Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1927
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I- G&mmo3xty ^Newspaper Hap to Sdl Iti Advertisers. The REGISTER'S Cireubt- tion records open to pubyH inspection at any time.' HvcrfHwirtii Thf lulu.Doll Ii>l4i imlly itccnni i«n«l • illy Rpfrtster. The lufa Dally Index. lOLA. KAN.^ TUESDAY EVENIK;6, DIXJEMBER 13, ISp. John Looney, 17, Is Held i With Eldon Hawley, J 35, For Burning! Big Bam BOND SEFAT $li,000 Both Held Bond in Jail; on- Default of the County Waives Hearing John Looney, one otl two men arrested on arson cljiirKes for burning ol Dr. G. W. Shad- wiik's ham this afternoon en-, tered a plea of guilty and wa!#> sentenced by Frank H. Forrest', district judge not to exceed . . fdiir years in the state refor-? jnalfiry at HutcHinKon. AL CAPONE NOT TO RETURN TO CHICAGO, POLIGfi CHIEF SAYS , • » . i ! • : i" . . . ! Cliieajfo, Dec. 18. (AI*)~A1 Capone "isn't coming back to Chicago," Chief of Police Hugbes said today iti revealing that it was upon- his suggestion that the gang leader, left town last week. Capone at the time said he was going to Florida for the holidays. Actually, the chief saiid, he Went to Tw Juana, Me.xico, , ^ . Chicaigo can get along nicely^,without hio) or his iiaid, reiterating that ilk." Hug^ieH arrest and will re-arrest of known gang men be resorted to In an effort toilrive them from the- city. (^aiwne's ally, Tony bonibardo was arrested yesterday and later released, after a charge of carrying concealed weapons was laid against him. A challenge from a rival groiip to Iximbardos leadership _of the I'nibne'SicUlano was the cause of the recent.gang flarciip. An ' investigation which STIMSON< NAMED REPRESENTATIVE TO PHILIPPINES Nicaraguan Envoy Will Succeed Late General Leonard Wood AVashington. Hec.; AS. <AP)— continued a month and one! Henry L. siini.xoji of Xcw York day late yesterday resulted nominated by IVesident Con-, in the arrest of John Looney.""'"' "rKv^'-rnor general ,, „ , of llie Pliilliniincs. 17-years ol.d, Bassett. and. siim....).. «h., ti.-ncsidenr.s Eldon Hawley, aS -years old, ,n.r„„nal envoy to Nicaragua, m of four miles! south of lola ,jthe peara negoliallons there. laMt 'Htiring, was lielleVed to liave ticen the president's fii-st clioiLe for the poKl for. Hninc time, 1)iit thd uppuiiii- nii-nt (unie UM a Hurprlse becauxe it wuri iiiiilerKioiid Hint Mr. Hlimsoii lild iiul cure til uiiHumtrtlie respun- slbllilleH. , (l<< i-iici:ifi>ilri the liile .Major (leii- iTiil 1.1'iiiiaril Wood, who itl <>d iil iliih iniiiiiry liiMt Hiiiiimur .vhile li 'ii\e of aliNeiic)*. ! Ill niipiiititlitK Mr. StItnHDii: to Ilie |MMl, the prcNldi 'iit look the ii'liiiiii- tMrttllon <»l the rhlllpp4j »e» out of Uie hnilds lit » iiillltary offlcor. but lie iii 'lcd III) the iiHHitinptlon that the .New York tnaii. u loriiie'r sec- relarjt-or w«r, would tairy out ricuerut Wood's pollclex :in .tl.e Philippines as well as thoi<e of .Mr. Coolidge. on .second degree arson chjirges in; connection ivith burning of a hum belonging to Dr. G. W. Shadwick. ' Till' liiirn. uwueU \>y Sliitil- wirk. wiiii'UM-ated on ii fiirtit IniHi -d to W. II. ('Ififc. II WiiH Nil IIIIM). lit till.' ••Xlreille «•(•«! end ' of lliiNNct. The liiirti btiriirtt down iilmiii )l ii 'i'liu'k iiu till- eveiiliiK itt .Noveiii- liir iif. TliK Ki'ilri'al liti |M-('>'«<i<iii u( tbi 'itliMi- wiiM ihiil II fpiirk .tnini ii pii.HKiiig Santa F» tl'uln chimed the fire. I ; - Till' loKH wan eKllnuited al tiMire than $:!,<Mrt(. The barn:waf< burned (!Oinpletiiy down. Thlrly-fivi- tons of baled hay and more tlmn. 100 cbifljens also were los -t. Oodnly authnrltie.f aunoiiiiced toilay that hay in llie barn In-loiig- ed to Mr. Hawley and that it was Insured. V I.oouey ipid Ha^vley were arrest_'wt alwut 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Coiinly. city and! Bas.sett 'authorities have l)ecn wtJrkihg on . thoj case. r/)oney late ye.sterdaV waived preliminary .hearing in 'justice court His iHjnd wa.s, = fixed at Jl.OOO. Ha\vley 'K preliiiiinary hear' Ing Is Jet for* Decenj'bcr Vi. His bond fs $1.O(MI. ! - ; Second degree arson,i<onvi«'tlon, Coimlyi .Atto|riiey Keiin<'th Foust si'.id today carries with it a term of ten years in the state iiehileil- tiaVy. UNITED STATES GUNBOAT LANDS MEN AT CANTON Field Guns To Be i Used To Prbtect AH Foreig^ners Hongkong. Dec. 1.1. (AP)-Between 30 and 40'missioiiar- ics, mostly Americans and (iei-mans. arrived liere today /.Siboard the British steamer Put.shan from . Canton. The nrissionnries originally had . fb'd from up country points to fiinton. TJie vessel was pRcked witli miiuy hundreds of Chinese refugeeK. Iliiiikow. China, Dec. 1.1. f AP) .\ xeroJuH iiiuiilty is reiKirled to havo broken out fn I^abb- kow III northern Hupeh, about 201) miles northwest ot Han­ kow. The troops there were rcporied to bo lootiiig and' buriilni( Iho city which U on tin; Hun river. TO BE INTWOYMRS At Least Two Roads to Be Completed Across Kansas ThenN JAMES ALLEN TALKS The WaeUy Register. K^tabUahul 1887. . The loU Dttily ReKister. Kitf«bltobed 1897.. Colonel« LihdbeiTgh Off bii Long Flight tb Mejdco City HAS LflrTLE~TROUlBLE Current Topics Club Is Difficulty Is lEncoiih^ered Given insight.oa Head Problem i - i WEATHER and ROADS t'»B KANSAS-.Mostly. Vnlr to- nlirlit I iiii. \V«diie>duy: ciinsider- tihif ri Ider (oniirht iiii 'd Ui ra>t.und ? M M I m-r'UiH> t> rdncsduy. fOKl lOL.t .\ Mi ' VH IMTY - Fiiir.niid;colder tonluhl and Wed- - Teini evatur •- Migln-."" yesterday •t-i., at 7 p. III.; low^Jt last niglit 5)2 at Tip ni : MorinHl for t,>di )y ;!.l; lexce ^K yesterday IS: ('.\ce.«s s-iuco ,lanir.«ry I'sy .1. gi-.-cs: ihi-. dale last. ye:ir -liigbi I 'lwi .-t ."i, tTcclplt.-iiloii Kii- (!ie -Jt iDiirH. UK iu 7 ii 111 lo 'luy. .•1\>: tnl,al this yrar lo il iii'. .'1 7<: ixci'ss (iltiiii' Jrtim.iry l -i 11 !i.s iiuhd^.' INdid ri 'iiililioiis. Siiliiiii. cl«uil%, ni.Kiiiu. . .riia 'ils gijtiU.' • . 'A|k»n'',:is I'iiy. rgjl rain, ijiu; rtmiU hiippciy. Manlin'ttaii. clmiiiy. r i .iiN K"||I I- Kinporia. <l<iii(l)-| roiids -•llpperv'; CorfeyviJc. raliiiiiK. I-OHI I N tuuil- .ly! U 'lilllia. ligbi rain, roa.l.s fafr. i)liawa. llglii rain, roadx ."llp- in-T.*"-. Dodge Lyi>'. iKUlly < louily. rliads good. . HutchluBon^ taiuing. riiads slip- i'ery. rittsburg. rain. road» muddy. Shanifhal, Due. 13. (Al')-Thu ('nlt"d iltates Riinbout Sacramento has landed field guns lit Canton to protect "foreigners. The gitns were taken ' to lliv ITnll"d Stall')* i-oiisiilale in ihu Shomeen concession district. The .Vniericaii fort-es have alHO Stlmaon was understood to have i "Wed in\ evacuatini; foreiguerii been reluctant to go to .Manila:be cause he feared the climate would nf)t i>e Veneficial, but it was'be­ lieved the president convinced him that he might serve at least a few ypbrs without serious impairment of his health. _ . The newly named governor gen- oral is 60 yctirs old and has long been a leader in the Republican party. He served ilnder President Taft as-'secretary of war, arid has, from the Chinese sections of the city which is cbntrolled by communists who -ousteii the latest Canton dictator, Gieneral .Chang Fi(k- Armed lafuriches from the United States' guivboat Parapanga were sent to Tungsban.j a sulbkirb of Canton., to bring Americaiis there to safcfcv. Other vessels belonging to the 'Standard Oil company- were In Take Off on 2,000 .Mile Voyage I S.yucbburg. j *" i'l -.Char HK Va.. A. , Dec. : 13. Lindbergh new (jver Lynchbnrg in The Spirit ; of St.' Uuls at 2:OS l> ni. *nroiile tp .Mexico CMy. \Vl.hin two years at the outside.: wil'jiuiii any iiitrt >ase in t.i.\.at!on and without any ihaiige in tii'.; law, Kail.sus will liave LI ivusi. one completed highway fn /ni north to south across the .state and i>desl- Washington. Dec. .13.; (AP) — bly two, and one and posa.bly two ^Charles A. Linrtbergh sailed a\\;ay completed roi^as across the state-""^ay in his Spirit of St. Louis for • roiu east to weal., .'ii nun-stop flight to Mexico City, That wa.>< tlie hi|il. jKilnt, at least i which \v;il take-him over: 2.000 the most cheering aii.iuuin efliJiK. milus of inountaliis. plains and .al- lu tht audrcbo oi .nr. Jatu ^s ... i leys. • . ^ .cu Oi' L'uunuic. ineiQber oi the I The y«un.!; hero of the New York- S >lBie lii(;iirta.> conuu.s.i.un, b'-f .ii-e to-Paris :air eoic decided the time the Cuiieni'lopits tlub last ;iigiil. and weather were right and without bASTARDLY BOMBING ATTEMPT IN MEXICO I THWARTED BY POLldE Mexico aity, Dec. 13. (AP)—An attempt to Wxplode a bomt) disgiui;<ed as a holy caiidle" Was made at the .shrine''of the Virfirin of Guadalupe as many worshippers madei their devotions on the aaniial natioiidl holiday devoted to her memory. . i . ' ^ "The dangerous nature of the can-*- dle .was discovered before it was light'^. Police today were endear- drtag 'to find a motive for the attempt.' ' - ' More than 100,000 persons^ most- l.y india:i)s. congregated during the day at the shrine of the Virgin who.: according to tradition, ap­ peared almost four centuries >Iany of them had come from long distances.. ; • Through tliis worshipping cr<^\»d an iinitientified man approached the altar. He carried what seeined to be a large urilighted cancile. [He banded^'this to a worshipper, ^ying: "Bn.m this for the Virgin."ii riie ttrsi north and spuilt highway likely to be comnieted is- tue .•ifcoii.d which will be far be- Uiuu is 7:!\V. oiore commonly known as toe Kud.. Star Hbute through loi... i..e ;irc. «ra.-,» ^uu weal I'lad'wlii. I I iti<;.iab.y \»'.U h<. f:nisheu is Topcka. a.'iil DAIRY CLU6S IN COUNTY mm PROGRESS, GWIN County Agent Tells Advancement in Six Years of more ado. he iaunoonced that he was roaijy to go .-on his errand of .Mtriuiau through Wichiia:, The good .will which i* expected to require aJiout 28 hours (In the air. „-„__„«. , Hr t.K-k ihi .s d':ine up RV 12:29 p. ni-'P^f, . \, l.incVjergh laid bis plans quietly i""" '<^">fur tl.e Itiip-fff Just as he ^id wheu h>' was jireiartng fon the trans- hrong .i ..uw.eiijLi-,; Ailanilc't fll|;lit which brought a in.i. I he .secdJm Ibiill to ibe fifoiid. Having no idea Starting with a club of 21 ^members In 1921, dairy ^lub w^ork in .\JIcn county has made consistent I progress, Roy Uwin, county agciit M'DERMOTT TO ^ SUCCEED JUDGE JOHN POLLOCK' EIGHT PAGES^*^^ OKLAHOIU [Senate To Be With Impeachment" Bills Soon by House HOLD NIGHT SESSION Legislators Meet Early In Morning, Dressed In Night Clothes, H Bathrobes ! r: •Oklahoma , City, Dec. (AP )—Bills of impeachment naming -Governor Heni?y Kansan Assumes At Agie of 41, With 3 Fine Record ' Johnston and two oth^r Chair i officials, which 13. will 111' :,«.ii!>f Aiiuiiiic mill i*.ic|Uc of fuiluri*, h« scorned a parachute. l?ighway- .i)i 'ou <cii .O.J. \\lcii(tu ' " ' While the membership has not been large the acbievements have^ been many, especially in-the past three years. An all round program has been carried out, with notable "and points wost." loin on l'r<ijecl<>. So lolu is to III. ilt (lie croKH ri>Md» of two. of the Kfi'tti iroMH Mlale hikiiways siheiiiiii-d liir lany completion. .Mr. Allen n'futiMl spread Impr.Nson of ii-i I K- ii^'d-^.J! till-. »-ol.tury: nip to' winnings fin many lines, rr.liiic. i Owin said: : :.S|iiillf« WpHlher. : ! "Judgl^Jg; , teams have III- Kiij-lled Ills charts, his ma- rhiiie 4U)il the weather which ho! beeri trijined, in ' the lust three years and In iWe Mate conlesls, they havo will nioet, and then' (inlctly told i H record of three flrstM. one iieco*nd the war-/department to notify the till- w.di'ly Ju-wspuRtfr. world that h^ was go- an(uK"'iliiii>' I'lg. uii.f KO I HK liiiiiicdluUly.i An iH.ori WIIH i'l'ovUiuii by the Army; the Suvy ami the Cpinmort-c do- partriientH -to follow the. famous tiler UN Ij^r us Richmond, Vs., and when it V'Bs in line. Lindbergh gave the word apd they were ofl to the south warir great' knowledge of Philippine af-;»lso despatched to aid In the work. A third United States gU«*boat, the Asheville. arrived at • Canton fair?. iStimsan*s apiMiintment \ni8 con strued iu informed official circles as a complete endorsement by President Coolidge of the administration of tJeiicral Wood. Those familiar with relations that pre- \'aile<1 between Stim.'!o'ii and Wood at the time of the former war secretary's visit to the islands in the spring of ]?26 said the two men w^re cordial in the cxfrerae and in complete' harmdny in tlieir views .IS to tlic governmental .Huestious involved in Philippine policy. «'iirt for City Authorities Are Here Looking at Plant Jack Welfi'lt. the city manager Of Winfield ;and Mr. Wallace, a representative of the Kansas League of .Municipalities, were here today looking over the city gas situation. Winfield recently installed a municipal gas plan. Prom lii-re liii-y went to Ciurnett. Uiiusual Program for . ; Chamber of Commerce Sometbini; different, will'ibe the program for the speaking period of;the regular weekly noon luncheon of the "Chamber of Commerce, held tomorrow at tiie Portland Ho tell Instead of the si>eakins time, being U6ed 'by one maq. there w-lll b6. an "Open Forum" and thbse iprpbent will be ipvited to air thpir pet bobbies. criticiiBins. complaiiits aiid suggestions, making their ta^ks as; snappy as possible so that many J hsfve a chance , t before the one o'clock closing iiour arrives. Tho*!e hat, attending reguljir' and having something to offer for the good of ~ lota, should advise the Portland, telephone 107. before 10 o'clock lo- niprrow morning, no that propel* reservation can be m^dd 'for them. Uttle Action ^Today / ^By City Commisioners . I ^n appropriation ordinance was I parsed and other routine busiiieBa transacted at this afternoon's meet-i J ing of the board of city commis- VilonerB. FIVEYEARSJO KANSAS BANKER G. C: Roberts Sentenced By Federal Judge Pollock liunsas'City, Kan.. Dec. 13. (AP) C. C. Ilbbertson. former president of the Slontgomery County .National bank at Cberrvale, Kansas, convicted In Federal Court at Fort Scott in November of aiding and abetting in the misapplication of funds, today was sentenced to five years in the Fedei^al penitentiary at Leavenworth by Judge 'John C. Pollock. "He was givenJcredit for thirteen months served in jail. He wa."! charged with planning the robbery of the bank in 'May. 1925. ih which $69,100 was taken. from Hongkong. Fifteen Americans and two British su-bjects were brought from the Chinese city to Shameen Island by armored; launches, dispiatches -direct from Canton stated today. The launches beloitged td the Standard Oil company and were^manned by armed guards. A general concentration of Canton government troops' has taken place in Honam. adjacent to Canton. "They were believed to *e pre- pariiig to renew their attack on the communist element in Canton city. ,Th'e ^foreign- force.s at Canton were striving stringently to prevent an "incident" The concentration .of foreigners in Shameen where the foreign concessions have grown up,, was in'liue with -this IKjlicy. . . . Dispatches from Hongkong slated that some foreigners were proceeding to Canton and some' had already arrived there. There were signs today that the communista, successful iQ Canton; ^erc trying to bring about a general strike. 'Shanghai itself appears calm, Jiowcver, although several groupx of workers have gone on strike. These Included tramway, workers, dock laborers and employes of the nritish-.Vmerican Tobacco company. An attempt was made, to brii>g out the bus operators In the international settlement and tramway worker.* in the French concession. Communist agitators were also busy among the low^r grade workers in the postoffice. btfiwvvu the Hia:e high coininldslon and thp Cnuiuy coinmlHslOners. Ht> (tec>lBrc<l that no suih anlagonivin cklsts but that on the contrary the State commlwion li» working cor- dimiy with and re«:eivlng In the main most satisfat-tory co-opera- litin frtni (he-lOG county Imrds of county conunlHsioncrs. He .said that the State coinnilssion under-.'and t4ie igroiind beneath them was standx iii'ifectly Ithp pro'iliin of sndilen fjom long and uteady rains, liin I'ouiL y Kiiiiir:.. sioiHTe ai.d Llu «llivi..:.!» w;is f (>'..-i 'd to taxi the does noL uiiilfrase" u> luiir.ere Iu tutiiv di -itanie of the fJeid-, before any way wlih the coiitru! over ia- b<' rtisp.^ ai;d. hi' .«eeincil to have <ai roaiiii. its activities being dir ..soniri difficulty in ^;]iuing altitude reeled wholly to perfei ting th ^^a!" lie dfsaiipeare .i to the south- state syfciem oi roads l^y pri.'nuj'>>ward. /fhe wheel.*! of his * plane ing the buildaig- or (onutcJu;j.''barely n )''?<«fid tbn toil's of trees at links aA v.ipid :y as porsHi.e. • thi; ^ioiitliern T IK I -jf the iield. AUen tJte> Kr,>m;.s}i p. , ! Th>- Siiril -.t St. I .o 'ii.^ fhiled In As couIirtiiaiiiMi ('.' ihi- ,ripiidly fv" viilient eifnfts to ct-t into the relations whiih exi .-t biwe :i iJi-air. hcrci:n siui-ps'iiing in the third local and t^ie state auilioriii:'s.?.\Ir. i:ttenii>;., A.tei Lluilliorgh had tra- Allen cited tile tact that upon the • versed rtearly the wholv. liistance request of tl ;e State highway com-i of the Inroad luuiiiug grounds be mission every one ot the 105 i lifted hi-i piano few ftu from the and one fourth, while the mMiiberii of these teaniH have won ! seven mcb'alM. four (Of which Imvo been gold. ; 'thti 19'28 team won third at the iiutipnul dairy show In tJie grcHteitt coiitcHt ever staged tlwK- "Demonstration team work nai> become a part of the program, and the dairy demonstration teams of .ms'ainl 1927 won two flrsts, a It was a murky sky through second and a third at the two which ilij. pilots guided Iheir plones (slate fairs. The 196 team, 'William Dreher and Irwin Tlppln, placed eighth at the national'dairy show at^er winning the state contest. Neal Derby Arrested On Larceny .Charge Neal Dertj.v. 35 years'old. was arrested by 'pouiity authorities Is^t night on a petty larceny warrant. County Attorney Kenneth Foust said toda.i- that Derby is'charged with stealing | an overcoat from an lola dance. Operetta to Be Presented by Grade: School Pupils Friday "Boy Blue,'' the first grade scbool operetta to be presented in lola for some time, is to ibe given .(his Friday night in the senior high school auditorium ^iin'der the direction of Miss Clarai Brown, instructor vof mut-ic. in the grades and Junior Jiigh school. • :, ; . All grades will be represented in the operetta. Also each g^ade school ini town lias iti represejitar tion-in th^ (>i\eretta In addition to the operetta', itself, a "Rhythm Band" which is composed entirely of first graders,. and has about fifty musicians In it. will play. Between actii .the second' and third graders .will get their share in the program when they sing Christmas songs. The operetta • itself is In tbree acts and the pupils to be, in it have been working hard for sonjie time in order to be able to ihake a good presentation. The night program •will Ffl- day evening at 8 o'clock. Thurs: flay afternoon ti matinee program wjll <be given fn the senior high au(;itorlum, for studehtH, boards of County commissioners presented^ las* fall its pian for road' work in the respective coim- ties. all of these plans having in contemplation the filling in of gap* in the state s.vstem. To the requirements'of > these p^ans in toto, not less than l.'i uiji.ioii lUn- lars 'n-ould be* required: wlii'li is at least twice as mucji as cm lie raised under: ihe present law for road work. » It was because of this great de-; mand that -the State highway commission suggested an increase of 2 Cfnts a gallon in the gasoline I tax. Mr. Allen insisted that such an; Increase -would add but a small amount to' the annual tax ol the average automobile owner, whereas the ibenefitsMo be derived from the-earlier. completioii of hard surfaced roads would inore than offset the added cost. :ilii Allen said, however, that, the .-commission Is organizing iio_ catupalgn to . put oyer nor indeed U> Imptife upon the stale any ifpeclal program: that'It understands .iti< Job to be to do the "best It can with the money It now hai and under the present law and that is what It i)( doing. . (I'ontlniicd «n Page 7, .><». 2.) ground as if by stiperhunian effort. ! Has 'rrouble. The pilot atlemi)ted to gain alti- ttide imipedlately. ind ver>- slowly his silver partner lifted into the ail- ovei: the I'ciloina.- river and was lost iu tlij heavy mist as it lieadeil toward Fredericksburg. Va. .Major'.Harvey ,S. Biirwell. com- The show riecord of the Allen county junior^ has also been wor-^ thy of note. In 1926, Max Wilson of Allen county showed a Jersey he'ifer at both Topeka and Hutchinson, winning the chib championship at both fairs. In 1927 eleven heifers were taken to >both state faris and in the eiid the foliowiiig prizes vere won: Chatnpionships 2; reserve champions. 4; flrsts, 8; seconds, thirds, 5; fourths, 2; fifths, 1. • "Perhaps the best criterion of the' quality of daio' club worit: in the coynty was the winning of the state dairy club championship in: both 1925 and in 1927. In 1925; Horace Lower, with his Holstelni cow. Komdyke, won this greatest! dairy club honor in Kansas, and: received a trip to the national dairy show at Indianapolis. In 1927 inandor at Bolliii4 field, .ith whom I John Wilson with his two Jersey: Lindbergli harl spent the niglu at i heifers, and with his splendid jndg- the fleldi said that the daring taker off was one of the most masterful pieces of Tlying technique that he had evet seen. , Before^ reaching his goaf at Mexico City.'. Lindn )ergh probably will encouifter more; jbad weather..but air in, all he .'tecidjed that wind conditions ivere made to i>rder for him. an^ this guided hira in hi^ determination to .^tart. • . j Lindbergh, in fac!. did not fin-t ally decide to jtintp until 11:15 o'clock ihfs niiiriiing. When he foumi (he .N'uvy hydrographers agreed with the weather bureau^ in their preiliciions he aunou<lced that he woiill s" •Il < lie few knew VU\i\h, , Few were .iwarc that thf ifamous flier woiild .' (?<• up nn^er the weather conilitiiins pievailing. The /rontliiued mi Piiwe 7, >a. 3.) MR. G. WILLIAMS RESIGNS AS REGISTER CIRGULATOR Mr. George L. Williams, who has been In charge of the circulation of the Oail^ Register for nearly 18 years, has tendered- his resignation to take effect January 28. For several years, as Registti* readers know. Mr. Williams has been engaged in the typewriter biffiiness as a side line and his Interests in this direction have grown to such an extent that'he wishes to give his entire time to it and for that reason has asked to-^ be .released from his engagementSi -ith the Register. • . It is -with a great deal of relifc- tande that the Register parts coin- pany with Mr. Williams. During the eighteen j-ears- ot bis connec- t.ion with the paper there has never been a cross ox unkind word between Mm and "bis employer nor a moment of misunderstanding of any kind. During those years also Mr. W^illiams has gained and held Instill nwre. Certainly the manage- the confidence: of tha Register subscribers and has so cultivuted the field tbi|t the. Register prolMbly -Jhas the most stable circulation of any newspkper in its class anywhere. His greatest success, perhaps, has been in the mana^ment of hfai force of carriers. It is' the boast of the Register that on the average there Is not one "miss" a day—a re<.-ord which'no other pa-^ per within our knowledge has ever equalled-r-^ud this is due in large measure to. the good Judgment Mr. Williams has used in the selection of his f:^rriers and to' the^ manner in whicb he has won their loyalty and gooii jwill. He Is a father to them rather tl^n an emplpyer, and with th^ wannheartediiess of childho^4 they recipro<:;ate the treatmcjnt they receive from him. It is aitnatter oT great satisfac- tioir to the Register that Mr. Williams I: to remain in ][ola. for be is a go >d citizen as - well is; a faitbfiH employee. He is generous and piriil^c spirited, .^Iways willing to do tnything he can do for the general welfare, and always standin: r loyally by the town. He has conferred a real service in building Hip his typewriter business to Isirge proportions, and now' that he. can. demote hls-ieatlre. time to it he doubtless win expand it ing record, wop this coveted hon-| or. ' • ; "These achibvement.s. while noteworthy, are not the-end in tbem- selves, but simply avmeans to an end. The real object of'dairy club work is to . demonstrate correct dairy practices; to sbpw that goi>d animals, good methods and good feeding pays; that boys and girls and men as well, can take* good dairy animala and make a success ot dairyingr Incidentally, these boys and girls are learning to Judge livestock, to lit and show them,' tc feed them correctly, and to' keep accurate records so that they miay know what they are doing. The greatest benefit without doubt is the training in citizenship and leadership which each member is acqiiiring. "And so the A-H dairy cliib members of Allen county are doing their part to solve the dairy problems of the'county. \\'hen'they shall have graduateil into the fleld of. adult farmlng.r dairying In AUen county will have the leadership to make greater and surer progress." Roaid Work in County Delayed by Weather • With^ the exception of- working on reports to the state highway department on the yearns work In Allen. county, the county engineer's force is inactive .because of the weather. Paving work on the Moran-MUdred road is: halted be- canse. of i weather a^ is graveling ot the Petrolla project. The bridge and grading gangs also are awaiting favqi^able weather before i;p- sumlng work. Kansas City. Kans.. ^Oec. 13, , (AP)—Judge John; C. :Pollocl(: idoes not intend to retire fronj the federal bench, he said to-^ day when informed of "th^ anv pointment of Qeorge T. Mcf' Dermott of Topeka as KaUAax - District-Federal Judge, an^ was asked if it meant, his re? tirement. , . ; The Judge, who has been oii the bench 24 years, was bns^ hcariiig a case. "I^do not ini^ tend to retire. I'm' Just a.^ much here as I ever was," ht« said.' I • were j tod^ by the lower housf o; I the self-convened Oklaho: j Legislature, have bieen jto a board of managers fi I presentation to the sefnatci Headers in 'the investigatioiji i announced. ; The charges were approved at the second secret session call^ shortly after 2 o'clock this ra'prttr Ing in defiance of the Na^6Dftt !guardsmen iiiobiltzed by Governor^ •Johnston to prevent legislative' meetings anywhere in the stBtt^' Enable to'obtain 01 mombera;, L the number necessary for .a quor-i |,> Ceorgeum, the house adjourned the firft;* Washin4;toil.!|)ec. 13. (AP) , T. McDertnott. of Kansas, was ap- niKctiug called shortly after 'mid,(minted by President Coolidge to-jalghi. A call for more membera! day (o be u federal Judge in that; brought r..-pre8eniatlves from tbelri. state. ' - ^ beds, clad In night clothes, to th»L> 'Judge McDermott will succ^^d improvisetl hold assembly roon^ ^ Judge John C. Pollock, who ?e-! ChanreN are ApproTM cently reached the retirement i ^ei Six charges were quickly appro-;^ of 70 years. : : ived against Governor- JoHnstDii.: Under the taw Judge Pollock j The allegations, including a pbargs of incompetncy, were consolidated (or presentation to the Senate q'ualf- stlll will be available for the tr^al of cases, Although Judge .McDermott wHl take charge of t.he dock- 1 which has declared itself a et ' V I fled court of impeachment. Judge ilcDeri^^tt's name ^as sent to the senalkfor confirmat(}>n listed as "Vice-Jottp C Pollock, ^e- tir^d." 4 In a Joint statement Senators Curtia and Capper exiiiaiued tUat jBdge'Pbl lock bad adrtsed the it- tornejt-gcneral Tie had reached |he pge of 70 and that the'wojk ot fhe district had become srfH^eavy she .felt that [he appointment [ of ;in- lother Judge of the district was n»c-*) essary. , 'r The senators said .the Kanaas congressional delegation had united ' in recommending the appointment of Mr. McDermott. . j "In 1918 congress Amended the Jaw so that a Judge who was Entitled, to resign from all work n^'ed not do so, but, might'bave aiioib- er Judge appointed. tb6 elder juOge stMl being snra'ilabl.e for such wtj ^rk as he cared' to do," the statement said; * "This proves to be a very excellent law. .The appolhtment of a new judge does not' cost the :g{»v- emment a penny and |at the same lime gives • the government j the benefit ot Judge Pollopk's services and his long .experience, not ptXy to complete work already pending, but to assist-the new Judge ;ln keeping up the work and to aid him, in different matters: Judge Pollpck will remain tTnlted States Judge for an Indefinite period." McDennoit Has' Long lline Ahead ] • \- ——^ • topeka. DIfc. 13. ^AP)—At 41. George -T. McDermiitt enters the (Condnaed on Fagr: 7, >o. •!.) FIVE YEARS ON THEFTCHARGBS '- , f Herman Bigelow Enters Guilty Pleia for Chicken Theft Representative Charles Moon • ot Muskogee county, in announcink- the charges against the govemor. revialed that Chief Justice: I Ired Branson of th^ State Snprpm.e: had been cbarged wj'.b Theft of chickens!- yalued at J26 late yesterday afternoon brought a sentence of five years in the stxite reformatory to Herman Bigelpw, 2$ fai-m hsind. Bigelow entered a plea of guilty In, district court anid iwas. sentenced by District, Jndge. Frank (R. Forrest. Bigelow •.- was charged with the thett ot chickens from tbe Ben Bacon'farm near Elsmpre seirerai weeks ago. At that tljne, B^elow w-a« ^mploved by Batibn. Little Testimony Remains in Rebecca Bradley Rogers Case ment aiid all the members of the! "Gang" wbQ have>been so long as- ' soclated -jvlth Mr. "Williams will wish him • unbounded sucdess,. will Innuinerable friends throughout the county. . The -mahagement of tl e Register clrcua«tioh, .after >Ir Williams withdraws from It. will I be taken care of by a readjustment ot tbe duties of :pther members : of tbe present office: force; La Grange."Texas, Dec. 13. (AP) One expert called as an authority on insanity today remained in the depleted r^nks of defense witnesses at the trial here ot Mrs. Rer becca Bradley Rogers, charged with bank robbery. • The witness'. Dr. Max Handnjani criminologist of the university of Texfts, was 'pxp^cted to support testimony ot other experts that Mrs. Rogers sited strangely prior to tbe time thi is accused of rob­ bing, a bank at Buda, Texas, ^ ot tl.OOO. i : Otis Rogers, husband of the jle- tendant. and the six attorneys aiis- sociated with tiim, have devoted two days in tbe effort to pr^ve the 22-year-oId former university Student./stendgrapher and- waitress was subj^t to- mental lapiies. With only a fel es remaining: man. it was would' go to k character witn^ss- besittes' Dr. Hajad^ expected the case kbe Jury Wednesday. cotitjt-had been cbarged wi'b "tor** rapiioQ in offica.?' R8prt<ttetttt Eiva^|.; Robert' Graham then annoni ced allegation of irregularities In handling funds Ii^d been prefe Te4 against^ Harry B. Cordell.- pi esl- dent of'the State Board ot Agrl inl- \ ture. . j Representative H. Tom Knight, chairman of the house investigation committee, was name^: : by j Speaker .E. P. Hill to bead the! board: of managersi charged with' placing the Jndictiuents before tl senate.: ^- Senate to Meet- While senate leaders declined reveal when they planned to coiL-j , vene. they'iijliniated'a session wasp contemplate today. | ir Adjoumment of the at JV o'clock to await action by the sep-i; ate. found a tired and disheveled ,^ group! seeking their first rest In, nearly 24 hours.- ; i Assembiing at the. caH ofj.' Speaker-Hill Ihei legislators crowd-Ted into a suite of three sinell! rooms at a local hotel; AItb(High|. windows were opened, the place i !^ soon was , filled with tobacco j smoke. There were few chairs,'.• several sat and lay on the floor. [: Sdnie wore night clothes only.;' while several appeared in bath-!' robes. [ L Representative Tom Mo,Combs; read the committee report contain? i ing the. charges against Gdvcmor; Johnston. It was adopted by vive i ' voce vote. .' - ' • Qnomm In I'Hy ;' Speaker Hill announced at ad- 'Joiirnment that a quorum ot the senate was In the city. Today ciiardsmen continued to patrol the capltol. A reserve force was assigned to quarters there. Representative Moon announced i the charges against the governor j and the vote by which they car- P rled as follows: 1. - ^Replacing civil authority: with military authority, 49-to 6. :2. incompetency. 49 to 5. 3. Awarding a commission as ; peace • officer to Jose Alvarado," alleged bank rbbber. 44 to 9. 4. Alleged illegal employment.1; of Kirby Fitzpatridk. attorney • ot i Ardinore. as counsel for the state ! ( banking department. 40 to 15— j 5. Alleged illegal payment*ot i $7,900 through a deficiency certificate on the banking department to. employees charged by the hoitse invjestigating committee to have been Illegally placed on the' department of agriculture payroll. 42 to 13. Compinej Chanred 6. Alleged consipiracy between' the govembr. bis contidentid sec- i retary Mrs. O. O. Hammonds - and j an unnamed person, in connectUon with collection of a highway claini by a contractor, 46 to 8. Tbe charges as apnbunced. by Mr. Moon conformed generally to announcements made by represenr taOve H- Tom Knight, chairman of the house investigating commit- i, tee. •• , i JWhen the governor, mobilized|, the national;guard yesterday and,f^: pllace :d soldiers on jdiity at theF; ' capltol with orders to retnse ad-f mittance to the'ISgtelators. | Mr.i (Continued on Fa(te 7, Ko. 1) l

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