Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1927
Page 2
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ifAGE TWO ROAD'S END \ [At end where the 'bfla^ bloomed ' : I Bi leaihl the red -bnd 's sbade. •(And yoB' cotild turn away- and I*a »e- Anl hour's delight jpu ipadef) I NoiHheBTy -headed suraacH drowse, . _jJB!tCl( •on''Itf dHBt^r stenu I Hiar{t> do you Temember? -. . . r «iiieiiiber them. ["WTrejIe once 'the pnrple martin.s fiwuns _ ' In circles to and fro, ,-(And through ttt? brown leaf path you canie, iA 'a lightly ypu could go!). pThe gray wlnda beat iheir ruthless wings, Agjiiniit the hapless hill: [Hear, do you .renieoiber? . . , I emember still, (A «tijr|i'^tte mbon stared ih<-.>u>;ii the nines Th It April'night, long d^nd: ("Ahl Jf the glory dies, HIIII UV HAte had the joy." you waid.) I Aborj: the stripped and shivering trees Th! last late blackbirds call: HearL, do you remember? . . . ~I ijamember all. ' —Esther Clark Hill. • ^—•• o i— . PaK]^ Cinb Gaest'Par Varlr -The Unity clnb'i annual guest . isT Mtrty was held Monday after^ JBoon vith Mrs. L,' \. Bpwlus as hoop) hostess in her home at 409 'Sut Jackson avenue. Te low .and white chrysanthem- tmB, tthe cliib flowers in the club «olpis, were the decorations with ;ia-to> ch. of; Christmas colors in the IdlnlDS room and in the two-course, „ . Btip^r. ijcluding individual Chrl-st- 1^^^'- '' "s'tree? 'enlerUiued last rtight at bridge in her home. ' Mr.s. J. F. ilunies^ receiveil high' «he» ('hristiuat Pflrtt' For Uansbtcr Mrs. B. ,t. engliSh. of 219 NortW Buckeye street, gave a Christmas party yesterday afternoon in honor c^^thef sixth birthday of her daughter, Betty I^u Bngiish. Tlie hoiiie was decorated in Cbfistmasj colors and the table was ce»tere<l M-ilh a birthday cak|^: In the form jof a large red rose. Bed and J green colors decorated /the table. R6se baskets filled 'fMt candy w^re favors. Littl|> Jack English acted as Santa Claus and distributed to each guest a red and green baj loon .and recited a |)tece about; the "Bopgle-boo." .Mary,l<ou reitelrwi many'pretty gifts. . Th4 little guests-w-ere: Marjoriei Young,. >|Heleiv' .May ; St roup, llMcy I<eo, ThiimpsOn, KalSjerlne Hesser, Patty Olberdiiig, LuHlle May Par- kenlng. .Marguvrtte ('iiyne, Winona r.une, Virginiat iirowii and |Mary Rllziilipth Tnvl&r. i I . i , <'•..•>.•• II'IHIPHN at Hrlilffr Parfj Mrs. Robert Troniliold and. MIHH Vivian Barker were hostesses at a 'bridge party last night at the'Ho­ tel Portland. The high score favor was re- reived liy Mrs. Lawrence' Copen- iiig. At the completion of bridge refre .MlmientH were served. Miss .Marvelle. Clark. Mrs. . I^awrence Copening and Miss .Margaret Roberts were guests. 1 The menij)el-s present were: Mr.-s. Louis Breckenridge. Mrs. I.(ester Kessinger, Miss Julia Irwin. .\iiss Theima Maddux. Miss Irene Dority, Miss Catherine Cannon. Miss Gladys Marniont and yiifs iJInnc-he Mafmont. ' •:• •:• •> F .Bt «*hiImi at BrMge- BLIZZARD THEilOLA DAILY BEGISTER, TtJES ARMY'S BIGGEST, PfeSiN NEWK EVENT! When an'.<|4-ni |le bllward struck Buirulo. .\. V:. ihe ^ther ihiy. It wrecked thl.s '*.10.0(H» Curtiss army I liig plane. ,Alr l<el (l employes were unable to get the plane under cover because none of the hangars large enoilih. luinb- wan i xnas jctuidu-^:!. Thte club president. .Miv. N". O. Dodgi^, gave an address ol" wel- eome i^core prize and .Mrs. Earle O. apd the music (•onsisted of j,,^ ponso'lation. I ttta ion^ralto solos. "Morning" by i Spea ta and "A Little Pink Rose'" The guests ' were: Mrs. J. F. Humes. Mrs. R.' H. Stewart. Mrs. .liy lond sung by Miss Viola| (.,j,re Smith." Mrs. John Keyser. garni with Mrs. Burney Miller as Uj^.^. ,^ ^ Symmes. Mrs. Earle 6. the sccpmpanist and a piano num- p,.,,„4,j„ yj^^ (ilessn«-r Ali"Song •Withoift Words" byl^^,, Mem elssohn played; by 5Mrjs. Bur-| Bey Miller. A one-kct playlet "A | ^ „ Blon le ^erson.'^ was cleverly en- • (omiUiient Cast With acte( by Mrs. J. F. .McKwen. Mrs. I ,|,i||TJ|,,,.^r v S . B. Cook. Mrs. J. W. Hesser. Mrs. orwe Miller. Mrs. Fred Denton and Mrs. J. E. Powell, niemhers I .of tl e club. Mrs. E. .• B. Cook. <-liairnian of K parly for tiie girls In the past of a play recently given under the auspices of the Philomathlan class of flie, I'nited Brethren/ church: I whIch'Mrs. .S. K. Dale teachlis, was <he iTostess committee. «as "ssis -, ^jvpn |„ ,„e home of Mr. and Mhi. -S* if Mrs .,Chas F Scott Mrs^ A. . ^ ^, ifale last night. Mr. Dale' '5-^"^IIF'^"T'"'- ^"•".Iwa.s host to the girls at a chill f. 0| Apt, Mrs; Emerson Lynn and I ,„ f „„-,nn ,ent of a promise and .he remainder of the time was spent with games and luusl*-. The remainder of the class men »bers also were guests. •IThose*'present Vere: The Misses Lillian Lan»l»ert, .lessJe Class, La- voir.FlsIier. Arlene Pislier, A"« (iroHt, Josephine RIacJc, Dopolhy niark. I<aV<ina Kmlth. Dorothy KlHlier. Klsie Masden, Ituth .Mur den. Hazel CreaHonj (irace Atkins, Ruth O'.Veal. Th^lma Roberts, Kdnit .\lontgomer.v, Leius .Hrnnelli Alice .Smith. .Marie Dale and" .Mrs; Au<lrey Corolic Talle.v. ' (Jol.lenl-lnk^'.'ab .M*els A | meeting of the (lolden Link club was; held Monday afternoon in (he liomif of ..Mrs. M. M. Close. (;«7 .South Cottonwood street. Roil call response was "Telling .'Miouti (iood -BoflkK .1 Have Read." •Ktvxct committee consisted of. Miss BMtabelh Apt. Mrs. ^. IL SOwer- .ty Bid Mrs. C. B. StodgliHL . The guests of the club were: Mm. Charles Punk. Miss: Ifnzel BowlUH,. Mrs.'A. B. Garrison. Mrs. Hax'el Maxson, Mrs. Sadie Rolmcrt Thonpson. Mrs. D.. P. Northrup. Mrs. B. J. .Miller. Mrs. Louis Schli nger. Mrs.; .M. B. BrownfUnd.,: Mrs. 0. S. Uimbeth. Mrs. W. W.-' Holnes,. .Miss Viola qi(i1garno. Mrs. G. E. Pendarvis. Mrs: T. E. Noj;dfren, iMr8 ..P. S. Mitchell. Mrs. J._ O .^Trombold. Mrs. G: .M..La|, jner» Mlas^ Kathleen Forsythe. Miss ; Roberta: Warner. Mrs. C L Cold:smut. Mrs. F. C. Green and Mrs. Nann te- McCarty'of Hnmboldt. iKan- Th^rie' members were present: Miss jntJtabeth Apt. Airs. P. G. Apt. Mfs: KMrs: E!- B . Cook. Mrs. Fred Dcn- I >tan, Mrs; N. O. Dodge. Mrs. R. V. Ifors^tt, MrB.-H. C. Ford. Miss l .-'iAIIce'Hendricks.' Mrs. J..H. Hen- •Jderson, Mrs. E.,-B. Stodghill, Mr .s. 'J. W ^Hesser. -Mrs. Emerson E. Xynn Mrs. Burney Miliar. Mrs. 'C&ia. F. Scott. Mrs. A.lR. St roup, Mrs, George Talbert. \ iss Luella Tariir.LMrs. F. J. McPwen. Mrs. •J.' I*. Powell. Mrs. W. R. Ralston. Mrs. A. M. Thoroman. ."Mr .s. C C. f-DalgJriio. jr.. Mrs. .A.. R. Enfield. Mrs. T. I". Lemon, Mrs. P. O. Han- vson,- Mrs. G. B. Stodghill. Mrs. jJIoraee MllleV and Mrs L. V. Bow- jlus. « FsH Arnold Mrs Florence «.€jou. OOUKU .i na*e nemi. B^ang M?8 R H carpenter Kansas! history was .^fi'<'»^- nIX M,"- 4li n„„. I led-by Mrs. Bruce Armacost. Mrs. W. .\. Woodrqff gave the reading. ••Tlvi. Vnrt\ " ami \flsti. Klmii Plnso •The Ford," and .Miss Elma Close read ••I..a8t Night when I -Kissed Blajiche Thonitison." Miss Hazel Close entertaineil with piano music. .Mrs. D. A. Henrlcha was voted into -the clirh at this meeting. Mrs. Close was assisted by her daughter. Miss Hazel Close, and Miss Arlene-Gavin in serving. .Members present were: Mrs. \V. A. Woodruff. .Mrs. C. C. .Mc- IMiersou. Mrs. William Glllow, Mr.^. J. F. Reed. Mrs. Bruce Arma- Mrs. .M. IL Wilson. .Mrs. Erik Jensen and Mrs. Fred jMenzie. Solve the Gift ProUtm for FATHER. MOTHER, SISTER Ml/ BROTHER 'Practically every novelist of note ia repreiented in our aplendid stock ol u^^to-date fiction. If you . jiare loolcing for pfts tfaajt will be apprcciatet)—biqr "Iwoks, especially at the | attractive prices "wc offer. ' ]P6R BOYS. M H GJRU: ' Beautiful, clotli bouail books covering every; inter^ tbey may liavft, 35c • 5Gc • 75c rOR EVERYONE: - Hundred»f of faacinating .noyda wfaich until now sold for $2.00 each. ITSOTIZENS Mr.and .Mri *i. Alfred-J«lin $i »n Mf- iM -ate (;olden Yr«ddiuV AxtiU , versarj'.— JP'"'* Cliirk ^'n, ; dergoes Opemtfon • (Mrs. Opal Mitchell) LAHAilPE. Kan. Dec. 12.- -Mr. and Mrs. j Alfred Johiison on north Main iitiieet celebrated their fiftieth wei ding anniversary Sunday, Oecembei • 11. .Mr; and Mrs. John- sop wer« married December 10, ,8?7 at daiesburg. HI. They lived a farm at that place for eighteen' years then moved to Kansas in 18i«5, locating near AVichita. where they lived- fonrteeii" -years and moved to Allen county in 1919 where they liave. since made their home. F ve children were borp to them all of whom are stil.l ll^ng. Three so<is. Fre<l Johnson'of Kan- .sas City, Carl of Chanute and Oscar of l>a^Harpe were home to help" celebrate daughtert) the occasion.' Tlie two livie in : Californila and were unable to be . present. Covers for dinner were laid for. -Mr. and .Mrs.l Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hojenian. Mr. and Mrs. Ham', mond. ,Mr. ami Mrs. Oscar Johnson aiid little son.' Carl Johnson of Chanute and Fred Johnson pf Kansas. Cltyl Mr. and .Mr.s. Joha•son Terelved several pieces ' of gohl.: ^ J , , , , , , , LKiiAM) T. BKTRY Piano Tuner and Repairer Phone i:^:il Bronson. Kan. (Irnduuttt Bethany Tuning |.-,i*chool . . ; ; Jesiie ('lark, son of Mr. arid .Mrs. Janie* r;iark. was^ operated upon at St( Margaret's hos]>ital iit Kansas (^Ity, Kansas. Saturday. .Mn and Mrs. Wayne Preston of (Mianute are the ttr'oud parents of a seven pound baby sim biirn" Sat- urda.v, December 10. .Mr. aind Mra. Preston grew up- here and their tiiany friends will be interested to l^arn of the new arrival in their heme. Mr. and .Mrs., Clarence Potter of Gas City entertained Snnday with a Idrthday dinner in honor of the latter 's father. Mr.'George Correll and of their nephew. Jack Mitchell wliose birthdays are close, togeth- _ tWiOie'» glad to do the chores "About th» tiax of 'ydar.- Qf cMux he knows that Santa Qaus WSvciyMonljehcK. ' Mrs. . •Ml!.not ' sous. Mrs.'George Sallee andl soa William of .Neojiesha. spent Suii- day. .with their, aunt and s ster, John. Walllon and family John Murphy Is report) d as feeling v«ell. Her many friends hope !<he may be ijetter soon. . Air. and Mriii W. C.. Roberts is niovfng into tlii; house on south Washington sti^^t recently yaca- ted by Ms. George Sallee. Mr. and .Mrs; Walter Youijg of Edna. Kansas expect to move back here as soon as- Mr. Young, who has had' a seriously'infected: arm, is able -to conMt. .Mr. and Mrs.: Shorter werel din-, ne^ guests jijf Mr. and Airs. IJP. S. er. Mr. Cdrrell's being Saturday. •ecenitjer and Jack .Mitchell 's Friday December 10. Those present ^ere: 'Mr. and Mrs; George Cbrrell. Mr. \and^Ir .s. II«nder .son Mitchell. .lack Mitchell'. Fred Mitchell. .Mr. :ainrt\ .Mrs. Clarence Potter and fdmily; .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Mitchell and children of .Neodesha. <-anie Saturday for a .visit with the- fomier's mother, Mrs. Isabel .Mitchell and other relatives. Many -old friends from here attended the funeral of .Mrs. Charles Cole at .lola Sundayi' .Mrs: Cole was a pioneer at this part jof the > ^eonntry'coming here aljout' 1S7». j Mrs. George Sallee -who recently njioved from here to .N'l-odesha tnij l»e nearer .Mr. Sallee who Is de- j I>ot agent- at Buffvllle. Is moving S ck and will occupy the Hert nnghnessy place on .North .Main sjreet. H. T. Burchett is home from Sb^a Springs. IcUrho where he spent the snmmei- at- work. Mrs. Kurchelf Is reported to not he feeling well. ' ~^ -—Received shipmji 'nt of 19Z1 crop of dates white and -black cooking figs and a line of new nuts a.t City Bakery. Mrs.! Carolina Lowo has been to the Stj John's hospital for radium treatmjent. ..Mr. ^nd Mr.s. Carl ZInk of :Par- Masle Clab Girew Program of Saered Mm»le—P£Mi Mcet»« WiWXn. W. ik. Brerler the taostesa served refri^liiShits. ; Cltapter A. M. of P.BLtJT; met' tl\Is eveningv at. the home, of- Mrs. W, A : By#rey. Miss BVa CCon- nior dtrtect^'itfae topic of the eve-^ nliig. She gave an excellent r.e^ view of. Kate Donglas Wiggin'^ "lyfir Gardens of Memory." t .j GIBiSON'S FOft GIFTS (Frances' Culver) HUMBOLDT. Kan.. Dec. > 13.^ Th& Humbibldt' MuMc clhb .was en­ tertained.this Afternoon by Mrs. E. H : Leftttech' at her honfe oir Eafct New York street. The discussion of'the afternoon was "Sacr«!d Mu-} sic." and was dlr^ted by Mrs. J.-j H. Armel. A pleasing program was presented as follows r ^ Piano sold Selected Miss Emily Oslujrn Vocal'duet "Cautlque ile N'oe!.. I . Adam Miss borothy Reynolds, Mrs. H. I H: Mc(:ielland FlutcJnolo Selected! \ ifisB Marjorie, Casper I^lAnor nolo "Pastora) Symphony.. "Mesalah" — Handel Mrs. H. H. .McClelland Vocal M^o "Gesu Bambino" ...i .i , _ Plefro Yon Miss Lucille Crook Vocal (hieti ._ "Silent .Night" Mr'y. Starkly, Miss McKittrlck Readfnr. "The Christmas Chimes" , Mias Margaret Johnson Fol<o *Wir ttfe program, proper. Mm. P.' B. Wa'ugb of lola played very brilliantly, Franz Liszt's piano paraphrase of the {quartette from "Higolrtto.'.' Shi responded, to an enthusiaatic encore with a number by Mozskowski. Christmas carols. | stmg by the club tinder the direc- \ tion of Mrs. J. L. ^arkhurst. con- ; eluded the program. At 5 o'clock' Ford. Sunday. T^he; occasion being in honor ofiMpJ. Ford's birth-! day which is todayi December 12. j Mr. Ford's other j friends' join in wishing him many more birthdays. All the new .shades and weights- Heels— Square r.r Pointed MILLINERY- LADIES^ /I FURNISHINGS (I 27 Yean- of Stiecessful _ jfelQcTion^y Lgbuf^lUsyhoppin^ Featuring TMk Week a Great Sale of JuVeiiile Books at Greatly Reduced Prices Here Are Pi^aefic^ Gift Suggestions That At the Ldow Prices Fe4ti|red Shoud Appeal to Every Gi^ Seeker Gotham'Gold Stripe Silk Hrise Boulevard Prints, 16 Rib SillrUmbi^tes, beautiful contatnef, ^SiTSi In the U. S. A. (Or Elsewher^) r I T'S so simple—yon pay the finest presents yi>u*re ever seen for about i the least you've ever paid. You> give us the names- of those #ho are to receive .thcm---and no mater Lwhere they-aris, in Shelbsrvtlle, Ion- don,. :or Hongkonn^—we'll see that - they getthcm and do.all the packing frees of charge I: ' YOUR CHRISTMAS DRUGSTORE 1 1 il 1 -»• . Kays^r's Chank>idette? Gloves with handsome embroidered cuffs, jil.Op pair.' Beacon Eath RoV^ dian cok>rings» $5;5 Qi' Madeira, all linen .signs, 6ifbr ?2^5. 4 40-inQh Beautiful and evening shades. Huridrefls of Gift cially pnced at $1.00 Genuine Cowhide Wayiie Knit, all 8l| beautifd IGift Box Just T^en More Shopping Days Until €hristonal5 And althout'h there arebiit l(j a.s.sures our many Allen County lied for 27 years upon thi.s Big mei'chandi.«!e ,wantf^—even until Chrl.stma.s—that it will receive r cheerful .service. But we: tlo ask you if po.ssible to ihcjp early—early in the vveek, early in the diiy. j more days this .store friends who have re- 'amily Store for their the last hour before RAMSAY BROS. Sd-inch ahd Boil Proof 35c yard. Blankptf in beautiful:Navajo In- 'aliie, with qords complete, S3.95. Naplkins with beautiful comer de- SatJii faced Canton Crepes in dark $4.'00 at a yard. tems in our Gift Department spe- each. Gladstone Bags $10.00'. k from hem to toe HoHiery, a ptaifr. • Kays^'s Pointed Heel Silk Hotie: in beautiful Gi^t Box $1.^85 pair. Little Tots Painty coidred frocks of Printed Zephyrs, specially, priced frorr^^.00 up to $4.95. iin Gift Box $1.95 pr. Beautiful .'Rayon Pillows of ^h^ngeable Taflfeta Rayon, .specially^ priced ^t $3-48. s Silk Scarfs ojf beautiful R&diuin and Willow Silks at from $li7^fo^^5. ^ -II Lovtely Gown* of heavy qii^lity Chine .in Pink, Peach, Orchid,): etc up to $10.50. ; alKSilk Crepe de ., priced from $4.95 Bunte's PureSaitin CandiesJOOb Ib^ Ladies Imported Uineh rolled hems, emjiroid^red at'26^, HariHk^rchiefs with hand 50c,'59c and $1.00. Ladie/ Beatlful Quilted Rt^ei ange, etc., specially priced at $10 Miinsing Silk Blobmefs, cdldrt Orchid, at $2.2* A pair. ill black, ft6sh, or- 50 to $16.50. Flesh, Pink, Peach, Ai Mto inviting An-ay of Toys to Tickle the Heat^Uf AliyGhild'cdn be found inOvor Jojr^} iToylahd atidW^- derftill)^ £/lw PiicediShOp in Toylandi^^f^^ Better '^s. it : '• 1-1-

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