Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, December 14, 1927
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CIRCULATION iff *Ae Commodity a Newspaper Has ioSeU Its Advertisers. JlbLV^E' XXXI: No. 44. ^ _ i The REGISTER'S Ctretda^^ tion records op^ io pt^liei inspecti6nat any tir^^ ' rfiiii -.-H*!.!- \t> Th.- IijJii -r^Hjly HpRister. The nll.v i :.-r«inl mill Tolrt Dally • Index. ISSHOTNEAR GARNEn,KAS. Ilenry Wilson Is ;In St. John's Hospital in Gritlqal Shape KELLEY HELD THERE MATERIAL ADDITIONS TO NAVAL WAR FLEET ARE UP TO GOOLIDGFJ Wkshingtbn, Dec. 14. (AP)—Projected material additions to the navHl war fleet soon will await the approval of Presi-^ dent Cooldige. who sugrfire.'5ted their need in his. recent mes4 sage^to congress. 1 On the basis of those recommendations, the navy depart-! mcnt has submitted to the budget bureau a program csdling; for new construction and replacement craft over a five-year peribd, a.s the first step: in a move to supplant all American war ships with new ones within.20 years. sulimarjnes, jrte-^ f \ and 1 000.000 a year. Thpy placed the New cruisers. si rover leafier."!, de-stroyer.^ ana, „, • , • , .„i, present value of the entire fleet at .:rui«errepla<-nienfs are inch ded^j^^,„^pg^pQ^ iin the five-year proKrauj,.but their, ^injnltaneouisly with the Na\'y''' Former Colony Man Has Admitted Shooting Say Officers . .. . i 1 Jbnniljor and cost are secrets^held announcement. It, was said at the ! Wilson. 2S ye.irs old. <.f by the navy- and the hudKet {nir- W-hite House that reports that the; TIRE REPAIR SHOP LOSS IS HIGH IN FH^ OFMNSTON LOOMS TODAY Canatsey Estimates That Oklahoiba Senate Opens liamage Will iiiXceed Up Session at 2:30 I §3,000 Now This Afternoon TIRES ARE BURNfcD, WILLIAMSON, LEADER Owner Locates Fire As Meanwhile" Court Takes He Opens Up Place Of Business Henrv ItnoWn, liowever. that president had approved a griear na- j lyiur ,„„ II I .S made for baitl >- val l»ulldlng proffirant v ill St. John's I hospital as the re-, i,y(.aui-c under the Washing- correct. He understood, it was I rire which ftarte*! at an early this niorniUK in tlie build-.! LaHarpe. in a critical '""'lit"'" | Jj^" p^^vlj^i,,,,, 1^ „,ade for _ baitl >- val building proKrant _were not | ,„g „„jert ^y the T:re KeiJirfr crnoon. .At ciirdinjr, to Dr. ('. n. Stephens, I'.'iiuiiy hcallli ofiiier. >vh(i is at> ? tiMidiiJK hlni. Wilson lias hnles tl'.niiiKh both luiif^ and a 4iitliet in lii.-j livt.r. Sieiilii-ns umilil cN^in-SH iii,inioii'*as to vv)x-th<-!- ol- iio'i W Hsoii would livt'i • Dt'.iiil." as to tlie sliijotint; are v;i^ue. K<']-v. Ii.-Id l»y Ander.-oii i.ii ;iijty officers.' atlniltteil .•>h(iotiii!: Wiisoii, Dr. ' Slei>hens said. 1 )UL voiild ;;rvei)i) roasuii. I.ate yester- d:iy .•\iniOi>iin i'Oiinty uullinruifs ijcan-d ii'(ii:lile and inovi'd Kelly lo MJ K - comity jail at Ottawa. Wilsiiii. althniigh w<-akeiie(l. by - his loss lit' bliidii. is coliscinii's aJiiJ > I'sli-iilav toll! his story to .\irieri sou. county autliorilii's aiui •the iiO-year proposal will cost ICi.-; hrouRht back to him for study. HOME TALENT ON G. OF C. PROGRAM AT MEET TODAY ARKANSAS TOWNS ARE THREATENED .Mr. Canat.sey is protected : to the extent of 5:1.000 in fire In' snrance but Udiew-es hl.< loss 'will' 1)1? somewhat,in excess of that f Rj ure.' I The origin of the • fire 1< un- kuiiwii ,,ut .\lr. Canatsey s Kutsi* is,^ ; iha. expost'il wiring- was to bjam;-. : The fact that the SHELLEY'S POEMS IN ROMANCE OF WRITER WITH WEALTHY WOMAN Morristovra, Nr J., Dec. 14. (AP)^Enthiisiasm fpi" Shelley's poems; has led thje former wife of the secretary of the Colgate company to give up a life of wealth ;and luxury that she may share the uncertain fortunes of a young free lance writer, says the writerVs mother.; ! : It was because "Shelley is By-i>- ron Dexter'8 God" and "he can quote .liim almost verbatim'' that affection developed between Dex- New,Vernon. . Her.self an' ardent admirer of Shelley. Mrs. Colgate threw open .Mrs', Dexter .said Mrs. Colgate iti- tended to marry, her son. whom she described as a literary genius without money or prospects. Wheh Prlncei young Dexter was at was being rehearsed by the 31or- ristown Carillon Players, Dexter met Mrs. Colgate at her home in fire qtilte evi- DV IIll AlfV Hi nnil' <>*'•"*>' -i'^i'X-'l u'> the, leiiiiig and Pl nijn .1 1 XI J V "" not the floor of tiie building would (.seem to giveweigiil la this b.'Me.. It , The damage mostly to the Paul Klpin r O Bolline-! Lowland Inhabitants are stock of tir-s.-thi.* being eVti- 1 aUl niein. v.. v^. uwiiiiis p-«„j,rincr fn T^^ave maud l.y .Mr t.Miiaiscy lo b. rreparillg xjca»c iyj .01 ,,,,1. ^s.^yi'. 'ih« bui.ii:ng aL-o Cf. Willanison. of. Pauls Valley, who Their Homes j.-ufHr.a.. lu>w.-ver. ihe root lu par-^wll li» in charge unlij a presiding', _ . • . I lii u.;ir beinj; i.-iiiiered practic.iliy ' f.,f^^^:,.y ^^ selected , , , „„ „f <i,,.J little llock. Ark.. Dec. 14. f.\P) i useless. Kxi nyi.e rebuilding wl.C ryr. noonday luncheon of ''-^^ ^l^J Arkansas , hav. ,o b- ...,ne .in order to repair er and Charlesj F. Scott are Speakers Up Problem About Legality Oklahcm?. City, Dec. 14. . —.•irguments on the Injunction case of (lovernof ' Henry S. Johnston to determine whflher the self-called se.-sion of the legislature la legal, were started here today before three dtslricl Judges.. Judge .J. B. Keaton. opening argument for . proi>onents of iheaess^oii. contended Ihiit the district conn has no jurisdiction to .enjoin the legislature, h"(iause it has no control over a iiieefing of the Ivgislalure and thiii only the acts of the ilepi.slatiire can be reviewed • by ,a coiirt. . ]^ Oklalioiiia Cty, Dec. l'4. (AP)The Oklahoma senate court of im-i _ _ pei.ciim. nt was called to o?der at j Secretary Wilbur Says I' p. m. today by Senator .Mac; J|. Meets Approval ter and Mrs. Colgate, and led yes-I to Dexter her Hbi-ary. and there terday to the securing of a dlvorcej I he spent much of his time reafl- by Mrs. Colgate from Henry A. | ing Shelley's poetry to his hostess Colgate In Reno, .Vev., said Mi;s. ' ' " ' ' James L. Dexter at her home here. his mother said. At that tinje Depcter was 25 and Mrs. Colgate 27. Later, Mrs. Dexter said, Mrs. Colgate gave Byron a locket rftf puted to coiftafn ashes of the poeY. At a conference in a European hotel recently between the Col. .on. Khere he ^^as graduated i gates and young Dexter. .Mrs. Dejc- In 192,3. he wrote st i^finTlfhich lie iter said, <;olgate decided to glte called "Shelley." While the play: up his wife so that "she could be iiapp.v. ;• "I think they are making a big mistake." the mother commented.., NAVAL PROGRAM IS PRESENTED to CONGRESS TODAY Of President fhainbrr- "f Conunerce put on D''r lioiue. t.Tlent sliow tculay at the .Appro.xiinately thirty senators Siephciis •iicforc being liroiight U) y„y^\^^^\ ijotcl. That is to say: liila liy train. Wilson's story, • KH.DW.'^: - "Just afU-r 1 Iia<l I 'erieved JTT or eleyeii days work. (I'liiiliiii; a wi ij for ii (^arln•lt 'niau. Kelly, willi •whoiu' I hav«- hcen ac(|ii:iiiitci| foi' sonie!--tinie. iiskfd iiu' to take hiiii ii^tpVhoine at Harris ^nine miles jiortpresl of iliirneii I . "\vheii Wf vn-;i 1 tlic J01111- try s'everal 'miles in niy i"ir. ivclly pro tempore. i mornin'gj" the boys there lolil him managers; annountted i| that , b6dy would go ''to the senate chambers llii.t lif liad soineihiiic; lie ilesiicd 1(1 show nif. "I yli^hted and he pulled fiut a ; revolver anil started shooting. After fit ijig six times, four of tlie bullets r;;f me"an:^.ttS;..'rt;"^;[o^:!an ..ut one minute of the . Ji)<-.; 1 rhiHW him down; : remainder of the time. ".Vfter striigKling. we jot up and attention to the fa \>nck into ;ho car. I .started driv-,t,o(,nt of the illness of twp of their and White rivers: swollen by con-i "' L 'dam.ige finuous torrential raliis of the past the''^nS''w'heT he"ca ' '''"'"'^ :.!! III.- sr»ak'.rs w. re home folks, i several days, today struck fear aUnn^t.M) Ihis ' mtmUngihon^ .Mr. Paul Klein spoki- I'irst ex-! aniong' lowhind inhabitants (of cen-i ping into the Perfect bakerv 'on hiliitin.u soni'' sanijdcs of namejtral and. Southeastern Arkansa.s. ! the way down to exchange a "good idaics lo be'used on automobiles! Towns and villages behind new-, whlili are manufactured now at Iv rebuilt levees watched with the State Keformatory and can be donlit as the waters passed flood be Iiiid at a very low cost, if order.>d stape and kept rjsing. Farmers of in (luaiirities. .Mr. Klein suggesteil ^ the lowlands were on the move, taking to highland safety their; hOHsehohl f;<iods and their stock. | ment for the town and r ,'C (immehd-' H:iiIroad bridges wer • down, high-, jiient from his owii office but soon ! ed that they be used as widely as «'iiy transportation pinalyzed and realized that the wires had been^*^ biisines.<» required of It in con- - Washin.ntor., Dec. 14 lAP)—A naval buildir.g program utiinateU' wej-e present on the informal call 1,^, ^.^^^ j^,,,.^ ;S700.O0O.fO» and of (.^Senator Williamson. P"'esident i ^p^^^p^j^,,; harmony with the president's financial plans A member Of the house board of i^.,^ transmitted to congress today • the value of siu h plates Yearing tlie name of lola as an advertise-- ^e'!r'l.'.;;^ck „J;;'^;;|^^,^"if^3t the convening hour ^.dformany .../^^^^^ ^:r:t^r^' T'^r^ ^^ L:^^ leaders. .ulwnarines an. fr^J^^.^ 7^ '""".^u i rlculture and Chief Justice fS-ed. P srS^ke! ' He tried to call the fire depart-h"^};'; board will also trajisact oth- possible. * Postmaster C. O; Bolii nger oc- i-.!:; /bijck torrard Gamett. I^lur most efficient clerks, the postof- lie i-ol'iiaded his gun and when-I i,. . . . i j . < . „. sawhe was goiniTto trv and shoot """'^^'1 ^"^^ iue'nitain. I jumped out of the oar the Time when the heaviest busi- andtiian to Garnett." iness of tlie year is to be handled j Mer^'hants in-plai-es even telepl'ione cimimun- '""""I''' '»'"• t'l"!<ed the .1 doors t(i eliminate all possible icat.on was severed. I .s.epped luck to the b.iktr/ The White river, threatenihg for . building and tailed the fire depart- flremen credit." town's history..: At Calico Rock ! f.f*"^'""'''"^'^r refuRlng the permission extend . , , \ , • they ccrtulnlv did a fine job of „ H this morning the river was stlU! -. J " «a Irislni^ after climbing at the rate of a foot an hour through the night were busy all night beginning iinpcach- ineut ceui;t proceedings-and tiling aci u.satioiit!. Sena!or W. C. Klelder of Okla- linmu City-stated that there was little pbiection to meeting at the cap- ^toF chamber!". Therciwas an idea though-the governor announced, I hartiiy see .vei ,i,at they iuust convene as citizens ' ime. He balled j'he'seventh time since last Febru-| nuiit from there. ct that on ac- Ufy. staged the fastest rise in the I "'''l g'Ve tiie ^ i said .Mr. Canats* "they certainly i ' figlitlng that firt. f how they were able io put-it outa.; "'whal'm'^r h™,''wire'n^h^^^^^^^^ . neat.y and oui. kly as they did anu . e.^^l^.lni cour^co. veue^ as such ^^J.^'y t. With so littlP^damage." ,„ „ hridg,. to be crossed later, and I""'f "y.^"*-, '^.^J by' Secretary, Wilbur. It would call for construction of stroyer md five •tircrait carriers. • 'The president yiMild be iriveu authority t;» siispcnil cf.nstruttion in his discretion in the event of an intern.ilipnal conference for limitation of; naval armaments. Secretary lAVilbur in a lettei; to Speaker I-ongworth said that he had been advised yesterday by thfe director of ithe budget that- -the proposed legislation i.s not in conflict with thi* financial pr(»grani of the president." "The estimated cost of the prb- at this LINDBERGH WELCOMED IN MEXICO Lands Safely After All World Is Arikious' Because He ;Is Late HUGE CROWD THERE Flying Field Is Filled by Thousands Who Scan The Skies for ' Aviator CANTON AGAIN IN CONTROL OF NATTONAUStS All of City Except Police; Headquarters Is Retaken Washington, Dec. 14: (AP)-^ As Lndbergh neared -Mexico City today President Coolidge signed the bill conferring upon ' him the special congresaional medal of honor. Washington. Dec. 14; (AP)— President Coiolidge todaj" telegraphed fo' Charles A. Lindbergh that his flight "will ma- teriglly assist the two countrieB. to cement friendly relations." Valbuena Flying Fi^ld Dee. 14. (AP)—Safe al" last after several hours ifear for him, Col. Charley I A. Lindbergh, hero of the Shanghai. Dec. 14. (APl-Canton>NeW Y6rk-tO-FariS flight, was again in the hands of the ^ sUCCeSSfullv Completed thC nationalists today after severe ^„ > ^..v. fighting in which the t-ity. except: {"•StjlOn-Stop flight from the police headnuarters. was r'e-; Washington tO MeXlCO captured from <-ommuDistH. TTje Citj^ landing here at 2:39 nationalistshaveordered .sovietcon-: p/ ml after 27 hoUrS and . suiates throughout china-rtosed.: i iQ minutes in the air. •"• _ Four thousan.! persons were ^- ; ^.^^ j,„ ^ ^.^ numbering; be- L fimatcd to have been killed in the.^ , ~„.^„.« battle which lasted all day yester- -'^•'">'> ^^-^^^ Persons, dev. executions of <;om- <hat had anxiously awaited the ar- mijnists fpllowc<l the entry of the rival of the good will ambassador, nationalists. i.-heered deliriousl.v as The Spirit All the .-\meMcans. who wereiof p,. ,,o„jy tame over the field concentrated in the concession dis- ; ,„ , T , , • trict ori" Shameen Island, were safe. • 'v,„i,i , rias™ , •The United States gunboat Sic-^^}^n.._^''^}',^^l ^^^^.i ramento which landed, field gun-sf*" '° presidential Accbrdinj; to Anderson coun.ty and urged the early mailing ofntoving their stocks to high scaf- Slr. .Canatsey has .ilready made. t. as not iiiscu.s.-.ed at , ! arrangements for the r. today, one' i>f the caucus aiitiliorities ati(l Dr. Stephens, there it7,;;i^j„V;,; creels, ik^'recommend-i folding and residents were pre: U-ork necessary at. were two shotguns in tlie rear «>f „' ...^^ ,,.it the sLcial delivery Pared to evacuate their homes P':"te''s on the job the car. imicials expressed theie'' "'^^'''»S,..V'S-T^*-'*-'-'l.*^ A...,....,. -...^^ .K » -'--'will be open for bt SPECIAL SESSION ISNOTPROBABLE he meeting tnembers d will have car- said, job tomorrow. He Governor Johnston today order- .vUfion there was something mon, be ^m^f<^± "'^^.^n'^'f' i da""!!^"" bo^!o^"n Wdg^U^^^^ openfor bu.siness as usual, led national guardsmen, assigned to l-ehind the affair after Wisnn said f.K^'s.foi; if th s s doiie. prpmpi 'l^'',f,f'"jP°" j^^^^^ '^f''' ntv ^- ~^ ' '"e capltol to prevent sessions of - th.t. Kelly rchbed hi.:. ^-''Th^ matll^'rf " CDBTIA 1 QVQOltWJ i the self-convened legislature, to " Fort Smith about 100 resi- and : ineu at .Shameen to proteLt ibreign lives' and properts" withdrew its forces after the communist hold was broken. ... : The loss of property in the couithe: ter-attack was very, heavy. program \ The nationalist navy, began th^r drive against the *)nimunists in the morning and ttelighting lastAl all da.v. It reach'ed* its climax at I him istand. but within a miiiute ilibUT INSPECTION OF however, in sending Christmas and -^t . all other mail is that it he proper-; dents were preparing today to re-; ly and plainly a'ddressed'and have turn to their homes- which they' . - 'the sender's name and address al-,had abandoned yesterday after a - TDAAD TAMIfllT s" i»P"n the package. Illustrating ' record rainfall had flooded streets, • lAUUr rUrllUnI ithe Imiiortance. of this. .Mr; Bol-iand homes. i jii„g<.r,|noted a statement showing'; Fayetteville was out off from the ; that'the dead letter office hamtol •0 'i'*'f'l*? world, telephone highwaj' .-Maibr-Clark Chandler Is more than 25 mlllion letters Sml !««id railroad lines all being cut,; . U„«„ * r „v.l, (\, nearlv SdO.OOi. jiackages .last year. »>dt crews were rushing to restore | n ere. 10 L ,00 K U\er opening and studying the con-' !<»'rvice. A bridge near Green-. Troop Members tents it was possible to return 4,- land, in Washington county was | - ' OliO.OOO letters and about 120.000 washed away. Such Is Assertion Governor Paulen Today of permit. thi> senate to meet, in its chamber \o con.sider impeachment charges against himself and two othe'r officials. In announcing he would permit the senate to assemble, Governor Johnston declareti he did not re-! (each!; aircraft carrier, $19,000,000 tieui from his contention that the! (each). ' However, k . rough approximation of 5each; unit, including armor and armament is as follows: "Light Cruiser — JlT.OOO.iiU') (each);'destroyer leader, $5,000,00il (eachi; strbmarine, 1.5,000,000 develops the characteristics of the vessels to be constructed will be changed to meet modern conditions. , "It is impo.ssible to' accurately estimate the labor and material costs several years in advance. hThis continual fire broke the revp- sands fined; the field rdshing'tof vard the American aviator, bver^ '• coming the police. ' Five Mexican army bands ; bjeen playing American and;^ Mexi-• cpn patriotic songs as The Spirit' of St. Ixjuis arid iits* escort circled e field several tinies. The Mexi- c^ii army planes had been perrorm^' stunts and A-. gunboats and with machine guns. ikmr <'lHtk V. ClK.n.lIer of To- Pariels to the senders. But there: 'k.vli.s in tola lo.lay lor aniiuul remained 21 millio,n letters and insTf^ilioirot' TMr'.'p'A. "ViH^p"('lion 300.000 iia<-kagi.'.s w^hlch could not o' the troop will b.- lonlgiit l!tti)t,. ^'.^^ dehvered. '.'!!.-;•(; ibson: troi.p roiiiiiuindt r. an-; ii'iunci'il. "'i .M-ijor a.ldition to in- stamps besides more tlian spieling tlie oiiuipiiicnt of he f^OO.OOO in drafts, checks and monr In these letters there was 0 in- actual • money and $30.00<) LITTLE SYMPHONY PLAYS AT WELDA senators had no authority to meet [as a court of Impeachment, in view of his refusal to call, the session. Tnnoiro n».. i< /<o> ^ W.e also Called attention to the ,rTa'?;„'';:::,.lt, li'llrl^f^tf; . , , inK the legislature had no Inherent' struction of the proposed could be completed. t o..p and men: will giv- them an i'^^ orders Atl inese los-ses could pjj AppearaUCC Made c •ft.nina;ion in an .fi., , .„ .iis.ov-,''e averted by properly a-ldressing '^^^^ T .'(ie Impnuem-ni of die fioou '«"''"''• "r parcel and by putting iherC OU L/yceUm di'-fni' the •••r the name of the sender upon the CoUrSe 1- / t'fiptaln Gib.son expects a full package. I | turnout of-thetrm.p uhicli incluii.s I"'""? remaining minute of the 6S inen and three commissioned time] was occupied Scott in a pleg <i;iuvrs. 1 ne -.Vii.,,! ;it picx-iit ».•>•«. renlisled Iiy iliree iiicii. ^petition will I H * :it'liie iirmory. by Chas F ' '°'a I'tflc .symphony orches- for town loyalty tra made its first public appear- nor Paulen declare*! today he did not believe there was a "ghost of ,.|ght to convene as leaders of the a chance" for a special session of ^otise and? senate contend. . the legislature to consider road •'tt has been called to my atten- leglslatlon. • \ ^ . ' tlon that : a number of members Returning today from Fredonia, ^,^4.^ ^^e senate desire to have .where he addressed the state ^ ^u^,,^ rtieeting in the senate grange, n annual session, Clover-j ^.^amber/.' a statement i.ssued by nor Paulen said he had received! govei-iior said, "I have In- few letters from members of the striicted tjie adjutant general to legislattire urging the special ses- ermit them to do so." Sinn Ho said, howevef. that he ri^„«.....„.. .lohnslon The-total cost of the 71 vessels under the above figures would ap- proximate{$725;000.i'00. The secretary in his letter did not specify any time in Vr -hich con- ships had not Had time to read mill f'^P'^'n^'^ which accumulted during his twto >«t mqUlfying his order mobi- day absence. Hzing the ^uard to prevent all legislative meetings, he had not al- , -nn the part of" town people. He j "f the season las; night, play- ! assured the legislature would sub- icited insLwes in which even mer-:at the Welda high school as j mit to the electors a'constitution- ' chants have sent out of to%vn for "I" the lyccum numbers on thejal amendment permitting the st Governor Paulen has promised ! j*'""''?, ""f^""^^- 'i^ i"*' V ssion if he Is i ^^'^'^ '''' l'°"'->* .refusing to to; call a .special session could have : course there. LEATHER and ROADS iSl'lhelJ^xt do^;; neigh: ; The orch^.r„. dlre^ed by J. V^ bor and pleaded for a sentiment,Koberfs will play a short program ^ I'OR K.lNSA.s: Sn»w:J<.nlghl or which would make it impossible Ihf're before,the vesper services /.rrintr^d;i, folloHPrt by fair Thnrs. for unvone to send to the city for Christmas evening and New \ears I7dij; In iiorthwesf portion: colder; anvtliiiig he was able lo get here, •'vening. A .-^ncerf will be given - - II lirll ifoliler loiilirht liii 'weVt and arleiiijiK that in the lone run the ; here sometime during January. hlirlh-centniliKirtlonN iind in east pnrehaser would get a better har-i| A good sized and appreciative si|id,^onfh portliufi Thnrnln^! mod- pain at home ivhlle the town itself : andirnce attended last nights pro- VrOte <"«ld-wa»e lonlishl in extreme would profit verv greatly. tgiam. Specla.l nuaOiets on the pro" iitHh .portion: winds ItrromJns. So much intere'st was shown In ; sram included soprano solos by sjr.i(nir nortli to northwest. these talks that Chairman Swong-I-^"ss Clara Brown: a^t'larlnet and I F |ir loll! jiud VIchiHy: .Snow lo. or promised another similar .pro- II I K W ol-Tlinrsday: colder loniirhl; gram at an earlr date. : iLMtrh coliipr Tliursdji.v: siroiic; it was announced that i the next ittiirfherlf winds. ; meeting of the club would be at flute duet fliy T. 1). Canatsey and Judson Runisey, and violin selections by. Harvey Herr. .'\Ir. Roberts praisf?d the auditor- to engage in road building. temperature—Highest yesterday,' the Kellev hotel- on January. 11. |'"tn of the Welda .school and de. fi->. at 7 a. m.: lowest last night. aiTiournment being lakeii over the • dared it worthy of a town of 12,000 ' -lit 2 a, 111.: normal for today, holiday sea.sbn. ' i 1'o ^S.OI" population. ;ili' e.vcess' yesterd:iy. 1-!; exces.s:;_ Fiuce January 1st. .'101 degree.s; 1 ~ .this date last year, " ' lowest, 2. ' - , Precipitation for the 24 hours i eii!ilin.g at 7 a. m. today. . IO J : total | , fofjthis jear to date. .il-S.S; jexcess : . •; finie January 1st. 1.">.0 T Jncli «>5. ! - Jlelative humidity at 12 noon yes-' Qnincy. Mass.. ti'Nav. S2 per cent ;• 7 a.-m .i todav.' A ship that is almost a battle fleetjing fortress. highrst'^1; I Po^^;-y-^/ Naval Vessel in World Joins Navy Force Today Dec. 14. (AP)— I ready t.rtnan the $45,000,000 floaf- A minute later the 1,400 officers and hien snapped to attention as .<).s,Ver cent": barometer reduced to •'>' 't-ielt joined the fnited States foa, level, 29..9:! inches navy Jiere today. ^ « -. Sun rises..7:."U a. m.: sun set.s. It was the mighty Lexington, de-! Captain Albwt Ware Marshall read tfifl p .ni. - scribed by ,naVaI officers as the his orders and the ships ensign i'i • Road Condlllwns j most powerCul naval vtsscl in the was hoisted aloft flutchlnson,, cloudy, roads good; j world,- an airplanf carrier, and, -The I.*xlngton has been bnlld- ' • recently i Ing at .!the Fora River plant here ..„.o.»B<.. I for several .vears. It 18 *874 feet <=iiy.i heavy fog, roads slippery;' As vlce-presidenj Samuel' W. j long, capable of carrying 106 air- Education Department^ Bill Is Introduced Washington, Dec. 14. (API—A bill to create a d^artment of education with a secretary In the cabinet as recommended by President Coolidge has been -Introduced by Senator Curtis, the Republican floor leader. The measure provides that the bureau of education of the department of the interior and the federal board for vocational educar tion be transferred to .the proposed new department, and' that a national council on education be created to consult and advise with the secretary of education. For several .vears Senator Curtis, along with Representative Reed. Republican. New York, has been sponsoring the move In congress for such a departmeut: recognize the legisjators. He said that so .faf as, he knew ithe se'na- tors had unt engaged lii any unlawful acts and that they ""were aware of litigation pending to test ;the validi(y ot various | questions growing out of the impeachment proceedings. BIG BROTHERS FUND Rejorted — J 113.50 Patty and Dickey and Bobby Helvie 1 1.50 Mai:Jorie Dean Jones ; : 1.00 D.; It. Coblentz 1-00 Prank Horville /=«00 Cash —- -I 1.00 lutiopist movement I The nationalist foi-cbs. then eii- tcred the city and siUccessfuUy engaged the Reds. . ; NOT TO REPEAL INHERITANCETAX $120.00 An appeal was made yesterday In this c^ilumii for contributions to meet th^ tspehse of,providing a Chrlstm&s treat for the thirty Inmates of the County Home. In prompt response to that came this morning a check for $50 from one who wishes the name withheld. So that little matter is taken care of. Tiichf when the liiind w»s rakjidi'^B Stunts and the excitement 0^ wi!h\2"p^^"nd^^' StTeChSllI^., ^ -^'>^^- : Then the plane which had served Colonel Lindbergh so faithfully on his epoch-making flight from 'Ne*' York to Paris and now had carried him more than 2,000' . miles from AVashington to Mexico City,: made a beautiful landing in the middle of the ' rie'.<d. The landing kicking up great clouds of dust: which for a few^ minutes obscured the .American air hero and hiB plane from sight. rolire Snrronnd Plane. The motorcycle policemen . di; length surrounded the plane atidj placed Col. Lindbergh in an aUto- mcyblle and escorted him to the presidential box. where President Calles and Dwight Morrow. American ambassad >r to Mexico.- bad anxiously aws Ited his arrival. At 2:50 p. m., the presidential band played the '"Star Spangled Banner" as Col. Lindbergh entered the presidential stand and^recieved greetings first from President Calles and then from Ambassador Morrow. As the .American airman greeted Mexico's chief executive^ a great Amendment By Large fii Hbilse Voted Down Majority AVaslilngton. Dec. 14. .(AP)—The house today voted agiilhst repeal of 1 ;i'PaIina, clear, i-Oads good; Manhat-.j enmpanion ship of tht« III ni cloudy, roads good: Arkansas ; commissioned Saratoga: Coffeyvllle. foggy, roads muddy; j Waketnan of the Bethlehem shlp- KinWrla, cloudy, roads slippery: ! buildlhg corporation dcjllvered the Wichita, cloudy, roads goful: Tope- monster craft to Rear Admiral j the water. planes and, despite Its 33,000 tons, will make 39 miles an hour thru Ita,: cloudy, roads good. Dodge City, clear, roads good; Plt^burg; cloudy, roads alippery. Philip .Andrews; commandant of' the Charlestown navy yard,'2.000 officers and 1,200 sailors stood Commander Alva D. Bernhard of Lawrence, Kansas, will the navigator. Humboldt Boy's Car Strikes Lamp Post Bill' Ma8se.v. 20 years old.brj Humboldt, . sustained a cut Up early this morning when his Ford crashed into a,, lamp post at the corner of Jackson' and Walnut. The lamp post' was knocked down and th'e car badly damaged. Massey told police'there was no light on the post and that his lights were dim. He said he did not see the post and that he was rnnning slowly. \\hen the governor mobilized the .\^Tiat a fine thing it is to have the ^ (fuard. he .Insisted he did so mere- means and the >disposlton to make! ly to prevent "insurrection" and a lot of people happy! i assure a. stabilized government pending final action by the courts. the federal inheritance tax. -rejecting 191 to .55 ajn amendment .to eliminate the fevy from the new tax bilir • • Action came after two ho.urs debate during- n-hlch Chairman Green of the ways and means commlUee, which drafted the m^asure.'chatged that thousands of dollars had been, . . , . expended bv selfish interests to oh-i roar of cheering rose among^ the tain repeal of the levy. ' thousands of spe<itator8. ' , ;| The dhairman said that $500 bill.^ ; Ovprcoming the utmost eHorta had been distributed freely by a^-1 the police, the crovd ovB*- vocatesof repeal ind that the ei-the h^^e landing field r-^ penses had lieen paid for a nuro- and swarmed toward the fampiis her of witnesses appearing befote '"tie monoplane bearing the magic the < opposition to the I name. Spirit of St. l^uis. He' said that he would acceprt findings of tl{e courts and!that if it wan finally decided the legislature had been '.legally asseinbled, he would offpr no furthei^ Interference. • • . i In addition to the supreme coiirt ruling,'a temporary injunction was issued by the district court forbidding a sppclal session. The senate, however, has decided its rulings take: precedence over '; any slate courts. ' • Junior College Has Started Enrolling Advancer enrollment In the local juiiior college started today In the regular weekly college chapel. This enrollment, of course will fglve only" a tentative Idea of the nutnber o'f students who will remain in Qsllege' for^the second semester, it can give no idea of the number of students coming In. However*. It has been felt that with this;enrollment aemall idea of the. couipes and schedule for th© cofhlngi semester can be ar-^ rang^ed. -r^lso an Idea of the book8<| to be needed and the number needed cin ^be gained. It may be that there are some who would f rather take a family and supply all its Christmas wants than to 'make a contribution lo be handled through the Big Brothers. If the|-e are any such and they will" Indicate to the Register about the kind of a family they would like to look after, that kind of a family i will be provided.' Meanwhilcj—please let us have i about $200 morer' .! Ab'Lanferman Is Held : For Theft of Overcosit Ab Lanferman was arrested late yesterday in connection -with the theft of an overcoat at a dance, -— here. .Veal Derby, arrested, earlier j of the American flier. in the diay, said .that Lanferman' """"^ — traded the coat to him. Derby is out on bond pending preliminary Thousands of the spectators massed in front of the presiden^al stand, standing at salute or_ aii- covered while President Callus. Col. Lindbergh. /Vnrfadssador Morrow anil the other noted personages in the presidential stand stood uncovered for the American national anthem played in honor.. .With the police prevailing oveir the crowd that swarmed toWard, The Spirit of St: l^uis, the plane '" \ t hearing December i/'ig. lanferman I at length was. trundled from tie is out on, $300 bond pending a hear- j field past the presidential box into ing; Decembei! 20. I, Miss Ellen M. Stone, American Missionary, Dies in U. Home —r — • ' Chelsea. Mass.. Dec 14. (API— convention at Sanvokov. Bulgaria, Miss Kilen .M. Stone; the Amerl- then a part of Turkey, a small par- can missionary. Whose kidanpplng ^ ^'^'S by Macedonian bandits- in 1»Q1 , Tsilka,wife of the; Albanian, mfe- olec.trlfled this country died here ' siohary, taken captive. ;r last night. i Through the Am^lcan legation Her life -was saved by the rais- af Coiistantinop.le. notice was serr- Ing of a queen's ransom by popu- ed tbatrunelsii $11(1,000 was fortb- lar subscription in tlie United coming I both-women would face Steles. ^ . 1 death. |The board of foreign mls- .Mlss Stone had been sent to the j ."ions aj>pe3ied for aid and the $7:?,- Dalkans in 1878 by the American . 500 was' attained and paid over hoard of commissioners., for foreign j only after the bapdits; had coh- mlssions. While retumiilg from a teachers sented to a month's ^a'ce in order to allow additidnat subscriptions. a hangar 4)ehind the box where it will he stored. ' : )- j . Colonel Lindbergh Was given k ta.ste of the wild enthusiasm which his brilliant exploits have created In the hearts of Mexicans inst^ as everywhere, else/ As soon as his plane had come to a stop the spectators surged, around It and lifted him from the cockpit, placing hini upon willing shoulders and cairryi Ing him in triumph to the atitomoj- blle sent by Ambassador Morroitr oat on the field. Ambas.sador Morrow^ himself.had left the preBldential box and was •n the automobile. He stepped ttom the car and advahced toward: Lindbergh who was then! permitted- to descend from the shoulders .'«f his admirers and the two "aubas- ' sadors" smilingly shook hands. . Then Colonel Lindbergh enteried the ambiossador'fa antoniofalle and (CqnUnued on; Page Si Ko. L) :

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