Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1933
Page 5
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,I0LA, KANSAS New York. Jan.H7. (AP)— Selling dried ui^ in toda'J''s stack market, and prices lifted slightly,' in sympa- fcy with Hmprovement in-the Wheat _itiarket. The list closed wit"h a firm lone, with a nun{b$r of issues up fractionary to a jioint. The market was sIugfeLsh. witsj a turnover ol nbout 650.000 sharfcs Short covering evidently was the -chief factor_in the better tone in .shares. Front the itart. it was evi- iPS <ient tha£ the sellOfl late yesterday had not ••dislodged hny important =^^volume of stock. The market re- rtiained a/highly pi-oifessional affair. Among-'i.ssues I'egis^ering' advances i pf around a point were Allied Chemical, American Cait. lAmerican Tele, .phone. Ai^erican -t'qbacco B, Case. • Liggett <Ss-Myers.Loews, and Union Pacific. Pennsylvania. Santa Fe, j nnd Unityd Aircra^ft'were up frac-i — tionally. l^V. S. Steel was about .steady. Westingliouse "Electric and National 'Dairy encountered a little • Kelling. 5 - THENEWFA^GLES (Mom'n Pop) 1 DONT KNOW IT 1 WANT It IN HERE, OP OUT IN THE HALL GOSH, MAKE„UP VOU© MIND! THIS THING WEIGHS ^ TON '.'! SUES MAX BAER FOR $250,000 Hish Low Close Cities Sei-.v . • 2\ 2Ts SO of Ind . 21-^ .21-^, , Ami! Can' .. .... S2 53 58-'i. ' Amn T<.'i:;T . 103'', 104". Amn Tob;B .... G->-': or-. G2U Anacondir- .. in •'. - 7 7 'i Atchison U... i2'^ 42-''s Auburn Xl... .... 48', 46'i 48", Both Steel . . . . . 15 \-v-, 15 - Case J .. 45:-, 43'. 45 4 'Chry.slor •., .. . .. . 14-s 14. 141, . Con Qa.s; '•... ... or-, (il 61'. Con Oil .: .. 5 '2 nnig ihcJ;, . . . i35', 34 'V 35 ^uPont .; .. . . . M'. .38-'s 39 c^en Eloc';.. ... ]5^ 14"s 1.5 r.L -n Motors 13' k Int Harv:s... . . .- '-l!.-!', 22 ^ - 23 Mont Ward . . . -13 13--. 13 "s ' Packard 1.... ^! • » 01., Penney J C . . . 27', ' • Phillips ri'Lv ...: • .') '-j :5'< Radio .-.*.>... ... • ."">•. .••) 5', -Sears ,Ro<'; . .., -'() 20 .Spcony Vfic .7', 7'-, Std Brands 15 15 SO of N J: . ... 3I'« 30-;( 30'-i Tex Cori;> L .. .. .. 13-', 13s 13-<, • US. Stcii! . . ... 28' • 27-, 28-'s ; WestlnKhiE ]. 2a-', 27^ 28'v •r I HUMBOLDTNEWS Uniled Temperance Rally Condnct- ed in Presbyterian. Church Under AiLspices of W. C. T. U. mm t^ilEISENtlNiG Jp^ PICCARD I PRAIRIE HALL liOCAL tTionncE. Kues, lii-stti KuKS. .scdaiuj.s .; Ekiw. Uiii'clK .. ' Kfig.s. unwhutcd Hciw, N().':l ... ;s Hrn:;. No.; 2 .. No. 1 SprinRS, l^-.- lb.s..up . •:_No. 2 SprfiiKS . .• C ;!i )o :is. (iviT >' r}>y- • • Cupons. oV 'T 7 jbK. .. Capor.s. u 'Jidcr 7^ \b:i. . Slips ...i ; ButterfaU; lb. Stags, lb.. : Cocks Ceese, Ibi^ —'• Oujncns. ^cach •• Whvre aJiSi'.lts. lb. .;.. Colored riucks^,. Hkies, per lb. -... . Alixca :;,.rr. bu. .... Vvliow Corn. IMi 'Wieat. by. Kafir Cdi-n Olive Bnek, above, wants S250,- 000 Irom Max Bucr., contender for the hcHvyweifiht title. She told a- C.ililornia co\iit that when she w :i .s :i wniircM; and B:ier was a buuhi .T boy in. Livermore. Cal.. Max was noing to marry licr. After a iwo-year betrothal, lie .broke it off and married Dorothy Dunbar Wcll.s De Garson, movie actress. Mi;;s Beck averred. Baer Is scheduled to fight Max Sehmeiing this .summer: under the auspices of Jack Demji.scy. ...14c I . ..-11c : .... 8c ... lie 1 ....8c. ...,5ci ....6c I ..4c' :;;;:::"9oj 7c 1 , fic 4c • • .• :ii3s. up S3,00 (r ,5.00: Heifers, good and «c ichc-ice 550-900 lb,s'.. $4 .25 «6 .25. Cows 3c 'good .$2.66t/3.00. Vealers fmilk fed> i —.0- ^..wiwuu, ui ucm 3C;f,iedium to choice $2.50'?' 6 .00. Stock-' Humboldt, is staying at the home 10c:,.j. and'feeder steers good and choice j of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pierson of ........4c 34 00?, 5.75. lo **s City, while .... 3c ; Sheep 8.000. Lambs 15-25c high-j .school in lola. Ic,,,,. Sheep steady. Early top fed' HUMBOLDT. Jan., 16.—A united temperance rally representative of the Methodist. Christian. Evangelical and Presbyterian chipches .of Humboldt was held under;the joint auspices of the MlnisteriaL union and the W. C. T. U. Sunday evening in the Presbyterian fburch, with a fairly good audience in at.tendance. The Rev. G. W. Horn, pastor of the church presided. Rev. C. V. Shulen- bergw, pastor of the Methodist church, led in prayer and read the scripture lesson. Rev. C. M. Thomas, l)a:stpr of the Christian church, gave an addi-ess in which he stressed patriotism and enforcement of law; tlie choir, under direction of Mrs. H. H. McClelland, rendered appropriate music, with Mrs; Walta Stev^ ens at the organ. The Uttle son; of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Bailey. Humboldt, who has been seriously ill with diphtheria, IS' reported to be showing some improvement today. The Rev. and Mrs. C. M. Thomas of North Ninth street i-eport their son Harold who has been dangerously ill to be making slow but sure recovery to health. Mr. and Mrs. Fi-ed Hunt entertained as their guests Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hicks of I Neo.sho Valley. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rlggs and son, Eddie. Humboldt, visited Sunday with Mrs. Riggs's mother, Mrs. Theodore Hutton of .Mildred. Mr. and Miis. Herbert Laude and family of West Maple Grove district visited ' Sunday, with Mr. Laiide's parents, Mr', and Mrs. G. A. Laude of South Eighth street. Miss Dorothy Atchison, of near attending high Miss Ruth Wallen. daughter of •'•^<'" ilambs S5.75. Lambs, good and choice : Mrs. G. S. Wallen of South Ninth ^ i90 lbs. down. $5.35^5.85. Good and ; .sti-eet, is ."jeriously ill at her ho ^ie. I choice 90-98 Ib.s.. S5.!5^a.75'. Ewes, Wallen is one of the grade ^^'^'pood and choice 90-1,50 lbs. nt $1.50-5 (teachers of the Humboldt schools. Kansas City Produce. •^ 'JCily; Jan. ;17. iAPWErrs !4c. Other prekUice unchanged. Kansus C:ity Ilay. .^'Cily. Mo.. Jan. 17 No luiy: i-fcei|H.s too light.' (API. DIAMOND Jp.'.i. 16.—Mr. and Mrs. Miller Beal are the iirniid parentis of a baby girl wlioin they h;ive named EliMboth Loiii.sf. Mr. and Mi's. ,J;imes Ryon and Kansas City Grain. Kansas:Ciiyj Mo.. Jan. 17 fAPi— Wlieat; 8'3 cars. Unchanged to Ic up. No. 2 daFk hard 44 'i745'::C. No.; 3 nom. 41,'.,-5i;'.c .'No. 2 hard 41',-| 4fic: No. 0 41.':.-44',c. No. 2 red; nom. 41i:..-47"h;e. Close—May 4l ',c: July 41-Vc; 42 'iC. , corn: 14 cars, '.c down to '.c up_j , No. 2 2S -.C. No. 3 nom. 21'.^,^^^^ Tuesday evening. 22'iC: No. 2 Vellow 22'-c: No. 3i o nqm. 21'--22Qe. No. 2 mi.xed 22 '-c. The Uttle daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Bunnell of Sycamore • .street: who has been sick with flu i!.'; improving; nicely. The Woman's Missionary society ', of the local Presbyterian church will : hold its regular monthly meeting • W^ednesday afternoon at 2:30. at the ; home of Mrs. L. Holtschnelder of No'. 3 nom. ?l',-21->,c. Close-May j "'V, \ '•"^.•J"" ''3" c- Jir'v "3 e • """^ ^^''^ Rickr "oats: Scars! bown .uc No. 2 i si'cnt Tuesday revonint white nom. :17-I8e. Milo maize'52c. Rye honv. 34-3^' e. Kafir 43-43HC. Barley nom. at daitulitcr Velmn. and Mr. Lloyd i Bridge street., Ballard s|>ent Saturday night and | Mrs. V. E. Cain, west of Himiboldt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lester; spent Sunday in Bartle.sville, Okla. Cassel and family in Garnctt. .! v.-ith relatives. Mr -J B Fergus caUed at the I The Cottage Grove Ladies' Aid Victor Thomas home'Thursday aft- ! society, southwest pf Humboldt. wUl ' meet Thursday afternoon with Mrs Wiley Davis, near Chanute. Miss Vera McGowen of Shaw, Kas.. visited with friends Sunday near Humboldt. The following Humboldt persons attended the funeral sen'ices of Mrs. Prank Tuttle of Thayer:; Mr. and jMrs. John Conklin, Thomas Ho'gafa emodn. Mrs. Will were callers Grieve and cliildren at the James Rvon Miss Caiol Spencer six-nt Monday afternoon with the Jones girls. Rickmond of ning at the Jarhes Ryon liome. K: C.^.iveslock Close. Cattle:,Meijium weight and heavy fixl steers di:ll. 25c Iow(.'r for the Tuesday. week.^O,K .KkHHn, classes general- ; at'^h ;''Sr '.Se^ 'gn^'-Viul!^ nesday at the James Jones liom-j The regular meeting of the Rov.-\v.\e Ml-. Snider iielpcd get up | tary club was held Monday evening wood. I at the Hotel Monroe with a fair at- Leroy Ryon and Lloyd Ballard ] tendance of members, were business visitors in Parsons, ly steady. SheepiiMai-kft .same as earlv. Top led'lambs S.5.7 .T. . Hogs UiVehiinRr-d, I E.stimated . livt.-lock reciMpls for tomorrow: Cattle (l.OOO: liotrs 5.000; .'^lieep S.opo.i; K-anpns City Produc?; Cily. Mo.. Jan. 17 fAPi. :,hec^i '^ng 'tol ^'hyi !°'\^^i^"-°" '-^'^^ Ryon home ruucis. , aa> to be mgnei tnan Mabel. Almn. and Norn Jn daV afternoon. \ Jack and James Ryon were biLsi- iie.'-s visitors in Lallarpe Friday. : >ii .ss Nora Jones took'dinner with , Miss Velma Ryon Thursday. I Mls:i Mabeli Alma and Nora Jones jand Velma Ryon spent Thurs; clay afternoon with Evelyn iTiiomas. Mr. Myers spent Wednesday aft- PLEASANT VALLEY (C. E. BerWhlser.) Jan. 16.— Sure wonderful weather for the farmers who are plowing, iuiskiiiK corn and heading kaflr corn. Stock and poultry are doing fine. Incubator and garden time and oats solving is around the corrier. \ David Bryan is shucking com for Jim Davis. / Mr. and Mrs. Chcrles Tlce and daughter Genevieve were Tola shoD- Miss Mabel. Alma, and Nora Jones I P'^J! Saturday. ; and Thursday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maley and Glenn Ledford. A small ad m the' Classified col-i 'hoice nO -S-IO lbs. Good and choice il40-350 :'lbs..; .S2fi5';'3.10. Packing' .sows 275^55(5 lbs. $1.85'5 2.40. Stock! Sn^^rlf' ^lif'"^'-70-130 lbs. at.i^,^^^^ p,,^^ n big deal. C .Tttle Jfi ..5^0. Calves 600. Killing ' ' ~ operiing .slow, stt-ady to weak. Choice ri\\ lb. fed steers $6.50. StockersI ai'fd feeders .steady. Good and choii-e jsteers 550-1500 lbs.. $4.00 ''V6.75. :'C4mtTion and medium 5.50 THE! t F. GRENNAN PI^ODUCE CO. - C. .0. fcoOHILL. Manager ' POiaJTRY AXD EGGS: '• ' : Kfrji" Cii.-^e.- and Supplies . Old and i|:eliable—Established 1911; Cornf'r IMonroe and Elm We.fl ol the. Water Tower) NSWERS todayls IIML fill •AVJ •VT Ttt3 H E ruins shown are at ± STONEHEKGE. ENGI^AND. The statement was inado by THO.M--VS A. EDISON. NINE Vice Presidents have become PrcsiiUnt.s. . CITY OF B.^SSETT AHen County. Kansas '^lopon of receipts and disbursements for year 1932. „rund " Oineral: • Street A: l:'av)i . -;. special > .'511ey Balance 1-1-32 $ 1,362.55 147.06 275.00 |UP .se- Receiiits ments $1,954.83 1.207.70 118.79 S2.017.17 2.052.55 127.56 133.00 Total,'-. ..,.:....:.. S4.707.65 The^above statctnent is correct. LESTER I/EE. City Clerk. children were visiting and shopping in lola Saturday. ' Mi-s. Wilda Berkihiser and Char- I lene and Clarence Abbe visited the j John Butler and Howard Abbe i homes and shopped in Ida Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Butler and Mrs. Rosa Geer were dinner guests at the Berkihiser home Sunday, .j January 8; • Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth Walters and children, Plainsvllle, Kas., and I Miss Carrie Walters. lola. were afternoon visitors at the Berkihiser home January 8. ! Miss Charlene Berkihiser missed , two days of school last week Pn account of illness. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Skinner and ' children were lola shoppers and visitors Sattu-day. ' ' Mrs. Connie Hombeck and Mr. : and Mrs. Leo Flake and s«n Clifford of Clianute were week-end guests • at the William Klotz home. ~ ' Notice everypne: The Progressive club will giVe a program Friday night.' January 20, at the Spring Branch school houise. This program will be a one act play lasting 45 minutes, and other readings and Balance music. We invite you all to come. S2.920.70 A very small admission of 10 cents 517 70 tor adults and 5 cents for children will be charged, and the play alone ^"^^-^ is worth the admission. It is XuU 142.00 of fun and laughter from start to I finish so please come and enjoy the $3,281.32 S4.330.28 $3,718:69 evening January 20. R. D. MORITZ, Treasurer. IP YOP MISS THE REQISTBR CALL 157 OB S20 It's Professor Auguste Piccard, the stratosphere nian whose hair-raising experiences to a Walloon took him.farther away from this earth than any other man has ever been. The Belgian scientist is shown as he arrived In New York to begin an American lecture tour. Also to deny a widely-published report that,he had pulled the teeth of a neighbors dog to keep it fipm hitingjhis diildren. All he had extracted, he, said, were the thorns from garden rose! bushes.; AT THE lOLA THREE DAYS STARTli WEDNESDAY Jan. 13— dnly six at Sunday school last Sunday, and we have decided to give the Prairie HaU folks tiU. the last of March to decide whether we win quit entirely. Now folks this is a serious Cjuestlon. Tlilnk how long we have had Sunday school at Prairie Hall. Come help us keep It going; . , Mr. and Mrs. Aithur Boelcen of Prairie Hall spent Wednesday . in Unlontown with Mrs. Boeken's sister. Mrs. Kirkpatrick and Mr. Kirk- patrlck. Mr. and, Mrs. Spence. Humbcridt, were calling on thieir friend, Mrs. Jones, and the T. E. Stewart family Sunday afternoon. These folks have all been sicit with the flu but are better at this writing. , Mr. and Mrs. Hayden and son David, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Myers. Mr. and lUrs. Harry BPekenand daughter Maide went to Humboldt Tuesday on business and spent a while with Nrs. Martha Rhodes. The club la lies met with Mrs. En- Thompson Tliursday afternoon. The following of leers were elected: Mrs. John Nolson, president; Mrs. Harry Boeken, vice-president; Mrs. Earl Thomp« n, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Ii(|ulse Stewart and Miss Maude Boeken. flower committee. Mrs. Haydeh and Mrs. Baker were guests of the club and'Mrs. Baker Joined. Refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs^ Elmer Duggan and children spent Thursday evening at HaiTy Boeken's. • Miss Maude Bpeken stayed with Mrs. Myersj who was sick Thursday afternoon while Mr. Myers made a trip to lola to get medicine for his mother, Mrs. C. S. Myers, LaHarpe. GIRL MEETS DEATH IN PARK TRYST who also was sick. "They Just Had to Get Married".brings Sfm Sumniervile and Zasu Pitts in their second feature length farce comedyr with an extraordinary supporting cast which includes Fifi D'Orsay, Guy Kib'boe, Roland Yoiing, Henry Armetta and little Cora Sue Collins. WAVERLY (Mrs. Ethel Gerdsen) Jan. 10— Sarah Lust called on Mrs. I. N. Dickons Wednesday afternoon. .Mrs. l.ucy Gerdsen is ill with flu. Kathryn Lust is out of .school on account of Illness. Dal^ Dickens rrturned to school Sunday after two weeks vacation: Daisy nickeos spent Wednesday and Thursday with Mary Watsoii. Mrs. WUl Morrison's brother-in- [i3 law of Kan.sak City speht Monday night with them. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wade and baby also spent the evening there. Mrs. Sam C erdsen and children spent Thursday night with Mrs, C. O, Talley and family-. Topeka—J.. M. Averill, .Topeka, was elected state president of the Anti-Saloon league yesterday at a meeting of the trustees of the jor- ganization. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Anderson are moving into our neighborhood to the famt v'acated by Mr.- Ard. ; Mr. and t^rs. Hunsaker and Mr. and Mrs. Loipe Tipple entertained relatives froni lola Wednesday and Mrs. Hunsaker and Mr. Tipple went home with th^m for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers went over to Bob Femeaux's one day last week on business. Mrs. Myers spent the afternoon in LaHaVpe with Grandma Myers and Mr. Myers went to lola. Mrs. Lizzie Duggan Pepper and sons of lola spent last week end at the home of their brother and uncle. Elmer Duggan, Prau-le Hall. The Community meeting at the Hall last Friday night was quite well attended in spite of the misun- (derstanding about putting it off. The program was good and we are teaiikful to all who helped make it a success. The Howard Harmony nuartet of lola was here, which add- M much to iJie success of the meet- jing. The club ladles entertained their ifamillcs and a few invited friends at a party at the home of Pete Olson and daughter Tuesday evening. The time was spent socially and ' with games. Refreshments were served to Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson. Earl jand Howard Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stewart, Elizabeth. John. Evelyn, Eleanor and Helen Stewart, Mr. land Mrs. Earl Thompson and son. Mr.- and Mrs. Arthur Boeken and boys,! Miss Gladys Stanzel, Mr. and Mrs.; Frank Myers and Mr. Olson and Alma. • GENUINE PARTS? and .skilled mechanics—xith .sixteen years satisfactory .service in lolai ASSURE YOU • of the-best and moat ' dependable results. ROSS ARBUCEE GllRAGE CHRYSLEK-PLtMOUTfl Saleif-Service-^Paiits •: ANNOtTNCE-MEiNT^ Personals OLD MAGAZINES and bopks'want­ ed. When moving: or I Cleaning house give them tg *he lola Public Library. Phone 1405 or 382 and we will get: them. ^ \ AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles £br Sale Dodge SALES AND SERVICE Dependable Used Cai« and ELLIS^MOTOR • Fhone 30 1 Cash-rTrade-rTerm^ iiouth Trucks CO. Jealousy was con.sidered a possible motive for the slaying of Rose McClo.skey (above) badly battered body was found in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. She had gone there to meet DenhLs Bo^le. who was found-in a semiconscious condition from a beating about an hour after the girl's body was located. WEEKLY OIL REPOET (By the Associated Press.): Whitesburg, Ky.—Here's the way Elijah Maggard announced his candidacy for Jailer of Letcher county; 'Hello voters. Tills is Elijah Maggard. I guess I have caught more coons,'drank more corn licker ancl xeti on more wild drunks than any )ther man In the county. -I have settled down to civilized life and !vant to be your next jailer. I have ilways kept a welcome table." Tulsa, Okla., Jan. 17. (AP)— The nation's oil production hewed!to a remarkably steady course last week, averaging but 397 barrels daily under the total for the week ending January 7, says the Oil and Gas Journal. The only large increase was in the Oklahoma City field, production climbing 8,725 barrels to a daily average of 102,940 barrels, East Texas, on the other hand, was off 6.46- barrels to 293,408 barrels. Total dailj average production in Oklahoma increased 1.8201 barrels to 401,360 bar rels and in Texas, fell off i5,956 bar rels to 796,935 barrels. Eastern production was ysteady ai 116,000; Kansas off 350 barrels t4 88.585; Rocky Mountain up 479 bar4 rels to 66.790 and icalifomia, up 3,500 barrels to 472,000., f •Total United States daily average flow was 2.038,970 barrels as compared with 2,039,367 barrels in the jjrevlous week; HUDSON-ESSEX—Pgrts aii|d Service. Bud White Motor Co;, 209 South stretJt. Phone GO. I ! PONTIAC-BUICK GOOD WILL USED CARS SHELLY MOTOR CO. , AuthorizRd Bulok -Pontikc ' 214 N. Jeffersoii—Pho. 80 • 6 Auto Accessories,- Tires, Parlj 1027 CHEVROLET PARTS —For sale. E. B. Anderson, 1001 Eii.ff street. ; 7 RepalriiMHCaraf eg ; BATTERY Rechar^g,. ^Oc. Ideal • Garage. - '• ? : . EMPLOYMENT .15 Sitnatiohs Waited—Female^ WANTED—Work qf any kind,] by hour, day or ^eek; washings wanted. Inquire 420 N: Chestnut. LIVE STOCK 21 Horsesi, Catwie, Vehicles WISE Jan. 16.— Mr. anid Mrs. Charles Tice -and Mr.j and Mrs. David Bryan spent Sunday with Edd Tice. Mr. and ' Mrs, OUT OUR WAY By Williams We are sony to hear the Ray Snider family arc leaving the community. We. understand they are going to have a sale January 24. Miss Umeda Delp called on Mrs Viola Hockett Tuesday. Herman Letsinger .spent Friday and Saturday nights willi Mick Caddell. } There was a large crowd at Sun-' day school Sunday morning and Rev. Wilson gove an excellent sermon. There tvill be preaching next Sunday night. Mr. and Mirs. Walter Davis and family. lola, spent Sunday at the parental Davis home. George Davis called In the afternoon and Mi'; and Mrs. David Bryan and Ralph Johnson called in the evening. Bill Grieve called at the Edd Powell home Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tice and Genevieve, Mtj. and Mrs. David Bryan and Ralpl) Johnson silent Sunday at thei Wilson home. Mr. and _Mrs. George Davis spent Sunday at the parental Davis home. Mr. and Mrs. David Bryan, Herman Letsinger, I ^auis Gregg and Walter Caddell spent Thursday evening; at the Frank Delp i home. Mrs. David Matthews spent Tuesday with Mrsi Charles Tice. : The ' Pleasant Valley Sunday school carried out a surprise party Friday night, on J. W. Wilson and Mrs. William Wilson, in honor of their birthdays. The evening : was spent in playing games and having a social time.: Mr. William Wilson entertained with a song. There were 20 friends and neighbors and all departed at: 11 o'clock having had a very pleasant evening. The "Thimblte" cluli met with Mrs.' David Bryan Wednesday. The girls of the club presented Mrs. Bryan with a kitchen shower. Chicago—Having been a member of the alimony club in: jail six times, Williairi • Rubfens told Judge Sabath he couldn't pay his ex-wife Fannie because he couldn't get out long enough tpi earn; the money. The judge asked Mrs. Rubens if she wouldn't relent. She l^•ouldn•t. so William went back to alimony row for the seventh time. All sen-ice ranks the same with God— With God, whose puppets best and worst; Are we; there is no last! no first. —Browning. 3 TEAMS MARES -J -6 to 7 years bid. weigh 2500-to 3(100 lbs.; 4 iteatns horses, 5 to 8 years old. iweJgh 2400 to 3100 Ibfl.; 20 head good work horses and mares; 25; fresli cows, 3 to 5'yeartl old, giving!3 tp 6 gal. milk per day; 20 cows., will freshen in 10 te 30 days; 5 good bulls; 5 wagons .with grain j beds; 1 new com- plariter; 2 other com planters; all kinds farming nfachinerv: 6 sets good work harness. Will sell on time. J. C. Biitchfer. MERCHANDISE! 24 Articles-For Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed, !»4.95.i Ideal Garage. ^ MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gal.,i$2.l9 _Ideal Garage: ^hone 174. j 26 Farm and Dairy Vrodncts FLOUR—Fully gfaaranteed, 48 lbs.. 65c. Browhie's, Cream, Poultis and Eggs. ' ; 27 Feed, FaCl. Fertilizers PRAIRIE HAY-rBaled, $3 per ton; ; '26 Dodge 4TdooJ'. lola Auto Wreck- i tag. Phone 782. '; WOOD—$1.50 per rank, green or dry, delivered any time. Phone 8«. Brownie's. -j. i i t8 Hdusetiold Goods NEW AND USED Furniture i and Stove bargain.v. Curtis', 10 North Washington. 1 USED SEWING-' MACHINis— up. Hcnnlpget-'s Fumltuj'c Stort'. NEW SHIPMENT of Felt Base Floor j Covering: 9x12, $4.75; yard gbod-S. ' 35c a sq. yr. -Therms. Free delivery. W. H. Wopd fine Furniture.! USED STOVES and Furniture. Stor^ _packed. Hennlnger's Furn. Store.: 29 Machinery and Tools 1 GOOD USEto No. 3 McCormicki Deering Primrose cream separaton $25; 1 No.' 3 ' McCormick-Deering separator, llk^' new, $50.00. Allen. County Implement Co. 30 Bliiftlcal. Bsdio NEW AND USED RADIOS-S,13.50 i^R^-H^^Hynger^Olyrniture Store.- Real Estate For Rent 35 ° Business 'places For Bent FOR RENT bR LEASE—Barber shop. 2 cHalrs complete. Call at 809 East st3^t after 6 p. m. i GO(?D BUSntesS ROOM-Wesf- Madison, pewly decorated; alsoi 4-room furnished housb. partlv modem. Grace Acers, 24 Acei^" Park. - r 36 Farms ait^i Land For Eent i 240 ACRES-Well improved, Ifor rent or exdifflage for smaller farm.; j:. S. Stratton, Geneva. Kas 37 npw^ For Bent F<DR RENT^Souses, good location. See G. E. Pees. _ Real EsSte For Sale! 40 Farms and Land For Sale FOR SALE OB RENT—40 acres near Humboldt; quarter section _ngarJola^.^jj. Cunningham. • 41 Qootes For Sale SUBURBAN-^ve acres, improvbd. i ^jgg^Cgmtffi^b. lola Land Co : 44 wint^d—To Buy i ' 4 -TO 6 .BOOM HOUSE-Barn ior .store buliiilng to wreck; must |be ; a bargain. Allen. County Invest- r ment Co ..L52(£s. Washington, Iqla. -

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