Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 32
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 32

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 32
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•THIRTY-TWO 1 EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT Atf Taker pTA Asked ^JV) Support Big Program • Teachers Urged To Back Staiul Ou Racial Integration •, • • By WAI-TON M. ROCK BALTIMORE (fi - Maryland teachers were urged today to take part in an extensive public relations program to advance a five- year school program of the Maryland State Teachers Assn. They also were asked to reaffirm their year-old support of racial integration of schools "in a (air and lawful manner." The call for teacher action was sounded by the MSTA's Committee on Legislation in a report sub- milled at the opening of the association's 88lh annual convention. The convention, expected to attract nearly 14,000 public school teachers from all parti of (he slate, opened today in (lie Fifth Regiment Armory. The great gray stone armory was a hubub of activity and commotion as teachers registered, greeted friends, made plans for activities at the three-day. meeting, and inspected the 174 colorful educational exhibits set up by commercial suppliers and professional organizations. .Later in the day, at the first general session, the teachers were to hear an address by Gov. G. Mennen Williams of Michigan, a strong supporter of public qduca- tion now serving'his fourth two- year term in office. Williams has called .the Michigan Legislature into special session to consider, among other things, a ?200 pay increase for teachers. 'The Legislative Committee's report was submitled at the first of two meetings of the association's governing body, live Assembly. the Representa- The report, in addition to outlining the public informalion pro gram to advance the five-year program, also reviewed legislative action affecting schools during the 1955 session of the Maryland General Assembly. The MSTA's five-year' program calls for (1) addition of class. rooms at the rale of 1,000 a year throughout the state; (2) increased funds for teachers' colleges; (3) improved teacher retirement benefits; (<J) a State minimum salary scale of $3,200 to $5,000; (5) Slate aid for public libraries, and (6) Stale aid for driver education programs. During the 1955 Legislature, Hie committee reported, $440,500 was allotted for construction programs al Stale teachers colleges in' the general construction loan. Some improvements in the reliremenl system also went through. But a bill to implement the $3,200$5,000 minimum salary scale got an unfavorable report in a'House committee. A J4,600,(WO T -sla(e'-aid fund for school construction was vetoed. A proposal for 'increased Slate aid for libraries died In a Senate committee, and another for state aid for driver education They'll Do It Every Time LM_~ By Jimmy Hatlo VES-4ND HERE'S THE 6OALWTHIS IS'LIKE TOST FRQtt THE 1942 SLIPPERV. ¥ A MUSEUM R5CK-PODUrJKG4ME-vW'THERE!5 PIANO LESS BROCOLfc BIKE TIRE FROM THE LAST SIX-DAVBIKE RACE-1 GOT SIXTY-TWO. AUTOGRAPHED BASEBALLS OVER THERE IS L'EFTX BASEBALL f HE CLAIMS ALL THOSE SPORTS HEROES' [THRUST THOSE THINGS ON HIM JUST NUTS ErtOUGM TO 8UV THEM AHD THINK HES 6ETTIN&A BABSAlN WHERE DID ME GET All THE STUFF? 'NCWTH4r HE'S GOT IT WHAT IS ME GOlWA DO WITH IT? All. HIS GRAPHS LOOK LIKE HIS HANDWRITING- I'VE SEEN UlS A I.ail.'S "••, ''- (Jig W F E WAS SMUG THEV NEED ABISSERAR4RT- AlE)fr WHY! •XjoMIRlMS THE HOST'S IDE40F4 BEAUTIFUL ' COLLECTION — fi TOM DECKER, 74+ BRO4O ST. WEWdRK , N.J. Its' Too Short Long Suit Is Contract Threat By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service Wo continue today the series on the care and management of trump suits. Even a robust trump suit must be protected against Ihe Ihreat of the enemy's long suit. The protection may cosl a Irick, but if this is just an overlrick you can well afford lo give it up in order to make' sure of your contract. . In today's hand, West leads a heart. He-isn't happy about leading away from his king-jack but it is.sound strategy to lead a long suit when you have length in the declarer's 1 trump suit. Your own long suit is your best 'weapon. In this, case East wins the first trick wtfr the ace of hearts and leads the queen of hearts, forcing South lo ruff. Red Has Skellon In His Closet For Tlus Story By DICK KLEINER NEW YOKK—Red Skelton • loldirig court in the Hampshire -louse, on New York's swank> Central Park South.-The TV se was going, Red was wearing a baseball cap that said "Six" on it A book called "The History of The Sadler's Wells Ballet" was on lis lap, Irunks were opened every vhere, wailers and suchlike were n and oul. ' His relinue — Iwo press agents named Milt and Larry and a vale' named Roosevelt — were taking turns keeping him in conversa- .ional topics. It didn't seem too lard. ''Tell that one about Paris," said Milt. . courses was further sludy. deferred pending One of a scries of resolutions said Larry. introduced in a report of the lics- olulions Committee rc.-stated Ihe MSTA's belief that racial integration in Maryland schools "should be effeclcd in a fair and lawful manner," in accordance with a recent decision of the Supreme Court. ' "We recommend," the committee said, "that teachers, pupils and other citizens throughout the State cooperate in effecting this change." The resolution was essentially Hie same as one adopted at last year's convention. Other resolutions called for: An expanding program of education from kindergarten through junior college "extended to ail, regardless of .age, race, creed or handicap." Establishing and maintaining standards "which will change the prevailing idea thai anyone can teach to a concept stressing the highly specialized skills, personal qualities and preparation require: for a successful teaching career.' School buildings "built and equipped in accordance witli tlic needs for carrying oul a sound, modern, educational program We deplore any austerity program in school construclion lhat ignores a policy of educationally -sound long-term investment." Equal educational opportunities for all cilicns of Maryland regardless of the geographical location of their residence. "The fi nancing ... is the joint respon sibilily of the local subdivisions and the Slate of Maryland." The nominating committee named Paul B. Stevens, guidance counselor at Baltimore City Col ioge. lo make the customary step up from second vice president to president of tiic .MSTA, succeeding B. M.elvin Cole, director of elementary education 'in Baltimore County. Violet Davis, supervisor of elementary schools in Harford County, was nominated for second vice president, putting her in line /or the presidency next year. Jeannie Carsonr Tted Skelton "Oh, yeah^ that's a good one," laughed Red. He always laughs when he talks. "My wife'is a tunny kid." "That's the one," said Roosevelt. i TMspjj"very,,tfunriy7' .laughed Red. "My wife is--very funny. You [ake her down south and in five seconds she I'.as a soulhern drawl. Take her lo England and righl away it's 'Blighty' and in Ire,and it's 'Begorra.' " "Tell what happened in Paris," "Well, we wcnl to France," said Red, practically hyslerial with laughter. "We hadn't had anything io eat. So our first stop, we went :o a little bistro that was supposed [o have wonderful onion soup. Georgia, thal's my wife, took one sip and said, 'Oooh, la, !a.' I picked up the soup and almost threw it at her. Imagine, five minutes in France and 'Oooh, la, la.' I could- c killed her." "He picked up the soup and almost threw it at her," said Koo- sevelt. "Oooh, la, la, in five minutes," said Milt."He almost killed her," said Larry. - • "I seen it,", said Hoosevell. "Happened just like thai. He picked up Ihe soup. That's what he did. Could've killed her." "She's 'a funny kid, my wife," said Red, laughing. "Now tell the one aboul London," said Mill. in numerology and .her lucky number, seven, lhat she wouldn't take a U.S. TV bid until she found a play with seven people in the east. (There arc seven tellers in her name, her biggest movie hil was "The Sevenlh Veil.") Even Ihe top show business names get ^stranded once in a while. Latest to feel the pinch are The Three Suns, who were playing a spot in San Francisco when the owner disappeared. He took all the meat, liquor and cash. This may be.the year the hatcheck girls get a break. Two of them anyhow. Pat Finch, who used lo slash derbies at the Stork Club, is now singing and, dancing in "Fanny," and Joan McRae, Ferrer Stars In Brilliant TV Showcase J!y CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK l/n—The production of ''Cyrano de Bergcrac" on NBC- TV demonstrated thai an hour-and- a-half television show can be too short. Jose Ferrer brought his brilliant interpolation of "Cyrano" to Producers' Showcase this week, rounding but performance on both stage and screen ib the same role. He was delightfully complemented by a lovely Roxane played by Claire Bloom, .an English actress who should be. required to stay in America after her performance in her TV debut... Anyone who saw Ferrer as Cyrano on Broadway must have regretted the cutting of many fine lines and characterizations from Edmond Rostand's drama of frus- traled love and uninhibiled swordplay in 17lh century France. Yet, oncc-upon-a-dime the tip collector given the inflexible limitalions of at the Harwyn, is understudying Jacqueline Scott in Dish/' 'The Wooden The impossible has happened— here's an actress who doesn't want lo be a star. It's Patricia Bright, a prelty and; talented comedienne who's nowadays supporting Janis Paige on her unfortunate show, "It's Ahvalys Jan." "I'm a saloon comic," Pat says, "and I'm proud of it. Being a star is much too demanding ^for anyone who wauls lo relain some in- eresl in life oulside of Hie show usiness;,",;;,,-... .•- ..,;.;';.:,,• -.. ''Her outside interests? A hus- ).and, two sons and cooking. Dick's Quickie: Herb Shriner, 'eminiscing as usual, recalled an old girl friend who was so skinny .hat when she ale a jar of olives :he looked like a string of heads. Thief Returns Empty Basket From Freezer ' MIDLAND, Tex. IT)—Somebody broke into Louis Moore's home and stole a wire basket filled with frozen steaks from his food locker. A week later the freezer again was raided. This time the culprit re- .urned the basket—empty. . time on TV. the cutting was intelligent and left the great video audience with the satisfaction of having seen a full-bodied play. Occasionally it seems empty' to review a television drama. Whether it was good or bad, it is past and will not be repeated. You either saw it or you didn't, and you either agree on disagree with the critic. Sometimes it's more profitable to look ahead and set the stage for something that's coming. This Sunday, for instance, Maurice Evans will present "Alice in Wonderland", over. NBC-TV. Tlie charm of "Alice" lies in (he perfect plausibility of all its impossibilities. That is to say, it's 'antasy and requires from an adult a suspension of a sense of' what's plausible. When Charles Lutwidgcj Dodgson, a brilliant mathematician, published his stories aboul Alice under the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll, adults in Victorian England were as delighted as their children. Jacoby On Jfrl dye Tunnel Approach Bids Requested md king. This leaves the queen ind one other trump out against lim, but South must ignore-those wo trumps. 1 Grilling his leelh, South aban- 'pus the (rumps in order to cash lis good diamonds. Sooner or later omebody will trump and .lead o learl. Soulh will, ruff .with his icxl-io'-last 'trump and continue ber. The builders will be a»le to line up preliminaries during lire vilh good diamonds and clubs. The opponents can make their oth- r Irump trick, and South will ful- ill his contract. Soulh stilt has a rump to make sure of regaining he lead. The key to 1 the hand South must avoid giving up the about Dec. 1, 1957. ead unnecessarily when the op- aonenis are haltering away at'his rump suit. NORTH WEST . AQ754 VKJ732 • 82' + Q6 V 108 5 4 »K7 , ' 4K8754 ' , EAST '• 486 » AQ6 • 10943 4 10932 SOUTH (D) 4AKJ109 South 1 * 3» 4* .« A Q J 6 S . *AJ ' North-South-vul. , West North East Pass 1 N.T.- Pass Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass' Pass Pass Openipg lead—V 3 South is tempted to ented dummy- with a diamond or club in order to try the spade finesse. With a successful finesse, South will probably win 12 tricks. If South tries 'the finesse, however, ' he will lose his contract. West wins wilh the 1 queen of spades, and leads another heart. When South trumps, he then has fewer trumps than West. From that point on Ihe hand is hopeless. South must resist this tempta- lion. After ruffing the second heart, South must draw exactly two rounds of trumps with the ace i^fl •""•"»""-" BALTIMORE Wl- The . Roads Commission 1 today State asked Destructive Flood ,-'; , j; |; Properly losses iii tho -Kaiisas 1 ' River flood of'-July,, "1950,-wore : nearly onc-lhlrd as much assail'} American flood losses' • froth 1902 ( to 1049. •' '-•'-" •< contractors lo bid on building millions of dollars worth of expressway approaches for the, Baltimore | N(J p ar |<j n g Problem!' harbor tunnel. ~ The b'icls will be opened Nov. 17 and 22. . . . This probably will permit the awarding of contracts in Dccem- winter and gel sel lo start moving dirt and building bridges when the weather opens up next spring. They .then will have two full construction seasons 'to finish Ihe job is that in time for opening of the tunnel Fisher ! Robinelfe 493 BALTIMORE. AYE. THE TAVERN ', WITH IHE , LARGE PARKING LOT CRYSTAL Q-^-The bidding has been: North East South W«t 1 Heart Pass 1 Spade Pass 1 N.T. Pass t You, South,'hold: AAKJ8 VQI «KJ9t +?lt What do you do? , A—Bid three no-tramp. With' 14 points yoa mast tot to iune, even though yoa. have .. no jtrentth in one of the onbid salt*. TODAVS QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: *Q 10753 V74 »KJ9«t +S What do you do? Answer Tomorrow . 'Lets get friendly^stranger.AV JANERUSSEU Montana Belle HI-ROCK DRIVE »N TONITE & FRIDAY cr's wot a lav* . rfiot n*v«r footed hxir_M«tr •looped' . _ , _ I" »«<>«*' tl Pill* ' Short & Cartoon SCHOOL'S OUT TODAY! C'MON DOWN TO THE STRAND AT 9:30 A. M.! W£Vt GOT A i ALL SEATS 35c 10 CARTOONS... 2 BIG COMEDIES! FREE A LIVE "TWEETY-BIRD" CANARY AND OTHER PRIZES courtesy of G. C. MURPHY'S and HILL'S TOY SHOP SUPER 40 A few fast fads: Max Lieh- man's Dec. 4 spectacular will be strictly imported stuff — Maurice Chevalier, Marcel Marceau and Jeannie Carson ... In December, right in the middle of the run of Robert Young's "Father Knows Best," Young \v;ill do a western— "Stage to Yuma"—as an experiment. . . . Jaye P. Morgan had kept one facet of her talent hidden, but she revealed on Mitch Miller's CBS-Radio show that she can do animal imitations, so her. manager, Bulled Durgon, wants!] her to add that to her act. . . . Ann Todd is such a firm believer PHONE PA 4-9868 FREE DELIVERY FINE FOOD BEER LIQUORS CAS TAYLOR'S "Down In The Volley" At Cor. Volley & N. Mechanic :- JSobrrt TAYLOR FIRST SHOW 7iOO IAST COMPLETE SHOW 8:30 "Scandal At Scourie" Wilh Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon Tastee Freez Special 2 FOR 1 SALE To Show Our Appreciation, THE TREAT'S ON US! BUY ONE MILK SHAKE OR SUNDAE . . . ( ANY flAVOS And YOU GET ANOTHER ONE FREE! Homemade Ice Cream Served FRESH from the Freezer THURSDAY, OCT. 20... 6:30 to 11:00 P.M. FRIDAY, OCT. 21 ... 12 Noon to 11 P.M. Your TASTEE-FREEZ Drive-in U. S. Route 40 in Allegany Grove C I PARK YOUR CAR FREE AT THE CENTRAL ' PARKING LOT WHEN YOU GO TO THE MARYLAND, F.olur. Tiniei 12:00 - 1:59 - 3:58 5:57 . 7:56 - 9:59 For 1952 '(the latest complete figures) 3,530,000 U. S. .births or 91.7 per cent of all births .took place in hospitals. FUNNIEST — FRESHEST — NEW TECHNICOLOR COMEDY EVER TO GO SWINGING ACROSS THE CINEMASCOPE SCREEN! YOUR BLOOD Is Needed! Give to the Red Crots Blood Bonk Cumb. Nov. 7 — Lonoconing, Nov. 8 For Appointment Phone PA 2-1760 ROUTE 51, OLDTOWN ROAD LAST TIMES TONITE II Ul Hill HMIIUiA OKI TIME ONLY 1:35 Double Feature BOX OFFICE OPEN i:10 PICTURE STAKTJ 7 P. M. CARTOON , TOI* ACTION RANDOLPH SCOn THE STRANGER WORE A GUN !„'». TOMORROW ... TWO OF THE BIGGEST, MOST SPECTACULAR HITS EVER SHOWN ON THE SAME PROGRAM! ,.„•.. GEORGE BRENT IN i TK.UCOCQK 1; JOHN WAYNE BAIL RUSSELL A (EPUtUC PICTURE Last Time Today! STARTS TOMORROW — DOUBLE FEATURE COOPER-LH NCHSTER VERACRUZ A&BOTMCOSTEUO THE GREATEST ROMANTIC ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME! KIRK DOUGLAS FREDERICK 8RISSON THE Color by TECHNICOLOR ROSAUND FERNANDO I RUSSELL LAMAS Eddto Albert Gloria D« Haven MARION UOHNE :. JAMES Color byTECHNICOLOR ftobtrt flreth unu j'trom« D«vii 1:50-5:10-8:30 AT:—12:00 . 3:15 - 6:35 - 9:55 SEE BOTH FEATURES AS LATE AS 8-.30 P. M. AT OUR REGULAR PRICES! _. . ENDS TONITt . Clark Gable - Jon. Rusiell THE TALL MEN?!:

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