The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 1, 1958 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1958
Page 11
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ANNll 1-t JWT I'M NflT WOKiUPJ -50RTA ^ 1 HAP TUB CHAICT...) AAT6 fCUCE - *o tut cm AMWUWCfe Kfff\ e*AWUU..I WOULDNT TWWW 1 PONT WWW VOtf IN TH6 D8HK J HOW 10 TH- TAMK... MP PUBLICITY Wt AT TOE SAVANNAH'S HUS- POUR BAND B»5 OFF Kt'? ON HSR.. A PARTY BER5RB THAT ftTIF .NECKfiD toU3t*L COMtf »ACK rr»M3W, \UVSH6R6. COIONM. MARY WORTH BUDDY! ALL I KNOW LOOKING AT HER, I SUDDENLY UNDERSTOOD WHY MEN FIGHT AND BUILD SHELTERS ANDBUY, aUTTEWtfG BAN6UE5 FOR THEIR assrsr^sssj PkiEONl ABNM WlfCILtA'S POP-By At V«rm««r_ "AWH. COURSE, IT CAN BE OVERDONE OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major HoopU I/6AY,THE GENI5AR/AES IWEPB JUST HERE ASKIN' ' A00UT THAT 5AU5ASB DIDDER 6LA5S YOU USED TO CALL A FlN<3ER/-~5EE ' IT FIGURES IM THE ALIBI OF SOWS 6U/A TOTING BURGLAR] CtOOL*,', 1 UM ,YAS.' MOMTMORENCYySl THe FLlMK.A 5AMARlTANiE7£OLUTIOM r Y)HO ONlLV TRIED TO j^lS Nl^E WRT5 r COA\S TO A\Y AID /. M V/ATE1?, OM5 ESAt>,VJHAT IRDMY/.M PART SOAP/ 1 ^TVJiesS.euRELY/^TOO BAD VJ6 i MV PROBLEM 16 // CANT U5BTH& NOT TOO MUCH L I HOT WATERSOU'RE > FOR YOUR LIGHT-7\S (M VJlTH THB , NIMS IMTELLECT/J 1 MISSUS AMC \THE 60FT ^ ^OAPYOU'L^ .PKOU3CSTO i .SETOJTOFy IS LOOK- INS AHEAD' CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Wllliamt NOTB--NO HOBOB* •OKAK/ I NEVER COULP FIND OUT HOWTHIEVRlPa TH' ROPS-^TMBVRB AV.LUS ON AN' on*'PORE vou CAN BEE 'EM/ WITH THIS TOWN, TOO, BUT I AIM'T LEARKJIM' MOTHIM' UKE THAT, FKR FEAR I'LL 6ROW •ORM THIRTV YEAR* TOO SOOM i- /JK. Rif. US. Pit Off. <IS> by NCA S«nl». IM. TIZZY-By Kat* Osann "About that trout I ordered—wir« the chef to juit bring me the first thing he catches'." Want Ads Have Bargains -B<JTM/NATuKALLY!/-SME<S N^^\ SHE *A DAUGHTER?! I W3UREO J FRANKUV,<3OOCH, NEITHER CAN I BUT, IT WAS GIRL FOR-DOuff I EXPENSIVELY EIHjCictfeD, (EXPEM5IVELV Oft£S5El>, r UllK KMM 1>>M Iii>»*. .rTZm THANKSA UOT-BUff RESEMBLE*) fT WAS A CHANCE TO < SOLVE 3 PROBLEMS At J YOU. BOSSW -VOUCHERS, < SE6 WHAT ELSE WE CAN DIG UP// THE TOODLES Member of N&W SO LONG, SAL...I'LL MCf T VOU IN THE LIBRARY LATBR SO we CAN STUDY./ DOES THAT «UOW COMB SKATlNS'OR - MIS4 4AUV? IT'S SETTING *"-»~^ HERB THBV COMftJ NOW/ NBAR DINNER TIME. WHERE'S SAUUV? TILL US MORB ABOUT VOUR. A COMBINATION BOTH, X dl*SS WENf ICB SKATING AFTER SCHOOL WITH Heod dent Geor S' Daniianov died Thursday at the age of 66. VIENNA, Austria (AP)-Dimit- Thg new president h8J been f er Ganev, a member of the Polit•^' ' ' — •*****mm^*'i**'» ^" . » i i L. A" »***w» f *» <4^vAiiwv* v^* v*t*i A \^**w Marge doesn't think about boys AtL the buro ^ & secre of ^ Bul Sometimes $ne qoesn t tninKS „„..!„„ ^ — ,,^ „,,»„ ;. n. IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIER ADS garian Communist party, is the new president of Bulgaria. Radio Sofia, announced bis elec- member of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist party since 1931 and has served as ambassador to Budapest and to Prague. ARCHII MY FAVOBlTE PROGRAM....' "HIDDEN CAMERA"/ THESE THINGS *J ARE ALL REHEARSER' ITS 9ILty.» HOW COULO „ -w_ THEY HIDE A *--^ Tv CAMERA? JUDD SAXON-By Ktn Bald and Jerry Brondfleld MORTY MEEKLE VOU'RENOTTHE MAN WHO USUALLY FIXES OUR SET TIME'S SICK. CQN'T AUSTIN (Minn,) HPffAtD | | Monday Dec. t, 1958 I I [SHORT RIBS") I SUPPOSE YOU MEAN PES&Y MENT TO CLINT POTTER. WHAT'VE YOU SOT IN MINP? PO HIM SOOt? TO SET AWAY FOR A COUPLE OF WXYS... THINGS ARE RUNNINS SMOOTHLY THERE, BEN. HE ISN'T USED TO SUCH A TROUBLE-FREE ATMOSPHERE.' BUT SO AHEAP. LET HIM SNIFF A SPAC6 BISCUIT.../ IN THE EXECUTIVE OFFICES OF BOSWORTH ENTERPRISES, BEN HUTCHINS POSES A PROBLEM... f»ULA, WE'VE SOT TO PUT A BIT OF LIFT IN JUOP SAXON'S LIFE... NOTHING, REALLY, BUT I'M TAKIN& HIM WITH ME ON AN INSPECTION TOUR OF OUR RESEARCH LASS. / I PRACTICALLY INVENTED TELEVI6ION, FRIEND. I CAN FIX A TV SET WITH BOTH i HANDS TIEP BEHIND ME/ N. JUST LEAD ME TO IT SEEMS TO BE AN EXPERT AT FIXING TV sere THE TROUBLE? OKAY-fM EXPECT1NG.MOU BOV3 TBRING 'IM BACK WHERE HE BELONGS.. I PUMNO, YOUR. HIGHNESS, IF WE CAM-BUrVMlGHT IF SUZ IS ANYWHERE AROUND, WE'LL FINP 'IM 6TART UXXIN' FOR ANOTHER MAN WASH TUBBS ... THINAf IJUSTPONTWYV0UR SHE BVER HAD TO 150& STOW OP A CKUB. LOOK FORWARD TO! \UWCUS ABUSWfl HBRi NOW SHE'LL REALIZB HOW WDlFf ERENT VOU IT9 ME...THB WOENUB IN A , ROAD COMPANY OP "SKYLARK" A YEW* BEFORE ELLEN WAS BORN. WHILE SHE WAS A BABY' £ LEFT HER PWHEK. ICOULPNT SUPPORT 'EM BOTH! IT* TOUGHEST ON tULBN! BUT IK] SPITE OP tO\)K MBSLBCTi 5HB3 ALWAY5 FELT VDU MIAMT TO TAKB HER. ASK HiY«.THI5 LOOKS LIKE ELLEN!/ GALAHAP! I CAN'T QUITJUSTBBCAUSft TH6 GOING 15 TOUSH NOW! BUGS BUNNY AYE! HOWEVER. I SHALL BE SM**Y TO WASH WSHES... IN YOUR WASHED KITCHiW. IN i HAT CASE I SHALL BE ON NO YA DON'T, BUM! THERE'S SOMETHIN 1 tire YA C'N POi AN EXCELLENT REPAST, SIRE 1 ONLY RBSRET I AM UNABLE TO RW FOR IT! FRECKLES THE WORLD CJP MATM- iMATic^ is soee- UTTLE CX B, MR. ITS REAU-X QUIT? EASY ONCE YOU KNOW WHXT -foo'RE DdMO/ALLOW ME 1C ASSIST HtHJCW THAT fftO0U»Ai MISS SHUT UP, STUPID/ 0AM ClANO CUNft OtANfl 30ST WHERE DO SOD TWNK VOUPE TO SM6AK .. _ JACOBY S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBT Written for NE/V Service . " There la a time and place for everything—even trumping your partner's trlok. East's three diamond overcall was a nuisance bid designed to upset the enemy's communication. This time the bid had no effect as South was able to bid three hearts, and North had a sound raise to four. .: West opened hla singleton diamond. The way the cards lay a trump open- Ing would have been better but West was not clairvoyant. South won the first • diamond, led •> club to dummy's ace and a spadi NORTH 1 474 VAK98 • 43 *AJ9«2 WEST (D) EAST 4AJ98 4Q103 V 5 4 2 V 3 • 2 •KQJ10976 + K10854 *Q7 SOUTH AK652 ¥QJ1076 • A85 *3 North and South vulnerable We»t North East South Pass 1 * 3 » 3V Paw 4V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—» 2 from dummy. East played the thrtfe and South went up with the king only to see it lose to West's ace. • Now West led a trump and Soutp won in dummy. A second spade lost tP East's queen and East led the king off diamonds, .• At this point West decided it was •bout time for him to trump his partner's trick. Obviously South was getting ready for a cross-ruff and » •econd trump lead would take away one ruffing trick. ' Suiting the action to the though]. West ruffed and led his last trump. Now South had two trumps left in dummy but three losing cards in his own hand. He had to lose on trlok and the contract. Woodland Beauty By LAURA WHEELER A bit with aii the family I thi« realistic «tudy ol grac«(ul dew In nature's colors. Simple to embroider — (imply bea\|r tiful In any room. Use wool or *» •tra&d cotton. Pattern 638: traocMr of I5x30-lcch picture; color CUM* key, directions. •, Send Thirty - Uv« c«ati (coins) for this pattern — add S cents tor «aoa pattern tot Iff - class mailing. BiM to th« Austin Dally Herald. Needlt- craft Oept.. P. O. Bos 169. Old Cbeltw 3t»Uoo, New York i}. M. T. Prlal plainly PATTERN NUMBEB. AUBBKS8 and ZONE. A NEW 1858 Uuta Whe«lM Meed crait Book. JUST ODT. bM tove.. dealgns 10 order: embroidery, crochef knitting, weaving, quilting, toy*. ~ the book, a special turoriM io a • littl* girl happy — a" out-out . oloihea to color. Send » oe&t* tot 1 •oo*.

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