Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 19, 1965 · Page 20
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 20

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Page 20
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TWENTY IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOPD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 7965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr Thursday, May 20 "The wise man controls h i s destiny. . .Astrology points the way." ARIES (Mar. 21- Apr. 19): Best now to heed own counsel where rest, health are c o n- cerned. Social affair CAN wait. Today basic necessities need attention. Friend may be well- meaning, but ill-advised. TAURUS i Apr. 20- May 20>: Check sources for key to actions. Don't snap at children, lo v e d ones. Pressure from higher-u p s '; indicated. Remember sense of j humor. A smile gains more than a frown today. GEMINI (May 21- June 20); Good time to pay and collect debts. Day features reorganization. Awareness of details, powers of observation put to test, j Care in personal appeara nee, proves profitable. i CANCER (June 21- July 22>;j Express ideas. Be aware of pub-1 lie image. Realize others are taking you seriously. Quest i o n concern i n g legal mane u ver could arise. THINK before yo u speak! LEO (July 23- Aug. 221: Day to be practical. Overcome temptation to throw caution to winds. Realize you must face yourself j tomorrow. Keep promises made \ to loved ones. Good sense pre-1 vails! VIRGO (Aug. 23- Sept. 22): Read fine print. Perceive beyond the obvious. This is a "testing" day. If you are mature. . . objective is in sight. Otherwise, delay and confusion reign. LIBRA (Sept. 23- Oct. 221: Basic needs in spotlight. Be realistic. . .or your past luxuries, mistakes, can alter picture. No day to delay. You win friends, allies with FRANK approach. SCORPIO (Oct. 23- Nov. 21): Finish what you start. . .then keep going to gain objects v e. Friend who made promises may be called to task. Be PHILOSOPHICAL. . .and UNDERSTANDING. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): Others due to show appreciation for past favors. But don't rest on laurels. New, origi n a 1 ideas, your innate sense of drama pays off. Give your all! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Money question can be resolved IN YOUR FAVOR. Avoid needless gloom. Don't rush plans. Be thorough. Responsible person is sincere. Know this— react accordingly. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20- Feb. 18): Key now is TAKING THE INITIATIVE. This applies especially where business dealings are concerned. Don't be timid. If you have FACTS, you can proceed with confidence. PISCES (Feb. 19- Mar. 20): ONE SIZE (14.16-18) C/VREFREE COMBINATION! —For carefree days in the sun —a comfy topper plus matching hat! So easy to stitch: so easy to wear! Make another in gingham and trim with cross-stitch embroidery. Pattern No. 2797-H has pattern for hat and topper in sizes 14, 16, 18 inclusive; graph for embroidery on gingham; full directions. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your '65 Spring-Summer album! BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 1» 4kK32 ¥84 49732 *KJ106 WEST EAST (D) * Q 9 4 4 J 7 ¥72 VAJ1093 4Q.T85 4K106 49532 + A84 SOUTH 4 A10865 VKQ65 * A4 + Q7 Both vulnerable Bast South West North J.¥ 14 Tass 2* Pass 44 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—¥ 7 Q — The bidding has been: South Went North East 1 * Pass 1 • Pass 1 A Pass 3 4k Pass t You, South, hold: What do you do? A— Bid three no- trump. The chances arc that this will he your best fume, contract unless North takes it out. Remember, you can bid three no-trump and still reach five clubs but yon can't bid four clubs and go back to three no-trump. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three clubs your partner raises your one spade bid to two. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Quick Quiz Use discretion in dealings requiring LEGAL PAPERS. Seek alternatives. Advisor may be indifferent. Insist on thoro u g h approach. Extra care now assures future dividends. 6 it is IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. . .you are sympathet i c to plight of underdog. Your sensitivity finds excellent expression in the arts. <f 6 it GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for AQ U A R IUS, PISCES. Special word to LIBRA: Key to success is ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY. By JACOBY & SON Father and son reminisce today. Oswald: "How long ago did we start playing that an over-c a 11 might be a very good hand?" Jim: "I don't know when you started, but I think it was before you went to Korea in 1950. When you came back in 1952 and I started playing with you it was your standard practice." Oswald: "Yes. I guess we got I away from the old theory that I you had to double to show a good hand a long time ago." Jim: "All modern experts follow this theory and Edgar Kaplan show how it works in "Competitive Bidding in Mod e r n Bridge.' South has a good hand, but it is most unsuitable for a double because he holds on 1 y one suit, except the one that East has opened with." Oswald: "North's two spade bid would bring cries of horror from the 1930 bidders. The modern idea is that it can't hurt. If South has a really poor overcall he may not be able to make two spades, but in that case the hand surely belongs to East and West. If South has a fair overcall he will pass. With his actual hand he jumps right to game." Jim: "Four spades is a very good contract although caref u 1 play is required to bring it home. South should knock out the ace of clubs before going after trumps and in that case may wind up making an overtri c k. East can kill off the overtrick by shifting to a diamond at trick two, but there is no way to beat four." The animal known to live farthest south is a pink mite about one hundredth of an inch long. It was found recently 309 miles from the South Pole by Keith A. J. Wise, an entomologist from Hawaii's Bishop Museum. BUGS BUNNY HAAM...IC'MGET N VA, INSIDE PER A COUPLE OP BUCKS, ELMER 1 S BUSS! CAN " VOU HELP ME? THE DOORS WINDOWS APE LOCKED AND MY KEYS ARE IN THE HOUSE! UNLOCK TH' DOOR AN' I'LL, HAND VOU VER PACKAGES 1 CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner MJBut, Mom! You said they were trading stamps so what's # Wrong with trading them for Freddy's' pet frog?" Q_What are the dimensions of the Cathedral of Milan? A—It is 515 feet long and 216 feet wide. The facade is 184 feet high. The tallest of its spires is 357 feet. Q—In legend, whose horse was "Bevis"? A—Marmion's horse, in Scott's poem. The word is Norse, and means swift. Q—Which is the fastest freshwater mammal in North America? A—The North American otter. It cruises at 6 miles per hour, but it can go much faster if need be. It can swim a quarter- mile under water, remain submerged four minutes. Merriweother Personals Mr. and Mrs. Al Savola, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haskins, Cindy Sybeldon, Mrs, Edith Carr, Mrs. Madeline Haskins and Mrs. Jack Ellsworth attended funeral services for John Halvorson at Wakefield on May 10. Mrs. Carroll Abrams and son Donald were business callers last week in Ontonagon. Mrs. Walter Johnson was a business caller in Wakefield last week. Raymond Ellsworth left May 13 for Boring, Ore., where he will visit his sister, Mrs. Norine Montambo. Mr. and Mrs. Al Frelig have returned after spending the winter months in Detroit. Mrs. Clara Abr a m s, Mrs. Edith Carr and Mrs. Robe r t a Sybeldon 'were business caller s Tuesday in Wakefield. S. B. Pendock was a business caller at Ewen. SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox "I'd better run along home, Eloise. I don't feel right in curlers after five!" Famous Romans Answer to Previous Puzzle |B|OIBI ACROSS 1 Marc 7 Africanus 13 Coal keeper (coll.) 14 Excursion 15 Crowd 16 Return T7 Insect 18 Kvade a blow 22 Product of a mine S3 In any case. 25 Shoshoncan Indians 26 Gambling game 28Knlist (varj 30 Sharp .T2 Assure 36 Selling at second hand 38 Heating vessels 39 Destroyer of Jerusalem 42 Consumes 43 Stringed instrument 46 Assimilate 4R Gold (Sp.l 49 Aviator 50 Feminine appellation S3 Envious —— 55 Reckoned chronologicaDy 57 Unroll 5fl Roman philosopher 60 Ascended 61 Shelf (eccl.) DOWN 1 Turkish officer (var.) 2 Midday 3 Infernal region of Homer 4 Venerable 5 Poor C Anglo-Saxon definite article 7 In like inanucr > Heal 9 Follower 10 Border lace It Harden 12 Monsters 1!) lie in debt 20 Son of Jacob (Bib.) 21 Revolution 2<1 Spoiled 251x)nE overcoat 26 Distant 27 Kxpert combat pilot 2!) Undivided 31 Jewish high priesl .T:! Unreduced 34 Rodent 35 Worm 37 And others (ab.) 40Where (Latin) 41 Mariner'! direction 4:! Place (l«itin) 44 Sky (comb. form) 4. r > Opera by Puccini 51 Tenth (comb, form) 52 Moslem prayer call (var.) 54 Mongrel 56 Collection of sayings 47 Monastic society 58 Lord (ab.) 4!) Transportation 59 Specific gravity charge (ab.) NeWSTAl'UR KNTKKI'USE ASSN. BEN CASEY FRANKLXI WANT TO TALK ELAINE ASKED VTO yOUJOO.I WANT HONEST ME TO DROP IN ) ANSWERS TO TO TALK TO ^fiflJR QUESTIONS. VOU, MARK j) 1»5 b, NtA. Inc. T.M. >.,. U.S. fat. OH.|.- PON'T PUCK THIS HARP X HARP, WST ANJT AND FAST ONE, DOC. WHAT P0\ y«X/DO,ANPWHATPOTPftlF J^WOT RMR?' IHAVEUJNGCANCI *XJ KNOW THE TRUTH ANP YOU'RE IWNS nlAtnmnm/cw YOU'RE TORTURING JBftfOFIB? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill BASEBALL AMD HOT V THAT DOGS60T06ETHER, so LARD ENJOT POYPUWMG?. .JF-" «.»"•• O PRISCILLA'S POP By AIV« HOLD IT! I'VE GOT MUNCH PRI/SCILLA IS GONE!! SHE HASN'T BEEN IN BED ALL . NIGHT/ SHOULD 1 CALL INTERPOL MORTY MEEKLE By Die* Qmdl WHAT DID YOU • IKS V «». fcr. T.M. b*. US.**. W. BUT I1MOU0HTVCO 1 CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie J.P.I COME BACK HERE: WHERE DO VOU THINK YOU'RE GOINS? 'ANY WHERE! YOU'RE NOT TOO OLO TO AND 5TART AKIEWl RETURW THB LOOT PLEAP IN5ANITV— BETTER GO, TIM: YOU SEEM 10 RUR HIM THE WRONS WAV. HE MftY READV TO APMIT HI* REfly PR06LEM1 I WO NO PROBLEM TILL I ARRIVED! I'M SICK Of MWEVEIN6 MY CVKy MOVE... / AS THO I MI6HT GO I INSANITy I* I BERSERK ANY MOMENT! NOTHING TO *E I MAKE* MS SO NERVOUS /ASHftMEP Of, J.R1 \i CANT *e nns&r''S w°w< WHEN DIP ^<^ ^*T V(3U R6ALIZE VOU HEEDED PSYCHIATRIC HELP ? THE BORN LOSER By Art ALLEY OOP By V. T. THIS AINT YOUR ) IT tS TOO. 1 YEAVE HAMMOCK// ^ITTD ME BACK THERE IN TH'WOODS THIS AFTERNOON! WEU.,YEH,RJr VOU DIM! TAKE IT.' YOU JUST TURNED AROUMP AN' WALKEPOFF, ...AN'I fiOT f>OU 6OT Wl PLENTY TO PROVE \YEH?WElLfiO •YOU WONT \ SET t-M. BUSTS*! WANT THIS 1 JUST VOU 60 HAMMOCK OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams THET POSSE'LL SHORE KETCH US ON THESE BLAME THINGS .'THEWS FAST-UOOKIN' HORSES THERE / GO AHEAP, SUIT VDCESELF-- BUT NOT ME/THEY HAIN'T GOT NOTHIN'ON ME BUT AKILLIN'AN'BANK ROBBIN',ANTU_ BE PANGED EF IMA-GOIN* TO GIT HUNG PER HOS& STBAUN7 CRIME ANP PUNjf HIAENT OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople HE SAVE UpYPRAT/r TUB LAD HAS ' FOOTBALL /fCOMFUSEO.FAlR PLAY WITH AFTER TALLIN' f MEEI^ESS/ I'LL HAVE'TO ftUST ONE OPPOMSfiT/JV EXPLAIN TH6 DlFFERthfc* . BY REVIEWING FLAT THEV HAD TO \/ ARISTOTLE^ ETHICft" USE A 6PATULA TO )V VJITH HIIA-' V6ETHIMOFFTHE / ^/^ ITURP/ S II IBTTER SCRATCH "HOSE PLANS TO

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