Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1933
Page 6
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PiGE SIX THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 17, 1933. lOLA. KANSAS Ami ©VER WAGES OF BABE BEGUN Ruth Returnk I First Contact • I Him by Tank ; New. York, Jan. 17. annual battle over the Ela^c Ruth's salary check) ed'ln dustomary fftshion. : Morej- In fear tha i hojji kocs raallcd Ruth ie ?3 yesterday. T|ie blgj ?Ii<eger: an nounccd It, unsigned, today he Intimated. mlRh Jlkedl with It. He' iisi" for it. , while, iinwilling to d nsig^ncd Sent ees (AP)—The figures on: has start- do term's the world champlohs had of- tercd him for hLs cxer sciison. -Buth left no dobbt In the minds of Interviewers 'thf ieriouKh.':' '•Whai they ofTci-od m| •thlnR for them to •ft^nt to,;' the Babe say ithei^ ofTer wa.> long shdl and thcj BASKETBALL INSULTS ' I 1 (By the Associate J Press) | •- r— ^—<• tho Yan- cpntract for home-run he wiuld return Ths Yankees. »-hat Ihey hlmstlf had no' College Basketball Results: Dartmouth 29. ,Yale 23. West Virginia 21. Davis-Elkins 36. V/Lscon.sin 22, Northwestern 40. . Crcighton 27. Marquette 22. Milligan 44. Tennessee 26. Minnesota IC. Purdue.40. Iowa 36. Chicago 32. IIlinoLs 22. Ohio State 33, Oklahoma A. & M. 18, Butler 31. Omaha 41, Buena Vista 37. Nebraska Wesleyan 19, Hastings college 17. ' j Central <Mo.) teachers 19, South- (Mo.) teachers 31. Central (Mo.) 18, Missouri Valley 19. Ottawa 28, College of Einiwrla 38. Fals (Mexico) 22, Baker 28. Oklahoma City 25. Phillips 59. . Texa.s Christian 27, Texas A, .& M. 26. : Washington State 14, Oregon State 26. CHACOMA BILLED AGAIN Local Face-Maker to Meet Cniiey Smith, of Points East and West, On Thnrsday's Card .SCU.-NS what Ions next t it wasn't; Ls .some- • innouhce if they said. "But I will i n't enough by a ' '11 ha the (ante if they expect n e to sign." i ' Busines."-, Manager Edward G. Bar- ! :row declined to confirm'r jports that -;thCjClub:hatj proffered Rjth a contract for S60.000 bi t. at the same itlme. appeared not|even mildly sur-, •prised when, informed that the big i (5utfielde^ was retutning |the papers without signature. •;After all.."' Barrow remarked, "the •Babe has been doiig thrt with al-i mast every contract we ever sent :him." . That Ruth's $75,000 siilary was going to 'be rt'duced has been an ppijn .secret for same tipie. Ruth' ; himself indicated he would be will- ;jng to tRke a modest cut.| say $5,000': , or so. without much of a |grimace of : pain. :^As in the piist. it :jand Col.: Jacob Rujipert ••^et tneelhrr for a lis expMted Ruth :«nce when tlie whdle sals ;,Ti -ill be ironed out a :;^dispatchi micabl JCoL Andrews Sfiakespe person 'ortrays iare a •ojn Paj (Continued Froln Page One) •no-ssed the, Shakest j.ances of Booth. Bairy. M: •-a score 6f other actors wl !; fame in'the' last ctnturv .lamented that "Th Shakespeare comp: _i,tddny." .i | The rtmaii-.der of CWonel Anfor the pnalion of and Cn.'is- : drews's address co|n.sLsteci ^ niast part'of the jmpen " the chaf'act<|r.s of Brutus ... lus as C A.W U LS plottjed wit i the oth- --eir the ftssas-sination of J iliu.s Cae• sar as chronicled by Shal^espeare in ; his tragedy. Tlie .•ifrpm memory the li a|cters a.^ Ca<sius ni tb suggest the plot a.broad. in the Roman senV.e. j Colonel Andrews tire scene, re.quirins sever? I minutes, .^from memory, a feitin tself even discounting the drWia h; instilled in it with his interpretation. In conclusion thij — ; from memory delivered B ation fotiowing the death calling it one of the "genis of . all Uteratbri?." despite most acclaim has pny's oration from 're isn ny on! Colo hcs of proacl e to ratse soon will i nl confer- ; ry dispute ' and with • Topics leareail perfprm- rlowe. and o attained Then he I 't a-single the road Georgia Chief Still a Farmer Atlanta. jGa.. Jan. 17. (API- Eugene Talmadge. the farmer who came to town to be Georgia's chief executive, hasn't any Idea of letting the governor's mansion cramp his style of living. The home that Georgia gives its govern (5rs is a stately .stone structure on tlie Pi-ado in Ansley park, an exclusive residential section of Atlanta. It has ample grounds and is surrounded by trees and shrubbery. In fact, it was all right as far as it went but governor Talmadge who likes his hound dogs, cows and chickens decided it didn't go far enough. Today the>.sound of hammers disturbed the dignified setting. Carpenters have started work to build a barn—not a garage—ji barn, a hen and a dog house. When its all finished. Governor Talmadge is going to bring a cow up from his farm in Telfair county, some chickens and a few pood dogs. Mrs. Talmadge feels the same way about the farm surroundings as her husband. Sunday morning the. covemor said. Mrs. Talmadge was "up long before daylight" and Monday morning it was the same way. At breakfast she announced she was goinc back to Telfair to' see the cows and chickeas. ; He expects her to commute between the farm and; the governor's mansion "until she gets fully acquainted with the hours we city folks keep-." ho said. After Mrs. Talmadge left, the governor ordered carpenters to huiry work on the barn at the mansion. "Mrs. Talmadge will feel more at home when .she .can go out and see the stock," he .said.".so will I." Mike Chacoma and Eggs Melton will be the hosts again at the weekly wrestling card In M. W.,A. hall Thursday night. Chacoma will entertain a gentleman by the name of Curley Smith of Bartlesvllle. Omaha, and other points, and Melton Is to see that Orvel Cox, ihe Fredon- lan, enjoys i q pleasant evening. The card Is the one that was announced • originally for last Thursday, but in error. Chacoma has compiled a wo^ and lost "average of 1000 per cent since he decided to cut down on the overhead by taking part in the evening's activities himself. Melton is also undefeated in four appearances here. No information of note is forthcoming concerning the antagonist of Chacoma; Orvel Cox has wrestled here before, and always gives a good show. The fans believe he Is the man to toss Melton for a loss, Chacoma states that all contestants on Thiirsday's card have postr ed a $10 forfeit that they will be on hand when the curtain goes up. This Is being done in an effort to assure the fans the show they are promised. Two preliminaries are billed, the first of which is advertised to start at 8:15. The admission charge will be the same as before, Chacoma' said, 25 cents for men, 10 cents for children, and a sweet smile from the ladies. BRUSHING UP SPORTS --• By taufer '•4 BIG SIX LEAD AT STAKE Game Thursday Between M. U. and K. U. an.Important One. cHrRrn i .EAorE PLAY | icl spoke )oth char- l ed Brutus which Was then recited the eh- speaker again utus's or|of Caesar. the act that (ecn gi'en Anth- ihe same play. Tho viicancy in the Chtu-ch bas- k(!Lball league iniide by the withdrawal of Carivlr has been taken over b,v the Catholics, former charn- pions of the league. The incoming ciuintrt is said to be one of the strongest fives in the league. The .schedule tonight calls for names between the Methodi-sts and Christian Seniors and the Presbyterians and Christian Live Wires. No admis.s!on is charged for the contests, the first of which begins at 7:30. When :hls last word wis siwken, prolonged applause attested the appreciation of the club for. Colonel Andrews'.s effort in brmging hLs picture of ^ the "greatest of all play- •RTlghts'; to them. • <;inL tlORN TO MRS. SNIPES Mother Scning Life Sentence in Pen Instead of Facing Death. rcolumbja. S. C. Jan. 17. (VVP)— A daughtier was born today to Mrs. Beatrice iPergii .soh Snipes, whose death sentence for slaying a York • Icoimty officer was! commuted last jweck, byvGovernor Blaclwood, to life Imprisonment. ' I After (Bmmutatioii of her s ^n; tencc. Mi^S. Sni ;->cs, Ulrcatly mother ^f a six-year-old son, was trans- iferred, from the .state penitentiary „to the; state hospital here. Dr. I-Ycd Williams, sm ^crinlendcnt of the .hospital, .said "both mother and daughter arc getting along fine.": i "Mr.-:: Sriipes was, convicted of shooting to death Elliott Harris when the officer stopped an automobile in which she was riding with her hUsbahd. Clyde Snipes, to search lit for whiskey,^ Finding! none, he attempted to arrest SniiMs for reckless driving. An argument en .su (?d and Mrs.-Snipes .said she shot the ioffleer affcr he had struck her. ' Protestsr against her death .sen- jtcnce weft received by Governor jBlackwood from many sections. r~ OWL CREEK Jan. yj.—Tlie Farmer'.<» Union gave an ouster supper at the Owl Creek school; house Friday night. I about'75 Were pre.sent. The District 5 community club met Wednesday. Jan. 11,'with Mrs. N. Bennett. Ten members were present. Next raeetUig will be with Mrs. Ben Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ellis and family .spent Sunday at the Charles Stroh home. Mrs. Harry Hay. Bessie and Jessie I spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Orth and Mildred and Mrs. Alfred Myers, Mr. and;Mrs. Tom Bell of Yates j Center speht Sunday afternoon with 1 Mr. and Mrs". Ben Brown and : GrantJma Eell. ! Harrj' Hay called on John Cressi Sunday morning. Mrs. Alfred Myers and children is spending a,: few days at the Bert Orthi homei; Mrs. A. W. Long of Piqua spent Tfiesday 'afternoon at the Ben Brown home. JMary Domitz of Prairie Flower dll'ict visited Owl Creek school Columbia, Mo., Jan. 17. (AP)—The pace-setting University of Mlssoiiri basketball team in the Big Six conference race this afternoon was to get down to a stiff workout for its big test against the University of Kansas Jayhawks Thursday night. It will be the last practice session for the eight Tiger cagers who will make the trip, as they depart for the scene of the battle at 3:15 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Coach George B. Edwards today said the personnel of his squad would be Captain Norman Wagner, center; Johnny Cooper, Barney Passer and Dquglas Elgin, forwards; and George Stuber, Denver Miller, Kenneth Jorgensen and Woody Hatfield, guards. First place in the race 'will,be. at, stake, for a victory .would | give the Jayhawks a record of three games won and only one lost for a percentage of .750, against two triumphs and one defeat for the Tigers iWho would drop to a .667 standing, while a Mis.souri triumph would ikcep Its conference record unmarred ; iwith three straight victories, and i send Coach F. c. Allen's cagers to an; even .500 standing. R[)CWEPn ?HER.lMl93l ToONEOFTteMoSr. . EPFeaWBHUPLERSIN USriKI93X»« USELESS \mmm AT PN^HEP IN MORE :aiHBlrt.W 1931VWEM HE ftao \OED Moeujjufe AS SftlToOtS IM (93:1, A PERSISTENT OPMISH (Continued Fron* Page One) made about mld-yeari and encountered considerable resistance on the decline when they approached their earlier \<m figures. 5. There is a feeling, regardless of political bias, that the new congress may be able ! to accomplish considerable good, because it will be predominantly of one political complexion. This, in the eyes of bankers, is preferable to a congress that Is about evenly divided In its political makeup, and therefore in constant danger of being stalemated. Financial leaders have of late not been given to making forecasts as to when recovery will appear. That is a question, they say, which none but the novitiates will attempt to answer. Many of them have Indicated recovery will come about gradually, almost Imperceptibly, and in at least a few lines or business .some quiet gains have already been recorded. BABY. TO BEGUM AGA KHAN Beautiful French Wife! pT Indian Potentate Doing Well. VACANT CRIB TELLS THE TRAGIC STORY OF SLAYING OF BABY I Toneka—The number of stocker and feeder cattle inspected at pub^ lie stock yards before shipment Into Kansas during the last six months of 1932 was the smallest for a similar period in the 14 years such records have been kept. P. K. Rped. statistician for the United States department of agriculture reported yesterday. - . The figure for the period was 154.000 head, compared with 191.000 head for the same period in. the pre\ious year. ; Reed's report also revealed the number of cattle in^ farm feed lots JanuaiT 1 was 5 per cent less than on the same date 1932. On Middleweights (T^HE best middleweight in the . world is not Alarcol Thil. The best middleweight in the world is not Gorilla Jones, though the Gorilla is just about as cute as any of the lads in that division now. The best niiddlewcight in llic world is a colored boy named Sammy Slaiuhter. under the man- ar;cmont of Uud Taylor, the old 'rcn;e Ilatite ' bantam. Sammy Knocks tUcni out with a flick of the wrist. On Football Teams rriUK best footl)all team In the United State.s is not Pittsburgh, wliicli tliis misled writer believed before Jan. 2. But Pittsburgh will have the best outfield In the Nfttional League next year with Lindairoin .and tlic' two Waners. So that's ;;oinct]iinR. On the Box Office I X ;in rfforl to overrnnie nntici- Iiated apathy toward tho Wasli- in:;ton ball cliil) without Walter Johnson, Clark GrifBtli has made some sMinit moves with an eye to the lk)x ofllte. One of them wasl the naming of Joe Cronin as man-| ager^ an . interesting experiment! that either wil! make a great manager or niin a fine ball player. Another was the return of Goose Goslhi, adtling a gob of color to the team. The addition of Whitehill and Stewart to the pitching forces makes the Senators the most improved club in either Ica.cnn, and improvement is what makes tho turnstiles spin. » • On Notre Dame Teams yllEN Reggie Root ' appointed Bucky O'Connor backfield coach at "Vale, and retained Adam Walsh as line coach, he added one more Notre Dame team to the easterji list. The other addition for ne.Nt season will be at Fordham where Jimmy Crowley, one' of the Four Horsemen, wiU build ' linos, backfields and character., Jlr. Crowley will not use the War-' ner system. * * » On Grid lnjuri%s T.'.'J'iJraES to football players! ihroughout tUg. segspp *0|t] tlienTl 2,632 ~day8 ~of Classroom activity, acciordlng to dempn statisticians. Maybe it 's something for the technocrats to take up. •'••«_ On the OW Rabbit glX years ago-an old man who had been a great major league ball player was- sent to Rochester, marked "all through." The same person led the National League shortstops in fielding last season. The name is Walter James \'in- ccnt Maranyille—and lie appears to be good for six years more. * * * On Keeping a Bali Ciub I F you care to' spend a little iu; 1933, acquire a minor league baseball franchise. During the last few years tho New Orleans (ilub of tho Southern Association lias cost". Charlie Somera, among .cithers, between $30,000 and $40,000 per annum. Last season's losses were $30,000. Mr. Somera changed managers for 1933, Lari-y Gilbert returning to the job, Jakle Atz going back to Texas. » « • * " The Yankee. Pitcf\3rs nnilE Kame |Yankee pitchers who X won 107 American League (and four world series) ball games last year will be on the job again in '33. Counting on a little improvement on the part of Danny MacFayden this year, the staff probably wMll be able to turn In l |l0 victories. The. staff is composed of Johnny Allen, MacFay- ('ten, Wiley Moore, Lefty Gomez, Charley Ruffing, George Pipgras and jHerb Pennock. Pitching recruits .are Doh Brennan, -Pete' J|ablonowski, Jimmy Deshong, Russell Van Atta, Marvin Webster Duke and Jim crowd! Paris, Jan. 17. (AP)—A son was bom today to the Begum Aga Khan, young and beautiful French wife of .the wealthy East Indian prince who Is the religious h«ad of millions of Ismalli Mohammedans. The child was bom at the American hospital in the Neuilly district. Mother, and son were reported doing well. The Aga Khan III, the father, is at Cannes on the Riviera. He is forty-eighth In direct and unbroken descent from the Prophet Mohamed's daughter, Fatima, and her husband, A^I. One of the most picturesque figures In Europe, the Aga Khan maintains extensive racing' stables i iii India and England and plays an active role in Indian politics. The Ismail! Mohammedans pay him ahnual tribute. By a previous marriage, he has a 26-year-old son, Prince All, who makes his home in England, The son bom today was the first child of the fair haired Frenchwoman, bora of a bourgeolse family, and the 57-year-old sultan. They were married three years ago. The Begum Aga Khan, who' has not yet visited India, was the former Andree Carron, a native of the Uttle town of Chamberry, Prance, where she speht all her life until her marriage. She has not adopted the Mohammedan religion, retaining the Catholic faith to which she was born. TO GIVE AWAY A TOWNSITE Coloradoah Offers Every Lot In Ilal- ford Free to Townsmen. It was either the [work of a madman, or a fiendish act of vengeai^ce, police are agreed, that brought death to 4-months-old Frank Michael Cam- niarano as he lay' in the crib pictured here. The baby was asleep on the second floor of his parents' home in New York when it was. stabbed repeatedly with a hunting,knife. An aiint, Theresa Cammaraho, Is shown the slayer is beUeved to have stood. Police were without a significant clue. I COMMOD TIES CUT Roosevelt Favors Aid Bill for Wheat [ And Cotton Only Weaver. What a • * • On the Wrists rpHE best batter in the National ; League (despite the fact bat Lefty O'Doul led in the averages) Is an Indianapolis bowler. Every few days he comes in from; taIs home, south of town, and rolls the mineralite at Jess Pritchett'a a :!eys. Ho says it's fine for, the [wrists. Tliejnamgjg Chucl^ Klein. Washington. Jan. 17. (AP)—Word from Senator Smith (D. S. C.), that Fresidcnt-elect Roosevelt wants the domestic allotment farm relief bill i limited to two products—wheal and cotton—today stih-ed a torrent of dlscasslon on cap^tol hill. Senator Dlckiri.son (R. la.), told newspar^rmen htSj would make every effort "to see that the same protection is given the great state of Iowa and her products| as Is given otlier stales, and their products." Mr. Roosevelt's | position was described by Senator Smith, the ranking Democratic member of the agriculture committee, as he returned from a conference with the next president in New York and went into an executive session of his committee on the measure. To carry out the plan would eliminate hogs, dairy products, tobacco, rice and peanuts from the bill as passed by the house. Dickinson said Iowa was the "greatest agricultural state in the union." and was not interested in wheat or cotton. "Limiting the domestic allotment plan to' two commodities simply means thls-^that there will be no farm relief for the hog raiser, the com producer or the dairy man," he said. I ON THE ALLEYS League Standings. W. L. PctJ Pla Mors 28 23 .531 Colts 25 26 .49 Recreations 22 26 Colts. Humes ... ......'137 160 .161 Dullnsky . 144 166 149 Northrup . 200 159 162 531 Matney .. 140 181 194 ai5 Denning . 193 183 164 Totals .. ......832 839 830 2493 Pla Mors. Reuther .. 235 173 179 587 Doollttle .. 139 140 167 .446 Corr 201 154 178 527 Frltchle .. 191 154 192 537 Billbc .... 178 150 193 519 Totals .. ...:. :943 771 902 2616 June 21 marks the. 300th annlver^ saiy of the death of Captain John Smith, famous English adventurer and president of the Colony of Vlr- guiia. _ ' Ignition Parts i DEEP CUT PRICES \ Points, Ford A, pair 32c Points. Cher. 1928-32, pair 39c All other points, pair .50c 300 Other Ignition Farts ANDREWS & SON Tola, 14 S. Washington Channte, 215 East Main, More than two and a half billions of dollars are invested in Argentina by Englishmen. Colorado Springs. Colo., Jan; 17: (AP)—As his bit toward restoring prosperity. Charles E, Williamson wants to give away a Kansas town he owjis. Williamson owns the townslte of Halford, ten miles east of Colby, Kas. He offers a lot in the town to every worthy head of a family who will apply, with an adjoining lot available at the end of a year. The town, accordhig to,Williamson, who is 69, was originally named Verner. He changed the name when he purchased the entire townslte and acquired large tracts of land on three sides In 1921. It is on a railroad, has a postofflce and is a pro-- ductive farming area. Williamson also owns, a coal mine in eastern Colorado, a farm in west- em Kansas and business property in Lincoln, Nebr. • KEtLEY Matinees 10c-15c— Nights 10c-25c TODAY AND WEDNESDAY LISTEN Until recent daj-s. plagues and epidemics were looked upon as punishments inflicted upon a sinful humanity by an,offended diety. We carry a complete line of Firestone Ures, batteries and accessories. Texaco Certified Service. CITY OIL CO. Washington and Broadway FIBESTONE-TEXACO - Willi CttoU Lombira .DerothrlUciUin CARTOON—MAGIC CARPET —NEWS THURSDAY-FRIDAY— A proven s^re' fire, mlUlon-laugh- ; power romance in the world of bunk. IBPEVEIQ ISTMCY EUGENE PALLETTE FRANK MORGAN SATURDAY— Edmund Lowe, Wynne Gibson, Jimmy Gleason, Lois Wilson, Dickie Moore in **THE DEVIL IS DRIVING" SOON—"li-areweU to Arms"—John Barrymore's "A Bill of Divorce- raent"—Richard Dlx, Ann Harding, "The Conquerors." SOMETHING —A ND SOMEONE-^NEWI Bareheaded and wearing pantaloons, Lllliari Harvey, famous British screen actress, is shown waving a hello to the United States as she arrived In New York. Yes, ishe's bound for Hollywood, »• • Topeka—The 12-cytader motor car, provided by the state for former' Governor Harry H.' Woodring. will be used as the official car 'of Govehior Alfred M. Landon. W. G. West, CSovemor Landon's secretary, said the chief. executive was determined to use the old car "just as long as it will run," adding that "this Is no time to change, automobiles." It has been driven 52,000 miles. PoisO^ ENDS STORt One of ;M«^t Baffling English .>Iys- teHcs Results in Suicide j > London,: Jan. 17. AP)^a!mui'U X James Furnace, who was in custody on a ch^r^'e of murdering his friend. Walter'.Spatchett, died early today in St. •• Pfincras hospital from- the effects pf.k self-administered poison. Ever:%in?e furnace was found suffering from the jjoison in a Keiitish- town (a Lbndon quarter) police station cell early yesterday, the doctors an'd staff of the hospital worked life -bin desperi:itc*(y to save his without avail. Thu^ ended another phase of. oiie of the most amazing dramas to grip England In many years and tlse climax of one of the dramali.c murder' hunts in the history of Scotland' Vard. , | f Spatcliett wa.s the victim of Avhrlt was-di^scrMjed as ah nil biit "perfect murder." ; A burned body, fouiid Januai7' S In the cliarred ruihs Of Furnace's" workshop and of f let. where' he, carried on constriictioh work, was.-at first Identified sis hfs own. The, unexpected discovery of bullet w^oiinds at a routine inquejil led to Identification of the body As SpatcJiett's, I ; Furiiace'was finally found in i south end boarding house Sunday, wher? he had remained almost| con- tlnuojusly In his bed, complaining of illhess, spending the time readliig a stack of detective stories. ^ His chartning wife, who acclaimed . him -the ideal husband. and father, and Fumace's brother visltedl him in tl?e hospital while tlaree Scotlattd Yai-d operatives listened in jhopc they might, hear a word of confcx- slon; The motive for the slaylpg of Spatchett.bill-collector, was n6t established; w. fclerk KiuLsas City, Kas,—William Buckingham, 40, surpri,sed a ....... in tjie marriage license bureau y.'heu he obtained a license on Ffldsy the thirteenth. He said it i wifj,- just another day to him and a Jitlie later was married to Miss Dlna Bailey, 37.; ! ; Yr.sterday^ Mrs. Fthel Boll E ;viiM Butjkinghntii, surprised the groom oy "filing a complaint charging!hiiti with bigam,v. She slated they married in 1922, and had obtained a; divorce following sej-giratlon. nol heir I "WE JUST HAD TO GET MARRIED ..." . . . the unbelievable hapioened . . . romance in the life of a theater manager . . . and we sincerely appreciate the .multitude of congratuatlons and friendly best.wishes from the people of lola .. . we're proud and happy to make our home In the commimlty which has given us a welcome beyond our fondest.'dreams . . . glad to express our -thanks to everyone who has joined in greeting us . . . and to everyone whose friendly Interest in the lola Theater has made our marriage possible ... we keenly realize that our and happiness is in your,'hands. Now it's our turn to honor the occasion in^somc small way . . wedding treats will be' on hand for everyone attending t^e lola Wednesday night . . .Intro-- ductlons arc unnecessary . . . we hope eyery patron of the lola will count us as.friends . . . and feel that we are acquainted.—MURREL and GRACE HILLYER. •i-TIIEATltE OF THE STARS" . THCATI fokORROW! > FOR 3 DAYS fha .stToen'o funnio.'^t c'bmody team with the greatest laff -ca-st you've evei- seen I With ROLAND YOUNG FIFI D'ORSAY GUY KIBBEE C. AUBREY SMITH VERREE TEASDALE illENRY ARMETTA and €ORA SUE COLLINS ADDED— "FLIP THE FROG" DUCK HUNTER'S PARADISl I^TEST M-G-M NEWS THEY JUST HAfilirGET MARRIED SUM .SUMMERVILLE and ZASU Pins TODAY! ADMISSION lOc TO ALL! ''THE ISTQ GUEST" Ginger-Rogers, Lytc Talbqi Faircll MacDonald LAUREL & HARDY CARTpON and SF6BTS| THOS. n. BOWLUS, Presl(lent O. B. BOWLUS, Cavhkt A lien County State Bank lOLA. KANSAS CsipitarStock $36 ,000.00 Sarplus .J.... $100,000.00 INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPQ:8ITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB EENt L] E. HORVILLE, Pres. F. O. BENSON, Vice-Pres. and Caahlei I JESS C. BENSON, AssL Cashier The Ida State Bank Capital Stock ^....... $50,000.00 Surplus . .... ..X,. ........ $43,000.00 Intereit PaUd on Certificates of Deposit and S»TliiKs Accounta SAFETY DEPOSIT l^^S FOB B^NT

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