Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1927
Page 6
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mm TEfE tOLA DAIliY JtEGISTF^. TUfiSDAY EV:1g^ ING. |>BggMBER 13; 11187.' LYNN The Story. Thus Far TONY .HARRISON. 13, is orphaned when JEFF HARRISON, his ^ father, is. Shot irf a poker game In Caldirell, Kas. He is -betriendedijy ' : i • .GORiX)N W. LILMKii a restaurant Walter/ by JOE CRAIG, I foreman of the Bar.K ranch, who' takes Tony to the Bar K to live, and by COLONEL .TIITUS' MOORE, 'owner of the rahch; which is in the-'Cherokee Strip. . : There the shy little ^wy-meets j.RlTA, tomboy daugliier of .Titus ; iloore. The year is 1880, and,Gordon. : Llilie is thinking: of joining ii: DAVID PAYNE. wJio is agitaliiiB 'fpr\ the. 'Opening' of the Indian territory lauds, when he gels an \ offer of a teaching poht in the Indian school iu Pawnee. V There he lets r his liair grow long and "b^nies known as PAWNEE BILL. After al Oght with the school jsupecintendeut, he is charged ^ith Jitllempted murder, and flees tin- territory. He 8td|>8 otf at^tht Uar K lung enough to throw Join Cialg lii a wrestling match. CHAITER XU>- ^ ; Heck Sbi'rniau called iuur.ilially fronv ihe '.Bldellnes: "Wi -ll, tlmrii |5 yfiu.cost rtH), Jix' Cralg^ ll<! put you down and no inl .staKe." (.'ralg giiiiued rueruliy and Bcramblwl'to ids fedt. "l know lu^ /did. ^ didn't think it wa.s in'him. Doggone It. Bill, that -was down- ;i^ght neat." V "You sf -e, l -at*-," Coloiiol .\I'M>I'I' «xptained iiiiiiiip!<;inily to VVhii- Jieyi" "the boy bad in irick i)r nv« •up his ,«.ieeve after alL It was Him- [ pie: i|ll he did iwa .H) W) apply the j principle of a levei* and fukruni." i^aig came forward to shake Pawiiee:,Blirs hand. There's u<> hard feelings." hetcild his victorious opponent, "and yuii did il fair .and eqiijire.' 1 guess you taught me a thing'or two— ibul," and i^e grinned once nion-. "you couldij't do it again." i "I wouldn't even think Of trying ii," Pawnee Bill a.ssured him. "A trick like, that wouldn't wpik twice against you. I said I could throw "ILL HAVE A PROOF RE.IDY WHEN YOU CO.ME UAVK." UK TOLD CRAIG A.ND SHOOK HANDS HEARTILY. "I've tot a little over six bun-j that damned newspaper of his. dred dollars saved up and I'm going to invest it all." | you any day in .the week.-but that 1 'I"*'"'??. "There's h^ts of ways was a l5e. •Bill.-i- said TitUs .Moore, right obl^iged to ypu. You won liie $30. (Which means $20 less for these bo>* of mine to squander oh. liquor ania stud poker. In a way you 're a reformer,' He depaited, with a genial, wave j Craig looked off down the street. ,Theu h4 turned to the other, iof making money," he said. "If j.jj, [the person who is now approaching us would tare to talk, I bellbvehe rould tell.,you one that would beat your plan forty w.-'.ys." • Pawnee Bill turned bis head' to j look. "I've seen bim^som'e jilace •befon?, Joe. Where was it?". of his hand, and made for iheibaru,| '"^^as it in the O-isis saloon?" where he remained for .some' time "f^ome to think of it, it was." bis pHze maie. Fancy, "^^ell, that's Shafer.; He owns and .stroking.her sleek, beautiful the Oasis. He used to be marshal heaiL The colonel was a finn be- Caldwell. He held the job about liever in the inlell'geuce of horses.;.^.'.*during which titoie he and hi- staunchly mainlaluci ti,at j H';"'"'"'," :''°"P''''>r <'02 ''n assorted dfunken'. vowboysi everyone ' ot which bad such u skinful 6f liquor Ml him at the* time that he couldn't huv? put up any more resistaiice a roped calf. There was about is killings in Caldwell wiiile h.- brine. He sought out the efliior and engaged hini in earnest con- i-^rsiition for the better pari of air hour. When he left; Bfakp was Kihiling grimly. "Ill have a proof ready for yoii when you come back." he. told Craig, and shook hands heartily. * On the way back to the liar K Craie told Pawnee Bill of .a real Jesiare deal he had transacted a few we«'ks before. "Remember the little cabin that Tonv HB 'rr:.''ou and his father lived In?"'he askod. "Well, I've bought it:" • Pawnee Bill shook his head and chufkle*!'. "For u nftin that has so nnich trouble keeping his dollars from siampMing away froni him, that's not- fo hai You're ofliiblt- ing all the s.vmiitcms of becoming a solid citizen." "Walt till you hear it oil. I didn't buy it with my own money. I'm trustee for a,bank acc<innt belong-.] ink to Tony Harrison. The purchase was :mude' an the advice of the assistant cashier of the Stock E.xchnnge bank. Johnny .Myce. 'I'ony hhnselt was for it oii ac-<-ount of sentimental reasons, but it 's a j*o«d investpient in the bargaiii. ".Anyway, that little cabin is where you and I are going to stay when we go iiack to Caldwell. It's right cuuvenli'iii: It saves us pay- inx but gitOd moniy for a loonr in a hotel or boarding 'house. . . 'Hie next IssuH of the Caldwell 1'iMtune jiff KoiuK to curry pii editorial that iiiight interest you." "I soil of gathered thai it might." ri'marked Pawnee Bill. "Something told nie you w>|-i'i' going to whis|ier iih John Hlakels <'ur." /Craig fiatilteil his ever-ready grin. "How did you guess it?" He said nothing more aibout his plans, hut rode most of the remaining dis- laiice to the ranch in thoughtful silence. .\s soon as he had dismounted lie sought out Titus Moore. "Colonel," he said, "I've come li> ask you for that little leave of ofbseuco I mentioned some time back.' (TO BE OO.NTINUED) In llie next chapter: An i^dltAr. inl In the ('aidwell Tribune. MODESX KTIQtJETTE I By Roberta L«e f; He sort of demanded unreasonable perfor^nances of yon when you w?re : marshal, didn't he?" Crait? asked carelessly, "it served him right;when you up and quit." For a minute Chafer looked uncertainly at CraiH, as if trying to decide whether, the cowpuncher's innocent tones w^-e as free of implication as- they mounded. Craig eyed him guilelessly. i „ „ . . :i little forceil. "Oh. well. 1 don't \ ... „,. „ . . Fancy could uudeistuml -.'very wbid he-said tB her. ' ^ - The' next niorniiig Pawnee Bill Saddled bid-horse before sunn,) .-ind •fteadeil for Kan .8as and AVellington. If was 'the 'middle of summer oe- •lok-o Craig saw him again. TlJeir ^^<^ town's representative of be encountered him one dav iiii '-"^j; :<"•' "ider. and nothing was-) Caldwell. , ever done about them. .Ajloug a Jout . "How's the jfngltlve from jus-; "'i* •^'n><' "lat Kadiiig litizehs • tice-r Craig asked him. ; wore thinking of going to him and I answered that the tiouble j foip his resignation, he quit, had about blown tjver. "l could " J'cai- ago he po l-ack''to Pawnee now. «mU Tie j "I 'Pued -the Oasis." anvb'jdv in there will l)ite you." The veiled iuMilt was nol lost on Craig. i ''lf they did." lie pio- uoanced calmly, "I might be tempted to pull some teeth. I'll he in real soon." lie nodded again as Slu'fer, smiling satisfiedly^ walked awayj When he h::d Crai^ turned once more to Pawnee Bill. ."How sloon.'' he asked, "are joii iilmiugll to leave for Teras on that <-atlle- j bu.ving expediti(»u of your.-(?" ! I "Oh, it will he a week or more. Why-+' Yfiu tjeeir counting on remain- the living room. Q. How far in adv.-nicp should dinner invitations be IsBiied';. j A. .About fTne or two weeks Iti advance. Q. .May a married woman send a gift lo the bn'de. In her name only? .-K. No: her huslund 's name I should be inf^u<led. Miss Margaret K lag lends further capport to the n ifative In the debate alK»at Veftw ifnl iwoiaen being damb. «ie reoeaily won flratDrUe at the rankftif «enlor eo.ed to acliolatslJfp 1^ he Unlverilty ot • Utah. Salt Lake City. PRAIRIE VIEW (.Mrs. FVa ik Glb.spri I Dec: B.—Welii ve have had a.fow days of real winter weather. Raymond Cohni tt spent this week with home folkq lelping his father head kafir corn and haul fodder. Fred Lasitmanp lielped them head kafir Monday lan 1 Tuesday. Gi-andpa Ge <ld4s^ spent Tne.sday wilh' Ills dnught -r. Mrs. i'nnnett, and. family. .Mr. and Mrs.CI irence Orth spent Thursday even'inr with Mrs. Cai;I, Ethel and Ira.! . .Mr. and .Mrsl ilurley Butts'went to Chanute Tliuisday'- afiernpon.. They called on Irs. Emiha Dale. She is feeling-Jiii^'fine and seems to be doing well.' Mr. and .AIrs; F rank Gibson and Charles ate Sui^djiy dinner at the parental Olhso^ home and visited with their cou.sin.!Mrs. .Marie Kennel and daughter Viola from Oklahoma. • i I .Mrs. John Tomlinsoii Is on the sick- list at preffeuL i Ralph Carl Is shucking com for Hurley Butts. ; Wie are sorry to see Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ketchum-Jeiive our midst but they have rented their' farm to Mr. George Osborn and/will have their sale December 15. ' iMr. an(>, Mrs. George Carl and Ethol went down and helped ByrI Carl butcher last Tuesday after- UO(}U. .M^. Albert La^amann an^ baby Harold spent Friday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank! .Gibson. Mrs.. Frank Briukman and Mrs. (Mrs. B.. E. Spurgeon) ; '-• Dec. 12.—Mr. and ' Mrs. Mood Itoss 'and family of near*. Kincald spent Sunday a %eek ago with their son. WUHe. and family. - . Mr. McKinney is still in very poor' healtli. It' Is hdped he will soda be improved.. This bad 'we^tter has stopped all farm workl ' i ; •• . » ' ! Several - from here attended the progrkm. and pie .sapper at Fairview 'Friday evening a week ago. Miss Minnie Jones received the .box of- chocolates. r Mr. and Mr6. Jame^ Jones and danghterk' were shopping in lola •last Pritfay. - ! - Miss ' Ehrelyn Thomas. missed school last Monday. Mr* and Mrs. Janiee^ Jone.s were shopping In LaHarpe Friday afternoon.'^ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parish and sons were shopping in lola Saturday afternoon. ' Mn James Jones hauled hay to LaHarpe Saturday. Mrs. Setlla Freed called on Mrs. Spurgeon Saturday afternoon. Frank' Jones bauledj hay to La­ Harpe .Saturday for his father. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Spnrgeon and family spent Sunday at the. parental Spurgeon home. ; WIU Brnenger called at the Lass^ ntann home Monday afternoon. Mr.' and Mrs. Bert Baker and mother. Mr«, Snider, spent Sunday with -Vlr. and, .Mrs. Hurley Butts and family.; A^r. Claronce Cation arid Lois from' Oklahoma City called there .Sunday morning also. OPEN NOSTRILS I END : A COLD OR CATARRH; How To Get KeUef When Head ' knd Noae are Staffed Up. : > Connty fifty! Your cold in head or catarrh disappears. Your clogged nos- trila will open,, tiie air passsgea of your liead will clear and you can breathe freely. So more snuffling, hawking, mucous discharge, drv-neaa or headache; no struggling for hreatfi at night. . Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream Balm from vour druggist and apply a little of this fragrant antiseptic cream ]inyour ooatrils. It penetrat^-s through every air passage of tlie lu-ad. sootltiDg and liealing the swollen or inflamed mucous membrane, givirtg-you instant relief. Head eolds and caUrrh yieW like magic: Don't sUy stuffed-up and miserable. Rdief is sure. 1 Ai *9tfc€* New 0% ' Pictured here is the laiest reflection in the December Mirror of Fashion. Thin i.s but ter .shoes that await you? 14.95 TO oiie of the newest win- mc)derate_j)ri<;t/s. SI. 00 Value -Men's Silk ajid Wmi $1.00 Value Indies' Comifv St vie! $7.85 (SPOT CASH SHOE STORE E. E, Hariii >l )n I Sox -_.6Ik Slippers -59e T TREE MINNESOTA AND OliEGON TREES Finest Evei; Brought to lola' .\fiike Your,Selection Early Wishard Hardware & jjiew location* 108 IE. XadlsaiL Ffrst - Door East of. • Br«nra's PrBgySterfi. Phone I'A auperfntefideiitV" i "Oh. he's lett. Some of those ^ (rhargcs he was so free with bounced back al him." "Aiul what other ideas have you got III mind? If yiiii want a broiic peeler's job I can Rive it to ytiu." "So, thank you.j I'm aiming to accumulate a Iprtune and I'jn about to take "the-first step." _\ "I sure admire your ambition. :You're not goini; to rob ^ uunk. —are'you'/"' , I "I don't think I have th<i necessary qtialificutions.- .\'o, I'm- tbink- ' Ing of buying some cattle ahd .sell- .ing them. I've sot toRetht-r with a few Kansas fawners aiid we've got- It all worked out. "They've had bad drought down In Texas and 'cattle can (be bought cheap. We'll ride down tbbre and get theni and • drive' them back up the :Trail to Kansas. 'Then I'll winter mine, maybe thisl^ear and the jiexf.t,and siBll them off .at a nice profit." :. Craig looked at Wtn admiringly. •*I wish I could figure things out that far •ahead, but 1 can't see any faHlier than pay day. Besides,,,! owe my carelTree disposition to my lack ot nche.s. Figuring put how to take bare of my money! would evv^ jind -'more than llKely. break, down my sarten. could probably tell you a ihiiiKH about making moiii >y making II iiuU-k. I'm sure 1 <|n .'t even Imagine hou^lie niiide il. I'm 1(1 slmiple-inlnded when II ccmieH to high finance that it 's adownrigh*. siiuiue." . * • : .lie lowered lils^ voice carefully as the abject of tlfelr conversation approached within earshot. He nodded to Shafer as iheir eyes met. Tlie other paused liJ Issue an Invitation. "Hew does; it come, <:raig," he said.."that I never see you 'or any of the Bar K Iboy.s iu th^* Oasis'/ The first time you come in I'll be real glad to l*'l the liou ,se do the liu .vin"." "I'm obliged to you." Craig rf>- plied, "but the way John BlakeV ueen writing about the Oasis in his uews()aper I'm almost afraid to go insid^. Have you been reading those! editorial.^ 1 BillT lie asked his companion. ' • • "I Biire .Jiave," Pawnee Bill an- Rweted.. smoothly. "I got the impression that i the Oasis was th<' hangout of some of the toug4iesl character!}.'on the bor &r. -'-I sort of interred that .alongside of the Oasis Mag \Vootls ran a " klhder- liealth. iVouciin whiter your sto<-k. If voiiiwant to, on khe Bar K." , "L'm covnting on winterlhis them at my,father's place, near AVe'lIjng- toh. There's a nice range' over near Medicine Lodge that 1 can get, ^oo." ; . \ , "How many head are you| counting on buying?" Shafer reddened angrflf; "That fellow Blake will 'go too far with Now you want your walls papered. The long winter days are liere. niy-nty. -_ -^tlie jlSiir K ill iiboiii an lioiir. but 'i'ni f-6ming back to CalrtwII tomorrow. If you can,transact wlial- ev<>r business'is inosi pif.usiiiK in j 4111 hoiir, I'd like lo have yoiij ride, alfnip with ni«». li' you ciin't. I'll iB'-et you 'lerc ton orrov.." • "III be re:i(ly to go along'with yim. Shall 1 bxjk for .vou rlRh! here?" "This Is as good a ,iny.' rr.iig walked rapidly toward' the ruinshackle building that hiiiised John Blake's the TrI- BjLItE Totlay and Tomorrow .Matinee lOc and 20f NfffhttOc and 35c I r l.:< ' '.• •! r John Gilbert in *Twdve MHes Out" Rum Runncrs-^un Runners- Hl-Jo'ckers—Sea Hawks o^ modem tlinys. A tale of ships thai pass In the night. Gun ttghis. fiiH llghls and a rnninnee beyond the> twelve- mile limit. One of the greatest pic-! lureM since "The HIg Parade." Comedy/ "Four Faces Wesr* Aewip*^* Fables .and Topics of the Day :('omlnR Thurliday and Friday . Fred thom|i90R und SHrer Klnir In "DOy HIKE" 10c and 25c >IOIIT ]«( and L.-IBT TIMES ¥ODAY / Faramdunt^ls Melpdramitic Jungle Picture If yonjthlnk you have trouMles, go to see "Chang" and' you will coine away feeling that these are pigmy matters compared to the tribulations of the funglc pioneer trying to establish h home for his loved ones. If you haven't any troubles and just want some thrills, go to see "Chang" and -yms'll get them plenty.—Exhibitorli Hera!.!. .Mark this one down on your calendar. It Is pjpe of the-motion pictures you must see—you and .vour wife and- your children. "Chanfc" holds more thrills thffi any big top evef erected. "There Is no doubt of its security among the best films qf the year. It is the llnest adventure picture ever made—bar none.—^Ne?iv York Telegraph. i "Chang" i.s.-well worth braving slippery Streets to see! .\ews JiMi Xhnws Fbishps From the Mi«sonrl>Kansas Oa«e. Added*-Comedy and News^ \. ' WED.NESDAY AND THURSDAY ' Beauty Incomparable* Romance irreaiatlble! A wild nowjer In. a bouquet of lovel She bluHTed her way through the gainejof beartu until fnie love ^cnineih'er way-r-and theti sh<> found that oa4> admh-lng HWeetie could prbvMe mpre Ihrills than a doxeo liesfriac'.daddleri^ Prom the Saturday JRveDln/ Post atoryiby W«l|jiee'rrwfai. , Mcyd Jlu«be<i PluyhiR Opposite VIKO |)«rr. If you make your Christmas Gift a subscriptioiHlio the lola Daily ftegi«ter. ^ Anyone who has ever been away from homej for a considerable time and has had the "Old Home Paper" eprpe to him ev-i ^ry day, will testify that the happiest part of h^s day was the hour he spent in reading- the paper. It was like a letter e^ept that it had moi-e news in which he was interest^than any letter ever did. j Register hav« Doubtless many of the home readers of the „ . relatives or friends who fomierly lived here but are now away of the Register hristmas Gift? Why not siend these friends or relatives al^copy for three months or six months or a year^as a Could you send any other gift, that woiild;be enjoyedfor a^olid hour, as .the Register will be? For that matter, what would make a better; who live in Allen county? For any who I wish to act uijK )n this suggestion —_ — has a nicely printed card to be sent to the ijecipfent of the ^ft which reads as followsr THIS CERTIFIES, that a subsci-iption to-the REGISTER, has. been paid for in the name of for^the period of ......... .months by a. V gift for those the Regrister lOLA DAILY whoioins in wishing y6U;AMerry^hrMmas and a Happy New Year. \ ^

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