Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 22
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 22

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 22
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;TWENTY-TWO EVENING).,,TIMES, ..CUMBERLAND, MD- .THURSDAY;..OCTOBER 20, 1955 Dial J'A-2-4690- for a WANT. AD Takei TO HEAD MARINES Gen. Randolph McCall Pate has Water meter readers will have it RIDING THE ROUNDS I - aer mr hve Jgn , He wl] , lcplac icr in Atlanta, Ga., suburbs it the city's waterworks depart- Gen Lemuel c shcppard, Jr. ' tests prove, successful. J HOUSE—Floods (hat recently swept over New England cities played some odd pranks. The surging .-ain-swolTenNorwalk River sliced off the front of this house in Norwalk as,.cleanly as if by a gigantic knife. Sitting inside is Mrs. Anna Cooke. 1 SPARKS ROW-This 20-Ioot ••>:*crucifix stands in a Highland, 5'Ind., public park, Hie object o£ '.-.'a bitter religious controversy. 'Protestant groups say they will "reek a court order to remove '.the crucifix, dedicated recently •by the Knights o£ Columbus. '.'. They say it violates the princi- ', pie of separation at church and •state. It was set up as a monu- . Tment to veterans of all wars, ••'f.bul Protestant ministers say it : ^nevertheless is a symbol o£ the "^•Boman Catholic Church.. .... TALL KALE — Andrew Hull, 10, inspects a huge kale plant on a farm near Ongar, England. A kale plant is a variety of headless cabbage which yields wrinkled and curled leaves. "•- • J SOMETHING TO DROOL OVER-"£itel Mere. II" drools after •being judged Grand Champion Steer of the American Hoyal Live- "Etock and Horse Show in Kansas City, Mo. The 1050-pound Black Angus is being exhibited by owner Kenneth.Eitel, 29, of Greencastle, Mo., who also showed the Grand Champion Steer of the American Royal. LEADS CREEKS —Coristan- tinos Karamanlis is Greece' new premier and minister of defense. The 48-year-old leader of the Greek Rally Party succeeds Alexander Papagos, who died October 4. Minister of communications in the Papagos. cabinet, he .faces a rough time with parliament, where his party's majority has been .cut by factional squabbles. He commanded the 1st Marine Division in Korea during' the last three months of fighting there "KING" EXPECTS "ROYAL" HEIR-"!--- *"•>* <° everyone., in Movieland;ciark Gable, 54, is going to be a pupa to toe first time come May. This announcement was made by his flflh.wlfc, Kay Williams Sprcckles, 37. She says she has never seen her husbandTScited as he is over the expected event. The,couple are shown .here-.alter .Uieir.marriage last July 1^. • . HE'S IN A DREAM ROLE — Envy .of many a youngster is Mickey Braddock, who is starring in a new TV series called "Circus B s oy." The 12-year-old seems right at home in his adventurous' surroundings. The show is being produced on a ranch near Hollywood. "TOPS" — Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce has been named "Woman of the Year" for 1955 by the Lido Civic Club o£ Washington, an organization of professional and business mer, of Italian descent She received the award in absentia at her diplomatic post in Rome. istco,cti FORWARD— This is an aerodynamic design special; istco,cticS l o£ the ™mbat jet plane of the future^ Featuring ower and upper vertical tails on a long, slim body wilhtomonla fins front and rear, the design was d rawn by Ervui R. . «•*"«£ x^^T^ a £m'&?>£% distant." WILSON MEMORIAL-This seven-cent Woodrow Wilson stamp will go on sale at Staunton, Va., Jan. 10, 1956. It will mark the 100th year since the birth of the World War I president in Staunton, Dec. 28, 1856. • V."•••-• r..7v: •:..~'^~.::- : 'TR°TWTNS—This year's Christmas Seal of ..the National Tuberculosis Association will be a duplex affair. There are two seals, naired in sheets of 100. Designed by. Jean Simpson, of New York City, one shows, against a dark blue background, a little boy with Christmas package., brandishing a sprig of mistletoe. The other, with chartreuse background,- shows a. little girl, .also bearing a Christmas gift and presumably headed for the mistletoe. The 1955 Christmas Seal sale will be conducted from November .15 through December. The funds will be used to support tlieTB control work of the 3000 voluntary tuberculosis associations affiliated with NT A. "BRAINS ARE CHEAP"~Dr. Bergen Evans, who devises those tough questions for "The S64.000 -Question" TV show, says "brains are' about the cheapest thing in the- world." Evans, who holds bachelor of arts, master of arts and doctor •of philosophy degrees, and •teaches literature : at Chicago's .Northwestern University, says the world pays more for the -colorful persons who ask and answer the questions than the experts who choose them.. He says he gets about $100 a week picking questions for the show. POSSIBLE — Dr. Clifford C. Furnas is being considered by President Eisenhower as assistant secretary of defense for research and development. Furnas is chancellor of the University of Buffalo. OF DESIRE-This new Austrian stamp protests thai Delusion from the United Nations. ™c darkgrcen 2.40- schilllns stamp shows a globe Hngcd bj the flags of U.N. n™rioi.r nations'A gap in the ring » filled with a <J"«.ton,marU, asU Jo ask "When will Austria bf admitted to the U.N.? The counts first applied for UJN. membership July 2, 19-17./ HISTORIC MOVE—Going places after 233 years is the historic Carroll-Davis House, colonial birthplace of Charles Carroll, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It was moved six '-blocks to St. John's College campus in Annapolis, Md. The house will be rec-onstructed with $20,000 raised by Historic Annapolis. Inc. "•'^SEPARATED—Movie comic Dean Martin was helping' the ~ "high jinks at the Hollywood premiere of "The Desperate Hours" '*'- when he got a phone call from Palm Springs. It was his''wife, ,'X" former cover girl Jeanne Biggcrs, 1 with word that their'legal • v separation had none through. Martin says "neither of us has any "j" plans for a divorce.". They are shown here during less desperate : .» hours. .'.... . . ' NIGHTY GIRL-Probably the best nightgowned gal in TV is Vanessa Brown, who's starring in the "My Favorite Husband" show. Her part calls for either opening or closing the show with a bedroom scene,, so CBS is. spending as much money on her nighties and negligees as on her daytime clothes. PANE-FUL SEPARATION-Crouched' to pounce, this alley cat comes within a whisker ot a sparrow dinner in New York City. The bird isn't frightened, however, because a pane of glass is between them. Sparrow flew inside a cleaning shop and, as it flew about near the window, the cat made repeated leaps against tha glass. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued the bird, and kitty went away, still hungry. PUTS. COFFIN TO USE NOW-Oiovimnl Fabbrl,.7B. has already bought ilils coffin,, In readiness for the future. Lots of persons do ttiat, but they, don't keep the coffin .alongside their bed, as Fabbri, of Ferrnrn, Italy, docs. He says Its "presence doesn't bother him, that it gives him the will to live longer mid besides, he's using It as a wardrobe trunk until it's needed lor grimmer use, • ' • ' . '.:•', UPPED BY REDS-Vlad,emir Matskevlch, who headed" the Russian farm delegation that toured the United States this summer, has been named Soviet is this huge storage tank at Union Oil of Call- uocn season, the company paints the ordinarily res. , The mouth Is 73 feet long, with tfccth (otir dally thosif iiwH"Tn 1 ~min"~™,i ""'" Mtuta<: w. cs nrc >» 1WI lon s- lnc "> nK ls s ° .^Hunted thnt it can be seen for miles across hoi Droducllo").._ counlry n <* <lll « htcd «.« n'Bh,t, in great grin'»_ enough lo mnke a drinking driver swear oft.

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