Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 15, 1965 · Page 28
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 28

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1965
Page 28
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TWELVE IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1965. AF Postpones Rocket Firing CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) DOUBLE COLA Diet or Regular At Your Favorite Store UNION BOTTLING WORKS Ironwood, Michigan — The Air Force has postponed the launching of two nuclear detection satellites until it learns why an Atlas-Agena rocket failed in a flight on the West Coast. A similar Atlas-Agena was to have orbited the twin satellites from Cape Kennedy today to detect secret nuclear explosions in space. But officials want to be 'certain the same failure won't repeat on the rocket here. At Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., Monday the main sustainer engine of the Atlas booster shut down prematurely and the rocket was destroyed by the range safety officer when it veered off course. The rocket carried 'a secret military satellite. Pupils Trim Their Hair MIDDLETOWN, N.J. (AP) — Summer school director William Gillchrist says he's no longer bothered by students wearing Beatle-style haircuts. After Gillchrist complained, school attorney Lawrence A. Carton Jr suggested a conference 'of pupils, parents and school officials. Gillchrist announced the meeting had been 100 per cent effective. "All heads irimmed," he said. No interstate U.S. highway marker is to bear more than two digits. FINER FOODS DIAL 932-1270 Open 7 days a week for your shopping convenience Hills Bros. Coffee Jiffy Cake Mix Jell-0 Richelieu Pink Salomn Riiz Crackers Base Drink Pi Dates Real Gold 2 2 Ib. can 3oz. pkgs. Ib. can 1.39 25c 29c 59c Bananas 2 .bs 25c Sunsweet Prune Juice Dairy Maid Ice Cream Lettuce 2 for 33C Tomatoes pound Large Calif. Santa Rosa Plums 2n,s49c The Washington Scene By BRUCE BIOSSAT WASHNGTON (NEA) —It remains to be seen whether Bill D. Moyers as White House press secretary will greatly help the press relations of President Johnson, or simply further improve those of the air e a dy popular Moyers. White House insiders confirm what Washington obs e r v e r s quickly concluded — Moyers' appointment was a conscious effort by the President to u p grade the press job Says one insider: "It was felt things might go better if the spot were held by a 'substance man' i n - volved in policy-making." One of the President's old friends is nevertheless skeptical over Moyers" chances of altering materially the personal Image which lies at the heart of so much of the-recent criticism directed at Johnson. The friend's judgement: Man,75,Held For Extortion GRAND RAPIDS (AP)—A 75- year-old retiree from Fennville was arraigned Wednesday on a charge of criminal extortion after he allegedly threatened a bank president by letter and demanded $12,000. Lawrence Hopper was remanded to jail in lieu of $1,000 bond following his appearance in U.S. District Court here. The court ordered appointment of an attorney for Hopper. Hopper is accused of ordering Marvin Hu'tchinson, president of Old State Bank in Fennville, to throw the money from a car and telling him he would "be sorry" if he didn't. A Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, posing as Hutchinson, followed the letter's instructions and later arrested Hopper. Mr. Thieves Steal False Teeth BALTIMORE (AP) — and Mrs John Tana told police they were on their way to Nor- folks, Va. ( recently when Mrs. Tana remembered she had left her false teeth at home. Tana drove back home where they discovered thieves had stolen two watches, a ring and Mrs. Tana's false teeth. ...THE FIGURES PROVE IT! THIS «rom 20Ul CENTURY FOOD STORES w ull Center Cut STEAK 89 Swiffs Premium Rolled Rump or Sirloin Tip Rump or Sirloin Tip ^^ ^^ ROASTS 99 Pure Lean £^ f^ Ground CHUCK 69 Swift's Premium "A" Grade, 3-lb. avg. "It's been this way for at least 20 years. His press relations never have been good, and they never will be. He's just myopic about handling the press." In this man's view, the President refuses to accommoda t e properly to the fierce glare which inevitably follows a public figure. Says he: "He's been told for years what he ought to do; it doesn't do a bit of good." What hurts him most, the friend adds, are his "terrible habit" of chewing out his staff in the presence of others, his driving them to exhaustion, his aggressive crudities of marmer and speech, his tendency to insult and demean many people— some of them ^prominent. Another man close to the top circle thinks all these traits, mingled with the intense pressures of Viet Nam and the Dominican Republic, have just drawn the ship "too taut" in recent weeks. Comments this source: "In some part of this government, things were reaching the cracking point. It is a reflection of inner unease. . . people are just plain tired. The Grand Te- tons in Wyoming suddenly look awfully nice. "I don't say a great many are going to quit, but there has been a lot of seepage of second- level people out of the departments." Th newest flurry of ma j o r resignations would seem to underscore this appraisal, which was given before these a n - nouncements. a ft a The same appraiser says many in government are being 'strung tight" by more than the 'resident's well-advertised penchant for riding rough-shod. His lew: "The multiple explana ions which he gives differe n t people —each offered in author- tative tones —somehow don't have the ring of cai.Sor." The suggestion is that this is itill Lyndon Johnson the Senate majority leader, imagining he is working out secret understandings with a host of different senators who never discover what the others have been told. It has to be put down as one of the ironies of the President's regime that what caused the iensions to explode was the Boston speech of aide Jack Valenti lauding Johnson to t h e skies. What few people know is that Valenti had given almost the at an advertising council affair here weeks earlier But even if word of the first Valenti speech had spread, the identical speech, off the record, effect might not have be e n the same. The second one provided the spark, but the Washington atmosphere was peculiarly ready to be ignited. What interests the capital now is whether the admittedly powerful impact of the presidency itself will modify Johnson's personal image in the years to come. The old friend quoted earlier is doubtful: "Presidents grow in this job- but they don't necessaril y change." ib FRYERS..» 35 C Chicken Noodle, Mushroom, Veg/Beef Dole Crushed lOVi-oz. £ft_ n* l_ M 8 3 /4oa. jrg Campbell's Soups 4 Richelieu Cut ASPARAGUS Milk or Almond HERSHEY BARS 69c Pineapple 4 Hawaiian cans 4 14C ^ SOZ 1 .00 PUNCH 22T 1 .00 Charmin 89c NAPKINS Wilderness Blueberry ••• f^ Pie Fill 2 £ 73" 79° 100 Richelieu Cream or Kernel CORN 5 l-lb. cans Fashion Facial TISSUE 6 400-ct. pkgs. Watch This Ad Every Week! 20th Century Food Mart Watersmeet, Mich. Ted Christensen Mareniseo, Mich. Jack's Food Shop Mcleod Ave., Ironwood Oxley's 20th Century Super Market Mereer, Wii. i* PEACHES Jumbo Golden Ripe BANANAS 2,L,25c Large Sania Rosa LETTUCE 2 for 33c PLUMS 2 lb , 29c California Green .. Fresh * GRAPES ib. 29c Com £ Cob 6 ew 39c ^*********** * Dote PINEAPPLE JUICE 46-oz. cans 1.00 Counterfeiter Passes $21 'Sandwich' for $20 COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Rolland Osborne, agent in charge of the Secret Service's Denver office, says a local counterfeiter split a $20 bill down the middle and glued both sides to the same $1 bill, passing the $21 "sandwich" to a shopkeeper for $20. Chimpanzee Shows Interest in Book ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — A visiting/ professor at Emory University bought a picture book for Bobby, a prize chimpanzee at the school's primate research center. Bobby showed his interest by turning the pages one by one by himself. VAN BUSKIRK CO-OP CO. Highway 51 Outside Hurley WEEKEND SPECIALSI PORTERHOUSE STEAK.,.». 95c BEEF ROAST , b 55c ROUND STEAK n,73c SIRLOIN STEAK.... * 73c GROUND Hamburger.. i b . 49c CLUB STEAK k 69c T-BONES •* 85c BEER TO TAKEOUT A&P's OWN BRANDS HELP TAKE THE HEAT OFF YOUR FOOD DOLLARS! YOU GET... BUDGHS! FRESH ... FLAVORFUL ...FINE VALUES . . . TOO! Summertime or anytime things get too hot for your food budget—look to A&P brands for help. You get a wide variety of delirious foods to choose from. 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Cans Cheeri-Aid Bevefoge Mix 6 Yukon Soda Water Assorted Flavors Plus Deposit 3-35c French Dressing Regular or Chef Style 2-49c LIKE GOOD COFFEE? ! MILD & MELLOW Eight OXIock I-LB. BAG 3-LB. BAG 73« V* A&P Whole-bean Coffee saves you money, and you enjoy big, i fresh, wonderful Coffee Mill j Flavor...fresh-ground flavor j you can't get in a can... ,J at any price. i RICH & FULL-BODIED I-LB. BAG C Red Circle 75 3-LB IAG*OJQ ^ m Uf» *vtv M&mf VIGOROUS 8. WINEY I-LB. BAG Bokar IT 3-LB. M 't«^I»l»I»I"I»."I».».».*.*. Potato Chips A&P Bulk Butter / Sunnyfield Flour Fresh Eggs Whitehouse Salad Dressing l-lb. Jane Box Parker Twin Pack Grade 2 Large—Grade A Sunnybrook Instant 2-Lb. Dry Milk Solids 6.4-Oi. Ann l'/2.Qf. Page Jar Freshly Ground 4-Os. Ann Pfgo Can

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