Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 17
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Dial PA-2-1600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMUS. -CUMBERLAND,- MD., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1955 SEVENTEEN Seafood, Eggs Make Good Breakfast Broiled fish'and scrambled eggs! Doesn't dial sound like an Ideal breakfast when you're out camping or fishing?. But this savory, hearty breakfast needn't bo just for outdoor eating. ' , In fnct, it. : was actually part of th(i. buffet breakfast served to 500 ••persons at a recent convention in ; New, Orleans. ' •. : . ; , • • •'pt jier.. foods 'on the table, were srirlnijK.sbun", oyster stew, .(made . .-fromHlie:danncd frozen .varieties); crab cakes',-' fish sticks, fruit.juices, , hot breads,: arid 'plenty of coffee.. This can be translated.into : .a'deli- cious buffet, brunch o.r breakfast menu to serve your guests, some thing like this: Grapefruit-Pineapple Juice .'. Shrimp Soup Hot Breads . Broiled Fish Strips . . . Scrambled Eggs Coffee .... For six people: Juice — Combine one can ol chilled pineapple juice with one can of chilled grapefruit juice: " Shrimp Soup — Prepare two can frozen shrimp soup according to directions on can.' Broiled Fish Sticks — Cut 2 pounds of fillets into strips. Mcli tt-cup butter or margarine. Adc Piedmont Coffee in Vacuum Pock Cam juice of half lemon. Preheat broiler. Lay fillcls on broiler, season and brush with lemon-butter. Broi: 5 to 8 minutes, depending on thickness of fish, or until fisli flakes easily when tested with fork. Do not turn. f Baste once during the broiling. ' . . Scrambled 'Eggs — Plan on 2 eggs per: person.- Beat eggs lightly. Season with salt and pepper. AM tablespoon of water; cream or milk for every egg.. Melt butler in skillet. Add eggs. As eggs begin to thicken, turn them over with fork or spatula. Don't let them harden. DISTRIBUTED BY PIEDMONT GROCERY CO. Kitche(i-Grown Basil ^ Grow basil in a pot on your kitchen window. Keep the • soil moist and pinch off the small leaves so the herb will "spread." Basil is, of course, a must for to mato sauce; it is also delectable in green salads and in vegetable soups. If you use it in the soup, ! mince it and add at the moment before serving. NOW! ffl EVERY URGE SIZE BUTE DETERGENT SUPER SUDS MOK DETERGENT Ht PACKAGE than any lianforty patLagvd brand. J<* D*i«r9»i $op*r Sock... lor KM OeaneU, WVtoi Wtnfc W-» E*v S««fl .,. <n»J wiTtxwl a blwng 1 sox TODAYS KINGNUt OLEO 5 "»• 95c DEI MONTE Catsup 2 M j;;39c PILL5BURY FLOUR 25^*2,05 ' Our Speciol Blind COFFEE • 1 Ib. hog ... 79c 3 Ib. bag . $2.31 GRISCO 1 IB. CAN 79c DOMINO SUGAR 5 Ib. bag . 4< 10 Ib. bag 9' Rival Dog Food 5c±59c Pillsbury Ginger Bread MIX Plm. 45c Nabisco Premium CRACKERS .Rib End PORK LOIN ROAST , >b 39c Wisconsin Longhorn CHEESE '.ib.45c Center Cut PORK CHOPS it. 69c Wilson's . Certified Piece BACON «.. 45c Round or Sirloin STEAK ».. 79c BEEF CHUCK ROAST ib 39c MD'. 6OID SWEET Potatoes - 5 ib. 29c SMO-WH.TE - Cauliflower 2 h ',°; 49c FANCY ' Cucumbers 3 f 29c FLORIDA SEEDIESS Grapefruit 4 i« 29c STOKELY'S FINEST FROZEN FOODS 2 ttoi. 45c 1 Ptgi. 59c Cut GS£EN SEANS GliEEN PEAS : , BKUSSEL SP8OUTS Sliced SIRAWSEKSIES Swonion'l T.V. Dinners 79c SHOP UNTIL 8 FRIDAY NIGHT RALPH FRANTZ SUPER MARKET JUST A FEW BLOCKS FROM BALTIMORE ST.' WE DELIVER R1DGELEY, W. VA. DIAL REdwood 8-9511 Peachy Broiled Pie : Pull of peaches »nd very special, with its broiled battery flavor, is this coconut-topped pie. It's different, too—with a top-of-stove creamy- filling in a pre-baked pie shell. Then into the oven for a brief broiling or baking, to give the wonderfully crunchy, caramel "frosting." And how,a%»ut surrounding this dclicioui dtssert with little candles for tht 7«ry next birthday party in your family! Broiled Cotonit Peach Pie t/3 cup granulated sugar "-. 2 tablespoons cornstarch j 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind /: Dash of salt • 1 baked 8-inch pie shell • 2 tablespoons melted butter 1/4 cup brown sugar, firmly packed £ tablespoons evaporated milk ' Dash of salt 1/4 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 cup shredded coconut, cut 1/4 teaspoon mace , 1 cup evaporated milk •^ 1 tablespoon butter 3-1/2 cups (No. 2-1/2 can) sliced cling peaches, drained t Combine gr ulated sugar, corastarch, lemon rind, salt, and mace ln*aucepan. Aod milk gradually and cook and stir over medium heat until thickened—5 to 8 minutes. Remove from heat. Add butter and blend well. Add peaches and turn into pie shell. Combine melUd butter, brown sugar, milk, salt, vanilla, and coconut. Blend welL Spread mixture carefully, a small amount at a time, over top of pie. Bake, in moderate oven (350"F.) 10 minutes, or-until- golden trown and bubblj. Or plic* in broiler under medium heat 5 pinutes, watching closely, f Cooking Is Fun By Cecily Brownsfone FRIDAY FARE Serve fish fillets with this sauce! or flavor and nutrition. Broiled Fish Fillets with Shrimp Sauce New Potatoes with Dill arden Spinach Tomatoes and Cucumbers ;liced Fruit SHRIMP SAUCE Ingredients: Vt pound cooked and deveined), 4 poons butler or margarine. Melhod: Cut ends from beans; scrub "in cold water. - Cut beans slantwise into 2-inch pieces. Cook rapidly, covered, in boiling water just untilitender-crisp: drain; cool. Beat- orrfonr-salad-oa,ji!Bpjar_£alL pepper and cheese together with a fork in mixing bowl; toss with Beverage beans. Refrigerate. Serve chilled Bread Tray beans garnished with shrimp Makes 6 to 8 servings, table- ablespoons flour, 2 cups milk, 1 easpoon lemon juice. 2 tanle- poons drained capers, salt and epper. I Method: Cut shrimp in half so! icy-have the same shape but arej alter. Melt butter in 1-quart' aucepan; slir in flour over low cat. Add milk; cook and stir con- lanlly over moderately low heal! ntil thickened and bubbly. Stir in hrimp, lemon juice, capers and salt and pepper to tasle. Rehcal. Serve over broiled fish fillets. Makes 0 servings. SUNDAY NIGHT BUFFET , Here's how to use a cooked vegetable fur a salad! Cold Sliced Canned Ham Skillet Potatoes in Cream Carol Brock's Snap Beans Parmesan French Bread Sponge-cake Roll wilh Lemon Killing Beverage CAROL BROCK'S SNAP BEANS PARMESAN Ingredients: 1 pound snap beans, ?« cup boiling waler, 1 small onion (mincedi. '.» cup salad oil, W cup! wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon salt. v<! teaspoon pepper, '.2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, Ihinly sliced radishes, romaine. Top canned beans with-squares of bacon for that home-prepared touch. Ice Cream- Fun Food Ice. cream's fun to serve. Just'pin 1 tho. Ice'cream on the table, several pitchers,of topping and nuts or fruits/ Crowhups as the growing-ups delight in. ice cream sundaes as a mealtime dessert or party fare. A dup of sauces i lo glorify ice cream are these given here. Hot Fudge Sauce About 1>A cups sauce Vi cup butter . : 2 squares unsweetened chocolatfe ] /4 cup sugar Vt cup cocoa f\ cup evaporated milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Few grains salt Melt butter and chocolate in lop of a double boiler. Remove from heat. Sir in the sugar and cocoa. Blend in milk, vanilla and salt. Cook over hot water, stirring constantly until thickened, about 3'to 4 minules. •" Butterscotch Sundae Sauce Aboul Va cups sauce 1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed >& cup corn syrup 2 teaspoons butter n cup evaporated 1 milk Mix sugar, syrup and butter lo- gether in a saucepan. .Boil until Q. What \s the name of this cut of meal? A. Pork- Boston butt. Q. Where docs it come from'and how Is it Ideniified? • A. This is the upper half of the pork shoulder and contains part of the blade bone. Q. How Is It prepared? A. By roasting. Place the Boston- butt with the fat side up on a rack in an open roasting pan. Insert a roast meat thermometer into center of the thickest section, but not on bone or in fat. Do not add water. Do not cover. Roast at 350° F. allowing 45 to 50 minutes per pound or until the roast meat thermometer registers 185° F. soft ball, stage is reac: 240 degree F.) :hed (234-lUieese Cubes Cool until lukewarm. Add milk slowly, stirring cu ijcs of American cheese to a can constantly. IHirti Con Queso 's Mexican"Favor-he Chili with cheese is a Mexic avorite, and here's a quick ;ion of it (nourishing, loo) th 'ou can make, mostly out of pa ry-shelf staples. It's a good, qui •asserole for an informal suppi You can make this with cann chili as it stands, but I like to fi ify it with more meat and mo -easoning. Heat 2 tablespoo 'egetable oil in a skillet, and in mash li pound of hamburger, coo ng and stirring it until it is oose mass and browned throu; Add 2 cans- of chili coji earn mix tnofoughly and heat tbroug Add extra chili powder to las r all into a casserole and. cor he lop completely with thin slip if American cheese. Place in ireheated 400 Farenheil oven a jake just till the cheese is melt md a little brown. Serve :orn bread and salad. Home Drest PORK STEAK Ib. 43c TASTIEST WAY IN THE WORLD to Serve Potatoes Home Made PUDDING 35o ib. PORK SAUSAGE ,ROll , Ib. 35C STUFFED Ib. 49C Horn. Mod. OUR OWN .....' Ib. 49C «ult BLACK PEPPER 1 lb 95c can Tint for ButcK< PICNIC HAMS 35c LEAN 6-8 Ibs. Home Made, PON HAUS 2 lk ,29c Heavy Roasting CHICKENS ib. 35c Salt Lake HERRING ,b25c AMS FIRST GRADE FAMOUS BRAND TOP QUALITY SOUTH-END SELF SERVICE MKT. 412 Virginia Are. * Free Delivery * Dial PA 4-3260 BENNETT'S 12 To 14 lb. Avg. NOW ONLY ;,ib. 491 POTOMAC FRUIT Market Corner Frcdtricfc and Centra Sti. V Phon* PA-4-0234 SELF-SERVICE MARKET FREE DELIVERY CALL PA 4-4313 Open 'til 9 P. M. Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Friday Until 6 P. M. Wednesday and Saturday — Route 40 LaYale NabiscoWaverly Wafers h - 25c MRS. FILBERT'S Mayonnaise ™' 39c Hamburg 3»»97c IRISH Beef Stew 29c JOHNSON'S HARD GLOSS Glo-Coat - 95c Lucky Leaf Apple Sauce 2 1 ;:: 29c U.S. No. 1 Jersey Potatoes 10 lb , 29c * • • . i .• Fresh Fryers ,;43c Hanover Tomato Juice fa. can 29c Don't Forger to come in and tign up for Fro Basket of Groceries . Nothing to Buy — Juit Regiitcr! Some cooks like to : add tinj of baked beans before healing in the oven. Then they 'season the combination with Worcestershire sauce and mustard.. . . Vegetables With Color Strips of canned pirnicnto -add contrasting and attractive color to green vegetables;' try them with »reen peas, snap beans or broccoli. MORE FLAVOR TOR YOU* MOUSY! Bottled by MALAMPHY BOTTLING WORKS Thcrmidor Made Wilh Lobster Tails Lobster Thcrmldor, a dish created for Napoleon, is one of the Classics of French cooking. Here's a version of it you can make with frozen South African rock lobster tails. 'Cook tails according to package directions. Chill, remove meat and dice. Reserve jhe shells—wash and trim edges of shells, and crack crosswise enough to flatten them out. Melt four tablespoons of butter or margarine. In it saute one teaspoon minced onion and VS cup minced mushrooms for ,two min-'of lemon. utcs. Stir In four. tablespoons of flour. Add a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of paprika, 'j teaspoon of dry inuslard. \\ teaspoon of nulmeg. Add !',•> cups of hot milk and '.4 cup cream, and slir smooth over a low-flame. Continue stirring until sauce thickens and boils. Stir in two tablespoons of sherry and the diced lobster meat. Refill shells with mixture. Melt two lablofpoons of butler, stir in a cup of soft bread crumbs and sprinkle over (he filled shells. Brown lightly under the broiler and serve garnished with wedges Van Meter's •Market. Route 220 - CRESAPTOWN Round or Sirloin STEAK Ib 49c Fresh GROUND BEEF Ibs.' Center Cut'Pork SHOULDER ENDS & PUCES Roast •-"• 39c Bacon •••-•• 5"» §1 TENDER ' CENTER CUT Beef Liver 4 SI Chuck Roast «•• 33c Smoked SAUSAGE «• 38c Juicy Florida «| ^ ORANGES .... J dM *l Cooking ONIONS 5 u,, 29c BETTY CROCKER Cake Mixes 4 = Yellow, Oiocolot. or Whil» KINKNUT Oleo 5 DINTY MOORE Vinenna Sausage 8 End. and Piece, U.S. NO. 1 GRADE A POTATOES l5«-.'.*39c SWIFTNING 3«---75c Rival DOG FOOD 3->38c Monarch SALAD DRESSING 2 •'-» 59c Nabisco Premium CRACKERS »>- 25c STOKELY'S FINEST FROZEN FOODS Cauliflower 2 P i 01 . SSc Spinach ;..........;......; 2 P t.,. 37c Taste of Sea FISH STICKS ' . «Q and French Fried POTATOES both pigs. fSC IOPEN UNTIL 8 THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY! HAMS These hams are an exceptional ralue . . . Reody-to-Eat Lean. Rockingham Hams it 59c Rockingham Tender Mode Whole or Shank half, Ib. Extra lean .. , and as nice as any smoked. Swift'* Premium Hams n=if or whole ib. 51c Small Beltsville Fresh Killed Turkeys , b Over 20 Ibs., Ib. SSc 59c Fresh Killed Roasting Chickens , b .39c Fryers, Ib. 43c FLAVOR-RITE BEEF Blade Cut CHUCK ROAST Ib. Center Cut CHUCK ROAST Ib. Swift Premium Sliced Sliced Bacon Home Mad* Pon Hoss •• Swill', Scrapple ••• Home Mode link or P Pudding •••• Back Bone Cheese i b 57 C ib 43c >> 15c i. 33c ib. 39c fc. 49c Sliced b 49c just Arrivtd . . . Diritct from Packer CRISF1ELD, HD. on CHESAPEAKE BAY BULK OYSTERS and CRAB MEAT LOOSE STANDARD LOOSE SELECT Oysters Oysters Fu " 88p Fu " QQr Pinl . O3C Pint 35JC . CRAB MEAT Regular OQj% Special Lump S< 09 Fioten, Ib. 3JC Not Fronn, Ib 1 Specioi White S|29 Not Froien, Ib. 1 NEW! Monell'i CHEESE- Oseor Mayer tooie, Homi Made Sausage .... it- 45c iluHet) Sausage •••• n>. 59c Hams "> 37c \Veli Tiimmed SIE101N Steak .- ib 79c Fre;n GROUND Beef it. 39c Home Made KRAUT 2 • 29c PORK LOIN SALE BLADE CUT LOIN END CENTER CUT 29c -49c " 59c SALT FISH '^29c , CAPERALE'S HOME MADE Pizza Pies Peperoni o 59c WHETZEL'S FRESH HOME MADE Horse Radish Lorg. • QQ.» 6-o». jar UJC Swifining 3 ib «- 7?c . RIVAL Dog Food 4 i°n »ni 49c Gingerbread MIX 2^ NABISCO PREMIUM FLAKE Crackers 25c lb. pkg. DOMINO Sugar MRS. FILBERT'S Colored Oleo \ lb. .rin, 27C MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE COKO Toilet Tissue Snow. .While Cauliflower»°rl9c Ripe Slicing Tomatoes • n> 19c Foncy GREEN Tomatoes 3 "= 29c Snioll .'''-. Beets > tun.h iQc New Florida Oranges .. d°< 59c Red or Green Peppers •••• «• 15c Morylond .Gold SA*EET • ' Potatoes 4 »<< 29c Exlro Foncy Turnips. • 2 |bi 29 c large Fancy Cucumbers ',» lOc Setdleit Pink or White Grapef r't 3 .'•" 29c Nice Apples 3 <b<25c Pefer Pan Smooth Peanut Butter >ir-57c FRESH MADE Sweet Cider Gal. Jun 49C Stokely's Finest FROZEN FOODS ROSEPORT PICS »«(. Chicken, Turkey 2 for SlC Chopped Broccoli, Rhubarb • O L ?Q*« V.oolablel, Spinach * p g1 ' J^C 1 Green Beons, Green Peal O . AK** Succolash * l ' l ' s ' > ^5C U.S. No. t LARGE Potatoes 50 |b ^ 99c DIAL '•• PA 4-4360

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