Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1927
Page 4
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mk DAILY REGISTEri XHAsL K. SCOTT . Bnterea ki tlia Itda Poatotflo* «a1 Second Caaas Matt«r., - ' Te»ei*pne .... ^-It (Private Branch Bzchanga GonMoUlW r AU Departmenu). ' SUBSCRIPTION-RATES -Br IC^erln Iota. City. LiiHup« and Baasett. " Ond Week .....»......:» Oanta "One llOnth ........70 OenU One Year.. ;.<.|rJO BY MAI U / > Outsida Allen County - 'One Year WOO . Blxiiaonthi ...tSM iTbred Months tlM '"^ • , In Allan C^inty . : „^ :Ona Tear .M.OO 8Iz Months . Tbree Months ,^^Ona Month . - Mambir of— M.00 «.28 ..80O fUtklnal-Editorial AaapetaUeo. Kansas Pre^ Aaso«iatlon. Th* Kansas Dally .l-aaoua. Auait Bureau or Clreutatlon. Press Con«re»s of the World. Inland Dally Presa Aatodation. , ICai[su 'can agree -almost unani .The worlcbf,snch ia'commission wot^ld go far to. accoimplish one of two' purposes: It woiild eitber frame a law under the operation of which satisfactoiy results conWl be obtsined; or it^ould be'able to makfe a report w^ich would convince the pebplejthat satisfaiptpry results could not be obtained under o^ur present constitution and thus prepaife the way for the necessary amehdmeiit. 1 Onja thing is reasonably ciertain: Kansas will never have a satisfact- the actually in session. MEMBER ASS<KIATED PRESS. . • TThe Register carries the Aaspclated PrSss r^rt by special leaaed wire. TheAssoclnted Press Is.excluslvely en- tlUed to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited, to It or _ not otherwise credited; In this paper. and also the local news publlshed^hwe- In. All rights or republication of special dispatches herein are also re^ served. . Bible Thought for Today^ _fehowIng 'that whatsoever good thing any man doeth. the same shall he receive of the ix)rd.—llph. 6:8.' • : . •• = STUDY MIIST PRECEDE .ACTION. - Covernor P.aulen has given out a statement in which he re-iterates Ms willingness to call- a special session of the Legislature in case r- iio <-an be assured in advance that the members will vote to submit a |;onstitutional Amendment authorizing the SUti to engage in road building. , ' I i\. is not likely he will receive such as.sUrance. Members of the prespnt Lcgi|lature: onty last March vQted pearly two to one afainsf-pfeclsejy what the Gover- -*fntfr now proposes, and it is not likely the members have material• ly changed their minds in the eight months. ^ ' - The Register favored the adop- v |ion 6£ the proposed amendment "ahd would support it' now. But it has become convinced that the Kentimont of the State Is heavily ligaiBst, it and is likely to remain "80. If .it is right in that conclu- ,Kion thi -n 'tho only wise course of 'procoiiure IflT those Interested in -good roads' is tOr frame the best possible code of laws for the litiflding of roads which can be >nacted under the constitution as ,it stafldft.,; _ •• The Kc4ister'8i plan for getting the best possible code of road laws already has received a good deftl of publicity, but we venture to bring It forward again. That plan in brief contemplates the ap- ' pointment by the Governor of a commission of >seveh men of which fli6 Governor himseirshould be ex" officio chairman, the remainder Of . the commission to be made up of cue member of the Senate, one member of the House, one member of .the State Highway Commission, one man. from t^e office^ of the attorney general, one county com­ missioner'and one unofficial ci^- .' zeri. - .: _ The firsi uty of this commis slon I should i'l to have a draft made of all i;. ';IawB and parts of laws now o Kansas statute 'books In any way relating to the building of road& They could thus, see after a little study wHat sections of the present law are -out of date or are inconsistent wkh other, sections. - Thjen the commission should , make a careful study of the roaJd lawat of the half dozen other Stales < whic^h have made marl^ed progress in road building. j Having made Itself familiar with 4he ^present Kansas road laws and with the laws of 'Other States, and liaving represented within its membership the point of view of men: who j re familiar with the Voad: problen from half a'dozen different ankles,—^the members of the' Legislat iire who know what the il^glslai ure is likely to approve or disapprove, the member of the State Highway Commission who- knows the obstacles ijo be -overcome If we are to have a con- njected; system, the county commis- . sfoner to represent the sentiment T^li|l<* favors the buUding of local roid.s, the unoffii:ial citlxen to re^ref |«>nt everybody, th% attorney general to dig out the present statutes and put the completed hill In proper ftirm, the Governor to direct the discussion and give weight and digt ^ty to the final action.—it would seem certain that the com- mi^Blon cpuld frame a measure which would sat'isfy every reasonable' demand. ^ \. , . It; was doubtless witji the Reg- iiLteiJs suggestion In mind that the Kansas Chamber: oit Commerce at' Its recent meeting adopted the following: [ " • 'TX. in Jlie Judgment'Cf the Governor., it should be deemed 'wise toibr^anize a commissioa. of representative Kanstfs men to formulate.: a road' program and to codify ' existing road laws, the Kansas Chounber of Commerce pledges it^ support to such rommisslon. con- i"r'fir>.nf-that ? >-n-'rt prpRMmnn 'bc • uuiwui tiu w.i<-;j Caf pVopl;- of ix THE DArS KEWS. -Major: Gen. Mason M. Patrick, V. S. A., who retires today for age, 'leaves behind him a notable reoord of achievement In the development of the Army Air ^ Corps. For six-years Gen., Patrick has directed the activities of the flying officers and men of the Ariny, and as he turns over the "con- tr9ls" to his successor. Brig. >en. Jmps F. Fechet, he has" ihe satisfaction of knowing that he has writtein' one of the most Important chapfl^rs ih the story of American military aviation. For Gen. Patrick, .though an Engineer 'officer, originally, has won a wide reputa- .tion for himself as Chief of the Army Air Corps, and through' his solution of many difficult prob- leips/ During the World War he wak Chief of/the Air Service of the A. E. F. in France. 'He Is a natlv0 of West Virginia and 'was graduated from West Point in 1886. Kansas win never nave a:BatiBHM;i- ory road law it nothing Is done about It until ihe Lejglslatule. la-. "W. Y. Morgan printed in his Hutchinson, News aiJd Charlie Scott copied without disapproval in the.lola Register a story of the. way In which' the Kansas ieam was pirepared for| the game with Missouri which to our mind indicates it was time for a x-hangp in coaches." .say« the-Leavenworth Times. And then It proceeds solemnly to - "deprecate"! the Inculcation of hate into the hearts of the Kansas boys as the Morgan story related. To be entirely frank with our Times friend, the lleglii- ter printed, the .Morgan story in the first place' Ijecaus'e It was a goiid story, and 11 printed! It, without comment b.'cansn It illdA 't know whether' the Huti-ninspn man was serious or joking^ You may have noticed that the Iteglster ran tlie story under the heqdltig: "Believe It Or N6t."-_Anll to this day it doesn't know itself whether to believe it or not Anyway it was a good story .and some of these times we shall find' out whether It wa strue, or whether the chairman of the Board of Regents was merely "stringing" everybody,—which last is whtff we are a good deal inclined to think he was. And Now More Cold Weathier Is Promised \ . Kansas City. Dec. 13. (API—? A shift in the wind to the northwest late today will bring a 30-degree drop in temperature, following un-| usually mild December weather to -j day and last night, the local gov.; •'rnnioni weath,er bureau said, to^ day.- : • . . " The temperature heje t il.s- morning was* 60 degrees. It; will;- go to ."JO or slightiy below by tomor­ row'morning, the weather hiureau said. Light ralh fnll over IhJ* entire ticc -lion Of the couniry .jaat niehl or this.'morning. . Tomorrow will be partly cloudy. Theodore Gardner, writes to fhc Lawrence Journal that he was in St. Petefsburg, election was h whether picture Florida^ when in :ld to' determine shows should be cinct. everybodjj to the city hall allowed on Sunday. St. vPfetertf- burg claims a population of 50^000, but ther4 wa sotily one voting pre- who desired to cast a ballot bemg required to go :and stand in line until he reached the ballot box. That Is one fine way to discourage the pernicious habit of attending elections. Ita this particular case, however, mdre than 13:000 persons voted, although many fainted and one man fell dead Under the strain of the long wait. The Sunday openers won. The election qf H. W. Harglss as head football coach for the K. U. team takes ^another College of Emporia man; Into the Big League. He started ;hi8 coaching career at this colleg^ and it was the reputation' he m.ade there that started him on his coaching career. He was chosen by K. U. out of a field of 60 candidates, and the University is it'cky to gat hiijr. So it will be two old College qf Emporia men, Gwin Henry and Bill Hargiss who face each other the next time the Jayhawk and the Tiger meet Forty /ears ^go this week a measure proposing^ Federal prohibition was introduced in the United States Senate by Senator Blair, of New Hampshire. And yet the wets icOinplain that prohibition was j& surprise, sneaked over on the country while the soldiers were in France! ... • The' Congressional Record has begun to put In Its appearance. If one had nothing else to do but read this periodical he would find It in the main informing and entertaining. The trouble is t^at If oneihas anything to do the Congressional Record utterly swamps him. . - . . ' It Us estimated that.the five dttys of iMdvertlsing wfffi" which' Hefiry Ford opened his selling campaign for the new car, cost Sl,150.000: And prcHiahly nobody w!ll dony it was w .f ;r;h i;. Ray Terrill Bandit Gang Member Is Dead Amarlllo. Tex.. Dec. 13. (AP)— Roy H.nrmon. alleged •'niember of the Rpy Terrill bandit gang, died i;i»t ij 'glit- in a hosnltal here from wounds received Sunday • night when' he was shot by an. officer who found him attempting to rob J store. Harmon.' a few days before his death, escaped jail at Charles City, la., where he: was given a ten year sentence for the robbery of. a Rudd. la., bank. It w^ believed he drove to Tpxas in a stolen automobile. Harmon confessed he rofbhed'the bank aided by: Ray Terrill, Elmer Inman and Elvin Sherwood, on the night of November .8. • Jardine's Resignation' _ _ Demanded by Heflin 'Washington, Dec. 13. (AP)—Resignation of Secretarjr^ Jardine and Lloyd S. Tenny, oil the bureau of economics in the department df agriculture, was demanded in the senate today by Senatojr Heflin, Democrat, Alabama, because df the break in cotton prices recently following Issuance of a department price estimate. \ Oklahoma Farmer Kills Wife and Five Children Hennessey, Okla., Dec. 13. (AP) Phillip Minis, farmer of near Hennessey, killed his wife and five small children with an axe early today and then hanged himself from a rafter In his barn. NEWS NOTES OF GAS CITY Ladles' Aid Assists With .linking Robes for Christmas Puvreanl. , W. f. T. r. -Meets Friday Ai'temoon. * • (.Mrs. A. P. holteu.) The Ladles' Aid will meet at the chuix:h Wednesilay to work on tho robes for the pageant Mr. and Mrs. (Jleii l)i^-kl•r^«>n were Sunday visitors at tho home of the fonuer's parents. .Mr. antf Mrs. Sherman Dlckerson. ; Charlie Peres has been oil' from his work at the brick plant with- a Same back for a few- days. John Henrlcks left Sunday toi; his-homo In Oklahoma^atter spend-; Ing several days visiting bis moth-j er. ' i "Jilr.. and .Mrs. John Dodd an(& sons, Elmer and ix)yd, of East (jaff visited friends at Bronson Suhday.\ . Mrs. U. i>. fioble received Ihei £ad news Saturday of the death of hei^ sister, .Mrs. .M. E. Hunt, of Esta Cada, Oregon. 'Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Reeding, entertained the following guests at a dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson and ^'aj-y Jane. Mr. and .Mrs. Clareiiee Thompson an j sons. Chas. and Gene. Mr. andtj Mrs. Moore and children, HelenH Marie and Vernon. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Flory, .Mr. and Mrs. Millard Heath and daughter. M ^s Opal, Mrs. Wm. Varnan, Grace and Victor, all of Kincald. and old friends and nelghboi^ of the Beeillng family, also MK and iMrs. John Deeding of Gas aind Mr. Arthur Reeding from Baxter Springs. Harry; Hargrove, .who spent tlie last' two; weeks here visiting his mother and other relatives, left for his home in Trinidad, Colorado. Sunday. Arthur Deeding of Baxter Springs, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Beeding.. " W. C. T. U. wUl meet at the home of Mrs. She,i|man Dlckerson Friday aft^rnodn. December IB. —Extra large bundles of «'lean o^spapers, 10c, at Register office. Former Kaiser Plians Private Theatre Now Doom. Holland, Dec. 13. (AP)— The former Kaiser is going into theatrical production. He intends to run his own private theater now "being built Within the grounds at Doom house,.his residence. The idea originated with his wife. Princess. Hermlne, -iho has long been dlesatlsfled with the dullness of Dutch village life and the luck of eiitertalnment there Inthe evening for. invited guests who are ibecomlng more numerous. Performances byrcompanles from the leUdiiig German theaters, especially .Max Ueinhardt's, • are being arranged. [.'••• Son-In-Law of William . Jennings Bryan Is Dead Miami." Fla., Dec. 13. ;(.\P)-^ .Major Reginald Owen, 8oii-ln-law of the late • William Jennings Bryan, and a .-veteran of the British army, died-here. last night from illness contracted during the Dardanelles campaign In the World war. Recently his condition had be- coine critical.:'- He married '• Miss Ruth Bryan lii Lincoln, Nebn, May .'!. iniO. The Couple both saw service In theAVo^d war and were for a long period, stationed In Egypt, where .Mrs. Owen was associated as a nur^e with the iVolunteet aid detachment aijd the major was on duty,with tbe|B,rIUsh army. Western Railroad Wage Conference Is Closed Denver, Colp., Dee. 13. (AP)— The Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and ^nginemen last night broke off wage iiicrease negotl^ tions with ther conference committee of managers representing the fifty four Western railroads. This action >'aa taken after W. M. Jeffers of Omaha', chairman of the committee! of Inanagers, notified president D. B. Robertson of the Brotherhood, and Judge H. P. Burke, chairman • of the Federal ^illroad board: of arbitration, that the railroads ;wouId not:agree to reconvening of the board of arbitration, r ' OF THE DAY Sberiff Dw^t Smock Visits Old FrIeBds, Hen—Opev-iCirde anb Holds AUJIay Meeting'.' - • •. THAW AND HIS MOVIE^^ROTEGES : (3^. G. H. Ford) : MOJRAN, Dec.] 12;—We cbuld taardir call the storm that came SatuMay night a blizzard as was forecast and we certainly appreciate the fact that the change came without; the usual bard cold winds. Sidewalks and the bigbways are a glare of Ice-anaking It quite dangerous walking! bnt while thf temperature Is of - the winter variety it'is not at all unpleasant and a whole season Just like it would be Just fine. r " ; I Many friends- were greatly grieved to learn -that Mrs. C. L. CummlngB has not been so well the past few days and Saturday morning was taken to St^ Johns' hospital at lola where It is hoped complete rest-and quiet will hasten a return j to health. Mrs. Cumming^ has not been well for the past several months but her; many friends sincerely hope it will not be long until she wiU. be rapidly improving. .On the advice of the family physician Walter Strong took his yfning son to Chanute Satitrday; to constUt*an ear spetrialist Just recently JImmIe suffered very severely from a gathered ear and as he has had this trotible repeatedly considerable anxletf is felt lest his hearing me permanently affected and cvety effort Is being made to prevent this. Mrs. Martha Strong of lola yis- ited here over the week-ehd with telatives, and attended the annual bazaar given by the Presbyterian ladies.. Mrs. Strong's- home was here many years before going to lola. • Sheriff Dwight Smock of lola was a visitor here Saturday with old friends who are always glad to see him. Mrs. George Welch has been quife III with the flu Ihut is improving which is good news to her many friieiids. The Opeil Circle ' club held an all-day meeting the home of Mrs. Will Wood southwest of town. A part of the day was spebt quilting and after a covered, dish luncheon atuhe noon hour a; splendid social time was enjoyed. The following was the. guest list:' Mesdumes Gates. Cook, Alderman, Nolen, Isaac, 'Mrs. Williams and daughter, IJIrs. Singer and children, Mrs. Yokum and daughter. Mrs. Tice and baby, Mrs. Larue and daughterj Mrs. Twadell and daughter, Mesdames Ed Wood, Perkins, Wheeler, Tom Wood. Mrs. Strunk. Misses Vesta- Isaac, Medora ["Wood and Elsie. Wood. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Col Larue. Mr. and 'Mrs. "Barhey" Larson of near Gentry, Ark., came In Friday evening for a visit with, old friends and-to'look after ' sonic business interests. They report the family all well and much -pleased with their location and new business interests there. Harry K. Thaw i.s .showii upon; his arrival in Los .\ngeles with Anitk Rivers (left) and Susan Hughes;" poential strrcn stars. The girls are under contract'to Kinilworth PrQilutrionsi owned by Thaw. Although Thaw states at prc.-;erit tlia.r he has uo plans for the girls, it Is probable they will be loaned'to Hollywood film, projlucers. : _ . f Every essential element of Sparton performance is built i^to this, the most Cfmdensed model of Sparks-Wilhington's splendid line. The S-15, $63. Other Spartons tcith more • elaborate Appointments, 'and correspondr ing convenience oj operationi-cost more. ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY 21-l-lfi X. Washinston : Phone PLEASANT VALLEY ^ (.Mrs. Ella Ponsler) , Dec. 12.—.Mr. and -Mrs. Carl Thtidlum went to Leavenworth Friday after spending a. week with their aunt,^ Mrs. Chas. Franklin and family. " Mrs. Will Ensininger went to Kansas City Saturday to visit friends and do her Christmas shopping. . " Frienda in this vicinity are grieved to learn of the death '.of Mrs. Chas. Cole in lola. Mrs. Cole lived here years ago. The community extends sympathy to tlje family. '—Wanted tq Buy: Clean. white rags at the R^fegister. MAKES BAKIN (Mr. and Mrs. Clare Smith of lola spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Smith. Ruth Jean Smith ate Sunday dinner with Nola Moss. Mfss Elda Edwards of Pittsburg i spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Roy -Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Morrison hnd boys spent Sn|id&y with Mr. and! Mrs. I. O. Morrison and family. (Mrs. W. Ensininger, Mrs. -D. Landon and Mrs. H. Ponsler attended the Farm .Bureau meeting in lola last Tuesday. "Mr. and Mrs. Russell Morrison entertalped their rook' club Friday night: I !MT3. fDuClause Is visiting he;daughter, Mrs.! Chas. Franklin. ; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Chamberii spent Sunday with Mr. ^nd Mr^; Harley McVey. Mr: and Mrs. Willie Moss attend,ed the funeral of Mrs. Chas. Cole Sunday in lola. Mrs. Jennie Moss and Nola Mq^ spent Sunday afternoon with lone and Ruth Jean Smith. DOUBLE ACTING —^thaii you ever thoiigj&tpossible. The ilwkys; de' j)endable quality of Calumet en' ablss ;^ou to ac ciomplish better riasul^'with lless effort. Try it., V LESS THAM I* PER BAKINO —Ten cent bundles of old papers for five cents at the Register from now until Christmas. CALUMET THE WOnLD*S GREATEST BAKING POWDER SALES 2 ^^2 TIMES THOSE OF ANY OTHER BRAND Christmas Dinner You. w*nt none but the best pf meats fqr your Christmas Dinner. -We suggest that y«m place your order early—theh we can delivei^'to you ^ust the dish yon want < M.&M. MARKET Meat That You Can Eat l1 Ywiv family burial plot may be- In a small or large cemetery. It niav be in a beautiful park or a , ^ roadside country .burial-ground j! J' In either case "the graves of the dear -departed should be, sooner or later, appropriately designated by a monument or some . othorN memorial. No doubt' we caiij advise you as to the be|t thing to do. Let us shoW -ya the ! de.signs we have and gi^e you an estimate of the cost 301 SOUTH c!] 7.

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