The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on November 29, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1958
Page 20
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Bou* *:33 Local New* . «:« Memory LJU>* l»:«9 rr»n» ana Sar flow ObmttM »«)*«»* U K» N*ws Comm«nt»r j 13:1S Loom N«w* UdttltotlW ol U^LMhefi* Hour 1*0 Back to Ood 2*0 Newt Anthony S3J 4«0 Local News 4*i Anthony 4-30 Sport* - MBS 4:34 Anthony 5:00 Walter Wtnche 11 5:08 AatbOAf 5:15 Oab Rattler 5:30 Newt ~ MB8 6:t5 MeloOJe* 6:00 Vartety Music •MW MvWt 6:35 Variety Mutlt 7,-00 Local Neva 105 BUt Stern 7«0 Night Wttdk 7:35 New* 8«0 Local N*w* 8«4 NleUt Watch 8:35 Night Wfttoh Mis Ntws •45 local New* \S3JSf "— •do Variety Muilo 6:30 Oab Heatter €:35 Variety Htule 7 .-00 Local News 7 .-05 World Today 7:90 BUI Stem 7:35 Night Watcb SAO New« «J5 Night Watcb 8:00 News 930 N*w* 9S» Local News 9:45 Night Watch 1030 Newa 10:35 Night Watch 11.-00 Scoreboard lim Night Watch 1109 Local New* THURSDAY NIGHT (DEC. 4) •KW Vniety Musl« «:» Gab Beatter ta& Variety Musl« tM Local New* T.-05 World Today 7:30 BUI Stern • •«0 Local New* S;M Night Watcb •30 MBS Mews • 35 Night Watch 9:00 Local News «:05 Night Watch 9^0 New* 9:35 Local News 9:45 Night Watch 10:39 News 10:34 Night Watoh 11 KM Scoreboanx 11*5 Night Watcb ll:55-Local News FRIDAY NIGHT (DIC. 5 ) •KX> Variety Mvule •:30 Oab Beatter •dS Variety Mualt 7:00 LOOM »«nr* 7:05 Night Watch 7:30 BUI Stern 7:35 Night Watcb 7. -49 Basketball: Bochester at Austin 10300 Night Watch 10:35 News 10:35 Night Watch 11:00 Scoreboard 11:05 Night Watcn 11^5 Local news SATURDAY AFTERNOON ««4 EVENING (DEC. 6) 11:00 New* U:05 Laraoa Show 13:15 News 13 JO Laraoa Show 1:35 Football 3:45 Laraon • 4:00 New* • 4 M Larson Show 430 New* 4:34 Larson Show S*0 Local New* SKIS Larson Show 9:30 News — UBS 5:35 Local New* 5:49 Football Scoreboard 9M ifu*lo 7:00 Local New* Ttfl Night Watch 7.JO N«ws 7:)S Night W*lck 8 XX) N«WS 94S Night Watch 10:30 New* 10:35 Night Watcb 11:50 Local New* •-•.-,- ..• . . - -, ... 1 Network Radio 1 KAUS (Mutual) FILM IDOL —This bearded young man in desert eos- turrie Is not an Arabian, He's John Saxon, the No. 1 film idol of-the teenagers, ,He plays an Arabian prince in «/jf /'The Big Fisherman/', ,Jj Which is on location in California. (AP Photofax). 4*-M<*bv~Mi«wtert« ^ y—^l^™^^^... t—Ottetttw Mary Goodyear Play Wins Plaudits From Mercer By CHARLES MERCER NEW YbRK (AP)-Those who believe that effective drama cannot be accomplished in a half- hour of television should have taken a look at "Guy in Ward 4" on Goodyear Theater Monday night over NBC-TV. The drama by Paul Monash based on a Harper's magazine story by 'Leo Rosten was vastly superior to most of the mash and melodrama that clutter the channel half-hours these evenings. A Simple Story It was a simple story movingly played by -a cast of three. Richard Kiley portrayed an - Army psychiatrist, attached to the Air Force in England during World War II, who was goaded by his sergeant, played by Charles Aidman, into working the emotional restoration of a flight gunner. The gunner, played by Edward Ryder, was killed on his return to active duty, causing the psychiatrist to have the same feelings of guilt that he had purged from the gunner. The sergeant restored the psychiatrist in the same way that he had observed the psychiatrist aid the gunner, Time Was Lacking Brevity of time resulted in an overly simplified statement of the therapeutic nature of sodium pen- tathol (truth serum). But the strength of the drama more than compensated for a medical technicality that was minor to the themes of guilt and., man's dependence, one on another. One refreshing aspect of the drama was to see a psychiatrist portrayed as a fallible human being. Television usually makes that profession appear as infallible as heaven itself. «< u 2$ THER KN°WS BI$T' Family,celebrate their fifth TV season. In the.usual order, they are: Elinor Donahue, Robert Xoung, Lauren Chapin, Jane Wyatt and Billy Gray. 'Tom Thumb' Holiday Smash 'for Famil/ At last somebody else besides Watt Disney has come up with entertainment for the whole family. George Pal's "Tom Thumb" is » solid bit for the holiday sea- son and should be revived agaim and. again in future years. Pal, who made science fiction too early (and too factually) for the movie market, went to England to make "Tom Thumb" with trick photography and the puppe- toon t«chniquqe he used years ago. With a light-hearted script and a troupe of zestful players, he produced a minor classic of fantasy. 'Bold Venture' Runs Sons Lauren Bacoll Ziy is now producing a series called "Bold Venture," Jt's being I produced by David Friedkin and Morton Fia«, the same two the j wrote the original "Sol4 V«Rtujf" (series which was a radio favortta with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacal}, How 'Dane Chirk and Lauren BacaWJoaa MarstaOl have the leadj. Fine, white having nothing but praise for the new starring team, recalled Ws pride in working with Bogart aad Mias BacaU. And he expressed that pride in 009 teU- «WifiSi thgj»,«» h« said, "when we GEORGE HOWES Austin Manager MONTHLY DLLS A BURDEN? IT *f% w>MAu tf«W^ «••« « • M M JK^AA A ^ «• A L. ..._!__. %Aflal_ If »p, they qr* on unne<t»wry burden, With IndgitrlQl Credjft 1C PUN you can borrow frwn $300 »* $3,000 or mor«, ofton on chor« cy««r olon», Use this money to pay off all 1°u OW 5 °?* -iMtaUinintf pMrchsws and other pj»«. TH«n hjak* only «n« payment, place, one* a month, on* 301 N. Main HI 3-2314 INDUSTRIAL CREDIT COMPAHV

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