Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 15, 1965 · Page 27
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 27

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1965
Page 27
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IROMV/CCD DMIY GICP,£. IR^HWCCD. >.MC!!!G/*M ELEVEN The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Jimmy Young: asks a very shrewd question' about t'he effect of modern TV on the divo.rce rate. Study this case carefully and you wives might tactfully place It beside your husb a n d's dinner plate so he is sure to see it, too. Then send for the "Marriage Tests" below and rate each other! Case W-44J3: Jimmy Young was a famous World War II foreign correspondent who i s now a South Carolina newspaper editor. He drove the car that took me over to address a convention of' industrial editors at the University of Georgia in Athens 3eorgia. En route we discussed s u c li things as the future of television and newspapers. "Dr. Crane," Jimmy asked, 'what do you think has been he psychological effect of tele- 'ision on the problem of d i force?" Television has had both a jositive and a negative effect, sut the positive outweights the legative." For example, prior to the pop- alation of TV many married men would desert their homes to patronize taverns. There they gossiped about ind politics. But now those same -married men can stay in their own homes to enjoy current athletic contests, entertainment and politics. marvelous mixer! great straight! FRESH approach to refreshment Copyright 1965, The Squirt Company BAIMA BEVERAGE CO., INC. IRONWOOD & HURLEY So TV has been a boon t o millions of homes in this respect. But on the other hand, It has also made millions of wives more frustrated. For in former days, the husband might occasionally .take his wife to a movie or a dance. Now that husband is disinterested in leaving the house after he returns home from work. Between the newspaper and TV, he is usually content to sit In an easy chair till bedtime. In fact, a great deal of snoring Is done in front of TV screens! Smart husbands, how ever, realize that a wife begins to feel stifled if she doesn't get away from her home at frequent intervals. "Yes, Dr, Crane," you may reply, "but my wife goes to the supermarket on a shopping trip almost every day. "And she also patronizes the c o I n-operated laund r i e s, so doesn't that eliminate some o f her boredom?" Yes, those are very useful psychological aids to preve n t the stifled feeling of the average wife. But most wives also want an occasional outside date with their husbands! Men, note well! Women are marooned in their homes all day, so they crave to go elsewhere just for the novelty of viewing a new environment. If your smart husbands want to keep your wife purring more contentedly at home, then b e sure you follow these basic rules: x (1) Be sure she can drive a car so you can let her go to the supermarkets and laundry when needed. (2) Urge her to go to church on Sunday (and accompany her, tooi. (3i Take her out for dinner or a movie or party a minimum of ONCE PER WEEK. (4) Surprise her occasionally with Some little remembrance, whether it be just a small bouquet of flowers or a box of candy. Women are always half-child in their emotional outlook, s o they relish surprises! And your youngsters do, too. That's why women life gifts wrapped up neatly to prolong the surprise, so add these little extras if you wish to rate 100 per cent as a superb husband. ! And send for the 200-p o i n t "Tests for Husbands and Wives,' enclosing a long stamped, r e turn envelope, plus 20 cents. Rate yourselves thereon a t least once permonth. it's cheaper than alimony! ORANGE JUICE Try Nature's Way... Good Health to You!" Take a cool refreshing Orange Juice Break often during warm, weather!... Summer's a breeze when you keep a full supply of healthful, Pure Orange r Juice and pur other delicious, easy-fix dairy foods on hand for all meals, pic- , n}cs and snacks . . . Remember Pure ; '$range Juice is THE "S0LAR ENERGY? ; VITAMIN a CONSOLIDATED DAIRIES 6iF MICHIGAN INC. ceu<& COOK-OUT SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK STEAK FLEISCHMANN'S •*• f* , MARGARINE 2, b ,75 FOOD STORES GRAF'S CANNED POP 6 - 49 C EAGLE RIVER ORANGE DRINK 2 1 qt. 14 oz. cans 49 BOVRIL CORNED BEEF .PEER'S SEMI-BONELESS PORK FEET SWIFT'S PREMIUM TURKEY DRUMSTICKS 33 LA ROSA LONG SPAGHETTI r WATERMAID RICE AUNT JANE'S SWEET SANDWICH PICKLES KRAFT'S MUSTARD VARIETIES GERBER'S STRAINED BABY FOOD Sweet Rasher Fancy Slices 2 lb. pkg. SWIFT'S PREMIUM SMOKIES 12 oft. pkg. BLUE SEAL' MARGARINE 5 lib. pkgs SALAD DRESSING MIRACLE WHIP QT 53 C CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP 9 101/2 oz. $'•• cans I FIRST PRIZE ASS'T. JELLY 3 \ ">• QQc |0rs (J%7 NABISCO TRUCKLOAD SALE1 RITZ PEPSODENT TOOTHPASTE CALM POWDERED 12cOff SPRAY DEODORANT <7c OFF KING SIZE AWAKE FROZEN ORANGE DRINK 1 ib. pkig. NABISCO SNACK CRACKERS Large Santa Rosa Large California Gplden Ripe BANANAS 2 Ibs. WATERMELON 79' 18 Ib. Avg. California POTATOES 10 * 99' KING MIDAS FLOUR BRACK'S FIESTA PEANUT CRUNCH BRACK'S FROSTED , SPICE JELLY CUBES BRACK'S MINT PILLOWS FRESHRAP WAX PAPER PAGE TOILET TISSUE 4 WHITE CLOUD-6c OFF TOILET TISSUE 6 FINAL TOUCH TOc OFF 1 qt. 1 ox. SILVER DUST SWAN LIQUID 60° >'••;.,.'..:. .;. '.•- ' ''•] pt,».-/;\'' 6 oz. ALL DETERGENT COLD WATER LIQUID ALL QT. BREEZE HANDY ANDY 14c OFF QT. RINSO BLUE lOc OFF 3 Ib. 7 01. 69 DOVE LIQUID SOAP 60 MRS. BRITE LIQUID BLEACH c GAL. 49 LUX LIQUID 8c OFF . 1 pr. 6 oz. 52 SPRY SHORTENING 7e OFF 2lb. 10 01. 80 CLIFF CHAR BRIQUETS lOlb. BAG 49 WISK LIQUID c 6e OFF QT. LIFEBUOY SQAP 3 reg. bgr* LIFEBUOY SOAP 3Qc j. b*th Off 0 bars 79 LUX SOAP 3 rcg. bars TWIN CITY DAIRY, HURLEY,_WIS.. DIAL 561-4484 PHONE WALTER DECKER, IRONWOOD, DIAL 932-0992 S. A/GRIIW5K(;MARK6T * ironwpoH 3 2-393d SWANSON'S STORE ; . . Bessemer-667 7221 5ARKELA'S GROCERY . . lronwgo?l-932-3312 SWANSON'S GROCERY . [n)rtwopd-932-41b2 MARTINI'S STORE". ,. .". Huriey-561-2444 DltMIT MERCANTllL ,. ZIGGY'S FOOD SHOP. . Wakefield-224-7421 LUX SOAP Off bars 79 FOOD STORES

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