Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1927
Page 3
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Jbk 'amoDg thk list of th;|-a«. rosd coBatriicU|pD.!proijM:U in. <'if.wUfr4'<county. Is-^Uurtj of the six mi^.of- earsoi]^-M £a @liie>PJM«bui:«; PB«.' starting liet^ mfiad MAI of thit .roaa-aiid th« .Kast Main itlreet prp^ci oat of Pai-Mos. a Itard ^ur- fai^d road will connect PitUl^rg and ^Parsons. Save forrCfari^tmas. 192S lola Stat« Bank. Bernard • Flannery. salesman for lYin jBu4 Whit« Motor Co., is in ('banutv. called there yesterday by tlie (ierlbiiii iltnefisi of bin father. ! - i . * • ' . •frSe^ our new liridee LamiJS, sp^cfai. $4.98. K. C. Electric- and Plambliig Co. (i;hanute Triiiune: Wfll T. Allen, pre.sident of the. Allen State >Banl».a? Brie, is in the hoNpital ajr ^:iM .qtiite .se.rioiisty HI. However. Mr. Ajlcn had a restful night and liix condition i.s improved over ye.-^terday. Mi' it* threatened with anjaltuck of piieunioniu,, followed •• by i a recurrenc-e of the flu. from whicii \n'. siiffr-rcd .seriously iaat ^ year, He was weukene.d from the atl lek last year and liau been wo-liluB loo li:iri| since. 'ft - l >ec «ii^r 141 thei?* -wfll bo a meeting of an f^'r^ Vuxaun i^embers; in. lola towneblii in tbe. Cham- birr of Copun^ijce'rdpma. M ^QUtrlBl hall. lola. at 8 o 'clt ^ck.' Tbe mp^t- ing.haJB 4^;^ called t >y F ^)d Aipent R^y G «^lil a:od, Is tor tii«. pui;p08e of' discussios ' future ^drk^ and electing townsbip. otficen and appointing some tomniittjeeB. Incidentally there will be.; am». pictures, but tbe buaincka isj t&e main thiiij; as Mr: Gwin lias i^ig pro -JN'ortb Side Bapb .er Shop. Phq. ^7. gram for the coming year which ' I>niik •! Mi^ AUK BiMyiil fiif^H. MMfJjUijt Itpfzan passed Jiway ui tljH" bijnius pf*!^ daughter. Mm. W. M. ^Harris, seven miles northwest' of jtola, last night at 9 o'clock. The ibuiemt avrirlot' was beldiat'3:36 o<eloeli this aftianibon at the boaw. ijhc; 1R«T. K; L. Vetie officiating: Burial was ,mad6 in the Piqua cemetM-^. —We pay ^% on .Full PaM «nd InstallineAt Stfid^: The best Inrestr ment. the hcst method to siitcl ' Floyd ailpu, of the Red Star Trail, was la Chanuti». thi^ afterr noon; on ^business.' —dive, Imt; a Perma^nt W«v« for Christmas. Special priofi. ^6.09, 1927. be wishes to discuiis. ' , — —Be 8ure to s^eJess Howard's display of hicycies, tricycles, icoot- ers, coaster wagons and KJddie- Kars. The Ideal gift for the fciddleH. Mrs. £. H. Brown iW^t to Ilide- Iieudence on th«s noon tri)in todfty, called there iby th^ serious illness of her nie.ce, Lila Zinunerman. witp is Kuffeflng from piieumooia; and peritonitis. » —"Van's Bread," g^od »» ever. Dr. P. L. R. Laavell was a husi- nes .s risltor in Chanute Sanilar- —Dr. AL B. Twa««il. OsUppath. ,A telephony message was received In lola this hiorning announcing, the death bf Mrs.' iCliz^i- beib Trarts. the mother of 061. Frank L, Travis, which occurred at the home of her daughter. Mrs. _ Charles Brighani; iry Denver. Colo-]. New Globe BJdg. Phone Wl. ra«o, at lfl:SO last night. The' body will he brought to lola. arriving on tbe .Santa Fc I'lug.. at 8:32 Thursday eveijing, and the fiineral service w4ll' he helil on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock, llev. H. (>. Mathiti. offii luting. An ade- q^atf> obituary will 'upiwar at a latrtT.datc. After 'iGetift^ '^ohn. J. P,enbifi)jr#^ addressed^ the' Anaertcan Arm Bii|r'eau r^erutipb in Cbh^o the at|»r. day.f thcie yfis a cry of ."Per- slilng for president" -from the deleijijies.' "Ope pltSuriB. i'eft to, right, ih'ows Perabiiig. Sani H. Thompson, president' of the -Federation, i^d E. A. P'Neill. vice-president of the organization. ; George Fryer; of Sil Soulh Cottonwood str$«(» expfcts to l^ave tomorrow far Son Diego, Calif., to xpend the ivlnter with his son, Riistel) Fryer. —O. L. Cox. M. D. Speclallflt, i Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. ' |{. 1'. t). K. SU^iu\ Ciiib Card I'al4y >;TlmrHilay. Uuceiuljt'r l .'i at Club Uuuffiu. ; Phou(» -Mrs. K. K. Lynn. Sl3. or Mis. .1. I). .Milti'ibaih. i:ir.n. .Mrs. ,1. II. Haraillntx^ ii..,sttl«*Blttily In tlt'l' .1. f'.'Penny S'lore. reoelved word, ye .sterday of tlie death of her step -father. O. W.Mpckley. who passeii away'Sunday at the home of his .son. i=:d '^Meckley. of Colfax. Iowa'.! The, Meckl«'.v.s lived at 51f> Kast«Lincoln street for fourteen yearii, niovtnft away* just four yearB ago.. Mr, Meckley has many fnenjis luM-e who' will })e sorry To-. It -afn of liis death. - .Vllldrcd Curils. M. i). Ofoeral ~ Medicine. Office over Cook's Drui; i . •'k'''- onik .Mrs. H. 0. Abljf, i)f m . ; KVli-VlNG CI.OTHKS .. ' ciend them to us early 6o vftu 'll i)f K -ady for the - New Yeay 'K Ball. ; > Phono Id 't • Altlesun Cleuners Klsraore unit of the Woni- r-u's dfawu \Bui-eau i,* hoWiug -Ji _«:iirifr |uiaK pony at the home of Mrx, rWfll Watson In Elsniore today. V Save (01 Chi -iKtnias. 1928 "" Iiila Stale" Bank. •riic .Star ValU-y unit of the \Vo- Jiit-ii 's: Fiirii) Uiiri'au is mei^ng tcj^ ila.v 'at ilie hnnn- of Mrs. D. A. Hay in lola. tlffirnrs are to. be eieflMl and fdaiis ni.-ide for ni'xt year'.-i actiyilies. ' .\ori.b Chestnut street, annjiMincp tlije arrival of a boy. Friday, De- cemlM!!^ 9. In whodi (hey have given the name, Howard LeRoy. —Ten M >nt bundles of old papsrs for five c^uts at the R«f |ster from now until ChrLttmas./ <^ pCuRene ibrig, of Boise. Idaho, arrived here today to ; visit his mother. .Mrs. W. J. Ihrlg. ^tva Is ill. Mrs. Ib'flg is reportwl a Utile better fodair. Hloro, Phoiie 'lin day <»r night. • Mr. Fred Stephenson, of Cl« .South Hufkcye. who -rec-ently niade re trip to (hi: Norlhwesl. vi.slted unioiig other plm-es ui Kiiu'niclaw. Wu .Hliliigiou, which is the home of .Mr. I.,eV «'UH BoHtwIck. and Ik- liroMght iwk wilh^im the isp'""'- ing of .Mr. Bostwh-k to all his old Crleu(j.s in IoIh. —Very toes! Pernianent Waves for.f.l.oO until Christmas. , .North Barber Shop. I'lione C:i". Boy; Holt was arrested in Bassett ttiis morning on a morality charge. He lileaded guilty and j u. w. Ramsay, of Auliison. and was •fined SiW.dfi and costs in de-• a. a . Ramsay, of Carthage were f.-iul( of which he Is now in jail visitors in lola yesfer- at Bassett. tlday.' i —If you want to buy or build,' • city or suburban proi>iert.v. The lola « Building & Loan Association will • make yon 9 Iban.'lov 'interest rate. 1 * no commission. See G. K. Pees, i • Secretary, at old Tlegister buildiug,; • southwest (brner of square. -Dr. J: T. Rcid, X-ray. Phone 3ri7. Surgery and BW »R<»THK«.*j Fr .M». Already reported P. R. Coblentz — (;:«sh Cash ^ Total Iimo $ 8l50 i.po r,.ifO 20.00 • » p * « F. I« IJ, LEAYEDUIJ. ». SpecbU attention given diseases of Colon ifqd R«ctu«i. £l^ctro-Physibtherapy Office Jola SXatftJBank fildg. Pbonps—147 and 705 -~.Vo>ir sliopiiiiiK is not complete Visit tiie I'alaec liev street. Barber, ifntij ;;vou .'^hop tin K III: fespoiise to the request ot the: fOiiUJiii .'ci'i oil arronsemcntK the -tiiiiiji.y coinmissioiierii have grant- eii ilii-jiseiof -ilid soiitheaKt corner of tho •jquare as a site njioii which to eyeVt the tabei-imHe thii ,'t will he iriitMip for the aceomnio«lation of ' ihV - .iBilly Ifunday. ev ;iingeJlstic uieeJiiigs whij|'h will iio held iu ..lola; lie /|:iiniiiii Marcli 4. We knoflcbakery Products aire good. , *But I Have — • _ Vou Tried . . ' Oiits? VA.V HOOZER'S.: • ^ " ! > , • - Wiefl. r)iip, .<;eroniL winter seems, to tiav^ "bevn nearly as short as 1 the I ^irsf one. Today, in,.sunny southeast-KaiKsa.s. is nior»> like t ^-Aiiril: Uian Dccemhor. ' , —^Dr. Moutgomery. Chiropractor, lola; Laundry Jildg. Phone 138. If you ^aye aivv Christmas pack- agfs.ito riiail the sooner they are sent'iho more likely they are to - reach their flestiuation in time., KasyJenotigh to mark them "Nbt to he C^icnsd till Christmas."' Mrs. Fred Cook went to Chahutc , < on the noon tr-iin today to visit ! • her bpirhand. who is at ,the .lohn-;" son liosplial recuperatiug from > < three operations which Ife'has tin- 1 i j ^ dergone in the last few weeks. He ' Stanley Kincheloe, of Arkansas expects to be able tit com« home'c;!!}', came today, to join his wife before Chrii«tmas.. ' In a visit with her. parents. Mr. , ..: • (and .Mrs. M. H. Flel8her ..?22 South —Dr: Lucy E. Poison. Chiroprac-('•l>»«i"iu< street. They will return tor. Northrup Blug.- Phone 326. jbome tomorrow. Mr. ami; Mrs. F. H. McVicker and the laiterjs mother. Mrs. E. S. Dixon, left joday for their bo^ie in Logan, Oklalmmvi.- They Imve been here oil liusiuess. , —For Real Estate Loans see '.the .(tecaritj- R14;;. A Liinn Association, loia, U .S. Office in First Natl. Bank. [ If li wasn't, f^f good old "Cash" the Big ^cothetrs would have a hfar.l time of It?' For a good many years the W. C.T. U. has taken « Chilstmas "treat" up to the folks at the County Farm, but this year the ladles do not fCel financially able to continue the custom. Now what do you say to having tbe Big Brothers take on that little .lob in addition to supplying the tisual Christmas hawkels l» ibe lieedy faniflies aronttd U}wn'! There o^e more Inmates at ibc County Fijrm right now tlian usual, perhaps more than ever .*)cfore. ;I0 In all. Most of them are olcl people, who' luive no family and no juDiiey iind so are obliged to accept tbe charily of tbe county. These are -pretty drab ilays for them. They haven'l much to do. They can'^ do much ^ut sit and think, and it Isn't. likely their thoughts are very cheerful. In the days when' they were children Christmas was n^de more of than It is now. They were hrought up to believe in Santa Claus, ami they never have got over it entirely. They liave been .accnstoiaed to having the ladies from the "U'. C.,T. U. come out there on Christmas Day for a good many yiorn. brlnjging each of them som^ Utile gift, and briiigiug along iwith the gifts music and laughter and £Ood cheer. Wouldn 't it be rather too bad to disappoint them this year'/ They would be as unhappy as little children if they didn't have any Christmas at 4JJ. The Roister knowF some good -women—n^igbty «op^ womeB --wb,o will undertake to gather up tlie presents and take them out and distribute them nfnd give- the old .folks a gay day, if somebody will pay the bill. It w not cost more than $2.^ or LE17eRS TO S tar Santt)r CliiBs: nty Jean Shap«^ wants a sweater, cap, muh M^cd and a tab and a new 4K|| inie, and a new pali' iat.slippers. Ttiats "all for this tiifHi. Bettyi JT^n Shi^l. llflTNoiPth Buckeye , lola, Kansas P.. g. 9ai\j Jean wants cai^dy, Bvjts. orafigAjs and apples. . ' loJk, Kansas, D%iR SAOTA tqLAUS: ; Lain a UtUe 'boy 3 ymrs' old. ^nd I am askliw y6^ if you, will [please be kjnd a^d remember me_^^j^eii. Please* firiiig a teddy bear an I a ddt, Bowi .-icao&y. nnta. fiprAek an,d. era^geV. ily'iwime is. " -JAMBS SfEADOWS. R.: R. 3. O^, Dei\r Santa: 1 sure need a pair sboeg for l am slmiply Jw'refootcd.''" door Forii seaan. Pletisc don't ^send' it before CtfriBUaas. • That is all.^ FORRBST WHIT^ V .'-Tola. Kansas. .> • December 11. ISL^ ' PEAR SAKTA CLAUS: , Iwiaat a coat with a fur cx>Ii >r> a pair of slippers. 1 want a .pifir of roller skates, a little picnoiMy little brother -Marvin, wants id i>o«ketlcnife, a ntw- suit. Merj-y Chrlsusfls, . I - - LE.NA. -MARViX LOO.N'EY. V / i—^; ^' • fola. •ansa.'*. Deccanfcier 9. 1927' DEAR SANTA CLAL'S: wants a Httle train, and an%'tbinf else you C4JI fcrtpg" Wm. I griess my mother auq fath^ii- want shTT thing yoa can bring them. 3 !-v sigi ~ £^r, brother and I want 'lot.s 'oC • <-andy and nuts, . Good-hye. '-.y" _ , , — —Jfoijr friends. | aiCHURD. PATTY A.VD ROlibilli^ .,_ HELVIl?!. .920 Nuith Wa.-5lungtoB. - At jHanHnerfest. m Xorway, the I am a illttle boy 9 years old aiid I would like a nice overcoat and. two pairs of boxing gloves. I have ajjttle sister 5 years bid and she wants a dorll. cabinet, a set bfi I iltr:3',:r?fcU'^Sw«7^ •iUshe^; and ny- brother, 1 year old.!. ^ 'l',^^^^ I At «a polaij nil jian". 23.; Ight lasisi from Nov. IS to - TX»T|BiMMlt Rfiuidcd¥$'fiitaj0iaic.- lo lola. Kansas, DEAR Q^HXA. CUAUS: r am a iHUe: girl ( yt^ars bid and I ^UL asMns 'jNOti to pleas^ remember {me Xmas. Will' yon plcfase | bring npie a teddy bear, a dol|. some ; nuts.'ot^nges, tipples. 'I anii a poor i little girt" 3|y «ame Is, f itAWJARiBT MEADOWSJ R. B. .'5. Itileyi ;Flsk..: who has / been in Seattle land 'f'acoma. Wash., since Septemlier. alrrlved honie yest-er- day. j . Gold Lettering. —The Begi^er does all kinds of gold lettering" at moderate prices. In 'buying leather goods for Christmas gifts. keH> us in mind. Miss Judith E.stifl. of Battle (jJreek. .Michigan, a. food expert irill he at tjie M & M Grocery- ^ch day this.week and give a lec- tare on H^e proper preparation of footis for both children and grown-! ups: Si mple:» of the food, togeth^ er with recipes: and'literature, will hp ?iv *»n ;io visitors. •' Mr.s. Rosa ' fordell. who , has been vijjiting "iher daughter, Mrs. Viola B<ennett\ on North State street. Ipft today for her home in l^iehlo. If'olo.; r lola. Kansas. PBAa JJAXJTA CLAUS: I a/)|» ft tittle girl 10 years old and I^V^uit you to please bring me 4 a pafr 'nUttens. - a! .pair stocklnga, ]; °8^io« ~ caod>'. nut.t. j apples, WawRS.; JOfiiaPHJNK MEADOWS. 11 . • ;-R.R.n. ^ ^ Ipla. Kan^s. « I ^ Deceniber 7, 1927. ^IIEAR SANTA CLAVB: Hov are you. I am a little girl 7 years old. I - wish you would bring me a rollrlop desk and a bor of candy. \ hav« a little brother i ye^rs old. fff wan'ip ybtf to hring hiqi anything you think is good for hlni. To ^nta Clans fifom. JUNIOR BRICHAil and ijOts jane brig ham. lola. Kansas. DEAR SA.NTA CLAUS: I am a little girl 13 ^ear.s old. and I am asking yoii to p'.easo bring me a new dress, a pair ot stockings, some candy, nut.<;. up- ple.^i and oranges. MYBLTLE MEADOAVS. ^ R. R. .I. lola. Kansas, •j December 12. 1927. PKXM SA.NTA (JLATTS: . ,_s6 iliany hoys and girls ask for ^ .many things. 1 want other boys and girls to have something. I will only ask you for a new-two- wlll »3'j]! What d<> l-ou sny that the Bik Brothers chip in a little more and I t«sson No. 13' . Qaestirnii Whyjs emdkf- ^eillicod'iiver oil, in tbe Joinn of <5cplf s Emulsion/,80 gen> Answer: Becatise it is pal* at^^ and pleasant to tidce. Q ^tiren antl grojim pecMe acquire aiiidng M it . Bsi 'allinieanstdEe ' SCX)TrS EMULSION One pf the most remarkable pictures ever: shown 011 the 'silver scrten Is "Chang." now at ihj' Kelley Theater.' "Chang" Is th<| jungle word for elephant and the picture "is a reproduction of llie life Of the Jungle. It was made iu northern Siam and its/'star.-i" arc the wild I'beasis that inhabit that wild rountry—elephants, .leopards, •tigers, monkeys, snakes, '^ot one elephant or two. snapiwd in some •clrciis or zoo. but scores and >icores of elephants.. obviou.sly a wild herd, out in the juitgle, driven h.v i-are'fully .stalking natives into, the great kral where they are trapped. Tigers, creeping through the paths of the jungle or spring^ "ing %vilh a terrifying leap upon liieir prey. Elephants, leopards and tigers caught in snares and traps. Monke>-is swinging through tree tops and playing the cloji'n In a thousand ways. Just enbtigh human beings to give the picture some: hutnan interest, but all of these^ jungle men. not a wliileTmau or a white womaii in any. scene. It is a. truly marvelous picture and one wonders at "the courage and .skill of' who liiade, It. take <iii|e of this? SJxill we? FRARffiD PICTURES GIBSON'S Our Christmas Gift t» You Wlik rrery 4940 purchaw «r mere ire wHI (flrjp a K -njttfn br »i >s or silver sfjn g tray or I'mlt tray Talked it ffSM.. One to a Vastomrr ('(tjRie early, onty ISO jti gUt Nwaj. What up. would he jaore pronriuteJ 27 good st«)e> Mt Valnes pp i|o mJW choice—I $20^ Oar lol St $UJ »S. AiiMeatiilft. «7J» F«mm4i Jtnln Coats, Special $3.98. I hlldren's .fSJlSi SAW m^-f^ \ / tSsf?* j^f^^ ^.^^ fffffev ' A t 'SWTL 4WPT OnffThIrd fltf on all fanrg- iUhi or SUv J^M«»eU anft I'mbrrttsK. " For the Holiday Social Season A iNlew Sbipnv^t of i BekqUfulDiaiice and Party Frojcks ;In cjur entbu .sia3m to offer C &ristpias sh9ppers dainty ac- :&sovie& of origifiaiity for gift seJectiQiiji we ihave not over- ,Jo4>ke(i|tlpe present .stroij^ de-' imiincl ior E¥€Bing ClUWDS For the Coming Season that tlainty accessories are ofl junkiiie .style conceptioa that liccpntuate the iiidiviiluftl- ity pfithe gowns. ' . SENEKER'S RICHARPSIIN'S A Little More For a Little Ljes^ ] tXJii \Sl\iie, J-lb.j WUcJied Cottaa Bate Mperial .W each flis ahd i^l..^! Suede mo»««, >i|»eeial 9.V jtuir i* Vtr <>nl all j^wealprs.. Dlsronnt on L'l Per Cent all Blinikets. . Biscuunt on $I.S.> rnhmsniis, SMr tioU. Special ; #IA-» Onting <;owns IWr. iAm Allen A. fointH H«se, all Mi, Mifrlfil I» l>cM'««t DIsronnt all Jiund Bags and rocket Books. «S>>0 Kid Uloves, newr^l styles. «i]i««4»l il&m a .p;iir. 20 Vfx ;<eBf JUvonnf nU Sioiriuifs. on r>4-.t| Biirh^ss ijuthie 39c Yd Vtt Annu..\lu}' I'ongce 25<204 Kusl "Color I'ercale JiCc m (omlftiil 4-hullIe Ittc, 60c fepiiereJ 9-4 Sheclliijt 4.1r jard. m} Fepi»«>rel 42-In TuMne »7c jiiid. • IS»c BItarfaed JIuslin 9?. SOc ,Uope .Vuslin lir jjird l^lMomiiile AM Silk Pongee Klc yafi. lVAolj(.'oods.9f<r I'd iStJifl - uli w«»ol. ."iti-Incb Flunkels «^69 yard. 2.V Yard < wide minting Flan- lell^yanl. XpKKKC^IUCF DEPT. Winter Hats left, cok-f rarh. fcar^i Tiie most goi^eons line tif a Wc. AH In ftihcy Christ. mas .ever 6how]i'U>c to 13.66 Boxes; nice asortment la All cotoijs, A nijce ^ft. to eliolce $1^ raph. This St^pr/e OpiMi Evenioy kext Week Until >'«w showlngr, the Xen Sprjair Di»s.«i«-at^l«.75 in Ji^h colors ««orgetf^ and fli|it ciepeii. .<Uj..wJ«lM' dresses, values ioi^JifrtMtf ' $7.98 •fS Per Cent Dlsropnt on aV r-crsets «n4 Torseiettes. !S4xM Atl Linen n<>HKi, <^«eW ttllft. Lnneh I(V ,silfc^0aate4i IMies. lUJ' A hwamix Klft ani w OTHER CHRISTMAS SteGESTlONS Cniiirf>Tray9 Wctnres Ash Trays Vases Fruit Bowls Cream and Sugir Wool CUqyes Silk Scarfs Book filank^ts £ Tf« Silk Pillows Atomi ^rs «I(MNI Silk 1l«4iiiire««s los Indies \ong, <iperial W.75. A Christmas ^Ift she wIU like One bif UM* full 8iik la. dfnrear. Teds, Ve«t», Bloitn. ers f.'.owBs Choice $1.00. 4.-2.* Salt i^epper Fancy Wool Gloves Jewelry A tvonderfnl heautii'nl t«wel *2-0. selection of set.Sj "5e U - 90 Per Cent Dfserant on the entire line of all silk ma* terlalK. . iiappkiieBs. frie^dom |fr99 dradeeiy'*H^'eM an».the thin£» y «(tt4aiv«ir^ your Pbtptmas Gift is Stop in 'a£ ooT stoiatoti^ jieU out the Unr Easy Hat you irmot |m to pen*^ yeuc iiome to 60 your ri «rt we#R!wa$l^, to ttiaL We imow you inll:i>ejlKir]priscd at the way it wadies tho: elo0ies >-^iia;. feipoua vacuum gcn^. •endtni^ the ckaaslng: i^odW tiBpuek then; "its au ^c dryca: getting: tiwm fiady for tl^ 1^ arititottt puttujgr 4e6p iwniiildcs in tfaeB ]^--4wil ;faoi]t |eariag off and bmddni: tbe buttons, |-. Phone iSr write us ^oda^, Igfedly ecad the New Ea^ out so you ibaa If, after a tria^ yoa ynOitd l^ttf iti foU cm^*a oa sinaU fnoBtiily payntrats. try jit in your owa bone. -I t

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