The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 4, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1894
Page 6
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DAILY AND WEEKLY. By POWERS A COLC1-O. SUBSCRIPTIONS. SInglecopy, MiyaddreBS, per rear ....$2 OU « pulil In advance 1 BU THK aKNTINKt, IB 8 stnilgllt-OUt Democratic ewnpaper working for the advancement ot the tereatp of the cause In Northwestern town. ADVERTISING. The circulation of THR SBNTINKL exceeds that 8f an> paper on the C. & N. W. Hallway west of darstmlltown. Our lists lire open to unj advertiser. We have good Ilst3 In overr town on all branch ronds, lists reaching the best farmers •nd business men In even community. Bates on •11 classes ot advertising reasonable. Schp-'ule of ratee '.'irnlsried on application to the ofncfc. Correspondence desired on all topics of general interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, •nd nave your letter reach us early as Wednesday evening. Address, THE SENTINEL, Carroll. Iowa. Bntere at the Carroll, Iowa, poetofllce. as fte ond class matter, Published weekly. FBIDAT, MAT 4. 1894. [See preceding page for late telegraphic news.] If Ohio keep, on electing Demoorntio congressmen Qov. MoKinlev's presidential boom will be nipped in the bnd. If the Goxey movement does nothing else it will undoubtedly demonstrate the necessity of restricted immigration. Iowa was disgraced with a lynching bee at Missouri Valley Monday night and Young Jnokson did not call out the militia either. For reasons known to all, the people ot Breckenridge, Minn., have petitioned the postmaster general to change the name of their postofEce. Have the Republicans heard from St. Paul and a special congressional election in the third district of Ohio? Well they both "Went Democratic." The third district in Ohio gave Gov. McKinley 600 majority last fall and Tuesday it elected a Democratic congressman by over 3,000 majority. The strikers at Cleveland, Ohio, are becoming nneasy and the situation is growiug threatening. Troops have been called out to suppress the rioting. The coroner's jury failed to discover the parties who hung the outlaw at Missouri Valley. Juries are not expected to find oat suoh things in oases of this kind. gince it costs about §14 per day for congressmen to be absent without leave or on the account of sickness, there has been a marked decline of absenteeism in the house. The three weeks' strike of the two hundred factory girls at Dubuque has been settled and work has been re- earned. The plucky girls won their point ani? as a result are getting higher wages. The miner's union decided by a vote of 65 to 55 to go oat on a strike and in accordance with the decision all Iowa miners will go oat. This will throw Bboni 9,OQQ laborers in the state out ot employment. _ Oeo. Francis Trait was arrested in Washington lent week for speaking without a license. His subject wauOoxeyism. The mayor being a sensible man and not oaring to make a martyr out of the eccentric egotist let him go, Juok- Wbat'a the matter with Young son ? Ibere have been more people hung, more depredations committed and more but he declares positively he will not have it. He informs us that he desires to see 0. H. Fleuker, of Washington township, succeed Mr. Hausman nud will work for his nomination. Kelley and his men are still at Des Moinos where they have been ever since lost Sunday. All efforts to secure transportation bus thus far foiled. The citizens of the capital city are desirous of getting rid of them, but are powerless in prevailing ou the railroads to assist in furnishing them transportation, for thay declare that they will not curry them f.ov a cent lees than full fare. The United States ueuule is still grinding away on the tariff bill. Rumors are afloat that a compromise measure has been agreed upon which will command the united support of the Democratic members. Forty-threo members, it is claimed have pledged their support to the new tnensttre find if this proves true, tbe bill will be disposed of during the next week or ten days. Both parties are tired of the discussion and it would not be strange if the bill was voted on most any day. The strike on the Great Northern is at last at an end. In eighteen days the employes of the company succeeded in winning their point and the officers of the road completely receded from the action they had taken in issuing an order fora reduction of 10 per cent in the wages of all the employes on the 4,500 miles of road belonging to the system. The trains are running on regular time and the long delayed business of the road is being dispatched aa promptly as possible. Scott conntv Democrats held their convention Saturday to elect delegates to attend the senatorial convention and Hon. John 0. Bills secured an instrnoted delegation by a vote ot 127£ to 10J. Walter I. Hayes had a few warm friends in the convention and considerable bad blood was shown. Bills is a Davenport man and has a strong following in that county. What action will be taken by the remaining counties ot tbe district is uncertain, but it is claimed that Hayes will be renominated to succeed himself. Death of Frank Hatton. Frank Hatton, the well known editor and politician died at hie home in Wash ington last Saturday. A few days previous while seated at bis desk be was stricken with paralysis, from which he rever recovered. Tbe last fatal symptoms ot the case was developed Saturday morning in the form ol Bright's disease. The virus spread rapidly and soon reached tbe beart. Frank Hatton was first of all a Republican, after that a newspaper man and after that a charming companion. He was borne in Ohio, in Cambridge, Apr! 28,1846. -His father, Richard Hatton, was country editor, and, as a boy be learned the "case" and how to make rollers, and all tbe art and mystery of tbe job office of tbe old days. When be was fourteen years old be was foreman ot tbe composing room and local editor for bia father. Wbeu tbe war broke out, though only sixteen year* old, Frank Hatton volunteered in tbe ninety-eighth Ohio and be was in constant service until 1864, wben be was commissioned first lieutenant and transferred to tbe one hundred .and NOVELIST JOHN JACOB ASTOB. . John Jacob Astor, the third to bear that name, has written and published a novel which is somewhat after the style of Jules Verne's romances. The book will sell because he wrote it, but if it does not he will probably manage to get along on his income of §3,000,000 a year. Brown succeeded in getting part way up the steps of the enpitol building but, were hustled off before they were allowed to eay a word. They were arrested and placed in jail but were subsequently released on $500 bail each. Then- trial is set for tbe lat*er part of next week. The army is camped in the outskirts of the city and says it will stay tb-sra until congress passes the bil!s tbe lenders of bhe army are demanding. Of course congress will do nothing of the kind and the result of this "on to Washington" cry will bave no immediate result, at least in bringing ubmit t,be enactment' of such laws aa they demand. IM thf meantime similar organizations are springing up all over the country. It is true they are making little headway iu their, raid upon the capital and it begins to look as if the movement would not be successful in point ot numbers. For it is next to impossible for them to get transportation and the Kelley movement in this state baa proven tbe utter impossibility of the armies reaching Washington on foot. Kelley has been nearly tbree weeks in going from Council Bluffs to Des Moines. Tbe novelty ot these movements will soon wear off and then the commonweal army will find it rather"ronRb sledding" hud will disband. Will Not be a Candidate. EDITOBS OF SENTINEL: The Carroll Herald ot last week stems to be very anxious to flud out whether I am trying to get the office of supervisor, wbiob Mr. ism and high protective tariff doctrine, und which gave McKinley a big plurality, was carried by Mr. Sorg by 19 votes. Iu the city of Middletown, always strong- Iv Rspublioan heretofore, the Demo- orntio majority this election was over 400. Tuin is not a personal victory for Mr. Surg, albeit he is a ycung man ot much popularity in the district and a fried and proved friend of the workingman and tbe f armnr. It is a significant expression of the confidence of the people in the bifnasty of purpose and tan safety of Democratic doctrine und Democratic principles. The election of Lemuel Eli QuiRg in a strongly Democratic district ia New York was given entirely too much significance by the leadprs and organs ot the Republican party. They hailed it ee an expression of popular dissatisfaction with Democratic rule and the manifestation ot popular desire that tbe Republican party should be reinstated in power. In reality it had little ot such significance. Quigg waa elected because the Democratic party was sold out by Tammany, whose lenders had ordered that tbe Democratic candidate should be defeated. Tbe success of the Republicans in other sections ot tbe country in electing their candidates tor small offices this spring is equally insignificant. The congressional contests are tbe oulv criterion of the true temper of tbe people and Mr. Sorg's victory iu Ohio, against all the forces Gov. MoKinler and a Republican state administration could bring to bear, is fraught with happy augury of prize fighto on Iowa soil in tbe four months he bas been governor tban daring the (our «eara Dnole Horace filled tbe executive chair. Colonel Breokiuridge saya be is going to go back to Kentucky and pusb bis candidacy for re-election to congress. Tbe Colonel must bave a poor opinion ot tbe people of bis district it be presumes they will compromise themselves by returning him to congress after tbe disgrace be hai heaped upon them. 8t. Paul bad a munoipal election last Tuesday and tbe Democrats won a great victory. Two yean ago tbe Republicans carried tbe city by 2,000 majority. Tuesday tbe Democratic mayor was elected by 1,000 and tbe Democrats elected 14 out of tbe 20 aldermen. St. Paul is all rigbt and ia in weal. line witb tbe great eighty-fourth Ohio infantry. He prrved witb tbe army ot tbe Cumberland, was with Sherman in Chattanooga, through Tennessee and up through tbe Carolines. At tbe close ot tbe war be went to Mount Pleasant, Ia., where be and bis father ran tbe Journal until 1869, wben tbe father died and the son went on alone until 1874, wben be purchased tbe Burlington Hawkeye. He bad been postmaster at Mount Pleasant and he waa jrattmaater at Burlington. In October 1881, President Arthur appointed Mr. Hatton first assistant pootmaeter general, He disposed of the Hawkeye and went to Washington. Three years later, wben Postmaster-General Gresbam resigned, Mr. Hatton was promoted to bia position and aerred until Cleveland's fint administration began. He was tbe youngest Tbe United States senate has confirmed tbe nomination ot Jamas D. Yeomaos of Bloux Oily M inter-atate commerce oommwiiouer. Tbe decisions ot tbe supreme court have robbed tbe oommisaiou ot about all the power wbiob was conferred on it by the •ot ore»tii>0 it «"»d there it little left for OommiftslouMr Yeomaua to do but to draw bia aalary, wbiob ia $7,000 a year. Mr. Hnogwford aaye that "Olbertz <MW never become » county supervisor." We know ot no«nrer way tor Mr. Olberte to be elected than to buve the Herald oppose him. So far OB TUB BBKTINKIJ is ooueemed it ia willing to pull olT its oobt and help to demonstrate the foot that tbe Herald ia not able to dictate to tbe people of Carroll county wuo ehull be ita olUoiule. Olberlz ie tbe kiud of a to pal oo the board of supervisors, cabinet officer since tbe days of Alexander Hamilton. From 1882 to 1884 Mr. Hatton was interested in tbe Washington National Republican. In July, 1684, be and Clinton A. Snowdeu bought tbe Chicago Evening Mail and reorganized it. But it was bard to keep tbe sheriff's officers from sitting iu tbe front windows of tbe Mail and Mr. Hattou gave it up. He went to Washington again in 1888 and witb Beriub Wilkiue bought tbe Washington Post. Coxey at Washington. Coxey'e army ot peace made its parade through Washington May day and was witnessed by uu iinrneiiBe crowd of people. The oommouweulera were allowed to pass peaceably along tl>e streets but when tbe leaders attempted to enter tbe capital they were run down by the police and placed iu jail, Ooxey uuJ Hausman DOW holds. Bat as tbe editor of the Herald does not know me and I do not know him, it seems to me there are other parties, quite probably Democrats, who deem it ot sufficient importance to and out early in the season whether I intend to run for that office or not. So far, I would bave no objections to their endeavor to satisfy their minds on that point. But when tbe editor ot the Herald says, among other insinuations, that I carry water oa both shoulders, I must tell the editor of tbe Herald that there is no truth whatever in that expression, and it he has been BO informed by other parties then be ought to make up hie mind that be will not listen in future to those parties. Nobody can justly accuse me of carrying water ou both shoulders and none know that better tban some Democrats. Now, for tbe infoimation of the editor of tbe Herald and all other interested parties, I will eay that I shall not run for tbe office ot supervisor to succeed Mr. Hausman nor for any other office. Nobody could induce me to accept an office of any kind. I live quietly on my farm here and it is not at all my intention to leave that. Now I want tbe editor of tbe Herald to leave me alone. It is one thing to honestly find out a man's intentions politically, but quite another thing to abuse and ridicule him. In conclusion, I will tell tbe Herald thai tbe successor ot Mr Hausmau will be a Democrat. P- J- Democratic triumph throughout the eutira country. The climax of absurdity in paternal government has been reached in a bill introduced into the New York legislature. The bill in question provides for tbe licensing of bill posters and for the wearing of a badge by them. This would not do so much harm if the proposed law did not go further and prohibit anybody else from sticking up a bill. If a farmer had a sale of live stock and wanted to announce it to his neighbors, he would not be allowed under such a law aa this even to paste his B*e bills upon his own gate. H6 would have to get tbe licensed bill poster to do it. The very first item iu a book of etiquette for men should be the direction not to expectorate upon floors, stairs, sidewalks, stoves, in marble halls or corridors or out of windows—in brief, not to expectorate anywhere. The Richmond Dispatch laments the degeneracy of tbe present age wben creatures who wear the form and clothing of men do not hesitate to defile witb tobacco spittle even the beautiful new town ball of that city. . In the coal mined in the republic of Argentina an extraordinary quantity of vanadic acid has boeu found. This substance is used in dyeing Bilk and is so rare that hitherto it has cost |Q pound. Tho discovery of it in Argentine coal will permit the dyers of American silks to make them brighter and handsomer than ever. They arc wot tramps any more. They now cull themselves "soldiers of the United Status industrial army," It would bo interesting to know just how urniiy of thorn over engaged iu any honest industrial imrsuit fur six consecutive months of their lives. A Socialistic State. One of the most interesting countries on the globe at present is the British colony of New Zealand. It comes nearer being in its spirit and institutions the 'deal state to which the socialists and nationalists are looking forward than any other country. According as it pros- '>«rs or declines will be the estimate put by the world on the theory of state control of public enterprises. Ti: 3 first step toward utate employment ai:d nta-to construction of public vorlrs came in 1370. Then, in urf.i ;• to encour- i;.cce public works and immigration, the (Vuvernment took up the construction of roads, rnilrouiis, water\vo; l .r, and irrigation. For this $50,000,00.1 was borrowed from English capitalists in the beginning. Then as its task grew under the hands of the Now Zealand government a much larger sum was obtained in the same way. Where .railroads were already constructed the govcrment bought them, building also new ones. There fire only 150 miles of private railway in the colony. All the public works mentioned are now returning considerable revenue. Nest cauie a bureau of industries, so called. Its object was to develop local industries and to find employment for laborers. The policy of encouraging immigration in this manner was vigorously pursued. This particular state enterprise has been n great success. There is also a government life insurance department. Holders of policies are absolutely certain of obtaining the sums due them, and the state insurance company never breaks up. There, too, is the public trust office. This guarantees investors from any loss through bad securities and also guarantees the payment of dividends and interest regularly. Of course this carries with it the right on the part of the government to examine into all trusts and see if they are legitimate and give promise of practical success. A public trustee is appointed, and in his hands may be left all business usually given over to private trustees. Part of the duties of the office is to administer on intestate > estates. Fees only large enough to cover actual cost are charged. The state has also a government sanitarium and mineral water baths for poor people. A New Metrology. Dr. Charles de Medici of New York declares boldly that exact equivalents in numbers can be found for all geometric forms and ratios. For instance, he says the circle can be squared exactly and that he has succeeded in doing it. He defines metrology to be the science of correct measurement in accordance with some given and definite standard. He goes back of all measurements of surfaces, solids, fluids or time, and looks to geometry for the exact unit which will stand for thorn all. To this unit he gives the name of metrometer, and he asserts that he has found it. He would have all instruments, scales, weights and measures constructed in conformity with his unit according to a fixed geometric standard which will be the same for all nations and ages. At present our weights and measures are arbitrary and different in different countries. Dr. de Medici says that the science of geometry progresses as well as other sciences, and now is the time for it to advance beyond the propositions of Euclid. He has in press a textbook of the new geometry which he hopes will bf taken up and examined on its iner- itb *by mathematical professors everywhere. That is all he asks. He claims that tbe book itself will do the rest. Among the propositions in his geometry will be a new rule for trisecting angles and another for doubling cubes. Dr. Daniel Q. Brjnton writes that 'the most; common and fatal defect 6f| the female mind is lack of sense ol'A 1 Ftrnct justice." The principals of girls* colleges should see that the sense of ab* f;traut justice is at once supplied to the female mind. Some people's redding of the golden. rule, Do others as they do you. Karl's Olovor Root' tlie grmt blood purifier i:!vrs freshness tint! clearness to the complexion •ires constipation, 2Bc., 60o,, 51.00. Sold bj 1 C. II. Westbrook. Tho suit for $50,000 damages against the World-Herald of Omaha, brought 'by Mrs. Nathalie Pollard, was begun at Council Bluffs, In. .« Shlloh'B Cure Is sold on a guarantee. It curei Incipient Consumption. It Is the best Cough cure. Only one centa dose, 25ots, BOcts., and 91 Sold by C. n. Westbrook. Rubinstein has black hair at 04 and '.« youthful iu feeling. Ho is a grandfather, and his wifo's hair is snowy. She flings too. Buoklen'B Arnica Salve The best salve In the world for Cuts, Drulses, Soros, TJlcers, SaitHheum, Fever Sores,Tetter, Uhappod liamle, Chilblains,Corns and all 8MB Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay required. It Isgunrnntod to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 95 r>«nt» per'-is. For sale b J. W. Hatton. u. IN. uiauscri, Roimulican deputy collector of customs at Washburn, Wi-i., has lieen raiucsloi'i to resign. The position \vUl j;o ip t \. Ueausollel, a Deir^ocral. "Orange ll'ossoms" Is n painless cnre for all diseases peculiar to women. Sold fresh by J. W. Hatton. Mrs. T. 8. Hawkins, Chattanooga, T nn., nay 'Shlloh's Vltallzer 'saved my life.' 1 conslderlt. the best remedy for n debilitated system I evei uned " For dyspepsia, liver or kidney trouble 75ctB. Sold by C. U. Westbrook, A Sitfiiilicjiut Victory. Chicago Times. Tbe magnificent victory of Paul J. Borg, Democratic candidate for congress in tbe third Ohio district, over E. Q. Republican, ia particularly eigniUouut at thin time. To the politically aatute it clearly sbowa that tbe pen» * ,. -. ..7 (lyHppiiiiini wr in "UBimili i^.'v. ;»*"" W..BM..,|.- dulum wbiob Bwuug to tbe Itapublioau jiuii!niutturiler*Ugu«. UUubkoiutuiyuiiiiU<iiii uuiuu. n»».~ o (- ii,, u ii ,i,,u,n mill IIAIIIIIUII our had fortune. Wu eido iu tbe election of Lemuel Kli Quigg in New York baa reached tbe bigbwut point in ita arc of ttaceueiou, uud bfts uow btarted to return. Mr. Hor« carried oitiea and oouotief, wbiob gave Moliiuley big pluralities when bo ran for governor, by overwbelmiug mujorities, Tbe oity of Liamiltou, curried by tbe Itupublioaos iu tbe early spring, returned a Democratic mujority ot 1,200. Tbe city of Daytofi, bitberto u botbed of lUpabllottu- AcUcn-Bucond Action-Third Action. 80 »ttld tho wlutt Athenian. W« ulrnll bo wise to follow lila udrlou |u many muttors; Iu none uiuru uu tlmn In grappling wlllj u c'uld or with dyupeiiBlu; orln micililiiK rullff from counuiup 'lu nit down und bemoan our bad fortune. Wu Ufl-uut~uct. The drift •>"<! inu»l Ituporutlvo a.'iion nouonimry In to prmmru B bulllo of Dr. l'l«r«'e'tiiiolduiiMuaiculI)lii'M<very. The second uellon will b» to UBCI it Thu third uullun will nuiuriillr follow-wu Hlmll proclaim auruud tu vltluen. aurdlii, Olu Hloau Co.. Minn. II. V. I'lKHi'K. M. U., Huirulo. N. Y.: _ liuur sir cmlved by tutting your iuuill''ln«, I now would b, . lhutonu>ouriiKO I wan ylvun uu It my Iita'il. Miyalwin and frlsudii; »11 niild I limit dlu. SI) liiuiiii were badly allttuUul, und body ruduued lo u ukeloion. My people coinin«ni:«d tu Klvu mu your "iledlcal l)!n<'OVeiT," und I bouu bfrun lo niund. It Husnoi luuv bit/ore! bowium well euough to of my houmthold dulluu again. oouvury to Dr. I'Hiroti'B (ioldea Mcdl A curious Incident showing the independent spirit of tho Magyars occurred at tho f uuerul of Kossuth. Tho bishop hud forbidden tho cburch bolls in Kecs- kemet to be tolled while tbe funeral train was passing through tbo town, Immediately bo received tbls answer from tbo inhabitants by telegraph: "Horr Bishop Schuster, Your Excellency—Command in your own house." Signed, "The people of Kecskemet." Field and Farm of Denver announces with a comment tbo fact that tbo London chamber of commerce bus requested Lord Kouobery to bring about tho renewal of tho Brussels monetary conferunce. Field and Farm's comment is us follows: "The Bupheacls of Europo are coming to their mllk."^ Every civilized nation is deeply in debt. In Europe tho financial budget of one country uf tor another shows a heavy deficit. Tbo latest addition to tho number is France—83,000,000 francs behind in tboamountueedcd to run tho government next year, _ A man whose fruit Imdboen killed and nil his ourly vegetables blighted by tho upring cold snap finds consolation in re- culling an old Hiiylut! Unit nothing iu so good for tho soil as u tmowBtonu in April, That pious man, Emporor William, has fiu'bidduu oflkora of tho Gurmim army ami nuvy to bet on horuo rucou. This is William's idea of moral A'majority of the members of the Democratic state central committee of Arkansas favors tlie selection of United Status senator.!}? tlie.primary system. Electric Bitter This remedy le becoming so well known and so popular ns to need no spojml mention. All WHO liwve used Electric Kitten, sing the slime song of pralec.—A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do nil that Is claimed. Electric Hitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, boils, salt rheum and other nlfec lions caused by Impure blood.—Will drive malaria from the system und prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers.-For cure of head- nc.he, constipation and indlgesllton try Electric Hitters—Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded.—Price 60c and $1.00 per bottle at nation's drug store. 5 -~——« Solomon Speed, Shanty Hamilton and Prank Williams sawed through a bar aud escaped from the county jail at Logarn- Dorfc. Intl. Cure for Headache. As a remedy for nil forms of Headache Eloe- trlc Hitters has proved to be the very bent. IlelTcctsa perinananl cure and the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to ita. Inlluenoo. We urge all who arc afflicted rto ^ procure a bottle, and give this remedy atfalr- trial. Incases of habitual constipation Electric nittors cures by giving tho needed tone to the bowels, and few cases long resist tho use ol this medicine. Try it once. Large bottles on ly flfty cents atJ. W. llalton's 3rug store. /. j ^ 'JfcCTng' Govui'noV Uill lias issued u requisition on the governor of Florida for W. B. Jewell, wanted at Lewiston for forgery and ujuler arrest at Usueoht. Flu. When Baby was nick, wo gave her Cssturla. When she was a Child, ihe cried for Conlorla. When she became Miss, «be clung to Castorl*. When she hoi' Children, the gave Uiuui Castorl* me x'opnliKlH of Kansas will circulate as u campaign document uu address delivered before the Kansas board of agriculture by Hon. Daniel JsVedhamuf Boston. Dun Buchanan, limner cashier of the now defunct Colci; Cuiinly (Texan) bank, lias been iirrcMcil for ulltt^ud conspiracy to fob tbe government. cm uiicovrry. A northwestern joko from Fit-Id and Farm: "A Uimvor man lias just named Lib cult Ucivt-riiur Wniln lii'tiumo it is BO inclined to kick nvor tho UIUTH." Tbu lU'uth of Henry riTlves is another illustration of tho fact that during and H llnuiusii'ni si'liloju iivo t» L>o old Ohlidren Orylror Wtpher'i Caetorla. it. L. Cheuvront Leonard, Mo, In Agony 10 Years Wlth"8alt Rh«um Hood's Sarsaparllla Gave • Perfect Cure. "0,1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Muaa.i " Ilooil'a riuruupm'llltt U uit oxuollont raftdlelM. I luid (iczimut Iu my luft leg (or. fifteen I'urt ol Uiu tlmu my leu was out) nrnss ol Kiul iiboui Kwry wi'uk corruption would uiidur HID Hklu mid Uio BuubD would nloug The Itching and Burning ' (teustttlon inmlu mg unltt;r Indescribable ago&lei. 1 tpunt u Hi rat iluul ol nioiioy (or Ulflorcut r«w* edlua but did nut gut relief. About u year ago, luudliiK phy*lduilg lulvUed mu to tuku H000 r i fiurgupurillu. 1 ilia »o mid liuvi) Ukou live lot. HoodV?>Cure8 ties. Now all Uio auii's, seuba uud palu U»V» vanished uiul 1 urn imJoyluK nerleot ho»lth, } think Jliiud'n Ntii'Hiipiii'lllit In (wound to uono an Mliully riTimnnund II tu nil millerlug huuuuilfy, 11. L. L'liuuVKUST, l.vonunl, Missouri. Hood's PlilO cot vastly, yet l/rou)»Uy tUMJI'" eUkluully,un Uiu liver uud bowuU). UM). ifr

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