Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1927
Page 5
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11 Gapone^iLord df-^i^ digo Underworld, . Has Power of Ufe-or pealh OverHis **Sii|iect8^|in n.s ««orQ »s Qai^^land. (Br AKA Smi<w) tniicjago,: Dec. 13.—this second, largest city iu America has.many IblDss ^that other cities lack. It hai a inagnifire ;nt lake front, a double-idecked auto street, A Ijuge muulcipal' Ktadtum, skyscraners that rival New York 's. It also lha? an overlord of trlme who Isone.of the Strangest figures in America. This man is Alpbonse Capone. alias Al Brown, ordinarily called •iScarface AI .r He is hoth a myth and a reality; a myth^ because he is seldom.sera, seldom heard from ' Jdirectly, because he seems to be a 'fictitious emfbodimcnt at all that an kmbltJous gunraah niight want to bo—aiW a realiiy because he is one of the inost powerful men in Chicago. Undenvorld Klnp. •'Sc4rfave Al" is king of Chlca- ^ go 's underworld.' To mariy* manvj lipople his word is law. Ho can' pass death .«enlcnce8. issue reprieves, make or destroy prosperous businesses,Jevy kingly tribute, utter dvcreea if exile Many an oriental king has had less pow er than thjs swarthy gunman. What, is he like, anyway? What! sort of man is it that this sprawl-j! ihe city has Mos!je«! up' to snch' a: position of sinister eminence? (• i|te sot his nickname from tw.o .i!fai?onaI s(«rs on. his left cliceit. and his start in life from the fact that he knew how lo use an auto- malie pisiol. Both characteristics, he s,iys, were acquired in Frami; where he served with the famous .'•I.,ost liaUalion" The Srj^rface js proud of his M -ar record. V 1-ike most otlier pi;otninent Aniericiins. Gapnne worked ^Uis way. lip from the bottom, and can at- tiihute hi.i success to hard toil anUi jfirislcne'<s of piirix'sc. , ; Capone came upon the Ctiicago pcehe shortly after the' war. when the roving bands of gangland were just ^beginning to develop from groups of ordinary stick-up men into och syni'icates-of runi-running ,b€cr larons. ' I .Make Blir Forlnnes. Bl^ fortunes were being made by the gangs.' L'eer cost %'^ a barreli to make, and sold to saloons for ?60 d barrel. Kach gang had its own, territor.v, and to infringe on the dance halls liud otiier haunts of sales area of a rival •clique mean^'lvice under his thumb. Few of his bloody war. * , Irivaisever saw hini. .vet all knew quein on one occaslpa dapcne and a rival lea'der met In a dowhtowh hotel rodm •with a captain of :io- lice^: acting us Interniediary am: holding the weapons to insure a, peacrable discussion. Recently opeiJoe Aiello, a wealthy importer] thought to .defy Ca- jwn'e, I .He established a string of gambling houses on Capone'R' tcr- rltdr>'- A.series uf.bombings-ami shootings J>egan:, then Aiello dis- coverexl that he was fighting:a losing fight. ' Arrested on .some minor char^r. he rcfuseil to leave, jail, kno^^lng he ivonid 1«e shot down within 24 hfSur.x. Two 6f Capone's henchmen were in the ih^t cell, and he begged them for mer«y. They saeered at hlQi; The Scartacc haU ordered his death, and: no powef on earth could save jiira. Aiello'.s,|»f«»as at last reached Cal)one peifiihally. Canone took pity on him.-V.He^sstieit a free pardon. Alollo waiJK ~fo" live, on condition that he withdraw entirely from Caponu's field. So it waa agreed. I»a» yn KhnK Siu-li Is Capone'j- power. Today he i" supreme in his field. How long he will ttay that way Is pro<ilematlcal: some day. doubtless, some, rival machine gunner will find him and send him on to join O'Banion and Hymie Weiss/ Some day^he probabl.v will be decoyed away from the bodyguard t>f 12 gunmen which he always keeps about .him. . , But until Ihen-y^ large part of Chicago will continue to fear a tiw^rthv .scar-faced desperado far more than it fears the polii'e. the district attqrnev, or His Satanic Majesty Hii^-self. lOLA BIAILY ABSTRACT « Issued from office of lola * Abstract Company '> . •> * • •> •''^ <•<•••• -e- <• Dcccmberli' 1927. . Julia Smith, a widow, to william Tho:«as Lee. All of lot 94. block 20. Lanyonvllle, an-addition to the town of LaHarpe, J250.t)0. W. T. Lee and •wife Blanche, to Mary Dayton and H. T. Da>non, lot 94. block 20.. T.«nyonvHle. an addition to the town of I.AHarpe. J30. O. W. Anderson and wife Nora', to .lohn A. Williams'and Ella E. Williams, lot 17. block 21. High- hind Place Addition to lola, $1.00. forceis imiicteii Capone. Shortly afterward th<- government's two leading witnesses were found -shot John Tori-io and Dean OBunion. i lie penalty that awaited for thojio death. The pi)! ice seemed, and •Kiw perfuiictorily hid a gaudy ca-! man who dared to defy him. Such still seim; lUierly niiable to touch roer of crime behind the plate glass ! a man wonl/1 be walking along a | him. Time and again, when-some i.Many paupers have'lived to be 1 (M» years old, but there is no rec- ;ord of a .niultl-mlllionalre having attained that age. ' , window of a tlorist's shop, were lea<ii>rs of the chief rival ganus. downtown street in broad daylight, suspecting no barir; an .'•utonioblle "Torrin. alwa}s a target for hostile, Would draw up alongside, a ma- buHtits. wanted a bod.vguard. Ca-;''•'^incr pun woijlii l.Hgln its-iiiclallic pone, handy witli a guu,:'got the jo'b. ' • ; i The chaiiKesof gangland fortune • soon brouglir death to\ O'Banion. shot down timid his, flovVers. Tor- rio shortly I hereafter found Clii- cajgrt too-hot for him. The police - w<irew't .bothering him, but enemy gangsters were; so he • utitt to Europe, and Capone snciceded him. / Cai^^ soon made la city-wide ! reputroon, for utter rulhlessness; yet withal he won gapgluiid's re- ' spe:;t,as a square sliooter. after his,, fashion. He lived in the populous; - .rowdy suburb of Cicero, and huilt up a powerful machine. But one, Hymie Weiss, who had succeeded the defunct O'Banion. dared to challenge his authority. (^rone's men ambushed !'-. '•• and shot at Irim. Hymie. «st-apii;g. called on • Capone personally, and 'there agrieed CaVone who had where them and avenge t'le ii-sult to tlieir leader. Capon<> sioriicri lo liefr..y -his men, aii;l i.iic war weiij on. A Hid Kn^llladc) Wefss led eleven touring <;ir<. each with a machine gun in the fiHck seat, out to Cicero. Tliey drove arout\d the Hawthorn Inn. i where-Capone lived, and peppered ; It wifft as severe a fusillade as any ! •strong point in France ever re-I iVceivedr Capone. .safe behind steel ! •. shutters, waited until the uproar had ceased, and (hen beckoned his , lieuteaants. A few daj-s later Hy-, . niie'Weiss died' with balf a bun-. . dred machine gun Hi «(gs in iiis Iwdy. •.: :• , . - '< ' ThtH iegan ('apone's period of! luxuriance, now in Its lullest flower. He moved throHgh Chicago like a miasmatic breath from the , underworld, laughing-at the police. , bringing saloons, ^rimbling liou .-Jes. rat-tat-tat, and Capone would have •one less cneniy. Once thi- feiliral proliiliiiion Scarlet flowers stand drought better than any others. victim of sansland's wars is found shot, the jfolicc with one accord) say. "Caiione:" lJutjhey never pin him ('own. 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