Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 20, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1965
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THREE Inspect! Review Climaxes iion of Bessemer ROTC BESSEMER—"A spectacu 1 ar exhibition" is the phrase used by numerous adults in expiess- .ng their reaction to the performance of the A. D. Johnst o n Reserve Officer Training Corps, .n the review on Massie Field, Friday afternoon: The rev i e w climaxed the annual Federal Inspection by Lt. Col. Charles S Wagner, 6th Army, professor of Military Science of the ROTC .mit of Michigan Technolog i cal University, Houghton. Spectators were impressed by :he clear cut commands by the Battalion commander, Cadet Lt. 2ol. Fingeroos, his staff officers, company, platoon and squad commanders, which resulted in 'he thrilling performance of the .mit. Spectators were impressed by 1 L he ready response of the cadets. j an( j s-Sgt. io the precise orders, their general appeara nee, and alert __j «.,!„„; i uaviu c iun emu ouuuumuic v«manner, attesting to the attain- j*»upt. W. Newman and Piinci-j det pfc Joseph RoccQ present . 3 From County Are Winners of Regional Awards Program Given By Students At Club Meet Robert Oanley, health; M r s . and family were Marquctte call- John Marander, art; Mrs. Ross e rs Gamble, conservation; John WHITE PINE — First and sixth grade students directed by John Martell gave an exhibition of physical fitness exercises and recipients of Volun- mat work at a meeting of the Region I teer Leadership Awards in the Michigan Week Citizens Recognition Program were announc e d today. Region I is made up of Keweenaw, Houghton, Bara \ a, Iron, Ontonagon and Ooge b i c Counties. In announcing the award winners, Frank A. Drazkowski. Jr., regional chairman, said, "The Regional Awards Commi 11 e e, headed by Ralph Noble, director of continuing education at White Pine Woman's Club last Friday in the elementary school. Mrs. Raymond Stilweli was program chairman. Debbie Tonkin anc Phyllis Elizondo. winners of the Michigan Week essay contest sponsored by the Woman's Club, read their entries. A party marking the end of the bridge marathon will be May 23 at 7 p in in the elementary school library Prizes for M rs .( Harris, education; Mrs., Raymond. literature; Mrs. Dunham, spiritual life: Mrs. Les- 1 sels. home. The club will sponsor ? preschool clinic at the LeCroix Hospital Mrs. Posey. Mrs. Art Bigley and Mrs. David Buckwalter will act as registrars. Mrs R. C. Cole. Mrs. Bley and Mrs Halliday will work on t*- ospital flower bed Plans foi the new yearboo k s were discussed Spring flowers centered the re- ireshmenl '.able Hostes&es were Mrs Voelker Mrs C P Min- 'naert Mrs Stilweli. Mrs W i 1- liam Reynard and Mrs. William Schulz. SWEET ADELINES' OFFICERS—Pictured are the 1965-66 officers of Indianhead Chapter, Sweet Adelines. Inc., who were installed by Jewel King of Racine on her recent visit here. The installation took place at the chapter's "Let's Get Acquainted" party held in the American Legion club rooms. Ceft to right, the officers are: Maryrose Moyle, president: Agnes Switzer, treasurer; Virginia Siirila, corresponding secretary; Jean Jindrich, vice president, and Carolyn Crowell, recording secretary. (Daily Globe Photo) of the club's beautification plan and Arbor Day observance, it Dunham, chairman. Thanks structors; conferences w i t hi Haapoja; Junior Cadet 1st. Sgt. | resenting the. National Rifle As- duct"ed"throu eh^hrV'chiVa'n were "tended to Victor Arcane, . _ . . ! nnviri Pinvi anri Rnnhnmn.-P C.a- snrinHnn . aucieu uirougii me Miua s a. n whQ obt;ained and p i antec i tne Adrian Anglim. in-1 det: Senior Cadet Capt. L a r r y , sented by David Springhetti, rep- Mrs. William Eckoff and Mrs Ronald Whiton will be in charge of arrangements. Six trees have been plant e d Michigan Technological Univer- tne tournament jvill be awarded, sity, has privileged me to make the announcement because the three winners are from Gogebic County. They are Mrs. Carolyn Sage of Bessemer and Charles E. Gotta and William L. Johnson of Ironwood." The Michigan Week Citizens Recognition Program is con- Church Men to Sponsor Supper BERGLAND — The men of St. Mrs. William McAllister and Mrs. Reginald McDonald were Ironwood shoppers. Carl Freimuth has return e d from Baraga where he was employed. Mrs. Jack Nordine entertained the 500 Club recently. Prizes were won by Mrs. Leonard Erickson, Mrs. Walter Borseth and Mrs. Leonard Dishneau. Lunch was served by the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ray and family of Anoka, Minn , spent a weekend with her mother, Mrs McMaster, Rockland, and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Stanley Ray, Topaz. Miss Marilyn Nordine. student at Northern Michigan University. Marquette. spent a week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Jack Nordine. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lund were Ashland callers Tuesd a y. May 11. Mrs. Staney Ray and Mrs near the townsite center as part Ann ' s Catholic Church will spon- David Fiori and Sophomore Ca- merit, of the objective of t h e \ pal Jolin Sartoris, administra- ed by Principal Sartoris, repre- program—"to inculate habits ofitive officers; inspection of Co. B jrdilness and precision, to in- in ranks; inspection of records still discipline and respect for and facilities, and luncheon with constituted authority, to develop I board members and military patriotism and encourage a high i staff and school officials sehSe of personal honor and de- j The field exhibit i o n opened portment; to give the student with entry of troops, formation William Ryan. Junior Cadet Lt. elem e n t a r y training; a n d of troops in company formation;! William Reini, Junior Cadet sociation. Rifle team awards: letters and ribbon Week Organization on behalf of the Greater Michigan Founda- senting the Chicago Tribune. Academic Achievement award's: Senior Cadet Lt. Donald Johnson. Senior Cadet Capt. Larry Haapoja, Senior Cadet Capt. A report was given on the sor a potluck supper tonight in the parish hall for the men and women of the church. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad DeVowe visited friends at Marin e 11 e . Wis., last weekend. Mrs. Corad DeVowne eter- tancd the 500 Club at her home Larry Haapoja, Thomas Marza-* ri, Richard Fingeroos, William Reini, Dale Facchinello and David Fiori, as announced by the Corps of Cadets. state for individuals who have, by their effort and example, made significant contribut i o ns in community leadership. The Michigan Week Citiz ens guest day and musical program Prizes were won by Mrs. Clude to develop an appreciation of the Army in its role of national defense and fully inform all students of the opportunities of services therein." Adding greatly to the success and color of the event was the precise performance of the high school military band of 45 pieces directed by Fred Tezak. The field exhibition climaxed a program which opened at 8:30 a.m. and continued during the morning with conferences of the presentation of troops by Cadet! M -Sgt. Richard Fingeroos, Jun- Lt. Col. Fingeroos to Lt. -Col.;i 0r cadet Cpl. Gerald Lik a c h. Wagner; inspection of troops in ranks by Lt. Col. Wagner accompanied by the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Rawn, and Junior Cadet Sfc. James McCarthy and Junior Cadet Sfc. Thomas Partanen; Sophomore Cadet Pfc. John Ford, Sophomore Rifle team ribbons, as an- Recognition Committee hopes to nounced by the corps of cadets: focus attention and concern of Ronald Rundell, John David David Rundell, Fertile, Danny Upton, Ronald and Ronald Muzy. Color guard letters inspec ting officer with the Sfc James Collins, milit a r y military staff, Lt. Col. W. A. staff member, received citation Rawn, PMS; Sfc J. B. Collins, and award in recognition of meritorious service as adviser to Michigan National Guard, 225th Infantry, Detroit, during the per- i o d November 1962 to March 1965, from the U. S. Army Commander Gen. C. G. Dodge. On behalf of Gen. Dodge. Lt. Col. Wagner decorated Sfc Collins. Before announcing cadet honor awards, Sgt. Anglim publicly commended Cadet Sgt. Andre' outstanding service as Principal Sartoris; presentation cadet Pfc. Joseph Rocco, Soph- of awards to outstanding cadets, O more Cadet Pfc. William Joki, and the passing in review of the | sophomore Cadet Pfc. Dan i e 1 batallion in platoon formation. jp e rotti, Sophomore Pfc. Richard S-Sgt. Anglim served as mas-j syrjala, and Sophomore Cadet ter of ceremonies. Awards were presented as follows : GIFTS 6&i CRADS I axe. /me,/ Quigley tne Public on the need for v o 1- Perot t i' j unteer community leaders h i p. Janss on Tnrough such awards, it is i hoped that greater numbers of and rib- men and women wil1 De in " bons, as announced by the corps' spired to dedicate their energy of cadets: Commander Robert to community programs de- _ Fingeroos, Richard Fingeroos, signed to improve the gene r a 1. George L uciani: sunshine, Mrs. • Amasa and with Arthur Johnson, Mitchell Le- welfare of their commumt e s Posey Mrs .Harold Raymo n d; Stephenson and state and to raise the level scrapbook Mrs Kenneth Berg . of community service by all i, mH - mpmh«r«hin \/r^ £ of the Ironwood Woman's Club, which ,vas attended by Mrs. Adam Halliday, president; Mrs. Richard Bear, incoming president, and Mrs. John Bley. Mrs. Raymond Posey, past president, inducted the new officers. Mrs. Bear announc e d these committees: Pro g r a m , Mrs. Mervin Voelker, Mrs. Edwin Corrigan, Mrs. Arne A h o ; ways and means, Mrs. V e r n Weatherston, Mrs. Joseph Patrick; social, Mrs. Stilweli, Mrs. Blonshine. Mrs. Ida Saloncn and Mrs. Herman Hill. Lunch was served by the hostess. At a recent meeting of the Trinity Lutheran Church Ruth Society hostesses were Mrs. Reino Mattson and Mrs. Kenn e t h. Johnson. Their names were inadvertently omitted in an account of the meeting published previously. Mrs. Mary Rintala has re-j turned home after spending several weeks with relatives at her sister at j and Ewen shoppeis. Authorized to Sell First Mortgage Bonds LANSING (AP) — The Public Service Commission has authorized Southeastern Michigan Gas Co. of Port Huron to sell S3 million in first mortgage bonds. Funds will be used to retire S2.1 million in short term bank loans and for future construction needs. Claire and David Fiori. Color guard ribbons: J ohn Ford, John Grendziak, Ron a 1 d Niemi, Lewis Berkovitz, Charles Tirpik, John Aspinwall. Dav i d Upton and Danny Perotti. Pfc. Ronald Rundell, presented by Principal Sartoris. Medal award for leadership: Senior Cadet Col. Robert Fingeroos, Junior Cadet Lt. Mitchell LeClaire and Sophomore Cadet CL____ i /*\A/ Pfc. Gerald Drazkowski, p r e- JnOron LV.YV sented by William Maki, commander, and representing the To Be Held Tuesday „ ^ „ , „ t . BESSEMER—The Sharon Lu- Gedda-Cyschoz Post, American i theran Church Women will hold Legion. Medal award for best drilled MICHAELS' LINENS-GIFTS-JEWELRY 114 S. Suffolk—Phone 932-1112 Your S * H Green Stomp Redemption Center Re, for clerk anq uaciet upi. *-atj the veterans of Steiger as file clerk of the bat-1 Counf -, y Sea t Post. talion. , Medal award for neatn ess: ; The following cadets received i senior Cade t Major Ladd Hon! awards: ;kalai presented by Mrs. R a y| Superior Cadet Ribbon a n d' mond Passint, representing theJ , :s " the" iCertific at e: Senior Cadet Lt.; V FW Auxiliary, County Seati Donald Johnson, Junior Cadet' Posl: junior Cadet Sfc. James D / |Lt. William Reini and Sopho-, Maccani) presented by R e i n o I » Michiganders, young and o 1 d. The Awards Committee noted that the three award winners have outstanding records of community leadership and serv-- ice and merit recognition for all they have done in this respect,' but this particular award is ini recognition of active and effective leadership in motivating; others to activities which influ-, enced an overwhelming victory > in the recent election favori n g \ the establts h m e n t of a Coun- '< ty Community College. The committee noted, too, that; of all the senior members of I in the c'o u r s e of consider i n gj represent i n g i Sharon There will be spec i a 1 nominations, it was the opinion i Foreign Wars | musical numbers by Mrs .Robert! of otners actively involved in! Kellett, a brief meditation and i ^ ne program that these three other appropriate presentations All members are reminded lund; membership, Mrs. G. James Sanderson; public i t y , Mrs. Virgil Lessels. Department heads will be Mrs. i their general meeting on Tues- I day, May 25, at 1:30 p.m. in cadet: Senior Cadet Lt. Michael] Kastman Hall. The members of Vrancic, Junior Cadet Cpl. | the Mary Circle will be the host- Charles Boggetto and S o p h o- more Cadet Pfc. David Upt o n, presented by Clarence Banfield, commander, and Mr. and Mrs. James Borseth I and family of Merrill. Wis., spent; a weekend at the Walter Borseth i and Walter Beck homes. j Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Blonsh i n e; NOTICE Shareholders of Former Iron Belt Co-Operative Ass'n. of Iron Belt, Wis. Starting July 1, 1965. shares will be re deemed for the amount of $7 per share. If owners wish their certificates redeemed they must be turned in before Dec. 31, 1965. Sam Kangas, Prei. Conrad Mattson Valere Vanderschagen Laila I. Kangas, Sec'y esses. ! T ne program will be in honor a j] the senior members of • ' contributed the most volu n teer time and effort. It was on this that the current service project fund. i i /-L *. Israel Chapter OPEN EVERY SUNDAY at 12 noon ENJOY OUR SUNDAY SPECIAL ALL YOU CAN EAT! Aerie Eagles: and Sophomore Medal award, distinguished ca- cadet Pfc. Donald Barbacov i , presented by Mrs. Robert Burt, representing the Gedda-Cyschoz Auxiliary, American Leg i o n Post. Medal awards for marksmanship: Senior Cadet Sfc. James _. r\LL- "ID J Giackino. presented by Herbert WOW UirlCIQl rrOITIOred Carlson, exaulted ruler, Elks Kentucky Fried Chicken, Giblet Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Peas and Carrots, Hot Corn Bread, Rolls, Honey, Bowl of Creamy Cole Slaw, Coffee, Tea or Milk, Strawberry Shortcake. 2.50 adults - 1.50 children. 12 milei south of Hurley on Hiway 51 Dial Mercer 476-2168 EL RANCHO BIG RAPIDS <AP> — The B'Nai Israel chapter of Ferris! State College presented a $700 _, „„ t . „ check to the Mecosta Associa-i a w ard J od . a y- E . duc . atlo . n . Da . v °. f; tion for Retarded Children Tues- basis that selection was judged. Drazk o w s k i s a i d, "T h e Awards will not be presented at this time. They must remain with the committee for evaluation in relationship to nominations presented to the state com- j mittee, but it is appropriate to > announce the regional lev e 1 GREAT GIFTS for a GREAT GUY THE • DRESS WEAR • SPORTSWEAR • ACCESSORIES MEN'S SHOP -Ph. 932-2422 day. 1965 Michigan Week. It is leadership in the field of educat i o n that is being recognized." MIDLAND (AP) — Lodge; Junior Cadet Pfc. Thorn- Bosscher, manager of Harold services as Juntunen, presented by Ken- of the Dow Chemical Co.'s Mid- neth Ancheta, representing the land division, has been named .the classical symphony. Michigan Education Associ a- general manager of the division, ' the firm said Tuesday. Schubert's "Unfinished S y m- phony" is so-called because it has just two instead of the usual three or four movements of tion: Sophomore Cadet Pfc. Ron- aid Rundell, presented by John Mussatti, representing the Fredrickson-Torreano American Legion Post. ! Medal awards NRA Club : Championship Small Bore: Ca; det Capt. Larry Haapoja, pre- DAILY OLOBt WANT-ADS For Father's Day and Graduation Give him the "Comfort Shave" 35 ptrcMrt clour ihnvM '*••' '•* *- -f V.cic|rw,r '-"jut •*• l-w « ?ip(.;•«.-:'. -..« r «•• "I Nertleo rotary bladei N./.-j-iDe- e.J. New pop-up trimmer Floating heads :«*,.«!!•. ( • ,;•*,-, »*' r'l,-, -•*- '^.-. •o- ,ms.-.l.-.f ihl.ftt p open cleaning Has a smart new shape. comes in a slim all-new metal travel : New Norelco Speedshaver is a better way to shave because it has more shaving features than any other shaver. 'l The Comfort Shave orth American Phiiipt Comp»ny, Inc., 100 last 42 Street, New York, New Ycxk 10017 SENSATIONS by the makers of PERSONALITY ihoes for women The flat cuts out ... takes off in a burst of fashion for all the fun-filled hours of spring.' 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