Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 15
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Dinl PA-2-4600 for a WANT At) Tiker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MU,' THUKSUAY, OCTOBER-.20, 1»5» . FIFTEEN How Many Ways Are Capers Used? The enterprising cook tries to adapl every splco and flavoring agent to llio widest possible use. How many ways, for example, do you know to.Use capers? Capers arc .the'flower, buds of a low bushy.'shrub'' : thai is- grown in tl'e Mediterranean region. They're picked beforeMhey,-open;..pickled and bolder].- /'Their'; sharp, aro: malic .flavor is 'unique—you know "ir-'r use .in'salads' (they're'-excel- ill drai.ped',: l -mlxed with mayon- 'iisc and -used • lo'bind-.-a cold shrimp .or i.chicken'salad); try thorn some.-lime-in hot dishes. Caper • sauce, is ,"essentially a cream sauce', with about a tablu ; 'spoon of : copers added'to a cup. Mnke it with '2-tablespoon's each 'fl-vr and butler, to a cup.of milfc i'sc capeVsciuc'e with boiled beef, l)-''2d mutton (this i's'.an excellent (I. =ii when you find . nol-so-young sprinkling of paprika.' this will lamb on the market at good serve three or four. prices), beef hash, chopped veal balls,- poached salmon/ or other fish. With .boiled meat, substitute stock for part of thei milk in the sauce. Some cooks add a drop or two 'of Worcestershire sauce for added flavor,' ; A few drained capers added tc boilandaise sauce too. are'good with fish, or with vegetables'such as asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli. Here's a quick, economy supper that you can make into a 'gourmet's treat by adding a few ca- pei-s. Open two 1-pound cans 'of you'll "find "apples cheap and plen- salmon. Wash briefly under running water,.-pick over and break into chunks . - . ' Make a cup of cream sauce, stir in a tablespoon-of'drained-capers, Combine with salmon, heat through and' serve on toast points, with' What, Sugar in your coffee? Aren't you on a reducing diet?•.. Sugar's pure or'my diet-for its "energy lift' And 3 teaspoons of Domino Sugar contain fewer calories than your half-grapefruit! M</<r:. Its smart to stay slim and trim and ... "EnergyLift"too! WHICH IS LESS FATTENING? Ytt, 3 teatpooni of Domlno< Sugar actually contain fewer calorics than Vl medium grapefruit!' Sure, you need Domino Sugar to sweeten coffee, tea and your favorite foods. But Pork Listed As Best Buy For Shoppers This Week .By The Associated Press . . • Pork is' the No.- I buy in meat and greens are plentiful and mod. _ o j ._ this week. It's : available in food crately priced in most parts of the and when the frosting has been stores and supermarkets from country. Also listed as good buys coast, to coast at bargain-basement prices,' Roast loin of pork hea'ds the list and .Virginia snap, beans. of weekend specials, in many markets—and if you want to serve it with . homemade' apple' .sauce, tiful also.. For this is "National Strawberries and raspberries from Apple Week," ah annual sales pro. motion event times to coincide with the p'eak harvest season. Smoked Ham Featured 'Smo'ked ham is another featured item this 'week.. Beef rib roasts and sirloin steaks are moderately priced, as is shoulder of veal. Roast leg of lamb, although still relatively high, has been marked down four cents a pound' by major food chains in several U. S. cities. Biggest reductions, however, are for pork. In some parts of the country, prices of center cut pork chops are down as much as 10 cents a pound. Frying chickens are a little higher in .some cities, reflecting higher quotations at wholesale, but still constitute an excellent buy. Retail prices in the weeks ahead are expected u move up. Marketers, who Had been burdened with record-breaking supplies, of young chickens, have now succeeded in iclling off most of the glut. So irices are likely to firm up until :he next big crop of birds reaches the market. Potatoes and onions are again: the "outstanding" buys in produce —and marketing specialists say| he quality for most types is better! Jian.usual for this time of year.. Cabbage, 'cauliflower, lettuce! 'Fashioned Potato Salad Ingredients: 4 medium - sized (about 1 pound) potatoes, 3 green onions or 1 small onion, 2 hard„ . _- , „ • c. i cookcd eggs, 'A cup diced celery, equally imporunt . . -Domino Sugar cookcd sa!ad dressingi salt and ^rC?"^ " WWlC PCPPCr ' S3]ad greCnS ' PiC ' Mint Frosting , Good On' Cake Afternoon. refreshments: '•. Cpyci a chocolate cake with mint flavored frosting.and serve .will hot or iced tea or Coffee. Use standard 7-miriute "frosting recipe are peppers,, egg plants, Southern cucumbers. ' Canadian ' rutabagas. Citrus Fruils Increase . Citrus fruits,. .both from California and Florida, are coming to filling and frosting- two 9-incl market. "in increasing volume. West Coast truck farms are putting in an appearance, here and there but shipments are not yet sufficiently large to. force prices down to bargain levels. ' Egg prices, still on the uptrend, may start falling again soon. Production—at a record rate in September — moved still 1 higher this month. So .far, however, unprecedented consumer demand has held egg prices well above year ago levels. Top grade eggs have been wholesaling at about 50 cents a dozen in Mid-West markets against 35 cents a year ago! Vegetable Variety Cut snap beans in -narrow pieces and cook quickly in lightly salted boiling water just until tender- crisp. Drain and toss gently with cooked rice and butter or margarine. Delicious with meat, poultry fish! beaten and cookcd over hot water for the required length of time add two or three drops of green food coloring • and one or. two drops of mint extract. Beat unti proper consistency and use for layers. Use For Tomato -Ever add fresh tomato to mayon naise or French dressing? Pee and seed a tomato, then chop fin before'making the addition. Gooi over lettuce sprinkled with lots 6 minced chives or parsley. tasty Small wedges of stuffed celery are pleasant (o'come'upon in a salad. Try stuffing fhe celery.with a mixture of cream minced anchovies; stuffed stalks-into bite-size wedges and add them to mixed greens thatj .have been What's more, there arc only IS calorics in a teaspoon of Domino Sugar. That's diet" foods I So if you're reducing, remember: "Sugar-starved" .people often lose pep and energy instead of wight! Just as Grapefruit is famous for its health values—in a well-balanced diet. Domino Pure Cane Sugar helps supply the quick food-energy you ncect every kles, paprika. Method: .Scrub potatoes; do not feel. Put in saucepan and barely .For (he safe, sure nay (o fl|rn, or Riling Jo day for pep and vitality. , . So bcVmart... UK a sensible amount j c «> . an f. Mlx ''E ht 'y teaspoon salt for each cup of water. Bring to a boil: cover; cook rapidly just until tender- about 40 minutes. Drain and strip off skins; dice. Mince green onions fusing most of green part) or onion. Chop one for garnish, potatoes, onion, iidgh *i bout losing of satisfying, ton-calorie, %/,-encrgy ™* ''E n «y ""= potatoes, onion upsSr .7%X Domino Sugar at every meil.../ 0 ro-* cll °PP ed e SS. celery and cooked - -•••-•- om; sugar Is Domino Pure. ' jsalad dressing; add salt and pep- Domino's New Reducing Diet UooMcfl Address: THE AMERICAN SUGAR REFINING COMPANY^BOX 26. NEW YORK 5, NEW YORK per to taste. Garnish with salad greens, sliced reserved egg and pickles. Sprinkle sliced. egg with paprika, .Makes six servings. BIG BOY BREAD On Sale At Your Local Independent Grocer A Product of Mclntyrei ftoltery You can't tell Mrs. Filberts from the high-priced spread 1 It smells so fresh! Each golden quarter wrapped in gold aluminum foil 2. It tastes so sweet! It's Mrs. Filbert's own recipe It.takes a woman to zip her mar- i?garine onto your table so Jast it tastes Jresbcr than even most expensive spreads! , . !/ASk your husband to smell that just-made'freshness. Then—compare the mild, sweet flavor of Mrs. Filbert's Margarine with the high- priced spread. Good as the expensive spread is, see if yoli don't both agree, iliat Mrs. Filbert's tastes cv- •- ery'bit as delicious-arid fresh! Fr«*h! with freshest ingredients, flavor-scaling gold aluminum foil around each quarter on the inside, a protective wrap, outside. But above all—fresh because no other spread gets to you jaster! More vitamins! .(times as much sunshine vitamin D as in the ex• pensive spread! Plus at least 15,000 units of vitamin A in every pound. Milder, sweeter-naturaliyi It's a woman's recipc.'Sprcad Mrs. Filbert's really freib flavor tonight. Goes on smoo-oth, even cold. You'll never go back to the high-priced spread! MRS. FILBERTS A REFRESHING, FLAVORFUL TREAT Five kinds of apples, right from our own orchards, give it a lively, tingling taste. Its pure apple goodness sparks energy, aids digestion. ' Try some soon for a delicious change—for breakfast, for any meal, and in between. Try Lucky Leaf Apple Sauce andlnslant ftuil P/» fillings, loo New Sandwich Idea Offered Looking \for a new sandwich dea to please a hungry-crew? Icfe '. are some hearty sandwich plates that can be turned. out' in seconds for your family or friends. All you need arc some frozen tackages of golden-fried fish-sticks n the freezer, and three hot fish- stick sandwich plates can be whipped "together for a quick oven bake. Fishstieks . . . tomatoes . . . cheese ; . . eggs! All are wonder- ul teammates for the sandwich plate. Try one of these on your icxt luncheon or supper tray. Hot Fish-Stick Sandwiches 5.slices buttered toast 10 slices tomato (2 to 3 medium tomatoes). 5'slices processed cheese 1 8-ouncc frozen package gold, en-fried, fish sticks Parsley or watercress Heal oven • to "425 degrees F. Arrange buttered toast on shallow pan. Top with sliced tomatoes and sliced cheese. -Place 2-frozen fish- sticks on top of each- sandwich. Heat in oven'for.15 to; 20 minutes or until fishsticks are golden brown. Garnish with parsley- or watercress. ... • . < Add capers to mayonnaise when you plan to serve it over fresh or canned cold salmon. Then be sure to serve with wedges of lemon. Indiana has 6,641 miles of railroad. Fresh From the Form FRUITS & VEGETABLES TOLL GATE FRUIT MARKET Route 40 West Past LaVale' Optn Every Day from 9 til 9 It Is A Known fact You Can Always Do Better In A P.S. Mkt. * rmoweti i* - • w FLAMING RED TOKAY CRAPES LARGE SNOWY WHITE CAULIFLOWER 29c fancy Slicing Tomatoes 10c Ib NEW PACK SMALL DILL PICKLES FAMILY BRAND 100% COFFEE Cheese • Pineapple Potted Meats 3 «"» 19c Vienna Sausage 2 it.. 25c Tuxedo Tuna «... 23c Oil <* Must. Sardines 3 «™ 26c Chopped Beef i!-„«.„„ 3i c Swan Soap Jergens Soap Red Kidney Beans Apple Sauce Salad Olives Catsup M Dressing 2-25e ]21.'25c FRESH GROUND HAMBURG LIVER 3 , bs $1. • ROCKINGHAM • TENDERIZED • OLD VA. HAMS Morrels Picnics CHICKENS 29c Picnics ,b35c Ib. SHANK END • Whole Ham n, 45c • Butt End .. ,b 49c ROAST lb.27c STEAKS lb.35c S ROAST lb.35c TENDERLOIN Steak 43c»> ROUND Steak S3c'» Roast SKINLESS. , Franks 39c *• Saus'ge 39c "• WILSON'S SLICED Bacon 39c» Veal Shoulder Chop* - ">• 39c Meaty Spare Rib* ••• »>. 39c Pork Boston Butt n>. 39c Wilton'* Pork Sausage "> 39c Spiced Luncheon •:•••• 3 »><. SI \ Longhorn Cheese ">. 45c Veal Leg Roast............ »>. 39c Pork Shoulder Steak ... »• 39c Lean Plate Boil •••'•••• 2^. 39c Sliced Bacon End* •••• 5 lb< - $1 SMALL DELIVERY CHARGE! 1 HOUR SERVICE UBLIC SERVIC OOD MARKET! 16 N GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN PHONE | ORDERS CALL CUMB. PA-4 0600 CSPTN PA-2 5212

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