The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 1, 1958 · Page 2
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 2

Austin, Minnesota
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Monday, December 1, 1958
Page 2
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3-AUSTTN (Minn.) HWAID Monday, Dee. t, 1958 VITAL STATISTICS Birthi be held at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at AT at* OLAF HOSPITAL — „_.„ „. „.„„ „,.„, »..„,„„„, „, Mf, «M) Mr». Raymond Rosen- Sacred Heart Church, Adams, the baiml, 1716 Cc4Hn«, Daughter, Nov. Rev. Richard Barden officiating. M. Interment will be in the church Mr. tfid MM. Ray Medtnnus, cemetery. Rosary services will l«Roy, «on, Nov. 80. be held at 8 p.m. Wednesday at ,Mr. «nd Mri. JtmM Ingersoll, lhe Adams Funeral Home 700 Lansing, daughter, Dec. 1. — Mr. and Mrs. Ted Farrell, 605 Municipal Court M S**«7i£"*Lr& Bramel, Duflne C ' Madson ' * 07 Oakwood ' Austin Rt. 1, daughter, Dec. l. UM tr........u"m—i. 2204 E Hayes, daughter. Dec, i. ^ m T ~ He , mes -„ ^^ --- selling mortgaged property, waiv- Marriage Ll€6nS0S ed preliminary hearing and bound LtVern '«. Gabriel, Browns- SL er J°, DtoWct Court mder * l <~ dale, and Mavys Jean Y. Johnson, °°° ™™ Rose Creek. Robert C. Burton, Austin Rt. 1, and Mary H. Hoban, 1010 Dawson Lane. Donald R. Chapek, Austin Rt. 3, and Arlene C. Blune, Austin Rt. 2. Deaths HOWARD HOLBROOK ,.-_„. . **f j.»ja noauv/inijca/ jrncioa Howard A. Holbrook, 59, former- Traffic ...................... 443 ly of Austin, died Saturday at his Fires ........ ................ 51 borne, 8905 River Ridge Road, Bloomington, Minn. He was employed by Geo. A. Hormel & to. until 1935 and also was in the retail lumber business in Austin, Surviving are his wife, Edna; a sister, Mrs. Arthur Trick- «r, Phoenix, Ariz.; a brother, Dewitt Holbrook, Phoenix. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at Minneapolis. HARRY BELL Harry Bell, Lyle, died suddenly this morning while at work as a trucker and cattle buyer. Surviving are his wife, Hazel; i daughter,.Mrs. Virginia Anderson; two sons, Verne and William Bell. Funeral arrangements will be announced later by the Worlein Funeral Rome. A. B. CLEMENS A. H. Clemens, 70, Rochester attorney and former principal of Rochester High School, died shortly before noon Saturday at Rochester. Surviving are his wife, Myrtle; a daughter, Mrs. Fred Garrde, Midland, Texas; two grandchildren. Moving to Rochester in 1913, he laughter chemistry and physics at Rochester High School before being appointed principal in 1916. Admitted to the Minnesota bar in 1918, he was a past president of the Third Judicial District Bar Assn. { Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon. MRS. MICHAEL KLOECKNER Mrs. Michael (Anna) Kloeckner, 67, died this morning at St. Olaf Hospital. She. resided at 612 Center, Surviving are her husband; a son, Clarence, Rondo Beach, Calif.; two daughters, Mrs. Arne (Leona) Olson and Mrs. Arthur (Pauline) Smith, Adams; seven brothers, Fred and Frank Loech er, Amherst Junction, Wis., John and Ernest Loecher, Austin, Ben and Paul Loecher, Adams, Joseph Loecher, Amherst, Wis.; two sis ters, Mrs. Nick (Carrie) Jasper Adams, and Mrs. Lawrence (Frances) Schaefer, Chicago. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS More than 600 Americans were silled in accidents during the four- day Thanksgiving weekend, nearly 450 of them in traffic crashes. The toll of traffic deaths was ligher than that counted in a non- doliday period of identical length two weeks •go. It was not as high as the 470 estimate made by the National Safety Council for a 102- IOUT non-holiday weekend at this time of year. Take) a Break and Do a Better Job , • vacation in five years, and I don to do x> now"? Such employe or executive i Funeral services for Mrs, Michael Kloeckner, 612 Center, will Death Takes No Holiday Across Nation By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Miscellaneous 116 Total 610 break and sporadic shelling con tinued after dawn. province. The Peiping Foreign warning against continued U.S military provocations." MY ANSWER WEATHER FORECAST — It will be warm er tonight in the Plains and Gulf states and the Pacific northwest while it will be somewhat coder in the western Lakes area. Snow flurries are expected in the Lakes region, parts of New England and in the northern Appalachians. Rain is predicted for the northern Pacific coast, Texas and Missouri. (AP WirephotoMap) VOTING (Continued from Page 1) into feuding factions. One of the party's leaders, ex-Bremier Pierre Mendes-France, was eliminated in the first round of voting last Sunday. Diverse groups accounted for the remainder of the Assembly's strength from France. To Name Premier Ten deputies were elected from overseas territories. With the 71 from Algeria and the Sahara, the Assembly will total 546. A new premier will be named after the electoral college picks a new president of France Dec. 21. De Gaulle is certain to get the presidency, but there has been some speculation that he might use his influence to keep Soustelle from the premiership. Mollet Heads Rivals Socialist leader Guy Mollet and MRP leader Pierre Pflimlin, both ministers of state in De Gaulle's present Cabinet, likely will head the opposition in the Assembly. The new Assembly will meet first in January, for a short session. The right-wing sweep went far beyond the desires of De Gaulle, who refused to lend his name of Reds Resume Odd-Day Firing TAIPEI, Formosa (AP) — The Communists peppered Quemoy with a light token shelling today, resuming their odd-day firing. Nationalist defense headquarters said 23 shells landed on the „ „. offshore island group before day- ficially to any party or candidate in an effort to remain above pol rebellion in Algeria. itics. He had hoped for a more The Nationalists took advantage balanced representation of moder- of the silenced Communist guns ates to effect a liberal settle- Sunday to send a large supply ment of the four-year nationalist convoy to Quemoy. The supply — K " lli ~* -- A1 —=vessels unloaded their cargo without interruption. In Taipei; the U.S. defense command said it had no knowledge of alleged intrusion by American jet planes into Red China's air space. WEATHER (Continued from Page 1) blasts in the wake , of the heavy snowstorm which swept u- spuuc. The Communists charged that reglon over the weekend after two F104 Starfighters trespassed leavin S "ear record early season three times Saturday over Fuklen * alls in the Rockies and Midwest. nvutTttM J«M ml... T-i»* ^t ___ M . i n^f>tnnAl*otlll*AB r4^r\nmaf4 V««1sv«i dropped below ftwruivc* X11C JrClpUlK f OrClKIl «-f •*••- ******».« M * vf£*«*v* t/t*tyrr Ministry issued its "43rd serious zero in nort hern New England M.Mu^I.^-* — _ * L .. ii • ___ On/3 n&AW !VAV*f\ 4*1 MAMtn A£ %.?««. and near zero in parts of New York state. One of the lowest reading was -14 at Mt. Washing ton, N.H. The mercury edged toward the zero mark in areas southward across western Pennsylvania into West Virginia. The freezing line extended southward toward the mid-Gulf Coast, including north western Florida. ,.-uv;«, ouu «: 1C r, ^mcago. QUESTION - In our city there Funeral services will be held *** ** dlHcrent denominations. From my reading of the Bible, I cannot believe that Christ founded all these different religions. How can I tell which one of the Thursday morning. Funerals Funeral services for A. H. Cle- 35 ls the one founded by Christ? mens, Rochester, will be held at p - w - B 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Univer salist Church, Rochester. Interment will be in Oakwood Cemetery, Ro. Chester. ANSWER — We are not to assume that everyone in any church is totally Christian. We speak of the church visible and the church invisible. The church visible consists of church rolls one can read, buildings one can see, and denoni- national names of one kind or another. A recent religious sampling by the census bureau indicates that 80 per cent of all adults in America claim some kind of church affiliation. This of course does not mean that 80 per cent H»vc you had your vacation? Oi of Americans are totally Christ "•j *?* °*? °i ^ Mt WBB** in4»- Jan. Not even half of this number I±?fU b a e Sfte^^n J£JJ ChWCh °° Ce CVen 0"" • **<tn**••*«•* >M £»». .._.._.. J » 1 I. ldO« jCCUf last year. * 4 w u v w uuw i But within every denomination While industry and zeal are char- 'here are committed Christians, tcteristici ro he commen-led, the These comprise the church invisi- worker who neglects taking a breath- ble; the church that God sees. SnS &^?£Sf% «-" « «» «f -«» -th, rultiej. u Sbts of the world, living oracles The map or woman who spurns f° r God- vacation* it al»o likely to be tin If you are trying to find the linl of P--KOO wao uUMt his business true church, don't look to any one creasing the firm. . hurting himself by rejecting test and Moreover, he'i really des efficiency and value to Though a vacation away from home is recommended, a great deal of benefit can also be derived fiom occasional •ide trip* or "just plain loafing around the howe." Some individuals prefer to let their allotted off-days accumulate until they ate entitled to an extended leave. Actually, however, an annual two-week vacation does * great deal more to relieve tension sod anxiety than a bi-annual four-week vacation. Many organizations rcsluse this and will not permit the practice. Your doctor of chiropractic counsels that the pill has never been compounded which will compete with a couple of weeb of hunting, fishing, or nxMutf lot the borne warn at oi' ball cane! them. If you do find a perfect church (which is most unlikely) it will be imperfect the minute you join it. Seek rather to be a SUNDAY TV FARE PLEASES Critic Mercer Lauds 3 of Top Programs By CHARLES MERCER ments of television came in the NEW YORK (AP)—"Wonderful last movement of the symphony Town" offered the television audience a wonderful time Sunday night in a two-hour presentation of the musical comedy on CBS-TV. Rosaline Russell brought all the verve of her Broadway performance to her role of a girl from Ohio living in Greenwich Village. Jacquelyn McKeever, a newcomer to television, was a charming sister Eileen, and Sydney Chaplin was an appropriate boy friend. The show was produced for the home screen with freshness, as if it never had been a musical or movie, but had been conceived especially for television. A distinguished and fascinating new program has come to television with the once-a-month series in which Leonard Bernstein conducts the philharmonic on CBS- TV. Sunday he led the Philharmonic in excerpts from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, which he characterized in his comments as a musical example of "almost atomic energy." One of the great musical mo- YouHi Is Wounded by His Own Pistol Gerald Faber, 15, Austin Rt. 1, was treated for wounds Sunday afternoon suffered while 'hunting near Waltham. The youth was putting his .22 pistol in a holster when it accidentally discharged, the bullet entering his thigh and coming out eight inches below. He was released after treatment at St. Olaf Hospital. when the themes become too vast for orchestration and burst into the vocal, with chorus rendered Sunday by the Westminster Choir. Russian composer Sergei Prok ofiev was receiving a tremendous assist on ABC-TV from such diverse talents as Art Carney, Paul Weston, Ogden Nash and the Baird Marionettes. In fact, "Art Carney Meets Peter and the Wolf" took the spotlight entirely away from Prokofiev with a delightful hour of entertainment The puppet play by A. J. Rus. sell developed amusing, original conceptions based on old legends Carney was superb as a gentle guy who went off to the woods and met the wolf and other marv velous animals and characters personified by puppets created by Bil and Cora Baird. A wolf never defended himself more eloquently on television. The music by Weston. based on Prokofiev's themes, with lyrics by Nash and Sheldon Harnick fell most pleasantly on the ear Victor Borge kept his audience off balance in his annual hour of comedy and music over CBS-TV Saturday evening, mixing the comic and the serious with his customary aplomb. A surprisingly large amount o! his material was transported with' out change from his Broadway show of a couple of years ago But if one had not seen him in the theater, the entire TV show presumably carried the element o surprise essential to successful comedy. BUDGET (Continued from Page 1) A general increase of 10 cents per hour, in employes' wages plus 2.4 per cents for life insurance, were included in the budget, to get into effect April 1. Provision was made for two additional em- ployes for the police department, and one for the fire department. The budget was kept principally to regular Council operations, with llttte provision for new pro- ects. The only exception was an allocation of $12,000 for ft program of City planning and zoning, a pro- ect which the Council felt was needed for protection against indiscriminate zoning which could affect property values, and to avoid future costs that might occur through failure in planning. Dlscnu work Agreement* Before approving the b u d g e t, the Council discussed proposed work agreements submitted to the city by the police and fire departments. The Council gave those two departments, the same 10-cent-an- tour increase, as other employes. It gave them the choice of either 2.4 cenls for life insurance, or two cents in pay. Eight holidays were granted, as compared with the four now received. A provision was included to pay policemen when they appear in court to testi fy, and it will be required they wear their uniforms in court. The Council put $500 in the budget as a fund to replace police uniforms when they are damaged in t h e line of duty, and such replacement is approved by the p o 1 i c e chief. Cat Travel Expenses Travel expenses for all city departments were cut to about one half of what they are in the current budget. The general fund, the major di visfon for city operations, include these budgeted items: General government, $126,598, 49; public safety, $540.544.70; high ways, $345,529.81; sanitation and waste removal, $295,908.17; con servation of health, $26,427.36; relief and public welfare, $4,310; airport, $3,370; special appropriations, $12,275.33; and general bond and interest, $33,000. The total came to $1,387.963.23, which when reduced by the minicipal plant appropriation, license fees anc other receipts, left a net of $786,202.72 to be levied against taxes REDS (Cntinued from Page 1) weighs 300,000 pounds, is 195 feet long and has a wingspread of 78 feet. This country's eight-jet B52 bomber weighs about 400,000 pounds and is 156H feet long. A major advantage of a nuclear-powered plane is that it might be flown for days or weeks without refueling. Among major • obstacles to its development are the need for special metals able to withstand the intense heat of an atomic reactor, and the weight of the shielding now considered necessary to protect the crew from radiation. Attorney Appointed in Forgery Trial Arraignment of Mrs. Sharon Howe, Grand Rapids, on second degree forgery was delayed this morning when she appeared in court without an attorney. After determining that the defendant could not attord to retain a lawyer Judge A. C. Richardson appointed Ray Ondov to represent her. Information presented by County Attorney Wallace Sieh alleged that Mrs. Howe on May 23, 1956 forged a check for $40 and cashed it at the J. C. Penney Co. Now that everybody has been ^ «•«• ,jw*** »*« h«ww«k * MVttVl 1^1 UW 0- -—•-» v » v* j wvu^ AJC10 WCCJJ dedicated Christian, and then un- i everybody's else's valentine, we Ite with the church where you be- i can 8 et back to normal again. liev* your Christian witness most needed. First recorded U.S. patent granted to a woman was to Mary Kies in 1809 for a method of weaving straw with silk or thread. 0$ t Regular Sffn'ict by Yo*r AMUi* Doctors of 6HIIOPRACTIC BRING YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS t _ WOLD'S DRUG STORE SAVE with THOMSEN Quality Cleaning Ladies Shorties . 95c (No Jackets or Car Coat* Included) FREE Pick Up & Delivery on Order* of $1 or More. You get Thomsen Quality at Reduced Price*. Tbomtefl Cleaners HE 3-6755 * Hwy. 218 S. For CHRISTMAS GIVING Most Sensational New Gift Idea in a Decade MAGNU S ELECTRIC CHORD ORGAN \ou can play it in minutes! Actually it takes only minutes to start playing thil IS pound wonder,,. not just some people, but every" one from the youngsters to the waltz set. A completely new method with a 28-page song book with directions starts you to play at once. You can play love songs, hymns, folk songs and jazz, even though you can't read a note of music. If you can plug it In... You can play It I Now for the First Time, an Electric Organ Can Be Purchased for only *129*« GOING LIKE WILDFIRE EVERYWHERE! TERRIFIC DEMAND AS CHRISTMAS GIFTS Come In and see them — Prompt re*ponte is necessary — to get our share and have orders filled in time for Yule giving. DON'T DELAY - ACT TODAY 105 E. Oakland n. HE 3-2363 FREE PARKING U 0ig Lai Next Dwr GORDON V^-~...T *I*CTO Southern Minnesota'! Tap Service Pept. Reconditioned t Guaranteed . Appliance* Fracas Gets 90-Day Terms for Brothers Two Sergeant area brothers Dennis and Allen Weitzenkamp, were sentenced to 90 - day jail terms, suspended, in Municipal Court today as a result of a fracas Aug. 30 at the Waltham Liquor Store. Dennis was sentenced earlier to the 90 days, suspended until today in order that he might help Allen with the farm. work. Injured in the fracas was Mrs. Joseph Baaken, wife of the liquor store manager. Wood Burner Ignites Shed SPRING VALLEY, Minn. - jarks from a wood burner, in a ;ock watering tank, Ignited the fied housing the tank early Sun- ay. The fire, at the Raymond Cape). le farm, six mil«9 northwest of Spring Valley, was discovered by ft passing motorist about 2:30 a.m. tie knocked on the door to rouse Capelle who called the Spring Valley firemen in the neat-zero cold. - The firemen confined the fife to the shed, and extinguished the blaze before it destroyed the frame structure. The tank, which sets inside a concrete tank with a buffer of straw between, was damaged. Th* shed was 15 feet from th* barn and four feet from th* hog house. Firemen were on tht scent until 4 a.m. PROFESSOR 0»» IOWA CITY, Iowa CAP) - Bf. Higdon B. filkini, 51, professor of radiology at the State University of towa College of Medicine, died Saturday of a heart attack. —. BIN HUR ~ NECCHI.ELNA - HAMILTON - LIWYT - HAKDWlCK - SUN81AM«- "GIVE THE FAMILY A GIFT THAT WILL GIVE 'MOM* A LIFT" « •*• \< w^w^P^w^^-a < ONLY BEN HUR FREEZERS HAVE A • New Color Styling • Separate Sharp Freezer Compartment •Cold Control Right On the End of the Cabinet Popular Family Gift- 13 Cu. Ft. Ben Hur Freezer - A Beauty! USE OUR CHRISTMAS LAY AWAY Small Down Payment Holds Your Purchase Til Christmas! When it comes to meals would you like to spend leu time shopping? Lets time cooking? Would you like to save money and eat more nutritious foods? 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