Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1927
Page 8
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laght Heavyweight Wins •IOyer Jimmy Slattery ': In Last I Rounds . : Of Rattle -WANTS MSS: FIGHTS '. Tbe argument over the Sav> OBbors-Iola citr team baiiket- liall frame laxt week haso't ended yet Joe X. ^JobliNon, spokeiiifuin for the Saronbaiifc team, rometttbron^li with a nply, to the Reirl!<ter'8 explanation, of ho^- the paper re- refved''the Iroprexslou that lola won the battle. Says He Wil^ Defend His . Title Twelve Times ' Each Y^r With Opportunity .New York, Dec. 13. (A P)— Tommy Loughran,, of Philadelphia, was tljie' undisputed ligtit heavyweight ctfamjiion of Jtihe world today by virtue of 8 16-iouhd ivlctortf over Jimmy Slatteryi of ^uffalo, heretofore title hold^^ in the I domain of the Nati6nal> Boxr ing Association. i "This victory n^cans^^vcrjrthlni; to; mev" Wid Iloufthran a» he left the Madison Squire (rardcn ring . la«t sight. "Tor i, clears, up iho I llght-lieav >TweiKlit situation. _ i"I -ms glad,to- w recofenlzcd as champion by the Xw- York com- mteslon aiftcr I defeated >Iilce Mc>: "iTlirtie 4ut it was not altogether pleaplng to have mother weariiig -the crown at the same time. . • *'I Ihte'na tp gly> anjrone a bout , who waiits to try Tor the titlfe arid win defend it twelve times a year if there- are that man}? drppone ^ti. Of;course,, niy next battle will 1)e with I;<eo Lomski on January 6, but I -hope to oirpoi»ei,:Mickey Walkjjr and Jack 'Delaney soon afterwards." ( ' ; ; ' • Asked if he had buy p 'lan's in the heavyw'elght d rection and at Gene Ttinhey's title. L^ughran replied he.would not eopslder entering "^thiat division fm another ytear. •IfOughfan entvreij» the- ring last night with an eiglit-poUnd advant- , age over Slatterj- why -scaled 365!4. "Ringside, experts gave ! Loughriti eight of .the lo rounds while !•t ^^'o were even. •Jjoughran recelvM strong op'o- sltlpn from the.Burfalo battler and It"iras not until tlip closing rounds that he pounded oilt liie margin of • vfcfory. Bleodlhc. slifehily fiv)m \--B jcut, Slajtery had ripped undor 1 his left eye. Lougljran battered hli. . opppnent to the r ^pes. In the tJilr- ^ "teciDth round In; his best sliowing V; of the night. Loughran had bien inirsuing the ;{tie, heights si^ice i 1919. , H P . 'obK^rved, his twenjlj-^flfth birihi'ny L; lastiXoventbcr 29.1 When Jack De. rlaiitjy vacalPd.. Jhj? championship. ^ Mlk* .McTlgue was named the slanjdard-liearijr of the division - ^ Bnd'i on! October l\ last. Ixiughran vwfested the crown fronl the vcner- i able\M|kc. \ Slatlcry had acquired • »he,Naeiona| Boxing AsHouiatlou Yttlo through a victory> over .Maxli' ~ Ronchbloom. I.oiighrah. liiiti par. tfcllJatcd In 'tloKj to 100 ring b.itlleBi: • • . h - Sekan League ^ ijeakdrshipto h :r Three Squads j : Sekan laKeUSIandlngi^ I I W. I„ I'rt. • E|i«more i ,.2 Unidred i— 2 Hambftldt •. -^Fti Scott — 1 "Biiftalo „ .'— -I Q I B — ---0 Cliannte ... 0 i'ates renter ...—0 0 imw 0 10(M» i ---2 0 1000 ' »00 d4NI 0(M> 000 OI^K . Elsmore. Mildred and • HuniboltlJ remained undefeated at the end of .iiiefflrst two weekis of plijy in the S e ^ka a V inriepen lent basketball ieajgne. This week will make some ch^iiger in ihe league atamiings^ ^jola -{at present! jls in the cellar wltH Chanute^nd Yates Center but hopes to get oUt wiien it meets thi- .iChahute tfeam here i tomorrow night - Fort Scott and Buffalo each ha,vc •60.0 -per cent at present. . ' The;.tola team has been strengthened for-the ganie itomorro* night it is believed "Several n\oi -c good proiipectji are out I an dmay give tbe.°;acklltional strength needed tc wini i - The game will be callml at eight .;at.the Merchant's buldling at th»fair, grounds- wher > the city team 'plaj^ all of its gaines. Hetufn to Seasonal / y Weather Predicted iTppeia, Dec: 1 .3. I(AP>—A return to-^easorial Weather Is scheduletl for iKansas"tonight or tomorrow. •^aldrS. D. Flpra. meteorolpgist. this morning, following a night of un- usttally high "4hermbmeter readinss ^ Ttpt.lJecembdr. A northwest wind, .be predicted; would bring clearing skleti aild send temperatures tu- Blglit to aUtovt 2ti to 2u degrees.. • Johnson says: "In regard lo youi- answer to my letter in the paper I wish to. say that no agr^- ment as to the score wluitsoevcr when our«man was kept in when he had committed four personal- fouls. Although if that agreement had been nmdo tlic man didn't scoro aui-way. after ho was disqualified. Tim MiK boys agreed to let Jilhf stay: in so why should four points be taken off our score, which someone else made; If .Mr. Plgg's con8cl <-ucc doesn't hurt him though, we will- say no more, although, if we get beat by the Old liJtdleH'' Upmo, |»e woH't crawfish out of li, We. arc not criliclzlng the paper, although rnu have bceu misinformed an«| it- should be ror- roctcd." . • ENCOUNTER ^ Humboldt dty Team Winneriin 36-2& , Coiitest ^ Is LOCALS ARE SLOW !^ Humboldt Is. Improving And J. C. Is Not In Shape Titmnijr Lonirhriin last ntghl brooffht fo un end any Ah. cDswInn alMint the : real lifcht heavrwelirht. He showed hinisef as a flnit-rjass il^bU Ine man w hen bp ttlnuned Jimrajr Slatterj-, and he made a statement wlilch idionld tbe nnhltc when he spoke ot' f^^htlng at all uppor- tnnlUeii. ' . The University of Kansas has,, one department which will com-\ pare favorably with that of aa^' oilier collego. The publicity department certainly does issue plenty of propaganda a^bout the school's athletic teams. The news is acjcurate and most of it is well worth publishing. , Recreation Team Wins - Bowling Encounter Tli.-> llecreations defeated Kersey's l)owlors two games to one in a city bowling league game last flight. Russell Bfister was high man for thre^ gnmt>s ' with -553, while Orothor wag.high:man for one ?anie witli a. mark of 212. The results: ..: KKR-t^KY noszdali 122 ]:!.<!- Ml— :ioi, St)arr : ITtii 119 104— 37fi Blind . 192 170 WS—.'>00 Brisfer 201) 1.S7 16f.—ofi;! Kersey 202 llfi l.'i7—"I O .T I Tola junior college met defeat in |ts first, basketball game of ^ the Iseasnn last night at Humboldt, j falling 36 to 26 to the Humboldt town'i team. I..ack of team work and the unusual playing of the IIumiM)!dt t<'um wasircspouslblc for the result. The gaine lust night proved both learns to be stronger thaji last year. Though the lola team won last season it was playing a much easier team nnd^iilso hud played severnl games, whllp this year lolti has had no; games and the Humboldt team has played several, j The Humboldt team was going tood. the Woods twins scoring consistently. Tlie lola team could not get together and showed the ntual early sea.son- different types: of playing. Bureer, Clopine and Iba starred for the locals. The Huihboldt team outplayed lola during most of the game, being headed by the lolans ohjy dur- itfg part of the third quarter when the junior college team marched' fmm eight points behind to a two point lead. Coach Ira Stockebrand- of the local Junior college does not feel.' discouraged with the showing, but rather feels' that when his men have had more experience he will have a strong squad. Humboldt may bo met again Thursday night rather than tomorrow . night, as {planned, due to the'cify team game. Coiich Stockebrand used almost the entire sqiiad; that made the trip: however, the of Barber, tluc to his injured knee was felt. The personals drawn by lola men pijoved very costly. [The box st-ore: ; ATGl .TAR V . Totals ,..869 760 RECRKATIO.V Anderson iri9 I7§ Knoclfs •16 .S lOS ^;ienians ..U.'i 132 Seymour 136 119 Grother . L212 173 696 232.-) ' 1.-.7-I92 177—.-il3' ISO-.^487 172^-i.';7 135—520 Totals ...S.-,() 798 821 2469 Fritz HIeler. noted Ceriuan'pil­ ot, has been granted a CODCCSK I O I I f<ir -llie estaljllshment of the nri «f civil aviation school In Mertco. The scliool Is to bo built in or near the icily of Mexico. ii lolu Isaac, rf Kemp, rf Leo Burger, If Phillips. If Hubbard, c l>ee. c ..1--- --. Cloplue, rg I.o»f Burger, rf -. Woolery, Is Iba, iB , FG FT . 1 .0 . 2 0 . 4 . 0 . 0 . 1 -! 2 .io . 0 . 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 F TP 3 2 2 4 2 11 0 0 2 1 1 3 2 4 0 0 1 0 5 1 Totals ... -.10 6 18^ 26 ;lluiuhol<lt I In. Woods.l rf My; Woods, if Garner, rf Sage, c Kelley. rg Bridges, Ig ... Junkin, Ig FG FT F TP . 6 1 0 13 5 .-. (I lit 0 0 tl - 1 .. 0 -. 0 . 1 1 Totals _ 13 10 S -M Akron. O.. Iwasts of a six-robra- wlih-bath residence, modern In every resjrec^, which was built entirely by schoolboys. > "Naught can''compare with Gifts to Wear." As the Old Boy's leading local a.s.sistant we to deny ^ recent rumors that there is no Santa Claus. Without hi.s in.spiration we never could have assepibled so distinguished a collection of men's gifts. When-hour.s of tedious shopping have convinced j'ou that a shirt is only a shirt and that a pair of • socks is just about the most prosaic thing in the world— Then- Come to Perham's. As you spy the hundreds of really .smart shirts?, socks, tie.s. wearables, Your eyes will open a little wider. And you'll .smile happily to yourself As you think, . What He'll .say on Christmas Morning.; Men's habercUjihery, clothing, 'shoes, liats, luggage ; All Giffs Boxed in Neat Gift Pafckets vTARIPAd OF GiBRAt-TAlS? Swift and treacherou.s currents of the Strait of Gibraltar hold no terrors for Mercedes Gleitz (left) and Miss Millie Hud.son (right). London stenographers who hope to be the first persons to cross in a ^oh-stop swim. Their proposed route across the channel from Africa to Europe is shown in the diagram. ' ^. Wrestling Match Is Billed at Emporij^ Kniporia. Kus.. Dec. 13. Kmpoi ia policeman, and Kd (Stran- !gler) l^ewis, claimant to tlie world 's heavyweight championship. ,.\p, Jenkins lias been wrestling for 10 Preparations are i,cing male'for a i years and gained the attention-of wrestling (match here Satnrd.iy\Lewis by hla showing against Alan night between- Clarence .lenkinsjU-'Uslace recently, COUNT AGAIN But This! Time It Will Be In Ballroom at Chicago IS CHARITYBANQUET Atmosphere Provided to Make It Seem Like ] . Prize Ring Chicago, Dec. 13. (AP)—Gene Tunney will get another "long count" tonight; UQt in a squared ring ba(hed in • sunllico brilliance with 160,000- persons stretching back to the smoke-fogged horizon, •but In a great lipllroom at a charity^ banquet. Tho "long couin"-'was a conceit of Robert M. Sweitzer, toastmaster. To give atmosphere to the program he will have at his elbow a ringside gong which will be sounded tO '.iiidlcatc the termination'of three -minute "rounds" allowed each :orator. Tho toastmasfer, piowevCr. will give Tunney a "long count" ou! his address. The city has made almost as much fuss over Tunney's return as it did when he arrived last September to defend' his heavyr weight title against JackDempsey. A mile long parade welcomedr hiiri 'ha<i places reserved for city officials, American Legion delegations and proiiiinent business and. social leaders; ' • j Right after the, informal reception; at the city hall, Tunney wanted to visit, his former A. E, F. comrades at the Edward Hines Memorial Hospital. I<Vom. there he was to hustle back to his'hotel and polish up his speech for. tonight's banquet, proceeds of which are to go • Jo the Christmas basket fund for Chicago's poor.; Tunney is speaking at much less per head than he fought. Banquet tickjets have sold for $10 ! a plate, whereas ringside seats for' Ihe Tunhey-Dempsey fight, brought $40 eath. About $30,000 will be realized for charity thorugh tonight's affair.. •While Tunney's appearance is i primarily to help swell the Chrisvt- | mas fund, it is probableihe will.j I (By- the Aasociated Press.) New York-T-Tommy \ Loughran,^' won .ItghC/heavyweight champfop- ship from'Jimmy Slattery, Buffalo, (15).- Olyd^ Hnll, Dallas, won over Farmer Joe Cooper, Terre Haute. (10). Arcuro SprecU- tls, Belgium, defeated Bifty Lieoi|- ard, Syraciise, (10).. Philadeli>liia. — Lew Tendieh Phfladclphia, defeated Hilarfo .Martinet Spain (10)i. Rene de \'(»s Belgium, won from Eddte DeniLi- s,ey, Philadelphia (10). Tommy Gleason, "Philadelphia, won froirt Bob Shilling, Philadelphia ((5). Buddy Burke, Chester. Pa:, dvfeat- ed Red DeQp..Reading. Pa.. fK.I . Chicago—Babe Ruth, Luuisviire, defeated Eddie Shea. Chicago ,(i0l. Boston—AT Mello, Ujwell, .Vasp.. outpointed Jock ifalorie, St. Paul, (10). • . . Pitts/iMirgh"-Willie Harmon, dj.- feated Jack Zivic. Pittsburgh :(10). Providence, R. I.—Benny liutik.. Philadelphia. ilcfeat«d .lolinny Sheppard, Woburn. .Mjts.s.. (10). Johnstown. Pa.-—Danny Cooiiey. Trentoii," .\'. J., anil Dory SliinuiK WMiianwport, Pa., drew (Iti). . 'I Cumberland. .Md.—iWiiley i'tmii-. ey, all-service middleweight plyn. Washington. D. (*.. knolkt^'l out Frankle Thcodori'. Phihiilij- phl«».- (3). jitobby frarioM. ('any) .Me^de, wop from Young 'I'l-rry. Govern. Pittsburgh, »6>. Mobile. JViaa.--H»(Idy Sealjorti, .Mobile, defeated Henry Jiy)gTf. .\ew Orlcan.s, (lO). Sailor Blh(% Mobile, won froni Battling .McktvV. Daveniwrt. Ia..' (S». tieEilis BIGBASEB: TRADE mm •^'.-i-r.'' Lu Blue and Manush Sold to St. .Louis- Brown Club Ottawa University Athletic Head Out Ottawa. Kas.. Dec. 13. (..\P).^ Edwin R. Khbel, for six years ph.v^i- cal director of Ottawa uiiiversitV. today announced nis resipnatiaji. effec^ve at the emi of 'he presetit .ichooT year. He said lie could .utjt continue in physical ediualifVii work. '.Mr. Eibei also is footbail coach. The resignation will .itW affect the status of John Davis, assistant coach, in cliargc of bitA- ketball. President Erdnian Sriiifli announced. - » GET THREE PLAYteRS Rice, Van Gilder and orie^ More,Player Go to Detroit Tigers New York, Dec. 13. (AP)—Th« Del roit Tigers, through 'Manage! Gtorge iMorlarty, today anmouncet First BaKcman Ln Blue and Out- ficlilwr Hurfy .Manush had 'been trailed to the St. I.ouis Browns for Onlfieldcr Harry Rice. Pitcher ' Klani.Van (illdor and a third player tc l)e flamed "later. ' . Morarty refused to way whether Cror^te Sister, famous first baseman of the' Browns, would,be' tlio. third player to be obtained by De- tntit in the deal. The Browns; .have iiiado no secret that Sisler' is ou the market in connection; with the club's general reorganiza^ tion. . ; . Moriarry declared no cash Was in.volyefl in the transaction.' f^. -Mannsii. who has been with th«f' ! Ti^er.s five years, was batting chani|)ion of the- American League in i;t2t> but dropped well down the list tjhi.^ year as his team mate, jllarri- ilHilpVann. won the hitting^' crown. Blue has served seveti. .year?^ with Detroit and ranked • ainting the leadin,? first sackers. Ric? has l)een with the Browns four years and Van Gilder nine. The outfielder was a sensation ia..«r IftlT.. AVhen he batted .359 buthe (Jropped well under .300 last sea-; .son. Van Gilder won ten an^ last twelve games in the 1927 talk over plans for another lieayy- weight chami'.on.ship match' in Chicago, promoted by Jim -MuUep. who airead.v has launched a heav>-- we^ght elimination program calculated to build up Jack Delaney Tunney's probablq-opponent. eam- Commiitee Control i Held by Republicans^ Washiileton. Dec. 13. "(AP)^ Control of tlie standing committees of the senate was won today by the slim Republican majority with- ^. out evpn a roll Call. ' ^ ,* • If I OUCHT to. I've been rolling 'em for many i moon. And the best I ever smoked were rolled with Prince Albert, tlie National Joy Smoke. You believe this the instant you get a whiff of P. A.'s clas$-by-itself: fragrance. When you.roll one and light up, that's the real thrill. G)ol as a cave where the sun cannot reach. Fragrant as honeysuckle in bloom. Mellow and mild, yet with plenty of body to satisfy com/>/etefy. And for pipe- smoking, boy, P. Au surely is the goods. IliGiJ 'IIM .RI.: 9 .%;i %am 'NGjiP ;i ;?F-'^.^ir.j ;t • - best pt. tobacco. c isoles —no other tobacco is like it! \ 19X7. «. J. «1 ~U. UMpmr. Win»twiS«l«. N.,C. 1-

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