Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
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Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 19
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local •:• Comic* •:• Mtmbtr Associated Press 77i« Newspaper'For The Home .THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1955 Second Section Road Acts TO APPEAR HERE —.Tom and Betty Tucker, who do a' mentalist. act; will appear tomorrow -night at 7 o'clock at AH Ghah Shrine Country Club at the Cumberland National Dinner Club meeting. The two- meritalists do a'mind-reading act and have, appeared in many of the larger cities of the nation. Many Persons Visit Site Of Five Fatalities Ll. Johnston Reports Tragedy Worst One He Han Witnessed A sense of death and tragedy still filled (he air in the AUegany Grove 'section of U. Sj_Route_ 40 this morning as people continued to flock to the scene of yesterday's highway accident which claimed the lives of five persons. As late as 11:30 p. m. yesterday, hundreds of motorists "inched" their way to LaVale to view the wreckage of Allegany County's worst traffic mishap. iVIrs. Ix:on Kelly, who .resides Just three doors from where the accident occurred, said this morning that people were stopping and walking up and down busy Route 40 all night. Flashlights In Use Flashlights twinkled like stars in the sky, as (he curious people tramped up and down the road in search of remains of the tragedy. The accident came about when a tractor-trailer broke loose on Big Savage Mountain and rolled at break-neck* speed through Frostburg, Eckhart and Clarysvillc and rammed into a sedan and dump truck at Allegany Grove. Four persons, two women and two men, lost their lives in the sedan, white (he driver of the dump truck was decapitated. Lt. Raymond R. Johnston of (he City Police Traffic Department faid this morning in all his years of service with the local police he had never witnessed such a tragedy. Police Department, Lt. Johnston has seen numerous highway accidents and deaths, but to him yesterday was by far the worst. Lt. Johnston was on duty January 27. 1023, when three women and two men were killed In the Narrows, but even this mishap could not compare with yesterday's, he said. Rammed Through Fence The 1923 accident came about but- the practical application must rest with your analysis of the situation. We urge your consideration and respectfully suggest that not a moment be lost in placing this or some better plan into effect." _ Cooperation Pledged The board pledged itself to joint and individual effort to cooperate with state and city ^officials in reducing the hazards named. . Along the same line, various persons have suggested that on hills around Cumberland, signs should be posted warning truckers and (Continued .on Page 20) when a car carrying five persons rammed through n fence on U. S. Route 40 and smashed into chilly Wills Creek.' Crushed under the wreckage beneath old Narrows Bridge were Mrs. Clara McCulloh, 512 Spring dale Street: Miss Louise Dundee, 24. and Miss Eva Dundee.' 19, daughters of George W. Dundee, 4 Boone Street; William J. Farrcll, 38. restaurant owner of 607 Virginia Avenue, and Edsvard A. Flynn. North Bergen, N. J. The Dundee sisters were described as beautiful dancers and entertainers. The party of five was returning from a dance in Frosiburg ' at the time of the mishap. Lights In Creek William :Goff, a brakeman for (he Western' Maryland Railway Comcany, spotted the car's" lights in the creek.and stopped John Morrissey, operator of the Mountain Museum, in .Eckhart, .who (Continued oh Page 20) COLLECTION DAY TOMORROW Stale Officials Called Upon To Prevent Wrecks FROSTBURG, Md. (fl — Tin board of directors of Maplehurs Country Club has proposed a sys tern for preventing. accidents sue] as that yesterday in which a run away truck killed five persons'aft er streaking out of control down Big Savage Mountain. Four .of the five victims were Frostburg residents. The directors told Col. Elmer F Munshower, superintendent of the State Police, Chairman Russell H McCain-of the State Roads Com mission, and Paul S. Burke, chair man of the Maryland Traffic Safe ty Commission "not a momcn should be 'lost" in putting their plan or a similar one into effect The letter, in part, composed at a meeting of the board mem befs last night, follows: "Undoubtedly the tragedy of to day has prompted many com ments and suggestions relative to preventing runaway trucks on Big Savage Mt. west of Frostburg and quite possible some praclica solution can be found. However until that solution, is discovered tiie board of directors of the Maplehurst- Country- Club respec fully urge for your favorable con sideralion the following inexpen Jve moves, possible of immediate adoption and use. Sign Use Suggested 1. On U.S. Route 40 west of Savage Mountain Inn there should be erected two signs, on the right o [he east-bound lane and facing lhat lane. One such sign- placcc about half-way from the top of the mountain, the other almost at the lop, both lettered with reflective jaint. Each sign should bear the following, or some similar legend: "Notice to drivers of trucks, trac or-trailcrs, busses and other icavy duty vehicles — you must sring your vehicle to a full stop at the top of this mountain, keep ing to the right, and follow instruc- [ions on sign located there." 2. At the summit of Big Savage Mountain the road shall be so markc'd as to provide a drive-of space on the level area facing Frostburg, there,' facing • east bound traffic, a large sign lettered reflectively shall bear the follow rig or similar wording: "You are facing 11 miles of continuous down |rade, much of it thru populous areas. All vehicles other than lasscngcr cars must descend in ow gear mid at a speed not to exceed Ibiank) miles per hour for the next 1.7 miles. If your brakes "ail, ditch at once, there is no turnoff and no upgrade ahead." 3. Approximately 2/10 of a mile cast of this sign, where there is irief leveling, a reminder sign shall be erected. Prompt Arrcsi Asked "It is not practical for us to pro- •idc the sort of half-way stopping >oint for trucks as used on Summit •fountain, near Unionlown, Pa., but the plan above will be of .in- 'aluable assistance to drivers unacquainted with the highway a- icad. The corollary, of course, is A veteran of 34 years with the to enforce observance of this requirement by frequent patrolling of the mountain and prompt arrest of transgressors on the charge of reckless driving. No minutes lost in slow travel down these mountains can offset the sorrow of our whole community this sad night, but they may prevent a recur- ice. "Possible scheduled buses, manned by drivers familiar with the highway, might be excepted. Itirths BROWN—Mr. and Mrs. James, 216 .North Mechanic Street, a •daughter yesterday at -Sacred Heart Hospital. DENNISON—Mr. and Mrs. Robert V., Hyhdman, a son this morning in Memorial. EI.KINS—Mr. and Mrs. Jesse, RD .1, Bedford Road, a son this morning "at Memorial Hospital. ELKINS—Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 109 Oifult Street, a. son - this morning at Memorial. HARE—Mr. and Mrs. Gerald, 1 Mary Street, a son last night at Memorial. JENKINS—Mr. and Mrs. Carl, 308 Pulaski Street, a daughter yesterday at Sacred Heart Hospital. LLEWELLYN—Mr. and Mrs. Russell D.,' RD. 3, Bedford, a daughter, yesterday at Memorial. NASH—Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C., 394 Queens Street, McCoolo, a son yesterday at Memorial. SIIOOK-Mr.,and Mrs. Carl A., 118 Paca Street, a daughter this morning at Memorial. TALLEY—Mr. and Mrs; Joseph, 649 North. Mechanic Street, a (laughter yesterday at' Sacred Heart Hospital. TEETERS— Mr. and Mrs. Homer,' t'llntstono, a daughter this moriv Ing at Sacred Heart Hospital, Truck Driver HeldHereOn Manslaughter Owner Also Arrested As Material Witness; ICC Slarlg Probe Developments were swift today in the investigation of the tragic accident in LaVale yesterday that snuffed put-the lives of five persons. The driver of the runaway tractor-trailer that hit the car owned by Clifford P. Fearer of Frostburg and the truck of Samuel J. Brenneman of Frostburg had a warrant served on him charging him with manslaughter by automobile. He was scheduled to appear in Trial Magistrates Court this .afternoon to. post $5,000 bond for his appearance before the next grand jury of • Allegany County Circuit Court. Owner Arrested Minutes after Sgt. William F. Baker of the LaVale Barracks of State Police 'arrested Myers, the criminal investigator arrested Ray Wells of Dover, Pa., the owner'Of the truck. ' ' Wells, Sgt. Baker reported, is being held in connection with a defect in the truck. Sgt. Baker added that he was. going to question !iim at LaVale Barracks before Wells would be required to posl $1,000 bond for his appearance before the grand jury. Wells had the' tractor-trailer iruck under, lease, to the Danie Motor Freight Company of Warren, Ohio.. ' Simultaneously in Washington .he Interstate Commerce Commission .announced it has sent two in- restigators to Cumberland for a probe of the wreck. Myers appeared in Trial Magis:rates Court this morning with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul S Myers Sr., and his wife, all of Dover, Pa. ' Grief stricken, Myers was taken Sacred Heart Hospital last nighl :or treatment of shock and minor READY FOR BRIDGE—A beginners class in bridge was organized last night at the Central YMCA by the City Recreation Department. Pictured above, left to right, are Albert. D. Heacox, president of the Western Maryland Duplicate Bridge Club'; Leon- in the class. injuries. He was brought from there to court for the hearing this morning and when it was postponed untr .his afternoon, he was returned to Sacred Heart until time for the Hearing. Myers Represented Sgt. Baker was present this morning in behalf of the state as )0th State's Attorney Paul M. Fletcher and his assistant, .lame! S. Getty, are lied up with criminal trials in the October term of Circuit Court. Representing Myers is Ihc law firm of W, Earle Cobey, C. Willian- Gilchrist and William R. Carsca den of this city. Also present were officials of the Daniel Motor Freight Company of Warren, Ohio. According to these officials, the company operates in seven states with 500 carriers. The firm officials noted that only on Saturday,. the tractor-trailer passed Pennsylvania inspection. The rig is owned by Ray Wells if Dover a broker who has it under lease to the Daniel Motor Freight Company. He is here in connection with the accident. Trailer Demolished The flat bed trailer, demolished n the accident when it hit two elephone poles, a tree, crushed he car driven by Fearer and occupied by Misses Evelyn Lloyd and Nellie Thomas and Francis Spearman, and finally hitting the truck •perated by Brenneman. Th'e car was reduced to a small mass of molten metal, while a julldozer on the Brenneman truck vas hurled several feet over its cab. Police said Myers told them his irakes failed as he descended Big Savage Mountain. The truck oaded with 20 tons of thin, sheet _ ilvanized steel hurtled through Frostburg at speeds between 90 and 100 miles, per hour. When the rig hit the two vehicles, t was traveling obout 100 miles oer hour, Myers told police. Police added that a taped up section of hose in the air brake system may have caused the brakes to fail. Police Notified The ride of terror lasted only about five and a half minutes as he carrier rolled down the nine- mile grade at the terrific speed. Assistant Chief of Police Ronald Kreider alerted by Frostburg grocer William W. SIuss Jr. that he truck was out of control, ihoned Slate Police barracks in -aVale just three minutes before he accident occurred at 7:35 a. m. A patrol car in the Cumberland irea was dispatched by the radio :lerk at the barracks, but the accident happened while he.was en oute to'LaVale. The load of sheet metal was jeing hauled froni Youngstown, (Continued on Page 20) Meeting Set By Employes Of State Here • The various state agencies in Allegany and Garrett counties will be represented at a dinner-meeting of the Maryland Classified Em- ployes Association at AH Ghah Shrine Country Club on Nbvember 4 at 7 p.m: Mrs. Jennie Graham, administrative assistant to Dr. Winter Rl Frantz, county health officer, is in charge of arrangements for the meeting. It will be the first time that the employes in the various units have held a joint meeting. Members of the association include state employes at Frostburg State Teachers College, State Roads Commission, Forestry, Department, comptroller's office here, and similar agencies. It is planned to have several Senator Beall Asks Data , On Rise In Newsprint Price 1600 Attend Retail Food association officials from more attend. Baiti- Sckool Plans Tree Planting A tree planting ceremony will be conducted at the Gephart School, on Monday, October 24, in observance of the tenth anniversary of the United Nations. Jliss Teryl Chancy, who will mark her tenth birthday on October 24, will plant the tree. Mayor Roy W. Eves and Thomas B. Finan, city attorney, will deliver the main addresses. The program 'will open with a flag by the ceremony, . conducted Brownies of the school. The students of the Fifth and Sixth grades will sing. "The United Nations Hymn." Robert Mess- ncr will explain how the tree is a symbol of peace. The tree is a gift of George Fey. Rev. Carl Johnson will give the benediction. Local Mail In College Eugene A. Alexander, RD 2, city, is enrolled as a freshman at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. WASHINGTON (/I 3 )—Sen. Beall (R-Md) -aslced. the Justice Department's antitrust division today to; furnish j the Senate Banking Committee with any information the! ji ore than 600 persons attended division obtains on the'current newsprint'price' increase j|' le J" n ann .ual dinner meeting of I the Independent Retail Food Deal- jers Association of Western Mary- iland last night at St. Mary's social 'hall on Oldtown Road.. The welcome "to the group was given by Luther Huttcr,-president of the association, and J. Goodloe Jackson was toastmaster. Among the guests were Mayor and Mrs.-Ernest Glass of Accident, Mayor and Mrs. Arthur Hoffa of Barton, Mayor and Mrs. Hoy W. Eves of Cumberland. Mayor and Mrs. W. Earl George of Deer Park, Beall, a member of the committee, said'in his message' to the Justice Department that' the committee .would use such material to "determine whether congressional action might be advisable." One Canadian newsprint producer announced an increase of $5 a ton Tuesday, to a price of 5131 delivered in New York, and an official of the antitrust division said then: "We are not conducting an investigation as such, but we are studying the newsprint situation.' in the past a price raise by one Canadian newsprint manufacturer customarily has signaled a genera increase. Canada supplies about 80 icr cent of the newsprint consumed in the United States. BeaU's message to the antitrust division said: "The threatened increase in the price of newsprint from Canadian manufacturers is of vital concern tn us in our efforts to protect the dissemination of news to all our citizens at a reasonable cost. "Therefore, as a member of the Senate committee on banking am currency. 1 would "appreciate it i you would forward me any infor mation which might be brought t your attention concerning the mat ter so that we can determine whether congressional action might he advisable." Kep. Klein (D-NV). chairman of a House Interstate Commerce subcommittee, said yesterday he was 'much alarmed" at the possibility of a general increase in the cost of the paper on which newspapers are printed. Klein said the result might be :he elimination of some newspa- 3ers. . He said his subcommittee will meet in New York Nov. 1 to consider the situation. Rites Planned For Victims Of Road Accident In LaVale Grieving families and friends are preparing for burial services for .he five victims of the accident in LaA'ale yesterday. Tomorrow at 3:30 p. m. services for Miss Grace Evelyn Lloyd, 35, of Wright's Crossing will be conducted in the Durst Funeral Home, Frostburg, with Yingling, pastor Rev. William of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, officiating. Interment will be in the Frostburg Memorial Park. The body was taken to the funeral home this afternoon. Pallbearers cemetery. The body will be at the Hafer Funeral Home, Frostburg. During World War U, he served in the Air Force. On Saturday at 10 a.m., a requiem mass will be celebrated in St. Michael's Church, Frostburg, for Francis X. Spearman, 59, of 79 Spring Street, Frostburg. Interment will be in the church cemetery. The body was taken to the residence this afternoon. Services for Miss Nellie Thomas, 31, of 136 BoWery Street, Frost- Adam Lloyd. Leo McNeil, Carl Delaney, Joseph James, Carl Firlie and Elmer Taylor. A graduate of Beall High School, Miss Lloyd was active in sports vhile attending school. A requiem mass for Clifford P. "earcr, 38, of 2 Mt. Pleasant Street, Frostburg, driver of the car, will be celebrated at 9 a. m. Saturday in St. Michael's Catholic Church, Frostburg. Interment will-'be in the church be burg, will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the residence, with Rev. Lee Cook, assistant pastor of First Presbyterian Church here, in charge. Interment will be in the Frostburg Memorial Park. Services for the fifth victim, Samuel J. Brcnneman, 29. ot Springs, Pa.-, self-employed as a bulldozer operator-contractor, will be conducted on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. in the • Springs Mennonite (Continued on Page 20) . RONALD GUCKSMAN Mayor and Mrs. Lee Beachy of miles ari'hdur." He san Bar-Mitzvali Scheduled Ronald Glicksman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Glicksman, 11 .North Allegany Street, will'celebrate his Bar-Mitzvah at the E'er Chayim Temple this Saturday. Glicksman will conduct portions Grantsville, Mayor and Mrs. Earl S. Shank of Kitzmiiler, Mayor and Mrs. Okey Michael of Westernport, Councilman Franklin of Frostburg and Councilman and .Mrs. Earl Swauger of Friendsviile. Other guests were Mrs, Gloria H. Bradley of Frederick, secretary of the food dealers group there; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Musey, of Hagerstown. He is president of the Hagerstown food dealers group. Joseph L. Manning, Baltimore. sec- Retail Food Distributors of Mary]land, spoke briefly at the meeting. The invocation was by Rev. Maurice D. Robertson, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. The Colomy "Trio""provided .dinner music. A theatrical group/from Pittsburgh presented a program of Haines. 16,^of Rawlings. They entertainment. "The Piltsburgh- ers," winners of the national' bar- from the Torah Scrolls and the •vritinps of the prophets. He will also deliver an address on the significance of the Hebrew ^aiiguage in Jewish life. Tomorrow evening Rabbi Daniel ,owy will give a sermon .. on 'Formula For Faith", and on Saturday morning he will deliver the charge to the Bar-Mitzvah. Music rill be provided by Mrs. Hairy Parker, soloist, and Mrs. Florence Nugent, organist, and the Temple Choir. .Mr. and Mrs. Glicksman will lonor their son with'a luncheon following the services on Saturday. Talks Mark Meet Local Oil Dealers Four Amcelle Workers Get Watch Awards Four employes of the Celanese Corporation of America at the Amcelle plant have completed a !otal of 100 years service in the Extrusion Department and have seen presented gold watches to mark the occasion. They are William Beal, 213 Manslaughter utoCase Opens In Court Man Accusrcl In Connection -.With Deaths Of Two Pci'sons .-The trial'of Troy .W. Collins, Rawlings, on .a charge of manslaughter by motor vehicle in the deaths' of two passengers in his car June 19 near Dawson on Mc- Miillen Highway, opened before Associate Judge Morgan C. Harris today. Collins, who' has denied he was jie operator of the car on the night of the fatal/crash, is'being defended by Attorneys Simon E. Reilly and Estcl C. Kellcy; Carl Elwood Crifchfield. 34, of ^hevy Chase, 1 a former worker at he Amcelle plant of the Celanese Corporation, and Ernest Van Pelt, 18. RD 3, Keyser, died as a result of injuries in the crash. Photographs Exhibited : . Trooper Milton G. Hart of the State Police testified that when he arrived at the scene of the crash Collins told him that Critchfield had been driving the machine: ' The officer also exhibited photo- jraphs of the highway at the point of the crash and also charts outlin- ng how-the Collins car, which was :raveling towards Rawlings. swerved into a ditch alongside-the right side of the road, came hack onto the highway, hit an embankment on the left side of .the road and .hen swerved to the right again. The machine turned over several times. Trooper Hart said. David Moreland, 19, of Rawlings, one of the five young men in the car, testified that they had been at a Keyser restaurant until about m'dnight and after driving around :he town for some time, left about L a. m. for the Rawlings section, where they lived. He said he was riding in the-back seat and that the machine was being operated between 60 and 65 itraight when the car went" into he ditch and that he was knocked mconscious when the car foiled over. He testified that Troy Col- 'ins was driving the car. ' . Moreland said he heard someone n the car say: "Hold on" and 'Here we go". Saw Car Coming Three boys, who were walking along the highway to their homes n the Rawlings section after attending a drive-in theater. that retary-manager of the Independent night: said they saw the car coming and noticed its lights went out just before the machine went into the ditch. The lights flickered .on momentarily after the car returned to the roadway and then went out, the boys testified. The boys are Harold Collett, 19, now of Ohio, Robert, 15, and Paul said they heard the crash of the car but it was too dark to see what exactly happened down the high- .vay. Trooper Hart had previously testified that the Collins car careened 390 feet from the point it first entered the ditch until it came to rest cross-wise to the highway The officer said that the force of :he crash tore out the battery of the Collins car and the next day another battery was used to test he lighting system. The' lights operated in a normal manner, the officer testified. State's Attorney Paul M. Fletcher presented the state's case. Retired Navy Avirett Avenue; Clarence H. \f^ , f\* Saathhoff, Corriganville; Joseph I 31)13111 UlCS K. Brown, Cresaptown. and Clar- J; cnce T. Freeland, 32 Humbird Street. Captain James J. McAtee. retired captain of the U. S. Navy. ,1 i «, n mi John B&stwick ' department sup- djed , nis morning at the home of A meeting of local Shell -Oil enntendent. presented each of the; c A Smith 820 National Highway, Company dealers was held last [ our men w jth five-star lapel em-|,' v ,. . ' •_L. _i iu_ T _i;-1_ T7J-« TT-,11 .,/-Jt.i Ljdvaic. - • light at the LaVale Fire Hall, according to R. Estes Brockman Jr., manager of the Cumberland Oil Company. Brief talks were made by Ross Vagner, district representative of he Shell Company, and P. G. Potts, Shell industrial engineer, vhilo a demonstration of Shell blems. Bea! is the father of two daughters. He is well known in local baseball circles. 1 Saathhoff is married and has three sons. His favorite hobby is woodworking. Freeland Capt. McAtee served in" both World War I and World War II.~and during, the former was chief of the government's .pigeon service. Locally, he organized the Allegany Racing Pigeon Club. He was an married. Over products was presented by T. P. twenty years ago, he graduated ->Iegg. commercial engineer for from the Northwestern School of '"> 'irm. The three represents- Taxidermy. Since that time, he of the firm are located at]"as mounted small game as a leadquarters in Baltimore. The meeting also featured a discussion on products of the Good•ear Tire and Rubber Company hobby. • Brown is married and the father of two daughters. Since 1938, he has-been an airplane pilot and by Warren Downing, district rep- over the years, has had varioi »«ni»t;.-.. planes. During World War II. 1 •esenlative. he Among those attending were L.jservcd for more-than two years in the Air Corps \. Beverly, Roy Alkirc. G. L., Keister, T..R. Wolford, Oley Me- j mechanic for B.-24S. as a crew chief Cray and Harry Shipley. Boss Dinner Tonight H. Lee Silcox, will be toastmaster-for the eighth annual "Boss" Night. Dinner of the Algonquin Chapter, National Sercetarics Association at Ali Gran Shrine Country Club, today at 6:30 p.m. (authority on pigeons and author of several books on the birds. Capt. McAtee was partner with Mr. Smith in the McArthur Racing Pigeon Loft in LaVale. ";~^ A native of Braddock, Pa'.,: he was a son of the late Andrew 'and Margaret (Barr) McAtee. His wife, Mrs. Catherine (Rogers) McAtee, preceded him in death. He was a member of Stv Patrick's Catholic Church. He is survived by a sister. Miss Martha McAtee. California, and a niece, Mrs. Margaret O'Brien, Florida. ' . The body is at the Stein Funeral Home.- • VICTIMS OF TRAGEDY—Death came instantly for these five persons yesterday in LaVale when the.vehicles in which they were riding were struck by a runaway tractor-trailer load- ed.with M tons'of sheet,metal, that was-hitting about 100'miles.per hour. Left to right ore Samuel J. Brenneman, 29, of Springs; Pa.; Miss Nellie Ttiomas, 31, of 138 Bowery Street; Clifford P. Fearer, 38, of 2 Mt. Pleasant Street; Miss .Grace Evelyn Lloyd, 35, of Wright's Crossing, and Francis X. Spearman, 59, of 71) Spring Street, all of Frosiburg. The driver of the runaway truck, Paul S., Myers Jr., 25, of Dover,-Pa,j suffered minor'injuries. Mbituartj GREENHORN — Mrs. William. Piedmont. HOWARD—Aaron, 62, Ridficley. JONES—Mrs. Carrie, Jasper. Ala., formerly of Moorefield. MUlR-John J., 78, of 121 Paca Street. RICE-Bradley .T., 53, Mt. Savage. Aaron E. Howard Aaron E. Howard, 62, who lived along West Virginia State Route 28 near Ridgeley, died Tuesday afternoon. • '. : He is survived-by his father/J. W. Howard, Wallace Street, and a daughter,. Mrs. Henrietta .Trent, also'of this city. - ,';..The body is at the Stein-Funeral' Home. .,;,,. Mm, Carrie' Jon»« ."..;• MOOREFIELD - Services., : for Mrs, Thomas A. Jones, Jaspor, (Continued on-Page ; 20.) >,..'

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