Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 15, 1961 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1961
Page 8
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• POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday. February 15, 1961 Quarterly Financial Statement of the Postville Community School District Postville, Iowa for the QUARTER ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1960 GENERAL FUND rBaUnee from Previous Quarter (Overdrafts) Bvecipts for Quarter: District Tax $116,437.60 General School Aid 26,099.96 Miscellaneous 795.3S $ 39,816.72 $143,832.94 143,332.94 Patance $103,516.22 EXPENDITURES Salaries raid for Quarter. Teachers. Janitors, ete S 55.82S.38 Other Warrants Issued as Listed 29.102.02 S S4.930.40 S4.930.40 Palancc at End of Quarter : S 18,585.82 List Of Warranto Issued for Quarter Endlnjr Dec. 31. I960 Activity Fund, stamps, freight ..$ Acme Chemical Company, janitor's supplies Areerican Handicraft Company, wooden beads Arwell. Inc.. pest control Baltimore Music Company, vocal jwnsic Beckley-Cardy Company. bulle- -tra board Berp. Arvey, truck expense Bourne, Inc., vocal music Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction, film 'Bureau of Educational Research and Service, tests Central Scientific Co., science «applie$ .Chicago Tribune, subscription ... Geek's Shell Service, driver training expense •Cmft-Cochran, physical education expense Cram, George F. Com. Inc., maps .Donnelley, Reuben H. Corp., home economic expense Talb Motor Compa ny, driver training: fiaylord Bros.. Inc., library card cabinet and supplies General Industrial Company, file •Gum and Company, record album M & W Motor Express, freight . "Hall Roberts' Son. coal Harold's Cash Market, plosstex . Harr Wagrner Publishing Com- t*any, readers 3«wa State University, films .... l K-D Manufacturing Company, -ralve spring compressor JCittleson-Petersen, janitor's supplies JfJipto-Stoyles, file pockets, desk and chair Soevenig's Store, office, janitors, «hop miscellaneous supplies ... I^ttta, J. S. & Son, office, art and classroom supplies Hsrtindale, Bennie, Des Moines 3legister afteChirg, A. C. & Co.. books, staples, chalk, folders JMfGregor Roofing Company, old building entra nee Metropolitan Supply Company, naps, table, chairs, physical education equipment Hurray's Athletic Equipment Corp., clock 2fct3onal Education Association, first grade books Toatville Bakery, mothers' tea... ^oarville Farmers Telephone Company, service and tolls .... .SaatviHe Feed Mill, posts footville Herald, maps, ballots, Admits, tickets 3MMB, Richard A., mileage R. D. Music Co., vocal <Scemc Ridge Telephone Company, service ~ScnooI Form & Supply Company, 40.59 123.04 3.06 10.00 6.09 19.10 1S.50 7.64 33.53 10.33 5.43 5.50 43.40! 34.39 | 2.25 1 5.00 85.15 29.95 S.14 3.00 7.53 3.96 34.21 7.24 5.S5 11.81 41.08 29.42 71.67 2.10 143.44 80.00 477.44 8.38 14.45 1.20 70.15 22.50 76.50 23.80 6.74 5.30 library supplies 15.00 Schmitt. Hall & McCreary, vocal music 12.19 Kenneth Schroeder, labor Schultz, Jerome M., work on foot- bail lights 35.00 Schutte, Louis & Sons, sewing machine repair, shade 8.75 Seale & Company, alphabet cards 4.24 Silver Burdett Company, books .. S.77 Sports Illustrated, subscription.. 1.97 Stumme's Grocery, home economic supplies 36.20 Suckow, Marvin D.. clock 12.00 Taylor Music Company, band expense 67.74 University of Chicago Press, elementary school journal 4.50 Walter, Victor H., use of mower 16.00 Waters Dairy, open house treats 6.05 Whitcome, Roger, mileage 5.60 Activity Fund, stamps, magazines, athletic insurance, etc... 453.99 American Library Association, books 6.75 American Personnel & Guidance Assn., membership dues 17.00 Arwell, Inc., pest control 10.00 Benefic Press, remedial reading . 5.62 Berg, Arvey, truck expense .... 18.50 Berg's Grocery, Frankville supplies 13.98 Blackboard Maintenance Company, blackboard cleaners .... 40.19 Brodhead-Garrett Company, shop expense 14.40 Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction, films 22.09 Cadmus Books, books 114.48 City Laundering Company, cleaning 1.S0 Cobie Office Supply Company, repair 12.50 Cook's Shell Service, transportation 44.00 Craft-Cochran Athletic Goods, physical education equipment .. 37.56 Cram. George F. Company, Inc., map 20.06 D & J Electric, installing equipment, material and labor 222.82 Encyclopedia Britannka Films, Inc., films 12.10 Field Enterprises Educational Corporation, one volume 7.00 Garrard Press, The, remedial reading 2.59 Ginn and Company, NDEA purchase guide 6.56 Gregg, John L & Son Lumber Co.. janitors and shop expense . 29.70 Gunderson, Mrs. Alma, garage rent 12.00 Hall Roberts' Son, coal 6.66 Handke Truck Line, use of eater- Pillar 30.00 Hoth Motors, wiper blades 1.82 Huntington Laboratories. janitors supplies 27.40 Iowa Sports Supply Company, physical education equipment.. 51.97 Iowa State Industries, rebinding books 44.27 Iowa State University, films 21.77 Iowa State Teachers College, con­ sultants 60.00 | Johnson, Peter & Sons, gaskets I for boiler 3-69 Kittleson-PeUrsen Hardware, battery and push buttons 1.88 Klipto-Stoyles, office supplies ... 12.53 Latta, J. S. & Son, locker room baskets and racks 144.97 La Velle, Jack, lettering doors .. 9.00 Maplewood Bookbindery, rebinding books 67 -* u Martindale, Bennie, Des Moines Register lAQ McClurg, A. C. Company, books. 69.89 Metropolitan Supply Company, hangers, library supplies, pencil sharpener, envelopes, bulletin boards, soap dispensers, chairs, oak tag. cabinet, files 4S6.81 Midwest Administration Center. book 2.00 Music Press, vocal music 6.S9 Nelson, Richard A., mileage 55.3' Oliver Office Equipment, spirit duplicator paper 77.50 Panama Carbon Company, master carbon 49.S2 Postville Bakery, mothers' tea .. 13.32 Postville Farmers Co-op. Society, home economic department 20.72 Postville Herald, envelopes 37.40 Pratt Paper Company, art, office, miscellaneous supplies 132.71 Reader's Digest Services. Inc., remedial reading supplies 17.74 Riley. A. L. Company, typewriter, copy machine supplies .... 42.00 Sehirmer, E. C. Music Company, vocal music 6-30 Schmitt, Paul A. Music Company, vocal music 26.94 School Form & Supply Company, pamphlet files S.7S Schutte, Louis & Sons, Inc., plastic wall liner 22S.O0 Science Research Associates, book 1.69 Science Service, subscription .. . 4.00 Scott, Foresman & Company, books 4.14 Singer Sewing Machine Company, sewing machine 198.00 Society for Visual Education, film strip 1.09 State Agency for Surplus Property, surplus equipment 13.10 Taylor Music Company, record.. 4.12 Ted's Electric Service, projector, tape record repair, materials .. 44.90 United Chemical Company Inc., chain mats 31.60 Welch, W. M. Manufacturing Company, science supplies .... 65S.99 Western Auto Associate Store, janitors supplies 7.12 Whitcome, Roger, mileage 2.SO White Star Oil Company, oil ... S3.50 Wilson, H. W. Company, subscription to bulletins 9.00 Zep Manufacturing Corp., janitor's supplies 33.74 Activity Fund, stamps, freight, etc 63.76 Allyn & Bacon, Inc., book 3.85 American School Board Journal, subscription 4.50 Appleton-Century-Crofts, book .. 2.34 Arwell, Inc., pest control 10.00 B e c k 1 e y-Cardy Company, book case 41.56 Berg, Arvey, truck expense .... 23.00 Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction, films 59.84 Clayton County Farm Service Company, oil 603.73 Coast-to-Coast Stores, hinge, flashlight battery .79 Cook's Shell Service, driver training expense 4.90 Cooperative Test Division, tests. 3.79 Cram, George F. Co., Inc., globe repair 30.39 D & J Electric, labor and'repair . 10.45 Department of Public Instruction, booklets 2.00 Farmers Store, Christmas trees. 35.93 Frese Garage, shop expense 1.15 General Biological Supply House, frogs 11.25 Gill, David, consultative services 92.70 Ginn and Company, tests 7.17 Gregg, John L & Son Lbr. Co., materials for cabinets, misc... 59.35 Hall Roberts* Son, coal 700.90 Interstate, Inc., wardrobe rack.. 59.45 Iowa State University, films ... 13.39 Iowa State University Press, book 3.74 Kinniry Office Equipment Co- fuses Klttleson-Petersen Hardware, office, shop, janitor'B supplies. KJosn, Harris, gravel KHpto-Stoyles, duplicator fluid, budget sheets Koevenig*s Store, shop equipment Latta, J, S. & Son, projection bulbs Library of Congress, catalog cards Martindale, Bennie, Des Moines Register Matt Parrott & Sons, payroll receipts McClurg. A. C. & Co., books Metropolitan Supply Company, duplicator nnd mimeograph supplies' Music Corner, band expense National Council of Teachers of English, subscription National Geographic Society, books Nelson, Richard, mileage Pinkerton Building Supplies. Inc.. lock and keys Postville Bakery, mothers' tea supplies Postville Farmers Telephone Co,, tolls and service Postville Herald, quarterly statement Postville Implement, welding • • Postville Lumber Co., lime, wood, cement Pratt Paper Company, paper ... Pratt Sound Films, Inc., films .. Reader's Digest Services, Inc., records, skill builders Schmitt Music Company, vocal music School Form & Supply Co., balance of account Schroeder* s Grocery, coffee Science Research Associates, book Scientific American, subscription State Historical Society, dues ... Steele, .Tacobson and Bristol, legal service Steele, Joseph, legal service Strauss Lock Company, bit keys . Stumme's Grocery, home economic supplies Suckow, Marvin D., clocks Swell a, Mark, piano tuning .... Taylor Music Company, band expense Turner Insurance Agency, insurance Welch, W. M. Manufacturing Co., science equipment Western Auto Associate Store, janitor's supplies Bnltz. T. V.. T. V. sets, stands and antenna Schroeder Insurance Agency Insurance premium Interstate Power Company, power and light Postville State Bank, social security Postville State Bank. Iowa Public Employees Retirement System Postville State Bank, interest on on warrants ^ Burr Cook, transportation 1 Harold Meyer, Castalia, transportation Clarence J. Brandt, transportation Wesley Snitker, transportation .. Farmers Telephone Company, rental and toll Town Treasurer. Postville, water bill Scenic Ridge Telephone. Ossian. rental—Frankville School FARM LOAN SERVICE FULLY INSURED SALE NORTHEAST IOWA DIVISION AUCTION Having decided to quit farming, I will sell at Public Auction on the farm located 12 miles Northeast of Waukon or 7 miles West of Lansing and 2 miles Northwest of Churchtown, the following property: Monday, February 20 STARTING AT 11:30 A. M. LUNCH STAND ON GROUNDS 26 - HEAD OF CATTLE - 26 16 Holstein Cows, Recently fresh & springing. 3 Holstein Heifers, old, open. 4 Holstein Heifer Calves 3 Holstein Heifers, Yearlings, open. Health papers will 1>e furnished with, all cattle. Auctioneer's Note: Registered herd bulls from Kerndt Bros, herd have been used with these cattle for the past five years. FA 1954 Allis Chalmers WD-45 with live power and cultivator Oliver Model 70 tractor with cultivator Massey Harris 3-14 plow on rubber Allis-Chalmers mower, 7', semi-mounted McCormick D. side rake John Deere 15' disc RM MACHINE McCormick Deering 4-sec. drag, 2 years old McCormick D. No. 45 baler Minneapolis-Moline tractor manure spreader McCormick D. corn planter with fertilizer attach. Rubber tired wagon 8x16 grain box 40' double chain elevator, PTO RY Steel wheel wagon McCormick Deering No. IP picker, single row 2-wheel trailer New Idea Allis Chalmers manure loader, like new Many Miscellaneous Items. Enterprise Sausage Stuffer and Lard Press Power Meat Grinder M 2 Surge seamless stainless steel milkers 8 ten-gallon cans ILKING EQUIPMEr McCormick Deering pump with pipeline Six-can cooler n McCormick Deering self- washing separator Pails, strainers, etc. 35 - FEEDER PIGS - 35 HAY - CORN - OATS 1200 Bales of Hay 1300 Bushels of Corn I {All quantities 800 Bales of Straw 300 Bushels of Oats more or less.) MATT LUND E. L. Dean and in. A. Eaton, Aucts. Dean Ferris, Rep. Farm Loan Kerndt Bros. Savings Bank, Lansing, Clerk Service, Inc., Cashier FARM LOAN SERVICE, INC. Security State Bank Bldg., Madison, Wir. Telephone CHerry 9-6464 1.08 16.88 23.84 64.54 6.09 80.29 9.25 1.76 1.66 26.42 43.16 19.07 "HEAT TREAT" SOIL FOR HOUSE PLANTS Heat the soil you plan to use for your house plants, snys Iowa State University Plant Pathologist Malcolm Shurtlefl. This will destroy all kinds of soil-borne pests. Shurtleft points out that fungi, bacteria, nematodes and various insects often carry over from plant to plant in the soil. They interfere with best plant growth. Chemical treatments will also give control, but they often leave toxic residues. The heat treatment is therefore preferred. ShurtlefT says: Start with soil that is loose, free of lumps and coarse debris, and slightly moist. Spread the soil about two to three inches denp in a pan. Bake it in an oven at 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. Another method is: Place the soil in pots. Heat the pots in a pressure cooker or a rack above boiling water in a covered receptacle—such as a kettle or wash boiler. Heating times for different- sized pots with the pressure-cooker (pressure valve set at 10 pounds pressure) are: With the pressure valve set at 10 pounds for a three- inch pot, 10 minutes; four-inch pot, 15 minutes; six-inch pot, 30 minutes. Double the heating time if you use boiling water without pressure. Stir and air the heat-treated soil for several days before sowing seed or transplanting, Shurtlefl recommends. With large soil masses it's best to spread the soil in a layer nnd wet it down once or twice during the drying period. This removes any toxic compounds produced in the soil by the heating process. ft is specially advised if the soil is heavily fertilized. Be careful to avoid recontamina- ting the soil by contact with dirty surfaces or utensils, or by replanting with diseased plants. HIP Mrs. Ella Van Vliet, a former resident of Columbus Junction recently fell and broke her hip. Mrs, Van Vliet was 101 last summer. She now makes her home with her son in St. Paul. fO«r best LsS^ receiving proper 1, earnings. Your «2f flee will help Uyo ^ of earnings alrend? your account. y NEARLY HALF OF FATAL TRACTOR ACCIDENTS OCCUR ON ROADS Nearly half of Iowa's fatal tractor accidents occur on country roads and highways, though less than five per cent of tractor operating time is spent on roads. Extension Safety Specialist Norval Wardle of Iowa State University says most of these accidents occur on country roads. Reasons for the high proportion of fatal accidents on roads and highways, Wardle says, are: The driver is "half-blind" since he lacks a rear view mirror on his tractor to see what is behind him. The noise of the tractor makes him "entirely deaf" to sounds of aproaching cars. He is a "sitting duck" because he has no protective cab or body around him. When the farmer takes his tractor on the road he is practically "parking" in a high-speed traffic lane. The speed differences between his tractor and other vehicles on a highway is almost as great as that between a parked car and a moving car on the highway. Wardle urges farmers not to drive tractors on the roads unless it is absolutely necessary. He suggests intalling a rear-view mirror and a dual-color warning flag on any tractor that may be driven on the road. Attach the flag to a standard that raises the flag two to three feet above the head of the driver, he advises. ^IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMllllllllllMMlMlllllllllltlllMllllllllllliH^ SPECIAL I PAINT I ) VALUES 1 LATEX WALL I PAINT White & Beautiful Colonri | ONLY $g 75 GAL | BOY'S SECTIONAL — CLASS "A" -1 BASKETBALL FEBRUARY 20 - 21 TO URN AM EM 23 - 25 at POSTVIllf Calmar, So. Winneshiek Bye Cresco, Notre Dame Thur. 7:00 p. m. Mon. 7:30 p. m. Elkader, Central Lansing, E. Allamakee Sat. 7:30 p. m. Tues. 7:00 p. m. Lansing, St. George Ossian, DeSales Thur. 8:15 p. m. Toes. 8:15 p. m. DISTRICT QUALIFIER Admission ADULTS 75c STUDENTS 40c Postville Class "A" District Tournaments at Postville and Valley High, Feb. 27, 28,MifJ CHECKERBOARD service bulletin NYBERG'S 1 Postville, Iowa f VliniMMIUWIIIIumuiMUiMIIIIIIMMMIIIIIIIIIUMmu,^ It's chick starting time . . . and egg prices look good! By Bill JVojtech, Manager, Purina Poultry Chow Sales It will soon be the time of year when we all get the urge to start some baby chicks and dig in the garden. And, with egg prices as they have been in the midwest, chances are the urge for baby chicks will be pretty strong. No doubt, many are asking themselves, "Just how many chicks should I start?" A Good Year Predicted — 1961 looks like a good year for the efficient producer. Commercial flocks probably will be expanded slightly on the strength of current prices, provided individual market situations justify expansion. In addition, many midwestern farmers are thinking of starting some chicks as a supplement to other farm income. They have the equipment, homegrown grain and the family labor, to produce poultry cheaper than farmers in any other part of the country. Those planning to get into the poultry business should remember that prices may not be as good this fall as last, depending on the number of chicks actually started this spring. But on the whole, this should be a 23021 profitable year for the good poultryman. In planning your chick purchases, let me urge you to buy your chicks from a good, reliable source like your Purina Dealer. If he does not have them, he can help you locate good, thrifty chicks. And be sure to start them out right on Purina Chick Startena. A good start is very important to the future of your pullets, so it pays to put your trust in research- proved Purina Chick StaTt- ena. 10 years of Purina RR behind New PURINA EARLY WE*} PUIINA EARLY WEANING I baby pigs is a highly i highly fortified, highly nutritious feed made for hog- men who plan «*» to wean pigs at three weeks ... or wish to wean pigs earlier. It may also be used in early weaning of late-farrowed litters, M pigs or undersized pigs at»( weaning age. IN SIX TESTS ON 614 HHj Weaning Chow-fed | ! fast or faster than , . milk and creec feed iron" to 6th week, They gaioer* per pig daily—made lib. I only 1.27 ibs. feed. IN ON-THE-FARM TESTS in tft areas, pigs followed ntou'"!! pattern . . . weighed 23-33 1 6 weeks. Feed cost per f gain on good pigs, good management con ranged from 12£ to W See us for information »g Early Weaning Chow rta>>'\ Gfi HOW YOU CAN OF LICE THIS Hog and cattle lice areM a nuisance in the winterf they are in summer. A «* ation hatches every three . . . and each female hmW offspring! Multiply thai" by the fact that lice ttt travelers and will BP 1 * 8 ",' through your entire you take steps to stop to* I You can go after lice wf£ Purina Hog and Cut* "J Powder. There's no n^r!^ about cold-weather sp «MM you use this economics! a Health Aid. At first «fc »M fleas or mange, rub tfj^m two of Hog and Cattle W Powder into the hatf "ftp finely ground insecticiu« d fi down close to the sta>' does some good. Picic up * sturdy, of Purfoa Hog and CstU« <?• Powder at our Store « Mc SSlfeed^iid^ U pp|y 'I m M m Postville, Iowa

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