Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1933
Page 2
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5E TWO JO me JOtA DAItY RgglSTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY: isl 1938. lOLA, KANSAS iSO^G OF THE VAGABOND (This poem won second prize in The Poets* Scroll contest.) Mlhe\^ tile soul of the nomad and - .•^jinderpr, Eyer upon a far quest I must be; Only lor this do !l tarry and ponder; . Vl^^^ei-—the hi Is, or the desert, • OR -sek? -JUTpnlijppliig trees or the sky, or the Stais ih' the heaven or sage on l^lplaln- ; Passictoate ecstasies filling my Jbybusji; exulting, triumphant I -i ' Here 1?? my. campfire I sit in the glbfejalnfe, Stte^ched out around me the - wprld is a friend; ^ Happy.-am I in this vagabond roam- Inc^' . . - V - Thus; will I follow the Trail to • thfejeiid. Over hills and down in the valteys, HeediiiSr the call of the road as I cani"';; Nature; and I, uncontrollable allies— , Pagaii am I, a disciple of Pan. 'Autmnit .Will come with its languor• ouis'splendor, rteptiyilll loiter through dreamy, Hhushed ways; Gloating. o'er scenes so entrancing ^ afld^iehder: WinitUiigi roads lead through an autuihn's blue haze. IjUlle<f:in'the scarlet and wine of its; beauty Here; will I take up my transient -a fireside, a family and Home - ••: 'di All have:' been lost in pursuit of - theiload. Now ov^f me autumn skies,- tender and-frail— ; A prodigal, singing, I follow the . Trail,- : i ; .--Ujulia Lott, LaHarpe. I Bosine;^ Women 's Class • ||6ld« Meeting ; The lousiness Women's class of the First;.Methodist church held a Qpci^l meeting last night in the church! |)asement. After the picnic supper a'Jsocial hour was enjoyed, one featil^ being a taffy pull. Members pre^nt were: Gertrude RaU ston, Arjiy Jones, Zenith Mullin, Pern MiijliSa, Llssa Armacbst, Doris Cofa, BJahch Ford, Darlene Cota, Hazel E%oles. Alice. Miles, Maude JiicKinheyA: Alice Hendricks, Mrs. Ruth GarH, Mrs. Alma Hale. Mrs. IJ. R. "Thompson. Mrs. Cole,man, Dr. Wilnia ' OsBorne. Guests were Mr. Meliza, 'th& Rev. and Mrs. W. P. Wharton^'and Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Haglund. ;,, i • . • • Golden Wfdding Anniversary Of Mr.'aria airs. Hanunah ,' A congratulatory telegram from ' Africa whfre; relatives are serving as 'missioa&es, messages from rela.-. tlyeis in -rarioiis states of the United states,, ^d-..a igathering' of relatives and friends ..from nearer home, served in i a'splendid way to remind iCtr. and Mjsji Philip Hamman of I^arp^^that-January 16, 1933 was their GoWen .Wedding day. They were married:' at Burlington, Kansas. Both Mfere well, and fully enjoyed the;! dfif: " A beaj^ifyl-i weddiiig cake made by the: 'JJ ^dei" and a largo bouquet or gqldejif yellow flowers graced the table wherea bountifiil basket dinner was iSp 'read. Pictures of the ''bride and .gpom," and. of them with thel? victors, were taken. ' The fq^o\lM^g were present: Mr. and Mrs.' Philip Hamman, honor guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Hamman and 'Mr.iEaflfHamman of Burling^ ton, Mr^ Heifir Hamman. Mr. and Mrs. n. D. Hamman and Mona Jeanne, and Mr. J. O. Michael ofi lola. Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Olfford of Mornn, Rev.'and Mrs. M..L. Smith! and Rev. and Mrs. Ezra Hood and children Or\'ille, Lois and Onos of LaHai-pe. • • •> .^nna Vamer Union of W. C. T. U. MeeU The Anna Vamer Union of the W. C. T. U. celebrated the 13th anniversary of the adoption of the eighteenth amendment by a special meeting yesterday at the home of Mrs. Ida Averill. The meeting was called to order b^ the president and i opened with song followed by prayer by Mrs. Lizzie Palmer. After scripture reading, the program was opened by a reading, "Where There's Drink There's Danger." by Mrs. Emma Thorman. Greetings' for the. occasion from the national president, Mrs. Ella Boole, were read by Mrs. Palmer, and a poem, "Advancement Not Retreat," was read by Mrs. Mary Fulton. "Thirteen Years Before Prohibition and Thirteen 'ifears After Prohibition.", was read, showing the improvemeht during that time. A collection was taken for the Lillian Stephens fund and the meeting Was closed with prayer by Mrs. Thorman. Refreshments were served by the hostess, Mrs. Ida Averell. M.'VYTAG Electric Washers as low as $59.50—579.50—5139.00 Terms. We trade for and Repair all makes. Maytag repairs in stock. K. C. ELEC. & PLUMBING CO. Fhonc 65 • • • P. E. O. Meets With Mrs. C. L. Hoyt The P..E. O. met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. L. Hoyt. After the usual business meeting, a Founder's Day program was presented by Mrs. Russell Harry, Mrs. D. P. Northrup, and Mrs. R, M.. Worthington. ' Foliowing the program, refreshments were served by the hostess,- a.ssi.stcd by Mrs. J. T. Reld, Mrs. J. M. Powell, and Jessie Pry, to the following: Mesdames Florence Belding, R. O. Christian, E. V. Dorsett. 'Russell Harry, Maude Nelson. D. P. Northrup. J. M. Powell, J. T. Reid. C. B. Spencer, J. G. Stadler, Clyde Thompson. R. M. Worthington; Miss Jessie Fry, Miss Elizabeth Nelson: and two guests. Miss Elizabeth Kinzel and Mrs. C. E. Williams. •;• • •:• Moments Musical Club Elects Officers At the regular meeting of the active members of Moments Musical club Field yesterday.afternoon in the home cf Mrs. Lloyd Brown and presided over by the president. JB^rs. V. L. Kirk, officers for the ensuing vear w.ere elected as fpllo^ys: MiSS Viola balgamo, president; Mrs. Floyd Smith, vic^-president; Miss Enola Green, recording secretarj'; Mrs. Dene Billbe. corresponding secretary'; Mrs. W. M. Wells, treasurer. Delbert Pi-anklin of Morain, and Miss Violet Michael were admitted to the club as juifior members, and Miss M^garet Goyette of Elsmore . was received as an associate member. . Mrs. Brown and the assisting hostesses, Mrs. Walter i Wise and Miss Mayril Warner, served refreshments to the following members present: Mesdames Dene Billbe, V. L. Kirk. Ralph Stover, A. R. Enfield, W. M. Wells, E. W. Haglund; Kent Dudley. E. V. Worsham, Reese Burland of Moran, and Misses Viola Dalgarno, Enola Green, Celeste Griffith. Rose Frantz and Evelyn Wayman. CUPID SCORES ON TWO GRID CA^AINS Mrs. O. R. Stilwell were risitors in Tola Monday Cupid is scoring touchdown now that football stars are wearing stiff shirts pauI Host, captain of Notre Dame's Instead of leather Shoulders. Paul Reid^r, captain of Pittsburgh's Panth- 1932 football team, and Miss Betty be thro™ by Cupid. Here he is BushneU of Louisville, Ky., soon will wed. Here they are as they an- ers, is the third member of the team to France and Japan HORIZQNTAI< 1 France is- the —— i ^ter of the world? - 7 For what prod• act iB.Jfapan world famous? 8 To aim liquid upon.' ; , SO To retard .the time 6f art .rival.? 11 OuBset 51 dress- maWngV 13 Dogmk ^r 14 Mercenary. 16 fire Ivaskei. 18 Spanish. Aiaer- l«»n shawls. 20 To! employ. 21 ^niall idspf es- i 8lon8 .f : : 23 For fear Uiat. it Structural upit : • : 2p.Pa8iry. . 26 8eveD (hj tone in anyrmajor dlatonl^^ sfale; 27 Expensive. Answer to Previous Puzzle 30 Pertaining to a hjlum. 32 At what time. 34 Settled an income upon. 3C Entangling. 38 Coronet. 39 Bards. 40 Banal. : 42 Missile weapon containing three balls of stone. 43 Tb simmer. 44 One. 45 Built. VERTICAL. 1 Arranges methodically' 2 Winged. 3 Heaven 4 Distinctive theory. 5 Relishes from Italy 6 One who takes notes. 7 IntelHgenoc. 9 Punitive. 10 Any I ruminant animal mammal of the family Cervl- tlae.. 12 Pomace of grapes. 13 Three-pronged spear. 15 Diminishes. 16 To reprove. 17 Lukewarm. '18 Visible vapor. 19 Point of sar- casml 22 Nothing. 28 Eniriince. 29 Bellows. 30 Stove, furnace, or radiator. 31 To replace. 32 Canada's chief crop. 33 Strikes. 35 To inscribe. 37 Compact-. 41 Female sheep. 42 Still. gagement. with Miss Ann Farrell of New Castle, ;^a., as they announced their en- ^^^^^^^^^5' j^j^^j^ engagement at Chi' cago. SISTER MARY'S mm BY SISTER MARY NE.^ .Service Writer "TVURING the winter months when most households are indulging in roasts and braised dishes which requh-o long cooking, chops are very likely to bo reduced in price.' ' • U" wc can vary our winter dinners occasionally with tender, juicy chops greater cost than for the subslantl^al but plain roasts and stews," it is surely worth the time and effort. There arc many interesting ways oE dressing up a winter dinner of chops. Mutton chops, lamb chops, veal chops and pork chops all come in for their share of attention, Planked, broiled, stuffed, en casserole, breaded .and creamed, chops in any of these fashions make excellent meat dishes for cold weather dinners. Stuffed lamb chops are savory and should be prepared from yearling lamb. Have the chops cut about one and one-half inches i thick and allow one for each per- •so.n.- "—• - ... •._ .StufTod Lnnib Chops Four- lamb chops. Vi cup minced onion. 2 cups stale bread crumbs. 1 egs.- '..^ teaspoon salt, Vi teaspoon i)epper. 1 tablespoon bacon fat. : Trinv fal from chops and try out. JIake a gasli ' half way through meat on side away from bone. Slit .almost to the bone and the qntire'length of the bone. Rib inside pocket thus formed with salt a.nd pepper Melt, bacon fat and' add onion. Cover and cook over a low fire for five minute.^. ' Add bread crumbs which have been squeezed out of cold water. Remove from fire aiid season v>ith salt and pepper Add p-pg well beaten and mix lightly l'"ill c,-\ch Tomorrow's IVJenu BIIEAKFAST: Stewed Ifigs, cereal, cream, creamed dried beef on toast, milk, L'.offee. LUNCHEON: Baked noodles, jellied spinach and egg pnlad, rye rolls, canned i-lunrios, i)lain cake, milk, tea. DINNER: Stuffed lamb chops, •i)Qtnloos au grattn, brussela sprouts with lemon butler, French endive with French dressing, raisin pie, liuilk, coffee. thop with dressing and place in • a hot drippinK pan with several of the tried out. dripping. Put into a hot oven and Jjako 4 5 minutes or until tender. jlServe on a hot platter and sprin- Ikle with minced watercress. |. Pork chops 'ai-c delicious cut khiuk and stuffed-,as, in the above 'recipe. It will take about an piour for theni to coOk, but they i!shoiilu he tender and moist, much ilike well cooked chicke.n. i! Veal chops seem to be seldom iju.sed but are also most tempting liwiien filled with the .savory stuf- 'iing and baked until fender Anolhfr nnuhsual wuy to prepare and i^ervo chops is to broil them ligluly on one side. Cover jthe uncooked side with a thick layer of well-seasoned white sauce to which chopped mushrooms or minced Uam and green pepper.'or all throe if co.nvenient, have been added. Sprinkle with stale bread ciumb.s, dot with butter an,d bake -10 to 50 minutes in a hot oven. The time depends on the thickness of the chops. Martin vs. Hunter's Lessee. In 18^6 the supreme court of the United States reversed a decision of the Virginia court of appeals. The Virginia court refused to. execute the judgment, declaring that the "appellate power of the supreme court of the United States does not extend to this court under a sound construction of,the Constitution of the United States. The t supreme court overruled tliis decision and established its jurisdiction.! clerode were business visitors in Chanute. Saturday. Mrs. J. O. Lemon was a;caller alt Mr. Norman's Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snider and Lele Karclerode helped their uncle, Sarfi Helm with butchering Friday. A small ad in the Classified columns often puts over a big deal. NEWSOFCOLONY Mr. and Mirs. Thomas Mnrray Spend Weeic-End in Cartha-ge | and'JoiH% Mo. | COLONY,' Jan. 18.—Mrs. Helen Dixon, Pittsburg, was a business irisitor in Colony Sunday. She and her family have moved to Kansas City. The B. 3\ Hallou family moved to Ottawa Saturday. Mr. and JMrs. C. A.- King of La­ Harpe have moved near Colony. Miss Lois Barron spent Sunday in Toronto. | Mrs. Clar^ Holzapfel is recovering from an eye operation performed in the. Mhiorah hospital at Kansas City recently. At present she is still hi ihe cityi with her son Paul. ^ Richard jRhodes left Monday for Phoenix, Ariz., to work. Arthim Jones and Gene, Mound City, spent Friday in Colony. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hamilton and son visited relatives in Neosho Falls Sunday. Mr. and business afternoon. Mrs. Geotge Ewen and Joanne arp in Tonganoxie visiting the former's inother. Mils. Heryey Bell. | Mrs. Vern Jackson and son Albeiit returned Saturday from a 'visit with relatives irj northern Kansas. 1 John Post and George Ewen spent Sunday in | Tonganoxie' visiting Mr: Post's daughter, Mrs, Hervey Bell and familyj Mr. and | Mrs. R. M. McCaughey and family visited relatives in Olathe Suiiday. Amos Drummond near Westphalia was a business visitor in Colony Monday morning. • i Mr. and |Mrs. J. B.. Jackson, Ottawa, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mr.s'.' John [lones. Ralph Jones, - Elvin Huskey, and C. 'Vy. Conley were lola visitors Sunday^ evening;. Mr. and I Mrs. George W. Green and Drs. R. D. and Audra Pulliam were lola visitors Sunday. Charles Short recently purcha.sed a new Plymouth fWm an lola dealer. Mr. and Mrs.- Thomas Murray spent the week-end with relatives in Carthage and Joplin, Mo. , Mayor J.'; V.. Schafges drove to Yates Center Wednesday on business. . i R. M. McCaughey made a business trip to lola Saturday. : Mr. and Mrs. John Schafges were Chanute visitors Thursday. John Heinlein sent two truck loads of horses to the Kansas City market Safjurday night. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kelly and Milton Ream. lola, spent Sunday in Kansas .City visittag the fonner's daughter, Mris. Marvin Ott, and celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Ott's second wedding anniversary. . Eari Khauss, Gamett,.was a business visitor in Colony Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dlckensheets and Mickey McGrath of lola were Saturday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harrison. Wade Mosing was a visitor In Neosho Falls; Saturday. Edward Powers, Paola, was a business visitor in Colony Monday. Mr.' and Mrs. Lloyd Nickels were visitors In lola Saturday. • Misses Pauline and Kathryn Ulses were. lola. visitors Sunday, j Dr. G. M. Richardson, one-tim« Colony osteopath, was a Colony visitor Monday, He now'Uves in Neosho iPalls. Miss . Catherine Tonkin spent Tuesday in Emporia on business preparatory to going to the teachers' college there Sunday. Claude Shreck is operating the Sinclair filling Istation. John E. -Wright, Pueblo, Colo., is visiting his family. J F. S. Denney received a telegram from Portland. Oregon.Monday saying that his sister, Mrs: Charles Knowlton^ formerly of Geneva, had just passed away, and that the.body would be brought to: lola Friday and interment made in the Geneva cemetery. ' Lawrence Nolan and Lyle Barron were business visitors In" Fort Scott Monday. Ray Garrison made a business trip to lola Monday. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Green,-Miss Manila-RObbins, and Dr. Audra Pulliam were lola, visitors Monday. The regular monthly meeting of the Anderson county farmers union will be held Saturday, January 21, at the Centennial school house. A basket dinner will be held at noon after which the business njeeting and election of officers will be held. Everyone is welcome. . ELOPES WIT OF CIRCUS ^EIR ING ..I Maxine 'V^eaver, above, is going to sketch all tlie horses she now wants to. AJ5 art student, she went to F|lorida,5 fteard there were nice horses to skfetch at the John Ring-" ling lestate, There she metj Henry Ringling North, nephev^ of the circus king.''Their elopement has just been revealed. j Cleveland—A hit ofinyentive genius is needed in suburban Eerea. The city council passed an ordinance providing that "any ridden or led animal" appearing on the streets at night "sliall display a red light or a device which reflects a red hght at the rear end of said animal." . LIQUID-TAfiLETS-SALVE Insurance If you will lake 66G Liquid or Tablets and place 666 Salve in nostrils every mbming until March 1, 1933, and yoii. get Sick, during the time, your Druggist will return your moh- eh Send'nsj your Testimonial. , ONLY 82 PAIRS LEFT Women's Suede SHOES I Black and Bi'own • PER UP (^f* VALUES • TO tPO. NOW ONLY $2 PAIR All Sizes HARRISON'S Bootery A SHIPMENT OF • LADIES' ANP anSSBS' Cap I Scarf ^ets Just Received. On account of coming in so late we put them 'on sale ai-r- jjlegulai' Price $1.25. See Them'in the Window: R STONY POINT Jan. 16.—Mrs. Leanna Anderson spe'nt Friday sifternoon at Mrs: Bessie I.foss's. Myler,Harclerode and family and Miss Evedean Harclerode of lola, spent Sunday afternoon at M.-. Chamblins in Moran. Earl and Francis Myers arc both oiit of school this last week, being both exposed to the'scarlet fever. Miss Elsie Shelton Is in loia helping, care for Mrs. Yokum. who has becniquite sick. A lady from Fort Scott was i:! this neighborhood Friday taking orders for baby chickens for'Cal­ houn's store. .Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ireland and son Oris, took dinner Sunday in I^ronson. et Grandma Ireland's. IVfarshrl Shockey is helping Dean Broughton shuck cum. TMndlin Myers of near Moran. spent Saturday night and Sunday at her aunt's, Mrs. Bessie Moss. Mr. and Mrs. l>ail Thomas .took dinner Sunday at Mr. Arn's, near .Moran. • J. L. Parriclc spent Saturday niglit -nnd Stmcip.y at his sister's, Mrs. Irene Bnyle's. Austin McFarland and Lee Har- CONNIE MACK'S DAUGHTER A BRIDE Cornehus McCilHcuddy, who's betterIknown as Conrjie Mack, manager of the Philadelphia; "AthleUcs, has become a fafher-iri-law. His daughter, Mary CorneUa McGlllicuddy, was married December 31, to Francis X. Rellly, of Germnntown, Pa. But the wpdding was not announced until the couple, i)ioturt-{| above, returned fjom a honeyifnoon trip. RE(JlSTEli YOU TO GET IT Things you no to replace with market in CLASSIFIED ADS GIVE MAUfY AN OPPORTUNITY AND SAVE IT . . . . . longer Ineed ..or things you wish ispmethit^g new always find a ready Register ClaSsifiisd Ads. You'll find them everyday under such classifications' Furniture, Radios, Used Cars, Office Eqiiipmenl^Ete. Both Sellers and Buyers find the Class^fii^d columns the mqst logical means for Quick jiction. Use the wanll ads to buy and sell. . . . YOU'LL FIND IT PAYS. !* REGISTER CLASSIFIED ADS—Phone Si

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