Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 23
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 23

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 23
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Dial PA-2.4600 for « l WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, 'CUMBERLAND, MD^ THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1955 TWENTY-THREE n ment: America . • •.".!_ ; • •••',- • • • ime Marches On, But Mixups ' ' ,<«•».. u. i. Pel. otf.1 ly PHYLLIS IATTELLE Time with YORK' .(INS) marches .on,; as the saying goes, light But lately it's been weaving like •» drunken sailor..' ' fc "In - and • out, back - and - forth, crazy and inconsistent, that's what . the time situation is," says Robert H. <Kane,'"and something' to be done about it." ; What Mr. Kane is referring to ; is the longstanding feud 'between cities on; daylight time and cities on standard time.- Their refusal to give in and be compatible is costing us millions of annual headaches and "dollars. ' "The. radio-TV networks ' alone say they lost about. $2,000.000 a year because of this inconsistency," says Kane, president and founder of the.National Time Research Institute, Inc., "and railroads, airlines and stock exchanges are also hit hard through the summer months. Not to mention," he; adds sadly, "the 1 average guy who 'wants '.o go someplace like Portland, Oregon. . ('"Why, he's got to call Portland to.get the straight dope on what .time he's going • to arrive—and lliat city changes its mind on time so often-.I'll bet there are even some Portlanders who' don't know what time it is" : «;' Kane is not bitter, understand. ^He's • just aggravated, that the otherwise clever, technically advanced. United States have mud- z dled along so. inconveniently — clock-wise—for more than 30 years. Daylight' time (which is Belting the clocks ahead to give "one more hour of daylight in the isummer) was introduced in World War 1 as "war time." ; "And since them,"-he says, "the country has never been able to make up its mind whether it wants to or hot.. As a result, we have about a 50-50 breakdown of standard vs. daylight 1 areas. Some states like Ohio^-man, it's crazylherc!—i are all split up within themselves, about'half the cities on day,...'and half on standard." Kane, who is a public relations director for a construction com pahy, took up his time studies in 1950. after he ; missed a news'con- ference which he, himself,,' ha< set up n Boston; ''Hi was I tc know that staid old Boston would have been modern enough to' go daylight?" he remembers., /' He was an hour late to his own party, and .the reporters were furious. Kane was ' hysterical. He checked up and discovered, thai no federal agency was keeping track of times, around the country, so he took it on as a hobby. U has now turned into a life's work. "I'm a daylight man myself,' fie.admits, "but.I'd sooner see the entire country settle for standard time than be undecided and inconsistent as" The chief opponents to daylight time, he says, are these: . (0 Theatre .owners,'whose busi- nes would be hui-t 'by the extra daylight hour;',2T Farmers, whose fathers had the notion that cows don't, produce as much milk on daylight time, and'31 A small percentage of 'mothers the country over, who say they can't get the kiddies'to bed while the sun's up. Kane thinks he can 'overcome these objections. He is setting up a committee .of experts to investigate the inconsistencies, the cost of same, the individual needs and wants of industries and private citizens, and make a report on the ;. lie is pretty certain the report will come out heavily weighted in favor of daylight time and then, report in hand, he will approach civic groups—city by city, slate by state. "Eventually." he hopes,. "and perhaps within five or six years, [ foresee. our. working up to the federal level." Oh. joyous day! Then everybody. — excluding [overs, of course—will know what time it is in Portland. Lion* Oub Honor* Sunday Times Editor ,J. William Hunt, editor of The Sunday;Times,,was honored yesterday by.the Lions Club for work in promoting the observance their of-the Fort Cumberland Bicentennial. ,- , •••: Hunt ' was presented a civic award by Dr. William Allen, president of the club. simply findings, Mary Hawortk's Mail Editor*! Note; Mother In concerned about girl H. who'j too thy to ipeak : in clasi. : . DEAR AlARY HAWORTH: 1 have a daughter 14 years o£ age who, since she was able to talk, has been shy and backward. When she tries to talk-, words fall her. In short, she cannot enter'a conk versatidn because las she tells us) she doesn't know what to say. However, she is—as everyone remarks—a very ; attractive am prelly girl. We have her in a very good private school for girls—but, as it happens, almost all their class work is oral. The other day she was called upon for some Latin work.,and got confused over the answer, and the class all laughed at her—which made matters worse. •Janet is a freshman, and doesn't want to stay in this school, not nnly because of the« incident mentioned, but also because the girls are all snobs. Oh yes. last year her room teacher, told us that she has an Inferiority complex, which of course we knew. We have suggested to Janet that sh< transfer to public school — but she asks: How am I going to answer the questions put to me? She says that if just she and the teacher were alone together, she could answer; but the class being there makes her afraid when she tries to answer, so she can't say anything; she just stands there. Janet is very popular with boys but hasn't the same good fortune .with girls—only with the one who| is close to. her. Is there any help: for her? We are at our wits' end, "trying to solve this problem.: Please advise me what to do. ; ' D. S. 'Girl Bears Brunt •Ql Family Trait ':. DEAR D. S.: It strikes me that^ •'Janet is bearing the brunt of anj ^inferiority complex that runs in ;the family. It occurs to me that ?you, her mother, have been slriv- ;ing to make her the social success that you never were (at least from your viewpoint). You've wanted to ''spare" her the miseries you suffered from "backward" feelings in childhood, maybe. . As I get the pitch, the family is anxiously exercised to try to "change" or "help" or "improve 1 Janet's verbal and social pcrfor- ,rnance, so that she will be win somely at .ease before . audience. And taking into ..account,.her naturally sensitive, finely formed temperament, I daresay this : critically concentrated attitude on the part of the family is, by now, • about 70.percent responsible for k her frozen terror, when asked to ".recite in class. ... The most and the best that anyone can do for Janet is to help her be herself — that is, to relate to situations spontaneously, without .feeling a need to measure,up to .somebody's "expectations." 1 Andl without straining to "overcome" 1 certain characteristic "handicaps," etc. . Janet's personality needs the support of understanding, appreciative endorsement—forthcoming from certain key persons whose judgment she trusts, and who are generally admired • and socially able. She needs to feel fondly okayed, "as is." by some few whose preference carries might. Mother Isn't. A Glared To Help It .is sadly obvious that you aren't psychologically geared to breathe relaxed self-esteem into Janet, or to give her a life when she feels inadequate. Rather t she sees her worst tears magnified in your stricken •eyes, as you agonize inwardly over her "failures" (as they seem to you)—and see in her a repeat, as it were, of your hidden griefs. There is help for Janet, of course. A good psychologist in family rela lions, working. with,, and through you — after studying the situation firsthand — ought to make a big difference for the better. The specialist should give you corrective insight into your own anxiety neurosis, which fosters Janet's difficulty. And it may prove advisable to take Janet out of school for a term and provide private tutoring to keep her abreast of her classes, while she gathers confidence in herself'and iearns to think and speak on her feet. In the town through which you write, there are several community, agencies offering specialist know- low. Among them are the Family and Children's Service, the Child Guidance Center and the Hospital Psychiatric Clinic. — M. H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by m«il or personal Interview. Write to her In care of The Evening Times. Copyrtsht. 1955. The Washington Pnst 3istribufcd by King Features Syndicate this fi ipi«lricl ; Foresler; Addregies Kiwaniaiis .•!-. .•'''' •'.* .,•>•/' '• •.'''.'•'. •' , : ' '• \\ William H.>Johnson, district for• ester,' spoke at today's luncheon- meeting of the'"Cumberland Kl- wanis Club at Central YMCA.. '• His topic was "Land .Apprecld- tlon In Connection with Forest Conservation." , . AaVEKTISEMtNT Meet the man who likes to make folks happy It's no worider ED BURNS this likable, irlendly manager has hundreds of good friends fn this city and near- jy towns.. • . ; ' c: He is known as the man who makes folks. happy every day w supplying them with cash' loans from $50 to $1.000 for buying needs, without expenses, bills, or other purpose. He likes to make '.'Get-Acquaint' ed" loans oi $50 on just your name n n" few minutes. Or, ho will pay all your bills, or he can cut your ear payment* up, to 50%. , : When you have any kind ot money' problem.- the Aetna manager is. the man to tee. You will Ike' doing business 'with him. Phonb or come in, Aetna Finance Co., 48 N. Centre SL . .'.Phone PA i-5800. (Loans" over (300 made under Md. Industrial Finance Act.) fourth Degree Of KG 1<J Visit TaiieyV Grave his Knights Mcmbeni. 'of .Chief Justice Taney member General Assembly, Fourth Degree. -_~.s of Columbus, 1 i will • make mtir third 'annual visit to ,Fred- crick Sunday to pay tribute to the late Chief'Justice Roger; Brooke Tansy, for whom the assembly is named. • ;•''" • ' • •'.'•. / Robert Dawsoh of Barton, a of Piedmont.Council .685, is,faithful navigator. '•'';•• A short memorial service will be conducted at the grave, to be followed by solemn Benediction Brooke the Most Blessed Sacrament in St. John's Catholic Church. A buffet luncheon will- follow the benediction^ Arrangements are be- ing handled by St. John's Assembly of. Frederick. Preceding the memorial service, John F..Nagel Jr., master of the y Fourth Degree of Maryland, will install officers'of SI.- John's Assent- light bly color guard.. Ladies arc invited to accompany the members to Frederick. Members .of the assembly will turn out in full regalia as will the A million certificates for proficiency have been issued to peo pic who participated in the Red Cross Water Safety 'program during the past year. Legend Spiked LOS LUNAS. N. M.-W-Vlcent» Otcro Sr, isn't at all-concerned with the reports that • crop up frequently that Billy the Kid didn't get shot to'death that night in Fort Sumner and'is still alive-. Otcro, » personal friend of the Southwestern baclman. had a few drinks with the Kid in a Fort Sumner bar that fatal afternoon, and says he saw the body after the shooting. THRU SATURDAY ONLY! NEW WESTINGHOUSE EYE SAVING BULBS 60 Watt 100 Watt 25c 27c Taylor HUMIDIGUIDE HYGROMETER A prtcition inttrumtnt for home or office ui«. 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With KAZ Inhalant PEANUT CLUSTERS 8-Ouncc Box Signal Clinical FEVER THERMOMETERS WESTINGHOUSE HEALTH LAMPS INFRA-RED EACH SPECIAL! , Thru Saturday You will get rilief from discomfort of Sinui, Colds, Pl.uriiy, A4 -I A Muscular Achei A I , I U T With Case $1.00 Value This Sale 79 C DAILY SPRAYING RUBY-RED Heat Ray - Of ten fie/fa ward off Colds ant/ Sore TAroa/s Through the v/ inter the Ultraviolet. ray* from this lamp will mote bodily health £ A AP ai well as a '.health ATLAS SA &T ATOMIZERS For oil and wottr solutions. Ad- jtniofale top. Easy 1o tleon. 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It will «lw '' y»wr brMth. 14-Ounc* Siic

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