The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 7, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, January 7, 1933
Page 6
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fHEBAl EUGENE O'NEILL PLAYJMIRED "Strange Interlude" Comes to Fox Theater With Norma Shearer Starred A rare treat Is In store for movlo- goers starting tomorrow when "Strange . Interlude," plcturtisatlon of the sensational Eugene O'Neill Orama, opens nt the Kox theater wltli Norma Shearer-and Clark Gable In the principal roles.- This Is (ho play which ran for a year ntid u half on Broadway as presented by the . Theater Guild with I^ynn Konlanno In the rolb played on th« screen by Miss Shearer. The powerful O'Neill drama deals •with the tragedy of a woman who finds she cannot have children because of a streak of Insanity In her husband's family. Unwilling to rob her husband and herself of parental happiness, she hits upon a remarkable, ultra-modern plan for preserving their domestic tranqulllty, a device which Involves the love of two other men and which eventually brings all four characters Into the most difficult of dramatic complications. Not the least of the novelties In "Strange Interlude" IB the fact that It retains the much discussed spoken-, thoughts or "asides" of tho original play. To accomplish this "doublo dialogue" effect, two separate sound recordings were made as the picture was filmed. An outstanding cast supports Miss Shearer and Clark Oable In "Strange Interlude," Including tho well-known New York stage player, Alexander Klrkland, Ralph Morgan, who repeats the role he played In the original production; Robert Young, who recently scored In "The Wet Parade" and "New Morals for 'Old"; May Robson, remembered for her work as the bitter mother In "Lctty Lynton"; Maureen O'Sulllvan of "Tarzan" fame; Henry B. Walthall, Mary Alden and Tad Alexander. El Brendel Is a vital factor In the romance between' James Dunn and Boots Mallory In "Handle With Care," which closes today. STARRED IN O'NEILL PLAY "BACK STET" ML BE GRANADA FEATURE "Back Street," based on Fanny Hurst's famous story of the same name, comes to the Granada theater Sunday for a three-day run. Irene Dunn, star of "Clmarron," and John Boles, leading man in many film successes, have the principal roles. "Back Street" ran most of the summer i>,t the Carthay Circle theater In Los Angeles at roadshow prices and was seen by thousands dally. Although Miss Dunn jumped to Instant fame as a result of her work In - "Clmarron,", she rises to oven greater heights in "Back Street." She brlijgs to the role beauty, warmth, color dignity and all the admirable traits with which Miss Hurst endowed her character In the book. And In the role of the young bonk clerk who rises to fame as an International financier, bu never goes back on the sweetheart o his •youth, although It Is 'an illlcl love "In the eyes of the world, Mr Boles does the greatest work of his career. CLARK GABLE AND NORMA SHEARER AT FOX SUNDAY STAR ON RIALTO BILL Norma Shearer has turned her back on her screen past. In 'Smllln' Through," her latest production which will be shown for three days Blurting Sunday at the Rlalto theater. Mtsu Shearer has a role far removed from those which have taken her along the bypaths which lead away from convention. Miss Shearer's role In "Smllln' Through" Is frankly tinged with sentimental romance. It IB completely devoid of that sophistication which marked her characterizations In Strangers May Kiss," "-A Free Soul" and "Strange Interlude." In thus turning to wistful,romance, Miss Shearer sheds the "women of the world" character for the first tlnio since the neach blosBOrh fragrance of 'The Student Prince," In the old days of silent films. Sidney Franklin directed the picture. Others In the cast are O. P. Heggle, Ralph Forbes, Beryl Mercer, David Torrenco, Margaret Seddon, Leslie Howard and Forester Harvey. "No Living Witness," which comes to the Virginia theater Sunday, Is a mystery picture, but tho producers have not resorted to freak characters or other unconventional"" means to build up the mystery element of the picture. Tho story revolves around tho efforts of a blackmailing ring to extort money from a gold prospector who hao finally struck the precious metal in his old age. Accompanied by his daughter, he comes to a big city to negotiate tho sale of his mine to a syndicate. It la while he Is negotiating that ho attracts the attention of the gang. From here on the action is fust and furjous. , A galaxy of well-known players enact the major roles, including Gilbert Roland, best known as leading man for Norma Talmadge, North Beery, Barbara Kent, Carmel Myers. Otis Harlan and others. On tho same bill Is Ken Maynard In "Dynamite Ranch." Doris Kenyon-Sills Cleared of Liability (VniteS Press Leaied Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 7.—Doris Kenyon Sills, widow of Milton Sills, was clear of liability today In a suit for $8778.91 brought by a finance company for a delinquent note signed by Edwin Carewe, motion picture director, In behalf of Cornelius Cole, grand- eon of the late United States Senator Cornelius Cole. A jury In acquitting the actress, ordered Carewe to pay the note. COMPANY AT PEACE NEW YORK, Jan. 7.—Suit against Marlene Dietrich, film actress, to compel her to finish a'contract, will be dropped and Mls.s Dietrich will report, for work Immediately, It was announced today at the New York of- flcos of the Paramount Publlx Corporation. Tho suit was filed by Paramount on Monday In the United Slates District Court at Los Angeles after Miss Dietrich was alleged to have refusr-tt to work In a new picture. Today's announcement said that at a conference between Miss Dietrich mid Km- manuel Cohen, vice-president, the film star had reconsidered her role ntid had decided to appear In tho picture. FOUR IN RECEIVERSHIP NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 7. (A. P.)— Four Insurance companies of tho Union Indemnity group, one of the largest liability concerns In the south, were placed In receivership today. The action Involved the Union Indemnity Company, the I^aSalle Fire Insurance Company, the Insurance Se- curltleff Company, Inn., and .tho Union Title Guarantee Company. Starts Tomorrow WARREN UUILLIOm I^KHK bnmiT Glenda Farrel, Alan Hale Juliette Compton The real life story of the Frankenstein of Finance who ensnarled himself In the silken . meshes of sex and crashed when the web Laat Day EDW. Q. ROBINSON In "Silver Dollar" Babe Daniels Aline MacMahon Washington Merry-Go-Round and "Hell's- Highway" Here Tomorrow Those who see • "Hell's'-Highway.'? powerful prison road'camp story'com- ing' to .tho California theater tomorrow with Richard Dlx as star, will BOO In one scene an assemblage- of world advent'urers, Boldleru of fortune, ex- convicts, prize fighters and hoboes! Of ' pugilists alone there are v such character*) as Earl Maestro, Kid Wagner,, Joe Rivers, Ralph Smith, the/six- foot-ten fighting fireman; Jaclc and Joe Herrlck, John Lester Johnston, "One-Round" Mickey Farrell, Barney O'Toole, former middleweight chain-' plon of Europe, and a score or more losser-knowns. Dramatic developments which take place on the Inside of Washington but are seldom known to the general public, Is the 'daring theme of tho latest screen attraction to bo handled by .that veteran director, James Crur.e, "Washington Merry-Qo-Round," with Lee Tracy and Constance Cnmminga In the leading roles. Cruzc, when ono recalls "Tho Covered Wagon," "O\d Ironsides," and "The Pony Express," was tho Ideal choice to handle thlH typically American film of a militant young congressman who tries to buck a great political machine. The 'story Is so thoroughly up-to-the-minute-that the picture shows the soldiers' Toonus army encampment at Anacostla Flats. - "Washington Merry-Go-Round" and "Hell's Highway" are both on tho program starting tomorrow. . *-»-» Tom Had Good Idea but Technique Poor ( .4 tsoela (e<t Pre»* Leaned Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 7.—As the police ell It, Thomas Bolger had the right dea but the wrong technique. Ho Is accused of being In the tall- Ting establishment of Samuel Green vhen Mr. and Mrs. Green ' were asleep. It seems he stubbed his toe, awakening Mrs. Green, who said: . "Tommy! Tommy! Get back in your box." "Meeeoow—meeoow!" said Bolger, who Is a fast thinker. • When police came In response to Mrs. Green's telephone call Bolger earned that he should have said 'bow-wow." Mrs. Green's Tommy sn't n cat. It's a wire-haired terrier KERN—1200 K. 7—Tho Boswell Sisters* 7:16 i - J -Go!umblu Public Affairs Institute. 7:45—Gertrude Nlesen. 8—Guy Lombardo and his Royal 1 Canadians. 8:30—Harold Stern orchestra. 9—Ted FloKlto's orchdstra. 9:30—To bo announced. 30—All-request hour. 10:40—T-ed FloRHo's-orchestra.-' 11—Dancing With the Stars. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 6—Don Lee Symphony. 7—Street Singer. 7:15—Jimmy Blttlck's orchestra. 7:30—Chnndu, tho Magician. 7:45—CBS prograniB to 9. 9—Ray Palge'a orchestra. 0:80—Stanley Smith's orchestra. 10—News Items. 10:10—Ted Flo-Rlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Starn. 12 to I a,.in.—Marshall Grant, organ. 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6 —NOWH. 8:16—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI und Elmer. fi;4B—Currier's Sereimderf. 7—Frank Watanubo and Honorable Archie. 7:15—Guardsmen, male quartet. 7:30—Kate Smith. 7:45—Marlon Mansfield and Slng- ' Ing Strings. 8—KNX Varieties. 0—News. 9:15—Happy Chappies. 9:30—Viennese Nights. 10—Dance band and Marlon Mansfield. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. B—NBC-KGO programs to 8:46. 8:45—Jay Whldden'K orchestra. 9:30—Associated Spotlight. 11 to 12 midnight—Phil Harris' orchestra. "MATCH KING," NE^T, AT , ,f ( * , * w>. « • ', WARREN WILLIAM AND QLENDA FARRELL IN LEADING ROLES pHE MATCH KING," opening to• morrow ut the Nile, Is based on tho career of one of th,o world's most famous swindlers. His' life was a aeries of frauds and his reputation In tho various capitals of tho world, through his affairs with women, 'was notorious. His story was on tho front page of every newspaper of the world and the public lost millions when he crashed. Kingdoms and empires and republic* and stock exchanges were his play- grounds and chessboards. Scopeless power, fabulous wealth, utter unscrupulousness, and men and women, these we're the tools -with which he wove tho •tapestry of financial supremacy. Warren Williams plays tho title role, while Llll Damita, petite ant intriguing, Is the one unattainable objective in the "Match King's" llfq Others in the cast include Qlenda Farrell, Juliette Compton, Claire Dodd Hardle Albright, George Meeker, Alan Hale and -John Wray. • . Heavy Deposit Gains by Two S. F. Banks SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 7.—The Canadian Bank of Commerce (California) reported an Increase In deposits of $405,233 over the June 30, 1932, total of ••$12,641,076 In a six month statement as of December 31. Assets Increased $413,167 to a total of $14,802,177. The Bank of California N. A. reported deposits of $85,218,894 In its year-end statement as compared with $78,654,278 at the end of 1931. 4 « » NOTED ENGLISHMAN DIES •LONDON, Jan. 7. (\j. P.)—The Right Honorable John Macklnnon Robertson, 76, Journalist, author, lecturer, and former member of Parliament, died Thursday, It was revealed today. CAST IN "HELL'S HIGHWAY" ATLANTIQUE IN PORT CHERBOURG, Jan. 7. (U. P.)—Tin liner Atlantlque, burned out by fin at sea while en route here for over hauling, was towed into . port here early today. The $18,000,000 ship wll be examined by salvage experts. «•» HERTZ QUITS NEW YORK, Jan. 7. (A: P.)—John D. Hertz today resigned his connec tlon wl^h the finance board of tho Paramount Publlx Corporation. No reason for the resignation was given OPEN 12-11 P.M. REX Any 8«it U 5 •. •. 15c 300 Scats, Any Time.. .15c 3 Days Starting Tomorrow THE KING OP THE WESTERN STARS A Smashing, Crashing Drama of the West • ROCHELLE HUDSON, RICHARD DIX, TOM BROWN AT CALIFORNIA II BACK TALK CHICAGO, Jan. 7. (A. P.)—For too many ye.irH church congregations have bopn at a disadvantage, rea- KOIIM Doctor CurtlH W. HCCHO, of All! SoulK Church at Lincoln Center, Bo| ginning next .Sunday tho pew will talk i hack to the pulpit. "Tho audience," IB said, "may Interrogate tho preachers, criticize and discuss tho sor- non." La Granada Sixteenth and "Eye" Streets Bakarafleld'a Ballroom Beautiful Dance Tonight Quinn Johnson's Superb Orchestra WONDERFUL FLOOR ' Gentlemen ( 65o Ladles Free Till 9, AfterG, 15c PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET TONIGHT IN PERSON Chubby Chaney Hal Roach's "Fat Rascal" From "Our Gang" Comedies MASTER OF CEREMONIES With Jack Isaac and His Band and Lew Gifford's Dance Band Coconut Grove Ballroom ScDANCltfG No Advance in Price—Ladies Always Free Mix and Ills newest action-bombshell, "The fourth- lorseiimn," will come to the -Kbx Sunday 'for three days with dkHc-eycd iturget! Jjltrdsey, 'scbwltng Vrod Xoh-; er nnd Initnltablo. Raymond Mutton In he 'film's principal aupportlng, roles. The. story of a rearln','tdarln 1 cow- >oy'who saves an entire: town In real state,from bold, bad biuidlta for'the girl'-he-•'loves Is 'Bald to'-bring the amed western star to the silver icreen In the true, juid- cowpuhchlng , world>pop- ftiHhlon that^has wbn Ularlly. . , «. ' Such players as Buddy ' ' toward Cobb, Paul BHawhan and Roslta Marstlnl are also Included In, the picture's roster. - Several were .screen stars In Ihelr-own- rljjHt. • , v; Nina Wlloov Putnam, the .distinguished novelist, wrote the stdrjfi especially for, colorful Mlxy.and hls-ln- ftnltnble .equestrian companion, Tony, 'Is ever on hand "lit the 'exciting 'haf« tatfvo. Ilaffltltdri MaePudden was the director of the' screen-drama, at>d»UmV vernHt W'IIH Its pro'dtfcer. Crutcher, President of Education Board SACRAMENTO, Jan. 7.—Doctor U P. 'Crutcher of Long Beach, was-to- lay elected president of tho state jbard of education of which he'has jean a • member for a year, Gordon Gray- of.. San Diego, who had. considered resigning frdm the board, was nducefl to continue In office for another-'year. ' , '' ',, Ambassador Quits When Reprimanded •. LONDON, Jan. 7. — Diplomatic ' lorn reported todny that Salvador do Madarlaga, Spanish ambassador to Paris and 'delegate to the League o/ Nations, had-- resigned, "both pdnltloiyj after being reprimanded for 'exceeding 1 ' his authority: during the league's djs- cusslon of the Munchurlan \dlfiput6, Madarlaga, it was understood horq> expressed anti-Japanese opinions. _ - fOUFMH HOMEMAN LAST TIMES TODAY Richard Barthelmess in the "Cabiri in the Cotton" and Zane Grey's "Heritage of the Desert" RIALTO 5 tt I». •., Ife; AfUr I, I5e, 2Sc Usual Good Saturday Night Dance PANAMA TONIGHT Featuring Revelers' Orchestra—No Better Band in Kern County LADIES ALWAYS FREE GENTS 55c Dancing 9:30 Till 1:30 Always a Good, Sociable Crowd BILL POWERS, Floor Manager Sunday, Monday, Tuesday CiMlmiwi Saturday, Sunday, I U 11 TWO FEATURES * Norma Shearer In -her oreateat dramatic triumph, "Smilin' Through" With Frederic March, Lealie Howard and Tom Keene In "COME ON DANGER" Comedy, Newa, Cartoon Last Times Today CONRAD NAQEL In "TJie Man Called Back" CONTINUOUS 2:30 TO 11)00 STARTING TOMORROW! The tirama That " ' •' Leaves Nothing Untold] (HEARTS ARE BARED, SOULS STRIPPED NAKED IN THIS ASTONISHING TALKING PICTURE! ftATED ON THE PLAY BY EUGENE O'NEILL EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION WALT DISNEY'S "SILLY SYMPHONY" IN COLOR HANDLE CARE In perion on-the stage,. Chubby Cha.ney, of Our Gang '.Comedl«§. WITH JAMES DUNN EL BRENDEL DANCE TONIGHT at Canaday's Pavilion Good Music— Good Floor A Good Place to Meet Your Friends •'"'.* Admission 25c HMIaWWIIMW^ Hotel El Tejon A,DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT SPECIAL TURKEY DINNER SUNDAY California l<Yult Cocklall Hearts of Celery Green Olives Sweet aherltlns Chicken Gumbo Soup Consomme Julienne Roust Young Kern County Turkey Dressing Cranberry Sauce Snow-flake Potatoes Cauliflower au Gratln Assorted Hot Dinner 'Rolls Cosmopolitan Sauce : 1000 Island Dressing Hot Mince, Pumpkin or 1 Apple Pie or Peach Blossom Ice Cream and Cake Tea, Coffee or Milk , • We Serve Regular 50c Luncheon on Sunday Modern and Old-Time Dancing Every Saturday RAINBOW GARDEN Three Milee South on Union Avenue Where They All Go Jutt for Fun WILSON'S HARMONY BAND Admission, 65c ' • Lunch L, W. (BUI) WILSON* Managtr Weak Days Matinees AS II015X1A 300 Seats Any Starting Tomorrow—X TRULY GREAT DOUBLE FEATURE BILL! A ORAMA OF THE DAMNED I CONSTANCE CUMMINOS RIPS THE * LID OFF! ?o N o D 2v "RACKETY RAX" VIOTOI , wl | l II! AfiLEN "SPEED DEMON" TODAY- KIDDIES', MICKEY MOUSE PRIZES!! MATINEE • GIFTS!! G RANAD •18 Kentucky Street Talklni Plcturti Eviry Diy A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 16o .Children Always 10c Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Continuous Sat., Sun., 1 to 11 IRENE DUNN JOHN BOLES In Fanny Hurat'a Immortal Story of Love That Defied ^Conventions "Backstreet" One of the Great Pictures of ' Don't Miae !tl 'Newa, Comedy, -Cartoon LAST TIMES TODAY. "Klondike" and Richard Aden In '.'The All-American" VIRGINIA Continuous. 12 M. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS-*Any Time, 15c Sunday and Monday TWO BIG FEATURES •" KEN MAYNARD ' In a Hair-Raliino Western ''Dynamite Ranch" • and a Great Murder Myatery "No Living Witness" ' With Gilbert Roland, Barbara' Kent, Noah Beery and ' • ' Carmel My era > Ntwa and Middy Mouse Cartoon Laat Times'Today JACK HOXIE, iii "Outlaw Justice" K>ti«i

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