Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 15, 1961 · Page 10
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 10

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1961
Page 10
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P0STV1LLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, February 15, 1961 jHHinimiiMMm -iituitMiintiiiiiimmiiitmimiii 1 L See It by C. W. D. iiiitiiiiiMUMitiiiMtiiiitMiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiitiiiMiitn How To Build A "Ghost" Town The following paragraphs are reprinted from a formula sheet put out by the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. It is a formula for construction of a ghost town— a list of six easy steps which, either by accident or design, are sure to guarantee bankruptcy, insanity, disappointment and suicide, all byproducts of ghost towns. Although it may not be necessary to follow these steps in building a ghost town, it would surely ex-i pediate the process if you: "1. Tell everyone you meet that you never buy anything at home: State News Letter— (Continued From Page One) A couple of side-notes on Erbe's appointments: Murray was the Republican candidate for governor in 1958 and Parker, if confirmed as expected, will become the state's first negro to serve on a major state board that requires senate approval. Iowa Veterans. \V. B. Nugent, manager of the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines, has invited all community organizations interested in the welfare of veterans to participate in a plan to help patients discharged from the hospital. Nugent said the hospital is expanding its voluntary service program to reach veterans returning to communities at some distance from the hospital. Aim of the plan is to bridge the gap between hospital and community life and ease the transition to normal living, Nugent said. Pension Rolls. W. B. Nugent, manager of the Veterans Administration center in Des Moines, has also revealed that The Class of 1961 ... SENIOR PERSONALITIES Interviews from P. H. S. BIG-FOUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION fcTown and Country League Won Lost ...82 34 59 l a 36 ..56'i 3DVi 52 V4 43 Vi 52* 43\!s the merchants are a bunch of more than 2,000 Iowa veterans, crooks, robbers and cheats. their dependents or widows have Mary Lou Meade Marylin Wickham Mary Lou Meade Linda Welzel "2. Belittle all efforts for com munity betterment—the people try ing to do these things are secretly making a lot of money, want to 'run things'! and their way of doing this is all wrong anyway. "3. Never waste money by advertising or waste time trying to attract trade to the town—nobody reads the ads, there is never anything in the paper, it's always late, and why should anyone want to come to town—it's a dead place. "4. Turn down all appeals for contributions: and do it in a nasty way so you won't be bothered again, because the money collected is eventually stolen by some *high- erups' anyway. "5. Refuse to serve on all committees, have nothing to do with civic organizations — the Chamber of Commerce never does anything and is run by a bunch of dim-wits •who only want to get their names before the public, and all city officials are in office, to get a share of the graft. "6. Knock the town, knock its industries, knock the schools and churches, keep repeating that the I town is going to the dogs, things are better other places, to invest in such a dead place would be the height of foolishness—and keep on knocking like a drunken woodpecker." The Colorado Springs Chamber points out that its pretty hard for a person to build a ghost town, but if you keep at it. eventually you •will get enough converts to get the job done. Frankly, at the rate small rural towns are now drying up. we don't think its necessary to | A study of the 1960 Iowa public follow this formula to build a high school graduates continuing ghost town. Conversely, we think j their education has been completed it is absolutely necessary to take a,by the state department of public positive approach toward communi- instruction. The study shows that ty betterment and growth in or-113.811 or 47 per cent of the 29,423 high school graduates are continuing their education in some way. Four year colleges and junior colleges account for 10,398 enrollees which is 35 per cent of the total graduates and 75 per cent of the number continuing their education. In addition. 1,482, or five per cent, entered armed services. There are 10.480 or 35 per cent of the graduates continuing their education in Iowa, while 3.331 or 11 per cent, are going outside Iowa for further education. In other words, of those students continuing their education 75 per cent are doing so in Iowa. A "breakdown of graduates by rank in graduating class shows that 72 per cent of those continuing their education were in the upper half of the graduating class while 27 per cent were in the lower half. Those entering nurses' training led in this respect with 84 per cent in the upper half of their class. The four-year college students followed with 80 per cent. Of all the graduates in the upper half of their class, 68 per cent continued their education while only 25 per cent of those in the lower half did so. been suspended from veteran ad ministration pension rolls for failure to report their income as required t>y law. Nugent said this action will automatically hold up pension payments for February due about March 1 —to those on the suspension list. He estimated the dollar loss to beneficiaries at about $150,000. In an effort to prevent hardship wherever possible, Nugent said that emergency procedures have been established to speed reinstatements as income questionnaires are returned tardily. February checks will be handled manually for those returning their income statement "within the next few days." These checks should still arrive on time. After that, reinstatement is still possible until March. 15, although check delays are probable. After March 15, the claim must be reopened and the award completely reprocessed. Nugent said the VA sent out 29,000 questionnaire cards on the first of the year. The law requires return of the income reports by Feb. 1, but VA actually allowed five days of grace before making the first suspensions. Only slightly more than 26,000 replies have been received. Nugent said many of the delays appear to have resulted from forgetfulness or carelessness on the part of the beneficiary. Did You Know? Did you know that one fatal traffic accident occurred in Iowa last year every 16 hours and 59 minutes'. High School Graduates. The newest member of the sen ior class is Mrs. Carl Meade. Mary Lou attended high school in Cantril, Iowa, the first three years. She quit in her junior year. Realizing the importance of a good education, she asked to attend Postville high school,' where she will receive her diploma in May. Her subjects are: Bookkeeping, Shorthand and Psychology. Since admission she has worked hard at her school assignments as well as her household duties and caring for two sons. She hopes to attend college at some future date and we wish her the best of luck. * • • • • Marylin Wickham Marylin Wickham is that 5 ft., 3 inch dark haired girl you always see with a smile on her face. Marylin has lots of energy. She proved that fact her junior year when she was a B-Team cheerleader. Now she keeps busy by attending Pirate games, and working at the concession stand at the Iris Theater. When she has nothing else to do, she bites her fingernails. Marylin enjoys dancing and talking. Some of her friends call her! "The Wickham Daily Express." j English is Marylin's favorite sub-1 ject because it is fun for her and she always gets her best grades in it. People who wear funny clothes combinations annoy Marylin. After graduation Marylin thinks she would like to do secretarial work. * * » * * Linda Welzel Speech is great, but silence is greater! Linda Welzel, walking so calmly and serenly about the halls of school, accomplishing her work with little show or ostentation, has embedded herself as a strong link in the chain we call the class of '61. She never raises her voice in anger nor condemns another—her smile flashes readily across her face and a cheerful greeting falls easily to all within earshot. She is proof of the value of silence, for Linda is indeed a quiet Miss. Her out-of-school hobbies include dancing and letter writing, while her in-school interests include not only playing basketball and volleyball, but watching varsity basketball as well. While enjoying pizza holds a strong appeal.j writing shorthand holds a stronger.' And with such a quiet demeanor hiding ability to perform her task well, Linda will surely find satisfaction in her future. jGunder D.-X i Trojan's Hy-Brcd ... ! Halvorson's Insurance Ossinn Schave Garage New York Life 51 45 G. & M. Transfer 50H 45»» Wirkler Bros 50'i 45 >£ Postvillc State Bank 48't 47'i Hi-Way Lanes 46 50 Luaiia Co-op 46 50 Frank's Recreation 43*4 52>s Riverside Garage 43 S3 Farm Bureau Ins 35<i 60 's Schroeder Clothier 34*5 61 Vi Taylor's Sinclair 34 62 G. & M. Transfer. 4—Hi-Way. 0 State Bank, 3—Frank's Rec, t Schave Garage, 3—Trojan's, 1 Halvorson's, 3—Ossian, 1 Farm Bureau Ins., 3—Riverside, 1 Luana Co-op., 3—New York L., 1 Schroeder's. 3—Wirkler B., 1 Taylor's. 2—Oundcr. 2. Hiqh Series—Karl Schroeder. 626: Harley Radloff, Sr.. 614: Edward Linrierbaum, 607: Ervin Bugenhagen, 591. High lines—Edward Linderbaum, 256: Marvin Krusc. 238: Karl Schroeder. 227; William Szabo, 225; Willard Kamin. 224. —Leonard Tiwma, secretary. 51 56 BO 67 der to reverse the present trend toward ghostdom of the rural town. Large Crowd At Farmers Banquet A crowd of 275 persons were on hand for the annual Farmers Banquet held last Thursday evening at the grade school auditorium. The banquet is sponsored each year by the Postville Commercial Club. The attendance last Thursday was the largest recorded to date for any farmers banquet. Those in attendance were enthusiastic in their praise for the program and dinner. Speaker was John K. Minnoch of Chicago, one of America's best humorists, who spoke on "Sense and Nonsense." In tests in a moody soil—a northwest Iowa soil with silt loam surface—the smallest yields resulted irom using the conventional tillage jr.ethod, the greatest from listing, says Agronomist W. E. Larson of the Iowa experiment station. Narcotics Information. Governor Norman Erbe has announced a state-level narcotics information committee is being organized. Erbe has appointed J. F. Rabe, narcotics supervisor, narcotics division of the state board of pharmacy examiners, to be organizing chairman of the committee. The committee will include representatives of state-wide enforcement agencies and a representative of the federal bureau of narcotics will be asked to serve on the committee. The basic purpose of the committee, according to Rabe, will be to give Iowa enforcement groups a regular means for the exchange of current information on illegal narcotics traffic. liminary game from Valley. 59 to 27. Three Postville boys scored the same total of points—Bob Berg. Don Smith and Larry Peck with 13 points each. PIRATES LOSE TO ELKADER, 64-50 PIRATES STOP VALLEY, 57-54 The Postville Pirates defeated Valley High of Clermont-Elgin on Tuesday evening last week, 57 to 54, in a game played at Elgin. Postville held a 28 to 20 first half lead and held on to win 57 to 54. Engelhardt with 20 points was high for Postville followed by Trudo with 17. Mitts with 22 was high for Valley. Box Score. Postville FG FT P Trudo 7 3 1 Hems 4 0 5 Engelhardt 8 4 1 Thoreson 2 0 2 Falb 1 4 2 Miene 1 0 0 Kiesau 0 0 0 Totals 23 11 11 Valley 24 6 14 Reserves Win. The Pirate reserves won the pre- The Postville Pirates lost to Elkader last Friday evening. 64 to 50. The win placed Elkadcr in a first place tie with Maynard for the league lead. Elkader took a 14 to 9 first quarter lead; moved ahead 32 to 19 at the half; took a commanding 48 to 37 third period lead; and won easily 64 to 50. Box Score. Postville FG FT P Trudo 3 Heins 4 Engelhardt 3 Thoreson 3 Falb 6 Miene 1 Hangartner 1 Kiesau 1 Hoth 0 Koth 1 Church League » • • • » Monona, E. U. B 68 28 Church Bowlers 59 37 Monona Lutheran 56 40 Farmersburg Lutheran .. 54 42 Postville Lutheran A . .514 44'i Luana Lutheran B 46's 494 Luana Lutheran A 4B 50 Castalia Lutheran 45 51 Gundcr Lutheran 45 Farmersburg Bowlers ... 40 Clermont Lutheran 36 Postville Lutheran B 29 Luana L. A.. 4—Farmersburg. 0 Postville L. B.. 4—Clermont L.. 0 Luana L. B.. 3—Postville L. A.. 1 Church Bowlers, 3—E. U. B.. 1 Farmersburg L.. 2—Monona L., 2 Gundcr L., 2—Castalia L.. 2 High lines—David Huckstadt. 276: John Doerring. 248: Robert McNally. 246; Clifford Ha made. 245; Willard Kamin. 229-227. High series—Willard Kamin. 631; David Huckstadt. 603; Paul Sonn- kalb. 597. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Hi-Way Lnncs, 3— Funk's Con., 1 Albright Oil Co., 3 —Electronics, 1 Meadow Gold, 4—Strlkettcs, 0 High lines—Mrs. Merlin Koonig, 215; Mrs. Eldon Lenth, 208; Mrs. LeRoy Thompson, 206. High series—Mrs. LeRoy Thompson, 59G; Mrs. Gene Doerring, 533; Mrs. LeRoy Winters, 522. High team games—Meadow Gold, 866; Meadow Gold, 825; Albright Oil Company, 791, High team series—Meadow Gold, 2476; Watkins Pinettes, 2296; Strlk­ ettcs and Hi-Way Lanes, 2293. Mrs. Eugene Doerring, secretary. DEER 75 21 64 32 53 43 .42 54 39 57 38 58 .37 59 .36 60 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 National League » » . * » Hy-Line Don's Jewelry Kneeskcrn Mink Farm Ossian Castalia Langc's Sports Postville Lumber Heidelberg Hy-Linc, 4—Ossian. 0 Mink Farm. 4—Lange's S.. 0 Heidelberg. 4—Postville L.. 0 Castalia, 4—Don's Jewelry, 0 High series—Carlton Martins. 681: Gene Doerring. 626; Robert Szabo, 622: Donald Heins. 601. High lines—Carlton Martin. 245241: Don Wessels, 236: Lorcnz Lenth. 233; Vic Halverson, 230; Elmer Klinge. 230. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. 4 12 Totals 23 Elkader 26 Reserves Win. The Postville reserves defeated the Elkader reserves, 55 to 48 in the preliminary game. Berg with 18 Schupbach with 17 and Thoreson with 11 points led the Pirate scoring. Ownership of farm land affects its use and conservation, as well as the opportunities for young people to get started in farming, says Farm Economist John F. Timmons of Iowa btate University They go l °^ e d tab' tor e Yes, a pencil and good BUSINESS FORMS mean RELIABLE RECORDS Out of the large variety of business forms that we handle you can choose those that both speed up and increase efficiency in your personal forms system. The completeness of our line assures yeu-o business form for every form of business. (fad U4, JfoeUitf,... for Complete Information fttmtmfoi GOOD RECORDS "MM* GOOD BUSINESS Only a few {Hustratiens of tho i cation of Hies* versatile took of Modem Business. POSTVILLE HERALD Postville, Iowa 43 46 46 49 49 American League • * • • • Drahn Implement ...73 23 Anderson's Clothing 71 25 Meadow Gold 71 25 Olson's Diamonds 54 42 Hi-Way Lanes 53 Groth Packing Company .50 Ky's Clothing ... 50 Hall Roberts' Son 47 Marianna Propane 47 Citizens State Bank 45'-j 50Vj Walnut Grove 44 52 Willman Real Estate 39 57 Frankville 36Vi 59M; R. E. A 34 62 Hygrade Products 31 65 Postville Faculty 22 74 Frankville, 4—R. E. A., 0 Groth's. 4—Walnut Grove, 0 Olson's. 4—Hygrade Products, 0 Drahn Implement, 3—M. Gold, 1 Ky's Clothing, 3—Hi-Way L„ 1 Willman's, 3—Anderson's, 1 Hall Roberts' Son, 3—Marianna, 1 Citizens Bank, 2—Faculty, 2. High series — Eldo Kugel, 602; Harold Pruess, 602; John Palas, 597; Dwaine Thompson, 596. High lines—Wally Benson, 234; Marvin Mohs, 232; Gene Cahoon, 227; Rodney Anderson, 226; Duane Thompson, 226. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Monday Night Ladies League • * • » • Hoth-T-Birds Mrc T„r>—' ^ °' uene Grot Hl»kl eRoy Thompson, 229 High three Barnes - Mrs LPTL, Thompson, 512; Mrs rd c t, y 512; Mrs. Gene'Groth 5H 1 Schmidt > .... 53 Tindell's Shoes 51 Tuck's 48 Luana Savings 41 Heidelberg Gardens 40 Groff Drug 39 Home Oil Company .34 Darling's 30 Tuck's, 3—Home Oil, 1 Heidelberg, 3—Tindell's, 1 Hoth-T-Birds, 2—Darling's. 2 Groff Drug, 3—Luana Bank, 1. High individual games —Mrs Charles Hoth, 206; Mrs. Gone Groth, 198; Mrs. T.pTJni. in.— -ipson, 229. Mrs, LeRoy jr' " " —Mrs. Carl Schmidt Friday Night Ladies League Funk's Construction 61H 30\4 Hl-Way Lanes 55 37 McGregor Electronics 54 38 Strikettes 54 38 Meadow Gold 54 38 Watkins Pinettes 47 45 Ossian 46 46 Cook's Rollettes 45'A 46% Albright Oil Company 38 54 SaVs Gals 37 55 Hygrade .30 62 Baade's Grocery 30 62 Pinettes, 3—Hygrade, 1 Rollettes, 3—SaVs Gals, 1 Ossian, 4—Baade's Grocery, 0 secretary Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morrow and family recently sighted as many as twelve deer in the Cottonwood area cast of Diagonal in Ringgold county. The herd moved out of the roadway, bounded fences and took their stand on a nearby hill. Later the Morrows saw the deer again while returning to Diagonal. You enn't sUiy ahead of your bills if you allow them to do all the running. Four New Ani^ At Hospital Four new arrivals,''" and a girl, were niiM munity during tVie M Postville Hospital. Vj list of. the births; Boy, Mr. and Mrs.I Clermont, Feb. 8,1 fty Boy, Mr. and Mrs.Vf- Postville, Feb. 8,Hs,i Girl, Mr. and Mrs, West Union Feb, 10, s. Boy. Dr. and Mrs. ling, Postvillc, Feb. 1 ozs. Sunrtcal (Us* Mrs. John MeUg«, Feb. 10. Mrs. Wm. WulSn«, Feb. 10. Mrs. Frank Sanger, \ 12. Arthur Lantz, El^ Medical fas Leonard Thoma, Pos Albert Backhaus, 12. Ole Blockhus, Elgin, Herald Want Ads' You'll really like the convenience of pa, bills by check — as easy as mailing a No need to tramp thru cold and snow to bills — a cancelled check is a legal receipt payment. Open a checking account at the with the Clock on the Corner. Take advantage of our beginning offs of free personalized checks. TRY US FOR SERVICE *7AeBonk with the Cfock ontkdm HI MEMBER F. D. I. C. m POSTVILLE, I0W* L-O-O-K What Bigelow Has D • • • with Dupont's 501 Continuous Fil Nylon — Just arrived at Louis Schutte* Furniture, Postville, Iowa. 1961 patbj* Plains, Tweeds and Scrolls — tough, wearing, easy to clean — ideal for the I with children. Priced to fit every buog drop in today for a FREE estimate or we will be happy to bring Samples to home. LET US HELP YOU WITH * CARPET NEEDS. DO IT NOW!! """""""""""•""••iiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmi.iiiiiiii mimuM""'"" 1 """""" OPEN FRIDAY EVENING^ OTHER EVENINGS BY APPOD^ Louis Schutte & So Largest Stock of Furniture in North** POSTVILLE, IOWA

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