The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 7, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1933
Page 3
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,THE CALIFORNIAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 1033 Aimee's Husband Outwitted '*' \J>y ,Ypung L. A. Woman , IvWith Subpoenti r fM<i»o'eifl<<!rf Pros Leaned Wire) LO8 ANGELES, Jan. 7.—Margaret Barker, petite, brunette and 2V, hag tola of David Button's desire to give singing IOSHOHH. David IH the baritone, choir-leading 1 husband of Almee Semple MePherson-Hutton, evangelist, ' Margaret hnH a job. It Homottmea Involves difficult assignments but she nays umllea usually win, and they did In this case. Sunday night sho went to Aimee's tejuple. She could not get a. seat so :she stood In apparent dlHtress In the aisle and then smiled', at Hutton, on fie platform, sho tells. ',.- He motioned to an usher to find • 'her R front seat. Seated, she smiled, she says, and he smiled, and there wore more smiles back and forth, she said. ' , After' the services ho asked to show her through the temple, and she\assented. - \ ., •/•Til bet you cnn sing," said David with u smile, "Why don't you let me lessons?" "TVull,' I don't knofo about that, but X'd like to give you something—this,' 1 srffe replied. The Hmlle left David's face. It w«s - .1 subpoena' in the case of Roy Wat- UlnH, former tcmplo employe, who is cuing David, and Almee for $2000. (Continued From Page One) bodies by the spirit which dwelleth In you. "Wherefore my heart Is glad, and my glory rejolceth: My flesh also shall rest In hope. . "Thou bhalt show me the path of life: In thy presence Is tho fullness of joy: and ut thy right hand there Is pleasure for evermore." Soul Committed Commltal: "Unto Almighty God we commend the soul of our brother departed, and , we therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, duSt to dust; in the sure and certain hope that as he hus borne the image of the earthly, he shall also bear the image of the heavenly. . "ffhe dust returns unto the earth as it was; and the spirit has returned unto GoJ who gav.t: It. "None of us llveth to himself, And none dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; or whether we die, we die unto the Lord; whether we live therefore, or did, we are- the Lord's. "I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, write, blessed are the dead who die In the Lord from hence- 'forth; yea, sulth the spirit, that they may rout from their labors, and their works do follow th,em." \- .:-. Prayer: > . "O God, thou king eternal, immortal, invisible, may we who cannot see thee with the eye of the flesh, behold thee steadfastly with the eye of faith. And grant that having fulfilled thy wllli upon earth, we may behold thy face in heaven, and be' mude partakers of, those unspeakable joys which thou hast promised to them who love thee. In His name we ask It. Amen."' Benediction The God of peace, who brought apyxln from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ, the great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of tho ever- Jasting covenant; make you perfect in every good work to do' his will, working in you that which Is well pleasing in his sight; through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amon." " WITH HEM CRUSHED PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 7.—Hose McCloskey, 19, who disappeared from her home last night, was found dead with her throat slashed and her head crushed in a park today, not far from where she lived. An unexplained circumstance of the disappearance and death of the girl was the beating up of Dennis Boyle, 30, ,an acquaintance. He was found on the street about an hour after the girl had left the delicatessen store of her mother. Boyle, was removed to a hospital, and no statement has yet been made 'public by the police as to how ho received his injuries. Police said the girl had been attacked before she died. DR. VAN METER CAREFUL DENTIST Mew law print n ptiUi end brldsiwork Midi In lur i*n kbtrattry 1421 Nineteenth Street AeroM Fr.w WeHll'e 179 ' 1933 Specials on PAINTS Outside Paint, 10 colors gal. 95o Excellent Guaranteed Paint, all colors gal. $1.88 Asphalt Roof Coating, 60c gal., B-oal. can 12.49 .Kalsomlne, all colors 26 Ibs. $1.19 We CIMMVI you rntmy «n »ur ttmilttt lint •( Ptlnti, Enintli and Virnlihei. Free City Delivery •United Iron & Metal Co. 2810 Chester Avs. Phone 1441 HOARDED GOLD W« »ty loh t»r ytur »U unuuklt tt\i J< •Iry «r MM 1*14. del uwful dillwi ftr >iur VMlMi «'«»• •* »r«ltg» nwttli. THE WICKERpHAM Op. Corner Nineteenth snd I Streets Wt Oo NM entity Outifst StTlilteri LAID TO FINAL REST SIMPLE RITE FOR CALVINJOLIDGE Great • and Humble' Attend Services in Church at Northampton (Continued From Pago On«) faith which the people placed In htm. "We know ho is not dead, for with Theo there Ifl no death. And now we pray thnt Thou wouldst make hla memory to be a bright and shining light upon the unknown path that our nation has still to go. May we share his devotion, his consecration, his deep humility and his ardent faith In the future, a faith that was rooted and grounded in a profound faith In Thee. Kalse up, O Lord, In our day, new leaders who follow In hla steps. Strengthen Afflicted "O Father of Infinite compassion, God of all comfort, reveal thyself to those who knew* him best ,and loved him most. Strengthen the hearts'that faint under the heavy burden, and support them In-the arms of thine Infinite love. May they know that in all their distress Thou dost care for them with unfailing tenderness. Help them to bear with patience their affliction, and to look with glad confidence toward that future whore God shall' wipe awuy all Hears from their eyes. "May we not begrudge him, whose loss we so deeply mourn, the rest with Thoo which he has so richly deserved, knowing that by thy mercy and grace ho finished his COUVBO, having kept tho faith. Wo ask this for the sake t>f Thy son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen." ' The quartet began the refrain, "O love that wilt not let ma go." This song was tho selection of Mrs. draco Coolidge. The minister pronounced benediction: "Unto God'H gracious mercy OIL a«d Ml NINO Development Under Way at Old Kernville Gold Mine •$> Canada, Russia Cattle and Oil Swap Is Sought (Vnltcd Pratt Leated Wire) OTTAWA, Ont., J»n. 7—A deal proposed by a wsstern Canada syndicate to exchange Canadian oattle for Ruaalan oil appeared likely to fall .through today after the government declined the iyn. dloate's proposal that the federal treasury flnanot the deal. Syndicate representatives claimed that the deal would aupply a market for 100,000 cattle, but Canadian oil In- teraita opposed the proportion. and protection we commit you. Lord bless you and keep you* The Tho LATEST PICTURE OF CALVIN COOLIDOE WHERE COOLIDGE RITES HELD Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. The Lonl lift up his countenance upon you, and glvo you peace, both now and forevermore. Amen." The'organ played a soft postlude and Mr. Coolldge's neighbors rose and walked quietly out of the church. Widow Brave Mrs. Coolidge had entered tho church on tho arm of her daughter- in-law, rMs. John Cooltdge. As she passed the casket, and tho congregation rose to honor her, she forced a brave little smile to her lips. But sho never mined her eyes, and sat with bowed head through tho opening prayer and the first bars" of "Lead, Kindly Light." • In the second row, .at the right, sat Vice-president Charles Curtis and Chief Juntloe Charles Kvans Hughes. Beside them w.%s Clifford Lymnn, a Northampton book store proprietor, long-time friend of tho lute president, and an honorary pall bearer. The pastor, giving hla benediction, raised both hands dramatically over his congregation. There was n brief pause as tho gathering sat with bowed hends. Then Mrs. Coolidge, assisted on either Bide by her son, John, and his wife, rose and slowly walked to the rear door through which she had entered half an hour previously. There was another brief Interlude*, while tho organist played "Nearer My Clod to Thee," and than President and Mrs. Hoover, with their party, walked to the front entrance. As tho President emerged from the church, n, mild patter of applause could be heard from the crowd outside. Congregation Departs ,Threo minutes after the presidential party's departure, the doors were flung open, and the congregation was permitted to leave. Mrs. Coolldgo and her family, escorted by tho former president's secretary, Harry Ross, went to tho Beeches to rest a momunt before undertaking the long, cold rldo to Plymouth. President and Mrs. Hoover were driven speedily to Tho Beeches, after the church service, for n personal visit of half an hour with Mrs. Coolidge.' The presidential special train was on Us siding ut the station, ready to leave Northampton at 11:30. A scene bordering on disorder was enacted us the President walked down the stops of the church, his head fcowed with grief. The Immense crowd outside forgot tho Solemnity of tho occasion and raised n loud cheer. Tho President gave no Indication that he heard a Bound. As the throng pressed closely around him, however, two woinen, caught in the jam, fainted and were assisted to safety by the police. Several young- •ters, almost trampled under foot, raised loud outcries. A man WAS knocked down by an automobile. The main street sidewalks were lined with other crowds trying to gllmpsa tho celebrities. AH thu congregation emerged from church, the leaden Pkles, dark since early morning, began to let down a mild rnlu. and the merchants' flags drooped gloomily at half staff. President Hoover's train pulled away from the station at 11:40. The funeral cortege proceeded to Plymouth at noon. Kctllemuu Crude Target of Secretary as He Prepares v to Relinquish Office LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7.—The California Oil World says Secretary of the Interior Ray Lymnn Wilbur prob ably will file suit against the government's Kettloinan oil land lessees before he goes out of office March 4, to obtain a higher price for government royalty oil. Secretary Wilbur has renewed his demand upon tho government leas* at Kettleman North Domo for the payment of tho highest price posted In California for crude of similar gravity, regardlesH of the fact that marketing companies refuse to pay that price. After a formal- hearing demanded by tha companies ho has af firmed his former ruling; now, after tho' companies havo still declined to pay up, ho la expected to take tho question to court before he goes out of office on March 4. Suit Is expected to bo entered almost any day now In the U. 8. District Court at Los Angeles. If the cour of first Instance upholds tho secretary the companies arc certain to appca nnd tuke the matter to tho United States Supreme Court. The cost will bo heavy to tho levees companies If the courts flnullj sustain the secretary's rulings. On< company ulono will bo mulcted mon than $00,000 to date, with tho amoun steadily Increasing as long as th present prices hold. — • — •» » » /•BRNVILLH, Jan. 7.—The old MOSH Vmlne, located at tho top of Mineral mountain, east of the Dlltss Rlvernook airy ranch, abandoned more than a uoro ,of years ago Is now being pros- ected by Ben Perea of Kernvllle. The former principal workings at tho mine consisted of an open cut, follow- ng an exposed ledge for better than SO feet, tho ore of-which was very Ich in gold values, The ledge ab- uptly faulted, pinched out, and so nr as can be learned, search for tho aulted portion was not successful. Perea, apparently, In not quite cer- aln what Influenced him to blast fur- lier Into the face of the old yopen cut. lo did this, however, and within a ew feet picked up tho continuation of he old ledge, or, it is possible, a now ne, as tho width of*the newly-dls- overed vein Is n foot or less, while ho old vein was muoh wider. The ore volume of this vein is prob- ematloal as, at this time, there is no means of determining He extent. How- sver, there has been sufficient oro Hken out, and an unknown amount in tght, to warrant milling. To accom- >llsh this, Mr, Perea has built an irrastra at his domicile at Tunnel Springs within a convenient distance if his discovery. Portions of tho ore recovered Is very rich, gold being dlscernable In tho quartz to tho eye without the nld of iv glass. TWENTY-FIRST WELL Mllhnm Exploration Company ha spudded its twenty-first well at But tonwlllow. It Is the Southern Pacific Compan> No. 14-31, on section 31, 27-23, and today, after the cellar casing ha been cemontcd near 520 feet, wot being drilled ahead. The company's twentieth, No. 41- on a Southern Pacific Company leas on section 1, 28-22, was completed lat In December at 2511 feet, for abou 14,000,000 cublo feet of natural ga dally. This- picture, transmitted by Telephoto from New York City to San Fran- olico, show* the Jonathan Edwards Congregational church at Northamp. ton, Mast,, where the ilmple funeral rites for Ex-President Calvin Cpolldga were held. Inset Is R«v. Albert J. Penner, who conducted the services. Keep Stores Open as "Cal" Would Have Wished It (Amoeiatcd Prett Leated Wire) NORTHAMPTON, Mass., Jan. 7.—Mayor Homer C. Bliss will do "as Calvin would have wanted." Hs did not ask Northampton's places of business to close today for tha funeral of the former president, Hs asked them to pull down their shades during the services. . "We have a prosperous city," he said, "prosperous, anyway, In nor- nial times. Now every nickel counts. If the business places closed they might lose some sales, "And that Is exactly what Calvin wouldn't have wanted." QUITE A HABIT JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 7.— Lightning ma.y not strike twice in the Banio place but a certain bandit found It profitable to repeat a holdup. A few weeks ago this man held up C. K Brosky, one-man-car operator, when his car reached, tha end of the line. The other night the game man held up Broalty a second time and (United Prett Leated Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 7.— George J. Hollenbeck, extensive land owner of Sacramento and Yolo counties, today wan made defendant In a sensational divorce complaint filed In Superior Court here by his wife, Mrs. Rose 13. Hollenbeck. In her complaint; Mrs. Hollenbeck charges that for .the past five years her husband has associated with another woman, for whom he purchased a home; that ho was continually Intoxicated, and that on several occasions he struck her. She asks $500 a month alimony and tho custody of two mmor children. Community property of the couple, tho action states, Is valued at {500,000. . The Hullenbecks were married 27 years ago In Son Francisco. made off changer with $27 and hlfl money HOME BOMBED SPRINGFIELD, 111,, ,Jnn. 7. (U. P.) A bomb believed by police to be an Incident of the Illinois coal mine war, waHxexploded here ut a home In which three miners employed by the feabody Coal Company are residing. Damage WUH slight und noiid wan Injured Striking Public | Utterances of | Late President! (UMttd Vreti Leated Wire) • Following arV some of former President Coolldge's most striking public utterances: A* governor of Massachusetts during Boston police strike of 1919! "There Is no right to strike against the public safety by any. body, anywhere, anytime," As vlo«.president, In 1922: "Na- tlons which maintain hugs arm*, msnts can afford to glvs consideration to their American obligations." As president, In 1923: "Don't hesitate to be as revolutionary as science. Don't hesitate to bs as reactionary as the multiplication table." "The classic of all classics U the Bible." In 1925: "I am for economy— and more economy." In the summer of 1927, In the Black Hills: "I do not choose to run for president In 192S." In 1930 aftsr his return to Northampton: "No government worthy of confidence undsrtakss to guarantee prosperity. It can, however, through wise measures promote security and psacs, ac- oompanltd by reasonable taxation, grsatly ••courage all kinds of buslntssi" In 1931, In an appeal for rellsf funds: "All that Is needed Is for us to glvs what we think America Is worth to us." BECKETT AND WATSON T REACHES 1300 FEET With a depth of 1800 feet, tho Call fornla-Weslern Oil Company's No 1 . 11 well, section 7, 28-20, at Round Mountain, was being drilled ahead today. On section G, 28-20, the Coffee Oil Company's No. 3 remains at completion point, with a depth of 1027 feet. A deepening Job started by Howells Brothers on section 32, 28-29, on the old C. A. Imus No. 1, has halted, temporarily. The well has a depth of 1130 foot. 4 • » Satisfactory Year for Alaskan Firm (.litoctattd 1'reta Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 7.—Alaska Juneuu Gold Mining Company operating results for 1032 were estimated at $3,120,000 gross, compared with 1931 annual gross of $3,879,839, and $1,118,100 net beforo depreciation, depletion and taxes, against $1,399,545 reported for 1031. An agreement by throe parties, over .ho Flno Gold claim In tha Qoler district of Korn county, has beon recorded \vllh County Recorder Charles Shomato. , Clare E. Beckett Is tho first party, Robert A. Watson Is tho second party and tho third party consists of George . Irvln and C. A. Patterson. Irvln and rattersctn deslro to convey, while Beckett and Watson doslro to ncqulro all Interests In tho Fine Gold claim No. 3, and portion of Fine Gold claims NOB. 1 and 2. Upon execution of tho .agreement, Beckett nnd Watson will bperato tho claims. Beckett, or party No. 1, will receive $S22.Ci1 out of the proceeds. Then I'nttoraon and Irvln, the parties of tho third part, will receive otie- tonth of tho gold produced until a total of $1617.34 has been paid to them, tho agreement reads. JULIAN LOSES POINT IN OIL FRAUD FIGHT fAttontatti 1'rcns Leaned Wire) OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 7.— An order permitting tho taking of depositions In California In tho mall fraud caso of C. C. Julian, oil promoter, and BC other defendants, was Issued today by Federal Judge Mdgar ,H. Vftught. The caso is to go to trial here next month. O. A. Carglll, Julian's attorney, In- diluted ho expected to obtain testimony from Investors In the C. C. Julian Oil and Royalty Company to tho effect they aro satisfied with their Investments. D. K. Hodges, ass^tant United States district attorney, was assigned to go to California Sunday to tako depositions for the government. New Test of Kettlemun Job and Drilling May Reach Depth of 11,000 Feet KBTTLBMAN CITT, Jan. 7.—Resumption of work at the Llllls & Welch No. 1 well In the north dome of Kettleman Hills In Fresno county his week Is a matter of state-wide Interest In ojl developers an prospects are good that It will bo the first 11,>00-foot hole with a good prospect of becoming a bonanza oil producer. The well is being drilled by Ed Mo- Adams,'head of the North Kettleman Oil nnd. Gas Company, and has reached n depth of 0650 feet. Me announced that tho work of straightening tho hole would start at once In order to get It Into shape for runt^ng In a special string of 3600 feet of 86- pound cn»lng to be set at the bottom. Above this will be the 30-pound string of casing and tho entire string will cost $30,000. The extra heavy casing will be set to withstand tho extreme wall pressure, and If production docs not show from tho present depth It will afford a moans of carrying tho hole to a depth of 11,000 feet In hopes of tapping tho Avenal sands, believed to be oil saturated. •• Within tho noxt throe weeks the formation to be tested Is bolleved to be tho snme an encountered in the bonanza light oil wells of the Belrldge district In Kern county at approximately 8000 feet by the Belrldgo Oil Company. A reoent completion In the Belrtdge showed a potential output of 6200 barrels dally and with heavy gaa pressure. . • OH mon expoct the operations of McAdamn to sot a new record In deep drilling, and to prove new geological data of great value in future drilling. McAdams is well known In Bakersfield, and two yonrs ago ho drilled a well for a company In tho. southern part of tho San Jouquln VtUloy. RERNERIES FEEL (At/ioclated Prcm Leaiett Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 7.—A suicide pact in which a mother and daughter took their lives with poison, was revealed here today In the discovery of the bodies of Mre. Mary F. Mclntosh, 40, and her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Cane, In their residence on • Forty- second street. Deputy Coroner Ed Nichols, who took charge of the bodl«B, said he thinks the women had beon dead since last Tuesday. The women left no other moKRHBc- than a note to notify a relntlye, and some financial data. A bottle of poison crystals was found In tH'e bathroom and beside it a drinking glass with some of the crystals etlll clinging to It. Tho double suicide is attributed to grief over tho recent death of tho daughter's husband, Guy Mclntosh, who succumbed to a heart attack while driving home for the Christ mas holidays from Los Angeleu. WANTED Proven OH Leaie In Kern County by responsible • parties with money and machinery, ready to start drilling operations. Write giving description and telephone number to Box 77, Callfornlan office. OF LANE JOB SEEN THSWEEK-ENO FRTJITVALE, Jan. 7.— Mining bureau officials huve glvon Frultvale Oil Company permission to land liner In the rirm's Lime No. 1 well, on section IB, 29-27, following a water nhutoff tost yesterday, which proved the cement Job on the H%-lnch casing at !)l>42 foot was an effective one. Landing of liner was scheduled for early today and officials of the concern figure that completion of the well will be effected (luring the week-end. Four hundred feet of formation, and about. 200 feet of oil snnd, bottom thu 4083 -foot project. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7.— Refinery operations In California oro today estimated nt less than 40 per cent of available capacity due principally to decllno In demand for petroleum products. According to November fig- urns, tho latest official dutu, the stnto had 74 refineries with a total capacity of 040,780 barrels dally and rims during the month to htllls averaged but 422,105 barrels dally. Since that tlmo a number of refineries have reduced their runn and In somo canes plants have been closed down. Tho November figures showed 25 plants with an operating capacity of 12r.,050 barrels dally as Idle while the 49 operating refineries with a capacity of 815,710 barrels dally operated at 51.74 per cent of capacity. From Signal Hill como reports of cnncelatlon of many regular crude buying contracts by purchasers and the commencement of day to day buying with only such crude bolng taken as It produced under curtailment requirements. APPROVES BORAH BILL WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. (A. r.)— A bill by Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, to exempt unpatonted mining claims from the requirement that their claimants must do $100 worth of work on them each year was approved to- dny by tha Sonata mines committee. 1 Two Firms Receive Income Tax Refund fl'nited rrcat Lcaict W(re) WASHINGTON. Jan. 7.— The bureau of internal revenue today announced an Income tux refunds, which Included: Buonn Vista Land and Development Company, I/on Anguleu, nn abatement of »107, 727.20 for 1821. Richfield Oil Company of California, Ix>s Angeles, an abatement of ?2G,377.90 for 3824. I F YOU'RE LOOKING for a New Home, Let 3feketf$fielfr California!* WANT-ADS HELP YOU WATER CONSUMERS: NOTICE! Water users living in districts given below will be without water from 8 a. m. to 11 a. m. Sunday morning, January 8, due to closing gate valves while making necessary repairs. The water company suggests that a supply of household water be drawn prior to 8 a. m. on above date. Districts affected are as follows: North side of Sixteenth street and south- side of Truxtun in 1600 block. North side of Truxtun and south side of Seventeenth in 1500 and 1600 blocks. East and west side of H street'in 1600,170Q and 1800 blocks. ,' " North side of Seventeenth and south side of Eighteenth in 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100 and 2200 blocks. South side of Seventeenth street in 1900 and 2000 blocks. North side of Sixteenth and south side of Truxtun in 2000 block. East side of D street and west side of E street in 1600 block. CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE COMPANY. Than Ever Before! with MORE Pages! MORE Features! MORE Stories! 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