllsm, uuuralglB aud kindred diseases. Copy of this pamphlet will be mulled freb by If. A. Thrall, General Passenger Anont,Chicago & Nortli-\\ r oslcrii railway, Chicago, 111., upon receipt of request, unclosing two-cent slump. Executor's Notice. Notion Is horeliv glvcm to all persons inter' anted, that on thu ,14th day of April, 1«4, the uiidorslunod wan uppolutod by tlio dlatrlot court uC Carroll county, lowit, uiocutor of tlio tiiui of Kll/.nupth Sctiwiillur, (lououixl, IK of mild uuuiuy, Iowa. All IHTBOIIH Imlrblml to said valuta will umko yiiu'iil to tlio iimlurultriioil, niul tlionb having claims iiKalunl the UHIIIC will proaunt thorn It-gully nudwntlcatvd to ihu mud court fur allowance. Dated, tlio30th dnvof April. IbUi. VIliTOlt AU.KH. U-tt Kxuculor. O»«H Var lliiby 1 * Slioii*. Sovorul jirutly trillus uiuy be wudi with a baby's shoe fur tha foundation of each. Lino tliu shoo with a pretty tint of clmmois skin over n luyurof porfuuied wudiling, 1 jwivo an uilgu of the ohauiois skin Ui sUiul up about tlio top aud Along Iho liu-iiiK iiluoo. Thin odguiuhould bo nuiilly iiinkod. If tlio shoo U fresh uud a njvtiy color, wiy jmlo bluo, add u roaotta bow uf buby ribbon, puttinir it on the cud of the luce holes. If Iho shoo is soiled, broimi or gild it bol'oro mlding the bow. Thin will be fniiiul (loiivtmluiittuiu \vutab pooki'l or us a rocoptai'lofor linger rings uud other urtii'lea of jowi'lry. Tako its inuto ur u blmo of soft gray muTO, lino it with jiiuk chinu silk ami let the silk ooiiu) up ut tho top loug euou!',h to form a bay. Hun tibirrs, into ii-li put silk ford for druwiiiy utrjngij. This liitlu bug will sorvo a variety of k'H, uiiuui^ wl^ch iti a liunbouniui'o t'oru loveil friend or aomo fnvoritu littlo |,'irl. —Miuuouuulis l Willinm McDonald was awarded a ver diet o£ fo.OOO n^ninst Hie Michigan Cen- trnl for Injurits t-i-ceived while switching at Ray City. Opera house block at Winnebngo City, Minn., fell with a crash. The building was 22 years old nud valued itt $16,000. No one was hurfc. The court of nppcnls of Virginia hns decided tbat. thu entire coupon contract is void, and the $500,000 oC outstanding coupons cunnofc be used to pay taxes. Judge Siebeck ordered a nonsuit in tliu Wisconsin roster cnse, holding the plnintills were not victims of a fraud. Gallons of spoiled beer were turned int the Saiidusky river nt Tiffin, O., nnd the fish in the stream became intoxicated. Police nt Paterson, N. J., fenr tin; Btriking silk wenvers will attack the County ioil nnd release the ringleaders. At the Iowa State university a class of. 3'. students iu the Uuutul department wu« graduated, KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement an;> tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live Better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to nealth of the pure liquW laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevery and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of tbe medical profession, because it acts on the Kid-1 neys, Liver and Bowels without weak- i eniug them and it is perfectly free from i every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all <":rug- .jists iu 50c and §1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Fig.s, and being well informed, yon will uot accept any substitute if offered. MINGHEN & CO.'S Cash Clothing House! One door east of Postoflice. Our spring stock has arrived and we nra sho>ving an immense stock of Jfen's, Boys' and Children's clothing. Hats, Caps, Trunks, etc. Why can We Sell Cheaper Than Others? Because we BUY AND SELL FOR CASH! We buy our goods of the largest wholesale bouses in New York, liostoli nnd Chicago. They give a big discount on all CASH purchases. We can therefore give o r customers the benefit of this discount, thereby giving them an opportunity to SAVE 20 to 30 per cent. Kcmeniber, we nre linrtl times price makers on vhis class of goods. Call and sec us and we will save you money MINCHEN & CO. First Door East of Postofflce. IITY ME/IT MARKET; NIC BEITER, Proprietor. The ohoioest Meats, such as Beef Pork! And Veal Steaks, Roaots Stews' etc., oan he had. Poultry Game and Pisb tionth side Fifth-si, Cnrroll, lowa-. C ARRQiy.JDRYjGOODS COMPANY s. Notions, Millinery and Cloaks BUTTERICK: We are showing an exceptionally nice line of Ladies Spring Capes. Also, a large assortment of Ladies Skirt Waists. A Big Stock of Fine Laces and Embriodory. An Excellent Stock, of Dress Tri In tlie Latest Styles. Extraordinary Preparations Have been made to meet the requirements of the Spring Trade in Millinery. >Ve have what |will suit you, and judging by the amount of work we are turning out, the prices are also suitable. WE WANT YOUR TRADE. You make no mistake in making! your purchases here. Everything is sold with the complete understanding that per feet satisfaction is guaranteed. (323 s W fi are the Low Price Makers on our line of ^oocls, Yours truly, CARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY. W, L DOUGLAS WJSiT. i Waterproof, Hot Shoe tohlaulic price. 180, 84 and 83.CO Dref • Shoe. k r.i|uul ciikU'iu work, touting Jtom fo Iu $ii. ~ 1 - do JEPlfiBf!. Ktito'JL. * ° |M 88.00, and 88 8hoo», Uui-viuiilUil ul tho |MUC. Boys 82 * 81.70 School Shoes ^ " ' AieOiv «r>l lor Svi\icc. 8, $1.70 lltot Ituuculit, Myllili, t'urfvct fltllnu uiul Si-i vKiuble.llo* Iu llti' woi'lil. All Styli-.. Itoiiulit* hltuv*. N»ui« iu |irliw tlikuiiii'd uu DEALERS \vliu ptish thu sale of \Y. 1.. Douglas Shoes gain customers, which lielns to increase tliu sales on their full line uf gooilii. Tlu'y tuu utt'ui-d tu »>'ll ut n !>>•* iirulll, uiul \vo lit>lli>v» YOU cuu »uvu muuvy liy buyiUK lUI Your fool w cur of tlio ilwiloruUvortUuil bolu». llutiUuguu rrtni U|iou tti>|ilU'ikUuu. For Sale by O, M. MOORE.

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