Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 30, 1970 · Page 18
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 18

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1970
Page 18
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-Junior Editor Quiz en- MERMAIDS Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Friday, October JO, 1970 Sense of Smell Answer QUESTION: Were there really such things as mermaids? ANSWER: The old sailing ships were very slow; seamen had plenty of time to be impressed with the mystery of the sea, to hear legendary stories or spin them themselves. One legend concerned mermaids, which the sailors' romantic imagination pictured as graceful beings, half-girl and half-fish. They were supposed to sit on sand or rock, combing their long golden hair and attracting mortal men by their singing. In Greek mythology, there were three sea nymphs called the Sirens who also attracted passing ships by their singing. If one , came too close to a mermaid, the legend said, she would •slip a magical cap over your head and you would have -. to live in the sea wife her thereafter. There are certain .sea animals which may have suggested the mermaid idea to imaginative seamen. One is the seal, with a head somewhat resembling a human being. Another, the Vdugong, has a habit of standing upright in shallow water which makes it look like a human, if seen from a long way off. ; (Jessica Kott of New Britain, Conn., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard Ap Junor Editors in care of this newpaper, is selected for a prize.) ACROSS 1 Fragrance 6 Odor 31 Grinding 12 Starchy substance 15 Below (prefix) 36 Mythical animal 17 Body of water 18 Proclivity 20 Son of Seth (Bib.) i 21 Bivalve mollusk 1 23 Timetable abbreviation J2S Surf noises 1 27 Music as •written !28 Feminiire appellation !81Wildoxof Celebes i32 Structural 1 34 Sweet- smelling substances 36 Rave 37 Endeavor 38 Born 39 Walking sticks 40 Pinaceous tree 41 Feminine name 42 Indonesian island 45 Indian of Peru 47 Masculine nickname 50 River of Venezuela 52 Pungent seasoning 54 Key fruits 55 Bearer (comb, form) 56 Girl's name 57 Hollow DOWN 1 Friends (Fr.) 2 Rain spout (Scot.) 3 Of the sense of smell 4 Impair 5 Near East vehicles G Stupefy 1 Musical compositions S Roof finial 9 More refined 20 East Indian reddish wood 13 Blood money 14 Reply (ab.) 19 Printing measure 22 Tree part 24 Rodent 25 Ecstatic 26 Heavy blow 27 Dirk 28 Efflux 29 Climbing plant 30 Deeds 32 Of the western, hemisphere •. 33 Spoken 35 One (comb. • form) 39 Grips of hand ' 40 Conclusive < 41 Out of (prefix) 42 Cattle genus 43 Constellation 44 South American . capital 46 Organ of smell I 48 Color beige 49 Letters of alphabet 51 Raw; metal 53 Greek'letter TIZZY By Kate Osann l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 • » 19 • 20'' 21 22 23 24 25 26 • • 28 29 30 31 •32 33 34- 35 36 37 • 38 _ 40 42 43 44 ••45 46 • 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 r 57 30 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner • • • © 1iM V fflA, !«t TM. t>». MS. f*. Oft • 'There are se many commercials en TV lately, you can't HELP getting your homework dene!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "Would you really rather take a whipping than give me one, Dad? You know that make* it unanimous?" riaK# «, "We can't go on meeting like this, Mr. Farrel. You're down to 120 pounds!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL fr STOFFEL V URKi HERE COMES PETUNIA J SHE'LL CATCH ME TRYING TO EXCHANGE THIS TIE' PORKY LIKES TH'TIEYA SAVE HIM FOR HIS BIRTH DAY SO-WELL HE'S BUYIN' ANOTHER . UUST LIKE ITi Vrr. CAPTAIN EASY [ By CROOKS * LAWRENCE YE*, WE'RE LUCKY EA&Y 1 */ AND rVHATA &0 eOOD-NATUREP*. HE / NICE TOUCH* COULP'VE RAI^EP A FU5£ / <3iyiN<3 HIM ABOUT BEIW6 PECLAKEP f THAT BKOOfAl LOONY! V OHf JAREP« EVERYTHING WORKEP OUT PERFECT!!/.' OUT OUR WAY HO! HOI youtae' -> OIKMAN KIPPINS HIVE VP* ENJOVEP WAITING „I'uUSHOW WEEKS- FOFC ONK VOU PART—HOLCTNG UP PROPUCTION) KIPPINSJ UC&tMG AM AtfCOUrtti By NIG COCHRAN OUR BOARDING HOUSE . * . with . • » MAJOR HOOPtl WW* PART'WANP HER] , 1$ EXPENSIVE* U com* OUR rr puTA *ipooo ^HERosPEEPy MACHINE OUT OF) KOWAUSKI. PRODUCTION. S. WITH TH' A ACCOUNTS FOR, \ PART/... 9LONG PITTANCEJTKEM5LIN'! PHONeCALL^M' VNHI*'* MAPE TH'CTLL PU3W ] &OOV?\ Hl^TACK* % 1 G, BEAT MBlOS, &Oi»S. X'VE WWTTEN A *"ONfi PEOPLE.'WHEM IT« A H\T, I'LL. MAKE- PERSONAL, APP6ARANCCSS TO SPEAVi OM CITIZENSHIP.' VOHEM tvts A HJTS* THAT MOKE OF A LONS'SHOT THAN FIMPIN' A CiVIN' BoAffC? otJ THE- WOOMf AT LCAnSTJT EXPLAINS? TH» COKAIN' . FPONV HUtf PTSN.'TU **6 _ AFSAIO TAWM'Otrr! APPSfKHX/ SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL OH. WELL, I MIGHT AS WELL GET USEOTDrt. 1H £N MY* W/FH P/3DeABLVj 'WONT UNDERSTAND MgftHP] THE FLINTSTONES 73 By HANNA-BARBIRA PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN ffiS^ ) ^'j^V ^rn ^N VpZZIR,AM' HE'S ^ WELL I GOT ™£t /SINK'S / SO THAT'S \ A PRETTY TOUGH / A PERSONAL ARB/ yi^JL L L.«( 7M £^ NK ' /OJSTOMER.TOO .V SCORE T'SETRE L WITH "EM! V EHS» WITH THAT BIS APE.' GRAB HIM, MEN! K >-30 WHg, \0 COURSE YOU/ / OKAY WIZER, IF VOU / PONT WORRY: US? J Y OUTNUMBER SAY SO, BUT I SURE/ SERGEANT I HIM FOUR TO ONE .'V HOPE Y'KNOW WHAT KNOW NOW GET GOING! J>, YOU'RE POI N ./ n H \KlHPOT «S.' "Ml i Kit VMM. he/T,l5. »«, as. onj WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLf \ WHAlp HISADDRB5S? FRECKLES YP^..«jysrsrrprt Youp HANDS / 'tfoS%R By HENRY FORMHALS 'WBWASTAUCIrJd.'' TO THE PRESIDE ^r OF MEI2. TREEHOUSr CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS

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